you should really put some pants on

Professional Behavior, Please

Request: @hmltntrsh51  Prompt 18 with Bucky? Maybe smut? (That parts up to you) But congrats on 2,000 followers!!!!!!!

@widowsfics   And also a smut one with 13 and 18 with Bucky pleasee

Prompts:   13)  “You can hurt yourself with that- *uses weapon skillfully*
You were saying?”

18)  ‘Let’s talk dirty to each other.’ ‘Babe… we’re at work. Remember? Professional. Behavior. Please.’

Words: 1327

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Today is my birthday but you are the ones who win this gift.


Thank you @widowsfics for beta this for me

Credit to the gif owners

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Visiting Bucky at work was one of your favorite things to do, you love how he kisses your cheek when he sees you, how he introduces you as his best girl to every single person that you to meet in the halls and how he always has his arm protectively around you.

But for sure your favorite part is watching him train, seeing his muscles move and how much he gets into what he is doing makes you feel things that you shouldn’t feel at your work place “Come on, babe kick his ass. Finish him and I will kiss you all over that beautiful face.” You said cheerfully, making him pin Steve down in seconds on the floor.

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While in Barcelona / Tom drabble

Pairing: Reader x Tom

Featuring: Tom Holland and special guest Tessa Holland

Warning: nudity (visual)

Request -  Can you do 68 and 70 with Tom? I feel like it could be really funny and cute.


70 -  “Oh. I guess I should put pants on then.”

The elevator dinged as it arrived to your floor, you headed down the hall swinging your room key thoughtlessly around your fingers as you went. It was early when you woke up so you headed to the hotel’s gym for a morning pick-me-up. Your boyfriend, who had been up till well past 2 AM, was fast asleep when you left. As you unlocked the door to your room, it was quiet as you stepped in. Guessing that your boyfriend was still fast asleep, you headed to the shower as quietly as you could. 

You quickly stripped out of your sweat-soaked clothes and got into the shower, washing your hair and body from the grime of the gym. It took you only roughly 15 minutes to wash away the smell of sweat from your hair and body, and you wrapped a towel around your body and walked out of the bathroom, the warmth of the hotel suite following you everywhere. you assumed Tom, your boyfriend, had left the heat on all night. You knew how cold he got in the morning after drinking, he’d be shivering for hours. 

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Stop Moving

Summery: Bucky wakes up from a nightmare to fin that you’re up too

Triggers: Nightmares

Word Count: 1100+

A/N: I just wanted to get something out, Im sorry I haven’t really been active. Exams and shit

Key: Italics is Bucky’s thoughts


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<Your work had been a gift to mankind. You shaped the->

He woke up, panting, dripping with cold sweat. Some of his hair covered his eyes so he brought his right hand up to brush it out the way, leaning on his left. He managed to complete his task through his shaking. I’ll just get a glass of water and try again. He told himself.

Pulling the blanket off himself, he turned so his feet touched the floor. I should put some clothes on. Since he spent so much time in Russia everything was too hot for him. It didn’t help that the chunk of metal was there permanently and he had to hid it under long sleeves. He wore almost nothing to bed, just a pair of briefs to cover himself when Steve stormed in.

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Elevator Music: Everywhere

Wednesday’s are like every other day, because it’s not just Wednesday’s that you make out with Jaehyun anymore. But, of course, that bliss can’t last forever. Or could it?

this didn’t go the way i planned, but oddly i… like it?? so. you know. enjoy?

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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Tinder Date From Hell

Originally posted by lum1natrix

Request: Could you please do a fem! reader fic where y/n is on a first time tinder date, so she wants mark to come with her just in case because she doesn’t know the guy shes meeting. Then the date starts to go bad and mark helps you escape in a funny way? Thnks💗 

Summary: Bad Tinder date. OlderBrother!Mark saves the day, kinda.

A/N: Idk man I meant to have this up on the weekend but I’m glad I waited because damn this is great lol enjoy y’all let me know if you figure out who the date is with lmao

Wordcount: 1580 longer than usual yay

Requests are closed at the moment, sorry folks!

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genius-logan-sanders  asked:

Tree bros

Tree bros

Connor x Evan

Evan x Connor

This is gonna suck but let’s go

• proposes

Well. So basically it’s there five year anniversary and they both have rings in their pockets. They’re both hella nervous. Evan keeps fidgeting with it and Connor is like ‘oh shit he probably has a ring. He’s bad at hiding things. Fuck I have to ask before he does’ so unexpectedly Connor gets up from his seat and goes to their waiter and hands him the box and asks him to do something with the dessert. When Evan sees the ring on the cake he glares at Connor ‘damn it Connor, why’d you get to ask first?!’ Connor just laughs.

