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Aisles  [M]

Aisle One

Summary: Jungkook was your best friend. You held onto his secrets. And he knew all of yours. Except for one. One that would change your friendship forever. You were in love with him.

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Genre: bestfriend!au, college!au, angst, smut

Word Count: 7,458

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Aisle One Aisle Two

“What toothpaste brand do you like?” you asked as you walked down the aisle. You were  too busy staring at the different brands of toothpaste in your hands to notice the person you were talking to wasn’t Hoseok.

“I like the one in your left hand” a strange voice responded.

Your head snapped up to look at the owner of the voice that didn’t belong Hoseok. As you took in his frame, he was definitely the complete opposite of the person you had mistaken him for.The boy in front of you was tall, muscular. His messy dark hair hidden beneath a beanie. He smiled at you and for a second you forgot how words worked, incapable of processing anything else that he was saying.

“I’m sorry, I thought you were my roommate” you nervously spat out as soon as you regained the ability to speak.

He laughed as the two of you stood awkwardly across from each other, “Don’t worry about it”

“Marco!” you heard Hoseok’s voice ring out through the otherwise quiet pharmacy.

“Polo” you responded as your cheeks flushed a million different shades of red as the boy’s face lit up even more. But you couldn’t get the nerve to look at him, avoiding eye contact by returning one of the tubes of toothpaste back onto the shelf you had taken it from. The sound of your rescue, Hoseok’s footsteps, got louder and louder as they filled the growing awkward silence between the two of you.

“Y/N, where have you been? I thought you got swallowed by a toothpaste monster or something” Hoseok teased as he walked up to the two of you.

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(fun fact: i searched the whisper photo to know who are the guys in the background and shut-your-ass that’s elijah wood i just made my everything-is-fucking-connected todd brotzman face)

Okay guys. I’m gonna be real with you for a sec. The Captain Underpants movie is coming out in June, and y'all in the LGBT community and those who support it should totally make sure you watch it!! The movie is based off a 12-book series. In the last book, one of the protagonists, Harold, is revealed to be gay. This is super huge for an elementary series of kids books!!

The movie coming out is based on the first four books (that I’m aware of), and if it does well, Dreamworks will probably finish making the series. It would be so important to have that sort of representation for young LGBT kids seeing this movie!! I’ve rarely seen movies where kids are revealed to be LGBT, and that would be such a huge stepping stone!

Anyway!! This movie looks really fun and exciting on top of having the two protagonists that are minorities (Harold’s best friend George is black, and both boys have AHHD). So support it if you can!!

You’re Mine (M)

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Pairing: Yoongi x Reaader

Genre: CEO!Yoongi, smutty smut smut with a hint of angst and fluff

Warnings: Spanking, rough sex(?), dirty talk (a lot of it), slight cum play

Summary: “The Jeon’s are going to be there and I can already see their father gloating about how his son, Jeon-fucking-ladies-man-Jungkook, is the youngest of his kids and become an owner of his own business even though all he does is go and fuck girls behind his father’s back.” Yoongi furrowed his eyebrows as he spoke, getting angrier by the second.

Word Count: 2,946 words

A/N: I feel like this is all over the place. I’m sorry if this wasn’t what you wanted anon :((( feedback is always appreciated though!

“Don’t forget we’ve got that banquet with the CEO’s tonight,” you glanced down at the iPad in your hands, looking at the schedule for your boss, boyfriend and CEO, Min Yoongi.

“Six hours of being stuck with selfless assholes does sound like fun, doesn’t it?” He questioned, picking up his coat from the back of his chair, getting ready to head home.

“I’m going to be coming with you too Yoongi, besides, it can’t be that bad.”

“The Jeon’s are going to be there and I can already see their father gloating about how his son, Jeon-fucking-ladies-man-Jungkook, is the youngest of his kids and become an owner of his own business even though all he does is go and fuck girls behind his father’s back.” Yoongi furrowed his eyebrows as he spoke, getting angrier by the second.

“Yoongi,” you spoke up, walking towards him and placing your hands around his neck, giving his nose a small kiss, “Calm down babe.”

“I’m sorry, I’m just-”

“I know you’re stressed, but it’s going to be fine. You haven’t had any problems with CEO’s like Mr Jeon before and I know that it’ll go smoothly this time. You’ve sweet talked your way through agreements before and I know it’s going to be fine.”

