you shouldn't have to try so hard

Be warned: ANY sign can be a fuckboi
  • LOOK FOR THESE red flags:
  • Aries: If he moves wayyyyyyyy too fast. He’ll be the type to send dick pics way too soon. He’ll be moving you guys to the bedroom before you feel like either of you know each other. Like as if he'd be happy having sex with ANYONE in that moment.
  • Taruas: He won’t put forth any effort. The king of “netflix and chill.”
  • Gemini: The king of snapchatting you photos of himself 24/7. You’ll be flattered by how much attention he gives you on social networks sites but then when you guys hang out in real life, his eyes are still glued to his phone, probably snapchatting some other girls. Sorry, hun. Delete his snapchat, kik, instagram, twitter, tumblr and Facebook account and find a better Gemini. They're out there, trust me.
  • Cancer: He'll act like y'all are dating, but don't be fooled. When you want to take the relationship to the next step or want him to be accountable for his actions, he might emotionally manipulate you by whining about how his mom never loved him or how life is so rough for him. He's the king of playing the victim role. Tell him to grow up and get outta there.
  • Leo: He talks about himself. Even when you're talking, he still somehow is talking about himself. He'll be uninterested when you talk about your hobbies. He'll basically be a narcissist. It's hard not to fall for him because he's handsome and so damn cultured and interesting, but believe me, he's not worth it if he doesn't try to get to know you. You shouldn't have to force him to get to know you.
  • Virgo: Tells you how you should look and behave And yet HE’S the hotmess. If you see his room is a mess or if he's not ambitious, RUN. The thing to notice here is that he'll act like you should be grateful for his "helpful" tips, but he'll get pissed if you tell him how he can get his shit together. He dosent want to get his shit together. He just wants to stay a nervous wreck. He probably has a drinking or drug problem.
  • Libra: He’ll be romantic at first and tell you all the right things. But if you see him a few weeks later talking to some girl and you get a feeling he’s flirting without disclosing he's in a relationship, HE IS. He’ll be fickle as fuck too. If he keeps rescheduling dates without a justifiable excuse, FUCKBOI ALERT.
  • Scorpio: He might pull the wounded-puppy card like a cancer man. He’ll try to seduce you but before you get under the sheets with this sneaky scorpion, ask him about his hobbies. Scorpios are artistic but a fuckboi-scorpio probably has poetry, drawings or music about his ex that he isn’t over and will somehow find it flattering to show it to you. Tell him his poetry is nice AND THEN GET THE FUCK OUTTA THERE.
  • Sagittarius: His tinder says “looking for fun”. He’s aloof af. He may take you out with him to that one party or concert, but you have a feeling you’re not really WITH him. You’re just a piece of furniture that he’ll lean on every now and then. Oh and he probably won’t introduce you to his friends. You'll just be standing awkwardly.
  • Capricorn: If he tells you he doesn’t want kids until his late 40′s. You may think ‘well that's fine, I don't want to get married anytime soon- we can just date until then’ But what he’s really saying is he’ll just call you up as a booty call when he’s not too tired after work OR if none of his gaming friends are available. He may call you his girlfriend and act like a gentlemen. But if you two NEVER go on dates that don't involve getting groped at the movies or on his couch HE’S A FUCKBOI. Don't be hypnotized bc he has a car and a fancy job. His excuses for not seeing you might be something like,“I’m really stressed and busy with work… " but if he wanted to have you in his life, he would make the time.
  • Aquariaus: He’ll be like a sag- aloof and carefree. Very charming. And awkward. He's that guy who seems mysterious because he'll be distant sometimes. He'll be the opposite of a Leo and get to know you but he has no plans of actual commitment, he's just curious and find you interesting. Sadly, a fuckboi aqua has a short attention span. He probally won’t follow through with plans like the other air signs.
  • Pisces: He’ll whine about his previous broken relationships and read you his sad poetry like the cancer and pisces. Except HE won’t make the first move. He’ll probablly get drunk and hope you’ll be the one to make a move.
  • -
  • Not all guys are fuckbois. So I’m not saying every guy will be like this. These are just the red flags to look out for. BE WARNED AND GOD BLESS
  • Say it with me “I am better than a fuckboi”. Say it until you believe it.
Chiron: What can you teach others?
  • Aries: It's okay to be dominant. Being assertive doesn't make you controlling, it only means that you know you're independent: confident leadership and helping other people discover their potential are what you're good at.
  • Taurus: It's okay to be tenacious. Being persistent doesn't make you possessive, it only means that you know there are things in life that are worth holding on to as much as you can because you know how important it is to you.
  • Gemini: It's okay to be adaptable. Being versatile doesn't make you two-faced, it only means you know how to survive in situations where one would normally give up easily because they don't know how to deal with the problem.
  • Cancer: It's okay to be emotional. Being sensitive doesn't make you fragile, it only means you know how to understand emotions without seeing it as a person's weakness and you know that it's very wrong to toy with feelings.
  • Leo: It's okay to be proud. Being dignified doesn't make you arrogant, it only means you know you consciously value your self-worth; respecting and acknowledging the thin thread between being confident and being conceited.
  • Virgo: It's okay to be analytic. Being insightful doesn't make you critical, it only means that you know you shouldn't settle for anything but the very best and to get there means you have to work hard towards it.
  • Libra: It's okay to be pacifist. Being friendly doesn't make you a flirt, it only means that you know value socialising and you hate chaotic and awkward situations so you try your best to make everyone chill and smiling.
  • Scorpio: It's okay to be private. Being mysterious doesn't make you a loner, it only means that you know how deeply important it is to build and earn trust and that it isn't something you just win in a short span of time.
  • Sagittarius: It's okay to be uninhibited. Being spontaneous doesn't make you reckless, it only means that you know there are so many things in life that doesn't need planning to make it a perfect moment; "serendipity".
  • Capricorn: It's okay to be focused. Being goal oriented doesn't make you boring, it only means that you got your priorities straight and it's important for you to get to the position you've always worked very hard for.
  • Aquarius: It's okay to be different. Being unique doesn't make you an alien, it only means you know how to appreciate individuality which is so rare these days, and you know you don't have to belong anywhere to feel special.
  • Pisces: It's okay to be hopeful. Being optimistic doesn't make you gullible, it only means that you know there is no point in dwelling in negative things and you have to work through it with positive attitude to get there.

rnalas  asked:

GAM, I'm sorry if you've already been asked questions like this, but... how do you cope? With so much anger being thrown at you and women in general, every day? Whenever I'm aggressively confronted about feminism by male "friends" I can't help but shut down and just feel like curling up and hiding from everyone. I know I shouldn't and I'm trying really hard to change.

Remember that you don’t owe them shit, you don’t have to justify every single thing, it’s not your battle alone and those fuckers have Google.

When I push and fight it’s because I can, if I feel like I can’t then I don’t. It’s ok to draw your boundaries and refuse to engage, it doesn’t make you worse or a bad feminist.

But if you want to engage then my advice is: pick your battles. There are lots of people I could argue with that I KNOW won’t listen, it will lead nowhere and will probably end up in a mess. Feel free to ignore those situations and block the fuck out of anyone who is going to give you grief.

If you really want to engage then gather sources, you don’t have to spend 20 hours researching rape culture when chances are a bunch of feminists have already done that. Don’t be afraid to use other resources ever. I’ll link someone to a Marinashutup video, say “there are sources in the description box” and walk away to eat pizza.

If someone demands YOU personally break it all down for them then refuse that shit, they are just trying to break YOU down.

Know when to pull away. If an argument or debate has become too much pull the fucking plug, it’s never worth it to keep pushing yourself. The person you are debating with might see this as you “losing” but they are the kind of actual loser who thinks these issues are won and lost, so fuck them.

Seek help, tag a friend, get support.

