you should really put some pants on


Anthony Ramos x Reader
Words: 580

anon: Can you write a Anthony Ramos x Reader where Reader is just sitting in a cafe or starbucks with their laptop and their laptop is COVERED with hamilton stickers and Anthony notices and starts to talk to Reader? This seems really- strict but if you could do it thank you so much! I hope I’m not bothering you - CB101 

anon: any cast member that you choose, and it’s where reader is gushing about Hamilton on Twitter n’ one of the cast mates see it ? :33 

i probably shouldn’t have combined them but i thought it was sweet. anywayyyy we have guests over right now so i probably should put on some pants and go pretend to be social! 

so much love for y’all xx



You sat in the overcrowded cafe, typing away anxiously at your laptop. As usual, you had left your assignment to the last minute, and you were now stressing over the possibility of being able to finish it before the deadline.

You had already downed about three coffees that afternoon, and you were on your fourth. You had to stay awake and be energised if you were going to get the report done.

You let out a soft sigh, slamming your laptop shut and going to the counter to order another coffee. When you returned to your table, a man was standing in front of it and admiring your laptop.

“I really hope you weren’t planning on stealing that. I’ll call the police if I need to,” You said, placing the cup down on the table and sliding back into the booth.

“Oh… oh! I’m so sorry. I didn’t have any intentions of doing that… it’s just…”

“Yeah yeah. Can you move along? I’ve got a lot of work to get done,” You said, opening your laptop again and starting to type rapidly. He sat in the seat opposite to you, his eyes still being fixed on the laptop.

“It must have taken you quite a while to collect all of those stickers. Are you a big fan of Hamilton?” He questioned, looking at you quizzically.

“We live in New York City. I don’t think there’s anyone here that isn’t a big fan of Hamilton. But if you must know, yes. Yes I am,” You replied, keeping your eyes fixed on the computer. You let out a huff when the man still hadn’t left. You looked up from your computer screen, freezing.

“You’re Anthony Ramos,” You said quietly, biting your lip. “Oh my…”

“Yeah. I guess I am,” He said, smiling. “Took you a while.”

“I’m sorry. I’ve just been so stressed with this report. I need sleep, I need coffee… I haven’t been taking in my surroundings that well. Can I buy you a drink to make up for it?”

“You can tell me your name first. Then maybe… maybe I’ll let you buy me a drink,” he said, flashing a big smile in your direction. You blushed, giggling.

“I’m (Y/N) (L/N). Big fan of your music and… well everything you do honestly. I’ve been following you since 21 Chump Street,” You stated.

“Dang, really? Honestly, that’s lit. Wait a second… that’s why you look so familiar! I see you on Twitter all the time! Your tweets make my day honestly,” Anthony said, pulling out his phone and opening the app. “Remind me of your username. I’ll follow you.”

“It’s @(Y/UN). Wait, you really see them? That’s… I figured you’d be too busy. It’s so nice to meet you by the way. I’m amazed I could actually run into you in a city this big,” You stated.

“Well, hopefully the next time we run into each other, it’ll be on purpose. I’ll dm you my number and we can catch up another time! Anyway, I’ve gotta head off because I have a show starting in a few hours, but we’ll talk soon yeah?”

“Oh, um…  yeah! Thank you so much Anthony,” You said.

“My pleasure. It was nice meeting you (Y/N).” With his final words, he stood and left the café, leaving you with a big smile on your face. You jumped when your phone vibrated, pulling it out of your pocket and sighing happily.

“@Anthony_Ramos1 is now following you”

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Rfa guys convincing MC to have kids if it doesnt close by the time i submit. Thx!!

Jumin: He presents it just as eloquently as you’d imagine. Probably over a nice dinner. He’ll have warned her beforehand that they had something important to discuss that night, so it’s no surprise when he starts out with “This is something I have been considering for quite a while” It’s not completely formal though, he puts emotion into his proposal to convey how serious he is. Something like “Starting a family was never of interest to me. But having a family with you is what I want.”

Zen: He’s likely to bring it up in the bedroom tbh. After some nice love making he just flops back onto the bed and pants out “You should have my babies, _____.” And she’d probably think he just said it in the heat of the moment, and reply with a “That’s so sudden, Zen” but he really means it. And he’ll keep bringing it up until they actually have a meaningful conversation about it. It’s little things here and there, like they see some random kid and he’s like “You see that little kid there? I think that’s what our kid would look like. Maybe with my hair though. Or maybe yours?”