“How do you know that princess?”

“Mm, maybe because you’re Min Yoongi, and my extremely talented and good looking boyfriend.”

“Great answer baby,” Yoongi let out a small laugh before giving you a kiss. “Let’s go home and get ready for the next few hours of torture coming our way.”

You know Yoongi was holding back. It had been ages since the last time you two had…for more of a crude term, fucked because of how busy the company was with the changes it was going through with. He’d had to stay late nights and have early mornings for the past few weeks and he was clearly stressed. You had bought him food of course, and reminded him how to sleep but the company was thinking about merging with the Park’s and it created a whole lot of stress.

“Tell again why you think it’s a good idea to wear that dress to this? You know rich bastards will be looking at you.” Yoongi didn’t understand what was going through your mind at that time.

“Well, for one, I know you like it, a lot,” You glanced up, sending a flirty wink to Yoongi, “And also,because it is formal and suited for this occasion.”

The idea of wearing one of the tightest dressed that fitted you but still made you look formal and presentable and tease Yoongi for the night, was one that made you smile to yourself that night. Throughout the entire drive to the the event, Yoongi’s eyes couldn’t be averted from you, but mostly he kept on staring at your curves.

As you two walked into the elegantly decorated mansion, he kept an arm draped around your waist at all times, clouded eyes looking down into yours at some times. You could tell he was turned on and a little mad due to what you were wearing, but that didn’t keep you from pressing yourself up against him at times.

“Ah, Yoongi! How lovely to see you,” Mr Jeon came up to the both of you with a glass of champagne in his hand, a wide smile overtaking his face but both you and Yoongi knew it was all for show. Everyone who was anyone knew The Min’s and the Jeon’s were enemies, more so because of the Jeon’s always wanting to outdo the Min’s in everything.

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When We Collide (Part 11)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

When We Collide on Wattpad

”Okay so, how about this one?”

“Oh no, Holly no…. Too beige colored it makes your hips look bigger than necessary.” Luke replied with a glass of bobbly champagne in his hand, eyes scanning her body and his feet tapping against the marble floor to the beat of the background music.

You looked up from your papers with a huge sigh sincerely wishing that you could be anywhere else than stuck with those two in some kind of small expensive shop a few streets away from your office building.

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Second Chance - Part Three

(I can’t find a good gif…*sheepish grin*)

Holy crapoli. I’ve said it before and I’ll gladly say it again, y’all are amazing. The comments, the PMs, the reblogs and the likes…it’s mind-blowing that this story has gotten as much of a positive response as it has. Tank you for everything, and I hope you all enjoy chunk three! Again, lemme know if you’d like to be tagged in the next chapter!

Also, I love @sannvers because she literally sat on the floor and pretended to be an unconscious Gaston so I could figure out body movements and such. You’re a good sister. And editor.

Title: Second Chance

Pairing: Eventual Gaston x Fem!Reader

Rating: T

Words: 5,794

Summary: You try to stop Gaston from shooting the Beast and falling to his death, but you arrive too late to save him. As you sit there, sobbing, the Enchantress offers you a second chance to save him.

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“Y/N!” You heard you mother yell from the bottom of the stairs. “Hurry up darling, we are running late and I would hate for you to miss the train.” “Coming, Mom!” you close your trunk and struggle to carry it down the stairs. “We should have left forever ago.” Your mom nagged “Everyone! In the car! Now!” Everyone piled into the car and took off. 

Once you got to King’s Cross you mom handed you your ticket. Your parents hugged you and said their goodbyes and sent you on your way. You walked until you saw the wall you seen so many times. You saw a few young kids, probably first years, looking at the wall with scared expressions. “Hey,” the kids looked at you “Do you want me to go first?” One of them nodded. You held on tight and walking quickly into the wall. You closed your eyes remember Harry’s mishap second year. You made it through the wall and those first year kids followed. “Great job, guys.” You say high-fiving them. You turned towards the train and took a deep breath. “I think we’re going back.”