Never look at the YouTube comments. It’s never going to be good.

Trim toxic people if you feel safe doing so. If people refuse to listen to you on your own experiences and position then these people suck, feel free to cut these people the fuck out.

And like, at the end of the day, sometimes it’s still fucking exhausting and tiring and you want to curl up and cry. So make sure you treat yourself, give yourself self care, put yourself first.

At the end of the day your first responsibility is to yourself and your own mental health. Believe me I’d have quit years ago if I wasn’t SO fucking petty and refuse to give my haters the satisfaction of me leaving.

Stay safe.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: In 'Tomorrow is a Latter Day'there's a specific sentence that Kevin says that has always given me a weird feeling "What happens when we're dead, we shouldn't think that far ahead" and THEN you finally connect the pieces and realize that legit all this time Kevin is just working so hard and holds himself to these impossible expectations with the hopes of EARNING happiness in death so he can get to "Planet Orlando" which he equates to the afterlife and his HAPPINESS. Like everything he's worked for is to try and DESERVE true happiness in the future because the happiness he felt as a child in Orlando is all he wants when he dies. And when they are at the hut and he's having a breakdown he screams about how Latter day DOESN'T MEAN TOMORROW, it means afterlife where good deserving people go and get 'everything they've always wanted'-and this upsets me greatly because it indicates that he's breaking down emotionally as everything is crumbling down around him and he's having anxiety at the thought that he can't even earn HAPPINESS in his current life, but now not even at the end of the journey in death. Are you aware of how heartbreaking that is, knowing this child is just trying to work for his own HAPPINESS and-
things you shouldn't say to people with ADHD/about ADHD

Ok so I see a lot of posts like “please understand you shouldn’t say/do this to people with anxiety/depression,” but I never see one for ADHD so I’m making one. Please understand I myself have ADHD and am currently unmedicated so while I will try to keep it short it may end up getting a bit long. I also would ask that you reblog although I will not look down on you if you don’t - it is a bit hard to spread awareness if no one does any actual spreading and honestly ADHD people tend to be the only ones who talk about it at all.

- (Said to me by a classmate) “You don’t need medication, you’re just suppressing your true self!” No we aren’t and yes we do. The level of severity varies from person to person, but I personally *literally am unable to function around people without it*, let alone deal with school.
- (Directly after previous quote) “Yeah you’re not the only ADHD person to tell me X was wrong, but…” Well perhaps the ADHD people know more about their own brain than a neurotypical person, hmm?
- (Actual comment on a steven universe episode) “lol he must be ADHD, no one cares about the stupid book we wanna hear about the gem history!” (or just, ‘wow they are enthusiastic about a thing, must be ADHD!’) Let me get this clear. Enthusiasm about something DOES NOT equal ADHD. ADHD is always inattentivity, but not always hyperactivity (ADD is ADHD without hyperactivity), and even when someone does have hyperactivity it is not the same as being enthusiastic about something!
- “lol I totally zoned out in that boring class, I’m so ADHD! *isn’t actually ADHD*” Does this one need explaining? ADHD is the literal INABILITY to pay attention, even if you are trying to! Getting distracted once - especially if you’re not really trying to pay attention - does not make you ADHD!
- “I won’t repeat myself because you should have been listening and if you weren’t you obviously don’t care.” This is honestly one of the most terrifying things I can hear because no matter how hard I try to pay attention I get distracted by something - I frequently realize I’ve been focusing so much on the fact I need to pay attention that I’m missing what the person is saying! If an ADHD person asks you to repeat something, please don’t assume they don’t care about what you said - we do, I promise, and that’s why we’re asking you to say it again.
- “But you dont act ADHD! You don’t *cites ridiculous stereotype such as getting distracted by a butterfly*!” …Does this one need explaining?
- “ADHD isn’t a real problem, stop whining. It’s just an excuse to pump kids full of drugs, not an actual disorder.” Well then would you like to take it from me? Try living in my brain for a week, or hell, even a DAY, and see if you still think it isn’t a significant problem!
- “Wow your meds really help you focus? Can I borrow some?” NO! ADHD medications, such as amphetamines and methylphenidates, are controlled substances and illegal to take without a prescription! They also affect ADHD brains differently from neurotypical brains. What is good for us is not necessarily good for you, and also it’s illegal which should really be your primary concern here.
- Not a quote but just something to keep in mind, as well as for ADHD people who haven’t heard of it - Even many ADHD people haven’t heard of this, but most (not all) ADHD people also suffer from something called rejection sensitive dysphoria, which means rejection affects us more easily than others (dysphoria means “unable to bear.”) This is because of the mental hyperarousal caused by ADHD, which stimulants do not help with although there is medication for it. The severity of this can vary, from mild (like my mom) up to almost completely controlling your life (like me and my dad.) This even applies to friendly teasing for some people, so just… keep that in mind, ok?

Thank you for reading and again I would very much appreciate it if you were to reblog, although I will not look down on you if you do not - this isn’t one of those “reblog or else” posts! ADHD is a serious problem and I don’t think very many non-ADHD people know much about it - even other neurodivergent groups frequently dismiss ADHD as not being serious, but it is and I want people to understand and possibly help other ADHD people not feel as alone as I frequently do. If you want to know more, as well as its magazine (ADDitude) are a fabulous source of information! Thank you!

Shadowhunters ~ IMPORTANT reminder for fans

I know a lot of people who watch this show have strong opinions, hell I’m guilty of that too. But I would like to take a moment to appreciate that even though it’s not perfect, the people involved with this show are trying so hard.

And I think we sometimes don’t appreciate it enough.

This show took a book series full of metaphors for racism and saw the almost entirely white cast and thought, hey, I know how we can improve this

They cast Latina actors for the main family, even though in terms of the race metaphors, Shadowhunters are ‘white’

They have written multiple interracial couples where neither character is white

Even though they had to keep the incest plot (ugh) for story purposes, they didn’t glorify it the way the books did

The saw a gay couple that had been poorly handled and always pushed to the background or offscreen and instead made sure to give their romance subplot development pretty much each episode

They showed a healthy gay, interracial relationship, where both parties talk and listen and learn from each other

The have an openly bisexual character that doesn’t cheat

^and on that note, the cast have corrected people in the past for calling Magnus gay and actually used the word bisexual

They show casual touches and kisses between a gay couple

The saw a character that so many read as asexual, and saw the author brush us off, and decided to go, you know what, if you think he’s ace, he’s ace

And they debunked myths about asexuality while doing so

They have religious characters who speak openly about their religion

They show characters dealing with addiction

Yes, every so often they misjudge, sometimes they don’t do exactly what the fans want, but everyone involved tries so fucking hard to make this show amazing.

Tl;dr: It may not be perfect, but I think sometimes we get caught up and expect too much. Because this show is trying harder than most others on TV and every so often it deserves our thanks.

anonymous asked:

Is it bad that I get so sad sometimes? I don't have a hard life, I have great friends, and so many things to be grateful for. But when I'm alone I get to thinking about how lonely I feel. I always feel like nobody will ever love me. Guys don't think I'm pretty or cool or anything. And I know I shouldn't be upset over guys because I don't know one... but it's hard when you don't feel loved. I don't think I'll ever get a boyfriend or anything...

it’s normal to lose hope. but when i’m in this state, i try to pull myself out of it. sometimes your mind can be your worst enemy. if you just escape for a while you’ll feel yourself coming back together. wallowing in your misery is the most harmful thing you can do to yourself. when you find yourself overthinking, break down your barriers and step into the real world. spend some time w your friends. they’ll distract you from your mental state. don’t let your mind consume you. 

and do not do not do not seek validation from boys. or from anyone. guys are jerkssss tbh. you don’t need their opinion to feel better about yourself. i’m positive you’re a beautiful person, inside and out. it may take some time for you to realize that, but you will. 


