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how do i get good at building like you im so jealous

I have been building since I started playing the sims in 2009, but i would say I have been building homes a lot longer because that was the main thing i did with lego XD

When practising, it is all about trying to avoid making huge rooms and boxes. That is the most common thing i see. I generally learn from floor plans (old Sears ones are some of the best because they translate well) and really just love google search which helps me develop a house’s style and also giude me in getting proportions that are pleasing to the eye. I guess i just have a natural talent for it which made me pick it up more easily. Some simmers on here have done how-to’s on building and landscaping, so if you aren’t following @jenba and @fakehousesrealawesome you should definitely check them out for tips and tricks as well as inspiration. 

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can you link some multi-chapter fics that are really good? I've already read a couple of your recommendations and they were phenomenal (would love more!!) thanks!!

OK I really just picked a lot that I love and I’m gonna put a read more after this. I should have written if they were completed or not but it’s like half and half and usually anything else written by these authors is amazing too 

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Ravenclaws with ptsd? (I'm a Hufflepuff mainly but there's no blog like yours for us and Ravenclaw really matches my personality too)

I actually have lots of requests for this so I promise I’ll try and get round to it soon! I just thought I should let you know there actually is a hufflepuff blog! Feel free to head over to hufflepuff-headcanons and I can give you a more hufflepuff centric answer as well :)

I just saw the Lego Batman Movie and holy fuck that Batman/Joker shit is so fucking great. It’s a really good movie with a positive message and an impressive voice cast. I loved Harley Quinn and the Joker and Robin and there were a lot of really clever jokes as well, stuff for adults that was pretty cute. And even though the romance was implied, they ended the movie with the main het relationship as platonic and I’m thankful they didn’t go overboard with it. And there was a running joke about Batman and Bruce Wayne being roommates and possibly being Robin’s two dads and I thought that was cute. And it’s about not pushing people away and the credit song is about best friends, y'all really should check it out, especially if you like hero/villain dynamics.

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As a heads up to you and your followers, the website AnimeFeminist is doing something of a roundup of Utena analysis in celebration of the series' 20th anniversary! Everyone should comment on the site's post with their favorite meta (or relevant commentary in any medium.) Thanks for all the work you do to keep Utena fandom thriving <3

Hey everyone, check this out! This is a really cool idea and you can bet I’ll be checking out all the analysis/meta that gets posted XD

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Hii, I'm new to tumblr and I was wondering if you could give me some buttercream squad pages? I'm pretty lame on stuff like this😂

Heeey, welcome to this weird crazy world! Be careful, you’ll be addicted! 

Do you mean like some blogs? Because I know quite a few that are amazing!

@thatcherjoesuggimagines first of all, I have to mention Tanis because she’s absolutely amazing and she is the reason why my blog is alive today so bless her for that.

@thebuttercreamsimagines Her blog is absolutely amazing, you should definetly go check it out!

@joeyskinnyleg Okay I know that I’m not really talking to this little nugget but just by her posts I can feel like she is an absolute sweetheart so there you go.

@conorshickey Such a creative blog with INSANE imagines about the squad.

@vintagesugg She has only a few stories but they are absolutely amazing and beautifully written!

@buttercreambabys I just love her blog !

Is that enough? Haha, there are so many more but these are a few of my favorites xx

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micah fowler who plays jj on speechless actually has cerebral palsy. it's a great show and you really should check it out when you get the chance

!!!! i didn’t know that. i’ll give it a shot tomorrow bc rn my friend is playing resident evil on my tv

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Hello! I'm a baby witch I'm having a hard time helping a friend out. We're in a coven together and I represent earth while he's air. He uncontrollably astral projects and looks for me to ground him before he goes out. The 4-5 times it has happened, I've been unable to ground him because I'm /very/ new to this. And this question (I would assume) is a little out there but I was wondering, do you have any tips for me on helping ground my friend?