•Shops for groceries

Connor does cause Evan hates the interacting with the cashier part. Connor always forgets the list at home and Evan has to send him it over text. Connor also likes to buy little treats that Evan loves even when they’re not on the list. Evan gets really flustered even though it’s small and just food.

• kills the spiders

THEYRE BOTH FUCKING TERRIFIED OF SPIDERS ARE YOU KIDDING Evan hides behind Connor. He was bitten once and had to stay in the hospital for the weekend for it. He was very disappointed that he didn’t become the next spider man. He was five, and now it’s turned into a huge fear. Connor will take of his shoe, take on look at the beast and wack it.

•Remembers to feed the fish

They don’t have a fish??? They’re boring??? Instead they have a dog cause they’re very therapeutic for the both of them!!! It’s a corgi husky mix and they named her Maple cause they got married under a giant maple tree, where they also carved their names and wedding date into. Oh yeah, basically they have a schedule and they’re both really good at remembering

• initiates duets

BOTH if one of them is in the shower, and the other hears them singing, they will burst into the the bathroom and sing with them

• falls asleep first

It really depends? Usually they fall asleep together. Especially if one of them has a really bad day cause they stay up to comfort the other. But Evan works late every Wednesday so he gets home to a sleeping Connor, gripping onto one of Evans hoodie with Maple on top of him

• plans spontaneous trips

Evan always talked about places he wanted to go when they were in high school and college and after they’re married Connor researches a shit ton. He makes sure that their are always hotels and things they can do that are dog friendly cause Connor knows Evan would want Maple with them. Connor always surprises Evan with a random trip, first London than Egypt then Rome then Baghdad and so on.

• wakes the other up at 3 am and demands pancakes

Usually it’s Connor after he has a dream of him eating a lot of pancakes. It happens a lot. He lives off of chocolate chip banana pancakes. Evan always wonders why he even likes that combo but he’s really good at making them according to Connor so why not? However, twice a year or so, Evan will really crave so strawberry pancakes. It’s usually when they’re out of season so Connor always has a bag of frozen strawberries cause they lay forever??? How???

• sends the other unsolicited nudes

Connor. It’s always when he knows Evan is coming home a little late, and when he’s really in the mood. Evan cause storming in the house and just slams Connor against the wall. Connor loves dominate Evan.

• brags about knowing karate even though they never got past their yellow belt.

Connor. His dad signed him up for lessons and he never really tried so it’s not really bragging but he always says that if someone messes with Evan he’ll use his mad karate skills. When someone actually messes with Evan, Connor gets turned on cause it turns out Evan has a fucking black belt???? What?????

• comes to a complete halt outside bakeries/candy shops.

Connor fucking loves bakeries and always gets macaroons. He loves them. However Evan will drag Connor into candy shops for lollipops and jolly ranchers and chocolate.

• blows sarcastic kisses after doing ridiculous shit

Changing it a bit, Connor will do something dumb and have a really goofy grin on his face and he’ll be like 'babe! Did you see that! Wasn’t I awesome!’ 'Yes Connor, you did it perfectly you dumbass’ 'What? No kiss’ *evan sarcastically blows Connor a kiss then walks away*

• Killed the guy (and who hides the body)

Connor kills the guy cause it’s Connor. Evan hides the body cause 'CONNOR YOU DUMBASS YPU CAN GO TO JAIL FOR THIS I MUST PROTECT YOU FROM THE LAW!’

• wears the lest amount of clothing around the house

At first, Connor wears pans with crop tops, Evan feels like he should start wearing less too. He starts to walk around the house in shorts and crop tops. Connor views this as a competition and starts to wear shorts with no shirts, Evan wears sweaters with no pants, Connor retaliates with short shorts, Evan just wears boxers. Now they’re both just in boxers. Then Evan gets cold and puts a hoodie on in the winter. 'HA I WON!’ 'I WAS COLD YOU DOUCH! TURN THE FUCKING HEAT UP’ Connor chuckles and does as he’s told.

• has random sentimental moments for no reason

Both really. Connor will feel super giddy for some reason and just picks up Evan and swings him in a circle and hugs him. Evan will feel super cuddly and drag Connor to the couch and curls up like a cat on top of him.

「 help me 」

• jeon jungkook / reader 

 • fluff ☕︎

 • word count: 3.5k 

※ Summary: As a YouTuber, you’re always trying to find ways to keep the videos on your channel fun and exciting, so naturally, you ask your best friend and also roommate to be your fake boyfriend. Yeah, lying isn’t right. But hey, being a YouTube couple might not be so bad. Especially if it brings in a few more subscribers.