Accomplishment of the day: threw away leftovers that I knew wouldn’t be good anymore

Random lyrics sentence starters
  • "Nothing is perfect, but your imperfections are quaint."
  • "Your love is worth it and for that I will wait."
  • "I drive you crazy, but you always return."
  • "Although you love me, sometimes you're mean."
  • "Things can get ugly, but we're still a team."
  • "I'm all yours."
  • "Maybe I'm just being selfish."
  • "I've got your hand, it's us against consensus."
  • "And I will burn the people who hurt you the worst."
  • "I'll protect you 'till the day I'll meet my maker."
  • "Don't fight me now 'cause you might need me later."
  • "I wanna see your eyes."
  • "So why'd you have to go?"
  • "I'm still trying to wake up from this nightmare."
  • "One more night alone I'll go insane."
  • "This is what I live for."
  • "Selfish, taking what I want and call it mine."
  • "I'm head of the class. I'm popular."
  • "Being attractive is the most important thing there is."
  • "I'll never get caught."
  • "Every boy in the whole world could be yours!"
  • "If I stumble, they're gonna eat me alive."
  • "Hard to be soft. Tough to be tender."
  • "If my life is mine, what shouldn't I do?"
  • "I just wanna be your friend."
  • "Is it ever gonna be enough?"
  • "I just wanna be your friend, why you givin' me a hard time?"
  • "I'm sorry for everything I've done."
  • "I can't have you and I'm only gonna do you wrong."
  • "I'm going to mess this up."
  • "From the second that I was born it seems I had a loaded gun, and then I shot a hole through everything I loved."
  • "There's always time to change your mind."
  • "I've got nothing left to live for."
  • "I know your type. You're all the same."
  • "In the beginning you intrigue, but the way you move, it terrifies me."
  • "You remind me of the things that I don't need."
  • "I'm kinda curious. Oh no, you got me already."
  • "We both know that it's over."
  • "You're talking like a stranger, so I don't know what to do."
  • "I'm callous and I'm cruel, to everyone but you."
  • "It's been awhile since I stared at the stars."
  • "You said that you'd always love me."
  • "Well I don't think that it's the end, but I know we can't keep going."
  • "Say what you mean and it turns to a fight."
  • "Chasing your dreams since the violent 5th grade."
  • "Trying to believe in your silent own way."
  • "Cause we'll be okay. I'm not going away."
  • "How many of our parents seem to make it anyway?"
  • "Headed to a red carpet, they won't know my name."
  • "Trying to find a way down the road we don't know."
  • "I'm gonna find my way back to your side."
  • "What if I said I would break your heart?"
  • "I just may be too crazy to love."
  • "Don't you think I was too young too be messed with?"
  • "I should've known."
  • "Maybe it’s me and my blind optimism to blame."
  • "I'll look back in regret how I ignored when they said, 'Run as fast as you can.'"
  • "You are an expert at 'sorry.'"
  • "I’m shining like fireworks over your sad empty town."
  • "Miss you terribly already."
  • "Miss your small hands in the palm of mine."
  • "I hope for your life, you forget about mine."
  • "Please forget me. You were right, dear, I am cold and self-involved."
  • "I'll write my loneliness in poems, if I can just think how to start."
  • "You want your independence, but you won't let me let you go."
  • "You think that you're the sun. The whole world revolves around you."
  • "I would wait a lifetime. I will wait for you."
  • "I don't care. I'm down for what you want."
  • "If we're talking body, you got a perfect one. So put it on me."
  • "Bite me while I taste your fingertips."
  • "You and I don't work out."
  • "We should just end it now before someone gets more hurt than they have to."
  • "Before I ever met you, I never knew that my heart could love so hard."
  • "Before I ever met you, I never knew that I liked to be kissed for days."
  • "Before I ever met you, I never knew I could be broken in so many ways."
  • "I miss you more than I thought I would."
  • "I found love where it wasn't supposed to be, right in front of me."
  • "Talk some sense to me."
  • "I wanna feel your touch."
  • "Pretending is not enough. I wanna feel us together."
  • "Just one last time again."
  • "You are the trouble I'm in."
  • "Puts herself on the front lines with no reward and takes care everyone else before herself."
  • "Thinks he takes her for granted but to her surprise, he needs her more than she needs him."
  • "She's not just another face."
  • "He acts like it's nothing but we all know the truth."
  • "It is about that she acquired someone who knows she's not a fool."
  • "I couldn't decide if you were the most annoying human being I'd ever met or just the best thing that ever happened."
  • "I made up my mind to just go with it."
  • "What's the worst thing that could happen?"
  • "We're not forever you're not the one."
  • "You and I could be the best thing ever."
  • "We're not happily ever after. We don't got what it takes."
  • "I shut the door and I don't look back."
  • "You still got me around your finger."
  • "Please don't fall in love with someone new."
  • "I promise one day I'll come back for you."
  • "You'll never forgive me, though I'm doing this for you."
  • "I'm not ready for you now, please don't hate me."
  • "Well, these days I'm fine - No these days I tend to lie."
  • "I'm sorry, I let you down."
  • "I'm sorry, I bring you down."
  • "Congratulations you are all alone."
  • "Your time will come if you wait for it."
Her Strength
  • Molly: *trying to conceal her tears, wiping at her face* Morning Sherlock.
  • Sherlock: *immediately stops mid stroll* Molly? *strides over to her station*
  • Molly: Need anything? *brushing damp sleeves on her trousers*
  • Sherlock: *with raised brows* Molly?
  • Molly: I'm fine, Sherlock. Just a little dust-
  • Sherlock: *very serious* Molly-
  • Molly: I said I'm fine!
  • Sherlock: *with pursed lips* I saw Dr. Asshole walking out when I came in.
  • Molly: It's Dr. Hassel, Sherlock.
  • Sherlock: That's what I said.
  • Molly: *trying to force a smile* He just needed to have a short chat with me.
  • Sherlock: About your incompetent lab techs?
  • Molly: They're my responsibility.
  • Sherlock: Then you should get new ones —better ones.
  • Molly: *sarcastically* With all of this free time and funding that I have... *sniffling*
  • Sherlock: Molly- *comes closer, turning her away from the worktop*
  • Molly: *to herself* This is so stupid. I shouldn't be crying over this.
  • Sherlock: *lifts her chin up* Look at me.
  • Molly: *blinks hard, letting out a sigh*
  • Sherlock: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
  • Molly: Eleanor Roosevelt?
  • Sherlock: Yes. Indeed. Very smart lately. Just like yourself. *kisses her forehead* I know you'll figure it out.
  • Molly: You couldn't possibly convince Dr. Asshole to seek employment elsewhere?
  • Sherlock: *smiling deviously* Oh, I could. But I'm afraid if I got myself involved, the doctor would be seeking more than just a job. *quieter* Needed medical attention, perhaps.
  • Molly: *grins, holding in a laugh*
  • Sherlock: You'll just have to settle for me then ,today. What are we working on Dr. Hooper?
fucking roasted
  • *Alfred and Arthur walking the streets of London*
  • *Random businessman walks up, doesn't recognize Alfred*
  • Businessman: Cheerio, Arthur! good to see you! Arthur, mate, you would not believe the day i just had, hashing out a business deal with the thickest Americans i ever saw. Ugh, even thinking about it kills off a few more brain cells. Dunno why God thought making an entire country of people that bloody stupid was a good idea, but hell, they're a poor buncha suckers i'll tell you what.
  • Arthur: *Looks at him like he's lost his mind, and looks back at Alfred, who looks like he could really do with a bit of murder right now.*
  • Arthur: uh, chap, you do know who this gentleman with me is, ri-
  • Alfred: *whips out an absolutely flawless English accent* -No, love, I've got this. Oh mate, you don't need to tell us that, those poor bastards couldn't find their collective way out of a wet paper bag.
  • Businessman: I know! and they're so fucking fat!
  • Alfred: Oh of course! Living there is like being guaranteed a heart attack at twenty-two. Land of the fat, home of type two diabetes.
  • Businessman: Exactly! And not a brain cell between the lot of them.
  • America: Denser than pig shit, those poor blokes.
  • Businessman: I know, right? I pity them all, but damn they're a damn good easy source of income. Arthur, I like this friend of yours. Your name, sport?
  • Alfred: *shoots business guy a nasty evil grin, and the accent is fucking gone* Alfred F. Jones, representation of the United States of America, pleasure to meet you.
  • Businessman: ...... w-what? *Looks like he could shit himself.*
  • Arthur: .... *trying so hard not to laugh*
  • Alfred: Thanks for this insight into my stupid, fat, gullible country, man. I'll be sure to try and fix that, and to protect those poor moronic Americans, I declare that business deal of yours null and void, along with any others that might have come in the future. A man of your obviously advanced intelligence shouldn't take advantage of my wee little imbeciles, right?
  • Businessman: I-I, I didn't, I d-didn't know sir-
  • America: *another nasty smile* -Oh I know you didn't. Now you do.
  • Businessman: S-sir, I, I was just....
  • America: Kidding? That's cool. I wasn't, now get out of my face before i show you exactly what I can do with these 'stupid, fat, gullible' fists of mine. And I'd pull your business out of my country, if I were you. Just saying. Buh-bye now!
  • *Businessman scurries away, Al and Artie walk away too*
  • Alfred: Asshole...
  • Alfred: ....
  • Arthur: ...
  • Arthur: I love it when you get all devious like that, gets me all tingly inside
  • Alfred: Happy to please babe

