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Top 10 reasons to read Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

#1 Dr. Jesper Fahey

“Why is he looking at me this way.” (Kuwei)

“Kaz is wondering if he should keep you alive,” said Jesper. “Terrible for the nerves. I recommend deep breathing. Maybe a tonic.”

#2 True Friendship

“Are you hungry? We have chocolate biscuits.” (Nina to Inej)

“Oh sure,” said Jesper. “She gets the cookie hoard.”


“I’d tell you to ask the White Blade, but…” Inej shrugged. 

“I hope she suffered.” 


“What? We can’t both be merciful and serene.”


"You’ve saved my life. I’ve saved yours.” 

“I think you’re ahead on that count.” 

“No, I don’t mean in the big ways.” Nina’s eyes took them all in. “I mean the little rescues. Laughing at my jokes. Forgiving me when I was foolish. Never trying to make me feel small. It doesn’t matter if it’s next month, or next year, or ten years from now, those will be the things I remember when I see you again.”

#3 The student becomes the teacher

“Wylan Van Eck, you lied to Kaz Brekker.” Jesper clutched a hand to his chest. “And you got away with it! Do you give lessons?”

#4 Mature and responsible adults

"I have been very patient with all of this, Jesper, but I am at my limit. I want you down here before I count ten or I will tan your hide so you don’t sit for two weeks.” Colm’s head vanished back down the stairs.

The silence stretched. Then Nina giggled. “You are in so much trouble.”

Jesper scowled. “Matthias, Nina let Cornelis Smeet grope her bottom.”

Nina stopped laughing. “I am going to turn your teeth inside out.”

“That is physically impossible.”

#5 Once again  Kaz being the bastard of the Barrel, the demon full of tricks, the mad man everyone feared  a 17 year old with a crush

His eyes scanned her face as they always had, closely, hungrily, snatching at the details of her like the thief he was—the even set of her dark brows, the rich brown of her eyes, the upward tilt of her lips. He didn’t deserve peace and he didn’t deserve forgiveness, but if he was going to die today, maybe the one thing he’d earned was the memory of her—brighter than anything he would ever have a right to—to take with him to the other side.


She smiled then, her eyes red, her cheeks scattered with some kind of dust. It was a smile he thought he mightdie to earn again.


Inej laughed, her hood falling back from her hair. “That’s the laugh,” he murmured.

#6 Grisha characters cameo

Kaz’s eyes narrowed. “Sturmhond.”

“He knows me!” Sturmhond said delightedly. He nudged Genya with an elbow. “I told you I’m famous.”

Zoya blew out an exasperated breath. “Thank you. He’s going to be twice as insufferable now.”

#7 Jealous?! Me?! Never!

Kuwei turned to Jesper. “You should visit me in Ravka. We could learn to use our powers together.”

“How about I push you in the canal and we see if you know how to swim?” Wylan said with a very passable imitation of Kaz’s glare.

#8 True love understands

“You’re better than waffles, Matthias Helvar.”

A small smile curled the Fjerdan’s lips. “Let’s not say things we don’t mean, my love.”

#9  I’m not crying. You are!

“I would come for you,” he said, and when he saw the wary look she shot him, he said it again. “I would come for you. And if I couldn’t walk, I’d crawl to you, and no matter how broken we were, we’d fight our way out together—knives drawn, pistols blazing. Because that’s what we do. We never stop fighting.”

#10 Nice and peaceful things

"Genya Safin knows poisons like no one else, and David Kostyk developed all kinds of new weapons for King Nikolai.” She glanced at Matthias. “And other things too! Nice things. Very peaceful.”

Reasons why Indonesia is utterly underrated!

When people talk about Indonesia and travel in the same sentence, Bali seems to turn up more often than not. But beyond the rightly popular beaches of Bali, Indonesia is also home to more than 13,000 islands, 12 incredible national parks, numerous dive sites, accessible volcanoes, drool-worthy food and so much more. It’s truly underrated as a destination, and with close proximity and strong SGD currency over IDR, it’s more than a compelling reason why you should visit Indonesia! Here are more reasons why Indonesia is completely underrated as a travel destination. 

Indonesia is the hot spot for adventure and intrepid experiences

Image: César González Palomo

Forget heading halfway across the world for new experiences. Check out the budget-friendlier places in Indonesia and take your pick from some of these ideas: Pick strawberries in the Lembangand Ciwidey in Bandung; spend the whole day with your family petting farm animals in Kuntum Nurseries Farm Field; bring out your inner adventurer in the Kalibiru National Park in Yogyakarta; reflect on the majestic Brown Canyon in Semarang; fly like a bird in the Abyss Zipline in Ceningan Island Resort in Bali; find excellent shore-based diving surrounded with a view of magnificent volcanoes and lush rice paddy terraces in Bali and more!