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Teacher!Jughead? ☺️😳

Long after the school day had ended, she sat there with Mr. Jones as they both huddled over the table, their safety goggles harshly digging into their cheeks as they prepare the experiment.

“You wanted me to pour this one?” She asked him, double-checking.

Normally, Jughead didn’t make a habit of hanging out with students after school had ended, but she was a long-time family friend, and notoriously awful at science, as she elected to pay more attention to physical fitness. He didn’t mind tutoring her, though sometimes it was very tedious.

He nodded.

As she tried transferring the chemical from one tube to the next, the stream of liquid poured incorrectly and leaked down the front of her, staining her shirt and shorts. At first, she reacted with a sheepish smile and a blush, but as the chemical soaked it and started to burn, she turned to him with a worried expression.

He already knew, knowing that this was a dangerous substance.

“Quick, take them off!” Jughead shouted as he took the tubes from her hands and set them down on the table.

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jayalaw  asked:

In the role reversal au, how do you think the storm the castle would play out, with the monsters taking Star hostage and Marco being asked to come alone and save his bestie? (Such a cool blog!)

Most everything is gonna be similar save for some slight differences. They run afoul of a dangerous beast during on adventure and the magical character hurts the non-magical one’s feelings.  

Of course an apologies comes later but by then it’s too late. The Earth friend has been kidnapped as part of a larger scheme. 

A temporary alliance is made.

Small encounter gives birth to many “Is Starla really a MEWMAN??” theories. 

FIGHT! Not sure if it’s noticeable or not but basically Heinous brainwashed the minions. She had gotten their loyalty already after expelling their cruel leader Buff, but you can never be too sure with monsters. 

Dipping down? I dunno what it would be called in this setting. Inner power? whatever it is it won’t be fully explained until the next season.

Instead of accidentally shoving her back in, Starla and Mars just kinda get over excited about what just happened. In the original STC Toffee’s arm growing back was a big wtf moment. I figure I would make it ‘Heinous using magic’ would be it here, since up until this point she only been shown using tech. Also confirmation that she’s Mewman–magic folk Mar’s ancestors ‘wiped out’. 

Mars didn’t have the energy left to repeat his feat, so goes with his only option. Unfortunately for generations of Mexan royal history, Heinous wants the ring destroyed. Mars complies but the ancient jaguar spirit bares no grudge. 

Yvgeny pounces on a chance of the lifetime as his former allies escape. Bird from start of episode interrupts cute(?) hug to power/create a new ring. In-meta-universe Fandom collectively scratches its head on where the heck it came from, and curse it for interrupting the aforementioned hug. 

Starla is faced with the fact that her mom really DOES care for her. River should put on some pants. Sweet family hugs, Sensei expresses worry over missing pieces. Yvgeny finally gets what he always wanted.–power. 

Then there’s a 8-10 month long hiatus until the next season :)

Thank you for your patience.

Embarrassing brother

Originally posted by everlasting-xo-wonderland

Fandom: The Outsiders
Relationship: SodapopxSister!reader
Prompt: #2: “Please, put some pants on, you’re embarrassing me.”

Being the youngest Curtis wasn’t always easy, especially when you had seven guys around at all times. So when you found out you could no longer go to your lab partner’s house and he had to come to your, you freaked. You spent the next two days cleaning and warning the boys not to mess this up. Soda and Darry were meant to be at work and Pony was going to be at track practice. You threatened Dally and Two to not come over until after Pony comes home, but you made it clear to Johnny that he was always welcome. So when you came home with Michael and saw Steve lying on your couch, Two-bit eating on the floor and you could hear the shower running you were ready to have a fit. You .did your best to keep your composure as you led Michael to the kitchen.
“I’m really sorry about .all of the ruckus, they weren’t supposed to be here. Do you want to set up while I gather a few things?” Michael nodded and smiled the smile that made every girl but you weak at the knees. You flashed him a fake smile back. He was a Soc, you were sure on the inside he was disgusted by the place you lived. You ran to the closet at the edge of the hallway grabbing the bag full of the supplies you had bought for this. Before you went back into the kitchen you decided you had to whisper-yell at the boys. You made a mental note to make it worse after Michael had left. “Turn off the Tv,” You whispered as you pushed Steve’s disgusting feet off of the coffee table. “Stop eating the cake Two-bits, I’m making dinner right after Michael leaves. C’mon guys, at least act civilly if you are going to stay.”
“Aww, cmon baby Curtis we ain’t doing nothing.” Steve groaned
“Yeah that’s the problem, do your homework or I won’t make you any dessert and I was making my triple chocolate cake with triple chocolate frosting.” The boys both jumped up.
“That’s evil baby Curtis, well played,” Two-bit whispered glaring. You sent them the hated look and walked into the kitchen.
“Sorry about that,” You said smiling
“It’s fine, can we just get this volcano done? I got an hour before my mom wants me home, and if she finds out I’m at a grea-” You tried to hide the hurt look on your face. “Y/N you know I don’t care about your social status, I’m not my older brother.” You softly smiled though you were still kind of hurt.
“Why don’t we get started.”
The two of you worked for a little while longer before you older brother walked into the kitchen in just a towel.
“Hey, Y/N have you seen my clothes that were in the laundry.”
“Jesus Christ Soda, please, put some pants on, you’re embarrassing me.” You felt your face turning bright red.
“Well, I can’t really do that until you tell me where my pants are.”
“In the same place, they always are after school, on your bed.” You glared at him before turning back to Michael as he left the room. “ I am so sorry, I didn’t think it would be this hectic.”
“No need to apologize, we never have this much fun at my house.” You smiled and he smiled back.
“Maybe you should come over more often.”
“I’d like that Y/N”

