you should see him for easter

Hey there! Easter is almost upon us, and you know what that means…bunnies! 

Let’s take a moment to discuss some bunny related facts that will hopefully help deter you from purchasing a rabbit for this holiday. 

1.) Domesticated rabbits live from 8-15 years. The Average rabbit lives around 10-12. 

2.) The baby bunnies you see in pet stores are usually around 2 months old, so they will be super cute and fluffy and affectionate! Which is exactly what pet stores WANT you to think you will be getting. BUT, this is a trap! Baby Bunny will hit puberty between 5-7 months of age, and will become a cranky, territorial, sexually frustrated TEENAGER.

3.) Teenage bunnies, particularly males, will spray urine on EVERYTHING, including you, your floor, your walls, your bed, and other bunnies. I don’t mean just a little tinkle, I mean literally the wall near your bunny’s housing will be literally coated in a crust of urine. It’s nasty, sticky, and it SMELLS.

4.) Unless you spay/neuter (which usually costs around 150-300 dollars) your bunny will continue to urinate on everything. females will rip their fur out and build nests and are much more likely to develop uterine cancer if they are not spayed.

5.) Rabbits love to rip carpet, chew on furniture, chew on baseboards, pee and poop on the floor(even if they are litter box trained, they will still scatter droppings as a way of saying “this is mine!”)

6.) Baby Bunny will triple or even quadruple in size. The average bunny is around 5 pounds, but some get even heavier than that. Dwarf breeds will average around 1.5 to 3 pounds.

7.) Rabbits are VERY social and get VERY sad and angry and depressed when kept alone in a tiny cage. Bunny should have a LARGE enclosure (NOT A PET STORE CAGE) and should have at least one friend. How would you like to live alone in a closet for your entire life? you would not!

8.) Rabbits require a daily diet of pellet (with NO added cereals, nuts, or candies) unlimited hay (all day every day, yep, it’s expensive) and a daily salad (green leafy vegetables EVERY SINGLE DAY)

9.) Think you can just leave bunny locked in a cage all day when you get bored of him? WRONG! Bunny gets bored, so he spends ALL NIGHT angrily biting and shaking the bars, digging and clawing at the floor, throwing his bowl around and biting his water bottle. He will keep you up all night long and drive you insane! (this also means is house is WAY too small and he needs more toys and room to play!)

10.) Rabbits get sick, they need to see the vet! Rabbit vets are expensive and hard to find. can you afford a rabbit vet? 

11.) Are you prepared to clean his litter box and feed him every single day? Can you spare 3-4 hours to sit and supervise him while he has his REQUIRED out-of-cage time? No? Then you should not own a rabbit.


Once Upon a Time Bosses Preview Emma/Regina 'Curve Ball,' Upheaval for Charmings, Mystery Musical Duet
ABC’s Once Upon a Time returns from its three-month break this Sunday at 8/7c, with Emma and Regina stranded in the Wish Realm (and in the company of a familiar thief), while back home the St…
By Matt Webb Mitovich

ABC’s Once Upon a Time returns from its three-month break this Sunday at 8/7c, with Emma and Regina stranded in the Wish Realm (and in the company of a familiar thief), while back home the Storybrooke heroes are aiming to get the drop on he who has come to snuff the Savior.

How will Regina cope with the “curve ball” she has been thrown? Why is Rumbelle’s rapidly-grown son feeling kill-y? And what will it take for both of Emma’s parents to get back in the game?

Those questions and many others are addressed in this hand-crafted amalgam of two recent interviews with Once co-creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis.

TVLINE | What are you most excited for people to see in Season 6B, that hasn’t been talked about yet during the break?

ADAM HOROWITZ | That is an excellent question — and it is a tough question, because the stuff we’re most excited for people to see is the stuff that holds the biggest surprise. It’s that fine line of, “I’d love to tease some things,” but this is stuff that we’ve been cooking up for a long time, that we hope the audience shows up for an enjoys.

TVLINE | Is there, maybe, a shiny new set or set piece that is particularly cool…?

HOROWITZ | I’d say that there are places we will be returning to that we haven’t been to in a while.

TVLINE | What sort of “centric” episodes will there be in the second half?

HOROWITZ | We’ll be seeing a lot of our regulars. We’ll be seeing Snow and Charming, we’ll be seeing Hook…. We’ll also be seeing Young Emma again. We’re going to run the gamut.

TVLINE | And by Young Emma, do you mean beyond what we see in Sunday’s premiere?


TVLINE | What is going on in Regina’s mind when last we saw her, as she fixes her eyes on the Wish Realm’s Robin — and in doing so allows the portal to close?

HOROWITZ | Emotion has overcome reason. While everything that Emma was saying makes perfect sense and all that, emotion has overcome reason.

TVLINE | For Emma, what is now the bigger obstacle: creating a new portal, or getting Regina to leave this Robin and return home?

KITSIS | I would say this: Were in an alt-reality where Emma is partnered up with the person who killed the king and queen, so everyone including their own son is looking for them. Obviously Robin is a bit of a curve ball that no one was expecting, so a bigger obstacle than anything is that this is happening all at once. But I think that where we’re going in the second half is not where the audience thinks we’re going.

TVLINE | Meanwhile, are Hook and the Charmings back home starting to get worried that the ladies aren’t back?

HOROWITZ | They’ve got their hands full. They’re very actively trying to figure out what to do about the more imminent problem they’re facing, which is there is a dark figure in a hood who has come to wreak havoc, who’s got their sights set on Emma. They believe Emma will be back — whether through the help of Regina or their own doing — and once she gets back, they want to make sure that for Hook that his love is safe, and for David and Snow that their daughter is safe. When we resume, there are multiple threads going on in multiple realms simultaneously. There’s a lot of action and a lot of angst.

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More than words - A Yousana AU. Chapter 2

Idea explained here

All the chapters here


SUMMER 2012  (12 and 14 years old)

“It’s definitely the rule. I also come here always the same holidays every year so I guess that now you also know when I’ll be here. And yes! That was definitely my car or at least I think so, I mean my car is definitely white and I think I saw one as I left…black car? But yeah like you say let’s not give many details, although I don’t think that the color of our cars really matter. Hey! Can you believe that it’s been a year since we started talking? That’s incredible. I mean I used to dread coming here to the cabin every holiday because I’m always super bored but since we started talking I’ve found myself looking forward to it so I guess I should say thank you for answering in the first place! And remember, no sleeping with the window opened on summer ;)”


“IT’S BEEN A YEAR???? Okay wow. It seems like it was yesterday when I found your note, I honestly can’t believe that it’s been a year since then. And same! It’s so nice talking to you, like the certainty that when I come here there’ll be a letter waiting for me, that’s really good so I guess I should thank you for writing the first letter a year ago. Also yes, my car is black hahah. And I mean I don’t think that the color of our cars matter that much either but it just feels nice not knowing that much about each other…Like it feels as if I could say whatever I want and it won’t matter ‘cause you don’t really know who I am. It’s like you’re my diary. And yup, don’t worry, I won’t make that mistake again, the mosquitoes won’t have me this year”


AUTUMN BREAK 2012  (12 and 15 years old)

“Okay wow, that hurt. That’s what I am to you? A diary? Just a piece of paper that you start writing and always leave behind (because let’s be honest, who has ever finished a diary?) Okay, fine, I thought we were friends but it seems like I was wrong. I’m just a diary to you. You hurt me girl, you really did.

Just kidding! I get what you meant and I totally agree. It’s like I can be a dork (you just need to read the first sentences of this letter to realize that I am a dork) and I know you won’t judge me or you won’t like tell anyone because I mean, you don’t know who I am so yeah I totally get what you mean.

See you –read you- in Christmas, diary girl!”


CHRISTMAS 2012 (13 and 15 years old)

“Of course you’re my friend!!! You’re my diary, yes, but you’re also my friend. You’re my faceless friend about whom I know nothing.