Indonesia has one of the world’s best diving sites

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Dive sites in Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Gilimanuk in Bali often comes up in the list of favourite dive sites in the world, and for good reasons. Divers can find 75 per cent of the world’s known coral species, around 2,000 species of reef fish and not to mention, special appearances by whales, dolphins, sunfish, sharks, dugong, manta rays and more!

Club, lights and sounds in Jakarta

Jakarta is home to an amazing array of nightlife that can put even Vegas to shame. From popular and dressy Dragon Fly, to the amazing music-fueled ambience of lounge/club, Flow, you’re in for a good time no matter your budget. A blooming Jazz scene also attracts musicians from around the world to perform in the numerous jazz clubs situated within Jakarta, as well as special music festivals in Bali.

Indonesia food is seriously underrated


Singaporeans are well acquainted with Indonesian cuisine in terms of Nasi Padang, but do you know that Indonesian food are actually cooked and served differently based on regions? Generally, it is split into Padang and Minangkabau cuisine. Both cuisine varies in terms of the amount of spices and coconut milk that goes into the preparations. Wouldn’t you just love to go on a food hunt for the best satay, Murtabak, Ayam Goreng, Ayan Soto, Nasi Campur and more across Bandung, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Semarang and Bali?

It’s hard not to find spirituality in the cultural capital of SEA

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Indonesia is also home to the world’s biggest Buddhist temple, Borobudur, with its intricate lattice stupas set among paddy fields. Ubud in Bali alone provides tonnes of luxury yoga retreats for any yoga aficionados. Alternatively, you can also skip the crowds by heading to the quieter Pawon, Mendut, Plaosan Lor and Kalasan.

The list is simply not exhaustive, and you simply must explore parts of Indonesia yourself for some of the world’s best attractions you’ll ever see – at a fraction of the price you’ll need to fly to a faraway land!

Airasia flies direct to Bandung (2 times daily), Jakarta (4 times daily) , Yogyakarta (daily), Semarang(4 times weekly) and Bali (4 times daily) from Singapore. Grab your flights now.

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At some point can you do a 10 texts/sexts list from which we'd try to guess who sent it, Viktor or Yuuri?

Top Ten Texts/Sexts From Viktor Or Yuuri:

10) Let’s be real number 10 on this list has to be all the nudes they presumably sent each other when they were still long distance because that was definitely a thing that happened (more on Viktor’s side than Yuuri’s because he was more confident about it and has much less shame but Yuuri definitely did it a few times as well)

9) “Wear red tonight, you know how much I like it” Phichit saw this one and decided he didn’t want to know

8) “Now you’ll be thinking of me even when you’re skating. You did want me to make you remember me after all” the context of which you can decide for yourselves

7) “I can’t decide when you’re more beautiful, when you’re skating or when you’re moaning under me. Maybe you should come to visit me and we can find out”

6) “I’ve been taking my language lessons very seriously” followed by a string of very explicit statements in the other’s language that shall remain untranslated

5) A picture of certain items that don’t need to be mentioned captioned ‘If you win today we can have some fun tonight’

4) “We don’t have practice tomorrow which means that tonight you can fuck me so hard I can’t walk”

3) “You seemed to enjoy being on top of the podium today but I think you’ll love it more when I’m on top of you tonight”

2) A picture of Yuuri on a bed in the Eros costume taken by Phichit that someone mentioned in a previous ask, because if you’re going to sext your long-distance boyfriend you need to do it with style and it’s a best friend’s responsibility to make sure Viktor was very regretful that he was still stuck in Russia

1) “You promised you’d kiss my gold medal if I won so you better be prepared to get down on your knees tonight to do it.” “Gold definitely isn’t going to be the only thing I’ll be kissing tonight” 

i’m going into my junior year of high school, the time when many students are getting ready to apply for college. many of my friends and peers have been concerned about what, exactly, they should be doing to prepare this year, and when. so, we held a college information session. this may be geared towards my specific area/region, but hopefully everyone can take something out of this. here are some tips that we learned:


questions to ask:

  1. what is your freshman retention rate?
  2. what is the percentage of students that graduate in 4 years? (new statistic: ¾ of students don’t; the average student takes 5 ½ years to graduate)

make sure there is written documentation of your visit

when reviewing applications, colleges note “touch points”– these include things like taking an official tour, sending in those cards you get in the mail, or something as easy as emailing one of their admissions counselors with a simple question. they’ll keep your information, and it may give you an advantage over other students because you showed you’re seriously interested in their school. so, even if you’re taking an informal campus tour, make sure to stop in the admissions office and fill out one of those cards with your information. it’ll be added into their system as a touch point– and you’re already one step ahead!


some things to remember:

