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Take a Chance

The gifset of Dean giving himself that little pep talk from 7x04 inspired me to write this. Dean x Reader, Dean’s POV. Hope you like :)

For fuck’s sake, Dean, you’ve done this a thousand times. You can charm a woman without even breaking a sweat. Why are you so damn nervous?

Because, dumbass, it’s Y/N. This time it’s not some random bar chick that I’ll probably never lay eyes on again. And I don’t want to mess things up. I don’t want to do something that’ll make everything all awkward.

I just want… I just want to be with her. Whatever that means. And I don’t even know how to say that without making things all fucking weird.

Just tell her the truth. Well, the surface truth. Say you’re bored. Take a chance.

She doesn’t need to know you hate being in a separate room from her, that you miss being around her. That you feel not all there when she’s not around, like a piece is missing. That you’re dying to touch her. Like really touch her.

Okay. Here’s her door. Just heard a noise, so you know she’s awake. So knock already.

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the mars signs, basically
  • mars in aries: "u know what. FUCk everything. why doesnt life just give me what i want!!! life is so SLOW and BORING and i want ADVENTURE why can't things just HAPPEN MY WAY for ONCE!!!" *someone tells them to chill* "who tf are you??? are you trying to fight me????? ok i dare you FIGHT ME"
  • mars in taurus: *bad stuff happens* "lol im fine" *more bad stuff happens* "@ life are u trying to provoke me...try harder it aint working" *the worst thing that could possibly happen happens* "OK THATS IT IM AT MY LIMIT. THAT WAS NOT NECESSARY. IM SO MAD RIGHT NOW I CANT EVEN THINK WTF WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME. anyways im actually totally chill haha let me just suppress my feelings it'll be ok :)"
  • mars in gemini: "oh, i see! you think i'm wrong. i'm truly sorry to hear that some pitiful creatures like you find my beautiful mind so complex that you can't comprehend anything i'm saying. i'm sure that, for SOME people, it is indeed a bit too complex hahah lmao (:"
  • mars in cancer: "fine, whatever. u may have said something rude but it's ok im just gonna ignore that" *later* "that fUkcin bitch...i'll show them later, trust me. i'll just wait for the right moment and destroy them when they least expect it"
  • mars in leo: "??? did u just insult me or one of my interests ??? lmao first of all, HOW DARE YOU. second of all, YOU ARE WRONG. i am so beautiful and awesome and such a great friend and THIS is how u repay me??? i'm worth so much more than this. you are disgraceful. i am disgusted"
  • mars in virgo: "i hate everything. NOTHING is going right and i am FALLING APART. honestly i don't even remember the last time something good happened in this world. why are people always annoying me? why is school always annoying me??? why is LIFE always annoying me????? can everyone just STOP"
  • mars in libra: *someone points out that they need to get their life together* "bitch...what? i'm fine...what are you talking life is 100% under control!!!" *procrastinates everything* "wtf why do i have so much work??? i am dying under all the pressure i hate everything NOTHING IS UNDER CONTROL"
  • mars in scorpio: *on the outside* "okay you know what fuck you im so over this it's over" *on the inside* "i know all ur weaknesses, honey...and trust me, you will regret it. you think i'm over this but i'm definitely not lmao watch ur back"
  • mars in sagittarius: "wtf bitch i hate u, what do you think of yourself??? how dare u disagree with me and say rude stuff to me ugh don't talk to me ever again" *after like 8 minutes max* "omfg the other day i was listening to the duck song and i was thinking about how much you'd like it i mean i bet you've already heard it but it's absolutely hilarious u should watch the video it went viral on youtube hahaha" *someone asks if they've gotten over their anger* "what anger? ...oh thAT. lmao whatever who cares about that, have you heard the duck song?"
  • mars in capricorn: "yeah i'm pretty fucking upset right now, things definitely did not go the way i expected them to. anyways that's just life. i'm over it. i'm just gonna...try and distract myself.....and pretend nothing happened...because that'll help me stop thinking about my shitty life...probably"
  • mars in aquarius: *on the outside* "i guess ur right. maybe what ur saying is the right thing to do :) :) :)" *on the inside* "...excuse me hoe.....ur wrong, i'm right. u can't tell me what to do. i'm well-aware of what i'm doing, if u think i'm gonna listen to anything u tell me to do ur 100% wrong bye"
  • mars in pisces: *accidentally offends someone, someone asks why they're mad* "honestly i'm not totally sure why i'm mad. i didn't even know i was mad until you pointed it out. i mean there are the usual reasons for being mad...people are horrible, life just generally sucks. so yeah im probably just generally mad lmao no worries"
Bellamy Blake Imagine: Finding Home


Summary: Octavia finally persuades reader to go with her to Arkadia to see her brother Lincoln. But since Skypeople are on odds with grounders for betraying them during Mount Weather war they decide to sneak in and Octavia gives reader some clothes so she can look like a skyperson. In the camp Octavia leaves her for a while and reader meets Bellamy, then she finally meets Lincoln and he, with Bellamy’s help convinces her to stay in the Arkadia.

Word Count: 2301

Originally posted by clarkesbi-ellarke

“Octavia, I can’t go there,” I protested as she tried to convince me to go to Arkadia for like a thousandth time so I could finally see my brother Lincoln whom I hadn’t seen since the Mount Weather incident.

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anonymous asked:

wait is the reason their jetpacks are weird and kinda faulty because different places have different gravity and they only have like one power setting? or like if they're only meant for zero g so they can like move around without getting stuck in space but they aren't really meant for on-planet flight bc that would make a lot of sense i think

This is a very good question and I think you answered it yourself already :P I really believe that they were only made for 0g, look at how small they are:

Keith was able to use it to bring himself to the other side of the cliff but the jetpack turned itself off before he had reached it:

So my theory is that they were definitely designed for 0g but have some kind of emergency setting that allows them to use up their full power in a few seconds. It might have been intended for when spaceships get blown up and you have to escape asap etc. The jetpack regains its power over time, Keith was able to use it again in the same episode after the cut.

[note: and that was on a planet with insane gravity. I calculated it a while back - Shiro said that he fell onto the planet at 25m/s² which is an acceleration and not a speed.

(quick extra info: when the lions got thrown out of the wormhole they were most likely super fast but their speed stayed constant because space is a vacuum with 0g and there’s nothing to slow them down. so at that point their acceleration was 0.)

Which means that the only thing that accelerated the lions could have been the planet itself. The planet has an acceleration force - a gravitational force - of 25m/s². To contrast: Earth’s gravitational force is at 9.81m/s². This planet had ~2.5 times of Earth’s gravitational force wHICH IS WHY IT IS A BAD IDEA TO LIFT THEIR VISORS THAT GRAVITATIONAL FORCE WOULD HAVE CHANGED THEIR BLOOD PRESSURE SO MUCH THAT IT WOULD HAVE MESSED UP THEIR EYESIGHT. They should have barely been able to stand actually.