theslitherydee  asked:

I was wondering if you could give a brief explanation of Melody's anatomy -- I'm having a bit of a hard time trying to identify which body part each instrument is supposed to represent. (Note that I've always been terrible at this sort of thing, so you shouldn't take my confusion to mean her design is unclear.) Also, just wanna say that Melody and Julienne are the coolest. We're still on their introductory scene, and they're already high on my list of favorite characters.

Sure thing! She is fairly complex so here’s a colour-coded break down for you

hope that helps! Also just to help a bit the triangle isn’t an ear but a shoulder blade- she moves and is built quite like a buffalo/gorilla so her forelegs are quite stiff and stompy. The tambourine acts as her ‘brow’ so it tilts down when she’s cross, and up when she’s happy or surprised! The face is a strange sort of lyre that I found in a book but I couldn’t find a name for it, sorry :\

EDIT: apparently the lyre thing is a ‘lyre-guitar’ and a whole bunch were made but they were all slightly different, so that’s why I couldn’t find another that matched the one in the book I have!

anonymous asked:

the reason slytherin's are Evil™ is because jk hates the traits she gave them. she doesn't like ambition/thinks it's evil. which is a really shitty thing to tell children because she's telling them they shouldn't have goals & go after what they want & work hard to succeed? being ambitious is one of the best things you can be but she makes it seem like it's wrong. & the way she treated a lot of the female characters was bad so it's not surprising that ppl want redemption for pansy

The Slytherins are Evil™ in canon because JKR was trying to show how one person’s (Salazar Slytherin) actions can lead to centuries of hate and conflict

There’s nothing wrong with ambition??? JKR never says there’s anything wrong with working hard or having goals??
What she does say is wrong is being a bigoted bullying asshole
Which is what most of the canon Slytherins were like in the books

Also she made the female characters actually real and not perfect or 2 dimensional props
Sorry that the ones you identify with were the bullying racists but damn those exist irl too so why shouldn’t they exist in fiction

Yall are literally trying to reach so far I already addressed my opinions on the defense of canon Slytherin so go read that and maybe go reread the actual Harry Potter Books (1-7) so you can stop confusing canon and fanon bye

Unintended Chapter 5


summary: Foreston Academy was the very last resort for angry, lonely Dan Howell. He never could have imagined meeting anyone like Phil Lester, and Phil never could have known that befriending his new roommate would change his life entirely.

Is there such a thing as being too forgiving?

betas: comefeedmyobsession and kaleidanscope


warnings: bad chapter name i mean wow zelda couldn’t u think of anything better than ‘roof tiles and piano’ smh

Dan curled up against the wall, the drummers in his head banging harder and harder, the agony splitting his skull as his red eyes blurred with tears.

Maybe it would hurt less if he stopped crying. But Dan couldn’t stop crying.

Four days. That was a new record for him. One of them wasn’t even a schoolday.

He didn’t know what to do- the world around him had seemed to start imploding, wave upon wave of horrible flashbacks and thoughts and sickening fears overwhelming him until he felt his head could burst with the pain.


‘We’re putting Buttercup down,’ he hissed, sharp Southern accent cold and emotionless.

'Please. Father, please, no,’ Dan is on the floor before him, face screwed up and red and his knees on the cold marble floor.

'Perhaps you should learn that there will be consequences to your atrocious behaviour in the future, Daniel!’

'Please, Father! Please!’ His voice is just a choked sob now, because he is breaking- his only friend- he can’t- he wouldn’t-

'She’s not done anything!’

'But you have. And you need to learn.

Besides… I never liked that damn dog anyway.’


Dan saw two long black-clad legs walk past him and sit on the bed. Two minutes later they were up again. And then Phil was pacing.

Dan wondered if the sound of his desperate sobbing was annoying Phil, and started to feel sorry that he had woken him up last night to see him in this pathetic state.

'I’m sorry,’ he managed to choke out. His vision was too blurred to see legs too clearly, and his viewpoint too low to see anything above the boy’s waist, but he saw Phil stop pacing and turn to face him.

And then Phil was crouching level with him a few metres back, and Dan could see the blue shining eyes beneath the blurry splash of black that defined the top of his head.

'You should be,’ Phil said slowly, and then sighed as Dan dissolved into fresh sobs, body shaking with fear.

Phil didn’t really understand- Dan had beaten people up before- and he didn’t enjoy it as such, but it made him feel good. It was the only way he could ever get any control or respect, and commanding an audience of people as large as there was today made him feel as though he was actually of some importance- for once not clutching at loose footholds that let him slide helplessly down the cliff face when they crumbled- for once, he was not the useless one, the unimportant one, the pathetic one.

So he wasn’t sorry for that.

He also wasn’t sorry for the way he had behaved at the school. The teachers had dragged him off, and told him that he was disrespecting the long and gracious history of the school. This school is here to understand you, they had said. This school is here to help you and let you be who you truly are, they had said. But Dan didn’t want to be who he truly was. Dan despised the person he was. So he wasn’t sorry about that.

He had treated Phil like shit, he knew. He understood that the boy was a genuinely nice person, and although he wasn’t fully clear why Phil had tried to be his friend even after Dan had made it clear that they weren’t to associate, Phil had changed things the night he took Dan down to Firespot. Phil had put the idea into Dan’s mind that perhaps he could be happy with these sorts of people. Perhaps even that he could not be considered pathetic.

The following day had shown that that couldn’t be the case. And so Dan wasn’t sorry about how he had treated Phil.


He was crying now, horrific sobs crumpling his body in pain and causing him to gasp and snort and all the other vile noises that you make when you’re breaking inside, and Phil looked uncomfortable, and Dan just wished he would leave. He wished Phil hadn’t heard him last night, and he wished he had just told Phil to go back to bed, and he wished he had just kept himself where he belonged- nowhere near someone like Phil. Because now he was stuck in this confusing mess and Phil wasn’t leaving the room and yes, he was sorry that Phil had to listen to his sorrow.