  • the SAT and ACT are, for the most part, equally accepted by colleges.
  • certain schools may require an SAT subject test. make sure to check out programs you’re interested in so that you can prepare all of its requirements.
  • the SAT is a test of aptitude, while the ACT is more knowledge-based and straightforward. 
  • if you’re bright and a good test taker but maybe you don’t get the best grades, the SAT may be more fit for you.
  • if you’re more studious and focused on grades and retaining information you’ve learned in class, the ACT may be a better match. 
  • a guidance counselor recommends: take both tests once, and whichever you feel you performed better on, take it again. 
  • many colleges like to see growth in scores because it shows you’re really working towards something. this may change depending on the selectivity of the school, but consider this before only sending your best score. 
  • if you know what colleges you’re interested in, check and see what they prefer/require before taking the tests. most likely, you’ll save yourself a lot of time, effort, and money in the long run.


here’s a timeline of what was recommended for your junior year


  • take the PSAT again (this is the year that you can qualify for NMSQT). i’m not sure if this applies everywhere but i know where i live, this is a requirement.
  • if your school uses Naviance, make sure you have your login information. you should be using the tools it provides to research colleges and find out more about jobs you may be suited for.


  • take the ACT or SAT. if you’ve already taken the SAT, i suggest taking the ACT before doing the SAT again. 
  • this is around the time you should start visiting colleges if you haven’t already. if you can’t go to schools, look for information sessions and college fairs near you. if you’re on a college’s email list, they’ve likely sent you dates that they offer tours or perhaps are even hosting information sessions closer to you.


  • start asking for letters of recommendation!! many teachers give letters on a first-come-first-serve basis, so get ahead. usually you want to have 2-4 of these. think about programs and schools you may apply for, and think about what subject teachers may be most helpful in your application. also, check schools’ websites and see what they recommend/require. outside letters are also okay, if they’re from someone who knows you and your work ethic well. 
  • consider taking the SAT or ACT again. 
  • schedule your senior year. it’s no longer a time to slack off; colleges now look at your grades as late as third marking period. continue to challenge yourself, but also take electives that interest you to get a better idea of what careers you may want to pursue.
  • get the Common App essays from your guidance counselor. you should at least think about these over the summer to get an idea of what you’ll say in your application essays.


  • this is when the Common App is available for that year. many, but not all schools, use this. do your own research to decide if it’s a necessity for you.


  • very few students partake in college interviews anymore. requesting and interview may set you apart from other students (touch point!), but it is definitely not required or even recommended by the vast majority of schools.
  • if you know you will be going to grad school or a higher ed program, think about where you want to concentrate your money. a cheaper but respected undergraduate school may be a great idea to save money for a great graduate school. (you probably don’t care where your doctor went for their undergrad, but where’d they go to med school?)
  • check to see what courses certain colleges recommend you take in high school. this may be a good way to plan the rest of your high school schedule, and also gauge whether or not you can achieve a college’s expectations.
Men seek retreats for themselves - in the country, by the sea, in the hills - and you yourself are particularly prone to this yearning. But all this is quite unphilosophic, when it is open to you, at any time you want, to retreat into yourself. No retreat offers someone more quiet and relaxation than that into his own mind, especially if he can dip into thoughts there which put him at immediate and complete ease: and by ease I simply mean a well-ordered life. So constantly give yourself this retreat, and renew yourself. The doctrines you will visit there should be few and fundamental, sufficient at one meeting to wash away all your pain and send you back free of resentment at what you must rejoin.
—  Marcus Aurelius, Meditations 4.3
Too Many Feelings Part 11 ( Final Part)

Summary: You and Bucky never get along one day Steve asks you to help him after on mission. Feelings could change?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1719

Warnings: Fuffly and Angst

Special Thanks @drinkfantasy for reading and beta this for me.

PART1, PART 2 , PART 3, PART 4 , PART 5 , PART 6, PART 7 , PART 8 PART 9, Part 10

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You look at yourself in the mirror; you are wearing a beautiful golden dress with some high heels. This wasn’t your weeding day, but you were super nervous, maybe more than Tony and definitely more than Pepper.

First off all, you had to walk with Steve down the aisle, you are too anxious about being a bridesmaid, then your parents would meet Bucky for the first time and you know your parents can be a little judgmental.

 You feel a pair of arms sneaking around you waist, you feel his lips kissing your neck “You look beautiful, doll.”

You turn around smiling seductively at him, Bucky is wearing a dark grey tuxedo looking amazing “You clean up well, Bucky; I loved your hair pushed back like this.” You say running your fingers through his chest.

You kiss him; his hands keep you close to his body while yours explore his. You swear that the world stopped for a moment, his smell is intoxicating and you feel lost in the kiss. The soft lips, the mint taste. You don’t even realize that you are taking off his jacket.

