you should spell check them

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*gives a boquet of red pink and white roses tied with yellow ribbon and a basket full of freshly baked beagles.*

Scribble-Doodle: Bow & Quiver

Just something that’s been sitting in my drafts since 111.

“You should really put a spell on them,” Alec says while checking the bow over for damage. He just came back from a hunt, a violent one, and he’s sitting on the floor in front of Magnus’ burning fireplace, leaning back against the couch. 

“On what?” Magnus asks, pouring them both a drink. 

“The bow and the quiver, just in case,” Alec explains. “They’re your weapons, after all.” 

Magnus picks up the glasses. “That they are,” he agrees mischievously, and turns. “But in case of what?”

“In case I’m killed in battle,” Alec answers calmly, still inspecting the bowstring. 

Magnus, who started walking towards his lover, stops so abruptly the drinks slosh out of their glasses. “In case… you’re killed,” he repeats slowly, quietly.

Alec looks up, his expression puzzled. “Yes. We hunt almost every night these days, so it’s most likely just a matter of time before my luck runs out and some thing gets through to me. It would be a shame to lose these weapons, to let them fall in enemy’s hands. They are magical, after all.” 

Magnus just stares at him, speechless. The casual way in which Alec speaks of his own death, as if it were a certainty, steals his breath away every time. For many of Magnus’ previous lovers, mortality was an issue - but none of them has ever treated the prospect of his or her own demise with such dismissal.

“What?” Alec asks uncertainly when the silence grows heavy.

Magnus blinks. He sets the glasses he’s been holding aside, walks over to Alec and drops to a crouch next to him. He grips Alec’s chin firmly in his bejeweled fingers and looks him deeply in the eyes.

“I don’t give a damn about these weapons beyond the fact that they keep you safe, Alexander,” he says, loud and clear, to make sure Alec really hears what he’s saying. “Don’t you get it? If there was anything I could protect from harm with my magic, it would be you!” 

And with that, Magnus leans in and kisses Alec, hard and deep, parting his lips with his tongue, claiming his mouth and stealing his breath away. 

Neither of them notices when the rare magical items that are the bow and the quiver, clatter forgotten to the ground.

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You are stupid. I swear. Some Fannibals that ship things like HanniGraham are so creepy. Hannibal is a merderur, and Will is an FBI agent. your just sick, all of you are. Why don't you just deleat your blog! You and the rest of you Hannigraham shippers.

First off, If you’re going to send anon hate and try to insult someone and have them take it seriously, you should check your spelling. 

** Murderer, You’re, Delete,  and it’s Hannigram 

secondly, Us “Hannigram Shippers“ Know what the real relationship is between Hannibal and Will. We all know that Hannibal is a psychopath who takes trophies from his victims, cooks them, and feeds it to other people (and enjoys it himself). Us HanniGram shippers understand that it’s  a messed up relationship to ship, but they already love each other in their own way (may not be romantically- but it’s still a form of love and we respect that too). We are enjoying a series that expands on the relationship between Hannibal and Will Graham, that we don’t really get to see in the books. The show it’s self revolves around Hannibal and Will’s relationship. We KNOW what we are doing, we KNOW what Hannibal is and we KNOW what he’s doing to Will. I know most of us (fannibals) Want nothing more than to see Hannibal be put in prison for his actions, but I hope that you know that Hannibal is a Fictional pice of work… Maybe thats  whats confusing some of you non-(rude)Fannibals.

Here is a definition to shed some light on the matter;

” Fiction: literature in the form of prose, esp. short stories and novels, that describes imaginary events and people.”

“Hannibal: is a fictional character in a series of suspense novels by Thomas Harris. Lecter was introduced in the 1981 thriller novel Red Dragon as a brilliant psychiatrist and cannibalistic serial killer.”

Can you put two and two together? 

Last but not least, I will not Delete my blog and no Fannibal should feel guilty for being in this fandom or for shipping Hannigram or HanniBloom ect. The Hannibal fandom is made up of outstanding, creative, brilliant, and humorous people. They are all loved and cherished by other Fannibals. If you are ignorant and just strait up rude about how much you dislike our fandom, you can show yourself out. We didn’t ask you to be here, we didn’t force you to look at our stuff, but we are more than happy to welcome kind and considerate people who show interest into your fandom. 

A good day to you, Anon. ( And if you follow me, anon. You can direct your self to my unfollow button.)