But this is getting off track, point is, the jetpacks were most likely designed for 0g but have an extra super power emergency setting that’ll allow them to fly on planets with strong gravitational force.]

Awkward first meet

Nico goes to Percy’s first relay race, gets caught by Percy and has to explain himself.

Nico walked out of a shadow and onto the bleachers, seemingly coming from the bathroom. Nico chose a seat in the back just in time for the official to blow his whistle to signal the swimmers to get ready. Nico scanned the swimmers for a green eyed boy. Sure enough Percy was in the back of one of the lines, presumably the anchor for the team. Nico smiled down at the teen he had came to see and silently wished him good luck.

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anonymous asked:

Would u be able to do a smut scenario where Jimin is so needy for his wife that he cant think straight. So when he gets home he makes sure to show her how much he loves her and needs her by making her ummm cough cum cough until she cant say anything but his name? Please and thank u if u do, if u can't it's ok...but keep letting those creative juices flow ^.~

Oh God, here we go😩💦

I Need U

Pairing: Jimin X Reader

Description: Jimin has spent a long period of time away from his newly wedded wife. He can’t seem to grasp an inkling of patience nor keep his head until he is by your side. Preferably, on top of you.

Genre: Smutty smut smut.

Warning: Cum play, graphic, dom chim chim.

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

“Hyung-” Jimin bit his tongue and groaned irritably to himself as his elder, Jin, got the choreography wrong. Again. “Why can’t you just get it right? This is the billionth time we’ve gone over this stupid part!” Jin stood up straight after catching his breath and he crossed his arms tight across his chest. It was unlike Jimin to be so short tempered and show it, his tone was disrespectful in his opinion. “Ya,” Jin began, eyebrows furrowed tight, “have you forgotten who you’re talking to? I might not be the best at dancing, but you better watch your tone!”

“Hey hey..” Hoseok walked quickly over toward the two who were butting heads. “What’s going on, here?”

“This friend thinks he can talk to me any ol’ kind of way. I don’t know what’s going on but-”

“Stop.” Hoseok said calmly. He then looked down at Jimin who was now running his hands through his hair. He was clearly stressed. Clearly out of it. “You know, you haven’t been all that great at the choreo either today, so maybe you should go easy on Jin-hyung. Why don’t you go take a break and cool down.” Jimin frowned deeply at Hoseok, but he didn’t say anything else. He turned hastily on his heels and he stomped out of the dance studio, slamming the door shut behind him.

“What the hell is his problem?” Yoongi spoke up from his spot on the floor. He was watching from afar along with the other boys who took it upon themselves to just take a break. “I dunno…but he’s definitely not himself.” Taehyung replied and rubbed his arm slowly. “He’s probably just horny.” All eyes were on Namjoon who chuckled after he bluntly assumed Jimin’s problem. “Hyung..” Jungkook gasped and shoved the older male who only began erupting with laughter. “What, what? We’ve known each other this long and you aren’t able to tell when one of us has a hard on? Only a few of us get pissed off like that, Jimin is probably the worst. Whenever he forgets his honorifics or is short tempered, he’s usually gone in seconds to take care of himself. Yoongi-hyung is more irritable than normal which can be kind of scary, and even myself will get hella short tempered. You know that. Tae usually distances himself and is unnaturally quiet, Hope too. You get all serious and blunt, and Jin-hyung. All you ever do is whine when you want to go beat your meat; like we can’t tell. And our baby Kookie..” His eyes trailed down to the magnae who was already turning red when he hadn’t even said anything about him yet. “You’re dangerous.” Namjoon admitted. “Maybe we switch souls and you just break everything and get all clumsy like you forget your own strength. It’s actually amusing.”

“That’s enough, Namjoon.” Jin said finally and sat down as well. “I doubt that’s the case so just leave him alone. Whatever it is must be serious to make him act out that way.”

“He’s right.” Hoseok said and sat beside him. “It’s best we don’t say anything about it until he’s ready to talk. He’ll probably-”

“Probably what, Hyung?” Jimin’s voice startled almost all of them as he stood in the door way, his water bottle held tight in his grasp.

“P-..probably…will get the choreo right this time around…you know, now that you’ve had a break and all.” Jimin rolled his eyes and stepped into the room. He set down his bottle and then stretched out his arms.

“C’mon, what are you all sitting around for? I just want practice to be over already.”

With that said everyone stood up and got back to work. Jimin knew that after this particular practice he would have the rest of the day to himself. He wouldn’t be going back to the dorm. No, he’d go straight to your house, that is, if he could get through the day. He was struggling, tripping over his own feet. His woke member ached, causing him to stop frequently and try his best to conceal the fact that he was secretly palming himself, but it didn’t go unnoticed. His members, aside from Yoongi who could care less about his sexual frustrations, were worried about him and they often thought about cutting practice short. Though that never happened, knowing that they needed every bit of practice for their upcoming performance.

“Jimin, are you alright?” Taehyung asked after practice finally ended. The brunette shook his head rapidly, knowing he couldn’t bring himself to lie. Tae blinked and watched his friend gather his things quickly, shoving everything he had brought with him into his bag. An almost sinister, quiet little chuckle was released through his lips an he smiled at Tae. “Don’t worry though, Tae-tae, I’ll be fine real soon.” After that, he scooped up his cellphone from the floor and then darted out of the room before anyone could say anything else to him.

He was quick to hop into his car, tossing his bag carelessly into the backseat. By this time, it was already late and the sun had nearly completely set for the day. Now that he was in the confines of his own car, he cursed softly to himself and racked his hand through his hair. It took so much out of him to not touch himself that he felt dizzy. He looked downcast toward the taught fabric of his jeans and he realized a growing wet spot. His eyes widened as he ran his finger across the area, realizing almost immediately that it was precrum. “Shit..” He whispered and chewed the inside of his cheek. He needed you so bad that he didn’t know what to do, except…go to you of course. He started his car and then unlocked his phone; pressing number one on speed dial to call your number. It didn’t take long for you to answer.

“Hello?” You answered, pretending to sound as if you weren’t anticipating his call at all. “Anae, my lovely girl, what are you doing?” He asked as he pulled out from his parking spot, and sped out onto the main road. “At this very moment?” He could hear your smile, knowing you were playing dumb on purpose. “Yes,” he said calmly, “at this very moment.”

“Oh you know…I was cleaning up around the house…cooking dinner…um..showering. Don’t tell me you’ll be home late again.”

“No.” He said quickly, “Actually, I’m on my way now. Babe, I don’t want dinner tonight so you eat right now and put mine away.”