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An illiterate man in northern Afghanistan gave me a detailed (and historically accurate) account of the Mongol destruction […] He then described a great irrigation system that originally had six major canals, of which only three operated today. “Afghanistan was a much better place then, you should have visited us at that time,” he declared, as if I had just missed this golden age. I agreed, but knew that he was speaking of an age well beyond my own time horizon, since the Mongols had attacked in 1222. But by Afghan standards that was still recent enough to provoke strong emotion […]
—  Thomas Barfield, Afghanistan: A Cultural and Political History
The end of all things (Pt.2)

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Taehyung X reader

Fandom: BTS

Summary: You have somehow convinced Taehyung to stay with you for an entire week after he wanted to break up with you. It starts to become more than you bargained for and you start to regret your decision. He confesses something huge to you but it only causes more problems for everyone.

Pt.1 // Pt.3

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The two of you come back from the movies together and it was quiet. He barely spoke to you during the whole ordeal and now he was walking you back to your house. 

“You know you don’t have to come back all this way..” You said, looking over at him.

Taehyung maintained his focus ahead of him and he nodded. 

“I know. I’m going home with you.”

You furrowed your eyebrows, confused.

“Like spending the night? Why would you-”

“Because that’s what I would have done before. You told me to treat you the same.”


You couldn’t help but still feel empty about everything. This is what you asked him to do for you but it felt awful. He was more quiet, more closed in, more-..not him. You missed the old Taehyung who joked around and smiled all the time. When the two of you reached your door he unlocked it for you, letting you inside first. You felt sudden tears streaming down your face from overthinking this situation again. He heard you sniffle and his attention immediately turned towards you.

“What’s wrong?”

You shook your head. Taehyung let out a sigh, coming over to you. He grabbed your wrist lightly to take you over to your bed. He laid down next to you as he put his arm around you to hold you. 

“Please just tell me. I know you’re always holding things in…it’s easier if you just say it..”

No more holding it back, no more thinking about what you could have said, and no more hiding. You had to just come out with it despite not wanting to hear what he had to say about it. You wanted to keep the memory untainted but it was starting to burn a hole in your brain.

“Why did you tell me you loved me that one time? I-if it wasn’t true…Why did you say it when you thought I wouldn’t hear it?”

His eyes widened. “When?”

“….after the first time I slept with you. You act like it was all about sex but we were together for months before that even became a thing. It doesn’t make sense…”

“Because I do love you.”

Your whole body tensed up and you started to tear up again. He used his thumb to gently wipe the tears on your cheek away. He gave the light smile you had been waiting to see. You couldn’t help but have your surprise plastered on your face.

“You’re thinking too much….Just try to rest, okay?”

You didn’t have any words, no argument, just nothing. You didn’t know what to believe anymore but this was starting to become mentally exhausting. You decided it was best not to argue right now and you rested your head back on his chest. As the TV played in the background it wasn’t too long after that you both fell asleep still wearing your day clothes. 

Day 2:

By the morning you were scrambling to find your phone, opening your eyes only slightly. Taehyung was already long gone but there was a note on the notepad sitting on your nightstand.

“Early schedule. I’ll call you later. - Tae” It read.

Suddenly thoughts of last night were starting to reply themselves in your head. You grabbed your pillow off your bed and threw it at the wall.

“What the hell does that mean?! What am I supposed to think??”

You groaned. “Why is this happening to me….”

As illogical as it sounded part of you was thrilled as the other half was just plain confused. You got out to bed to get ready for the day. Midway through putting on your makeup you stopped. Maybe you should go down and visit him like you used to? You would miss your chance to go down there one more time if you didn’t. Maybe him seeing you support him and the boys would convince him that all of this was a mistake? You nodded at yourself in the mirror deciding to go down to the rehearsal place yourself. What could go wrong with just being supportive? Oh boy, were you wrong.


“Are they backstage?” You asked a member of the staff.

She smiled. “Yeah, Right back there.”

You thanked the nice woman and followed the arrows on the ground. They had to be around here somewhere. You kept wondering until you saw Hoseok getting his mic-pack put on. He didn’t seem to notice you so you didn’t stop to say hi to him. Finally you saw Taehyung near the back with his back facing you. 


A girls arms wrapped around his neck and you stopped. She smiled up at Taehyung before kissing him in front of you. He genuinely smiled and laughed towards her. It’s not like you hadn’t seen pictures of her kissing him on the cheek but this was different. This was way worse. You felt almost as if you were going to be sick. Someone from behind grabbed your arm and you jumped. Jungkook looked like he was pitying you.

“Watching is just going to make it worse Y/N.”

Something in you snapped. 

“You’re right.”

“I am? I thought you’d argue or yell..”