~Admin Nat

“So someone in a group asked me to tell them why I hate the ocean sunfish so much, and apparently it was ~too mean~ and was deleted. To perpetuate the truth and stand up for ethical journalism, I’m posting it here. [Rated NC-17 for language.] Disclaimer, I care about marine life more than I care about anything else, for real. Except this big dumb idiot. And it’s not like an ~ironic~ thing, I mean it IS hilarious to me and they ARE THE BIGGEST JOKE PLAYED ON EARTH but I seriously fucking hate them. THE MOLA MOLA FISH (OR OCEAN SUNFISH) They are the world’s largest boney fish, weighing up to 5,000 pounds. And since they have very little girth, that just makes them these absolutely giant fucking dinner plates that God must have accidentally dropped while washing dishes one day and shrugged his shoulders at because no one could have imagined this would happen. AND WITH NO PURPOSE. EVERY POUND OF THAT IS A WASTED POUND AND EVERY FOOT OF IT (10 FT BY 14 FT) IS WASTED SPACE. They are so completely useless that scientists even debate about how they move. They have little control other than some minor wiggling. Some say they must just push water out of their mouths for direction (?????). They COULD use their back fin EXCEPT GUESS WHAT IT DOESNT FUCKING GROW. It just continually folds in on itself, so the freaking cells are being made, this piece of floating garbage just doesn’t put them where they need to fucking go. So they don’t have swim bladders. You know, the one thing that every fish has to make sure it doesn’t just sink to the bottom of the ocean when they stop moving and can stay the right side up. This creature. That can barely move to begin with. Can never stop its continuous tour of idiocy across the ocean or it’ll fucking sink. EXCEPT. EXCEPT. When they get stuck on top of the water! Which happens frequently! Because without the whole swim bladder thing, if the ocean pushes over THE THINNEST BUT LARGEST MOST TOPPLE-ABLE FISH ON THE PLANET, shit outta luck! There is no creature on this earth that needs a swim bladder more than this spit in the face of nature, AND YET. Some scientists have speculated that when they do that, they are absorbing energy from the sun because no one fucking knows how they manage to get any real energy to begin with. So they need the sun I guess. But good news, when they end up stuck like that, it gives birds a chance to land on their goddamn island of a body and eat the bugs and parasites out of its skin because it’s basically a slowly migrating cesspool. Pros and cons. "If they are so huge, they must at least be decent predators.” No. No. The most dangerous thing about them is, as you may have guessed, their stupidity. They have caused the death of one person before. Because it jumped onto a boat. On a human. And in 2005 it decided to relive its mighty glory days and do it again, this time landing on a four-year-old boy. Luckily Byron sustained no injuries. Way to go, fish. Great job. They mostly only eat jellyfish because of course they do, they could only eat something that has no brain and a possibility of drifting into their mouths I guess. Everything they do eat has almost zero nutritional value and because it’s so stupidly fucking big, it has to eat a ton of the almost no nutritional value stuff to stay alive. Dumb. See that ridiculous open mouth? (This is actually why this is my favorite picture of one, and I have had it saved to my phone for three years) “Oh no! What could have happened! How could this be!” Do not let that expression fool you, they just don’t have the goddamn ability to close their mouths because their teeth are fused together, and ya know what, it is good it floats around with such a clueless expression on its face, because it is in fact clueless as all fuck. They do SOMETIMES get eaten though. BUT HARDLY. No animal truly uses them as a food source, but instead (which has lead us to said photo) will usually just maim the fuck out of them for kicks. Seals have been seen playing with their fins like frisbees. Probably the most useful thing to ever come from them. “Wow, you raise some good points here, this fish truly is proof that God has abandoned us.” Yes, thank you. “But if they’re so bad at literally everything, why haven’t they gone extinct.” Great question. BECAUSE THIS THING IS SO WORTHLESS IT DOESNT REALIZE IT SHOULD NOT EXIST. IT IS SO UNAWARE OF LITERALLY FUCKING EVERYTHING THAT IT DOESNT REALIZE THAT IT’S DOING MAYBE THE WORST FUCKING JOB OF BEING A FISH, OR DEBATABLY THE WORST JOB OF BEING A CLUSTER OF CELLS THAN ANY OTHER CLUSTER OF CELLS. SO WHAT DOES IT DO? IT LAYS THE MOST EGGS OUT OF EVERYTHING. Besides some bugs, there are some ants and stuff that’ll lay more. IT WILL LAY 300 MILLION EGGS AT ONE TIME. 300,000,000. IT SURVIVES BECAUSE IT WOULD BE STATISTICALLY IMPROBABLE, DARE I SAY IMPOSSIBLE, THAT THERE WOULDNT BE AT LEAST ONE OF THOSE 300,000,000 (that is EACH time they lay eggs) LEFT SURVIVING AT THE END OF THE DAY. And this concludes why I hate the fuck out of this complete failure of evolution, the Ocean Sunfish. If I ever see one, I will throw rocks at it.“ -Scout Burns

Living With The Murderer

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Tittle: Living With The Murderer.