Well…now that I think about that…I don’t know how wise that is haha. Like I’m talking to a total stranger that says that is a 14 (probably 15 by now?) years old boy but as far as I know you could be a 40 years old creepy man.

Hmmm…you’re kind of funny and honestly I don’t have anything else to do here so I guess I’ll take a chance and continue talking to you.

I’ll read you on the winter break faceless friend!”


“My faceless friend about whom I know nothing….ARE YOU SURE YOU’RE 12 (13 by now?)????? Who talks like that when they’re 13??? I think I should be the one worried about you being a 40 years old creepy man. Also what is it with you and 40 years old creepy men? Is the second time you ask me if I’m one. I told you…I’m 38.

No but, seriously I promise I’m a 15 years old guy who makes lame jokes and likes to write letter to his “faceless friend about whom he knows nothing”

You have to promise me that you’re a 13 years old girl though so I can sleep at night”


WINTER BREAK 2013  (13 and 15 years old)

“Okay first of all, yes I’m a 13 years old girl so you can relax (although if you think about it, even if I were a 40 years old creepy man I wouldn’t tell you so yeah, you’ll have to sleep with one eye opened from now on)

And second of all, just because I’m younger than you doesn’t mean that I can’t talk properly or be smarter than you. I mean one of my brothers is your age and I can assure you that I’m waaaaay smarter than him.

Wait…did I just break our anonymous rule? Should I start again? Well you know what? Whatever, it’s not like having a dumb older brother is that big of a deal right? I mean you can’t just guess who I am by knowing that my car is black and that my brother is dumb (ha! Look I even made it rhyme, see? I’m smart)”


EASTER 2013  (13 and 15 years old)

Okay okay, I’ll choose to believe that you’re a girl so I can sleep at night

And don’t freak out! Like you said I won’t know who you are just by knowing that your car is black and your brother is dumb (you’re right, it does rhyme…wait now I’m the one making rhymes haha)

Just so we’re even I’ll tell you something about me. I don’t have siblings, which sucks to be honest. I’ve always wanted a brother or a sister so I’m kind of jealous of you. I mean I have lots of cousins, little cousins and I love them because I really like kids but sometimes I’d like to have someone who’s always there for me like a brother or sister should be you know?

Do you get along well with your brothers? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.”


“Okay relax Mr. Rhymes, I’m the smart one here remember? You’re the dork (your words not mine)

And it’s fine I’ll answer. I do get along well with my brothers. I mean I don’t really hang out with them, mainly because I’m kind of shy and they have their own friends but they always ask me if I want to hang out with them so that’s nice. And they really care about me, I mean if you were a 40 years old creepy man they would totally kick your ass defending me (yup, here I am again talking about creepy guys)

And I get what you mean, it’s nice to know that no matter what happens I’ll always have my brothers and I can count of them so I’m sorry to hear that you don’t have that. But hey, you have your faceless friend about whom you know nothing.

Okay I have a confession to make…I cheated. I convinced my parents to come a few hours earlier to try to see you. But you were already gone…

I’ll understand if you’re mad and you don’t want to talk to me anymore but hey…it didn’t work so…”


This is the second chapter!!

I know that this isn’t the most interesting chapter, I’m sorry about that

I think you’ll like the next one better, it has an interesting ending

Thank you so much for reading!!♥

Cherry (Part 26)- wolf!jikook story

(Happy Easter everyone!!!)

It’s a warm Easter morning.

Instead of sleeping in his bed, waiting for the sun to rise and his parents to shuffle to the kitchen, Jungkook slips out of bed and grabs his candy-stuffed basket lying beside his closet. Filled with colorful wrappers and an array of chocolates, Jungkook’s all set.

After all, today’s the day he confesses to Jimin how he feels. The older boy probably knows, but it’s time to actually say it!

Hopping out his window and scampering across the dark street, Jungkook wonders what he should say.

You’re very cute and I like you. I love your ears. Your lips taste like cherry muffins. What’s going to capture his heart?!

Tapping on the window and not receiving a reply, Jungkook squeezes inside the room, grunting when his body slams against the floor. At least he didn’t squish the candy.

A wave of fondness hits him when he sees the sight in front of him.

Lying in the middle of the room, body curled into an empty Easter basket, is Jimin. Wrappers lie around the flooring, chocolate smeared on his lips and ears.

Placing his basket beside Jimin’s, Jungkook nibbles and licks the chocolate from his ears. What if ants smell the chocolate on his fur, crawl on him and bite him? Not on Jungkook’s watch!

Growling at a chunk that won’t come off, Jungkook heads down to his smeared lips, licking and nipping. Chocolate covered cherries, yummy!

“Gukkie,” Jimin smiles after a moment, yawning and blinking his sleepy eyes open. “What’re you doin’?”

“Husbands sleep together every night.”

“You’re so cute, but I’m not tired anymore.”

Instead of cuddling and sleeping like husbands, they curl up in bed, eating candy. Jimin’s marking his neck, catching the remains of Taehyung (who marked him yesterday, when they were hanging out at the park. Don’t tell Jimin!).

“You have to smell like me,” Jimin reaffirms by nipping his ear, licking the mark after Jungkook whines. “‘Cause you’re a brownie cherry, remember?”


When he’s done marking, contrary to what he just said, Jimin’s eyelids are beginning to flutter close. Hair fanning against the pillow, Jimin swallows the last of his candy, lips pursed at the bitter taste.

“This is interesting chocolate.”

“Father said it’s the best,” Jungkook puffs his chest out a little. Only the best for his Jimbles!

A tiny sign leaves Jimin’s lips when Jungkook pets his ears, hand finding their way to his hair. It’s very quiet and peaceful, only the sound of birds making any sort of noise.

This is the moment Jungkook’s been waiting for. Continuing to pet Jimin’s ears, feeling a nervous bubble in his stomach, he says rather softly, “Jimin, I love you.”

Jimin’s eyes snap open, expression in complete shock.

“I’ve loved you every day for a long time. Even since you moved in, I liked you! I love kissing you and making you happy. I know we’re already husbands, but I want to marry you lotsa times. Mother can bake a chocolate cake for our next wedding-”

He stops when he notices Jimin’s lip wobble. “Minnie, are you okay?!” Pulling him into a hug, Jungkook kisses his left ear, trailing down to his plump cheeks and lips.

Between soft kisses, Jimin’s smiling again, happiness radiating from him. “I’ve never heard you say anything like that,” Jimin admits while Jungkook peppers kisses on his neck. “You’re so sweet. I love you a lot.”

“More than cake?”


After kissing and cuddling, they’re finally ready to sleep again. It’s still early in the morning, much too early to be kissing. As Jungkook begins to drift off, he hears Jimin whisper, “Happy Easter.”

“Happy Easter.”

Jimin giggles when Jungkook noses his neck, telling him once again how much he loves him.

Easter Bunny's Helper

Title: Easter Bunny’s Helper

Athlete: Tom Wilson

Word Count: 2,144

Requested?: Yes

Request:  could you write something with Tom Wilson??

Author’s Note:  Happy Easter to all my followers who celebrate.  I hope you enjoy this story and that the Easter Bunny was good to you too!!

Your name: submit What is this?

“Aunt Y/N.” You heard a soft voice near your ear.  “Aunt Y/N.” You were finally pulled from your sleep; rubbing your eyes you turned your head to see your niece Emily standing next to your side. “Mr. Tom told me to come wake you up, the Easter Bunny left our baskets and Grandma won’t let us search for them till everyone is downstairs.”  Rolling on to your back saw you were in fact alone in the bed.

“I’ll be down in a few minutes okay?”  She nodded and headed out of the room as you stretched out.  It was only a few moments later when the door opened and Tom walked in.  His hoodie and shorts making you laugh.  “You know it’s kind of a contradiction if you have shorts on with long sleeves.”

