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How would the M and S brothers react to their S/o crying because she misses her family? I love your blog!

This is super short, sorry! And thank you very much!

- Admin Izzi


Shu: “What a bothersome woman. Go cry somewhere else, I don’t care whether you miss your family or not…”

Reiji: “How pathetic. A proper young lady should keep her composure. If you do not stop this instant, I will gladly teach you some manners.”

Ayato: “Haha, Chichinashi, don’t cry over stupid things! Your family can’t do anything to get you back so don’t bother. You’re mine now, understood?”

Kanato: “Hey, stop crying right now! Your family doesn’t matter so SHUT UP!”

Laito: “Oh, poor Bitch-chan~ nfu. Hey, I’ve got an idea~! How about I help you forget about your family~? Nfufu~.”

Subaru: “H-hey, stop crying! There’s no point so stop! I-it’s not that I c-care or anything, tch.”


Ruki: “My, my, what a sensitive Livestock… You know that you will probably never see your family again but by all means, keep crying if that’ll help.”

Kou: “Ah, what a pain. M Neko-chan, shut up, please. I don’t really care so you’re wasting your breath and your tears.”

Yuma: “My God, Sow, you sure are loud. Tch, shut up, would ya?! Family doesn’t mean anythin’ so quit ya damn whining.”

Azusa: “Eve, please stop… crying… I hate it… when you cry. I can… make you feel better… and loved… if you want…”

Fixed - final part | Jack Maynard imagine

Fixed - part 2/2 | Jack Maynard | Imagine
Word count: 2986
Request: Can you write an imagine where you and Jack have a tickle fight? | Can you do a jack one?
A/N: This imagine is inspired by Fixed by New Hope Club! Thank you for those whom asked me this! I loved write this one, so if you have something in mind about Jack, be my guest: requests are open! If you don’t remember the first part, let me refresh your memory in here! Bye bye sweeties! See you soon!
You can find my other Buttercream Squad stuff in here | Requests are open


        “Conor…” You started speaking to the phone.

        “Hi, Y/N!” He picked up. “How are you?”

        “Fine. You?”


        You bit your lip, hesitating. “Ok, so, please, don’t freak out, but I…”

        “Kissed my brother?”

        “Hum… Yes?”

        “Yeah, Jack told me.”

        “Oh, the bastard! I wanted to tell you myself.”

        “So… Are you ok?”

        “Yes.” You knew Conor were only asking because the last thing he wanted was stay between you and Jack or, worst, have to choose one of you. “We are not serious or anything. I mean, fine, we spent the night together and, oh boy, he doesn’t have the reputation he has out of nothing, you know…”

        “Y/N, you’re still talking about my brother, please, stop.”

        You laughed. “We are fine, Con.”

        “Great then. I’m really happy for both of you. I mean, Jack is a player and you are one too. I don’t want anyone getting hurt.”

        “We won’t.” You assured.


        “So…” Jack started saying, sat on the sofa by your side.

        It was Saturday. Jack arrived at your place by morning and you decided to watch a film after lunch.

        “So…?” You encouraged him to continue, not really paying attention in what he was about to say because you were watching the movie.

        “You met Andrew yesterday.” He pointed out.

        “Yes.” You smiled, seeing where the conversation was going.

        “And how it went?”

        “Since when are you interested on my love life?”

        “Since you decided to kiss dickheads.”

        “I don’t kiss dickheads, moron.” You pushed him softly. “I mean, I kissed you, didn’t I?”

        “Yeah.” Jack gave a smirk. “But, first: I don’t throw up if I’m insecure; Second: I’m a great kisser.”

        You laughed. “I don’t know… Andrew is a pretty good kisser too…” You teased.

        Jack looked at you astonished. “What?” He turned his body to you, not starring the TV anymore. “Are you saying I am not the best kiss you had on your entire life?”

      “You are so convinced of yourself.” You rolled your eyes, knowing he was only kidding.

      “Oh, am I?” Jack asked, approaching you.

      You started giggling. “Yes…”

      “You just love to play with fire, don’t you, Y/N?” He asked, his hands getting closer to your body.

      You were laughing as if Jack were already tickling you. “Jack…”

      He started tickling you for real, you couldn’t breathe.

      “Say who was your best kiss, Y/N.” He ordered.

      “No!” You exclaimed, laying down on the sofa with Jack on top of you.

      “You don’t want to admit it to me? Fine. I will just continue to tickle you then.”

      “Jack!” You whined.

      “Say, Y/N.”

      “Ok, ok! I’ll say it, I’ll say it.”

      He stopped and you smirked.

      “Say…” He suggested.

      “I will! But…”

      “I will start tickling you again, Y/N.” He threatened.

      “No!” You protested laughing. “I will say you are the best at kissing, however I’m not sure of it.” You smiled your flirty smile. “I think I need a test proof.” You argued and Jack responded to your actions by bending down.

      “You think so?” He teased when his lips were almost touching yours.

      “Yes.” You told.