“What, why?”

“Damn, don’t make this harder than what it already is.” He hissed as he was stopped by a traffic light, prolonging the time it took to get to your shared apartment. 

“What do you mean?” You frowned softly to yourself as you walked into the kitchen, eyeing the full meal you had made especially for him. “I’m not the one making things hard, Jimin Park. I worked all week to make this stupid meal, not that you’ve been home a lot lately to notice. I fermented this blasted kimchi myself! So don’t tell me I’m making this-”

“Y/N.” He called calmly, hoping to stop you and not aggravate you any more than what you had already become. “It’s not like that, love. I just, don’t think I can focus on dinner right away when I get there. I promise I’ll eat but…just not right when I get there. I have something else planned for us tonight.”

You pouted lightly as you had already begun to clear his plates and store them in the refrigerator. “Like what?” You asked cluelessly. “You’ll know when I get there.” You were’t sure how you felt about that answer, but nonetheless, you did what he said and sat down to eat by yourself. “Oh, Anae, drink lots of water, too, okay?” You could hear him grinning, the engine of his car in the back ground revving up loudly, indicating that he was probably going over the speed limit. “I’ll worry about me.” You responded, “You just make sure you don’t end up in a car accident, or I’ll kill you.” With that said, you hung up the phone before he could say anything else. You weren’t too sure what he was planning, but you hoped it was nothing in vein. You drank water like he asked and you finished eating quickly.

You could hear the password being punched into the keypad outside of the apartment door and you looked up from your spot on the couch. You leaned over to peek around the foyer walls and watched as the door swung open.

“Anae!!” Jimin called loudly. You stood up and walked quickly over to him where you saw he had dropped everything. He had only stopped to lock the door before his eyes trained to yours. Something was off, you could tell by his dark gaze. “What’s wrong?” You asked quietly and watched as he was unzipping his coat and tossing it aside. “Y/N…you really have no idea what you’ve done to me.”

“What do you mean…?” You chewed your lip and took steps back every time he took steps forward. He threw his cap to the floor and then he pulled off his shirt in one swipe, causing you to gasp softly. “What are you doing, Jimin?”

“You were on my mind all day. You made me disrespect my hyung’s because I was so needy for you.” He reached forward and he gripped you around the waist to ensure that you didn’t go anywhere. “I know you’re mad at me for not being around or acknowledging you, but…” Jimin leaned down, his lips were just millimeters away from yours, you could feel his breath against you and it made you blush, “let me make it up to you.” He whispered finally before he caught you on the mouth. He kissed you hard. It was a little sloppy but love and passion could be found clearly. You were taken aback so that you almost couldn’t register what was going on. But soon your mind caught up with your heart and you returned his kiss. You threw your arms around his shoulders and he lifted you up, carrying into your shared bedroom. He broke the kiss and then threw you on the bed where he crawled up along with you. He sat up on his knees and then pointed to the wet spot on his jeans.

“See what you did to my pants?” He murmured. “Why do you drive me so crazy?” Your face flooded red as you looked curiously at the space he pointed to.

“What is that?” You asked him and sat up a little.

“Why don’t you help me out of these things and find out.” He replied. You sat up all the way and you did so without another word. You reached up and gripped the waist band of his jeans and unbuttoned them before unzipping them as well. You then tugged the material down along with his underwear. When they reached his mid thighs, his member sprung out angrily. It slapped against his naval before bouncing into an erect position. Clear precum spewed from the red tip and Jimin grunted lightly in relief from the confines of his jeans. You stared at his member for all of a second before you shifted into a laying position, wanting to take him into your mouth and take care of him after seeing what you were doing to him, but he stopped you.

“Not tonight, love.” He said gently and made you sit up again. “I’m going to remind you of how much I love you. You looked at him again as you returned to your seated position. He pulled you forward once more and then kissed you again. His hands gathered the hem of your shirt before he broke the kiss to swipe the thin piece of fabric over your head. Then again, your lips were connected. You hummed softly when his hands gripped your clothed breasts and began to massage them through your bra. He pushed you backwards so that you lay on your back. He licked at your bottom lip, asking for entry that you willingly allowed and soon his muscle invaded your wet cavern. His hands trailed from your chest to your back where he unhooked your bra and pulled it off of you without separating your mouths. Next, he gripped the waist of your sweats and pulled them down your legs until they were completely off. You raised your hips upward to make it easier for him, and once your legs were freed, you wrapped them around his waist. He chuckled softly against your mouth before he pulled away and trailed his kisses across your jaw to your neck. He sucked little purple blossoms into the tender skin emitting a soft moan from your swollen lips. His hands again found your breasts and he played and squeezed with the peeks. His lips continued to travel south until he was leaving a trail of butterfly kisses across your collarbone, between your breasts, across your navel, all the way until he reached your core where he stopped. He pressed a kiss there and you shivered. You tried to remember the last time you saw him in this position, but you failed to recall the memory. He smirked and spread your legs wide before he dipped his head and presented the folds of your core a kitten lick. A shaky whimper was your reaction.

“Jimin..” You mewled, wishing desperately that he would just relieve some pressure. He didn’t deny you tonight. This time he licked a stripe in between your folds, his tongue lingering on your clit. Your hips bucked in response and another moan fell from your mouth. He wrapped his mouth around the little sensitive bundle and he began to suckle, hoping to get as much of a response as he could. He just wanted to make you feel good and could put off his own neediness for a while longer.

“Oh my god Jimin!” You groaned loudly. Your hand flailed around wildly before it found its place tangled in his soft locks. You tugged just lightly and he took this as a sign to do more. So he did. His tongue licked downward to your hole. He licked a few stripes across it before he darted his tongue in and then out way to quickly for you to register. Before you could open your mouth again to complain his tongue was back inside you and this time he went slower and deeper. A finger joined him, his index slowly pressing underneath his tongue and into your heat. He pumped a few times before he pulled his tongue out again and brought his attention back to you clit. You writhed and arched your back to press further against him. Your legs had been shaking as you were sensitive from his lack of touch lately. You called his name again and moaned loudly the moment he flattened his wet muscle against your bundle of nerves. He added a second finger before he shook his head from side to side. You were already quickly reaching your first orgasm of the night and he had barely gotten started. Your breath picked up and you began panting. You pushed at his head and began grinding into his mouth and fingers.

“Faster, please Jimin..” You moaned out, and he obliged; pumping his fingers at a faster rate. You moaned louder with delight. You felt a knotting in your belly and you knew you were almost there. “J-Jimin. I-I’m-” You began, but the words were lost the moment you felt him curl his fingers upward into your spot. You cried out and nearly clamped your legs together around his head. If it weren’t for his free hand to stop you, it would have happened. He cupped his mouth over your heat the moment the knot in your stomach came undone and you came. He drank up your juices as if he had been dehydrated for a deathly amount of time. No drop was left, he didn’t allow any to spill. He looked up and watched your face contort with pleasure and he was satisfied with this job. He sat up and licked his lips before his hands were on each side of your head.