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If The Basement Tapes were videos of Eric and Dylan crafting or baking: Easter Special
  • Dylan: *filming Eric*
  • Eric: it's April 3rd, 1999. what's so special about this day, V?
  • Dylan: tomorrow is our last Easter before NBK. our last chance to decorate godlike Easter eggs. our last chance to be in the Littleton Easter parade. we need to make it special.
  • Eric: we have so much shit planned and we're going to record it all to show the world how godlike we are. the world will not be ready to see these tapes.
  • Dylan: our Easter celebration will be better than NBK. people won't be able to handle Reb and VoDkA's Easter Eggstravaganza.
  • Dylan: *whispers* reb, can that be the name of the tape?
  • Eric: no
  • *10 minutes later*
  • Dylan: *is filming inside of Walmart* we are at Walmart buying supplies
  • Eric: *looking at eggs* how many eggs should we get? two dozen?
  • Dylan: we need more than that. I'll get a shopping cart
  • Dylan: *goes to the front of the store and gets a shopping cart*
  • Dylan: *rides the shopping cart with his trench coat blowing in the airflow*
  • Eric: *sees Dylan riding the shopping cart towards him* V, what the fuck are you doing? are you 5?
  • Dylan: *reaches Eric* wheee!
  • Eric: omg I wanna try get off
  • Eric: *rides shopping cart back and forth down the aisle*
  • Dylan: *films Eric*
  • Customers: *staring at them like wtf are those weird kids doing*
  • *a few moments later*
  • Dylan: reb, get in the back of the shopping cart and I'll push you around
  • Eric: *says this is stupid but gets in anyway*
  • Dylan: *pushes the shopping cart around the store while riding it*
  • Eric: *hands camera to Dylan*
  • Eric: *stands up* I FEEL SO TALL FOR ONCE IN MY LI- *dramatically falls*
  • Dylan: I got that on tape!!
  • *a few minutes later*
  • Eric: *is filming*
  • Dylan: *filling the cart with cartons of eggs*
  • Eric: ok that's enough, now we need some egg decorating kits
  • Eric and Dylan: *walks to the aisle with the egg decorating kits*
  • Dylan: *puts a bunch in the cart*
  • Eric: I need to get an ice pack for my ass
  • *at the self checkout*
  • Dylan: but we already have everything bagged
  • Eric: *cancels checkout*
  • Eric: *scans one carton of eggs* a dollar and two cents, that's better
  • Eric: *pays* let's go
  • *20 minutes later*
  • Dylan: *filming* we're back at my house to decorate the eggs
  • Eric: we're not going to boil the eggs, we're getting straight to decorating these fuckers
  • Dylan: we've got forty cartons of eggs
  • Dylan: *sets up camera so it's recording them*
  • Eric: where are your cups, we need cups to put the dye pellet things in
  • Dylan: *points* up there in that counter
  • Eric: *tries to reach it* I'm too short *climbs on top of counter*
  • Eric: take the cups and fill em all with water *hands them to Dylan*
  • Dylan: *fills the cups with water and puts them on the table* now we need to put the dye things in
  • Eric: *takes the camera and films the dye pellets going in then puts the camera back down so it will record them decorating eggs*
  • Eric and Dylan: *are sat down at the table*
  • Dylan: *to the camera* now we are about to begin decorating our godlike Easter eggs
  • Eric: pay close attention as this is a special routine that will make your eggs very godlike, this is a two man job btw
  • Eric: *picks up an egg* V, hold the blue water for me
  • Dylan: *grabs the blue and holds it* now Reb will gently lower the egg into the liquid
  • Eric: *slowly puts the egg into the blue* ok now we wait
  • Dylan:
  • Eric:
  • Dylan:
  • Eric: ok now we can take it out, go ahead V
  • Dylan: i'm not putting my hands in there, it's going to stain my fingers
  • Eric: use the spoon, jfc V
  • Dylan: *uses spoon to take the egg out*
  • Egg: *falls onto table and breaks*
  • Dylan: this is why we're supposed to boil them, now there's egg yolk and blue dye all over my mom's Easter tablecloth
  • Eric: *uses paper towel to clean up the mess* but we can't boil them, I have plans
  • *3 hours of egg decorating later*
  • Eric and Dylan: *covered in egg yolk and egg dye*
  • Table: *is a mess*
  • Eggs: *are drying on the Easter kit egg dryers*
  • Dylan: *tells the camera* we are almost done!
  • Eric: we have 8 eggs left
  • Cat: *jumps onto the table*
  • Cat: *sits in front of the camera*
  • Dylan: Rocky, you're blocking the camera, shoo
  • Cat: *walks across the table and knocks over all the egg dye*
  • Eric: *throws a tantrum* THAT CAT GOT EGG DYE ALL OVER MY TRENCH COAT!!
  • Dylan: *angrily* SAME
  • Cat: *runs away*
  • Dylan: how are we going to finish the last 8 eggs??!
  • Eric: *storms out of the house* I'M GOING TO BUY MYSELF A NEW TRENCH COAT
  • Dylan: *follows* WAIT FOR ME
  • *a short drive later*
  • Dylan: *filming* me and Reb came to the mall to buy new trench coats, as you can see *awkwardly films self in the mirror* we have already bought some new ones, *yells* Reb get over here and show off your new trench coat
  • Eric: *walks over* it looks exactly the same as the last one
  • Dylan: *continues to vlog around the mall*
  • *10 minutes later*
  • Dylan: *filming* I just adopted a bunny
  • Dylan: *films the bunny sitting inside of a pet carrier*
  • Eric: *appears out of nowhere* I go to the bathroom and you buy a fucking bunny are you serious
  • Dylan: he was only $20
  • Eric: omg let's just go
  • *back at Dylan's house*
  • Eric: *filming*
  • Eric: *zooms in and out of eggs* the eggs are dry and looking very godlike, v show em off to the camera, one by one
  • Dylan: *picks up an egg* this egg is black with purple spots, it is very creative and godlike *places egg in a giant bag*
  • *471 eggs later*
  • Dylan: those were all of our eggs
  • Eric: *films self* we're going to take them all in my car at midnight and go on a little rebel mission across the neighborhood. we're going to throw one egg at each house until we run out. me and V are the official Easter bunnies of Littleton. this will be the best damn reb-
  • Dylan: *screaming* CAPTAIN CARROT IS MISSING!!!! I CAN'T FIND HIM!!!
  • Camera: *captures a 'what the fuck' look on Eric's face*
  • Eric: why couldn't you name him "the destroyer" or something
  • Eric: *sets camera down on the floor and forgets to turn it off*
  • Eric: *mumbles* captain carrot are you serious
  • Eric and Dylan: *in a different room looking for captain carrot*
  • Dylan: *yells* CAPTAIN CARROT!!
  • Captain Carrot: *is filmed hopping across the floor and out of the window*
  • *a few minutes later*
  • Eric and Dylan: *comes back into room*
  • Dylan: where could he be??! I paid $20 for that rabbit
  • Eric: I don't care, we need to go on the rebel mission, get the eggs
  • Eric: *picks up the camera*
  • Dylan: *grabs the bag of eggs with a pout on his face* let's go
  • Eric and Dylan: *gets in Eric's car*
  • Dylan: *takes camera from Eric*
  • Eric: *starts to drive*
  • Dylan: *sees captain carrot outside* CAPTAIN CARROT!!!!!! *dives out of car*
  • Eric: *stops car* what the fuck
  • Captain Carrot: *runs into the street*
  • Dylan: no captain carrot, get out of the road!!!
  • Car: *approaches Captain Carrot*
  • Captain Carrot: *runs*
  • Car: *passes*
  • Eric: *gets out of car*
  • Eric and Dylan: *are running after Captain Carrot*
  • Captain Carrot: *runs and disappears in a hole*
  • Eric: we need to go, Captain Carrot wants to be free
  • Dylan: *sighs*
  • *some time later*
  • Eric: *slowly driving down a street*
  • Dylan: *throwing eggs out the window at houses* FEEL MY WRATH
  • *the next day*
  • Eric: *filming* it's 11am, me and V are about to crash the Easter parade
  • Dylan: we're going to run into the parade right when the Easter bunny gets there and we're going to pull off the guy's head
  • *about an hour later*
  • Parade: *is going on*
  • Dylan: *filming*
  • Eric and Dylan: *waiting*
  • People: *cheering*
  • Easter bunny float: *starts to appear*
  • Eric: there it is
  • Dylan: and there's the Easter bunny *zooms in*
  • Eric and Dylan: *runs into the street and climbs onto the Easter bunny float*
  • People: *gasping*
  • Dylan: *still filming*
  • Eric: *pulls off the head of the Easter bunny*
  • Children: *gasps*
  • Eric and Dylan: *gasps* BROOKS??!
  • Security: *starting to come forward*
  • Eric and Dylan: *runs away and takes the Easter bunny mask with them*
Easter Surprise

Shannon Leto.