      Without a shadow of a doubt Jack was the best kisser ever. The way he moved had the right precision and the right speed and, when he bit your lips, he almost drove you insane. This kiss thought wasn’t for real. It took all your strength to concentrate and move your hands to fit your original purpose: In the middle of the kiss, you started tickling Jack.

      “Y/N!” He complained while laughing and getting out of the sofa. “You play dirty!”

      You couldn’t stop laughing. “You should know that by now.” You teased with a wink.

      “We need to have a little chat, young lady.” Jack declared, turning the TV off.

      “We need?”

      “Yes, we do.” He affirmed. “A little chat on your bedroom.”

      You gasped. “Jack!”

      “Come on, on your way.” He started lift you up. “We have some business to solve.” He told and started tickling you again while carried you through the apartment.


      Jack was kissing a random girl on one corner of the club. The music was loud and there was one of the only places that were empty enough to fit both of them.

      “Yeah, not quite like that, love.” He said, pushing the girl away. “You need to…” Grab my hair, scratch my back, move your hips. That was how Jack would be addicted to a kiss, that was how he would be crawling for more, that was how… His eyes glimpsed you on the dance floor. That was how you kissed him. And drove him crazy. “Excuse me.” He asked before walking away and letting the girl alone.

      Your hair flew everywhere and you had a wide smile on your face, after all it was your favorite song playing at the club. You always loved when the right music came out, it gave you confidence and you would be even more excited than you normally was. When it was your music through the speakers, you could have the whole crowd staring at you that you wouldn’t even care.

      Jack went to you, interrupting your dance moves. Without saying a single word, he pulled you to him and gave you a kiss, a profound one, not only catching you by surprise because of the moment but also because of the intensity. He proved that sweet naughty kiss only you could give, the one he missed if he didn’t taste it every day.

      “What was that for?” You asked laughing when you finished kissing.

      He was looking at you, noticing how your eyes shinned. “I don’t know.”


      “When will you give up in going out with him?” Jack asked you with an arm around your shoulder.

      You were at the supermarket doing your food shopping for the week. Jack was at your place and agreed to go with you.

      “Stop being against Andrew.” You asked while you were choosing what type of bread you wanted. “He is a really nice guy, you know.”

      “What I know is that he throws up more than the average people.” Jack teased.

      “Oh my God, when you will give up remembering this?” You complained, putting the package on your basket and walking through the shop.

      “Maybe when you admit to yourself he is just a route mistake you made.”

      “What if he is the one for me?” You asked going to pay your stuff.

      “He isn’t.” Jack said.

      “How can you be so sure of that?” You raised an eyebrow and putted your shops on the bags, Jack helped you carry those.

      “Well, if he is the one for you, why you keep liking going to clubs and being with other people?”

      “We agreed we would take things easy, Jack.” You told going out of the supermarket and walking through the street. “I am fine with the things now and he is too. We don’t need to rush.”

      “That’s what I’m saying, Y/N.” He pointed out. “If he is the one, you shouldn’t want to be with anyone else besides him and, let’s face it, you and me make out more than you and him.”

      You laughed. “So what are you suggesting? That you are my true love?”

      “Who knows? Maybe I am”

      You rolled your eyes. “You go out with more girls in one week than I go out with boys in one month, Maynard.”

      “Yeah…” He shrugged his shoulders. “It’s quite boring wait for you to realize I’m the only one, Y/N. You’re quite slow, you know?”

      “Yeah, ok, Jack.”

The fact: Last week

        You were craving for a cupcake after seeing Zoella’s Insta story. She was having a lovely lunch and had a marvelous dessert, so you decided go get one for yourself before losing your mind.

      You and Jack now were boyfriend and girlfriend, though only the close friends knew that. It was a bit hard date a youtuber and with everything going on in your lives, like his channel growing and you having your college stuff, you didn’t want any pressure about having a relationship open to the public eye.

        “Y/N! You heard someone calling you and looked around the shop, trying to discover who the source of it was. “Over here!”

        You were about to pay your order, Brittany, an old friend, was sit on a table on the other side of the place. You waved at her and she went towards you.

        “Hey, Britt.” You smiled to her.

        “Hey girl! How are you?”

        “Fine.” You thanked the employee that was charging your order. “What about you? I saw you went to Spain last week.”

        “Yes, I went!” She smiled. “It was amazing! I’m starting to have a thing for that country. I know it’s my philosophy never go to a place twice until I complete my wish list, but it was so pretty in there!” You laughed at her enthusiasm, was really cute.

        “It seemed really nice. I loved your pictures on Instagram.”

        “But, girl! This is not about me! I mean, yeah, I went traveling and it was amazing, but I heard you are dating Jack Maynard! Is it true?”

        You blushed. “Yeah, we are kind of hanging out together…”

        “Are you crazy or something?” She asked. “You two look adorable, I get it, but you know how that worked out to Shelly.”

        You felt like Britt has just punched you on your stomach. Shelly was Jack’s ex girlfriend. You met Jack when they were broke up already and you never really thought about it.

        “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.” Britt apologized. A little late for that now, love. “I really think you two make a beautiful couple, Y/N.” She took your hand into hers. “I’m worried because I think you deserve more than a cheater.”