“How was that, jagi?” He whispered and pressed a kiss against your chin. Your eyes fluttered back open to look at him and you smiled. “I think it was a step toward me forgiving you.” You replied breathlessly. He scoffed softly and gripped your hips again, pulling them upwards against his. “Then I hope what I do next will really change your mind.” He said quietly. This was it. He had painfully been waiting for this moment all day. All he could think of now was being buried deep inside of you, and that was his next move. He grinded down against your heat, eliciting a tiny moan from your lips. “We’ll see.” You tested with a tiny smirk pulling at the corner of your mouth. He would take your challenge. He reached down and gripped his cock, He rubbed the tip of his cock in between your folds, lubricating you with his pre-cum. He hissed softly to himself, his tip being overly sensitive from waiting so long. Your reached up, finding purchase on his shoulders to brace yourself. You watched his expression which had turned into something more serious. You assumed he meant business.

Before you realized it, he was pushing into you. It was just his tip that had stretched you and caught your off guard. Your back bowed and you whined pathetically. You could hear his breath hitch. He paused for only a moment before he pushed more of him into you. Once you were filled to the hilt, he pulled back again without letting you adjust. Your nails dug into his shoulders and your legs wrapped around his hips. You bit your lip, suddenly feeling embarrassed about your constant sounds, but he was not happy about that. He bent down and kissed underneath your ear before thrusting back into you. You both let out a muffled moan.

“I want to hear you, baby.” He whispered and again pulled backwards. “Don’t be afraid, now. Your moans are sexy.” With that said, he thrusts into you once more, but this time he doesn’t stop. He keeps going, working up a rhythmic pace. You released your bottom lip from in between your teeth and you moaned freely again after his reassurance. After every long stroke you moaned out loudly, whining and mewling variations of his name. “Faster!” You managed in between each slur of a moan. “Harder!” Again, he obliges with no problem. His hips snapped faster into, harder and you were a reduced to a moaning mess. Your vision had clouded as you were sent into a euphoric state. Hot and electric ecstasy boiled your blood and you were sure you had reached some form of heaven. Your arms wrapped around his shoulders tight and you held on for dear life. Jimin grunted and groaned close to your ear, the sounds were sex itself. His bangs clung to his forehead as a sheen of sweat covered his body from exertion. You wondered what was going through his head at that moment, but there was nothing you could say or do to get him to express anything other than his groans.

One of your hand trailed up to his messy damp hair and you tugged gently, knowing it was something he liked. He moaned in response to this action and somehow, if it were possible, he moved faster, A string of explicits left your mouth and that same knotting feeling began in your stomach again. “Jimin!” You cried out. But this time he slowed to a stop.”Wait,” he whispered, “not yet.” You whined just like a bratty child and you began bucking your hips, hoping to get more friction this way, but he gripped your waist to stop you. He pulls out and the empty feeling almost brought you to tears. You were so close and he snatched it away from you just like that. You were suddenly being flipped over onto your stomach. You raised your head curiously and turned your head to look at him.

“What are you waiting for. Get on your hands and knees.” He commanded, and you did so, so fast you weren’t sure of yourself. He slapped your ass causing you to lurch forward and yelp. Before you could utter a word, he gripped your waist and then pushed himself back into you, filling you up deliciously fast. You weren’t sure of the noise you had made in response, not that you cared anymore. Your mind immediately fogged away to nothing as the only thing you could focus on was his cock and the pleasure it gave you. He began thrusting again, pulling almost all the way out, before thrusting hard into you again. He worked up a pace quickly. The sound of his skin slapping against yours filled the room and it had only been music to your ears. A long deep moan fell from your mouth and you lowered down onto your forearms for better support of yourself. You could hear him moaning over you and you moaned along with him. One of your hands reached behind you. You wanted to touch him, any part of him. You were almost surprised to feel his hand grip yours and lace fingers with you. He held tight onto your hand as he pounded into you repeatedly. He wouldn’t stop this time. You both were at the tip of your highs and wanted nothing more than to feel the pleasure of reaching your climax. You began shaking again as you were losing strength in your legs and arms. once again, you felt that familiar knotting in your stomach and you hoped to God that he wouldn’t take it away again. Your walls clenched around him once. Then again. Once more until you were spasming uncontrollably around him. He moaned out loudly and let go of your hand. Instead he gripped your hair and tugged your head backwards, slightly cutting off your air supply. You cried out as he snapped his hips harder into you. His thrusts becoming erratic and uneven. He was close.

He thrusted into you a few more times before you both reached the end. You internal knot snapped and you came around him. At the same time he released his white hot seed into you, filling you to the brim until it spilled back out down your inner thigh. He slowly milked out the rest of your releases until you collapsed underneath him, panting hard to catch your breath. “J-Jimin..” You whispered quietly. You wanted to tell him how much you loved him. How much you forgave him and trusted him with everything. But he fucked you out and the only thing you could utter was his name. Jimin slowly pulled out of you and rolled you over onto your back. He laid down beside you and then pulled you tight into his grasp. “I love you. Don’t ever forget that.” He whispered to you. He pushed your messy hair from your face and then planted a kiss to your forehead. You nodded the best you could in response, then your eyes fluttered shut.

He had made it clear enough. He loved you and he needed you.

Bully (JB)

Request: Can I get a scenario where Jaebum is the school’s bully who is in love with you. He decides to ask you out on a date randomly and he turns out to be a lot sweeter than you expected.

Length: 2,153 words (yikes! Got carried away hehe)

Happy New Year’s Eve guys! Hope you’re having a great one! When I was writing this, it felt like it was starting out to be a fanfic with how long it ended up being hahaha. Also, my wifi was been spotty so while I have been writing the scenarios, I can’t post any or put them in the queue :-( But alas, it is temporarily back! Hope you guys like this one!!