“No. You’re right.”

Jungkook gave you a nod. “Well…uh good.”

“I should do something about it.”

Before he could argue you pulled him alongside with you. He kept asking where you were taking him but you didn’t answer. Finally you found a dressing room that was empty and pulled him inside. He looked at you in shock.


You brought your hands up to his face to hold it softly. His face started to blush.

“It’s okay. I already knew you had a crush on me while I was dating Taehyung…I never told him. Just let me do this, okay?”

He didn’t say anything but when you leaned up to kiss him he eagerly pulled you into the kiss. His hands grabbing at your sides as his lips pressed up against yours and his tongue parting your lips for an entrance. You whimpered against his mouth, not having someone who felt like they cared this much in a while. He picked you up by your legs and set you down on the counter. Everything seemed to be happening so fast you don’t even remember removing your own clothes in front of him. The whole thing reeked of your own desperation and anger because afterwards you both stumbled to put your clothes back on. He couldn’t even look at you.

“Taehyung’s going to kill me…” He mumbled. 

“He won’t if he doesn’t find out.”

Jungkook looked up at you with a sorry expression. He already looked guilty and you knew it was only a matter of time before it came spilling out of the younger ones mouth. It was best for you just to say goodbye to him and leave before he did go off and tell him. You went home just to lay down all alone again. There wasn’t a single feeling of regret in your chest to which you found strange. Technically you were still together but why can’t you mess with someone else if he was going to? He had no right to get mad. The more you thought about it though the more you felt bad for sort of using Jungkook. His weakness towards you really was a weakness on his behalf. If you were going to cheat on him it shouldn’t have been someone Taehyung considers family. It was low even for you. 

Day 4:

Taehyung didn’t end up calling that night nor did he the next day and you assumed it was because his real girlfriend kept him company. You didn’t hear back from any of them for that matter and you wondered if he already found out. You were just doing chores around the house when the doorbell rang. As you walked over the door opened by itself. Taehyung used the key you had given him a while back to open it. To say he looked less an pissed would be an understatement. 

“What did you do??” He asked.

“Nothing. What are you talking about?”

He clenched his fists. “Don’t play dumb with me right now! You’re the one who asked me to stay with you for another week and you had sex with Jungkook? Are you fucking crazy?”

You jumped hearing him yell so much. 

“I-…..I wasn’t going to! I came to visit you, you asshole! I didn’t realize your real girlfriend would be there and you’d be all over her! Do you know how much that fucking hurts? And for fucks sake will you quit telling me you love me if you don’t mean it!”

Taehyung rolled his eyes. “I was telling you what you wanted to hear! You told me to pretend like I loved you this week! What the hell do you want me to say?”

You stopped. “You said that because I asked you to? Y-you didn’t mean it?”

“No! I already told you I don’t love you!”

As much as you didn’t want to you started crying again. Taehyung groaned. 

“I don’t know what you want from me….” He mumbled.

You looked up at him and shot him a look.

“What do I want from you? I just wanted to spend more time with you! I wanted to pretend that everything was going to be fine and that I could fix it! Why the fuck is it so wrong for me to just want to be with you?! Why do you even care that I fucked him? Huh? We aren’t together and you don’t love me! you know what? Fuck you! Just leave!”

He threw the key you had given him on the table.

“Fine. This is over anyway.” Taehyung stormed out of the place and slammed the door behind him. 

This isn’t how it was supposed to turn out but the lines between who’s fault it was, was starting to become blurred. You would just have to live without being with him. You would just have to live with the fact he was out of your life. As you cried on the living room floor, you still found it hard to just come to terms with it. Why couldn’t you just let it go? 

Thank you @greywvren for the help and thank you again for being the reason I read this series in the first place 💕

Ronan Lynch never thought he would ever be on a romantic date, let alone to be the one who organized it.

He searched for the less shitty and less pricey restaurant in all of Henrietta- fuck, damn it, in all fucking Virginia for something like a month and he’s now left feeling like the biggest idiot on earth, waiting for Adam to show up, and even when he hears the sound of the engine of Adam’s shitty Hondoyata, he doesn’t turn, doesn’t move because- because.


It was all so new, all so strange.

The tentative brotherhood with Declan, the absence of Cabeswater and the void his Mother’s smile used to lit up. He knows how easily loss can destroy him, can drive him away from everything he loves, and so Ronan Lynch decided that he had enough of self-destruction to last a lifetime.

He didn’t notice when he started to chew on the leather bands of his bracelet, but the comfort of the familiar habit is enough to keep him from working himself into an early grave, his longing consuming him more and more for every minute that he waits and when Adam enters the restaurant in his perfect, clean and flawless college uniform and his face lights up with a smile aimed only at him Ronan tries to understand exactly how many beats a heart can skip.