      You knew Britt considered cheaters the worst specie on the planet, she was cheated once and never wished that for anybody else. You knew that she was only saying that because she was in fact afraid of you getting hurt.

      What Britt didn’t knew though, was that you never thought about Jack being a cheater. You forgot it. You knew he was, but you completely disassociated him from that image. Now, it hit you.

      “That’s fine.” You forced a smile and took the cupcake you ordered. “I gotta go now, but I see you around, right?”

      “Text me if you need anything, Y/N.” She asked, realizing the mess she made. “I’m really sorry.”

      “It was good, Britt.” You shrugged your shoulders. “I just needed a little remind of one of the reasons why I avoid Jack Maynard at the first place.”


        You sighed, finally sitting on your sofa. You were really tired of thinking about that subject by yourself. It was burning your mind, corroding your thoughts, eating you inside out.

      You always knew Jack wasn’t the type of settle down. He went to a club, kissed a few girls on the same night, and then chose one to go home. You were alright with this fact, after all, you hooked up with a considerable amount of people at the same night too… But you never cheated.

      Cheating was something you always felt it would be horrible to do. It was something worst than a heartbreak, it was humiliating. Not only the person who promised to be faithful to you had broken this vow, but he/she chose to kiss another, thinking he/she was better than you.

      You get that the feeling of cheating should be amazing. Being with someone while having another waiting for you? It sounded really powerful and seductive. However, how you could handle the guilt afterwards? How could you look at your boyfriend/girlfriend knowing you did that to him/her?

      And, you couldn’t argue: Everybody knew your boyfriend was a cheater.

      Jack sat next to you.

      “I don’t want to be the insecure girlfriend who doesn’t let her boyfriend have night outs or stuff like that. I’m fine with you going out with the boys and everything, but honestly? I can’t say I’m not worried. I love you, but since last week, I have trouble sleeping.” You admitted.

      “Why since last week? I didn’t even go out last week.”

      You bit your lip. “Okay. I might have met Britt and she remembered me about Shelly.” You confessed.

      It was Jack’s turn to sigh. “I knew it.” He ran his hand through his hair. “I knew something triggered you.”

      “But it doesn’t matter, Jack!” You exclaimed. “You don’t understand? I sincerely don’t know how to deal with it.”

      “What are you trying to say? Do you want to break up?” He asked, looking at you afraid of the answer.

      “The last thing I want to do is break up with you, however it’s not because of it I won’t. I won’t wait for you to get sick of me and throw me away.”

      “Y/N…” He exhaled. “I will never get sick of you.”

      “How can you say that? How can you be sure of it? I doubt you didn’t like Shelly before you went sleep with other.”

      “It wasn’t like this.” He defended himself.

      “But you cheated her anyway, Jack.” You could feel the pain throbbing in your heart. “I love you, but I can’t handle this, babe.”

      He took a deep breath. He needed to say something because he felt you slipping through his fingers and he would never forgive himself if he let you go away just this easy.

      “Y/N, look.” He said, taking your hands into his and looking into your eyes. You were almost crying when saw that beautiful pair of jewels staring at you. “I won’t lie to you, ok?” Your heart started racing. “I am not good at relationships. I probably will forget our date anniversary and eventually gonna say something I won’t think about and hurt you and be stupid and stuff like that. But honestly? I won’t cheat at you.”


      “I know you and me seems something that came out of nothing for you, that we were really casual and, suddenly, we weren’t. But for me, it wasn’t like this that things happened.” He told you. “It started really calm, really quiet. I flirted with you for the first time and you blushed, something that I found really cute. Then I was noticing how beautiful you are every time you would hang with Conor and we started talking about the most silly things like ‘I hope the club won’t be crowded’ and shit like that when we met because we didn’t know each other.” He gave a soft smile when the memories invaded his mind and then again he was serious as you two were on the edge.

      “When I started flirting for real, you showed me that you weren’t an only-blush girl: You shutted me down every single time because you thought it was nothing, that I was doing that just because I wanted to bang you. And let me be honest with you now: I only wanted to bang you really.” You let a little laugh escape and he smile from seeing you better, a little relief coming to his heart. “But you didn’t let me, because you were worried about how it would affect you friendship with my brother and, in the extent to which our conversations evolved, my heart would race a little more when you showed up.” You felt your feelings squash inside you. “Since our first kiss I knew something would be different. I didn’t know what exactly, but it would. It felt so… Real.”

      “I was chilled about how things were, even with the Andrew guy around.” You rolled your eyes, Jack couldn’t let Andrew go. “Don’t roll your eyes to me, okay? It’s real. You never saw me in that state. Honestly, I don’t want to go back for that either. Not because I would get more drunk than ever or because I would be with any girl that showed up, but because it would mean we would break up and it is something I never, never, want to do, Y/N.” Your heart broke seeing him say that in that way, it was something that you never knew Jack felt and never knew he was able to feel.