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Sorry if I'm bothering you but can I ask how would ut, uf bros and grillby react to their s/o wearing only a bra and underwear when they came back from work.

(Saucy :3c)

UT Sans: “you got some nice punderwear there…he”, not his best pun, but to his defence, he is kind of distracted at the moment.  He will sneakily feel the fabric, everytime he gets the opportunity. But mostly he will just lean bac, and let you do your thing, throwing a pretty long glanze at you from time to time. Not a bad view to relaxe to after work.

UT Papyrus: He covers his eyes. He doesn’t know if you are alrigth with him looking at you, so he blindly fumbles past you, trying to get some  clothes for you. If you tell him it’s alrigth, he will look at you trough his fingers, blushing sligthly. He will look at you for the rest of the day, always averting his gaze fast, blushing more. He doesn’t know how to handle this situation properly, help him please.

UT Grillby: Will ask you if you are to warm. Poor fire-man is always afraid he may burn or overheat you, so he wants to make sure you aren’t uncomfortable. After he is sure that his warmth isn’t the reason for your appearance, he actually takes a close look at you and his flame turns a brigther yellow. “You……..look nice…”, he isn’t a man of big words, but he really likes how you look that way, and how you look in generall. He will hug you from behind, everytime he walks past you for the rest of the day.

UF Sans: He looks after you everywhere you go, not even looking away when you look back at him questioningly. He licks his lips, drinking in your entire, wonderfull body. He keeps his hands to himself at first, mostly interested in just watching. But everytime you come close enough, he will playfully tug at your bra straps. He is to lazy to actually go after you, but looking doesn’t requier that much movement, so he will settle for that.

UF Papyrus: Will literally throw a shirt at you immidiatly, screaming about how this is not appropriated clothing for a cold place like snowdin.  His cheekbones are dusted redish. he won’t get you any pants though, always trowing a glanze in your direction until you decide to put some on yourself. He really likes your nice legs, especially withouth fabric in the way.

UF Grillby: He will pull you on his lap, to “keep you warm”. After all it can be pretty chilly in the house. He will slowly stroke every inch of your body, still fascinated by your, to him, cool skin. He will also admirer your clothes, or lack therefor. You should run around like that way more often, he would even turn up the heat in the house if that would mean you would wear less clothes. Hes pretty thirsty for sentient fire.

(And now imagine Sans staring at you, with his creepy shark-grin everywhere you go. I would hide in a closet <.<)

Put Some Pants On, Honey

Requests: hey please could you write an imagine with Dan Howell from the prompt list (“Please, put some pants on, you’re embarrassing me.”) where he’s ran out of clean underwear and his belt does nothing to hold his trousers up when he bends over lmao

- hiii, could you write prompt #2 with dan? thank you so much!

Hi! Can I have a Dan Howell fic with the prompt n. 2 “Please put some pants on, you’re embarassing me”? Thank you love ❤

- 2 please xx

Requested by: all anonymous.

A/N: Woah! A lot of you really wanted this prompt for Dan Howell (though I understand why) so thank you all for the requests! 

Warnings: butts?

Originally posted by resplendent-phan

You blushed in embarrassment, standing at the doorway of Dan Howell’s room, your roommate and girlfriend, not sure if you should walk away like you saw nothing or say something.

You decided the latter, realizing the boy needed to learn how to wear a damn belt or by a size bigger of pants. Or even just pull up his pants a bit. Though, you were his girlfriend, this did not mean you didn’t get flustered by seeing your boyfriends ass practically hanging out of his pants.

“Dan, honey…” You started, alerting him of the fact you were here. He jumped up, startled by your sudden voice. And turning, he immediately smiled at the sight of you.