There’s a moment of silence and Ronan feels his heart slowly traveling up to his throat as Adam’s hand rest in the middle of the table like an invitation between the salt and pepper, just near the menu that Ronan left open so that Adam could check the prices without being nervous of everything he orders. He watches as Adam’s eyes roam over the various dishes and the various dollars and Ronan has a whole bunch of seconds that feel like a lifetime to imagine all the ways in which he fucked up.

But Adam’s smiles, the kind of smile that makes Ronan’s breath come out in a woosh, feeling a little bit lighter and a little bit happier, is such a thing is possible.

His hands move slowly and he ends up cradling Adam’s fingers in his own and he’s euphoric with the knowledge that Adam’s hands are now soft.

“So, Parrish. How’s school going?” he asks, trying to be as casual as he can and he wonders if Adam knows how badly he needs to know.

“It’s going good. Very good. Better than I could imagine.” he answers and Ronan doesn’t know if it’s the smile on his face or the fact that Adam’s thumb is now stroking the skin of his palm, but everything in this damned place seems to be on fire.

“How are the Barns?” the question takes Ronan a while to decipher, to remember that Adam cares.

“I woke a cow.” the answer comes with a shrug, even if he was on his way to cry when it happened and then seriously crying after he called Gansey and Blue to tell them and he-

He wanted to say it to Adam face to face, because Ronan knows that a part of the Barns and a big part of himself-like his heart, or his liver, or the very blood in his veins- will always be owned by Adam Parrish.

And the smile on Adam’s face could light up the darkest parts of Ronan’s corners.

“I am so happy for you. I can’t wait to see it!” he holds Ronan’s hand tighter and he can feel the fire spreading all across his face.

“It’s just a cow.” he adds, but at the words Adam’s smile only gets wider, like he knows how much it matters for Ronan no matter how much he tries to hide it.

“Gentlemen, are you ready to order?” the waitress asks and Ronan turns to look at her for a second before he gets kicked under the table.

“The fuck, Parrish?” he murmurs, his hand going to massage the injured part just as Adam answers the waitress with a polite “Not yet. And pardon my boyfriend.”

The waitress answers something but Ronan’s everything is hanging by those tiny, little nine letters.


“Don’t look at the waitress like that, it’s not her fault we still haven’t picked something.” Adam says, but he doesn’t move his hands from the electric tangle they make with Ronan’s.

His only answer is a hum, while he tries to regain his cool.

He knows their hands will eventually have to detangle to read the menu and actually pick something and Ronan muses that he could pay or threaten or beg to have someone read it for them.

As one pair of joined hands slowly retreats to take the menu-get a whole lunch for the fantastic prize of only 12 dollars!- the other tightens.

“I’ll take the Lasagne.” Adam says and Ronan debates with himself on the matter of: will order hamburger seem like a dick move?

His heart is still in his throat and clouding his vision of everything that isn’t Adam shaped, so he settles for the first thing that seems vaguely easy to pronounce.

When the waitress comes back to take the orders Adam is the one to talk to her, but that’s because Ronan is too busy looking at him, at the way he holds himself, his perfect self-taught manners, the way he is grounded in his own being.

He finds the act of Adam ordering for him more endearing than he will ever admit.

Ronan suddenly remembers that he has things to give to Adam, a gift from Opal and a gift from himself, and he makes a mental note to remember this later, when they are not in a restaurant surrounded by people.

When the plates arrive Ronan is crushed by the knowledge that yes, he will have to let go of Adam’s hand and finds a little solace in the fact that the latter seems as reluctant to do so as he feels.

Ronan looks at the plate in front of him and finds out that he has no idea what this shit is.

“You don’t know what you ordered, do you.” Adam’s sentence should sound like a question, but it doesn’t.

“The name seemed cool.” he answers, trying to move whatever sits in his plate with the fork and Adam laughs quietly, which makes it all worth it.

They start to eat, Adam with his back straight and elbows that never touch the tablecloth.

“How is Opal?” he asks, covering his mouth with one hand if Ronan knows he isn’t chewing a single thing.

“She’s good. I left her with Declan.” his smiles is razor sharp when he remembers the frightened look on his business brother’s face.

“You asshole.” Adam replies, but the word is affectionate and it makes Ronan’s smile go from razor sharp to I love you so much in a matter of seconds.

“Is the college cool, then?” he asks, looking at Adam and trying to use his fork in a productive way. He’s glad that whatever his food is, it at least tastes really fucking good.

Adam hums and nods, cleaning his mouth with the handkerchief but Ronan can’t help but notice the little spot of red at the corner of his lips no better than he can help his hand from moving, his thumb from removing the sauce and his own mouth from licking it off.