You were currently in your hotel room trying to think of a way to call and tell Shannon that you had to work on Easter. You were on a business trip in Boston, and you find out that you won’t be home in time for Easter. You, Shannon and the kids where going over to his mom’s for a Easter dinner and egg hunt, but now you won’t be there.

Your phone rings pulling you out your thoughts. Glancing down you see that it was Shannon. You signed before answering

“Hi beautiful, how are you doing.” You smiled hearing his voice, I’m okay how are you and The twins.

He laughed. “ driving me insane, they are so excited about tomorrow and plus they miss you so much- About I c-can’t make it.

"What? Why not.” I could hear the disappointment in his voice. I felt my heart break. “I have to work, I thought I would be home, but I have a meeting early that morning and the next day, I’m really sorry.”

“No it’s okay y/n I know how hard you worked for this job and I’m so proud of you, we’ll miss you but it will be okay.” You loved Shannon he was amazing.

“Thanks babe I’ll see you Tuesday, love you.”

“Love you too Y/n,”


The next morning after talking to Shan and the kids you were off to your meeting.

After your meaning you were sad, you missed your Husband and wish you were with your family, it was over 12 noon and they would be doing an egg hunt now. As you open your hotel room you where surprised when you’re son ran up to you.

“Happy Easter mommy” he said, now long after Shannon and the gang came around the corner. “ Tommy we were supposed to wait until she came into the room then we all would say surprise,” Jared Laughed.
Tommy shrugged and hugs you, “ sorry uncle Jay, missed mommy.” You smiled and kiss him cheek picking him up, “missed you too Tommy.”, “what about us.” You glance up to see your husband carrying your daughter, Charlotte on he’s shoulder.“ You Smile bride hugging him and kissing her forehead.


After getting over the shock of everyone being here, Shannon told you that they rather be with you then home without, so they decided to bring Easter to you. After a family lunch, Jared and everyone took the kids on a Easter egg hunt at the local park then at see Beauty and the Beast,leaving you and Shannon alone.

You two were cuddled up in the bed while some cheesy Hallmark movie played in the background. You running your hands through his hair.

"I’m proud of you babe.” You looked down at him. “For what.” “For going back to work after the twins and climbing your way to the top, Ms. CEO.” You smiled before climbing into his lap. “ Maybe you should reward me daddy, since you’re so proud,” you smirked and bite his lip.

“Oh daddy can do that,” he quickly flipped you over with him on top. “This Easter just got a whole lot better.” He smirked down at you before taking off your clothes.

Host Club!Seventeen -- Joshua

- Seeing Joshua as a host was so weird for you bc he’s been your best friend since you were like 5 and you can’t get over how cringey it is to watch him flirt with girls

- He doesn’t really flirt, he just asks like a gentleman or prince-like and girls die

- Joshua sends you smiles throughout hosting, knowing what you’re thinking

- You contain your laughter when girls talk about him in the hallways bc you’ve seen this kid with snot running from his nose when he had the flu just last month and these girls think he’s a perfect prince???

- You ask Joshua what it’s like to be a host and he vents for hours about how many confessions he gets a week and how he feels so bad bc he doesn’t want to break hearts, he just wants to make girls happy and awww

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So, I find it a little darkly amusing that almost every episode of Legends of Tomorrow seems to quietly make Rip Hunter’s life just THAT much more depressing.  It’s gotten so that I feel like I should make a list of angst.

1. Dead wife and kid.  Rip starts off with this one and it’s pretty bad.  Wife seemed nice, kid seemed cute.  Dead.  That’s rough, buddy.

2. In the 1975 story arc (episodes 2-3) we also learn that Rip did try to deal with Vandal Savage before the asshole became immortal and kind of flaked out on the deal.  Sorry man, sucks to be a decent guy at heart.  We then see him dragged away by Egyptian guards, fate unknown.  So you have some “I failed!” emotional trauma there, plus unpleasant implications if the guy doesn’t manage to escape soon.

3. In the Russia story arc (4-5), we see an old mentor from the Time Masters.  Said old mentor promises reconciliation: turn yourself over, your friends go home, and all is forgiven.  Rip seems like he’s seriously considering it.  NOPE!  It’s a trap!  Now there’s “mentor wants him dead” angst on top of that.  Yay!

4.  Skipping ahead to episode 7, we get some backstory with Miranda (the wife), who seems great!  We also see, however, that the Time Lords sorry Time Masters are dicks who disapprove of interpersonal relationships between people of equivalent rank, publicly humiliate both, forcing one to decide to give up her career for the other.  That is not a positive workplace environment!

(The 1950s arc had no backstory angst.  It did however establish that Rip did some kind of graduate study on the League of Assassins, which I thought was an interesting character bit.  What draws someone to that?)

5.  Episodes 9 and 10 include the Chronos reveal, which Rip feels very guilty about.  (He was definitely awful to him in episode 7, but I’m not sure I believe Rip when he tells Rory that he’d ordered Snart to deal with him, mostly because Snart doesn’t take Rip’s orders anyway.  Pretty sure any attempt at an order would result in a counter-order to fuck himself.)  I’m not sure this one really counts, but I’ll list it.  We can probably just make it a catch all category for any interpersonal “I endangered the team/got Carter killed/et cetera” angst, and drag in Episode 2, 14, and so on..

6. Episode 10 doesn’t reveal any additional backstory angst, to my recollection, but it has some nice present day angst with the resolution of the Per Degaton matter.  Should have killed the little twit when you had the chance, Rip.  We probably could add in the letting Savage see the images and names of your family (from earlier episodes) in this general professional failure category.

7. Episode 11 introduces some nice ex-boyfriend angst, and the implication that Rip chose his job first.  And well, we saw how the job thing ended up.  So we have breakup angst, and I can’t fuck with the time frame angst, and my boyfriend suffered because of me angst.  Nice.

8.  Episode 12 apparently decided that not all of Rip’s angst should be based around adult experiences.  We can add childhood trauma to the mix too!  Why should this dude ever be happy?  Besides, this means that even when the family issue is resolved, we’ll still have some angst to revisit so Arthur Darvill can look teary eyed for my amusement.  So we have Rip Hunter as a starving five year old thief, whose life experiences were bad enough that at ten, living in a relatively safe space with an adult he trusts, his first instinct is STILL to stab any adult threatening him.

(And this is a guy who flinched twice when trying to kill proven mass murderers!)

9.  Episode 12 also adds some fantastically unpleasant implications when it comes to the Time Masters.  Apparently Time Master recruitment involves finding 10 year old orphans, yanking them out of their timelines, and isolating them in a cute little orphanage with an admittedly awesome Time Mom.  If Rip is a standard example, then we have poor starving traumatized kids, finally given a safe place to sleep, food to eat, non terrifying adult figures, being raised with no external input.  Can we say “recipe for indoctrination” children?  I knew we could!