      “You have your doubts, I get it. You can call me a dick if you want to, Y/N,  but I didn’t even care about Shelly. I thought I liked her, but now I know I didn’t and I’m fucking in love with you, Y/N.” You felt your breath escape through your lips. “It isn’t something I was looking for, I admit it too, but it happened and now I don’t know how I would work things out in my life without you. You put everything in balance.” He caressed your cheek. “I know words are only words and it is not much however I need you to trust me when I say that I won’t cheat on you.”

      His blue eyes were staring at you with such intensity, as if his whole soul was depending of your answer. He looked anxious and scared, but also relieved. You didn’t have doubts at all in that moment.

      “Why you didn’t tell me this before?”

      “I thought it was quite obvious.” Jack said, turning shy.

      “Silly.” You hugged him, finally crying. “I’m sorry, I was such an ass in the past week. I didn’t want to though.”

      “That’s alright, babe.”

      “I love you. I’m so afraid of you breaking me. I’m not sure I will be able to recover if you break me.” You confessed.

      “You won’t need to.” He promised, holding you tight.

      “Thank you.” You said breaking the hug.

      Jack smirked exactly how he did before kissing you for the first time: “You’re welcome.”

Still a Child

Hi! I love your writing, and wanted to submit a request. Can you do one where (y/n) is a fan and a lot younger (18) than Andy, but when she meets him they fall in love? Her parents don’t approve?

Two things: You are amazing. I love your imagines sooo much. Keep on writing! 💖 And I don’t know if you have written anything like this before(if you have sorry) but can you write a super fluffy imagine with Andy where the reader gets in a huge fight with her parents and he comforts her? Thanks, bye and remember you are awesome!

You still remembered the day you met him, it was like a dream.
A friend of yours had dragged you along to a Black Veil Brides concert since her mother didn’t want her to go alone. It was no big deal for you, she was your friend after all.

The hall was nothing special and small, stiffy and hot after the two support groups ended but now it was time for the main group. Black Veil Brides. Thankfully, you had heard a few of their songs so you could at least sing along a little bit. Lights danced around, as well as fans and the band members themselves and even though it was your first concert, you could already say it would be the best you ever attented.

After the concert, it was time for the Meet & Greet. Of course your friend didn’t tell you anything about that so you didn’t even have anything to sign. Should you just let them sign your hand? Would be an idea, right?

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{Requested by the awesome the-life-of-bambiiii :3}

You woke up to yet another miserable day with your headaches you called parents. Their yelling and throwing of objects across the house was your alarm clock. You were used to it though, but what surprised you is that they never got a divorce. Deep down inside, you were hoping for them to separate and you didnt care which one of them you had to live with as long as you didnt have to hear their screaming. Almost everyday you would go to school with migranes because of them.
“How the hell do you expect me to pay the rent?! You were the one who was supposed to pay it last month!!” Screamed your mother.
“Me?!! I fucking paid it last month!! It was YOUR turn or are too dam stupid too remember?!!” Shouted your father.
Your mom’s eyes widened in shock and filled with rage instantely. “What the hell did you just call me?!”
“What you fucking heard!!” He responded.
Right as you walked into the room you witnessed your mom back hand your dad across the face with full force.

You gasped and marched right up to them. “Can the two of just stop fighting for once?! Im sick and tired of going to school with brain pounding inside of me!”
The two of them just stood quiet.
“Honey, we are not fighting, we are just having an adult discussion.” Said your old man. “Bullshit!!”
“Watch your language young lady!!” Your mom wanrned you.
“Well the two of you sure as hell dont watch yours!! Now are either of you gonna give me a ride to school or should I just walk by myself over there?” You questioned.
“You heard your daughter, give her a ride.”
“I have to go to work, you give her ride.” Your father commanded.
“Does it look like I have time to-”
“Forget it!! I could just walk.” You say raising your hands in the air and walking away from them. “Bye (Y/N).”
“Yeah yeah whatever.” Were your words before you slammed the door shut.

When you got to school, once again, you had a major headache, your fingers massaging in a slow circular motion. You wish you had a pain killer right now but unfortunately, you were stuck with the pain. And to make your day even more worse, your locker decided it was a fabulous time to act stubborn and not open for you. “Ugh come on you piece of shit open up!!” You yelled banging your fist on it. Some people even stopped to see you in the hallway. You were quite the entertainment to them.
You glanced back and saw all eyes on you. “The fuck are you all staring at?! Keep walking!!” You roared and they went their own way. You went back to punching the hell out of your locker, then suddenly you gasped when a strong, firm hand grabbed your wrist and stopped you. It was your best friend Andy, “(Y/N)…one word…relax!” He tells you. “How the hell am I supposed to relax when my locker is being a bitch?!”
He glanced at your locker and opened it easily. “How did you?!-”
“I was actually patient unlike you.” He said cutting you off. “Im guessing you had a bad morning.”
“Like always.” You both said in unison.
You began to massage your head once more, “I swear Andy they are gonna kill me one day.” He chuckled, “Im serious dude.” He pulled you into a warm hug. “I know life is shit right now but come on they gotta calm down sometime.”