I would say practice grounding my yourself first, until you’re really comfortable doing it! You can check my grounding tags for ideas or spells to help you!

Then, try practicing with him, without him doing any astral work, to get comfortable doing it together and all.

And finally, it should be easier to do it as you want to ;)

There’s an new episode up for The Strange Case of Starship Iris podcast! I heard about it from someone hear on Tumblr, and figured Id check it out because Wolf 359 and Eos 10 have made me love stories set in space (I wasn’t a huge fan of that kind of sci fi until recently). The first episode was really good, and ended on a cliffhanger, so it’ll be nice to find out where they’re going to take the story. If you’re into awesome lady scientists, vaguely post-apocalyptic earths, and mysteries in space, you should check this one out.

So I decided to try out the waterbrush for the first time :3 And who better to draw than my dear friend, Li <3 @side-chara-cter | @ofdreamsandwonder (There’s more urls here that I can’t recall right now :x)

You guys should really check her out. She’s awesome, talented, creative, very kind and gorgeous ;3 

 I drew her in my…uh…style though. And also she’s too unique for normal eyes so I gave her special ones!

Fanfic Recommendations! ^_^

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Hey everyone! *waves*

So, I decided to make a list of some fics I’ve read that I recommend that you guys read! (Duh @ me, hence the title of this, why are you so dumb sometimes? cx)

I spend a bit too much time reading fanfics sometimes, when I should really be either doing homework/writing my own stuff buuut… cx 

But yeah, these are going to be pretty much all BTS fics, because I’m trash that belongs in a bin somewhere buuut cx Please do check them out, I think these authors deserve recognition!

I will also update this list as I find more cx

These are also in no particular order!!

Last updated: 22/01/17

1. Wanderer by @roseok

Reader x Park Jimin - soulmate!AU (ongoing)

So, I really liked the concept of this and how beautifully written it is c: The storyline is rather quite unique (although I haven’t read a whole lot of soulmate!AUs, it does still come off as unique!)

2. The Joker by @astro-child

Suicide Squad!AU - BTS (ongoing)

So, I’m still not over how well this goes, with Jungkook as the Joker, and Jimin as Harley Quinn?? I’ve kinda been bugging Shanel over how much I liked it, but I needed her to know that I really liked it! cx

3. Catalyst : Unbroken by @zephyoongist (collaboration/one shot)

Hunter!Yoongi x Angel!Reader (One shot)

This was honestly beautifully written, the details are really well done c: And the ending, ah the feels cx

4. Tenacious by @jin-oppa

Reader x Yoongi - Mafia/gang!AU (Ongoing)

Because I’m a sucker for mafia!Yoongi cx I really liked how this was written, and it was interesting to see how each member was portrayed as a gang member c:

5. Masquerade by @happy-meo

Reader x Jimin x Hoseok - Office!AU x Hosts!AU (Completed - 4 parts with a sequel which I also recommend)

Ah, this one had me binge reading for ages cx It also had me conflicted between Jimin and Hoseok, I couldn’t choose who I wanted (Y/N) to be with cx But it was honestly written really well, I enjoyed it ^.^ (warning: This one does have slight smut in it cx)

6. Red Skies by @jungk0oksthighs

Werewolf!AU - BTS (Completed - 10 parts)

This had me curious to find out more, and it was interesting that Jungkook is the alpha here, rather than one of the older guys like Jin or Yoongi cx

7. Strings by @minsuxga

Soulmate!AU - BTS (Completed - 2 parts)

The feels with this one was too much, ah my heart T_T But it was so so well written, the details and everything, and the ending, ah my poor heart T_T

8. Out of the Egg by @happy-meo 

Jungkook x Reader - War/Rebellion!AU (Completed - 6 parts)

So, I just read the first part of this, but I’m already hooked, the concept and storyline are so good, and it’s written so well ^_^ Ah, it’s so good!