(The bit with the secret cereal stash was kind of cute, but if you combine it with the fact that he’s still wearing his boyfriend’s coat and the other keepsakes in his office, you get the idea that Rip has a thing for comfort items.  Aw.)

10.  As per Episode 13, apparently one dead wife and child isn’t enough.  Rip went back to save them “countless” times.  Each time to watch them die.  Fun!

11.  Episode 14, adds some modern day guilt angst with Jax, but also some bonus revisiting of number 2 up there.  We finally get to see some of what it was like to be Savage’s prisoner in ancient Egypt!  From what Savage said, we get starvation and dehydration, and possible torture!  Well, you know how it is, he just seemed too HAPPY in that time period.

12.  Oh right, and the organization that raised, fed, sheltered him since age ten or so?  EVIL.  Of course they are.  It was obvious, but it made sense why poor Rip didn’t see it coming.  He was so HAPPY when he thought they’d finally HAVE to do something.  He should have known better.

Also they took his coat.  Burn ‘em all!

Honestly, even for an Arrowverse show, this is a little over the top.  At this point, Rip could start a cute story about little Jonas’s first Easter celebration, and I’m going to expect it to end with “and then I was kidnapped and had to watch the mass slaughter of rabbits while getting whipped by the Pope.”

Sure, Rip Hunter is a terrible leader, but I think he should take it as a win that he’s not fucking catatonic at this point.  Because holy fuck man. 

So there was a Religious Christian Bitty post that I saw and it’s Sunday and I haven’t been to any church in two months, much less my regular church or the baptist church I attend when I’m with Dinah, but I have so many feelings and thoughts on this. And its just going to be a bullet list because I don’t have enough faith in my writing style to properly show all of this in Bitty’s point of view so yeah here you go.

Warning: use of slurs, talking about religious beliefs, specifically Methodist and Baptist, mention of conversion camps, and mentions of hell and damnation

  • They had a family church, a tiny one in the middle of town a few doors down from the grocery store and across the street from the diner that his Pawpaw would go to every morning for some coffee. It was simple and a little beat up, but their family has been going there for ages.
  • Dicky, as he was then, remembers it very clearly. He was baptized as a baby, would play in the nursery, and ran up and down the pews all the time. It was a place of his childhood. It was third home, after his Moomaw’s house.
  • And as a kid, it wasn’t that bad. Sure he would have to get dressed up in his best, because you have to dress up to go to church in the South, ESPECIALLY in a baptist church. But he would go to Sunday School with the other kids and have fun there and then would fall asleep curled up in Coach’s arms as they sat in the pews for the church service. Then they would go back home and make a giant breakfast for the entire Bittle clan to enjoy. Sundays were honestly the best days of his life.
  • As soon as he was old enough, he was forced to join the kids choir because EVERY kid has to be in the choir. It’s mandatory. You don’t get a choice until you get to junior high or high school, and even then its a toss up. Can’t sing? Just speak very softly and hum a little.
  • They would have little festivals for Easter and the fall festival and a Christmas celebration that the entire town went to. During Christmas, the church would specially order snow for the kids to roll around in because that was the only way to see it in Georgia. It amazed Bitty the first time his Mama let him play in it when he was about 4. That should have tipped everyone off that he was going to be a little different.
  • when he started ice skating, things got tense. Nothing was directed at him, because he was only a kid, but he had heard some of the older ladies telling his mom that ‘she shouldn’t be allowing this’ and that ‘she was going to let temptation into his life and introduce him to ungodly things’. 
  • it would be a couple of years before he understood what ungodly things they were talking about. That would be one of many nights that he would cry himself to sleep over it.
  • The first time he was awake and heard a sermon on homosexuality was when he was 10. He knew about gay people and knew that they were going to hell(adults talk louder than they think) and he had been called a faggot once at school for ice skating, but it didn’t sink in until that sermon
  • This is getting really long so it’ll be under the cut 

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Clumsy - Final Chapter - Finals (Rafe x Reader)

You can find chapter seven here and chapter eight here.

Description: With finals finally over, the school year is wrapping up. Even though you are finally with Rafe, you feel unsure of what the summer will bring you. You even can’t help but worry about next year. You haven’t discussed anything with Rafe and are worried that you will end the year not knowing of where you stand with him. How will your year as Rafe Adler’s dorm mate end?

Warnings: none

Word count: 3,124 

Read at AO3 here or below:

           “Wake up!”

           “What?” You mumble and open your eyes.

           Above you, the sky crisscrossed with the branches of the tree you have fallen asleep under. You remember finishing final exams and promptly falling asleep here. Propping yourself up, you rub your eyes.

           “Did you really fall asleep down here?” Elena asks with a grin.

           “Yeah, I was just so relieved to be finished with finals. I think all the stress drained out of my body and I just had to fall asleep on the spot. Do I look weird?”

           “You always look weird,” She jokes as she sits down next to you and hands you a coffee she must have snagged from the dining hall, “But no, I don’t think anyone cares. Everyone is sort of acting as if they are losing their minds.”

           “Thanks,” You say as you take the coffee from her and look around, “Guess you have a point.” You say, looking in the direction of someone wearing a t-shirt that just says FREEDOM in bold letters as they try to twerk with their friends across the courtyard.

           “Celebratory twerking. Why didn’t we think of that?” Elena quips before taking a sip of her coffee.

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The Maze Runner: High School AU - Newt: Goodbyes

Request: Ha ! NewtxReader going home after school in their last year of highschool ! - dreaming-legend

You stare into your locker, a mountain of horrid textbooks staring back at you. This is the last time you’ll ever look into this locker. Good riddance for that since it’s a piece of crap anyway. Seriously, you can’t even open the damned door without breaking it half off its hinges and it takes about half an hour to lock it up again, you even timed it the last time.

You shove all your textbooks into a plastic bag, you’ll probably give them to your younger sibling or maybe you’ll just throw them out. As you walk through the school halls you see your past hang out point with Brenda, Newt, Thomas, Teresa and sometimes Minho when he’s had enough of training. When you pass the library though, your stomach twists itself. The amount of times you had D&M’s in that stupid building hits you hard enough to make you feel sort of sad. You remember the first time, with Newt, you both chose a hidden corner and spoke to each other until the librarian told you both to go to the counsellor.

Passing the cafeteria brings back memories of that one huge food fight which involved practically everyone in the school. You can’t remember how it started, you were only a freshmen when it happened, but by the end of it you were covered from head to toe in spaghetti because Newt ditched his whole meal at you with that stupid goofy grin of his. You remember pouring someone’s soup onto the top of his head and watched it drizzle down the front side of his body. You smile, that’s how you two became friends.

Finally, you exit the building. After dumping your textbooks into your duffle bag, you tug on a jacket and turn back to face the building that you once called a prison. Now it’s all just memories. You hate that you feel this way about it, you swore you were never going to become one of those nostalgic people who always felt that high school years were the best ones of someone’s life… but now you’re not so sure.


You turn around and look at the blonde headed boy, you start to remember what he looked like with soup all over his clothes and face. How after you both splashed each other with food he introduced himself quite politely, saying how he’d love to be friends with someone who didn’t go tell a teacher what he did and instead retaliated by pouring a whole bowl of soup onto him. You remember grinning back and wondering if he’d be your friend until the very end of it. You guess that’s only half true…

“Hey Newt.”

He gives you a weird look, “You look… sad. But not a depressing sad just… Don’t tell me you’re starting to miss this hell-hole.”

You pick up your bag and wander over to him and nod, “Sadly… I think I may –no, just get me out of here before I admit it.”

