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just kinda general doodles

Based on @videogamelover99’s beautiful fics for this au
which is inspired very much by @pengychan’s writings from which Nora and Liam belong


J: With Taemin, you cannot find fault. I’m the leader and oldest but he has a lot that I learn from.

T: He [Jinki] never forgets to smile…seeing that makes me feel really good. Please stay the same, hyung!

Pines Height Chart Ft. Teen Mystery Twins :D

Going by the headcanon that both Dipper and Mabel get taller than Stan (and therefore Ford too) I decided to draw a really dumb height chart! Stan is clearly not happy about being the shortest haha (tho he’s secretly proud of his nibblings for getting so tall and strong) 

Mabel’s still the Alpha Twin, of course :D


i hope the fake ass bitches who stopped stanning jongin because he was dating soojung don’t come back to stan him just because they broke up. you should have been by his side the whole time ?? if you were mad that jongin was dating someone else other than you, honestly, grow up. i’m sorry honey, but it’s not like you’re going to date or marry him. if you were a real jongin stan, you would have supported him the whole 👏 damn 👏 time 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

This TVFanatic article annoys me to no end.

Barry’s only serious slip up was the whole proposal issue, and even then he was misguided in his desperation to protect her.

That boy bends over backward to make sure she’s safe & happy & feels loved. He supports her in her career & never ceases gushing abt how much he loves her & how amazing she is. He does things like turning their kitchen into iHop & making her name in flowers & speeding them out to a romantic dinner in a gazebo on the waterfront.


That boy KNOWS he’s lucky to have her. He worships the ground she walks on. His one desire when leaving her to go into the SF was to keep living her life, keep being the amazing, fierce ray of sunshine that she is & keep RUNNING.

Iris is a saint & that whole proposal business was screwy, but he’s MORE than made up for it since then. Let’s not pretend like Iris isn’t just as lucky to have Barry as he is to have her. Barry is more than his screw ups, and he’s made up for them every time. Devoting his year to saving her life and then sacrificing the life they’d hoped to have together to save the world and her??? You can’t get much more selfless than that.

Plz stop hating on Barry for being human in the face of tragedy. Not everyone can be as perfect as Iris West.

anyone who knows me even just a little knows that i am one of the biggest most loyal jungkook stans ever but that won’t stop me from sitting here and telling u all that no one deserves to go on hit the stage more than hoseok

Human Bill Cipher is so fun and a real dad bod HAHAHAHA y’all Fordsy’s daddy issues gets 10000x worse when Bill shows his human body. Also imagine Ford sending a pic of him and Bill to Stan and he goes “You should meet him stan, he is such a gentleman!” AND STAN AFTER RECEIVING SAID PIC HE’D BE LIKE OH HELL NO WTF IS THIS OLD MAN DOING WITH MY BABY BROTHERRRRR (Rick laughing at the background and being like, heh didn’t know Sixer there is into sugar daddies)

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I know it's easier to blame **** but we have to admit zayn is becoming a sellout . I can't shake off the time where his sister shaded him on insta saying things like family is more important than money,etc. Everything he seems to be doing now seems like a cash grab. from the fifty shades sound track or this tasteless versus campaign, I am deeply disappointed :(