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BTS Reaction to You Dancing ‘How’s This’

Request: hi :) can you do a BTS reaction to their girlfriend dancing to Hyuna’s song ‘How’s This’ when they get home? thanks and have a nice day 💓


- Admin Kiwi


He’d be surprised that you would take an interest in dancing, especially to these types of songs. He would probably leave you to learn the dance, and go along to his own business. Later on, he’d ask you about it, and maybe suggest some other songs that you could try. “That was some pretty nice dancing you did back there. You should try Paradise by Hyolyn next!” (Listen to that song, it’s a bop)


Peeking through the doorway, he heard the familiar tune of Hyuna’s new hit song. The thought of you dancing to such a seductive song definitely turned him on, and he would watch silently through the crack of the door, careful not to disturb anything. He’d admire every move you’d make, and it would be extremely hard for him to restrain himself from closing in on you. Afterwards, he’d appear out of the shadow, probably scaring you, and would immediately make the first move. “So how’s this?” *cue the intense makeout scene*

Rap Monster/Namjoon

He’d smirk as soon as he catched a glimpse of your dancing. Without hesitation, he’d burst in and sit down, gesturing for you to continue what you started. Honestly, if you were in a relationship with him, you’d already know what was in store, and you’d only go harder. Biting your lip more seductively, and extremely exaggerating your movements. He’d make snide comments, letting you know he was enjoying the view. “C’mon babygirl, work it.”


Of course the sight of you dancing to such a song was hot, but he focused more on your technique. He’d evaluate every move before coming in to help you. As a dancer himself, he was happy to see his girlfriend dancing as well. Seeing you show interest in this, he’d definitely suggest the idea of him coaching you in his field. “Swing your hips outward more, and you have to relax your arms when you start raising them. You definitely don’t want to look stiff.”


Unlike Jhope, he’d take a more dirty turn to this teaching aspect. It would be a hands on demonstration, and a lot of suggestive behavior. Eventually, the dance would somehow turn into a sexy duet, but no one was really complaining. “I want you to trail your hands down my legs, and then flip around and grasp at my neck. Don’t forget to dip your head towards my neck, almost as if you were going to bite.”


This jokester would go in and imitate you, and over exaggerate the terribleness. You’d find it hard to concentrate with his loud self in the room, and it was also hard to contain your laughter at his ridiculous movements. He would literally have no shame in front of you, and your laughter was his motivation to continue. “What do you mean you don’t look like this? My dancing is literally just mirroring yours!”


He’d probably join you, and dance along. Unlike Taehyung however, he’d actually try to dance with perfection. After seeing how discouraged and intimidated you were at his dancing, he’d continue dancing, but also shout out tips and words of encouragement. The last thing he wanted was for you to lose interest in a field he himself enjoyed because of him. “Ooh that drop was really nice! Try to relax your legs when you kick them out!”

I.O.I’s reaction to you being cuddly and affectionate all the time

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*Silently enjoys it*

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*Loves affection as long as she gets some time to herself too*

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*Equally as affectionate*

“You’re so soft and warm Jagiya~”

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*Likes the attention but requires alone time to*

“I’m stepping out for a bit but when I come back we should cuddle and watch a movie.”

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*Loves receiving and giving affection so she definitely won’t mind*

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*Not Particularly keen on constant touching and cuddling*

“Jagi… can I please have a few moments to myself?”

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*For the most part she really likes the attention.*

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*She loves it and thinks its so cute.*

“Y/N why are you so lovely?”

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*enjoys cuddling and closeness but also values her alonetime.*

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*She’s also a very affectionate person, probally treats you very gently.*

“Y/N come here so I can kiss you.”

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*Probably just as cuddly, maybe more so.”

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imprints of the words you chose to say

A/N: so here’s a new one-shot! honestly, I’ve been meaning to finish this and put it up but after the election, I had lost a lot of motivation to really write. But, this was a great distraction– hope you guys enjoy it! feedback is always appreciated :)
Word count: 3,304


“Lucas?” She whispers, poking her head into her roommate’s bedroom. It was close to 3AM and she had yet to fall asleep because of that stupid horror movie she saw with Maya a few hours ago. Every time one of her body parts was peaking out of her blanket, she felt as if some sort of horrific clown was going to grab at her and possibly kill her. “Lucas, are you up?” She asks again, tip-toeing to the opposite side of his bed.

The blonde stirs in his sleep, his eyes fluttering open lazily. His vision is somewhat blurry as he makes out a feminine silhouette in the dark. He’s about to fall asleep again until he hears Riley’s soft voice call out to him. “Riley?” He questions, furrowing his brows slightly. “Are you okay? What’s wrong?”

She ignores the strange feeling in her gut at the sound of how husky his voice sounds from slumber. It’s been 2 years since the two have been roommates and it was something she couldn’t get enough of– not that she’d ever tell him that. “Can I sleep here tonight? I think I might die on my own,” She explains, as if it’s the most logical thing in the world.

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Dueling Desires (7)

Update: Still have at least two chapters I plan to do after this one, maybe more. Previous chapters are listed here: 1 2 3 4 5 6. Hope you enjoy!


Simon probably should have skipped class. He watched warily as some sixth years battled it out with Professor Possibelf guiding them. Dueling class wasn’t really something Simon felt like he needed anymore but Possibelf liked having him around in case something got too out of control.
She liked having Baz around too, for demonstrations. Simon watched Baz stand in for one of the sixth years to correct their form. Simon sighed bitterly, he was definitely not over their, well, he couldn’t really call it a break up.
It had been a month. Baz studiously ignored him in the room whenever they were there at the same time and when he couldn’t ignore him in classes he was distantly polite. They weren’t fighting, which Simon supposed he should be happy about. But he found that he preferred the arguments to this strange indifference.
After the sixth years finished Simon glanced at his watch. He really needed to get out of this classroom. So far he’d been able to pretend that he was fine with Baz ending things but spending this much time watching him was making him fidgety with nerves.
“Simon? Maybe you can come demonstrate with Baz?”
Simon stared at Possibelf. He couldn’t believe she was even asking in the first place. The last time Simon and Baz had dueled it had ended disastrously. Still she didn’t seem to want to take back the request.
“Um, why?” Simon asked carefully.
She pursed her lips, “Because we’re going over offensive spell casting today and you two excel at fighting offensively.”
Simon felt his ears go red. It was true that over the years Simon and Baz had casted tons of offensive spells at each other, but not inside a classroom.
“Okay,” Simon mumbled sheepishly.
Baz’s expression didn’t change; he merely shrugged at the new arrangements. Simon walked over and shook his hand, hating the way his heart pounded when they touched. Baz didn’t seem disturbed in the slightest.
When they took their fighting stances Simon realized he was pissed. Seriously pissed. They had been making out and getting close to doing more than that for three months. Yet Baz looked as if Simon was just another Watford student he had to do training with. Why was he so good at moving on when Simon could barely keep himself together?
“Begin.” Professor Possibelf announced.
Baz looked as if he was going to do a standard attack but Simon wasn’t having any of that.
“Don’t hold your breath!”
The spell was a nasty suffocation curse. Because of the sarcastic inflection needed, only people who were truly angry could make the spell work. Baz blocked it with his wand easily, as Simon knew he would. The shocked expression on Baz’s face had been what he’d really been going for. Baz looked confused for a second and then shook it off.
“Cold as ice.”
Simon blocked it with little effort and rolled his eyes. It was one of the least damaging offensive spells available and easily countered. Baz was purposefully going easy on him, which pissed him off even more.
“Get bent.”
This was a bit childish on Simon’s part. It was a slang spell that was more suitable for a brawl than a dueling class. It gave the victim stomach pain so horrible that they were forced to bend over. Baz blocked it for the most part, but leaned forward slightly as if slightly in pain. When he looked up Simon saw anger in his eyes.
“Bite your tongue,” Baz hissed.
Simon blocked the spell but just barely. He laughed bitterly. This had been what he was after. If he couldn’t get Baz back at least they still had this.
“Cat got your tongue?”
Simon said the spell bitterly and enjoyed the expression on Baz’s face as he blocked the spell. Simon could tell Baz remembered using that very same spell on him before. Good Simon thought I want you to remember. Everything.
Baz’s face was flushed with anger. He stormed over to Simon and caught him by the collar, recalling the memory of the last time they dueled.
“What are you trying to prove here?” Baz spat.
Simon’s anger suddenly faded away and melted into something sadder this up close to Baz. He struggled out of Baz’s grip and felt tears come to his eyes.
“That you care. That you haven’t forgotten me.”
Baz eyes cut to the rest of the classroom.
“Careful Snow. Lot’s of people here.”
Simon growled, “I don’t give a shit about what they hear.”
Baz sneered at him, “Then what do you give a shit about?”
Simon had reached his breaking point. He was sick of pretending like what the two of them had shared was just a casual arrangement, sick of keeping his feelings in check so it didn’t threaten his position with the Mage, and most importantly, sick of hiding what he felt from other people just because they might report back to others that Simon and Baz both had reason to be afraid of.
He took a step forward.