He only chuckles and you both walk down the street you always did after that food fight. “Do you remember the time we tricked the P.E teacher into thinking we both had the flu? And then we skipped the double lesson only because we wanted to meet that author that was coming into town.”

You smile, remembering the exact feeling of accomplishment when you both snaked around the school buildings, only just missing the eyes of many teachers. “And then we got chased by a mutt who wanted our lunch.”

“And you slipped onto your ass and I had to throw my lunch to the dog so he wouldn’t chomp off your head, man that scared the living daylights out of me. I don’t think I’ve ever petted a dog since then.” Newt chuckles.

You jump to your defence, “Yeah but at least I shared my lunch with you.” You remember feeling very guilty for costing Newt his lunch so you chucked half of yours to him and turned away, munching on your sandwich so he wouldn’t see you blushing.

“Yeah, you blushed when you gave it to me.”

You turn to look at him with a serious eye, “You saw that?” You shake your head, “I thought I turned away just in time…”

He grins, “Of course I saw, it was redder than a tomato. I thought it was very cute though, to say the least.”

You punch him in the arm lightly, “Oh slim it.” You only blushed because you’d never shared food before with a boy… and you might have had a small crush on him. Although there’s always been some kind of feeling for him in the back of your mind, it’s a pity you haven’t brought it to life.

“Remember when I dated Aris?” You say, feeling the need to change the subject, or at least your thoughts. “That was in sophomore year, it was very cute and sweet but it didn’t last very long.”

“That was horrible.” Newt shudders and you whack him one again. He groans over-dramatically and fake stumbles a few steps backwards.

“Don’t be rude, Aris was lovely.” Although he wasn’t the best kisser in the world.

“I was always third-wheeling.” Newt complains and kicks a few rocks across the sidewalk. “You ditched our hang outs for Aris countless of times.” It’s almost like he’s growling at you.

“Hey, don’t get angry about it now. Besides, Aris always wanted my company, I couldn’t help that I was such a fabulous person to be around.” You flip your hair over your shoulder and laugh loudly, cracking a humongous toothy smile.

“Pffft. You’re hardly fabulous… More like annoying.”

You both cross the road and walk past the cafe you always had afterschool snacks at. You remember one time when you forgot your money and it was the day they sold the best chicken kebabs you’ll ever taste, for half price. Newt went up and ordered a plate full to share.

You smile at the memory.

“What about when I kissed Teresa?“ Newt says smugly, even though it was just a kiss and after that they never spoke to each other again, til this day even. You think back to just last week when he stumbled across her and blushed so brightly that Teresa got quite terrified and left as soon as she could. It was fun watching him struggle; sometimes.

“That was petty, it was only one kiss.”

Newt smirks over at you, “Yeah but it was a hell of a kiss.”

You roll your eyes, “I’m sure it was Newt, I’m sure it was.”

“Am I hinting a sense of jealousy from you, my dear Y/N?”

“Me? Jealous? Sorry, but I’d never want your tongue down my throat.” You can’t help but giggle at the frown on his face.

He shoves your side slightly, “You’re such a bully.”

You two walk side-by-side for a while longer in complete silence. Soon the silence grows unnerving and maybe it’s the fact that this is real, that the both of you will be moving onto a new chapter of your life. That maybe this last walk down this memory filled street is the sign off to a very long friendship. Maybe by the time the end of this street comes underneath your feet, you’ll drift apart and each of you will only become just another high school memory.

Not maybe. You know that’s the only ending you’ll get. You can’t help the fact that you both will be moving to different states, settling into different colleges, gaining different friends, and different lives. You’re not ready to let go of Newt, but you both know that it’s better to do it sooner rather than later.

Newt stops abruptly, his facial features softening to match the tone of his voice, “I can’t ignore it anymore.”

You sigh and drop your head, you don’t want to cry about it but you do anyway. “I’m going to miss you.” Your voice is slightly shaky, sobs breaking in between words. The path underneath you grows blurry as the unwanted but needed tears shed their misery.

“Maybe I’ll visit you.” Newt whispers, his voice slightly cracked. He takes you into his arms, you fold yourself in and refuse to let yourself out again. Newt drops his chin on top of your head. He sighs. You feel his jaws move against your head as he speaks, “Will you visit me?”

You close your eyes and feel the slow, rhythmic beat of his heart thumping against his chest. You press yourself in closer, “Of course I will.”

“Bring warm clothes.”

“I will.”

“This…” His words cuts off for a second as he regains his voice, “This isn’t goodbye, Y/N.”

You lift your head and reach a cold, pale finger out to his face and wipe away his tears. You both know that this is goodbye, you both know that even if you do see each other again, it won’t be for a very long time. You pull his head closer to yours and gently kiss his soft, half-cold lips. You’re surprised when he kisses back, you thought it’d be a long shot. Your fingers curl around his shirt, his hands cup the side of your face. You taste saltiness from the mixed tears from the both of you.

You both pull back, his eyes flutter open. “We should have done that a long time ago.”

You nod your head and sniff back more tears, your voice too shaky and weak to say anything in reply. You stay in his arms a little while longer even though you both know that you both need to leave. Finally you manage to pull yourself away from him and kiss him one last time as you don’t want your first kiss with him to be the last.

“See you on the other side…” He mutters as you pull back, his lips barely brushing against yours as he speaks.

“Good bye Newt.”

A/N: Well that was a long ride. Sorry if it’s really emo, I just felt that this should have happened. I don’t even know if that makes sense but there you have it. Thank you for your request by the way! 

Just a quick note: I know I only just came back from camping but my family has  informed me that we are going camping again this weekend for Easter, so I’m leaving tomorrow. I’m not sure if there will be any wifi.

Fill up my ask box while I’m gone! 

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amymbythesea-deactivated2017060  asked:

21. Things you said when we were on top of the world. MSR. Thanks!

“So, I turn around and suddenly my partner has disappeared. Care to explain yourself, Mulder?“ Scully’s muscles protest as she sits beside Mulder, who quickly looks up at her with obvious regret. If he thought she wouldn’t find him hiding here on the roof of her mother’s garage then… well, then he was almost right. She was about to give up five minutes ago when she saw his long legs dangle there as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Who hides on a roof anyway, she wonders.

“Well, you found me, didn‘t you?“ He sulks. Scully considers pushing him off the roof; it’s not that high anyway and he deserves it for just disappearing without a word. Ditching her at her family’s Easter celebrations is low, even for Mulder’s standards.

“Mulder, I realize it‘s Easter, but I could have done without looking for you just now. And you‘re not even made of chocolate.“ A tiny grin spreads on his face, but he doesn‘t turn to look at her. His eyes are where they always are; up in the sky, looking for something only he can see. He reaches into his coat pocket and takes out a small chocolate egg, a remnant of the earlier Easter Egg hunt with the whole family, and hands it to her.

“You should go back inside.“

“So should you.“ She is not going back inside without him.

“Your family doesn‘t want me here, Scully. I shouldn‘t have come.“ Ah, there it is. Ever since her mother invited Mulder to spend Easter with the Scully clan a week ago, he had tried to get out of it. Scully hadn‘t budged; he had promised her mother, unable to say no, and so he was going. And it had all been fine up until two hours ago. Mulder had charmed each and every female member of the family. The men liked him, too, except of course for Bill Jr. Without her brother, Mulder wouldn‘t have run off and they wouldn‘t be sitting here on the garage of all places, freezing their asses off. Of course Mulder doesn’t see it this way.

“That is not true, Mulder.“


“Anyway, Mulder, why are you hiding up here on the roof?”

“You know, when I was a kid, I always climbed trees and roofs because Samantha couldn’t follow me. Then she did once, fell, and broke her arm,” Mulder chuckles, remembering, “so I stopped. When… after she was taken, I started doing it again. I was hiding from my parents, mostly, and I thought – well, I thought up on the roof I had the best view. I stared at the stars, hoping I’d see her. A sign from her. I never did of course. I haven’t done this in ages. But when I heard you and your brother earlier, my first instinct was to do this.”