what kind of nonsense?!??!?!? what the fuck is wrong with you people? how in the world is zayn a sellout when he literally says every time he has the chance that he doesn’t care about money, he doesn’t care about sales? y’all have some nerve, i swear to fucking god. zayn has enough money to live 50 lives, you don’t see him going around buying luxury cars or changing his house every month or literally bragging about how much money he has like other celebs do. he’s a very decent guy. he’s got one hell of an education, an amazing set of morals instilled in him by his parents from a young age and there’s no fucking way you’re gonna go around and mistreat him because he has some projects you don’t like. you are seriously going to judge him based on some posts a couple of angry teenagers made? you didn’t see doniya (who is older and obviously wiser and definitely knows better) going around and talking shit about him. family members fight, it’s natural, and they make up, but you have no fucking right to get in between and make stupid assumptions. you have no idea what happened between them and if they wanted to take it out on social media, let them do it. it’s silly and childish but what can we do? they’re still children after all. safaa is only 14 and waliyha is 18. they moved on, they made up and they started praising him again. he’s out there in america working his ass off not just for him, but for his family as well. he’s going to support his mom and sisters in starting a business in bradford and tell me how the fuck shouldn’t they be thankful and appreciative? i didn’t see anyone calling the weeknd or beyonce a sellout for having a song on the 50 shades soundtrack, but of course it’s wrong and has a filthy purpose when it comes to zayn just because he is zayn. y’all are getting mad at him and think you have the audacity to ‘drag’ him (in some incredible lame way) for even having the nerve to breathe. i didn’t see anyone calling other musicians a sellout for being a part of a fashion brand campaign? where were y’all with your justice back then? why does this apply only when zayn does something? versace is a huge brand, one of the biggest in the industry. y’all should be fucking happy for him if you claim to stan him.   “Everything he seems to be doing now seems like a cash grab”. do you know what money machine means? think of one direction. if zayn wanted to do everything for money, he would’ve put song after song after song out, promoted the shit out of them, of his album, his book, started a tour, promoted his merch, being literally everywhere all the time. i don’t think you see him on every tv show possible or at every festival etc? get the fuck out of my inbox with this nick grimtrash bullshit 

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I'm not great at hijinks but maybe, stanley mcgucket au, Portal Ford winds up at the Mcgucket farm?

I had another idea, where Portal Ford ended up at the McGucket farm at some point post Chapter 12 of “Stan Pines, Farmhand”.  He’d be found by his adorable lil nieces.  But I had that idea after I had already written like 90% of this original idea, so who knows what’ll happen to the idea of Portal Ford meeting Danny and Daisy.

               “I think the weird noise came from over here,” the southern voice from before called.  Hidden by a bush, Ford swallowed nervously.  

               I’m injured, have no idea what reality I’m in, and have somehow stumbled onto some southerner’s farm. This likely will not go well.  He took his gun out of its holster and prepared to fire it if need be.  There was a rustling.  Someone parted the branches of the bush.  Ford found himself face-to-face with a pair of bright blue eyes and a very large nose. The young woman, well, more like a teenager, stared at him with blatant curiosity.

               “What is it?” another voice asked.  Ford’s blood ran cold.  He recognized that voice.

               “Some stranger!” the girl called back.  She cocked her head.  “Ya look mighty familiar, sir.  But ya ain’t from ‘round these parts, that’s fer sure.”  

               “What, uh, what year is it?” Ford asked.  She blinked.


               Shit!  Ford hated accidentally arriving in a universe that had a slower timeline; he had to be incredibly careful to not accidentally give away secrets about the future.  

               “Angie, I don’t think ya should be talkin’ to strangers that ya find in bushes,” the second voice said.  “This person might be dangerous.”

               “Psht.  If’n he was dangerous, he’d have tried to attack me or somethin’,” the girl, Angie said casually.  

               He can’t see me!  Ford pointed his gun at the girl.  She leaned back, suddenly fearful.  

               “…Oh,” she said softly.  

               “Please, leave me be.  Walk away. Forget you saw me.  It’s for your own good.”  The girl stared at him, frozen in fear.  

               “Angie?”  When she didn’t say anything, the other person clearly grew concerned; Ford could hear footsteps approaching.  “Shit!” Ford instinctively fired off a shot in his panic.  It narrowly missed the girl, who stumbled backwards, clearly terrified.  “Fuck!”  Before Ford could take another action, a large fist collided with the side of his head.


               The room slowly swam into view.  Ford watched a ceiling fan lazily turn in circles, listening to the hushed voices from nearby.

               “I’m tellin’ ya, Angie, he looks just like my twin.”

               “If’n he was yer twin, I think he’d be a bit younger.”

               “How many people with twelve fingers and this nose are there?”

               “Those are very distinctive features.” Ford remained silent, trying to regulate his breathing so as to not alert anyone that he had woken up.  “…He stopped snorin’.”


               “Stay here.”


               “He shot at ya earlier.  I’m not lettin’ him get another chance.”  