“Oh, hey, love.” He winked, walking up to you and giving you a hug. You had been out getting groceries and had come back to the flat with Phil’s help, and immediately Phil had rushed you off, saying he would put away the food and you could go find Dan. You’d thanked him, smiling sincerely at him before walking off to find Dan.

What you didn’t expect was to see him bent over, his gray underwear the first thing you saw as you turned the corner into his room.

“How was grocery shopping?” He asked, smiling down at you as you gazed up at him.

You smiled, despite the awkward feeling that settled in you stomach. “Good.” You answered.

Dan’s brows furrowed, “is everything okay?”

You shook your head, your cheeks going ready again. “Please put some pants on, you’re embarassing me” You mumbled.

Dan blinked, his eyes narrowing in confusion. He patted his thighs as if to confirm he’d put pants on this morning. “I do though… Y/N, is everything okay?”

“Sorry, wrong words. But your ass is practically hanging out of your pants, Dan. It’s embarrassing.”

Dan suddenly broke out into a grin, he laughed loudly at you as you glared in even more embarrassment. He hugged you suddenly, and you reluctantly allowed him to, not liking being laughed at.

“It’s a part of me, Y/N.” He joked.

“Will you at least buy a belt?”

“If it’ll make you happy, love.”

#190 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “one where you’re taking a photography class in high school and you run into teenage van who insists on being the ‘model’ for your assignment, you go to the beach for the shoot and he ends up pulling you in the water ? (the camera is safe tho) and then you go back to his house to dry off and cute stuffs happens”

Note: Thanks to @you-andthebottlemen  for last week’s brainstorming session for this fic!

“Didn’t you drop out? Why are you even here?” you asked. Van laughed and nodded. “Then I’m pretty sure it’s like, illegal for you to be on school grounds,”

“You gone all goody two shoes since I ain’t been here to keep ya on your toes?”

You’d never really been proper friends with Van, so you weren’t sure why he was calling you over to behind the bike shed. There were a few classes you shared. Even then, Music was the only one you talked a lot in. In English you’d urge him to actually try the assignments because he could so clearly write. He’d always claim to have better things to use his skills for though, lyrics and melodies. And, he was right. 

Since he’d dropped out, you had listened better in class. It was easier to be a good student without his beautiful distractions. 

“Shut up. What do you want?”

“Need ya camera. And you. We wanna take some photos and stuff for the band. You’ll help, right?”

You sighed. “Can’t. I have too much homework. And I have to do this assignment for Art and Miss is letting be do photos instead of draw and I still have to find something to do it on. I don’t have time to take photos of you and your weirdo friends,”

“Oi. They ain’t weirdos. Please? I’m begging,”

“Can’t you just do them yourself?” you asked, quickly looking around in case there was a teacher on yard duty. They wore fluro vests so they could be spotted in an emergency situation, but really they just allowed kids to duck away and keep track of their whereabouts.

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Bob’s Burgers Sentence Meme

  • “Enjoy your goldfish, wild man.”
  • “If a deer sees me naked, you can’t get jealous.”
  • “Should one of us go check it out, not me?”
  • “Second wind! *falls down* Didn’t work.”
  • “Why ya gotta be such a wang?”
  • “I missed your stinky face.”
  • “This isn’t my underwear.”
  • “You don’t have to be good, you just have to be fast.”
  • “Old grapes aren’t candy!”
  • “It’s hard for me to think when my pants are off.”
  • “Put some lotion on that!”
  • “Sorry about your marriage.”
  • “Real life comes up and hits you in the face.”
  • “My island name will be Daiquiri Zachary.”
  • “You punched my butt.”
  • “Go suck on a crouton.”
  • “What the cuss word!”
  • “I really do need that deodorant.”
  • “Put your face in it.”
  • “Whatever you’re planning, do not do it.”
  • “I’m straight - I mean I’m mostly straight.”
  • “Double oh-so-sad.”
  • “I have pepper spray in my purse, and I will use it!”
  • “Do you need a hug?”
  • "Hey, I don’t appreciate your lack of sarcasm.”
  • “We’re busier than a monkey with six dingalings.”
  • “While we’re at it, what’s wrong with diarrhea, huh?”
  • “Forecast calls for fabulous!”
  • “Little King Trashmouth found himself a piece of pizza.”
  • “Someday a cleansing rain will come.”
  • "I lured him in with some cold cuts.”

anonymous asked:

Svt scoups with female reader smut w/S

Originally posted by scoupstv

S: “you’re my older brother’s best friend but let’s fuck anyway”

(I was just watching an old Super Panic Frenzy video that directly inspired this one)

It was Friday afternoon.

No homework, your mom had left you money to order a pizza because she was going to be at work late, your brother was staying at his friend’s house for the night. It was your night.

You could give yourself a manicure, have a Friends marathon, do whatever the hell you wanted.