You blushed a little being in his arms. Secretly you had a crush on your best friend, the two of you had known each other for years so you knew him like the back of your hand. Ever since you both hit middle school he just became cuter and cuter, and it helped that he had such beautiful and hypnotizing eyes. Not to mention that he smelled really sexy. “Uuuh, (Y/N)? You fall asleep on me or what?”
“Huh? No, no, just pondering your words.” You replied as you leaned away.
But then you felt really dizzy because of your headache so you stumbled back. “Woah.” You muttered. Andy grabbed your arm quickly and pulled you back. “You okay?”
“Yeah yeah Im good…I guess…its not easy having a headache every fucking day.” You say.
“Listen you have my number and everything so just give me call when you wanna get away from your folks and I’ll come pick you up.” He assures you. Your face lit up at the idea. “You really mean that?” He nodded, “Of course, youre my best friend, Im there for you always.” You smiled and nodded as well, “Thanks Andy.”

After school, as you were walking home, your headache became even stronger when you caught sight of what you came home to. A bunch of broken plates and vases were on the floor. “What the hell is going on here?!!” You yelled looking around for your mom and dad, but apparently they were nowhere to be found.
“Mom!! Dad!!” You called out. No answer. You looked all around the house but didnt see them anywhere. You sighed of frustration, roughly pulling your hair back with your fingers. Enough was enough, you couldnt take their bullshit arguments anymore, you had to get away from them as soon as possible. If they were never gonna work things out then the only good thing for you was to just leave and not come back.

You quickly grabbed your cell phone out of your pocket and called Andy.
“Andy get me out of this place…”
“Why whats wrong?”
“There’s broken things all over the fucking floor, my parents arent even home,I just wanna leave like right now, I dont know what the fuck to do anymore.” You said, your voice starting to tremble.
“Oh shit, (Y/N) no calm down, gather some of your things, I’ll be there in about 20 minutes, youre staying with me.”
You nodded in agreement. “Okay.” You mumbled and hung up the phone. You ran to your room and quickly gathered as much clothes and makeup as you could. Andy came to your house quicker than he said he would. You closed up your luggages and went to the door. “Oh man Im so sorry this is happening to you.”
“I’ll be fine once we get out of here.”
He helped you put your stuff in the trunk and you were both on your way.

You had stayed in Andy’s place for almost two weeks now. You had never been so happy in your life. Life was great and you smiled a lot more now. Even your headaches went away.
You notified your parents of course and at first they had a problem with it but they figures it was for the best.
You and your best friend were now jusy kicking back and watching batman movies. “Why do you love batman so much dude?”
He became shocked at your question and looked at you like if you triggered his heart.
“Why do you love breathing so much (Y/N)?!” He asked.
You raised your hands innocently, “Hey man it was just a question nothing more.” You said laughing.
Andy gazed at you, and you blushed when you noticed it. “Why are you looking at me like that?” You shyly asked.
“Its really nice to see you smile.”
You blushed even deeper. He noticed and laughed comming closer to you,
“Are you blushing?”
“Hell no!!” You yelled looking away. “Fine if youre not then look at me.”
You shook your head.

He began to tickle you like crazy. “Nooo!! Andy stop!!” You shouted laughing hard.
“Say that you were blushing!!”
“Nooo!! I wasnt!!”
The two of you were laughing and finally stopped. You gazed into each other’s eyes and yours opened wide when Andy’s lips were kissing yours. Your lips were mingling for a very long time until he leaned away and pecked your cheek. “What was that for?…” you finally asked.
“Sorry its just something Ive been wanting to do for a long time….I really like you (Y/N)…a lot….”
Your heart jumped inside your chest, you never expected him to feel the same way about you. “I really like you too Andy…”
“Then you wouldnt mind if I asked you to be mine?…”
You shook your head smiling big, “No..”
You whispered. “Im yours..” you added.
A huge smile spread across his face and he kissed your lips once more, putting more love in it this time. The two of you cuddled together for the rest of the night finishing up the batman movies.
“You dont know how happy I am…”
You tell him. “Not as happy as I am.” He replied.
For the rest of the night, you fell asleep with a huge smile on your face in the arms of your new hot boyfriend.

(Loved this request ^-^ ♡ too adorable)

Broken Leg Nate Maloley

“Put your leg on that the one next to it” Nate screams at me from the treetop. Frustrated I throw a rock in his direction hitting him in the face. “Oww im trying to help you” he complains to me.

“If you were helping i would be up there not down here STILL TRYING to get up there, stupid” I mumble the last word under my breath. Finally getting the hint he thrusts his long arm in my direction. I reach for it just able to grasp his fingers. he pulls me up or attempts to as i push on the tree with my leg helping him out a little. After a couple seconds of groaning and rude lookds from other people in the park I am hiked uo onto the tree branch, my legs dangling on either side. “Told you I could do it” I say smirking.

Giving me what Nate classed as a mean look, but actually made him look like a spazzy turkey, Nate pulled out his phone taking a selfie without me. so to be a little bitch i shoved my hand in view of the camera earning me a slap on the hand and Nate dropping his phone onto the ground below. “See what happens when you ignore your girlfriend, the lord works in mysterious ways” I chuckle out. He looks at me with a fake pissed off look on his face before turning to see his phone has landed face down below the branch we were on. Sammy and his sister Emily were sitting by it so he wasnt really that bothered about it getting stolen.