“Bill would probably freak if you knew you were up here.” So would her mother, she thinks.

“I’m sure he’d want me to plummet to death.”

“Maybe. I wouldn’t, though.”

“He’d be angry I made you come up here.”

“You didn’t make me come up here, Mulder. It was my choice. It’s always my choice.”

“I heard you defend me. Before I came here, I heard you.”

“Oh.” Scully blushes. She of course remembers every word she said, no, threw at her brother. “Then why did you leave?”

“I don’t want your pity, Scully.”

“I don’t pity you, Mulder. Didn’t you hear what I told Bill?”

“Oh, I did. You told him that your mother invited me and that I don’t have any family of my own. That’s when I left.”

“Then you only heard half of it, Mulder. Bill asked me why you were here and yes, I told him mom invited you. When he went on about how you should be with your own family, I reminded him that not all families are like ours. You should have stayed and listened to the rest of it.”

“And hear you say what? That you pity me.”

“Mulder, could you please just listen to me for once? I told Bill that you’re my friend and that I wanted – want – you here with me. I told him,” she stops, needs more air which is ridiculous, because out here all they have is air. She feels his eyes on her now and he is waiting for her to continue, “I told him that you are my family and I would hope that you consider me your family, too.”

“He was probably tickled to hear you say that.” And he grins at her. A full blown Mulder grin is always one of the most beautiful things Scully can imagine seeing. He takes her hand into his and looks down at her fingers still clutching the chocolate egg. Mulder takes it from her, unwraps it and offers the egg to her. Scully shakes her head no.

“Open up, Scully. You know you want to.” She rolls her eyes at him, but slowly opens her mouth. Scully feels his fingers brush her lips lightly as he puts the chocolate egg inside. The taste is exquisite; warm and rich and she is not sure it’s just the chocolate. They sit in silence for a moment, but no matter how tasty the chocolate or how nice the feeling of Mulder’s thighs against hers, she is freezing.

“Mulder, can we please go back inside? It’s cold.” But instead, he scoots closer and puts his arm around her shoulder, gently rubbing her arm.

“I know we have to go back inside eventually,” he tells her with a sigh, his breath close to her ear, tickling her. “Just five more minutes?”

“Five more minutes,” Scully agrees, lifting her eyes up to the sky. Living in the city, she sometimes forgets what the night out here looks like. There’s not a cloud in sight, just the moon and the stars shining down on them. “It really is beautiful, isn’t it?” She doesn’t expect him to answer, not really. She thinks he is lost in his own world, in his own images. Whatever he sees up there in between all the stars.

“It really, really is.” He whispers and suddenly she realizes he is not even looking at the sky; he is only looking at her.

My Blood Valentine - Bucky Barnes x Reader *Valentines Day Request*

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(Requested by Anon) Hey babe! Can I request a Valentine themed one for Bucky where you wanna change the “only watch romantic films’ tradition so you watch "My Bloody Valentine” (Jensen plays in it)? If you don’t know it you can use anything else you like doll thanks 😘 

Warnings: Fluff, swearing SPOILERS TO MY BLOOD VALENTINE

Admins Note: Have I seen it? You are talking to the girl who has been in love with Jensen since she first saw Supernatural, which was years ago, I love horror movies… so Jensen in a horror? Yes, please. - Rosalee (I am currently listening to ABBA… man, I love them)

This would be your third Valentines Day with Bucky, two of them being together and the first was when you had your first date, so not only was it already a special day but it was doubly special due it to being your kind of Anniversary. Bucky loved to spoil you that was no lie, he believes you deserve the world, if only he could give it to you; so instead he buys you flowers, chocolates, random little presents. It was always cute waking up randomly to a little gift, he’s a secret romantic, he likes to pretend not being cheesy when he is probably the cheesiest boyfriend ever! Not that you complain, it’s nice being one of the only people to see this side, it makes you feel even more special. 

Normally Bucky plans a whole day of romantic endeavors for you both, this year though he hadn’t had the time to plan anything super special, he only just back from a long mission with; Natasha and Steve. Making reservations would be a nightmare, everywhere would be fully booked, he was more than gutted that he couldn’t give you the day you deserved. You didn’t mind, you were just happy he only came back with a few bruises, to say you were worried when he left was an understatement. 

You decided to take the planning out of his hands, you normally ended the day with romantic movies, so you decided to have the whole day dedicated to movies; horror movies more specifically. You wanted to change the tradition, yourself and Bucky had probably seen every romantic-comedy movie ever, you wanted to change things up a bit. 
You had picked up snack foods, fizzy drinks, and beers, it was going to be a relaxing day with Bucky: he wasn’t complaining, although he was confused by film choices. 

“Babe, shouldn’t the movies be romantic stuff?” Bucky asked as you finally sat down beside him with popcorn, you grinned as he looked at few of the choices “I don’t get it” he mutters, frowning slightly, due to the pain in his chest because of the bruises and the movies.
“I just wanted to change it around” you shrugged, he looks at you, nodding slightly “besides this one has Valentine in the title” you pointed to one of the movies in his metal hand, he looked at it, glancing it over and sighed dramatically. 

“Fine, what Princess wants, Princess gets” he says matter of factly, causing you to giggle loudly at his drama-queen behaviour, he put the DVD in and settled down beside you and threw his metal arm over the back of the couch, resting on the back. You shoved the bowl into his lap so you could snuggle his side, he pressed play once the title menu came up, you were super excited to watch this movie.

“My god!” you mutter, Bucky glances down at you, you placed a few pieces of chocolate into your mouth “Jensen Ackles just gets better with age, like a fine red wine, that man is smokin’” he frowns looking back at the actor you seemed to be fawning over, he scoffed silently and pulled his arm from around to his chest, crossing his arms in a sulking behaviour. You grinned looking at Bucky, who was sulking on the couch, he looked at you and rolled his eyes because he knew that you knew he was slightly jealous. 

“Awe, Is Bucky-boo jealous?” you asked, resting your chin on his shoulder looking at him, he shrugged you off of him and focused on the movie; praying that the Actor died in the movie; despite him being the main character. 
“Just a crush, I love you, silly” you chuckle as he smiles and nods, too focused on the movie again to properly respond to you, eventually you manage to coax yourself under his arm again whilst you shy away from the blood in the movie; maybe watching horror movies was a bad idea, you weren’t going to make it through all the SAW movies. 

“WAIT” Bucky yells “WHAT?” He asked in an angry tone of voice “Tom was the murderer the whole time?” he questioned you, you nodded at him, he frowned as the credits rolled down the screen “He developed a split personality, so he didn’t actually want to hurt those people, it was another side of him?” he asked and you nodded “that’s fucking insane, how did I not figure out?” he asked himself, you chuckled silently.

“The director did a good job at covering it but there are a few hints, if you watch it again, you see what they call Easter Eggs in each murder scene that shows it was Tom” you tell him, he nods slowly. 
“That Jensen dude is a hell of an actor” Bucky tells you and you nod in agreement “he should be in more movies” he comments.
“He’s in a television show called Supernatural” you tell him, he looks at you “wanna see the first episode?” you asked and he nodded vicariously “the first season is the scariest, especially the Wendigo and Bloody Mary episodes” he frowns at you.

“What the fuck is a Wendigo?” he asked you, you chuckled “who is Mary? and Why is the bitch bloody?” he asked as you popped in the DVD box set and sat down beside him.
“Best valentines day ever” you tell him, he chuckles and nods in agreement, pulling you closer to him to press a gentle kiss to your lips, you could feel him smile into the kiss, causing you to do the same back. You pulled away and pressed play on the first episode, hopefully Bucky would enjoy this so then you could watch ALL the seasons over again, with him fawning over ALL the characters with you. 

