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"completely shit on two rookies WHO WORKED HARD ALL RACE" i ??? lance worked hard too?? he went up like 6 spots before he went out on a problem with his car, not something he did?? im pretty sure he worked hard too!! not to mention babe, gio+van got 12/13, where the rest of the cars went out on car problems and not driver problems. they worked SO hard, i can see that

You mentioned Giovinazzi and Stoffel to begin with. Two rookies, which now you ARE lessening their achievements by saying they would have finished dead last if it wasn’t for the retirements. Everyone has pointed out how difficult it was for Lance to get past Antonio - a feat which should have been easier given Antonio’s utterly shit car and Lance’s superior one and his higher accumulated time in an F1 car. That’s a BIG thing for Antonio. And you’re shitting on it. Not cool. Stoffel achieved such results with 235 laps of testing. And Antonio was competing in a car with a LAST YEAR SPEC ENGINE, 151 laps and still managed to pull something out.  

Look, I’m not going to argue with you over this. I don’t rate him and I don’t like him. Everyone on this hellsite hates and shits on Lewis on a regular basis. I don’t understand why Lance should be exempt from hate? Calling people “little shits” and “pathetic” is NOT the way to persuade people otherwise. Makes you sound like that teenager you’re defending imo.  


literally just a 3-page continuation of the previous 3 pages, aka, how it should have ended

Dating Cas Would Include...

soo I am almost done with this series. Please send me requests!

Also big thanks to @i-dont-need-no-bottombitch for her Cas girl insight. Shes Misha trash and my bes fren you should follow her ass!!

*him being flustered by just your prescence

*him being really shy at first and then opening up to you

* once he gets to know you, hes super sweet and adorable

* Teaching him how to do usual human things

* cute nose kisses

* going on burger dates

* going on dates to animal shelters to see all the kittens

* him always doing sweet cheesy romantic things

* like a picnic date but hes nervous that you wont like it

* laying under the stars and talking about life together

* whenever someone is rude to you, Cas uses words to scare the shit out of them

* cuddles. Just him not wanting to leave the bed in the morning

* whenever you call him he doesn’t answer because he thinks phones are dumb

* praying to him sweet things whenever hes not around

* okay but imagine you being unaware that his wings are wrapped around you during hunts or just when he wants to be near you

* watching classic movies and teaching him references

* you saying “ I love you” and him responding “ I know” while Dean looks dumbstuck because did Cas just get a Star Wars reference??

* tying his tie for him ( fyi this is one of my many talents I will probably never use in life)

* Doing research together

* showing him the wonderful world of music

* going on walks like all the time

* and when he teleports he often time forgets you cant

* “uh sorry.” and a cute red blush on his cheeks when he teleports back to you

* slow dancing to old romantic songs ( when writing this I had Cant Help Falling in Love and then I realized my mistake)

* letting you wear his trench coat when its cold out

Request a part 2 if you want!

Sam // Dean

I find it scary how sex plays a big part in today’s society and how sex brings a lot of pressure in teenager’s lives. I constantly see girls stressing on wether they should have sex or not with their boyfriend when they’ve only been dating each other for two weeks. It’s not right that one of the first things you worry about in the beginning of a relationship is wether you should have sex or not. I constantly see couples being criticised, made fun of just because they haven’t engaged themselves in anything sexual yet. I see girls who feel the need to ask themselves “should I have sex with him in order to keep him?” It’s completely revolting. All this pressure that are being held on teenagers all because of sex. What’s even funnier is that society make it seem like relationships aren’t acceptable if the couple is not sexually active or that you can’t be accepted if you’re not sexually active enough. Meanwhile, we shade people who happen to be sexually active. Make up your damn mind.

Okay but I love that last scene with Alex and Maggie. You can just see how hard it was for Maggie to say all those things, see how much Alex means to her. She looked like she was about to fucking cry.

Imagine her pacing outside the door to Kara’s apartment wondering if she should just let Alex have her space, if she should just leave her alone because she messed up, messed up big time. But then she decided, no, Alex needs to know how she feels about her, needs to know she’s sorry and that she can’t imagine her life without her.

A Witch’s Jar of Souls

Hey witches! 