And at the moment, the ideal thing to do seemed to be – ditch your backpack, ditch your pants, plug in your headphones, and have a dance marathon. Tom Cruise had it right when he acted out that famous scene in Risky Business. Dancing is so much more fun without pants on.

You made your way down into the family room and turned something random on the TV – the best Friday afternoon cartoons, obviously, and continued your ass shaking, hip swaying, random arm seizing as you moved into the kitchen to get a snack.

You squealed when you saw a muscled, sweaty man standing at your kitchen counter, scooping a spoon into a jar of peanut butter.

You ripped your headphones out at lightning speed as you stood there in shock.

“Jesus Christ, can you not scream like that?” Your brother Joshua whined, appearing from behind the large refrigerator door as he closed it. “I think you cracked my eardrum.”

“Mom said you weren’t coming home after practice.” You gaped at him, heart still thumping loudly in your chest.

You were trying your hardest to ignore the fact that your long time crush was standing there, now boring into you with his big eyes as he licked his spoon. (It really didn’t help that he was wearing his thin basketball practice jersey, glistening with sweat and showing off his impossible biceps.)

“I wasn’t supposed to. We went to Seungcheol’s house but neither of his parents are home and he forgot his key.” Joshua said all of this quite condescendingly, as if you should have already known.

“I’m really forgetful.” Seungcheol explained. There was a unique glint in his eye and his tone of voice was… suspicious to say the least.

“So we’re gonna go to my room and watch Kill Bill.” Joshua snided. “Don’t bother us. And put some fucking pants on.”

A hot blush swarmed your cheeks as the words hit your ears. You had forgotten your lack of clothing – especially in front of Seungcheol. Joshua grabbed an armful of snacks and his backpack before he was gone. Seungcheol himself didn’t move, just stared at you for a moment. He took the jar of peanut butter in his hand and walked past you, and you let out a sigh of relief.

“I think your panties are cute.” He whispered in your ear from behind. You gasped. “And you know… I’m so sweaty from practice that I’m gonna have to take a shower. I’m just so forgetful that I might happen to leave the door unlocked. But you don’t care about that, do you, Princess?”

He left the most tender, fleeting peck on the nape of your neck before he walked away.

You could have passed out right there.

(again, I know this isn’t smut but I got really into the au and I got carried away)


Tumblr-Girl (Part 2)

Tumblr – Girl (Series)

Part 1
Part 3

Pairing: Misha Collins x reader
Summary: the day after the first conversation
Word Count: 1.913
Warnings: panic attack, angst, depression, mental illness, self doubt

Notes: it is my first ever fanfic and I am not a English native speaker so please don’t hate me, I hope you like the idea, there at least some more parts to come. :) 
IMPORTANT: I’m looking for someone like a beta-reader (since I’m not an English-native-speaker there are (probably) loads of mistakes in my texts as well as some ideas seem better in my mind than in the text, so you know what a beta-reader does, don’t you? Just shoot me a message if you want to help me with my texts 

Now enjoy the second chapter ;)

Your POV

The next day you woke up, your body in pain and extremely tired, you swore you would never again trust a single human being who wants to help and certainly not some guy on tumblr. Yesterday you thought this guy really cared, that you have finally found someone to get this weight from your shoulders, but as everyone else he just let you down. Just wanted to play a knight until he read this few lines and recognized your unappealing character, until the game got boring, as it always does when you were involved. 

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~This one. I love it. I’ve been having slight writers block and this took that away. I think my fave to write in this one was Xanxus. I hope you enjoy these guys and training their s/o~ [Admin E]


“VOII! WOMAN!” Squalo yelled at you, blocking your attack with the sword. He was pleasantly surprised to know that you were open to practice sword fighting with him. You were decent, as in you could barely throw out your own attacks. You just blocked his attacks, trying to stay as grounded as you could.

“I am trying!” You yelled, just ending up hacking your sword at him. You blocked another of his attacks, being pushed back. You smirked when you saw a few stray strands of silver hair fly in the breeze.

“I got you!” You said, triumphantly. Squalo felt his face and arms.

“NO you didn’t!” You yelled, not feeling a mark.

“Yes, I did!” You picked up a couple strands of his hair from the ground. He felt his hair and found the part you had just barely cut. He was about to yell at you, but saw the proud look on your face.

“I guess you did.” Squalo agreed. That was the best that you could manage to do to him, not expecting to actually cut him. You had small cuts all over you, since Squalo did not see the point in going easy on you.

“Alright. I think I’m done now, though.” You panted, sitting down on the ground with a thud. You put the sword across your lap, not wanting Squalo to scream about sword etiquette.

