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The silence made Angel feel unsure. Did it work? Did he change his mind? Minutes passed before he spoke up again. Caleb sighed. “Still, I need some time alone. You should visit your mum.”

Angel: “Just to hear her say ‘I told you Angelina!’?! No, thank you.”

Caleb: “Well, you’ve got a lot of siblings, don’t you? Your family is quite big. Pity you’ll not make it any bigger with me.”

That’s when Angel, still in disbelief, gave up the fight - for now, at least. It was not over, it would never be over for her. Even if they split up forever, on her deathbed she’ll think of him. And still, she couldn’t quite understand how these words escaped her mouth. “You’re right. We need to spend some time alone.”

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Hi there! I keep seeing reposts of artists' work on instagram and I really want to report it but I have no idea how 😭😭

You should visit ftpolice-project anon san, it shows how to report^^


NEW VIDEO: “Trying Strange Toys ft. Kellie PIckler- this might be the most hilariously disturbing episode of The Tyler Oakley Show yet, and Kellie was cracking me up the ENTIRE time. What a goddess!! Reblog with who YOU want to see on my show next!!

  • You: I hate vampires
  • Me: Well I'm off to drink blood. Not human blood. I mean, pigs blood. Well not pigs blood, juice. Pigs juice! Not juice, uh, the juice of the... blood orange. Not the blood orange, per se, the orange. Juice of the orange! I'm off to drink orange juice. In my ancient castle. Not castle, uh, house! In my ancient house. Well, not ancient so much as... Middle Ages. Not Middle Ages, more mid-century modern in my mid-century modern house in Transylva-CATION. Transylvacation in Massachusetts. Yes, that's where it is. Don't be embarrassed if you haven't heard of it. You all should visit, but not during the daytime.
Lost on you

Name: Lost on you

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Theme: Newt being jealous of you and Jacob (but they’re just friends)

Part two Lost and Found could be found HERE

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Christmas with Dan

Christmas with Dan would include:

Baking cookies with Dan aka a perfect little disaster

“Dan you can’t eat all of the dough already!”

(we have all seen the baking videos) but the cookies always taste delicious in the end

lots of Christmas decoration

(so much that no room in the flat doesn’t look super festive)

getting excited when it snows

(like freaking out and running outside in just pjs)

going window shopping

“are you cold, baby?”

“maybe a bit”

him rubbing warmth into your hands and warming your cold cheeks with kisses

Dan in a beanie

drinking lots of tea and hot chocolates with marshmallows

Dan observing you when he takes you shopping to know what he should get you

visiting your families

“one can never have enough Christmas jumpers”

wrapping lots of presents

(dan really needs your help with that. left handed, remember?)

“oh is that a mistletoe?? I totally didn’t see that. What a convenience!”

“Dan, you are literally holding that thing above our heads. .., okay, fine. Kiss me you dork”

lots of lazy days in bed, just cuddling

(c’mon it’s so cold outside and it’s so warm in bed)

dan in a freaking beanie, again!

getting Phil all kinds of stupid presents

you decorating the lower half of the Christmas tree while he decorates the top half because you can’t reach

“why do you always get to put the star on top?!”

“here, let me lift you up, baby”

lots of cheesy Christmas movies

cooking Christmas dinner with Dan (a little disaster again)

playing games with Dan’s family on Christmas Eve

 waking up on Christmas morning just as excited as when you were ten

singing every Christmas song you know together

him getting you exactly what you wanted (+ self- made coupons for back massages)

“Merry Christmas, baby.”

“Merry Christmas, Dan.”  

A/N: Merry Christmas from me! It really is the most wonderful time of the year. This is a little present 🎁 for you. I hope you like it (it can’t be returned haha) I also hope you have a super lovely day. 🎄💕
Men seek retreats for themselves - in the country, by the sea, in the hills - and you yourself are particularly prone to this yearning. But all this is quite unphilosophic, when it is open to you, at any time you want, to retreat into yourself. No retreat offers someone more quiet and relaxation than that into his own mind, especially if he can dip into thoughts there which put him at immediate and complete ease: and by ease I simply mean a well-ordered life. So constantly give yourself this retreat, and renew yourself. The doctrines you will visit there should be few and fundamental, sufficient at one meeting to wash away all your pain and send you back free of resentment at what you must rejoin.
—  Marcus Aurelius, Meditations 4.3

poco’s udon world // episode 6

— When you get back to Kagawa, if you have the time, you should visit Shodoshima. Shodoshima? A friend of mine runs an advertising agency there. It’s called Team Planet. They do some Web work, too. He can be a disagreeable guy, but he’s good at his job. Meeting him might help give you some perspective.

Play Misty for Me

This is another of my ‘imitation poses’ of beautiful women.  The gorgeous young lady on the left is Misty MacAllister, who has a tumblr site that you really should visit.  I’m on the right side, wearing some clothing that’s sort of similar. Misty writes and publishes original erotic stories, and posts her own incredibly sensuous images.  She and I have become a good pen pals over the past few weeks – I love checking in with her during the day on any number of things.  I’ve encouraged her to buy a really nice vintage slip to model on her site, and maybe write a story featuring it.  When she told me her measurements, I realized they’re very similar to mine.  So I thought I’d love to try imitating one of her pics.  

She’s given me permission to post her image next to mine – thanks Misty!  As you can see by her packed bookshelf, she’s a smart gal with a very creative mind.  She inspires me in many ways.  

I forgot to mention that ‘Play Misty for Me’ was the title of a film in the early 70s featuring a young Clint Eastwood as a radio DJ.  A woman listener calls often to request the old jazz tune ‘Misty’, and the two later meet and have an affair.  Unfortunately, the woman becomes obsessed with Eastwood’s character and a real drama unfolds.  I don’t think this Misty would ever do that – she’s got a significant other, and she’s too classy and balanced.  I’ll try my hardest not to obsess over her!