               “Fine.”  Footsteps approached.  Someone grabbed the collar of Ford’s shirt and pulled him up into a sitting position. Ford watched as a young man grabbed a chair and sat in it to face him.  He stared at Stan Pines, about 18 years old.  

               “Say somethin’,” Stan said.  Ford didn’t respond.  “I know it’s you, Stanford.  Don’t know how it’s you, don’t know why it’s you, don’t understand anything that’s goin’ on.  But I’d know my twin anywhere.”  Ford sighed.

               There’s no point in pretending.

               “Yes, Stanley.  It’s me.”  Stan nodded, clearly trying to hide any emotions he might be feeling about the situation.  “Where exactly am I?”



               “Yeah.  Ya ended up on the property of the family I’m a farmhand for.”

               “How did you get here?”

               “I got picked up when Pops kicked me out- wait, no.  I should be askin’ you that.”  Stan squinted at him.  “How did you get here, and why are ya so old?”

               “I’m…from an alternate reality,” Ford said tiredly.  

               “Holy buckets!”  The girl from earlier poked her head into the room.  “That’s amazin’!”

               “Angie, get yourself back in the kitchen,” Stan said.  Angie shook her head.

               “There ain’t no way I’m stayin’ in there, when yer twin from an alternate reality an’ prob’ly the future too, by the looks of him, is in here.”  Stan sighed.

               “Fine.”  Angie took a seat on the floor and looked at Ford with a vested interest.  

               “Ma ‘n Pa should leave us alone more often,” she said.  “I wonder if every time they leave fer a long weekend somethin’ excitin’ happens.”

               “Shit,” Stan said, running a hand through his hair.  “How ‘re we gonna explain this to your family?”

               “Tell ‘em the truth?” Angie said with a shrug.

               “How long do we have ‘fore your brothers get back?”

               “Lute ‘n Fidds should be back in a couple of hours, tops,” Angie said decisively.  Ford’s eyes widened.

               “Fiddleford?” he muttered.  Angie narrowed her eyes at him.

               “How do ya know my big brother’s name?”


               “Like hell ya did,” Stan said.

               “You’re his younger sister, then?” Ford said to Angie.  She nodded.  “The one who studies amphibians, right?”  Angie frowned.  

               “I mean, I like ‘em.  But I ain’t exactly studyin’ ‘em.”  She leaned forward.  “Are ya sayin’ that I study ‘em when I’m all growed up?”


               “Back to ya knowin’ Fiddleford’s name,” Stan interjected.  “How?”

               “It’s not important.”  

               “Yeah, it is, Sixer.”

               “No, it isn’t.  What’s important is that I leave this reality and return to my own as soon as possible. Before inadvertently destroying your reality’s timeline.” Angie blanched.  

               “That don’t sound good.”

               “It isn’t.  Look, I am going to leave, whether you let me or not.”

               “It ain’t safe fer ya,” Angie said.  “Yer hurt.”

               “I’ve dealt with much more severe injuries,” Ford said confidently. Angie and Stan stared at him, confused and worried.  “Seriously. I’ll be fine.”

               “We should let him go,” Stan said to Angie.  


               “No buts.  He might get pissed and shoot us.”

               “Do ya want any food or somethin’?” Angie asked.  Ford’s heart ached.  He recognized the southern hospitality that his old partner had displayed.

               “No, thank you.  I-”  He cut off at the sound of wheels crunching on gravel.  “Oh, no.”

               “What is it?” Stan asked.

               “Fiddleford can’t see me.  Do you have a back door?”  Angie nodded.

               “Stan, go ahead and show him out the back way.”

               “On it.”  Stan stood up and walked down a hallway.  Ford followed him.  “Another reality, huh?” Stan asked casually.


               “I guessin’ in yours I don’t end up with the McGuckets.”


               “Figures.”  Stan pushed open a door to reveal an expansive yard.  “Go on.  I might be pissed at ya, but I hope ya get home.”

               “I’d say the same, but-”

               “Ya don’t need to.  Good luck, Sixer.”