The hungry look in Adam’s eyes has nothing to do with the food and it takes Ronan’s breath away, it makes the fire burn even brighter.

“College is cool.” it’s his only answer, his eyes fixed on the lower part of Ronan’s face.

“You should come visit again,” he adds “you scared the shit out of my roommate.” and since Adam doesn’t seem very inconvenienced by it, Ronan smiles proudly.

They ask for the check and when the waiter arrives they split it, but Ronan adds a tip with I don’t know what the fuck I ate but man it was good written on a fifty dollar bill.

Once they are out of the restaurant Ronan sees Adam going right for his BMW, his hand on the handle of the passenger seat.

The keys in Ronan’s hand tremble.

They sit in the car and he retrieves two things from his backpack under Adam’s curious stare.

“This is a bracelet from Opal and this-” he takes the little notebook, hands it to Adam and doesn’t look at him, his eyes on the road.

“It’s a time schedule, it works however you want it to work and you can add everything you need to it, for classes and shit. It’s water repellent.”

Of all the ways Adam could say thank you, grabbing Ronan by the front of his shirt to kiss him is by far the best one.




They are in Ronan’s childhood bed and Adam is gently passing his fingers along the side of Ronan’s body, rib after rib after rib.

“What else did you dream?” he asks, his lips moving on Ronan’s temple.


I have no heart, for you long ago stole it

Summary: In which Eros, one of the six gods of love, falls for a mortal who thinks he’s unlovable.

Or in which Yuuri goes to the Temple of Eros to plea for help and ends up being courted by the god himself instead.

based off of this artwork by @crimson-chains

read on ao3

word count: 4k

Yuuri Katsuki is an unlovable man, and that is the fact of the matter.

Don’t get him wrong, his parents love him. His sister loves him, his friends regard him with close platonic affection. Yet, no one has ever stepped forward to ask for his hand to court, asked him to walk with them under the romantic spread of a starlit street.

He has walked that road before, where all couples in their city stroll while leaning into each other and laughing at the joy of being together, but Yuuri always walks it alone, to use as a shortcut from his home to his mentor’s studio. He convinces himself, most days, that the solitude of his footsteps on that road doesn’t mean anything.

Some days though, he speeds his steps and tries to touch his sandals to path as little as possible, because it is a place for lovers, and Yuuri — for all the friends he has and all the love that surrounds him — has no one to walk down it with. He doesn’t belong there. On other days, he simply takes a long detour, to avoid being reminded of the lack of romance in his life.

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anonymous asked:

Honestly, I don't like you. You're one of those people who 'love' Jonghyun because they think-believe he is gay or bi, you're always ready to criticize him for anything, you confuse his haters with his fans and you're always ready to support their bullying, you suddenly decided to give OT5 updates just because you wanted to support Taemin freely and you pretend to be balanced on tumblr while you're devious and critical of others on twitter. You're just a double-faced liar.

‘kay.  it’s obvious you have a problem with the very rare updates i give on the other members. i’ve been doing it for over a year now. it isn’t anything new. also: your tone is creepy. are you stalking me on my personal twitter? or my personal tumblr? or both? like who does that. 💀💀💀💀

i’ve been a fan of shinee and jonghyun for six years and i’ve been running this blog for almost three. do you really think i’d still be as active on it as i am if i actually felt that way? ur really a piece of work, anon. i’m not even gonna touch on that first part of the message because i’m too gay and tired for it.

anyway: boo hoo, anon. maybe you should stop visiting this blog if you really feel that way. like it’s sad that you feel that way but, frankly, i could care less. also: devious my ass, lol. you know nothing about me.

apparently rough-sketching scenes from disney aus is my ~thing now, so here’s a snapshot of cinderella, based on the 2015 movie. maybe this will become a series, who knows!

(with proper capitalization for reading ease bc this got wayyy longer than i meant for it to, whoops)

The first time Isak meets the prince, he doesn’t know he’s meeting the prince.

This is probably for the better, seeing as he doesn’t so much meet the prince as nearly run the prince down with his horse. Which is mostly Isak’s fault, since he isn’t watching where he is riding as well as he should be, but there are—reasons, if he were pressed to give them. The morning had been crueler than usual and the ride to the market had been an all-too-appealing promise of escape, even just temporarily. And so Isak had left the breakfast dishes still dripping dry and bolted as fast as he was able, gratefully giving his thoughts and tears to the wind and trusting the horse to guide them both clear.

Maybe not the safest plan, but it has worked fairly well, up until he almost runs into another rider. It happens so quickly—a startled shout, the high cry of another horse, a blur of color suddenly veering to his left—that Isak has little time to do anything but shout “Sorry!” over his shoulder and hope the wind carries it back. He thinks that will be it, until he registers a voice calling behind him, and then a second rhythm of hoofbeats pounding into the forest floor and catching him up.