Yoosung: Little timid Yoosung omg he would be soooo nervous. Assuming they’ve never spoken about kids before, he just assumes she’s going to turn him down and that it might possibly upset her. But he’d bring it up randomly one day when he couldn’t hold back any longer. Just something simple like “_____, what do you think about kids?”

Seven: He’ll present it in a trademark Seven way. But inwardly, he’s extremely nervous. He might want to wait until they were married to have children, but the idea would take root far before that. It’ll probably be while they’re snuggling with each other in bed one night and he kind of jokes about it, something like “You know that extra room down the hall? It’s kind of spacious, isn’t it? We should turn it into a nursery. We can get all kinds of stuffed animals and throw them in there… And toys too. I can even build toys! You think our kid would like that?… I think we should have some kids… what do you say we get started now?”

V: He brings it up casually, so that he gets his intent across but also, making certain he doesn’t push it onto her. He’ll just mention how the idea of having a family sounds nice, and will ask her what she thinks about it, mostly wanting to hear what she has to say before he tries to convince her

Days With Him

REQUESTED BY ANON: Hi!Can I have a sisfic where the reader is kevins girlfriend (like 18y/o) and just make some cute scenes with a lot of fluff? Maybe also something like she got kidnaped and totured and after she gets back he makes sure she’s feeling alright? Thanks💕

“Kevin!” You whine burying your head in the pillow.

Kevin laughs, he is used to this, every morning it is a war to get you up. Though, he learned a few tricks.

“Come on, (Y/N)” Kevin says lying beside you “I promise that I’ll make you some pancakes”.

You look up at him a smile on your face.


“Really” he nodded.

“I’m up!”

You jump out of bed and open your door, but before you can get out, Kevin stops you.

“Maybe you should put pants on and a more suitable shirt, your brothers are here”.


You grab your clothes from the floor, dressing up so quickly that you put your shirt upside down. You run out the room, but notice that Kevin is not following. So, you go back to the room.

“Kevin! Come on”.

He takes a step towards you and gives you a kiss.

“I want pancakes” you mumble.

“Well this is how you pay for it”.

Kevin has a hard time working on the tablet. Especially when he is so tired and sees you asleep on the bed next to you.

He watches you, finding it cute how you look so peaceful in your sleep. He had to deal with you and the nightmares when they thought Dean was dead. Though, he was sent to purgatory. You had a big fight with Sam, and he left to live normal. You were left alone until Kevin found you.

Kevin finally decides that his eyes can’t stay open much longer. He takes his pants off and joins you in bed. As a reflex, you snuggle closer, you cheek on his chest.

“I love you” he whispered kissing your head “I love you so much”.

You are a hunter and a Winchester, what makes you a victim to danger.

And this is what happened. You got kidnapped by a bunch of demons that wanted to know where Kevin and the tablet was.  

Your older brothers saved you, just in time. You got cut up, beaten… tortured.

They brought you back and cleaned your wounds. Kevin never left your side since you got back. He just sits there, on a chair next to you. He blames himself because the demons were searching for him.

You got hurt because of him.

“Kevin” Dean called out from the door of the room “she’s gonna be okay. It’s late, and you look worn out”.

“No” he shakes his head “I want to be here when she wakes up”.

“Dean’s right” Sam said, walking next to his brother “she just needs a lot of rest”.

Kevin shakes his head again.

Sam and Dean look at each other and decide to leave you two alone.

It is only a few hours later, as Kevin was falling asleep that he hears your weak voice calling his name.


Kevin sits up and grabs your hand, which you tightly SERT.

“Oh, baby” he sighs relieved “how are you feeling? You need something? Does something hurt? Want me to-”

“I’m fine, Kevin” you smile slightly “I want you to come to bed with me… I missed you”.

Kevin doesn’t have to be told twice. He gently lays beside you, making sure he doesn’t hurt you.

“I’m sorry” he whispered playing with your hair.


“Because I know that they took you to know where I am. Sam and Dean told me, I’m so sorry”.

“It’s not your fault” you assured him “I got worst. I’m just happy I’m here with you”.

“I promise I will protect you” Kevin said “I love you way too much to lose you”.

He places his lips on yours and kisses you, before you both fall asleep.