But really, this situation was all Dan’s fault. Dan knew that he was wrong. Dan knew that he had acted like a dickhead. And Dan knew that he had acted irresponsibly. And most of all Dan knew he had acted cruelly. What he had done to Chris had been wholly unnecessary. Having woken up to the horror of another boy lying so close to him, he had exploded at the sight of Chris and PJ acting so intimately as he entered the canteen, and the situation had spiralled so out of control that here he was now, the school a short conversation away from ringing his parents.

And when they did that, his life would be over.

His punishments had gotten worse and worse over the years as he consistently broke the rules, but Dan genuinely couldn’t think of anything else they could take from him.

Dan had nothing else he cared about any more. And so the sickening tarry pit of fear in his stomach was not because of any of these things.

It was because he knew that when his parents found out, they really would hate him.

And for that, Dan hated himself. Dan had hated himself for quite a long time now.


Dan owed it to Phil to reply, so he choked back his next sob with an ugly squeak and, still staring down at the carpet, replied, ‘I’m sorry, Phil. I’m so sorry.’

'So, what’s happening?’ Phil asked awkwardly. Dan could see that Phil was still furiously angry. But it was like he was programmed to be almost unbearably nice and kind, and so just couldn’t let Dan sob his heart out without at least trying to do something. Which used to infuriate Dan. Now it just made him realise even more how horrible and useless a human he was. ‘Are you going to get excluded?’

'What makes you assume that?’

'You seem devastated. And from what I’ve seen of you so far, you wouldn’t be this cut up about hurting Chris.’ There was an awkward pause as Phil watched Dan dissolve back into self-loathing. 'I’m sorry. That was harsh.’

Phil’s voice was wooden and Dan just looked away.

'I do care,’ he whispered.

'I know you do,’ Phil replied gently, and they both knew that he was lying. 'Do you want a tea?’

Dan twisted around so he was looking up at Phil angrily. ‘Alot of fucking good a tea is gonna do me right now!’ He shouted, voice cracking on the words.

'I was just trying to be nice!’ Phil almost-shouted back, 'I don’t have to do anything for you! I shouldn’t even be speaking to you, after what you did to one of my best friends!’

'Then don’t!’

For a second it looked like Phil was going to storm out again, but something in his expression changed and he stopped still, every muscle tensed up. ‘Why are you like this, Dan?’

Dan clawed his way up the wall so he was face-to-face with Phil, their noses inches apart. ‘Why am I like what?’ He spat.

Phil didn’t answer, simply glaring hard at Dan, Adam’s Apple bobbing in his throat, and Dan could see every little imperfection on his face and every colour in his eyes- turns out they were not completely sky-blue as he had thought, but rather an ocean of different colours that swam around with expression and emotion, lit bright from behind by all the care that Phil put into everything and everyone, and the passion with which he stared back into Dan’s eyes now.

'You don’t understand anything,’ Dan hissed. 'You’ve had such an easy life. You’ve gone to one school, you’ve had friends and classes and you’ve behaved and you had parents that gave a shit about you and-‘

He choked off and looked away, glaring down at his feet, furious at himself for giving Phil so much of himself, before quickly treading as hard as he was able on Phil’s foot and running out of the room as fast as possible.



'Mate, don’t worry about me. I’m Northern. Made of some tough stuff!’

'I’m from up north aswell!’ laughed Phil, 'but I wouldn’t be overly chuffed with a broken leg!’

'Well, I’m not saying I’m happy about it,’ Chris said, rolling his eyes,'but y'know, it’s not actually broken…and it’s quite soothing in here after having to share a room with Peej snoring his head off!’

'Oi! Watch it! You may be an invalid but it doesn’t mean I can’t hurt you!’

'Ooh, I’d like to see you try!’

PJ raised his eyebrows. ‘Make me.’

'God guys,’ Phil moaned, 'do you want me to leave you to it!?’

'Mmm, please,’ giggled Chris as his painkillers came into effect and his head dropped onto the pillow, 'you might not wanna be here when Chris and I,’ he yawned, eyes screwed up with sudden tiredness, 'get frisky!’

'I might go back anyway,’ Phil said, turning to PJ (who was making gagging motions in response to Chris’ comment) as Chris drifted off, 'time’s ticking on.’

'I think I’ll stay in the hospital wing a little longer with him,’ PJ replied, nodding. 'You seen Dan?’ Phil nodded affirmation, 'he deserves to get kicked out for this. Actually, he should be getting police attention. He’s insane.’

'He’s screwed up, Peej.’

'What do you mean?’

'I think his life’s been a mess. I keep getting little hints off him before he clams up. Something… There’s something wrong.’

'A tragic history may explain a crime but it doesn’t excuse it.’

'Where did you get that pearl of wisdom from?’

'Dunno. Can you stick a cup under that leak when you leave? The rain’s getting in. Would have thought the hospital wing would have slightly better roofing, if I’m honest.’


Phil turned round quickly as he left, and he could have sworn that PJ was holding Chris’ sleeping hand.




It was raining outside and Dan was just in a black tshirt and jeans. Atleast his dark attire would mean he was less likely to be spotted outside out-of-hours, he thought.

Not that he could really get into much more trouble than he was already in.

His hair was already plastered to his head, rain running down his face in icy rivulets and merging with his stinging hot tears.

He reached up to brush away the water in his eyes but his arm was just as wet as the rest of him and the gesture was pointless and he was trembling with cold and fear and his mouth was dry and his head was splitting in half and half again.

By the time he reached the clearing in the trees that contained the dead embers of Monday’s bonfire, he didn’t realise that his feet had taken him all the way to Firespot.

His clothes were all plastered to his body and his hair drooped pathetically over his face.

As he approached the edge of the clearing again, he automatically gravitated towards the spot he had sat with Phil only two nights ago, curling up on the sodden wood and breathing in the smell of the rain and the damp leaves and mud and tree bark.




When Phil reached his happy place, he almost jumped out of his skin.

There was somebody there already.


After leaving the hospital wing Phil had realised he wasn’t ready to go back to the room, so after borrowing PJ’s waterproof mac and cuddling up in it, he had headed outside into the building storm.

Now his fingers were numb with cold and his face spattered with rain, but he felt calmer and less confined. He had been looking forward to arriving at his beloved Firespot and being able to sit down, completely alone with his own thoughts, to mull over how he felt about everything.

And yet, there was somebody there.

Phil crept over, feet squelching in the mud, and realised before he got to him that curled up on the seat was the defeated figure of Dan. Of course it was. Of course it was.

Phil walked away from the place that made him happiest.

Just at that moment, he couldn’t deal with it all.


‘Dude you’ve been playing the piano for over an hour and it’s now 3am so I just came to tell you to shut the fuck up.’

Dan spun round to see Chris limp out of the shadows behind him, face and hair partially veiled in blackness.

‘How did you even hear me?’

‘The hospital wing is directly above the music suites, and seeing as my leg is in fucking agony, it may not surprise you to know I’ve had some difficulty sleeping. Basically, the dorms are at the other side of the building, but the hospital wing is conveniently placed over here. Peej is still asleep because he’s a heavy sleeper. Also… I’m not sure how many loons frequently play music at such obscene hours in the morning.’

Dan looked away, trying to hold back the tears. Of course it would be Chris to come and find him. Of all of the hundreds of pupils in this school, of course it had to be Chris.

‘What the fuck is going on with you?’ Chris approached him slowly, carefully, as though he was a bomb that could explode any second. Dan guessed after all that was exactly what he was. A thing to be feared. Unpredicatble, uncontrollable, and hated by everyone.

He didn’t wipe the salty tears away quick enough for Chris not to see.

‘How long have you been like this?’

‘Like what?’ Dan’s hands were still resting on the cold ivory keys- the one single place he felt he was capable of expressing himself.