“WHAT?! WE WERE JUST GETTING STARTED!!” Squalo screamed, swinging his sword around. You tilted back, dodging a random sword.

“I’m tired and my wrist is hurting.” You said, rolling it.

“That’s because you were handling the sword wrong with your blows.” Squalo scoffed. You stood up, holding the sword.

“Can you show me how to hold it right?” You asked. Squalo scoffed again, standing behind you and placing your hands on the hilt.

“You swing like this.” He said, showing you the proper wrist movement. You leaned your head back on his shoulder.

“Thanks for going easy on me.” You whispered, making Squalo blush.

“Thanks for joining him.” He grumbled.


You ducked underneath a log when you heard a small explosive go off. The tree had fallen from a previous attack and you decided to use it as cover. You saw another red puff of smoke and pressed yourself against the ground.

“C’mon, (Y/n)-chan! This isn’t a game of hide and seek!” Gokudera shouted, walking through the training woods. You rolled the blue ball that was in your hand, preparing to throw it. You listened to the footsteps and waited for them to come closer.

“Ha! Got you!” You jumped up and got ready to throw the blue explosive. You paused when you realized no one was there.

“Off guard again!” Gokudera shouted, throwing his red ball. It hit you in the back and exploded, making you fall forward. They were not dangerous. It was like a form of paintball, except the paintballs exploded on contact.

You laid on the ground, groaning. Tied again. Gokudera was about to get you again before he was tackled by a large cat. You laughed when you saw Uri pin him down.

“Uri! That’s not fair! You’re not supposed to take her side!” Gokudera grumbled, trying to pull him out from the cat. She hissed, getting off of him. He smiled, petting the cat gently. You threw your last ball and it hit Gokudera in the chest, sending him back. Your black shirt had red paint all over it.

“I win this time.” You sat on the grass, taking deep breaths. The exercise was definitely exhausting.

“You won because my cat cheated.” Gokudera scoffed, sitting beside you.

“I love Uri. I think she likes me more.” You teased him. Gokudera pouted when you said that.

“Why don’t you just date the cat, then?” Gokudera turned his head away. You leaned over and kissed a blue paint splotch on his cheek.

“Because you’re more fun.” You smiled. Gokudera pecked your cheek quickly, pretending that it did not happen. You grinned in satisfaction.  


“C’mon, (Y/n)-chan! You can hit harder than that!” Yamamoto said, encouragingly, holding up the punching pads. You groaned, hitting them as hard as you could. You bring your leg up for a kick, which Yamamoto blocked.

“Good, good. Try for a roundhouse kick!” Yamamoto ordered. You threw your leg up, hitting the pad, but not the right way. You both heard a sudden crack and you yelped, falling back.

“(Y/n)! Are you ok?!” Yamamoto asked frantically, kneeling by your side. You held your ankle, cursing at it.

“I’m fine. I think I just pulled a muscle. Here, help me up.” You clasped hands with him. Yamamoto looked doubtful, helping you up to your feet. You set your foot down, putting pressure on it. You winced, taking a step and almost falling down. Yamamoto’s arms wrapped around your waist, keeping you up.

“Hey, hey, easy now. You definitely hurt your ankle. No more training for today. I shouldn’t have pushed you so hard.” Yamamoto said, frowning. You shook your head.

“No, no. It’s fine, Takeshi. Trust me, it wasn’t your fault. I kicked wrong.” You insisted, an arm around his neck.

“Let’s get you in to the house. I’m sure I still have some sports bandages somewhere.” Yamamoto walked with you. Your hurt ankle barely touched the ground as you hopped. You crashed on to his couch, putting your leg up. You pulled your pant leg up, looking at the bruised area.

“Ouch. Maybe you should grab an ice pack, too.” You called. Yamamoto came back with the tape, starting to wrap your ankle.

“That looks like it really hurt.” Yamamoto looked at you with a frown, still feeling guilty. You sat up, your legs across his lap.

“Don’t feel bad. This just gives us an excuse not to get off the couch.” You kissed his lips softly.

“I still haven’t done my routine, yet.” Yamamoto reminded you.

“That’s alright.” You put your hand on his chest. “I can wait.” He smiled, kissing your lips before going back outside.

“Wait! Ice pack!” You yelled.


You blinked. Bam! Blink. Bam!

You took a breath and took another shot, at the picture on the target. You took off your glasses, staring at your shots.

“You’re a terrible shot.” Xanxus grunted, watching you look over your paper. You pouted, hoping that you were getting better. Only two of your shots actually got near the center of the red target.

“You do it again, then.” You crossed your arms. Xanxus brought up his gun, no glasses needed. He shot five times in a row, hitting dead center on the target. There was no way you could become as good a shot as he was.