Genre: Gangau! 

Member: Zelo.

Word Count: 2615.

Description: You’re parents are dead and you’re old enough to live on your own. So how on earth is it fair that you have a government worker staring you down in front of the house to your parents murderers?

This wasn’t easy for you, you were eighteen, you should have been able to buy a place of your own to live in. But somehow, the law had turned on you and you were standing on the land of the very men, the very people who witnessed your parent’s death. And in the house you stood in front of the very man that killed them was residing comfortably within the walls of safety somewhere.

Because he lived there, and it was safe for him.

And somehow you had been made to look him in the eye every day, to live under the same roof as him, to be put in the area of danger and be surrounded by however many others were there to witness the look of horror that would have flashed across the eyes of your father when your mother was killed in front of him, seconds before he faced his own death.

“You’re not getting any of our money, and you get your hands off my wife!” Mr Y/L/N didn’t know how he thought either of them could come out of this alive, there was so many of them against the two of them. Just a sweet innocent wife and her loving, protecting husband who wanted to carry on with their journey home, because they had you there waiting for them. The image of your smiling face and the thought of how his mother in law must be holding onto a thin sheet of patience as you both waited for their return spurred Mr Y/L/N to push his wife away from the threatening gun being raised.

“I’m not asking for much old man. All I want is enough money to get the seven of us on to a train, so hand over the money” There was an echoing click, a warning but the man didn’t back down, taking steps away from the aim of the gun as he spoke.

“I already told you, you’re not getting our money, so get lost before I call the cops kid” Mr Y/L/N had his hand in his pocket pulling his phone out as he used the other hand to keep his wife behind the shield of his body.

“That won’t be happening” A gunshot rang through the area as well as screams loud enough to render one deaf.

You looked back at the car of the government worker, he sat in the driver’s seat, sharp eyes staring you down as you stood there, frozen and full of anger. You received a raise of an eyebrow and you rolled your eyes as you turned back to look at the painted wooden door before you. With one more glance back at the government workers demanding eyes you raised your hand to not so eagerly knock on the door.

But the door swung open before your knuckles could collide with it and your eyes widened as you took a step back.

“And you’re here” You were greeted by a tall, really tall male. You had seen him before; you had seen everyone that was probably in this house before. This man particularly seemed to have some sort of keen obsession to put you under his care and you could only snarl at him when he greeted you.

“Yay now I can die without anyone finding out, lucky you” You snapped and his face dropped.

“I should have expected this, come in Y/N. I’ll show you where your room is” He sighed and turned around, taking the bag you had sat on the ground, before entering the house with you following behind him, dragging your anger and suitcase with you as you slammed the front door shut. You were led down a hall and towards a staircase. You followed the giant man up the stairs and down the right side of the hall, stopping at the third and final door on the left side of the hallway.

“This is your room now, make yourself at home. I’m Choi Junhong or Zelo just in case you didn’t know, come down whenever you want and I’ll introduce you to the others, I don’t think they’ll be going home tonight so take as long as you need” Zelo gave you a smile and you just stared at him as he shut the door to your room and walked away, leaving you alone in the room.

You took the opportunity to look around, the room was simple, it had a double bed and a study desk with a chair, there were white curtains on either side of the window where the sun was lighting up the room. Anger overtook you quickly, though, so your surroundings had no place in your mind and you almost threw your suitcase along with everything else in the room at the door, you wanted to scream and punch all of them but somehow you knew you couldn’t do that.

Probably because there would be six grown men with guns and who knows what other weapons against one girl, who had no strength or weapons right now. The weapons part could be changed real quick, the strength would need a good nights sleep and a few warm ups first. Opting with the throwing tactic, you threw yourself onto the newly made bed, bouncing on the mattress before landing face first into the softness of the pillows and blankets.