‘Like…’ Chris waved his arms around as he tried to articulate his thoughts, ‘Like… Well, so… Hating everybody… The people who want to give a damn about you…

‘So… Stupid…’

This angered Dan. ‘Stupid? What the fuck is that supposed to mean? How am I stupid?’ Dan had no redeeming qualities- he knew that- he was a fuck-up in every way, a by-product, good at nothing… But he was sure that he wasn’t stupid. Intelligent- not overly. But not an idiot. After all, he was able to see his own flaws- wasn’t that a thing that made you smart?

‘Yeah, you’re stupid. You’re a goddamn idiot, Dan. Phil… And Peej, and even me, we wanted to help you. We decided to be your friend, and you were a wanker. And then guess what? Phil still took you down to Firespot, and you did it again. Infact, then you decided to out-do yourself. Really,’ he guestured down at his crippled form, and Dan wondered how much he hurt. Probably not as much as Dan himself. ‘You’re stupid because you think David’s crew are where you belong. You’re stupid because you think they actually give a shit about you-’


‘What do you mean, no?’

‘I mean, no. You’re wrong. David and his gang don’t give a shit about me, and I do know that. Nobody gives a shit about me. You have to understand. I accept that. If I wasn’t me, I would hate me too. No, no, I do hate me.’

‘Oh shut up with your self-pitying crap, Dan,’ if Chris had been less exhausted and in agony and if Dan hadn’t been the reason for both of those things, perhaps Chris would have been gentler. But Chris was a good person, and he was pissed off with Dan. ‘We tried. Phil tried so fucking hard. And you still think we didn’t give a shit about you?’

‘You don’t after what I did,’ sighed Dan, staring at his hands, still resting on the piano keys.

‘That wasn’t the question!’ Chris flared up, voice an angry loud-whisper. ‘You’re making all of this about self-pity! If you had stopped being such a wuss, you could have just told those guys to shove off. And then you wouldn’t be in this state!’

‘But I couldn’t. I didn’t. You’re right- I am pathetic.’

Chris allowed himself just a second to howl into his hand in frustration. The darkness in the room filled out between them.

Dan broke the silence that followed with a soft, sad note on the piano, followed by another, followed by another. As he begun to spin the threads of a melody, he looked up at Chris, who slowly nodded his head in silence.

Soon, Chris was sucked in by a gentle, soothing flow of music, the notes swirling around him and taking over all of his anger and frustration, letting it leak out like a poison as he sunk into the tune.

‘What’s that?’ Chris asked when he finished, letting out a deep breath he didn’t know he had been holding in.

‘Uh, it’s called “Dearly Beloved”, from the game Kingdom Hearts? It was kinda like a shittier version of Final Fantasy. But the music was good.’

‘Mhm,’ Chris said, nodding his head as he he looked over at Dan slowly. ‘You’re not okay, are you?’

Dan stared down at they piano, and a glistening tear fell onto one of the keys.

‘I’m going to get Phil. You need to talk to him.’

Dan leapt up and grabbed Chris’ arm. ‘No! Please, no! He hates me.’

Chris rolled his eyes. ‘We both have reason to hate you, dude. And I’m helping you.’

Dan’s voice was low and confused. ‘Why?’

‘Because you need help.’

‘I don’t.’ His voice was now almost inaudible.

‘You’re a mess. And it’s not me you need.I know you need Phil. I can see it every time you look at him.’

As Chris started to stride towards the door of the music suite, Dan dropped onto his knees, eyes once again filling with tears.


‘Dan?’ Phil’s voice was soft over the sound of the breeze and the night and the shushing of the stars, because that’s what the silvery night does- it make you feel like you need to be quiet. ‘Dan? Are you up here?’

Phil looked around, head filling with hundreds of panicky situations and reasons why he could fall to his death any moment, and his feet were rooted to the spot, slate tiles slanted scarily beneath him and reflecting the moon’s silver with the rain of the night, his feet six floors further off the ground than he would have liked them to be.

And then at the other side of the sloped roof, Phil saw the silhouette of a boy stretched languidly out under the stars, hair being played with by the wind and skin being tickled by the moonlight.

Phil closed his eyes and took a deep breath, placing one foot forward and then when he felt safe enough, another.

Chris had followed Dan up here. He had said the boy needed Phil.

After everything, was Phil willing to give up his time for this boy? Certainly not his life, right?

Of course he was. Dan needed his help. And who would Phil be if he denied his help to someone?

And then the moon drifted slowly behind a grey cloud.

The darkness was all-consuming, and so was the absolute fear that gripped at Phil’s heart.

The sole of his shoe didn’t have enough grip to hold him in place as his arms flailed and black hair flashed in the wind, and he let out an earsplitting scream as he slid backwards across the tiles-

‘I’ve got you- I’ve got you! It’s okay. Shhh, Phil, Phil, I’m so sorry, I’m sorry, I’m-

Phil’s breathing was rapid and horrified and brain haywire as he started to grasp the fact that he had almost fallen to his death.

His eyes travelled up the one outstretched arm that was holding him stable on the slippery slate tiles, past his forearm, still in PJ’s rented raincoat, his pale trembling arm, clasped in another-

‘Give me your other hand,’ Dan whispered to him, ‘I can’t hold you up for much longer.’

Numbly, head still mostly uncomprehending, Phil pressed his hand into Dan’s freezing cold one, and slowly, the two of them started to steady themselves on the roof.

Phil was trembling all over. He hated heights as it was, and his near-fall had completely shaken him up. He didn’t want to be here. With Dan, who didn’t care about anyone-

Dan; who had saved his life.

‘Don’t thank me or anything,’ Dan whispered, after realising that Phil was much to scared to release his unrelenting grasp on Dan’s hands, ‘It’s my own idiot fault that you’re up here in the first place, I, I, I almost killed you.’

Phil still didn’t say anything.

‘This is all my fault. All you wanted to do was help me. Chris explained. I mean, I guess I knew that, really. I’m not that stupid. I think.’ He paused, cocking a head on one side, as though wondering just how much Phil was listening. Admittedly, the answer was not much. ‘But please, Phil. I don’t know if I can… Be normal. But we like the same music and books and food and oh my god, Firespot, and I don’t know, I just, I know I don’t deserve it, and you can say no and, I just, could you… Give me a second chance? I mean, I know I don’t deserve it, I know, and… Yeah…’

Fleetingly, the thought crossed Phil’s mind how easy it would be to shut Dan up by pressing his own warm lips to Dan’s, to hold his cheeks, flushed with the cold night air, and to let go of his hands just to tangle them in his dark hair.

When Phil caught himself, he had to take in a deep breath of the cold September air.

Delirious with fear… Shock… Gratitude… Or something. Right?

‘Are you okay just to walk down here a little?’ Dan asked, motioning with his head (Phil still had his hands tightly clasped in his own) towards Dan’s spot a little further down the roof. It wasn’t far, but… Dan wanted Phil with him.

If he was going to do this, he was going to do it here. Dan didn’t know why, but the cold roof and the dark damp night air and the isolation of the height calmed Dan. For some reason, Dan was able to think up here.

He had found the way up onto the roof completely by accident. After Chris had left the music room, Dan had realised he needed to flee before he came back with Phil, and so he had run as far and as madly as he was able in the opposite direction from the dorms.

The corridor that lead to the stairs that lead to another corridor which lead to a tiny hidden doorway which lead to the balcony which lead to the roof was clearly not meant to be found by students, so Dan had known he wouldn’t be disturbed.

He hadn’t counted on Chris following him.

But for some reason, when Dan had seen Phil stumble out onto the roof, things had become clearer in his head; he knew that he had to stay at Foreston; he knew that he had to stay with Phil, with Chris, with the ‘misfits’ of Firespot. For the first time, Dan realised that it might not be a terribly bad thing to not fit in perfectly. In fact, he wondered if trying to fit in was where he had been going wrong all along.