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Unfortunate Events

Member: Xiumin || EXO

Genre: Romance, Drama, Angsty Fluff

Short Summary: Having arguments between couples is bad enough; what about when you’re having one on a car-packed road?

Words: 1.6k

“We’ve been over this a billion of times!” MinSeok yelled loudly, slamming his fist over the steering wheel, sending her a small glare. “Can you not be so selfish for once and understand that my work is important to me?!”

“Me being selfish?! I think I’m the most selfless person to be still dating you! Do you know what day it is today?!” her voice growled, clutching her hands in frustration as tears had begun to well in her eyes.

“It’s a fucking Tuesday today!” he retorted, his knuckles white as he shook in anger. “If you’re so unhappy with our relationship, why don’t we just break up?! Huh?! What about it?! Sounds like a great solution from this situation, to me!”

Her eyes widened and the first tears fell as she blinked in disbelief. “Stop the car.” She commanded quietly, her voice raw with emotion.

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When it is Valentine’s Day - BTS Reaction

A/N - I’ve been listening to Spring Day and Not Today on repeat! OMG! But anyhow, I thought it would be fun to release a valentine’s day themed post today! Enjoy everyone! :)


Namjoon would be fully confident while holding his rap lyrics to his new song in one hand and your gift in another. Amidst the excitement of surprising you, he would end up dropping the gift, breaking the contents inside. You would run out of the room after hearing the crash and you would see Namjoon trying to organize the mess and keep his cool. You would raise your eyebrows as if this wasn’t anything new and would ask him sarcastically, “Was this the surprise you were hiding from me all week?” Rubbing his neck shyly he would say back gesturing to the bedroom, “I mean, I can give you another type of surprise if you want.”


Jin would have everything planned weeks in advance. You would walk in from work and find all your bags packed and a taxi ready at the front door. When you question what was going on as he frantically ran from side to side counting all the bags, he would wave plane tickets in his hand and state your flight leaves in two hours. If you question about work he would respond with, “Took care of it.” If you question about accommodations he would again respond with, “Took care of it . . weeks ago.” He would then begin to gently urge you towards the door while whispering in your ear, “Oh and don’t worry, I made sure to pack your sexy night gown too.”

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He would wake up from his nap when he hears the smoke alarm and walk into the kitchen to see you nervously place a large burning mess under the faucet with immense terror in your eyes. He would lean against the counter raising his eyebrows almost half amused and question what you were doing. Embarrassed that he caught you in the act, you would respond with how you wanted to surprise him with a cake. With a sigh, he would hold you close while whispering with a chuckle, “Next time, let’s make it together. I don’t want you to burn down the house.” He would then order in for the night to help you feel at ease and together you would end up snuggling on the couch watching your favorite movies.

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J-hope would be a complete sweetheart when it comes to these holidays. He would always ask you for your opinion on where you wanted to go or do during this time. It will vary from year to year since he would want to make each year special and memorable with you. For a change you would stay in and watch a scary movie: which turned out to be the most amusing time for you a god damn frightening event for him. The entire time he would be huddled beside you screaming at all the jump scares and creepy moments. When he couldn’t take it anymore he would tackle you to the couch and turn off the tv in the process. He would bury his face into your neck and whisper, “Y/N, can we just cuddle instead?”

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Due to his late schedule, Jimin would give a secret invite via phone calling you to the empty practice room. There you would see a display of candles and a circle of petals in the center of the space. He would call you forward from the dim shadows and begin a slow, contemporary dance which he pulled off so beautifully with his fluid movements. Eventually he would move closer and closer to you and trap you against the dance mirrors. Sliding his fingers through your hair and bringing your waist closer to his he would whisper in your ear, “Do you mind if we continue this back home?”


Taehyung would face you suddenly with a serious expression on his face while you sipped your coffee. He would then drop down on one knee causing your heart to skip a beat. Making sure to connect his eyes with your own he would say, “Y/N, I think its time we take our relationship to the next level.” You would choke on your drink in utter shock and nearly spray the contents all over the counter. He would take a deep breath and respond with, “Will you go to Lotte World with me?”

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Jungkook would be a little savage when it comes to these holidays. He would pretend he did not know why this day was so special to you especially when you run along beside him questioning whether you two could go out today. He would respond with, “Didn’t we just go the amusement park last weekend?” If you push him further and mention that you two should visit Han River he would cheekily respond with, “Are you out of your mind? It’s freezing.” When you finally throw your arms in frustration and walk out of the room, he would slowly follow you with a smirk on his lips. He would then crouch down beside you and place a slip of paper in front. When you question what it is he would respond with, “VIP tickets to the BTS tour. I’m not sure if I can spend all that time without you. Will you come with me?”  

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