Baz couldn’t believe Snow was doing this here. Staging a full blown melodrama for all of Watford just because he missed using Baz. He was Simon Bloody Snow; he had a number of willing people lined up to help out with his hormonal needs. Baz was the one in love with Simon, the one who was hurting most. Why was Snow acting like the victim?
“Then what do you give a shit about?” Baz asked angrily.
Snow didn’t say a word; he just took a step forward and kissed him. Baz couldn’t move, he was too shocked to even push Snow away. They weren’t supposed to do this, not with so many untrustworthy people watching. But Snow didn’t seem to care as he pushed his fingers up into Baz’s hair and huffed his breath in Baz’s mouth. Baz’s heart, already balancing so precariously, took over and turned his brain off. He kissed Snow back as he had never allowed himself to before, with love. He poured every moment of heartache and warmth into the kiss as he raised his fingers and stroked Snow’s face.
Snow pushed away, tears streaming down his face.
“That’s what I care about.”
Then he turned and walked out of the room.

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have you watched breakfast at tiffanys? I love it, if you haven't you really should:) if you have what sign do you think holly is? I always thought she was a Sagittarius with maybe aries rising. Haha

I haven’t watched that movie yet, but I do have it sitting in my watchlist! I’ll probably watch that film somewhere down the line, definitely :-) The only Audrey Hepburn film I’ve watched so far is Charade (which is really good) 🌟

EXO (OT12) Reaction to Sister Being Heartbroken For the First Time.

Sorry I can’t place the straightforward request. Because my laptop is broken still, I don’t have it on me. But I promise I will go back and edit it in. But this was done by Admin Mocha. I don’t want anyone getting confused by me posting this small message LOL.

-Admin Kat

BTS Version

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Xiumin: I think that overall, Xiumin’s reaction would be full of bitterness and disappointment. It would be hard for him to deal with the fact that his sister is now a grown adult and already facing a tough breakup. He certainly wouldn’t be disappointed in you, I think that he would just be upset over the fact you lost that special feeling and belief that love lasted forever and could overcome any obstacle. Xiumin has been there and done that so he’s well aware of how difficult it is, so I think he would be the most understanding member to keep you company. Xiumin would definitely be the kind of person to stay next to you while you cry and maybe sit through your favorite movie, wrapping you snug in a blanket burrito while he whips up some popcorn and lets you cry it out. He would know that heartbreak is a big part of growing up, so to lessen the blow he would wait until you fell asleep before raiding the mall of cute stuffed animals. Let’s just say you would wake up smothered in a new family of alpacas, bears, penguins, giraffes, and hippos.

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Luhan: Luhan would be quite frustrated in this type of situation. His family seems to be very important to him and something he holds dear to his heart, so seeing someone that close to him in so much pain would trigger a lot of emotions. At first, he would want to find the person who broke your heart and definitely teach them a lesson or two so that they wouldn’t mess with you again. However, at the same time, he wouldn’t want to leave you alone when you were at one of your lowest points. Luhan would be so torn between the two decisions that I can see him simply not doing anything and just standing there, thinking the both situations out thoroughly and what could happen. He’s a very stable person, so when his balance is disrupted, It’s easy for him get a little worked up. I think that after a while of pacing the room, breathing heavily, and running a hand through his hair multiple times, he would settle on the couch with a huff. Luhan would most likely fiddle with your hair a little bit and tell you that everything was okay, speaking soothing words into your ear while watching you calm down.

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Kris: Kris would be pissed. Like Luhan, his family means a lot to him so someone like his sister getting hurt would encourage him to let out the beast. Not only is he very close with his relatives, but Kris is also quite the protective type so whoever meddled with his sister should probably lock their door and windows at night. Kris definitely wouldn’t do anything rash that could lead to trouble with the law, but I think he would gather up some of his friends and maybe pull a prank that would lead to a tedious clean-up. He would also intimidate this person if they ever came to make amends for their actions by answering the door and staring down at them with a glare, making sure they left scared and unsettled. Late at night, he would return home to find you watching sappy romance movies with glassy eyes and a tissue box. After engulfing you in a warm embrace, he would mention that your ex would have a blast spending their weekend cleaning toilet paper off their house and wondering where their mailbox went.  

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Suho: I can see Suho merely lounging on the couch, reading a book when suddenly he hears the door slam and your muffled sobs echo throughout the house. Your clumsy footsteps leading up the stairs would tell him that you were probably headed into your bedroom which led him to place his book down. The leader would be hesitant when approaching you due to the fact he wouldn’t want you to snap or yell at him because you were upset. However, when you hear a soft creaking of your door opening, you would probably jump when you notice his head peeking in. After attempting to wipe away any tears that were decorating your face, Suho would probably enter the room and sit with you, asking about what happened and what he could do to make you feel better. I think after he initially calmed you down, he would take you out for something like ice cream to make you feel better or a cat cafe. He might even take you for a stroll down memory lane where you could see all the places you two visited as kids and those memories with your precious brother would distract you from your hurt feelings.