I was inspired by my companion Horror to teach witches how to make their own “jar of souls”

A bit about Horror: His kind keep and care for lost souls by keeping them in jars. It is their purpose and life’s goal to take care of as many souls as possible and see them all flourish in their care. Each of them has one jar and will have it for all of their days as their most prized possession.

Now let’s talk about how a witch can do something similar with a jar. In my mind, we should care for things just the same, but instead of souls, let’s use something that is entirely ours: Wishes, hopes, dreams, memories we want to hold close and watch flourish. These can be as big or as small as you like, but keep them within the realm of possibility for you. (What I mean by that: Say you wish to become a famous author but never write, never intend to write, and hate writing with a passion. Maybe that’s not the best wish. But, if you wish to become a famous author and you write whenever you can, will write in the future, and love writing, that’s a great wish!)

We will be taking our hopes, wishes, and dreams and assigning them to beads we will keep in a jar of our own. The jar I will be showing you how to make will look similar to the jars Horror’s people have when finished, but the way your jar looks is ultimately 100% your choice, so get creative and feel free to personalize this as much or as little as you feel is right.

What you need-

        - A jar (as big or small as you want)

        - Blue/clear beads (Marbles, buttons, or other objects can also work)

        - A bowl

        - Some time to spend alone with your thoughts

Other instructions: I recommend doing this on a table or the floor just in case you drop a bead on accident. Make yourself comfortable, maybe light a candle or put on music to heighten mental energy and decrease possible distractions.


    1- Put your beads into the bowl to keep them contained. Take the lid off your jar/open it. Set both the bowl and jar in front of you.

     2- Begin clearing your mind. Empty your mind of thoughts that are not wanted. Think only on what you want to accomplish or hold dear. At this point, be general with these thoughts and let their mood fill you.

     3- When you are ready, pick up a bead and find a specific wish, hope, or memory you want to keep and watch flourish in the future with your care. Maybe say it aloud. Hold the bead for a moment, focusing on that thought, and when you are ready drop the bead gently into the jar. *(Side note for this: You can also make a list of these thoughts before you begin so you don’t forget something important. Take the pressure of remembering each little thing off your mind.)

      4- Repeat until you have filled your jar or feel you are done.

      5- Place the lid on the jar saying or thinking, "I will keep these close. I will value them, and seek to see them become reality.” (You can add in anything else that you would like to say at this time) Seal your jar tightly.

And you’re done! You now have your own witchy “jar of souls” of sorts. Now you can put your jar in a place that you will see it often and be reminded of your hopes and dreams. Look at it daily and think on it. Feel free to open your jar to add more beads or completely redo these steps if your thoughts change or you have more to add.

Remember, things like this will only help you accomplish your hopes and dreams if you actively go after them. This is why I made a big deal about keeping wishes realistic. Go after what you want and get it. That’s just good life advice in general.

Hope you guys like this and found it as nice as I did! Let me know what you think, ideas you have about it, and how you did it yourself, I’d love to hear all about it.

          - Max the Death Witch

Muse - “Something Sweet”

hi guys!!! this is gonna be a new series i’m starting ( if you’re into it ) – part two and part three

what??? a lin fic with an in the heights reference for the title?? groundbreaking am i right

i’ve never written before (wish me luck) and I know i’m very very very very new here but please gimme a moment of ur time and we can see how things go !!

summary: all nighters take a toll on everyone, but who knows? maybe a cup of cheap coffee really can fix everything

word count: 1186

warnings: if you think a cute & stuttering young lin is gonna make ur heart feel too big for your rib cage then maybe this isn’t 4 u? also if you hate dumb grins, you should see urself out

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Lies and fake things that people assume as being facts about DRV3:

For some reason people have spread so much fake information about parts of V3′s story and characters that they read on 4chan or other places that if you go on places the should contain canon facts like the wiki or Tv Tropes they all have big lies and fake information in then.
So I decided to make a small list of the fake things I have most seen spreading around as truth(DRV3 spoilers of course):

1-Their personalities before the killing game are not the opposite of their game ones.
-While we see Kaede, Shuichi and Kaito’s real selves before the killing game and they are really diferent compared to how they are in the game it’s never mentioned anywhere that all characters personalities before the game where the opposite, for example it’s never said that Tenko loved to get a boyfriend in the game or that Gonta was a dick that hated bugs and yes Ouma wasn’t a nice guy(I will get back to him because of course he has the most fake information out of all the characters), this whole thing originated because people started to come up with theories how some characters where before the game and came up with opposite personalities theory and while yes you can make that theory because the game never disproves it, it’s not a fact or canon.
Also there’s a possibility that the “join the game out of their own free will was a lie” so yeah they might just had similar personalities but without the talents.