               “You too, Stanley.”  Ford set off across the yard.  He looked back for a split second, but Stan had already closed the door.  

he relaxes
on the stitches and seams,
with the girl he loves most
who brings crimson 
blooms to his chest. 
they stare into the indigo abyss
starry-eyed and tongue-tied
as the clouds go by. 
she loves him
likes the moon loves the stars. 
he loves her
like the navy blanket
that covers the night sky.
they smile
as they know too well
that they are the monarchs
of their own heavenly earth.
—  a poem, inspired by wen junhui and the love he has for carats
A letter to Kim Hansol Stans:

Stan and/or support ToppDogg too or you won’t be able to stan Hansol anymore.

I’m sure you can like all nine members if you really give them a chance instead of saying you ‘don’t give a fuck’.

Sure, Hansol can be your bias, but if you really stan him, you should know he love everyone in the group, he is the one who care the most about his friends. Even the ones who left. So, don’t say you don’t care about them. That hurts me, that hurts ToppKlass and surely must hurt Hansol.

I hate have to read things like that. I know everyone can have a fave and this is not the problem. The problem is when you say you could care less of the others. Because Hansol is part of a group. It’s his music too. It’s like his family and if I were him, I would feel sad being the only one receiving everything. And why not like the members who take care so well of Hansol too? Please, think about it.

I don’t mean to be rude or anything. I’m just sad because each of them deserve love and support.

Thank you.


♡ overflowing with love  ♡ 

It’s the first time Rick’s shown up in Stan’s life after years of no communication. Last time they saw each other there was a very messy break up. Rick might have needed some chemical help working up the nerve to go to the little cabin in Oregon where the tracking device he’d implanted in Stan decades ago was still giving off a signal. 

He’d planned to just confidentially stride in and act like nothing had happened and no time had passed. But he barely slurred out a sentence or two before all the liquid courage caught up with him and he passed out in Stan’s arms.

Come to think of it he might have taken a couple of courage pills too. You should consider getting him to a hospital, Stan.

(Probably the last of these prompts I’ll be able to do this week, but I’ll get to the others after I get back. In the meantime feel free to send more!)

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I FUCKING LOVE JHOPE TOO ☀️ And for some reason when your name/posts pop up I always think you're a yoongi stan


lmao i used to be a yoongi stan, but i’ve been stanning the sun for more than a year now… is it possible that i’m not making my love for him clear enough? 



Emmerdale Survey Results

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  • me: aggressively loves bellamy blake
  • certain people: *turn against bellamy because he's a victim of terrible writing and racist storylines*
  • me: aggressively loves bellamy blake even more

The Power of Mabel Week: Day 1 – I Trust You

“We should talk about the day I came back.” Ford said, sitting beside Stan on the couch.

Stan shrugged, sniffing at the bottle of pink, fizzing liquid that Mabel had given him earlier. “Works for me.”

“When I first returned I…I reacted badly. Very badly. …Do…you remember?”

Stan put the bottle down, frowning. “Not really…” he said. But his tone was uncertain. Ford saw him rub his left cheek, absentmindedly.

“You asked me to thank you…” Ford said. “And I acted indignant. I was too proud and blind to see that you’d most likely saved my life. Certainly saved me from an existence trapped in the space between dimensions.”

Stan didn’t respond, only stared out into the distance. That was probably a good sign. It often meant he was remembering something. Ford kept talking.

“I…did thank you some time later, in the Fearamid. But it was under duress. It wasn’t…” he sighed. How was it so easy to articulate himself when speaking on so many topics, and so impossible at times like these? He decided to skip to the words he truly wanted to say.

“…Thank you, Stanley. Thank you for everything. For every year you spent working on the portal. Thank you for saving me.”

Ford wasn’t sure what he’d expected from Stan’s reaction. Joy, he’d hoped for. Satisfaction or relief he’d have liked…he’d considered the possibility of anger or reproach, but instead of any of these he was still staring into the middle distance. Ford was considering asking if Stan had heard him when he spoke.

“Mabel.” Stan said finally. “You should thank Mabel too.”

Ford blinked. “…Mabel? Why her?”

Stan turned to him, raising an eyebrow. “Nobody told you?”