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Nice To Meet You Too.

12:17 a.m.

Seychelle left Tobias alone as she went around asking for a ride home (thanks to Augie). After an hour of no sign of Seychelle, Tobias began to sober up by the pool. 

- “Tobias, right?”
- “…”
- “I saw Augie’s twitter. You and Seychelle can crash at my place if you guys can’t find a ride.”
- “Eurhh, nah, It’s cool. Neither Seychelle or I are down to drive any where else but home, tonight.”
- “Where’s there to drive to when you’re already there?”
- “Mm..? I’m sorry but, who are you again?”
- “Pffbbt, I’m Maxine but, people call me ‘Max’. Funny how you’d walk into someone’s house without knowing who it belongs to.”


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The park had a piano and a rose covered gazebo! 🎹🌷


∙ He (D. Pedro I) could not help but respond to her great love for him, her good nature, sweetness, and considerateness (…) From the voluminous and frank correspondence that Dona Leopoldina carried with her relatives in Europe, it appears that Dom Pedro gave up tavern hopping and womanizing for some time after the consummation of their marriage. She begged her father not to believe the scandalous tales that he might hear about her husband. (…) He could be sharp-tongued and mean, but normally he was good humored and generous. (Dom Pedro: The Struggle for Liberty in Brazil and Portugal, 1798-1834 //  Neill W. Macaulay) 


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What you think about a crossover with kuroshitsuji and owari no seraph? In love with your art ❤

I LOVE THE IDEA BC BOTH ARE MY FAVORITE THINGS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD AND AAAHHHH I’VE BEEN WANTING TO DRAW IT SINCE A YEAR AGO!!!! But I couldn’t for matter of time or lack of motivation *cries* and i wanted to draw it for the yuumika week but i hadn’t enough time *ugly sobbing*. Besides in……… february? i guess? i don’t remember when, but at beginning of this year, i started that crossover… and like everything i do, i never finished it  (:3_ヽ)_ but i have these ugly sketches and… ugh i have to fix lots of things :’)

It’s more Kuroshitsuji II, and the idea was Mika as Alois, Yuu as Ciel, Guren as Sebastian, Shinya as Grell (my two otps together♡), Shinoa as Lizzy, Krul as Hannah, Ferid as Claude, Rene and Lacus as the “”triplets”” (in this case twins bc of lack of characters?) and Mitsuba as Meirin, Kimizuki as Bard and Yoichi as Finnian♡
And, as you can see, at that time i didn’t know how to draw nipples (:3_ヽ)_
Oh and ahdsbadbaj i’m glad you like it, dear anon (〃ノωノ)

Precious sourin+love baby Sakura drawing fuck-a-unicorn drew for me ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭*

why Luhan shouldn't participate in WGM?
  • girl: OMG you are so cute as a girl
  • Luhan: what?
  • girl: I have said you are very cute.
  • Luhan: *having a mental breakdown* what are you doing?
  • Girl: sitting on our bed, why?
  • Luhan: get away
  • girl: wh..-
  • Luhan: GET OUT OF MY BED NOW!!!!
  • girl: owwn you are more cute when you get mad :3
  • girl: ok ok you win
  • -5 minutes later-
  • girl: *turns on the light*
  • girl: it's only the curtains, Luhan. -_-
  • Luhan: but...bu.- *cries*
  • girl: Tsk A real man eh?? my ass.

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Out of curiosity, what don't you like about Tim?

I think it has to do with some kind of complex feelings that I have about the respective roles of children and adults. Setting Stephanie aside for a few minutes (we’ll come back to her later), you can make a case that the other three needed to be Robin. It’s what was best for them at the time. Dick needed closure on his parents’ murders, Jason needed literally any kind of support system, and Damian was already an assassin– he needed moral guidance for the things he was already doing. 

I think it’s very clear, on the other hand, that Tim didn’t become Robin for his own benefit. It was for Bruce. And I kind of have a problem with that.

Obviously, this is a work of fiction– if it weren’t, I would never support the use of children in warfare under any circumstances– but even if you do suspend belief like you’re supposed to, I think letting Tim become Robin was a bad decision. He wasn’t like the others. He wasn’t broken or abandoned, and he didn’t need Bruce– he already had a family. Maybe they weren’t always around, but they were there, and they loved him.

The same is true for Stephanie, and I have the same objections. The difference is that if you look at Steph when she was first starting out, and then again at the end of her Batgirl run, you can see that she benefitted from the whole thing. She came out of it a happier person. Tim really, really didn’t.

The poor kid’s been through hell. He lost his first dad, and then pretty much everybody else after that. He lost contact with all of his friends. He dropped out of high school.

I don’t necessarily think that Tim is unhappy now, but I think he could have been equally, if not more happy if Bruce had just told him no. He would have been fine without Robin. I figure that one of the most important responsibilities that adults have is to protect children, and instead of doing that, Bruce let Tim throw his life down the drain for his own comfort, doing a job that another kid had just died doing. That’s wrong.

None of that reflects poorly on Tim at all. The only thing he wanted to do was help people, and that’s great– but children shouldn’t be asked to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. It really rubs me the wrong way that they let him.

Basically what I’m saying is that there’s very little I don’t like about Tim– just a lot that I don’t like about the original situation, because it was intentionally written to be about Bruce. Looking at it from the perspective of a writer trying to tell a story, it makes perfect sense. It’s just when you start to look at Tim as his own person that it makes me uneasy.

David can you just not be so cute? Can you just please be a little less cute? For me? Please? Like how can I not think about this:

Its not fair! And seriously the arrogance is just….

Okay being that you probably have god for definite knows how many TV sets, You can probably see this post so please be less this:

And perhaps a little more this:

Oh fuck it! You’re too damn cute no matter what you look like!

And too flirty too!

And Too perfect

Meanwhile this always ends up being me:

Or this:

And yes even this:

Because the sassy cuteness is just too much to take! And you’re probably looking down reading this post and seeing this images of you and looking like this:

Thanx David. Thanx a lot.


Made for Marvel Shipping Games collab round fic  On the Run.

Again, thank you, ereshai and voldiebuns. Working with you was so much fun! :) I want to hug you both . :)