“Well the lord knows that I was filming you, you fuck tard, so I dont kniw why you did that” he states making me feel like an idiot. Scoffing I start to question, “Why were you smiling so much then, you were taking a selfie” Grabbing my hands he leans in a little.

“Because you make me smile that much” he tells me kissing my cheek, my hands still engulfed in his. Smiling back at him, I lean back in kissing him again. Shortly after we got into a heated make out session while sitting around 7 feet above the ground. Nate pulled me, or atleast attempted, into his lap however because he was sitting with both legs dangling one side he had to swing me over his leg to be able to get me into his lap. I knew from the moment he put his hands on my hip that something was going to go wrong but was too interested in the makeout session we had going on to interrupt/ Then it all happened in slow motion. I felt my lips disconnect from Nates as my body started to move away from him. My dangling legs starting to reach for the ground, gravity getting the better of them. Everything sped up as i got closer to the ground and felt the awful smack against the ground.

For a few moments I lay on the ground not being able to comprehend what had happned. Dazed I blink a few times loking up at Nate. He all of a sudden starts laughing and so does Sam from beside me. Emily being the only concered one comes over to me asking me if im okay and if m hurt. But I am not able to concentrate on what she is saying becuase there is something awfully hard undeneath me and an excrutiating pain in my right leg. When I dont respond Emily gets scared and calls an ambulance, shutting Sam dn Nate up as well when they realise that I was hurt and am not just in shock. Trying to distract myself from the intense pain I watch as Nate climbs down the tree coming towards me. He hovers over my face.

“Y/N are you okay? were you hurt? Em’s caling an ambulance so dont move” He tells me worry taking over his voice. I hear him but am still unable to resond because the pain in my eg is so intense that if I open my mouth I will start crying so instead I just shake my head pointing to my right leg. The three of them look at me confused not sure what Im motioning at before they start talking among themselves.

“Do you think its her leg?” Emily asks confused. Sam cleverly responds “No she didnt land on it” I mentally sap him in the face. “True it might be her back” Nate inputs. KNowing that the three idiots wouldnt understand I decide to speak as tears start falling from my eyes and running down the sides of my face. “I….I..hurt my” I start struggling to get the words out between gasps of pain.”right leg” i finally finish my sentence. The three start arguing again about how Emaily was right. Getting annoyed “SHUT UP YOU FUCKING IDIOTS” I scream at the, instantly getting a reaction from them. Finally noticing im crying Nate wipes the tears from my face.

“Sorry how bad does it hurt 1 being barelt anything 10 being like a fucking bitch” He ask me. Not wanting to speak because the tears which are already threatennig to spill were close I hold up 10 fingers instead. Nate nods at me before truing to Emily. “how lon-” Nate starts his question but is unable to finish it asd a stranger approches us with a tall lady in scrubs. “Oh they are here” he answers himself as they wave them over expecting them to movequicker. Behind her i see 2 more pople with a stretcher being dragged over the hard, bumpy grass. Finally reaching me the woman crouches down beside me questioning the three idiots around me.

“What happned and how did she fall?” she asks, directing her question at Emily becuase she looked like the most responsible out of all of us. “how she fell I dont know but what happened was her and him” she explains pointing at Nate “were up in the tree sitting ont hat branch” she pioints out “and all of a sudden she falls and is saying that her leg hurts” Emaily explains it quickly. The woman just nod turning back to me. “which leg is it that hurts honey?” she asks em polietly. I point to my right leg and she rechesover running her hand down the length of it applying little pressure. I wince as she runs her hand over my shin. When she hears me winceshe runs her hand back up over to the spot that was touched  when I winced.

“Right so youve hurt your leg in this area” she states what I already knew. “Anywhere else hurtning. I nod replyig with words this time “my back” i quickly get out, barely audible. The woman nods slowly but carefully rolling me onto my side. Whiel feeling around my back she ask Emily another questionw hile the other 2 stare intently at what the woamn is doing.“did you move her at all after she fell?” she asks seriously. 

First shaking her but then speaking Emily replies “No we thought she was faking it but after a few minutes of her just laying there I got scared and called the ambulance straight away” The woman nod, a smile on her face as Emily tells her that. “Good, you could have ause some serious damage” she tells them, congratulating them on their smart ways. The woman rolls me on to my back once again before motioning to the other two toher people to pick me up and lay me onto the stretcher. As they do I catch a glimpse of what was below me, nates phone, Karma’s a bitch I think to myself. I dropped nates Phone so I got dropped too.

I chuckle to myself at my thoughts but regret it as feel a shooting pain in my neck caused by the vibrations of my chuckle. Wincing I don’t pay attention to anything as I am wheeled away, back across the bumpy grass to the ambulance. When we reach it the stretched wheels are lured as I am put into the ambulance.