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Lay: Lay would probably unlock the front door with a broad smile on his face, so excited to see his family only to stumble upon you crying your eyes out alone. He would probably let out some strange noise of shock as his eyes widened and his feet immediately crossed the room to where you were so that he could sweep you off your feet and into a tight bear hug. Lay would gently hush your whimpers as he twirled you around a little bit and rubbed your shoulders soothingly, telling you that your brother was here to make everything better. Once he placed you back down and you were taking steady breaths, he would then do anything to coax a smile and a laugh out of you. You could expect shows of his aegyo, silly dancing, exo songs, and then he would probably invite a few other members over to help him entertain you. You would have completely forgotten why you were crying as you watched Chanyeol, Lay, Chen, and Luhan pile their bodies on top of a screaming Suho.

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Baekhyun: Baekhyun would know the second you walked through the door that there was something wrong, he could see through your fake smiles and notice your red nose and eyes. He would probably pull you aside to ask you what was wrong, and when he learned about the incident between you and your ex and saw you on the brink of tears, your brother would eagerly steer you out of the house. I think the perspective he would take on this would be to make you have so much fun that you wouldn’t think about your ex. He would want to take you places you had gone on dates because new memories would be created there with him that would substitute the ones you had with your heart breaker. Baekhyun would lead you to the mall, the park, the beach, the bowling alley and even invite the members to join you two so they could aid in making you happy. You would be pampered by your 11 brothers and they would treat you as a princess, which would make you feel so much better and appreciated and realize your first love wasn’t worth it.

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Chen: I think that at first, a lot of people would assume that Chen would just start joking around and teasing you for crying, but I think he has a much more tender side to him. Seeing his sister cry over a lost lover or friend would probably break his own heart and cause him to wrap his arms around you with a frown dominating his features. He would wait patiently for you to let everything out, not fussing or freaking out over the fact that you stained his favorite shirt with makeup and tears. After you were dry and not able to produce any more droplets, he would start picking up your stuffed animals and making them talk to you in a high pitched voice, which would effectively make you giggle. He would make them dance and compliment you, putting on a spontaneous puppet show which included two bears breaking up and the brother of the girl bear beating up the other one. After that, he would tug you downstairs where he would order some food and tell you to put on your favorite show.

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Chanyeol: I think that Chanyeol would be at the dorm when he receives a text from his mom telling him that his sister locked herself in her room and won’t come out or stop crying. His thoughts would be scattered as he rushed throughout the house, looking for anything to cheer you up with as he grabbed his keys to drive home. You would be curled up in your bed drying your eyes when you hear a strange whooshing noise as well as a few hearty knocks on your door. After letting out a sigh, you swung your legs over the bed and approached the strange piece of paper lying on the floor of your bedroom, noting that it must had been slid from underneath the crack in the door frame. It was a rather clumsy drawing of your older brother and you but it mentioned that a guitar show would be put on and you were encouraged to open the door. After allowing a small smile to grace your lips, you slowly opened the door to see your real knight in shining armor smiling before giving you a big hug. That night, your brother would play you every and any song you wished for with his skilled fingers and soft, deep voice, definitely making you feel a lot more relaxed and special. You didn’t need another man in your life at that time.

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Kyungsoo: You would storm into the kitchen, under the impression that you were home alone and that no one could hear the loud sobs racking your body. You didn’t bother to wipe the tears but you did stop dead in your tracks when you noticed your brother leaning against the counter sipping a cup of tea. Your heart was beating a mile a minute as he calmly placed the mug on the counter before outstretching his arms towards you. No words needed to be exchanged as you ran into his embrace and continued to weep without censoring your hurt feelings, you knew that you could open up to him. He gently caressed your back with both of his hands and rocked you back and forth until your sobs were reduced to distant hiccups. Afterwards, Kyungsoo would definitely make you some cookies and warm milk while listening to your situation and offering his advice. You would feel much better as the chocolate and milk melted in your mouth, learning from your brother that his secret cooking ingredient was “love.”

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Tao: Tao would probably make you feel better involuntarily and without realizing it due to the fact he has an endearing tendency to overreact to a lot of things. You would feel a lump in your throat surface and it would be hard to explain what your ex did due to the fact you were about to burst into tears. However, once you finally got the message across of what that person did to break your heart, Tao would legit just drop his precious gucci magazine to the ground in order to look at you in utter shock. After composing himself, he would encourage you to start from the beginning while grabbing some snacks and soda cans. You would rant about everything this person did, and with every word you felt as though weights were being lifted off your shoulders. Getting it all out of your system made you feel better, but what really brought a smile to your face was the fact Tao listened intently and agreed with everything you said. Gasping at things your ex did and shaking his head, producing groans of disgust and chomping down on some pretzels from the anger he felt. You found out that you could really rely on him and know he would always be on your side. Who needed a lover when you had an amazing and supportive brother.

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Kai: Kai would be snoring away on the couch when he heard the front door slam and that would startle him from sleep, bringing him to a sitting position as he rubbed his eyes. You would be entering the house in the early hours of the morning, heartbroken and distraught while stumbling across your brother squinting at you with hesitation written all over his face. After a few seconds of silence, Kai would gently pat the space next to him on the couch and you would walk over while removing your heels and sniffling. He would begin to gather blankets while you scoured the house for pillows, both of you being careful not to disturb your parents. After gathering your materials, the two of you would begin to construct a fort consisting of blankets and pillows, something you constantly did when you were little. After you changed into your pajamas and washed up, you both crawled inside and settled where you began to talk about everything that had happened. He wouldn’t say a word, his warm eyes merely searching your’s while soaking up everything you said. It felt amazing to know that you were finally home, and by home you meant being with your brother

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Sehun: Ever since your breakup, you hadn’t stepped foot out of the house - whether it be from the humiliation or the sadness coursing through your veins. Sehun finally convinced you to go to the pool with him, telling you that it was summer and you needed to have a little fun with him. Your brother had treated you to ice cream however he stuck with his favorite, chocolate bubble tea. You two were laughing and sitting in lawn chairs and actually having a great time when you saw the very reason why you were so depressed. Your ex was on a date with a girl only a few days after he dumped you over a text message. Sehun had noticed your face go blank and he could hear the sniffles you were producing, so he followed your line of vision and smirked when he saw who it was. One second, your brother was next to you but the next he was standing in front of your ex. You heart was pounding as you could hear a very distinct, “Hey Assface.” and a shout of surprise. Your brother turned away and approached you, revealing your ex coated with chocolate bubble tea and his new partner making a face of disgust. A smile tugged at your lips as Sehun took your hand and helped you up, telling you that he would take you to Baekhyun’s pool because your ex didn’t deserve your company.