“At least the beds in hell will be comfortable” You muttered to yourself, bring your legs to your chest and curling up into a ball of warmth and comfort in an attempt to block out all of your negative emotions. You didn’t know how long you had laid on the bed avoiding the people downstairs and the negativity floating around you. But you were startled out of your daydreams of better places by a knock on your opening door.

“Hey umm, so like dinner is ready and I thought you might be hungry so like, why don’t you come on down and eat with us?” Zelo was back, and he had someone standing behind him.

Mrs Y/L/N gripped the arm of her husband tightly, she was more of a realist than the man in front of her. And though she appreciated her husband protecting her, she couldn’t see a real way out of this without their lives being lost.

Especially not when they were at the firing end of a gun.

She didn’t hear the steps gaining from behind her, she took several steps back, pulling her husband with her and saving the other person those several steps they would have had to have taken otherwise. There was a gun in his hand that he raised when he made eye contact with his fellow gang member, there was a resounding click, the sound of the bullet being one step away from leaving the gun.

The only colour left in her face drained and Mrs Y/L/N became more rigid than she had ever been in her life.

“Don’t shoot kid!” Mr Y/L/N demanded, raising his hand out as a further silent notion for him not to fire.

“Give us all the money you have on you or I take your wife” He muttered darkly and Mr Y/L/N glared.

“I’m walking out of here with my wife and my money” He gripped her hand tightly and there was the repeated slap of feet hitting the ground, several feet hitting the ground coming towards them.

“There they are!” Someone exclaimed, the intruders wasted no time in charging at them, guns raised and bullets flying from the moment they rounded the corner. Mrs Y/L/N screamed, dropping to the ground with her husband as they tried to avoid the bullets. Mr Y/L/N took her hand in his and the two of them crawled along the ground until the were back to back with the dirt covered wall. Bullets continued to rain down on the area and they both shook as they tried to disappear from the war zone. A bullet zipped past Mr Y/L/N and he watched in horror as it wedged itself into the chest of his wife. He let out a cry and caught her in his arms as they both fell to the ground again.

“No thank you” You muttered, there was a look in Zelo’s eyes, one of those ones where he wasn’t going to give you a choice, he just didn’t know how to make that happen without crossing any boundaries. The shorter man behind him shoved his way through Zelo and the door, making Zelo groan in pain has he crashed into the door frame with a smack.

“Daehyun you probably shouldn’t do that” Zelo muttered awkwardly.

“Hey, you bastard put that down!” You exclaimed as the man wordlessly grabbed the handle of your suitcase and took off out of the room as if the ground beneath him were on fire.

“Hey!” You screamed, throwing yourself off the bed and bolting past Zelo and down the same set of stairs the suitcase thief was running down. Zelo followed with wide eyes and you let out what could have been called a warrior cry as you jumped down the last few steps.

“I got your suitcase, I got your suitcase and you’re not getting it back!” Daehyun sang and you began to curse him.

“Give me my fucking suitcase back!” You exclaimed, dumbly chasing him around the table where there sat four men, all turning their heads in sync with their mouths dropped open and eyes wide as you chased after Daehyun like an angry bull.

“Not until you sit and eat with us!”

“So that’s the newbie” Youngjae muttered as if it were some sort of school where the new kid mattered and would be the topic of all conversations for the next week at the least.

“I said give it back!” You screamed and Daehyun dodged your attack, causing you to stumble towards the wall.

“Are you deaf?! Not until you eat with us!” Daehyun continued to yell and Zelo stood at the archway to the kitchen, staring with a slack jaw, unaware of what to do to bring the situation back to normal and to stop you from being angry.

“Y/N, since you’re here, why don’t you eat with us?” You stopped all attempts at getting your suitcase back. The shockingly deep, awkward voice left you stunned into standing by the wall with wide eyes and scowling lips. You looked to who you believed was the source of the voice. Your eyes met with a thin mans, he had shaggy hair that was partially covering his eyes but suited him really well, his eyes looked tired and there were tattoos decorating parts of his body.

The two of you kept a long silent stare between you, but you forced yourself to look away when he used a hand to pull out the empty seat next to him.