2-Tenko and Himiko aren’t in a relationship.
-While I wish this one is true, unless I missed something, they just have the same relationship Asahina and Sakura and Saionji and Mahiru had in the previous games. There’s nothing wrong with saying they are in one and shipping it but don’t state it as a fact(Tv Tropes does that for some reason) because it might give some people their hopes up and some people might get sad or angry when it’s not simply true.
I have no idea how this one started.

3-Korekiyo wasn’t in a sexual relationship with his sister.
-I’m gonna be brief because of this particular topic but Korekiyo’s love for his sister was one-sided until her death so yeah…
This one started because people saw the CG when Korekiyo is talking about his sister and they are naked and people assumed the worst.

4-90% of everything about Ouma
-Oh boy I could make a full other list about the wrong information about him like holy bagels man I don’t remember this ever happening to Komaeda but I will mention the main two things.
Fist of all it’s related to the whole previous personalities thing, he wasn’t a nice guy that worked in a circus or something and he didn’t join the game for charity, that was a fake spoiler that people made in 4chan. Again you can make your theories that he was a nice guy before but to be honest a nice person wouldn’t join a game to kill other people for charity, that makes no sense and I’m shocked people bought into that but hey if someday I decide to kill someone I will say it was for charity so people don’t hate me and call me a good person.
Second is the whole chapter 5 thing, he didn’t die so Maki could be saved, his main goal was to stop Monokuma’s plan, like heck he even sorta blackmails Kaito to join him on his plan because Kaito doesn’t want to kill him but Ouma tells him if he doesn’t Maki will be considered the culprit when Ouma dies from the poison. By using Iruma’s eletric bomb to jam Monokuma’s surveilance on them and working with Kaito he made a murder where Monokuma didn’t know who the victim and culprit was, and that was to make when they voted for Ouma as the culprit Kaito, the actual true culprit, would appear and say that Monokuma was wrong and if he was wrong the game couldn’t continue because it’s all about the rules and if they don’t matter then the game just doesn’t work anymore and has to stop, he decided to die because his plan focused on the culprit and victim working together to make it work and to do that he had to convince Kaito to help so he gave him the only poison antidote to get his help and so Ouma had to be the one to die since he was already dying from the poison and there was no more antidote. With this one yes you can say that there were other motives like saving Maki because Kaito cared for her and Kaito saves Ouma’s live at one point so he also wanted to help him and Kaito says that until the end he doesn’t know what was truth or lies about Ouma but yeah his main goal was to beat Monokuma.

4.5-Iruma’s TIME BOMB!!!!!!
This isn’t actually a thing that people say but people on 4chan thought that Iruma’s eletric bomb was a bomb that reversed time by a few seconds because someone saw Ouma “drinking” the antidote and then using the bomb and giving the antidote to Kaito so someone said that he used te time bomb to reverse the fact that he drank the antidote and gave it to Kaito. This is now a meme on 4chan because it’s so dumb but people believed it at first anyways and it’s so hilarious I had to mention it.

I bet there’s more things, especially about chapter 6, but this ones are the ones that I saw the most so I hope I have helped and cleared some things.
One final message I have is that people who might hate the game or not looking forward to it anymore because of stuff they read I still say they should still give it a try later when it’s in english, like many opinions on things about the game might be from fake information so I bet even when playing the game when it’s out in english many things will still shock you despite reading spoilers and thinking you know everything.
Still kinda funny about how a game about truth and lies became such a mess of truth and lies in information.

a thought... on azriel

I wanted to just… blab at you for a moment.