9. Wishful Wings by @writeiolite

Jimin x Reader - Royals!AU (One shot I believe cx)

This was so cute, had me swooning over Jimin (but then again, when am I not swooning over him and the rest of BTS? cx) And I really liked the detailing of the story c:

10. Heartless by @bangtan-spells

Namjoon x Reader - Fantasy!AU (One shot I think c:)

This was unique, I haven’t read any fics with this concept/storyline before c: And as with many on this list, really well-written, props to the writer! ^.^

11. sinners to saints by @seoulscapes

Jimin x Reader - Spy!AU (Ongoing)

So, there’s actually one only part of this out so far, but that first part had me intrigued and genuinely wanting to read more ^_^ I really like the concept, and it’s written really well, even the action ^_^

12. the heir by @taegonia

Jimin x Reader (I am literal trash for this boy as you can see cx) - Mafia!AU (I’m not sure of the status of this one)

Looks like I found myself a new fanfic to binge read cx I really like how it’s written, I’ve only started reading this, but I’m already really liking it so I thought I should add it to this Fic Rec list ^_^

I will definitely be adding to this in the near future, but for now, please do check these out and support the writers! I know as a writer myself how gratifying it feels when someone leaves feedback on a story, so please do go read these, I assure you they’re good! ^_^


heyy since it’s no shame november does this mean i can post my incredibly self indulgent au…….. ok good

ok so in all honesty wild times always reminded me of tiana’s palace and at first it was just for fun but then i got reeeally invested heheeee,,,, (also yes judy is naveen in case you were wondering bppt) hope you enjoy because i might draw more of this

also trish drew this au too so you guys should check that out because it’s a really good drawing

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I would like to know how to respond when I see xenophobia in public and if the person being harassed would want me to step in and say something. I don't want to be racially insensitive and some tips when I see harassment would be helpful. Thank you.

Months ago, I came across a bystander’s guide to Islamophobic harassment created by an illustrator and filmmaker who goes by Maeril. You can check out her Tumblr page here. Her guide explains how to react when you see Islamophobic harassment or really any type of xenophobic harassment in public.

The guide illustrates when you see xenophobic harassment, then one should ignore the attacker and engage the person being harassed. I thought this technique was really interesting and can be applied to any sort of xenophobic incident we come across.

In psychology, we’re taught about the bystander effect which is a phenomenon where people do not help a victim when other people are present. We always expect someone else to step in. Well, when everyone has that mentality, then who will help the victim? No one. We have a responsibility to stand up for others when we see an injustice committed. I’ve seen a couple viral videos of someone on a plane or train getting verbally harassed and a common theme I’ve noticed is that people will record the incident or tweet about it but rarely will anyone actually intervene and help the victim of the harassment.

I think that the person being harassed would want someone to step in and ask if they’re okay. It’s always safer to only interact with the victim and see if they need help being escorted to a safe space away from the person harassing them. If you feel comfortable escorting them, then do that and follow up to see if the person is fine before leaving. In some cases, based on your judgement, you may need to call the authorities.

I guess I should’ve learned a long time ago how to recognize unhealthy relationships before they really start to mess you up.

It’s all the things you’ve heard from your parents when you were young: people who mistreat you don’t deserve your love, you have no obligation to anyone who tries to buy your affection, your worth is so much more than anyone who tries to place a value on your body. Phrases engrained in your mind but somehow they go mute when you find yourself giving that one person just one more chance because you really believe in them, because they can change, you can help them do it.

When they buy you flowers, or take you out somewhere nice instead of saying sorry for that other night, instead of starting to listen to you when you talk, instead of actually answering your texts when you try and ask them about their day. That’s when you should realize that a relationship is not a membership someone needs to subscribe and write checks out to. It’s never IOU’s attached to broken hearts and tear stained pillows.

It’s hearing each other’s fears and wants and wishes and deciding that maybe you don’t understand them completely but you will always be behind each other for support when it’s needed. It’s unwavering trust and constant I love you’s being traded back and forth and every time, it’s truly meant.