“Well, come join us” He nodded to the seat and you stubbornly shook your head.

“I would rather not” You muttered, looking at the others sitting at the table and quickly pushing your way past Zelo. You ran up the stairs and out of sight, leaving your suitcase and slamming the door shut behind you. You didn’t stop until you were throwing yourself on the bed again, grabbing one of the pillows and hugging it to your chest as you turned your back to the door and looked out the window.

“I am certainly not staying here” You deadpanned, it was dark out, you hadn’t noticed how late it had gotten until now, the thought never even crossed your mind when you heard that they were about to eat dinner, but you didn’t care. The quicker they all found their dreamland the better.

You forced your eyes shut and held the pillow close to you. Eventually, you found yourself drifting off to sleep, getting angry had always taken so much of your energy.


It was never strange for you to wake up in the middle of the night once or twice, the need for the bathroom or a glass of water always came in these sort of times. But tonight, you awoke to the feeling of cold air biting at your skin. With slow movements you took your phone from your pocket, turning the torch on and looking at the time.

It was fifteen minutes passed one in the morning, you thought to yourself, at such a late time surely they had to all be asleep. You stumbled off the bed and looked around the room, you hadn’t been wearing a jacket when you got here, it wasn’t cold then but it was absolutely freezing now. Thankfully the door to your room didn’t squeak when you opened it, but you still made sure to close it behind you as softly as you possibly could and tiptoed down the hall with the lightest that you could possibly take.

A couple of the stairs creaked under your weight, your breath would catch in your throat and you would hastily take the next step to bring the noise to a stop. You had made it to the kitchen and there was still no one around to interrogate you, you considered this a success.

You also considered your suitcase sitting by the entry to the kitchen good luck. With haste, you grabbed your suitcase and made your way towards the door. You opened it and closed it just as quietly as you did with the door to the room you were put in. You took this as your win and raced down the front porch and away from the house.

“And where do you think you’re going?” You tried to ignore the voice, you didn’t know who it was so you didn’t care that you were walking away from them at the fastest pace you could muster.

“Hey, you can’t go anywhere”

“And why not? Why do I have to be here?” You snapped, stopping in your tracks and turning sharply to look at them. They had managed to get rather close to you, almost falling in step with you who had already gone long past the driveway.

“And where will you go if you don’t stay here?” He asked in response as you glared at him, the street light illuminating the two of you so you could both dimly see the other person.

“I have people I can go to” You muttered and he gave a tilt of his head as he stepped closer.

“For some reason, I feel like that is not the case, is it Y/N?” He grinned and you sent him a strong glare.

“What would you know? How did you even know I was leaving?”

“I’m a light sleeper, I knew something was up when I heard the stairs creaking, not to mention the front door opening, my name is Kim Himchan” You were too busy listening to his words that you didn’t pay attention to him releasing the grip you had on your suitcase. Himchan turned away from you and began walking back towards the house.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” You exclaimed and quickly chased after your suitcase.

“You won’t leave without your things, that’s a given”

“Give it back” You tried prying his fingers from the handle but he only kept walking, pulling you along with him.

“Just give up for tonight Y/N” Himchan sighed as you got to the front door and you glared as he entered the house.

“Only for tonight” You vowed and Himchan nodded.

“I’m sure you’re a stubborn person” He smiled before giving your suitcase back and walking away, trusting that you would find your way back to your room.

Here is another new series! I really hope I am reaching out to a range of different fandoms with what I have planned, I hope you’ll like this new series as well!

Intuition {S.M}

requested// imagine from Shawn’s point of view where you are best friends with Shawn and his family says you are perfect for one another and he should do something about it

author’s note// all my imagines are going to crap idk if im gonna keep up with this page much longer


I loved her. I knew for a long time that I loved her, but for a good while I didn’t know if that was right. 

Okay, now before you call my crazy, just here me out. 

Haven’t you ever loved someone that you knew wasn’t the one for you? I know that sounds cringey and stupid, but you know what I’m talking about. That one person that you fell in love with, but they were so wrong for you, so unhealthy, even so mean to you, but you fell in love anyways. 