(You can request; imagines and one shots by myself and Angie - Rosalee: this will be edited later tonight, currently on my phone to upload this)

Start of something good

For @tayvinfanfiction (request: Can you write about Andrea /Austin & Scott and / or Adam’s family finding out about Taylor and Adam’s relationship?). Hope this is okay, I wrote it quickly tonight!!

10TH March 2015


I woke up with a smile on my face. Really the smile hadn’t left my face for a few days, not since Taylor and I went on a proper date for the first time as an official couple. That was 4 days ago now. Taylor was leaving LA today to go back to Nashville for rehearsals, but we were having lunch together at my house before I drove her to the airport, partly to give her drivers and security a break but also so we could spend more time together.

I got out of bed quickly and went to have a shower. Taylor had said she would be here at around 11 and she was bringing food, and it was already 10am!

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the Brothers Jones Countdown

The episode many of us have been longing for is almost upon us.  Knowing the love for the Jones brothers is strong in this fandom, @lenfaz and I decided to put our heads together and come up with a way to celebrate that love in the week leading up to episode 5.15, “The Brothers Jones.”  Once is filled with many great relationships, but there is sadly a lack of true, steadfast, and positive sibling love on this show.  Thankfully, we have the exception to the rule in Killian and Liam!  So, in this upcoming week (March 21-27) , let your Jones flag fly and plaster your blogs and dashes with fics, gifs, headcanons, meta, and flailings of every kind.  And if you want some suggestions, we’ve got this handy meme all planned out for you:

  • Monday: Jones brothers – favorite fan fics.  You shipmates are a talented lot, and I know there are some seriously amazing Jones brothers fics out there.  Post all your fic recs today, so we can have the whole week to binge on Killian and Liam feels.
  • Tuesday: Jones brothers – the early days.  What were these two precious bbys like as youngsters?  Who looks like mum, and who takes after Brennan?  Just how much older than Killian is Liam anyway?  How did they escape from their servitude and start making a name for themselves?  
  • Wednesday: Jones brothers – the Navy days.  Sailing the high seas, serving side by side, hero’s journeys, sword fights, good form, and handsome men in uniform.  Those times were some of the best.  
  • Thursday: Jones brothers – canon divergent.  We all know Liam is going to come back from the underworld with his little brother in tow (lalalaaa this WILL HAPPEN), and live happily ever after.  Have headcanons/fics/etc. about Liam learning the ropes of Storybrooke life, or bonding with his new family?  You name it, let’s hear it!
  • Friday: Jones brothers AU/Crossover – have a favorite au for these boys?  The sky’s the limit, no galaxy is too far, no reality too altered. We want it all!
  • Saturday: Jones brothers free for all.  All the gifs! All the speculations about 5.15! All the flailing over sneak peeks and promo photos, and everything you hope to see in the new episode!  Brace yourselves shipmates, for the end in near…
  • Sunday:  Episode 5.15, “The Brother’s Jones.”  Collective fandom death, followed by posting from beyond the grave, if you are capable.   And if it weren’t epic enough, MARCH 27 IS ALSO BERNARD CURRY’S BRITHDAY!!!  So, all you shipmates with Twitter should send him loads of love.  We will be using tags: happy birthday Bernard Curry, the Brothers Jones, and Keep Liam.

If anyone wants to track tags for this week’s celebration on Tumblr, we will be using “the brothers jones countdown.”  I know it will be a busy week with the Easter holiday, but during your down times and spare hours, pop by and show your love for these two brothers.  It’s been 84 years waiting for Liam to return to Once, so let’s party like there’s no tomorrow!

The gorgeous banners are courtesy of spartanguard and on-the-nightshift.  Thanks for volunteering your talents, ladies.

Who...? (Widowtracer)

From this.

Drinks all the coffee?

“Pssst, Amelie? Wakey wakey, luv. I got you a cup of-”

(inhuman slurping sounds, followed by someone biting through a mug)


Brings up adopting a pet?

“Awww, lookit this adorable smooshmouth-”

“Our apartment is too small for a dog, Lena.”

“Lucio just sent this amazing video on Facebook-”

“It’s not legal here to adopt an otter, Lena.”

“And there’s a rescue one town over that really needs a responsible owner to take him off their hands-”

“You are wholly unqualified to care for a cow, Lena.”

Kills the bugs?

“Well, you’re average spider eats about two thousand insects a year…”

(Amelie looks up peevishly from stocking the fridge with moths, crickets, mealworms, and ants)

Cooks the meals?

“Eat up.”

“S'full of crunchy legs.”

“The crunchy legs are good for you.”

Starts getting into the holidays before they should?

“Deck the halls with bows of holly, falalalala– Oi, Amelie, could you see to the trick-or-treaters? I got my hands full of easter eggs.”

Initiates the couple selfies?

“Smile, Lena, this one’s for Facebook-”

“Hiiiii everyone!”

“And now one for Instagram-”


“And one for Fetlife.”


Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries?

“Happy birthday, ya old snake in the grass!”

“Lena, don’t be ridiculous, my birthday day is in… in… uh….”


“Let me check my dayplanner.”

Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping?

“Wuh… wuh…. W-winston…”

“Good lord, Lena, you sound like death!”

“Tummy ache, Winston…”

“Wait, isn’t Amelie at a conference this week?”


“How many Hot Pockets have you eaten this afternoon, Lena?”

“…one of them had broccoli n’ cheddar….”

Nicknames the other?

“Oi, Grumpypuss! Snagglebutt! Iceburg! Hey, I’m talking to you, Frog Breath! Ya Flibbergiblet! Ya Wobblehead! Ya Crumpets'n'Gin!”

(Amelie kisses Lena on the forehead)

“Yes, Cherie?”

I was listening to a high school playlist on 8tracks and I just started typing this up. I have major Gilinsky feels, that freaking jawline is killing me. I kinda want to make this into a fanfic but I don't know yet. Anyways enjoy this and I hope you have major feels. Also give me feedback, should I make this into a fanfic or no?

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anonymous asked:

How would Xiumin/Kyungsoo/Suho react to coming home/to their girlfriend's place only to find that their girlfriend has baked enough to fill up nearly every available surface in the kitchen? Like there's just plates and trays of all kinds of cookies, cupcakes, everything, on every surface but a small section of the counter (where she had been preparing the food) and her only response is a sheepish "um, would the rest of the band like some of this?"

Xiumin would be pleasantly surprised by all the baking that you’ve done. I think that he likes food a lot so he wouldn’t mind this too much as long as it wasn’t daily occurrence. He would agree with you about giving some of the goodies to the members and even other bands in SM, but before you both go and do that, Xiumin would go around the kitchen having one of every thing that you’ve made and then choosing a couple of his favorites to keep here at home. 

Initially Kyungsoo would  stand there in shock as he looks around the kitchen. He be surprised and impressed that you could bake so much. He find it cute when you suggest to give some to the band and he would come into the kitchen and help you organize things so that you both can give some of the desserts to the band members. Kyungsoo would definitely admire your talent and while he is sorting out what to give to the members, he would be asking how you could some of the goodies. In the end I can see him suggesting that next time you bake that the both of you do it together since I can see him liking to do that with his girlfriend. 

Suho would be speechless as he walks into the kitchen. He would ask you what the occasion was for and when he finds out that you bake for fun, then I think that he would really admire your dedication and hard work. I think that Suho would be the first to suggest giving some of the food to the members, and I can just see him coming in the kitchen and finding a plate of cookies and being like “Oouu, this member would like this a lot” and then pick up a plate of cupcakes “And this other member really likes cupcakes, we should give this to him.” He’d have fun in the kitchen as he’s finding things that his band members would like to eat, but Suho would make sure to keep a few things at home. 

Thanks for requesting! Remember that we are not accepting requests for the time being. I hope that you are all having a wonderful Easter and eating lots of chocolate.

-Admin C