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just kinda general doodles

Based on @videogamelover99’s beautiful fics for this au
which is inspired very much by @pengychan’s writings from which Nora and Liam belong

Pines Height Chart Ft. Teen Mystery Twins :D

Going by the headcanon that both Dipper and Mabel get taller than Stan (and therefore Ford too) I decided to draw a really dumb height chart! Stan is clearly not happy about being the shortest haha (tho he’s secretly proud of his nibblings for getting so tall and strong) 

Mabel’s still the Alpha Twin, of course :D


J: With Taemin, you cannot find fault. I’m the leader and oldest but he has a lot that I learn from.

T: He [Jinki] never forgets to smile…seeing that makes me feel really good. Please stay the same, hyung!


Emmerdale Survey Results

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It’s the first time Rick’s shown up in Stan’s life after years of no communication. Last time they saw each other there was a very messy break up. Rick might have needed some chemical help working up the nerve to go to the little cabin in Oregon where the tracking device he’d implanted in Stan decades ago was still giving off a signal. 

He’d planned to just confidentially stride in and act like nothing had happened and no time had passed. But he barely slurred out a sentence or two before all the liquid courage caught up with him and he passed out in Stan’s arms.

Come to think of it he might have taken a couple of courage pills too. You should consider getting him to a hospital, Stan.

(Probably the last of these prompts I’ll be able to do this week, but I’ll get to the others after I get back. In the meantime feel free to send more!)


♡ overflowing with love  ♡ 

A letter to Kim Hansol Stans:

Stan and/or support ToppDogg too or you won’t be able to stan Hansol anymore.

I’m sure you can like all nine members if you really give them a chance instead of saying you ‘don’t give a fuck’.

Sure, Hansol can be your bias, but if you really stan him, you should know he love everyone in the group, he is the one who care the most about his friends. Even the ones who left. So, don’t say you don’t care about them. That hurts me, that hurts ToppKlass and surely must hurt Hansol.

I hate have to read things like that. I know everyone can have a fave and this is not the problem. The problem is when you say you could care less of the others. Because Hansol is part of a group. It’s his music too. It’s like his family and if I were him, I would feel sad being the only one receiving everything. And why not like the members who take care so well of Hansol too? Please, think about it.

I don’t mean to be rude or anything. I’m just sad because each of them deserve love and support.

Thank you.

he relaxes
on the stitches and seams,
with the girl he loves most
who brings crimson 
blooms to his chest. 
they stare into the indigo abyss
starry-eyed and tongue-tied
as the clouds go by. 
she loves him
likes the moon loves the stars. 
he loves her
like the navy blanket
that covers the night sky.
they smile
as they know too well
that they are the monarchs
of their own heavenly earth.
—  a poem, inspired by wen junhui and the love he has for carats
  • me: aggressively loves bellamy blake
  • certain people: *turn against bellamy because he's a victim of terrible writing and racist storylines*
  • me: aggressively loves bellamy blake even more

Imagine Ravi slowly dropping discrete mixtapes, and before ewe know it he’s the new #1 rapper in kpop, and apparently Russia

I cant believe people who claim to love Jin are being bitter and full of this ridiculous sense of rightiousness, calling everyone fake stans only because other people noticed Jin when he dyed his hair. Like are you serious? Grow a little bit please, and try to follow the steps of the person you claim to stan. Jin is one of the most caring members of BTS and if you stan him you should be inspired by his gentleness towards people. When you love someone you should be happy when good things happen to that person. May I also point out that:

  1. There’s nothing wrong about liking something or someone just because is pretty.
  2. The attention he’s receiving will end up in people noticing also his talents
  3. Why turn something so fucking nice into a negative experience for everyone. C H I L L.

Jin is getting lots of love right now and that’s what really matters. He deserves to be appreciated, whether it is for his singing, for his looks, or for his beautiful personality. All three are perfect starting points to stan that precious boy so please just let it go. Let everyone love Kim SeokJin.

I feel like since Harold thinks he can become a little problematic turd and ruin the last day of 2015 or the first day of 2016(depending on where you live)for Harry stans all over the world, we should all give him a taste of his own medicine and sign a petition to take kale out of grocery stores. Those in favor say I.

Ford thinks it will be just like every time before but as he’s makes his escape he hesitates because none of his secondary alarms are being triggered. There is no backup showing up for Stan.

And Ford remembers how he left Stan and panics, running back, and a voice in the back of his head screams to leave him to die. To bleed out. That all of this, all of Ford’s suffering was STAN’S fault! ‘Why should you go back for him? He’s done nothing but make your life worse!’

He ignores it.

Stan wakes up a week later in a random hospital under a false name, alive and recovering, and he hates himself that it gives him hope again.

#secret agent Stan