Well, I was convinced she was that for me. I thought she would never feel the same, and I thought that she would never love me the way that I loved her. I thought that she would always just see me as her best friend who was always just there. That’s what she was to me until the eighth grade, if we are being completely honest. We were at the school dance and I saw her in that cheap Macy’s dress with the beads falling off of it, and I thought she was so beautiful. She had been my best friend for like, five years, and I had never seen her like that. Now that’s the only way that I see her. 

And it’s been seven years now, I’m always on tour, and she was always with the kids she taught. She was a classroom assistant for fourth graders, she’ll be an actual teacher in a year. It’s kind of adorable. But we continue to be best friends. We continue to stay in touch even though she is in school and I’m almost never home. And I continue to harbor these absolutely disgusting feelings for her that she probably has no idea about. I’m pretty sure no one knew about them. 

The weird thing is, there weren’t even dating rumors about us. We had been seen in public together a few times, and photos surfaced, but it wasn’t ever,

“Shawn Mendes and mystery woman???????” 

Which baffled me to an extreme extent, but at the same time I’m glad. 

I’m rambling, aren’t I? 

Okay, so summary of the backstory before I get to the point:

I’ve been friends with her since third grade, been in love with her since eighth grade, she’s graduating college this year and I still haven’t told her how I feel, I do the pop star thing and we continue to be best friends, and I’m coming home for a month to take a break from tour and I’m seeing her tonight. 

Okay, let’s get on with it then!

“I’m excited to see you!” She beamed. I could tell through the phone. She was excited. I hadn’t seen her in person in six months, and I missed her more than words could say. 

“Me too!” I smiled, and I knew she could tell that I was. She just laughed a little, and I heard the line click off. I sighed and slipped the phone next to me as I placed my other hand back on the wheel. I was nervous to say the least, because I decided that seven years was long enough and tonight I would decide to tell her how I felt. 

Or maybe I wasn’t. 

I don’t know. 

But I do know who to ask. 

I pulled into my driveway, seeing the exact face I wanted to see. My sister, Aaliyah. I purposefully came home about an hour earlier than my parents get home, so I could talk to her before they got home. She sprinted to my car, waiting for it to come to a halt, and when it did, she ran over to the door waiting for me to open it, and when I did I thought she was going to cry when she jumped into my arms. 

“Shawn, oh my god!” She held on so tight as I let out a chuckle. She was happy to see me, I was guessing. I was always close with my sister. She always knew what was going on. She always knew what I was feeling, and she got it. Sometimes even when I didn’t tell her. “I missed you.” I squeezed just a little tighter, and  hoped she’d never have to let go, so I pushed the thought of having to leave soon out of my head. 

“Yeah? I missed you too kiddo, but I need your advice.” I pulled back, my sister doing the same. She smiled.

“I knew you would. Come on.” She started to go inside, and I followed her. I just left his suitcase in his truck, knowing he would be back out for it later. I walked up the familiar steps into my house, my black boots clonking on the wooden steps. “I’m pretty sure I already know too.” She mumbled, walking into the house, the scent of home washing over me. It almost hurt that I had been gone for so long. I loved this place with everything I am. I instantly walked into the kitchen, seeing that oh-so-familiar tin of blueberry muffins, grabbing one, and sitting at the bar. Aaliyah did the same, and as she sat down she let out a sigh. “What do you need my wise high school kid help with?” She bit into her muffin, obviously incredibly content. 

“Y/n…” I trailed off peeling the wrapping off of my muffin. God, I missed these. 

“You mean your future wife.” She stated non-nonchalantly. I almost choked on that muffin I shit you not. 

“What?” I coughed, trying to form words and get air into my lungs. 

“Shawn, come on. You love her. Jesus, everyone knows. It isn’t hard to tell. Even my friends know. Like seriously, you don’t hide it well. I’ll be surprised if she doesn’t know.” She paused, collecting her thoughts for a moment and it caused his stomach to drop about seven stories. “I wouldn’t be surprised if she felt the same way.” That was seventeen stories. 

“Really?” I choked out, not even trying to take another bite out of that muffin knowing I would probably die. 

“Yeah, really. In all honesty, you really should have gone and seen her first instead of waiting for six a clock tonight and just tell her what you’re feeling. You’ve been harboring these feelings for what? Five and a half years?” She stated, still engrossed in that muffin. 

“Actually seven but..” He rubbed the back of his neck. “Pretty sure she’s at work anyways…” I knew very well she wasn’t. I was honestly just trying to think up an excuse on to why I shouldn’t go over there. 

