you shouldn't be allowed to have a face

you being “woke” in rpc doesn’t mean shit if you’re just picking muses of color to appease us. you have to put the effort in researching and RESPECTING your muse’s culture and that comes with picking an APPROPIATE face claim and NOT washing out their skin tone for an aesthetic. you can’t pick some tan white person you think suits the character and say they’re “brown enough” bc then you’re just as bad as hollywood’s casting lmao. you can’t claim to be “woke” but then disregard any help from rpers of color out there actually willing to help. don’t tell me it’s “not that deep” because even in roleplay representation matters and unlike hollywood you can Do Better.

Malec Headcanon
  • Magnus: Jace- can you hold the baby?
  • Jace: *A little uneasy* Uh... Sure I guess.
  • *Magnus gently hands the child to Jace*
  • Alec: *Comes sweeping in* No, no, no, no- heck no. Give me my child.
  • *Jace hands over the kid extremely willingly*
  • Magnus: Wait, what's wrong?
  • Alec: Are you kidding me? Do you remember the last time Jace was over?
  • Magnus: *Realization crossing his face* Oh...
  • Jace: *Shrugs* Hey, it's not my fault the couch caught on fire. I didn't know he wasn't allowed to play with matches, you never told me.
  • Alec: I shouldn't have to tell you!
  • Jace: Fair enough.
I’m Safest When At Home *Steve RogersxReader*

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(Requested by georghiousophia) I love your writing ! Like OMG YOU ARE AMAZIng !!!!!! I was wondering if you had time if you could write a oneshot were the reader is Tony’s daughter but is dating Steve. And when on a mission together the reader gets hurt and tony tries to blame it on Steve and he believes tony so tries to break up with the reader but then like fluff or smut happens to show she wants him to stay ?????? (Sorry if this is a crap request!) 
Warnings:Fluff & Swears
Admins Note: Written by Rosalee. You did say either or for the smut thing, so I decided to go down the ‘fluff’ route, if you expected smut for this then I am deeply sorry and maybe I’ll write something soon. Also, its not a crap request, never be afraid to express an idea to us if you want it written by us. One shot, ship and preferences request are open if you want something done by me or Angie. 

“Okay, someone remind me to take some vacation days” you say breathlessly into your communicator. The last man dropping to his knee’s, you let out a deep sigh and round-housed kicked him in the face, making him fall with a thud. Despite the sweat dripping down your face, this was easy, a little too easy for your liking. The Hydra base was small anyway but that didn’t mean anything for their hired assassins, they’re obviously up to something.

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I don’t want to dump on somebody else’s post, but I’ve just got to say something.

I’m really getting annoyed at Tumblr’s bizarre insistence that old people have money.  In my state, 24.3% of people over the age of 60 are facing the threat of hunger.  That’s 1 in 4.  Statistically, in my state, If you have 4 living grandparents, one of them probably doesn’t know where their next meal is coming from.

Stopping acting like “Old people have money.”

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They're not revealing anything, prob ever. But they're cute and fun. And if you can just take it at face value it still makes you smile. I genuinely believe they love and care about each other. Is some of the banter for promotion, yes. But some of it is just them being their natural selves. They shouldn't have to change their behavior for us (fans who may/may not read too much into things). Only they and their "so's" need to be ok with their interaction.

You’re right, Anon.

The problem with them being cute and fun is that if we start to celebrate it and squee, we are only allowed to believe it’s fan service. If we think it stems from a genuine place, we’re labeled as crazy (see a certain production member’s tweet from this morning). At a certain point, you start to wonder if it’s worth defending yourself and explaining to people that you’re not crazy. Like, maybe the best option for your sanity is quitting the whole thing and finding another show to fall in love with.

What’s rich is that OL is an epic romance. The people that love epic romances tend to be romantics, quick to squee and sigh. So WHY are the people involved with creating this epic romance, from the author to the show’s dialect coach, laughing at us? What the fucking fuck?

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Why are you so fabulous? Like, seriously, it shouldn't be allowed to be this fantastic.

why am i so fabulous? scientists everywhere have asked the same question for eons. but no matter how many studies are done and how hard they fondle their herniated ballsacks they must face the reality. the reality that youd have an easier time solving a rubiks cube with nothing but your bare nipples than figuring out why im so fabulous

when really, the answer is

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Right, but to commit suicide because people don't like you at school or because you don't want to face repercussions of certain actions is cowardly in my opinion. One, you shouldn't take your life over something like bullying period. Tbh I don't believe in bullying, you're only bothered by things you allow to bother you. And in most cases, bullying happens in high school, so why end your life when in four years you'll be done? Just my opinion

sorry but you have no right to assume the amount of pain a person can feel from that, you have no idea. It’s the bullying that’s cowardly, not the victims actions. Don’t blame the victim.