you should see how big the fridge is

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Request: Can you do one where you’re baby sitting Jack and when hotch gets home both of you are asleep on the couch and Jack wakes up and tells hotch you said you liked him?

A/N: This one turned out a lot better than I thought it would. I hope you guys like it just as much!! <3

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coolprodigaluncle  asked:

1, 13, & 17 for a Skimmons prompt pretty pleeaassee!

Technically, number 17 is something about putting weird things in the freezer. I tweaked it a little bit though.
Also requested by jemmadanvers.

“What is the peanut butter doing in the fridge?” Skye asks after an exhaustive search of nearly every kitchen cupboard.

“I put it there,” Jemma says, as if it’s no big deal.

It’s a big deal.

“Why would you do that?” Skye asks. If she’d known Jemma was the type to put peanut butter in the refrigerator, maybe she wouldn’t have moved in with the other woman.

Jemma shrugs, “I just do. I mean, I put the jelly in there, so why not the peanut butter?”

“Maybe because it turns the peanut butter rock solid,” Skye suggests.

“It does not,” Jemma insists, getting up from her seat on the living room couch to prove it.

She grabs the spoon out of Skye’s hand and sticks it into the already uncapped jar of peanut butter. It’s a struggle, but she manages to scoop a spoonful out.

“See?” she holds it up to Skye as proof.

“And how much effort did that take?” Skye counters. “Peanut butter should not require effort. That’s what makes it the perfect snack food. It’s easy to scoop, if you don’t leave it in the fridge like a barbarian, it goes well on everything, and it goes even better by itself.”

Jemma notes that Skye gets unreasonably worked up about peanut butter. It’s cute, but it’s not a big enough deal for her to continue arguing about it.

“Skye,” she places a hand on each of Skye’s shoulders, careful not the get the spoonful of peanut butter in her right hand caught in Skye’s hair, “if I promise not to put the peanut butter in the fridge anymore, will you let this go?”

Skye considers the proposition before speaking, “Only if you admit that putting peanut butter in the fridge is weird.”

“Putting peanut butter in the fridge is weird,” Jemma says with no hesitation.

“And that you’re a total freak for doing it,” Skye continues.

Jemma pauses briefly this time before saying, “And I’m a totally freak for doing it.”

“And Skye is an amazing girlfriend for tolerating such a weirdo.”

“And Skye is really pushing her luck here.”

They both giggle, and Jemma holds out her spoonful of peanut butter to Skye, who leans over to lick the spoon clean.