First, the reason that I said that I thought it would be interesting if Azriel didn’t have his shadows anymore is because I have some issues with his job. With the fact that he is the last person doing who should be doing what he does, because of his past. I cannot see in any way how Azriel being a spy and being so skilled at torture is helping him heal. Which, would explain so many things.

I also think that Rhys, which maybe he doesn’t intend to do this, could very easily take advantage of Az. I can’t see Azriel telling him no. He probably feels beholden to Rhys, and in many ways - for when he was taken in, for trying to handle his brothers, for being his High Lord, for being High Fae while he (Az) is Illyrian, and couple all of this with the fact that Az has a very low opinion of himself anyway… you see where I’m going with this. There is a very, very uneven power dynamic between them, on many levels.

So basically, being a shadowsinger, having this power and being “coveted” by many courts, means that he will be used for this, basically. And he’s already… not fragile, but in a precarious position? And so it would be nice if he could not become less powerful, but if this thing that makes him a tool for others, basically, could… not be used against him. Which I don’t think Rhys is doing, expressly? But easily could happen.

And I agree with several people who said that they don’t think the shadows will ever go away. He will never “heal” from what his childhood was like (if this was the source, of course, which all signs indicate). This was just… where my thoughts were, when I made that statement. Why I said “what if they went away when he finally gets with Mor”. Because I see Problems here.

That time Peter forgot how to open the map

So Peter took the map, wishing to sneak a bit around. But it won’t work. IT WON’T WORK. He already said a dozen times “I am up to no good” but the damn map won’t reveal its secrets. What the hell though, he part-made that thing.
Can you see it too? How the map is about to bully him big time? I imagine something like that:

  • Mr. Padfoot would like to inform Peter that he is an idiot
  • Mr. Prongs agrees with Mr. Padfoot and would like to add that Peter is also an ass.
  • Mr. Moony informs that he is deeply disappointed
  • Mr. Wormtail would like to say there was no point in choosing such a hard password to begin with and that it is not Peter’s fault
  • Mr. Prongs would like to say that Peter just should have remembered better
  • Mr. Padfoot knew this would happen
  • Mr. Moony would like to remind Peter that he took his side when Mr. Prongs and Mr. Padfoot didn’t believe he could manage the map
  • Mr. Wormtail would like to say it could have happened to anyone
  • Mr. Padfoot would like to give a kindly reminder that this ‘anyone’ also forgot the common room password.
  • Mr. Prongs would like to add: twice.
  • Mr. Moony wants Peter to know that he better not make him look like a fool for defending him ever again.
  • Mr. Padfoot would like to say that angry Mr. Moony is cute
  • Mr. Moony would like to inform Mr. Padfoot that he is alone in the dorm
  • Mr. Prongs wishes he could forget what has just been said
  • Mr. Wormtail is wondering if they could give the password to Peter now?
  • Mr. Padfoot *currently not available*
  • Mr. Moony *currently not available*
  • Mr. Prongs would like to say to Mr. Wormtail that this is not going to happen. Also he advises Peter not to go in the dorm and tells him he wants the map back because shghjgsk where the hell is Evans?

this took longer than it should have

idea from: here

Someone asked me the other day what I would do if I saw you in the street, and the question made me stop. Because I really don’t know what I would do, now I can imagine you would come up with an answer like “cross the street” but I genuinely have no idea what I would do if I saw you again. Seeing you for the first time in a while was always such a big thing, it was always a huge hug and a long passionate kiss. But now, after so long…I really do not know how I would react, maybe I would just do the decent thing and shake your hand and ask you how things are and laugh about how odd it is that we bumped into eachother. Or maybe I’d hug you and hold you a little bit longer than I really should. Or maybe I’d avoid you, to avoid the hurt of meeting you as a friend for the first time. Realistically in my head, I’d like a casual exchange of kind words followed by a hug and the promise of making arrangements to see each other again soon. But things tend to not work out how you picture them and you aren’t the girl I fell in love with back then. I miss you though, and I think I always will.
—  wishful thinking

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Hello! I really love the way you draw yourself as chibi. :) Do you have any guides on how to draw chibis?