“So.  .  . remind me again why we’re using pictures of the Varia for target practice?” You held up an annoying picture of Leviathan you had been shooting at. The picture Xanxus was shooting at was Belphegor.

“It’s relaxing.” Xanxus muttered, admiring the holes that were in the center of Bel’s face.

“Can I have a picture of Squalo next?” You asked, reloading your gun. You were very careful not to the drop the bullets. The last time you dropped the bullets Xanxus just walked away. You eyed the glass of whiskey on the edge of the balcony. “Can I have a sip?” You asked.

Xanxus handed you a picture of Squalo before nudging his drink towards you. Taking a sip, Xanxus could not help but feel proud of you. His fiancé, drinking alcohol and shooting with him off his balcony. You clipped a picture of Viper up with clothespins and ran it down the clothesline.

“You shoot again.” You said, wrapping your arms around Xanxus’s waist. He grunted in response, bringing up his gun and taking the shots. You pulled it back and put up your picture of Squalo. You took your shots and Xanxus watched you carefully.

“Your shot still sucks.” Xanxus took a swig of the whiskey. You smiled at the picture, pointing to the hole in what would be Squalo’s chest.

“Still a bad shot.” Xanxus took another sip and you chuckled, still grinning.


Anthony Ramos x Reader
Words: 580

anon: Can you write a Anthony Ramos x Reader where Reader is just sitting in a cafe or starbucks with their laptop and their laptop is COVERED with hamilton stickers and Anthony notices and starts to talk to Reader? This seems really- strict but if you could do it thank you so much! I hope I’m not bothering you - CB101 

anon: any cast member that you choose, and it’s where reader is gushing about Hamilton on Twitter n’ one of the cast mates see it ? :33 

i probably shouldn’t have combined them but i thought it was sweet. anywayyyy we have guests over right now so i probably should put on some pants and go pretend to be social! 

so much love for y’all xx



You sat in the overcrowded cafe, typing away anxiously at your laptop. As usual, you had left your assignment to the last minute, and you were now stressing over the possibility of being able to finish it before the deadline.

You had already downed about three coffees that afternoon, and you were on your fourth. You had to stay awake and be energised if you were going to get the report done.

You let out a soft sigh, slamming your laptop shut and going to the counter to order another coffee. When you returned to your table, a man was standing in front of it and admiring your laptop.

“I really hope you weren’t planning on stealing that. I’ll call the police if I need to,” You said, placing the cup down on the table and sliding back into the booth.

“Oh… oh! I’m so sorry. I didn’t have any intentions of doing that… it’s just…”

“Yeah yeah. Can you move along? I’ve got a lot of work to get done,” You said, opening your laptop again and starting to type rapidly. He sat in the seat opposite to you, his eyes still being fixed on the laptop.

“It must have taken you quite a while to collect all of those stickers. Are you a big fan of Hamilton?” He questioned, looking at you quizzically.

“We live in New York City. I don’t think there’s anyone here that isn’t a big fan of Hamilton. But if you must know, yes. Yes I am,” You replied, keeping your eyes fixed on the computer. You let out a huff when the man still hadn’t left. You looked up from your computer screen, freezing.

“You’re Anthony Ramos,” You said quietly, biting your lip. “Oh my…”

“Yeah. I guess I am,” He said, smiling. “Took you a while.”

“I’m sorry. I’ve just been so stressed with this report. I need sleep, I need coffee… I haven’t been taking in my surroundings that well. Can I buy you a drink to make up for it?”

“You can tell me your name first. Then maybe… maybe I’ll let you buy me a drink,” he said, flashing a big smile in your direction. You blushed, giggling.

“I’m (Y/N) (L/N). Big fan of your music and… well everything you do honestly. I’ve been following you since 21 Chump Street,” You stated.

“Dang, really? Honestly, that’s lit. Wait a second… that’s why you look so familiar! I see you on Twitter all the time! Your tweets make my day honestly,” Anthony said, pulling out his phone and opening the app. “Remind me of your username. I’ll follow you.”

“It’s @(Y/UN). Wait, you really see them? That’s… I figured you’d be too busy. It’s so nice to meet you by the way. I’m amazed I could actually run into you in a city this big,” You stated.

“Well, hopefully the next time we run into each other, it’ll be on purpose. I’ll dm you my number and we can catch up another time! Anyway, I’ve gotta head off because I have a show starting in a few hours, but we’ll talk soon yeah?”

“Oh, um…  yeah! Thank you so much Anthony,” You said.

“My pleasure. It was nice meeting you (Y/N).” With his final words, he stood and left the café, leaving you with a big smile on your face. You jumped when your phone vibrated, pulling it out of your pocket and sighing happily.

“@Anthony_Ramos1 is now following you”