“Will anyone be accompanying the young lady to thwart hospital?” One of the men wo was pushing my stretcher asks the 3. “Should I Go?” Nate asks the other two. “Wells shes your girlfriend.” Sam tells him. “Oh yeah ritty” I hear him say before I hear someone climbing the metal steps and someone sit down in the seat beside me and grab my hand. “Right Mr…” the woman who I now know as Dr.Ray starts not knowing Nate name. “Nate Maloley” he tells her quickly. “Mr.Maloley could you fill out this about Miss…uhhmmm” she stops again not knowing my name. “Y/N Y/L/N” he tells her. “Right could you fill in what you know also how old are you?” She asks him. “Im 20” he tells her and she just nods. She then turns back yo me.

“Right honey Jacob here is going to lift your neck so we can put this on it to keep it straight to stop any pain and strain that is on it” she tells me while not so gentle handed Jacob Sharply lifts my head before dropping it again hen its in the neck brace it aids in soothing pain in my back.

–At the hospital–

Nate POV

“NATHAN” I hear my name being screamed from a distance. I look up from the video my phone filmed of Y/N falling from the tree it was quiet Majestic. I see Emily, Sam and Gilinsky approaching me. “What did you do to my baby sister?” Gilinsky asks as he takes a seat next to me.

“Your baby sister fell out of a tree I didn’t do anything” I tell him. “Nah hes lying them were getting heated And she fell, show him the video Young Nate” Sam tattles on me. Gilinsky looks at me holding out his hand, I pass him my phone. Warning him about the kissing I tell him to skip to 4 minutes into the video. “Ill do what I want” he tells me and watching till the kissing begin before making a face and covering his eyes, grabbing my phone I skip to the relevant bit.

He watches a few seconds of kissing before he sees what happens. Before turning to me and motioning to the phone. I moves his hand behind my head and slaps me. “Its your fault Y/N is in here then” he tells me. I shrug feeling guilty enough already. “I knew her dating you was a bad idea" he tells me stating his opinion. Not wanting to hear anymore I get up and walk away from them all towards Y/N`s room. As I walk towards it another doctor comes out. I look up as he smiles greeting me. “Mr.Maloley, Y/N has broken her leg but we have a put a cast on it and she has for some bruising along her back but we have given a cream that will numb it up. As for her cast it will need to stay on for around 12-14 weeks” he tells me in a serious monotone voice. “Other than That you can go in and see her and while we go got the paper work to discharge her.” He smiles ay me. “Thanks” I thank him shaking his hand.

When he walks away I walk into the room to see Y/N slaying on the bed laughing with a male nurse. I tense up when I see him touching her, but don’t do anything because hes helping her. As I walk towards her bed I give her a kiss, and the nurse leaves. “How you feeling babe?” I ask her taking a seat on the edge of her bed grabbing her hand which is connected to a heart monitor.

“I feel amazing, anyone else here?” She questions me. “Mmhmm Sam and Em AND your brother who is blaming me, I know it was my fau-” she doesn’t let me finish before interrupting me. “Fuck Jack it wasn’t your fault and what was meant to happen, happened. We Learned from our stupid mistake now we know not to have a major make out session in a tree” Y/N comforts me kissing my face. I push herk away fROM me as she stops kissng starts dribbling on me. “Y/N stoooppp” I say wiping my face. she pulls away from me relaxing back against the padded bed. “Go get the others” she commandsticking me with the leg that isn’t hoisted in the air. Nodding my head I get up and walkyl outbox the room to get the others.


I watch as Nate walks out of the room so I can let out a groan of pain. Falling back onto the bed killed my spine.I re adjust to get comfortable as everyone else walks in,NaTe behind them all, I watch as he pretends to strangle Jack from behind, chuckling to my self before greeting them all. “Hey sexy and you two” I say hugging Emily and slapping her butt. She screeches moving away from my reach. “Do that to you boy toy not me” she jokes taking a seat at the bottom of my bed, next to my dangling leg. “Hey, how you feeling?” Jack asks me hugging me as well. I don’t hug him back and he gives me a confused look. “Why the hell are you blaming Nate? You weren’t there you don’t know what happened so from now on keep your shifty opinions toy yourself” I advise him in a sweet voice.

He looks taken aback, licking his teeth an annoyed look on his face, he turns to Nate. “Sorry” he apologies. Smirking at the back of his head I kick him. “Good dog now sit down” I laugh out. He pushes my leg sitting on top of Sam in the chair beside my bed. The nurse walks back kn with some paper work. “Any relatives here?” He asks the room and Jack puts his hand up. “Right could you write your name and number and sign here to confirm who we discharged her to.” The nurse explains pointing to parts of the sheet. Finally a wheel chair and a pair of crutches are brought into the room, squealing with happiness I wait to be put into it.

“Do any of you want tp lift her in or should I?” The nurse asks not knowing what to do. All three of the boys volunteerbut Nate is quick to my side as he scoops me up. He places me in the chair as the nurse puts the leg support up. “Right for the first week she has got to stay in the wheel chair and keep all weight off of her leg then after that she an she crutches for short amounts of time like upto 3 hours a day for the next 4 weeks, then after that she can use the crutches for as long as she needs.“ He tells Nate. Shouldnt he be telling me? I think to myself. Ignoring it I am wheeled out of the room to the reception where I sign some papers before being free to go.