Thank you! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

I made a really quick one based on what I learned from a how to draw manga book I bought yeeeaaaars ago xD Chibis can also have a 1:3 body ratio too. I just got too lazy haha. These are usually the proportions I draw my chibis. I honestly wing it most of the time when it comes to chibis and don’t think that much about proportions lolol (but you should haha.. don’t be me;;;; Then again when I doodle chibis, idc much about proportions since you don’t usually see my entire body lol)

Just things I remember while drawing chibis are:

1. Big eyes
2. Big head

That’s about it? Lolol. I’m not good with tutorials;;; Hope it helps a little bit? OTL

into you

genre: idk tbh not really smutty lmao

a/n: boxer!jimin wow so yeah based off of ariana grande’s song “into you” idk if i’m gonna do a part 2 should i?? request if i should!

word count: 1.4k

you can find part 2 here

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Why are you all complaining?

First, I’m a super fan of Yuri on Ice but I’m also a super fan of Mob Psycho 100, In fact I voted that anime for anime of the Year and best animation, and yes I’m upset but I’m not mad a it, and I don’t understand why people should be making a big deal about Mob Psycho 100 not winning best animation.

Yes, that animation was extremely beautiful and insane, specially the opening, that’s one of the reasons why I love Mob Psycho 100, but we need see some things:

1-YURI ON ICE DOESN’T HAVE BAD ANIMATION! Even though I prefer the Mob Psycho animation, the one of Yuri on Ice is pretty good, a lot of people are posting pictures of the parts where the drawing looks terrible, but please!, they are in fast movement people!, do you know how hard it is to make movements fast and different? And they are drew like that so they can look natural and perfect without the people notice, Is animation people, they need to look like that so the movements don’t look weird. Saying that Yuri on Ice has bad animation is like saying that The Tale of Princess Kaguya from Ghibli Studios has bad animation, because in this movie the same thing happens at some parts.

2-The Fujoshi Comunity is not that big. Come on people?, Do you seriously think that from all the people that use crunchyroll and the people who voted 35000 where fujoshis?, Can you seriously believe that?, First of all Yuri on Ice is not a Yaoi, and for those who are not into anime news, that is the reason why is having a lot of controversy, because is the first anime to show a healthy relationship between two men. Yaoi honestly doesn’t have real and healthy relationships in most of the cases, there is always some abuse from the “seme” and normally it is just centered in sex and sometimes in illegal terms (young age boys with adults). I’m not saying the fujoshis are broke or something like that, but usually what they spect from a Yaoi Yuri on Ice doesn’t give it, and that’s what makes Yuri on Ice so beautiful, because maybe there are fujoshis but they are like the 25% maybe of the fandom, so a lot of people are open minded enough to not just enjoy what is Yuri on Ice itself, the story and don’t care too much about Yuri and Viktor but really enjoy seeing theme together because they make a great and healthy couple. If fujoshis actually were that big, animes like Junjou Romantica 3 and Super Lovers would have been nominated in any category and won.

3-You are not the only one complaining. A lot of people is complaining because their favorite animation didn’t win and it is because is a voting award, you needed to expect this to happen, is a popularity vote, if more people liked the Yoi animation than any other of the nominees so what?, is their choice. A lot of people are loosing the point here, this award is for having fun, and we had, If you want to see and real anime award then there is one every year, you should go and watch it and don’t participate on this one. Every one has different opinions, like for example, a lot of people were complaining because kiznaiver wasn’t nominated for best opening, but I actually don’t like that opening enough to want it for the award but that doesn’t say that opening was bad, is just my opinion and my likes, because everyone has different likes.

Let’s just have fun and hope for our favorite anime to be the best of the year. Because how is going so far, Yuri on Ice might win, but the Re:Zero community was also very big on the awards, and I hope all the people that are complaining about Mob Psycho 100 not winning best animation have voted for it for anime of the year.