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What should I wear for V-Day? I've got classes all day then I'll see my bf

I always wear pants, so maybe like a nice black pair of jeans. And a simple top, like a turtleneck (if it’s cold) or a nice wrap top. Red lipstick is a good idea! Maybe carry some in your bag and put it on after you have classes - it makes you look really done up!

{ There are so many other tags I could’ve thought about and used, but I didn’t. Since you all find my tags quite funny, I’ll do my rejected tags thing here. }

❝ bring it on ❞ || ryuko matoi 

❝ bestie ❞ || mako mankanshoku

❝ ‘sup eyebrows? ❞ || satsuki kiryuin

❝ this ain’t the 70′s ❞ || ragyo kiryuin

❝ still the best parent ❞ || isshin matoi 

❝ aren’t you the small one? ❞ || nonon jakuzure

❝ put the whip down ❞ || ira gamagoori

❝ why are you here? ❞ || uzu sanageyama

❝ computer whiz ❞ || houka inumuta

❝ you lost both arms big deal ❞ || nui harime

❝ you should really find a better job than work for her ❞ rei hououmaru

❝ coolest kamui ever! ❞ || senketsu

❝ somebody get me out of this torture! ❞ || junketsu

❝ dude put some pants on… ❞ || aikuro mikisugi 

❝ you’re not taking senketsu away from me ❞ || tsumugu kinagase

❝ I’m still the baddest bitch here ❞ pxrifiedmxniac ( junketsu ryuko )

Mabel Pines sentence starters - part two
  • No offense, but you’re not exactly “Manly Mannington." 
  • I’m sure deep down you have a soft side too.
  • Wait just a second. I think I have an idea happening here.
  • Welcome to the first day of whatever is left of your life!
  • Let’s try to get that inner beauty on the outside.
  • Come with me! And leave your pants at home!
  • Women live longer than men so your dating pool is smaller and you should really lower your standards.
  • I don’t have a phone. Let’s buy a phone! We can put it on a credit card. Let’s get a credit card!
  • That sounds like a dumb idea for poopheads.
  • Now I’m gonna do a flip!
  • I understand if you wanna leave.
  • Play another song! This thing’s going all night!
  • I’ve got a good feeling about today.
  • I need some old-timey butterscotch.
  • I thought I was being charming, but I guess people see me as a big joke.
  • I just made a hat!
  • Peanut brittle really does have life-sustaining properties!
  • I’m legalizing everything!
  • When are you gonna learn? I’m always right about everything!
  • I must have that pig!
  • Check it out! A magic button machine!
  • That’s called a high five! Teach it to your friends.
  • Boys! Why can’t you learn to hate each other in secret? Like girls do!
  • Why you ackin’ so cray-cray?
  • How would you like to go take a walk nowhere in particular while wearing a blindfold?
  • Hey, do you smell anger and hormones?
  • I thought this would help, but I was wrong! So wrong!

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“the last of us: left behind” sentence starters.

change pronouns/ect if necessary

  • “you’re not gonna kill me, are you?”
  • “i thought you were dead.”
  • “you’re a firefly?”
  • “there’s no soldiers on the entire floor.”
  • “put some pants on and let’s go.”
  • “i’m gonna find somethin’ to stitch you up, okay?”
  • “have you ‘found the light’ yet?”
  • “sorry—i’m a bit jumpy lately.”
  • “maybe i should join the fireflies.”
  • “i’m not supposed to come see you.”
  • “i can get into trouble just fine on my own.”
  • “remember the first time i brought you here?”
  • “how many people get to die of natural causes in this world?”
  • “why’d you leave without telling me?”
  • “i’m really glad you’re not dead.”
  • “note to self: don’t touch electric water.”
  • “i’m not letting you go.”
  • “you know, you might just be my favourite person again.”
  • “it’s all about practice.”
  • “what’s a facebook?”
  • “i think we broke it.”
  • “why did you bring me here?”
  • “where the hell did she go?”
  • “i get caught as a firefly, i’m dead.”
  • “i did some shit i don’t know how to take back.”
  • “i nearly got shot for these.”
  • “we’ll see each other again.”
  • “don’t go.”
  • “oh, fuck—infected!”
  • “i’m kind of an expert.”
  • “just stay calm.”
  • “we can take the easy way out.”
  • “we fight.”
  • “there are a million ways we should’ve died before today.”
  • “we can be all poetic and lose our minds together.”
  • “come on. let’s get outta here.”