And so he had resolved himself to tell Phil. Tell Phil everything, if he wanted to hear it.

And Phil was here, and now they were sat with their legs hanging over the edge of the roof, hands intertwined and hair blowing lightly in the breeze, and Phil’s blue eyes fixed on his own brown ones, and Dan tried as hard as he could.

‘I’m not going to ever try and excuse anything I do,’ He said as he watched Phil’s and his own legs swing back and forwards together in time, the dark gardens of the school far below their feet, ‘But you said you wanted to know what was wrong. And… I guess I was terrified of making my parents hate me. Well, I mean, I think they already do, but…’

For a second it looked like Phil was about to interrupt, so Dan looked up at him in earnest, begging the midnight-haired boy not to stop him.

‘I’m kinda just in the way all the time. Like, I don’t have any siblings or anything, and I never had any friends round either, unless my mum tried to force me. But I wasn’t all that good at making friends… I don’t know, it all sounds so stupid! I’m just a dickhead, I just-’

‘Dan,’ Phil’s hand gently squeezed his own and then he let go, wrapping his arm around Dan’s waist.

Automatically, Dan leant into him.

‘Have I done too much to be forgiven?’

‘I don’t know. You sprained Chris’ leg. Or something, I’m not sure. He’s not gonna be able to walk properly for a few weeks, so he’s not best pleased, I’ll give you that. I just… I want to like you, Dan. A lot of the time, I do. I want this to not be you, to not be your fault…’

‘But it is.’

‘But it is.’

Dan pressed his face hard into his hands before scraping his fingers back over his scalp and through his tangled, windswept hair.

‘Please don’t hate me,’

‘I don’t hate you, Dan!’ For some reason, Phil looked genuinely shocked, even a little angry, ‘We’re going around in circles here! If I hated you, would I be here? I want you to be you, the real Dan that I know is inside there, the one that sings his lungs out to Muse, and the one that wants to be a good person and do something with his life, and the one that runs across a steep wet roof because he thinks his friend is going to fall off-’

‘Anyone would have done that.’

‘No they wouldn’t.’

‘I don’t deserve another chance.’

‘If you keep saying that, I am going to get so annoyed that I might just swandive off this roof of my own accord.’ Phil growled in reply.

The rain had stopped by then but the night was still thick with the memory of it; the roof tiles slick and shiny and the leaves on the trees heavy and dripping and Dan’s hair damp and curling.

And the night’s storm had left its legacy on the morning with the thick black clouds that filled the sky, the heavy silent night pressing down all around them, not uncomfortably so, but overwhelmingly, deafeningly silent. The blackness was oppressing and inky, torn apart only by the golden glow of streetlights far away towards the road, and the tiny pinpricks of light that dotted the Foreston gardens.

It was now that hour where everything is dead: infact, it was no longer even night, but the miserable time of morning where the only people that were awake in England were the ones sailing their lorries down the motorway in the black, eyes drooping and misty with lack of sleep and radio station turned up loud with garish club remixes to try and keep them awake. Back at Foreston, Dan talked. He spoke in a low voice that barely even classified as a whisper, his tone raw and his speech filled with constant pauses to take rasping breaths. He tried to keep those breaths as quiet as possible, as so not to break the thick darkness around them, and he started to tell Phil everything.

He even told Phil about how he had been expelled from his previous two schools- the posh, private boarding schools that had thrown him out after he got too out of control. The threat his dad made to him the night before he left for Foreston Academy- if he got expelled again, he would be sent off to a behavioural camp.

Dan told Phil how his father was always true to his word.

Phil had a raincoat on, dark and crinkly and shiny with wet, and Dan pressed his side into it, the material transferring all the rainwater straight onto his jumper, causing him to shiver as it soaked right through. Dan had been drenched earlier in the night after his stupid venture into the woods, but he had seized the oppurtunity to dry himself off and change when he noticed the room was empty.

But he didn’t regret cuddling up to Phil, because as he continued to talk, and the black-haired boy listened in perfect silence, he felt a hand tentatively wind itself in his.

And when Dan looked up into Phil’s face, the boy gave him a look as if to say ‘Is this okay?’

And Dan tried to give him a look back that adequately conveyed the message, ‘yes, yes. All the yes’s in the world, yes.’


Eventually, Dan’s story was over, and he was overwhelmed with a guilt and embarrassment for having talked solely about himself for so long. But Phil gave his hand a comforting squeeze.

Dan placed his hand on the cool tile beside him to steady himself, and almost overbalanced as it slipped in a puddle.

Phil caught him in under one arm, eyes wide.

And so, for some strange reason that Dan couldn’t quite comprehend, but which filled his heart with warmth and hope nonetheless, Phil sat there on the edge of the roof with him for the rest of the night as Dan told him all about his pitiful life and shortcomings and failings, and then Phil told Dan about his dreams and aspirations, and Dan slowly started to unfurl, telling Phil more and more about himself, until he finally reached the point where he felt the boy knew him better than anyone else ever had.

And when they sat there in silence to watch the sun rise, Dan put his head on Phil’s lap not because he was cold, but simply because he wanted to listen to the slow beat of his heart, and melt into the soft comfort of his enveloping arms.

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anonymous asked:

It should be illegal to be vegan as a kid, thats child abuse. Every vegan child I've seen is so pale and weak looking. Parents shouldn't be allowed to force their views on their kids like that, it's disgusting.

I think we see eye to eye. Clearly you have thought about this long and hard….and it shows. Try explaining it to vegan parents though. Good luck with that.

Non-vegan parents wouldn’t dare dream of shoving their beliefs down their children’s throats which is why every single non-vegan parent in the entire history of existence has taken their children to see animals being slaughtered and just let the child decide for themselves whether they are ok with what they see, and whether they want to partake in the body of a butchered animal. No forcing from the parent one way or the other in the slightest as that would not be good parenting. Whatever the child says goes.

No “it’s ok there is nothing wrong with this”. No “it’s just nature sweetie”. No “the animal doesn’t feel a thing” coming from the parents. None of that. They stay silent and simply await their child’s decision.

It just turns out that the vast majority of the time when a child sees an animal being hacked to pieces, the child gets hungry, and says “mommy and daddy I’m like a lion”. No interference from ma and pa whatsoever.

But yes…..I agree. The government should force their beliefs down the throats of parents who force their beliefs down the throats of their children.

Eating fruits and vegetables can cause terminal cooties in children and that should be taken seriously by our penal system. While society’s children may have record number of health problems than ever before….most of them can say they are cootie-free. We can thank the hands-free approach of today’s parents for that.

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People are saying since that I have dyslexia a shouldn't be in honors classes because "its too hard" [for me] but i've been getting above 90 almost all of my classes all year, and tbh most of the people who say that are getting worse grades then me. So i like "IDK why are you so fucking rude??" and its really frustrating that that dyslexics are thought to be really stupid. Also some times they try to prove me wrong about dyslexia's effects? I'd say a lot more but im close to the character limit.

Yeah!!! You show them!! People can be very ignorant and hurtful, pay them no mind and do your thing you smart sea baby! Congratulations on how well you’re doing in school, tell them they are wrong and that dyslexia has nothing to do with ones smartness and even if it did, why would it be their place to say something about it? I send you a hug of encouragement (:

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Seriously, LOVE that it's the bijuu-that-doesn't-know-how-to-human that attracts all the broken children. I can just see it now, Naho clinging onto Kurama and being integrated into his earth (skulk? litter?) of children. "Here you go, kids. You get another sibling. Treat her well, she also seems to have issues about her existence as everyone keeps calling her dirty and shouldn't exist b/c she's illegitimate (and politics)". Then she really does become a princess who's friends w/ monsters.