I’ve been known to cheat at (single-player) video games for convenience or exploration or a whole host of other reasons, and I have very little moral objection to piracy (I think you should buy the game if you can but if you can’t and you resolve to buy it later when you can spare the money, like, whatever)

But one of my favorite things about new high profile video game releases is seeing how the devs have intentionally hidden a “bug” in the game that only occurs on pirated or hacked copies of the game so that people using hacks or bootlegs reveal themselves on the support forums

Like I laughed super hard when I read the posts about how they put a big pit of poison gas in Arkham Asylum that you ABSOLUTELY HAVE to glide over and then made it so people who pirated the game can only glide for half a second, so anyone who posts “how to pass poison gas pit?? can only glide for a second then I fall and die for some reason” just revealed they pirated the game, or when Game Dev Tycoon made it so pirated copies are unwinnable because the game your character developed can’t make a profit because of software pirates

I’m intensely curious what this says, but even my far-sighted eyes can’t make out all of what’s written. Can anyone help me?

I think I have most of it, except for a few words:

Dear Kathryn,

I was just reminiscing about the birth of Mollie’s puppies and how long ago that seems. You should see how big they are now and how well they get along with my new kitten. Things [< I think?] at times are still crazy. The [word starting with a P] [and another word] never seems to let up… However I do need to relate some rather difficult news. Since you’ve been gone, it’s been so difficult for me [two more illegible words]

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Damn, um, do I have unpopular opinions on Finwë? I guess like, I really don’t like interpretations of him where it’s like “Yeah Fëanor has a legitimate complaint about Finwë wanting more children!!!” Like…Mr. Seven Goddamn Children doesn’t really have a leg to stand on regarding the idea that ‘wanting more kids’ really means ‘you’re not good enough.’ Having a complaint about Finwë getting remarried is more reasonable in context given that remarriage was unheard of at the time, but…um….I see Finwë as pretty reasonable if holding all context across a fair and level playing field, really? Like, probably should have done a way better job of communicating….like….everything, but given how big a deal and how new and lacking in precedent his remarriage was, it makes a lot of sense that he would maybe feel very insecure and murky about his own remarriage and family, and really not up to the task of explaining things to his kids in a clear, mature, understandable way, because how would he really know how to explain it they way we modern humans would?

Basically I….I really hate things in this fandom where whoever conflicts with the Fëanorians uh, I mean, one party in a dispute is basically held to contemporary RL human standards of behavior, while the Fëanorians uh, I mean, the other party is held to the nebulous history-less pseudo-premedieval mythological elf standards of behavior. It’s either one or the other. EITHER both Finwë and Fëanor should be held to RL modern human standards of behavior, in which Finwë handled the remarriage/his blended family terribly but Fëanor’s behavior was breathtakingly pathetic in its pettiness and immaturity (definitely not my preference), OR Finwë and Fëanor should both be held to mythological prehistorical elf standards of behavior, in which Fëanor’s insecurity and discomfort were reasonable and Finwë’s confusion and discomfort were reasonable.


Oryen: “…….they will come for her. Especially now that she is with child.”

Brennan: “Who will?”

Oryen: “Those on the Island who do not wish to see things restored.”

Tegon: “You’ll have to explain it more than that.”

Oryen: “Now is not the time. We must focus on protecting our camp, searching the surrounding area and creating a plan of escape should we be attacked.”

Adalen: “How big of a chance is there that we will be attacked here?”

Oryen: “None, if we can stay hidden.”

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What should I do if I want to tell someone about how I like g/t? I don't want them to judge me, but I feel like I should tell them!

ahhh I’d try to mention movies and stuff that involve gt that a lot of people see!! Like, to name a few, The Iron Giant, Thumbelina, Arrietty, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, even stuff like Ratatouille!! Usually people have known of at least a few of those and are fond of the movies, which can kinda segway you into saying something like “yeah i really like XYZ movie and big size differences” 

rly the only thing to worry about is if they go looking up gt by themselves and see the super fetish-y stuff like the gts real women destroying fake city videos or vore/crushing thingies @_@ so like,, maybe explain your boundaries lol, so you can explain you’re just into the more vanilla/calm/sfw stuff? (unless u are into vore/gts crush/etc lmao whatever your cup of tea is, idk how to help u explain that tho lmao) but like if you’re more just into the sfw/fluffy gt stuff it should be easy!! like, some people REALLY like some animes or are crazy about a brand or a pet, you’re just really into big size differences!! lol hope i helped, anon!!! <3 good luck telling your ppls ; w ;