you should watch it


ok I’m home from watching the game and I’ve missed everything about it on tumblr but let me just say that I’m never watching women’s sports with all straight people ever again. 


THE ULTIMATE SHIPPER MEME [½] “old married couple” ships
Leia & Han (Star Wars)

In The Flesh

  • has openly gay/bi/pansexual protagonists (no queerbating, no stupid jokes, no their whole personality and behavior revolving around their sexuality)
  • has awesome and complex female characters
  • deals with topics like racism, xenophobia, prejudice and oppression
  • realistically handles things like depression, PTSD, suicide and the impact these things have on people and family dynamics
  • has an awesome and hauntingly beautiful soundtrack (Keaton Henson!!)
  • has a protagonist who is the sweetest and kindest person you can possibly imagine and who has to go through all this shit and grows so much and learns to be okay with himself
  • … also he looks like an angel and has the most beautiful eyes ever?
  • also, the show is actually really funny at some points??

… so WHY THE HELL is this fandom so small?