you should've listened

take me by the land lead me to the hand
take me by the land lead me to the hand

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Sweater Weather HCs

(Sorry for the crappy screenshot, my laptop is being a jerk)


- So like it’s fall right

- And they decide to visit Maine

- Bc let’s be honest this would never occur in Satan’s actual inner thigh sweat known as California that has as many seasons as the UK’s version of the Office 

- And the weather is the weather that the temperature feels like the equivalence of stepping on a brick red on the side walk and it making that satisfying crunch 

- I just remembered that word is crisp but I like the description so let’s go with that

- They go on this romantic fall date that ends up at Marginal Way, one of Eth’s favorite places

- It’s basically this foot path along the rocky shoreline overlooking the scenic crashing waves of the Atlantic 

- But it can get hella windy there

- And it gets cool in the evening 

- Especially with it being on the water

- Guess what Ethan wears that day!

- Not a jacket!

- So they’re watching this hella romantic sunset on this bench overlooking the gorgeous yet terrifying ocean 

- Like it looks like the sky was blessed with Bob Ross’ beautiful hand 

- And they’re sitting together, all peaceful 

- Well, almost

- Tyler couldn’t tell if he had his arm wrapped around his boyfriend or an oversized Chihuahua

- The shivering is real

- “Ethan, baby, just take my jacket. I’ll be fine.”

- Smol boi in a sweater dress

- With sweater paws

- And it smells just like Tyler so when he’d breathe, it’d be a breath of fresh air

- Tyler pulls Eth into his side and wraps his arms around him to ensure he is warm 

- Ethan snuggles into his side and it’s ! just ! great !

- They watch the sunset like this and all is well


“it’s never over, my kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder. it’s never over, all my riches for her smiles when i slept so soft against her. it’s never over, all my blood for sweetness of her laughter. it’s never over, she’s the tear that hangs inside my soul forever.”

anonymous asked:

And Sansta, I know you're a pacifist, but Friday needs to think for himself. And honestly, you should've have listened to his side of the story, but you didn't. Instead of punishing Friday for what he thought he needed to do in that moment, maybe you should've been asking what the kid did to make Friday do that in the first place. Now Friday feels victimzed by his bullies, and possibly even by you. From his perspective, you chose their side without even listening to his. No wonder he lashed out.

Sansta was searching for his son, following wherever the necklace pointed to, until he slowed down. He felt bad about how he had acted earlier. “…You’re right… I was only thinking for myself and I didn’t even bother hearing everything he had to say. The first thing I’ll need to do when i find him is apologize to him!”


You Should’ve Listened - Black Heat (No Time to Burn, 1974)

SICK BURN [Woolie Vs Reboot (Part 13)]
  • Mike: I didn't realize my gun was set to the other one.
  • Woolie: Even after I said it three times?
  • Mike: I wasn't listening!
  • Woolie: Why was that.
  • Mike: Because I was thinking about Haruhi. And One Piece.
  • Woolie: You should've been listening, and playing, and talking, and being funny at the same time.
  • Mike: Oh?
  • Woolie: That's what you're supposed to do.
  • Mike: I mean, you do two of those things, sometimes, but——