Hope you all enjoyed! this was my first reaction ever so i hope it’s not that rusty :)

- Admin Mocha ♥

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i kind of want to try natsume yuujinchou because you like it so much but idk if i could handle that many episodes of an episodic show, plus it will take forever to catch up.

It’s probably going to be years before the next season so you have time to catch up! You don’t need to marathon it. I think the early episodes make great bedtime stories so maybe try watching one episode before bed and see how you like it? 

I first watched Natsume when I was 15 years old and I was more into the actiony/gory type of anime and definitely not a big fan of episodic shows either. But somehow, I completely fell in love with this show even though it was the opposite of everything I liked at the time. It was just so calming and relaxing and made me feel emotions that I rarely ever felt back then. And now I’m obsessed with slow-paced, slice-of-life type of shows because I’m always trying to find stuff that will make me feel the same way Natsume does. Nothing can quite compare though. 

Even my 13 year old sister loves it even though it’s not her type either. At first, I thought she was pretending to like it just because it’s my favorite show but seeing her tear up at the last episode of season 4 (she’s someone who almost never cries) made me realize that she really is touched by it too and that made me so happy. 

but you’ll never break

word count: 37k

rating: teen & up

summary: “Dan knows what he’s doing all too well. In two minutes, Phil’s eyes are startled and intrigued, two bottle caps in the dark with their edges glowing, the gaze of a doe who is enticed by her own death; Dan has him flustered and jealous in five, has the guarantee of a set of emails that are definitely fishy, I tell you in seven; thirty minutes pass and he has Phil taking him home to his flat.”

(htgawm au where dan is a (probably demiro) law student with maybe some commitment issues, and phil is a flustered computer nerd who helps said law student break said law)

author’s note: even if you haven’t watched how to get away with murder, this should make perfect sense as it revolves largely around dan and phil’s relationship; i’ve also added a few little snippets of info of the background plot to help you out!! sorry in advance for the fact that the whole murder plot is barely concluded or talked about, you’ll have to watch the show for that. thank u so much to my loves @phantasticalities​, @connorkeatings​ & @phanwich​ for reading this over for me!! sorry for any typos etc., and sorry for the fact that anything to do w sex can make me uncomfortable as an ace so this was. interesting to write. i have worked so hard on this for so long so i’m so excited, i hope u all enjoy!!

disclaimer: i do not own dan and phil, nor do i own some of the ideas in this story. they belong to the writers of htgawm. (i have changed bits and pieces but it is founded on the ideas of those writers)

warnings: murder, suicide, panic attacks, mentions of sex, alcohol, drugs

link to fic

(all feedback and reblogs are really really appreciated thank u!!)

sabakunocasali  asked:

Hello, i listened a bit of day6 and i loved the music, can you introduce me to the group?

Hey hello of course, glad you are interested in Day6. I suck at keeping things short but I’ll use lots of pictures to keep it interesting.

So you have Sungjin who is the leader of the group, guitar (usually acoustic) and the power vocal. This comeback he’ll be slaying us with blonde hair,

but he’s actually kinda a dad and my fave person to make memes from  <3 <3

Then there’s Jae. He’s the oldest (1992), plays guitar, sings, raps, can’t dance, but is the #hashtag king

and professional hottie

sadly he doesn’t have his twitter anymore, but you can see him get roasted by Jimin like the Chicken Little he is on After School Club (he’s the MC). You can also see him on Bernard Park’s Music Monday charts.

Then The next one is Brian Kang, rarely called Young K. He is a terrible sinner, tortures everyone in the fandom and is lowkey kinky AF

Also he writes lyrics like this (from their iconic song Hunt)

His fans are always suffering so they try to return the favour mostly by not calling him Young K

And using a ship name Jae thought of

but Brian hates

Ok so moving on to Wonpil. He is the vocalist, synthesizer player  and actual sunshine of the group

I don’t have anything to make fun of other than his famous pink sweater that Jae wants to burn but is actually from St. Laurent and costs like 700 dollars.

He’s also occasionally kinda weird

Last but not least is Dowoon. He is the drummer. He joined the group just before debut and doesn’t really sing, but has started taking singing lessons lately. He is super precious and all the hyungs love him. What a treasure.

Don’t be fooled by his cuteness

He actually has abs like WTF

Idk if this was enough, @blujaee made an introduction a while ago as well. If you want to get to know them more I recommend these as introduction videos (Also has fairy prince Juhyeok who left the group on my birthday -27 February last year T_T)

And you should definitely watch Jae’s and Day6s’ episodes of After School Club because they’re actually pure gold (Jae’s episode was first so some of the jokes come from there, then he became the DJ so their episode is probably one of the most savage episodes out there since the members are close with Jae and Jimin)

Some of their older videos maybe hard to find so maybe this master list will help, but it hasn’t been updated in a while. I think most of their recent videos are here

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Not really sure if your still doing reaction but can you do BTS reaction to watching the Nicki Minaj Anaconda music video whenever you have time

I’m still doing reactions!! Everything is open because I’m semi-hiatus and I’ll probably get to it sooner or later. Hope this is okay, if not just message me and I’ll change it ASAP!

Rap Monster: “Slay it.” Namjoon would be enjoying the whole thing. He’d like the beat of the song, and since he can understand the words he’d probably be mimicking the oh my god, look at her butt part for like a month.

Originally posted by rookieking

Jin: “Those outfits look uncomfortable to wear…” He would be amazed by how she even wore those outfits without looking remotely uncomfortable once. Nicki has a lot of self control to be wearing literal chains on her breasts…Jin knew that.

Originally posted by lion-prince

Suga: “Look at how many views the video got.” Totally uninterested and wondering why you showed him in the first place, Yoongi would only be amazed by the views the video got. He’d probably end up watching her other videos to take notes.

Originally posted by sugagifs

J-hope: “Should I really be watching this with you in the room?” He’d definitely be pretending not to be interested, when in reality he’d enjoy the whole lay out of the video and maybe even try to dance like Nicki after the video ended…Don’t put it past him and his history of dancing to other girl groups.

Originally posted by asdfghobi

Jimin: “Does my butt look as nice as hers?” No way. Jimin would be expecting a yes obviously, but in reality he knew he could never compare to a queen like her. He’d find it pretty hilarious if you said yes just because you didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

Originally posted by vminv

V: “Drake is a lucky guy!” Taehyung would be hysterical about the Drake part, especially when Nicki walked away and he looked star struck. Even if Drake and Nicki share a (few) label(s), Taehyung would understand how he felt like the least important person in a room when Nicki was there.

Originally posted by bts-in-motion

Jungkook: “How do girls dance so well in high heels?” He’d be amazed by how she could even walk in them with so much ease! Much like Jin, Jungkook would only be thankful he didn’t have to wear such outfits and shoes in MV’s and on stage.

Originally posted by tae-kooks