Kurama being completely what the hell am I doing - wait, whaT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING I cannot human but this is definitely wrong is probably my favorite part of reverse. Because he’s trying so hard, and I think everyone else can sense that, even if they don’t entirely understand it. ^-^

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I see your point with that confession post and that last anon, but I don't think they meant like you can't be upset even though you have stuff, I think they were trying to imply complain but idk.. Obvi Maya could still be upset and stuff but I think what they were trying to say is she doesn't have that hard if a life anymore bc she has so many people who love her and a lot of stuff so she shouldn't be still thinking her life is hard and complaining ya know? (Not saying she does complain but)

For reference:

I feel like a lot of the people who still criticize the Maya character for “complaining about her life” completely missed what happened with Maya in terms of growth in S2/after Shawn entered the picture.

Until Upstate and then I Do, it had been a LONG time since Maya “complained” about her life the way she constantly did throughout a lot of S1 and early S2. Largely because her life changed for the better, especially with regard to appreciating her mom more and having Shawn as a nascent father figure of her very own (as opposed to “sharing” Cory with Riley, I think Shawn is who MAYA is meant to have as her father). Cory and Riley bringing Shawn and Katy/Maya together changed Maya’s life…which changed Maya in big ways. Things started to change big time when Cory got Shawn back and then (with Riley) tossed him in Maya & Katy’s path—although Katy & Shawn took it pretty much on their own from there, Chet aside. (The writer’s tweet re: GM HftH was something along the lines of: “Tonight. Everything begins to change.”)

This is part of why it’s absolutely RIDICULOUS that a very well-meaning but totally off-base Riley decides it was Shawn who “broke” Maya. (And it’s so sad that Shawn agrees, oh my lord. 😭But if you know Shawn, you know why.) Shawn did the exact reverse opposite of “breaking” Maya. Riley may be a huge influence on Maya in terms of hope, but until Shawn (and also Mrs. Kossal & Lucas IMO), Maya RESISTED that influence. Shawn’s the absolute #1 primary reason Maya finally embraced the hope Riley had been encouraging Maya to embrace for years without success!

Like seriously: compare Maya in GM Money to how she was in S1/early S2. I mean okay, she cracks a couple jokes about being broker than the others but that aside she’s all about appreciating and taking care of what she has instead of focusing on what she doesn’t have. The difference is huge and it had nothing to do with “subconsciously turning into Riley to ‘protect’ her from Lucas.” There’s a reason the extra credit portion of Maya’s “final exam” in Legacy was “what us does for them.” (Nevermind how important it is that her primary “final exam” was PEOPLE CHANGE PEOPLE.)

Maya does “complain” again in GM Upstate and in GM I Do after Riley—ironically with Shawn’s inadvertent help—pushes Maya back WAY too far (and it’s dubious that Maya needed to be “pushed back” at all), but ofc Shawn gets her believing in Hope & Life again by the end of GMID…and we haven’t heard Maya “complain” much about her life since—although that’s going to be addressed again in ACM—aside from being upset about the foiled Taco Plan. But Cory and almost everybody else was pretty much right there with her on that one. 😂

And what’s really interesting about all this is what Jacobs said about Maya & Shawn earlier this year:

“I will give you one further piece of advice for the audience: If you look at the pilot’s story not to go back and look for moments, like this is the moment, or that’s the moment track the characters. How are they growing? Then you’ll clearly understand what we’re doing. There are some episodes [in Season 3] that will involve Shawn. If you track the character of Shawn, if you track the character of Maya, and their relationship together, and what Cory means to Shawn and what Riley means to Maya as friends, and the responsibility of friendship, you’ll understand perfectly what’s to come, and you’ll welcome it.” –

Obviously I think the way Maya’s relationship with Lucas developed over S2 was a significant part of why Maya changed as well because he absolutely influenced her for the better in some very key ways (chiefly in Creativity & Belief), but we can leave that aside for now because the Shawn/Maya connection is the bigger deal IMO.

On BMW, Shawn was doomed to “never be happy.” I mean they TORTURED that character. Had GMW never come into being, the Shawn character’s endpoint would forever be following Corpanga to NYC on the heels of a breakup. But GMW happened, and Shawn and Maya met because of Riley and Cory…which changed both Maya & Shawn’s lives and fates (not to mention Katy’s). And it breaks the BMW-Purple-Cat-goggles-assumption of “Shawn (and therefore Maya ‘the New Girl Shawn’) can never be happy.”

And on that note, I’m gonna bring the following thread back from the dead with a beautiful thing @minkusintl said a while back:

“If you guys didn’t watch BMW, you wouldn’t understand WHY Topanga and Cory care so deeply for Maya, WHY Shawn and Maya’s father/daughter relationship is not just important to those two but to the people that care most about them because the two are a catalyst for the other’s healing—they bring each other hope because they lead each other to futures they never thought they had.” –

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Ok, so, I know that Matt probably shouldn't have pushed Foggy away, instead of trying to talk to him, but about dissolving Nelson and Murdock... was that the right call? In the comics, I always felt that people should cut Matt some slack because balancing two demanding jobs is hard, but the truth is, if you can't handle all your commitments, you need to cut back on some of them. So, do you think he should have done that?

   It’s hard to give a definite yes or no to this, because it’s so individualized. Yes, Matt deserves some slack, but his negligence was also actively harming the success of their firm. It’s Matt’s responsibility to choose which side of his life needs to be prioritized, and at that point he was choosing Daredevil– which is a side of his life that Foggy still doesn’t completely approve of. By the end of the season, Foggy was too invested in maintaining his own integrity as a professional, and Matt was too embroiled in his Daredevil-related activities, for them to successfully work together as partners. It was a situation that pretty much called for them to split up– as devastating as that is. And we want to be sure to point out, for anyone who may not know, that there’s a lot of precedent for this:

[From Daredevil vol. 2 #118 by Ed Brubaker, Michael Lark, and Matt Hollingsworth]

[From Daredevil vol. 3 #16 by Mark Waid, Chris Samnee, and Javier Rodriguez]

(These are just two recent examples).

   We think this was a good choice for Foggy. He needs some time on his own to thrive as a lawyer, and establish some self-confidence and independence. He’s been stuck in Matt’s shadow for too long, and this season finally showed him that he has been holding himself back, and isn’t getting the credit he deserves. Foggy’s line from Episode 12 about hoping Matt would convince him to keep the partnership going, but being relieved when he doesn’t, seems vital here. It implies that there’s a part of him that wants to stay with Matt, and that if Matt had argued, he might have gotten cold feet and changed his mind. But the logical side of him recognizes that breaking free of the familiar and challenging himself to grow is the right step, and that he and Matt need some time away from each other to figure things out. It’s very likely that Foggy will dislike working at such a high-profile, high-stress law firm, and will end up partnering up with Matt again. This separation is not going to be permanent. But for now, we’re happy to see him getting out there and developing as a lawyer. We even wonder if he’ll follow his comics counterpart’s career trajectory and become district attorney. And if he hangs out enough with Jeryn, he might run into Jessica Jones, or maybe even (gasp) Danny Rand!

   It’s more difficult to say if this was a good choice from Matt’s perspective. He makes the decision to let Foggy go when he’s convinced that he doesn’t need his friends, and that they don’t need/shouldn’t be around him. After the end of the show, once he breaks out of that mindset, he may regret it. If Karen doesn’t work out as a source of companionship, he will be left unemployed and without any close friends– which is a terrible place for Matt to be. He’ll survive, of course, and it’ll be neat to see where he goes from here, and if he’ll get legal work elsewhere or do something else for a while, but it will likely be a difficult time for him. We’ve talked a bit about he and Karen possibly starting up a free clinic, like they do in the comics, or about Matt maybe getting a job at a diner (which we still really want), so there are a lot of interesting prospects for his future as well. But from an emotional standpoint, this decision may lead to some challenging times for him.