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A night to forget Part 1/5

Warnings: Swearing

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Y/N - Your name

A/N - Steve meets reader and she helps him deal with life in the present until somethign tears them apart.

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Living in New York was beyond stressful. It seemed like every other week there was an attack. And the last one? Aliens!? When people move here it is hard to adjust at first, even with earth’s mightiest heroes, The Avengers, in the same city. As luck would have it one of them happened to be Y/N’s neighbor.  Captain America, was currently taking out his trash when she walked upstairs with her laundry basket under one arm, her keys in the other hand and a coffee cup clutched between her teeth threatening to spill all over her freshly laundered clothes.

“Well hello neighbor, need any help there?” He asked looking at her with slight smile on his face.

“Nph fanks, Imph fineph” She mumbled into her cup

He laughed and took the basket out of her hands. Y/N unlocked the door and placed her coffee and keys on the kitchen table. Steve handed her the laundry basket and she placed it on the counter. She turned around he was standing in the doorway and it was the first time she had stopped to look at him. His frame was so large that he almost took up the entire door way. He was extremely handsome and had an amazing smile.

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anonymous asked:

Fushimi in a horror movie scenario? I mean, he /was/ pretty scared in that Munakata-kun Strap drama cd.... xD

Fushimi would probably be pretty amusing in a horror movie scenario because I imagine him just getting very tired very quickly of all the usual horror movie cliches. Like someone tries to call him on the phone to threaten him and Fushimi’s just like ‘Good to know, I’m tracking this phone call as we speak. I see you’re in the same building as me, that should make you easier to kill.’ Maybe a Strain with unknown powers infiltrates Scepter 4 while Munakata and Awashima are away and Fushimi and the alphabet squad are trying to track it down, the Strain makes the power go out and causes all kinds of mysterious horror movie things to happen. Fushimi ends up leading the alphabet squad through the halls and of course they all keep bringing up all the ways this could end, like they’re trying to investigate a mysterious noise and Doumyoji doesn’t want to look around the corner because maybe there’s a guy wielding a butcher knife who’s going to jump out at them any minute. Fushimi’s probably just like ‘why would I be worried about a person with only one knife?’ and flips a couple knives out of his sleeves, Doumyoji has to concede the point. Hidaka wonders if they should split up, Fushimi’s like are you a moron do you want to let it pick us off one by one (then he reconsiders that maybe he should just let the idiots be picked off so he can handle this himself). Someone hears the sound of rustling wings behind a door and prepares to open it, Fushimi’s like 'We’re not after a Strain with wings so leave the door shut.’ 'Yeah, but…’ 'Leave. It. Shut.’ Blood seeps out of one of the walls and everyone’s freaking, Fushimi’s just like whatever the human body has way more blood than that. The flashlights stop working and everyone’s all like great now we can’t see what do we do, Fushimi sighs and lights a knife up with his red powers because a human flashlight is better than nothing. At some point someone suggests that maybe they should change clothes for no particular reason and Fushimi’s like if you want to he killed while being half-naked that’s fine with me, leave me alone so I can catch this irritating Strain. By the time they actually capture the guy the entire alphabet squad is totally fanboying over Fushimi, like even Fuze has to admit that it was a good idea to go hide in the dojo with the weapons rather than running out into the dark menacing forest while being pursued by an unknown force of darkness. Fushimi’s being all smug about keeping his cool in a frightening situation when Munakata appears out of the darkness out of nowhere to congratulate him, Fushimi jumps like two feet in the air and screams like a five year old.