–At home–

“Im fine dad don’t worry” I tell my dad making sure he doesn’t come down. “LISTEN TO ME DAVID IM FINE” I shout into the phone as he continues talking about that im going to need help and he and km should come down. Finally understanding he hangs up.?“love you daddy” I Sahara putting the phone down. AMD the master of perfect timing Sam wasks into the room. “I know you love me but you might want to break up with young Skathan first” he tells me jumping over the back of the couch landing next to me. “Keep dreaming and get your nasty kink sorted out because anyone calling you daddy makes me want to vomit” I break to him. Laughing he shoves my arm then uses my shoulder as a pillow as Nate walks into the room with a tray full of stuff.

“I didnt know what you wanted to have so i Got soup, sandwiches and pasta have what you want so I can have the rest.” He tells me putting the tray on the tabel in front of me. I lean forward picking up the bowl of pasta and Nate quickly snatches up the sandwiches while Sam reaches for the bowl of soup and bread. We sit eating in silence with the odd laugh at FRIENDS.

Night falls quickly after and Sam who has fallen askeep on my lap iS quietly snoring away while me and Nate watch Whats Eating Gilbert Grape. Leonardo DiCaprio looks so young and beautiful. “Time for bed” Nate tells me finally speaking. I motion to Sam in my lap. Nate grabs his arms and hoists him up on to his shoulder taking him to his bedroom before walking back to me. I hold out my arms for Nate t pick me up and he does holding me like a baby. He takes me to my bedroom and dumps me on my bed. Was already in my pajamas so he pulsed the duvet out from under me and let me lay in the bed. Just as he is about to walk off back to his room I grab his hand. “so you decide today is the day finally go back your own bedroom” I question cocking my head to the side.

“No are you stupid I was going to get some shorts to sleep in” he says laughing and walking out. I hear the door slam down stairs. “We are back bitches” I her Johnson shout as he runs up the stairs. I hear his footsteps nearing as he waltzes into my bed room. He wiggles his eye brows at me, “hey hows the leg” he asks me jumping onto my bed with me. “Its good how was the plane ride?” I ask him nudging him with my leg. “It was fun I annoyed the air hostess asking for cloud water” he tells me giggling at himself. Li laugh along with him as Jack G walks into the room. “Mom is coming down tomorrow” he moans out. “Your fault now we cant Go to Dillions party because she will want all of us to have dinner together” he says an accusing tone. “Blame ma for loving me more" I say smirking at him. “Mom likes me more Im her favorite child by far” he defends him self. I hold up my hand gesturing for him to stop. “Silence bitch you are embarrassing yourself” I state in a bitchy voice. Johnson starts going oohhhh and high fives my already uP hand. “Forget who your mom likes better, I like her better sorry G” he tells him moving closer to me on the bed, both of flashing Him a cheeky smile. Jack cracks a smile not being able to resist our adorable faces.

Nate wanders into the room shirtless and jumps onto the bed landing on top of Johnson. “Sup baby” he says to him, their faces inches apart. “IM GOING TO BED NOW” Johnson says jumping up and walking out them door leaving Jack behind who is still standing at the end of the bed. The both US look at him wandering he wants anything. “I love you Y/N good night” he says marching out of the room. Finally alone Nate is quick to roll me onto his stomach y leg resting flat against his side as he sits up a little. “How you feeling?” He asks me rising my leg as an arm rest. “Im fine, im happy the I don’t have to walk for 4 weeks but at the same time im going to be a fucking burden because everyone has to drag me about” I admit my fears caused by my leg.

“You ain’t going to be no burden Y/N im fucking happy because one I can now show everyone im a fucking amazing boyfriend and second I get to carry you about which you normally don’t let me do which makes me look like an angelic little boyfriend” he tells me laughing. “Well angelic little one can yo help me out a little and let me lay back down im so tired and my back hurts like a little hitch” I complain. He carefully rolls me back over and puts a pillow below my lower back and two below my shoulders, making sure im comfortable. When he knows I am he joins me under the duvet, draping his arm over my stomach and resting his head on my shoulder. I rest my head against his, kissing his long hair. Bringing my hand up, I run my fingers through it.

“Nate..” I start in a questioning tone, he hums back at me “can I braid your hair tomorrow?” I ask him hawing mid sentence. He looks up st me and I give Him a `well can I` look and shrugging his shoulders he nods his head. I squeal a little “I love you Fuck boy” I say hugging his head. He pulls my arms from around his face “stop you penis eater” he laughs out. I slap his head “Silence Dickweed” I joke kissing his forehead. “Silence yourself beautiful” he tells me as I feel his bod relax into me, his voice drowning out a little. I hear his breathing even out a bit and it gets deeper. Well someone was exhausted I think to myself aS I relax back against him slowly drifting off my self.


Long imagine because I was bored I hope you enjoy, requests still open so request imagines and ships, - … xxxxx