“Fat lie. Call her, tell her you’re coming over, and then go tell her how you feel.” My sister basically demanded. All of the things that could possibly go wrong, or go right even, ran through my head at about a million miles a minute. No, more like a second. She could say no, she could say that she didn’t want to ever talk to me again since she didn’t want to have to deal with my feelings. She could laugh at me. Or, she could feel the same. She could jump into my arms and we could live happily ever after. And I’d really like to see the outcome. 

“Aaliyah, I know I just got home, but I really have to do something.” She didn’t even say a word and I knew she was fine with it. I instantly got up from the bar and walked out of the door. My courage was rushing through my veins and I hoped and prayed that it wouldn’t just go away. I instantly got in my car, put the key in the ignition, and pulled out of the driveway. My blood was boiling over with anticipation and in that moment I was so incredibly grateful that her house was only five minutes away. Because I was pulling into her driveway before I could even give it a second thought. I took a deep breath, making sure not to think it through again before I hopped out of the car and out onto her driveway. I took long, fast strides up to her front door, and knocked. She had gotten a tiny house of her own, only one story since she hated the idea of an apartment so much. I looked at the white paint that was chipped, most likely from the previous owner. It seemed like forever and a half I was waiting until I heard that door creak open. I looked over, her long legs uncovered since she was only wearing some pajama shorts, her arms pressed against the door frame, those only covered up by a long sleeve purple t-shirt. 

“Hey, you’re early.” She laughed, and god, it was a heavenly sound. Her dark skin glowing in the early afternoon sunlight. “Wanna come in?” She asked. 

“No.” I shook my head. “I just have to say something and then I can leave or stay or whatever it is you want.” I took a deep breath again, and she nodded her head, as if telling me to get on it with already. She crossed her arms and waited. “Okay well, so like this may be creepy but i’m in love with you?” She raised an eyebrow at him. “I am, and I have been for a while but I thought It’d just be better if you didn’t know but… But at this point it’s just sad and I wanted you to know I can leave now.” I instantly grew embarrassed and started to turn away, but I felt her hand wrap around my wrist and turn me around. 

“God, it took you long enough. I’ve only been waiting for you to tell me since what? Ninth grade?” She bit her lip and smiled at me. 

“Eighth grade, actually.”

author’s note// OH MY G O D ITS GROSS I HATE IT WHY DO I EVEN WRITE ANYMORE I NEED TO DIE NOT WRITE also i made the y/n a poc cause freaking every imagine is a white hoe and its sickening. cant wait to get triggered messages even tho theres literally oNE sentence about her being a poc!!!!! bye!!!

Touka: “Are you a virgin?”

Kaneki: “Wh-why would you…?”

Touka: “Because I was thinking you haven’t gotten to do a lot of stuff people do as adults or really even seen much outside of Tokyo so maybe some of Goat our friends and stuff… should at least have a bucket list vacation before everyone carries on with this probably deadly mission.

Kaneki: “That actually sounds… fun…”

And everyone is gone on vacation when Mutsuki comes to :RE and so he gives up and goes home and nothing bad happens as a result.

I'll Be A Better Man Today (3) - Reggie x Reader

Summary: Reggie pulls out all the stops to attempt to win you back.
Warnings: maybe a swear word
A/N: final part to this series! hope you all enjoyed this.


Friday finally dawned; as you crept out the front door you automatically looked towards the kerb. No Reggie. Were you disappointed or relieved? You couldn’t say for sure. Driving into the school lot, you noticed that Reggie was absent from there too. You didn’t know if this was a good sign - your heart ached a little at the thought of him giving up on you so quickly. You told yourself that if he refused to become a better person for his own sake, you didn’t need him. As much as it hurt to fully understand that, it was the truth.

The day went by, and you didn’t see Reggie until lunchtime. He passed by you in the hallway, a smile as big as the sun on his face. Half the football team were with him, but he paused momentarily to cheerfully greet not only you, but Jughead. When Jughead returned the smile - albeit a lower-watt version - you began to wonder if you had somehow crossed to an alternate dimension. Jughead noticed the way you stared at him; ‘You okay?’

You nodded, slowly. ‘Did Reggie just…’ you trailed off, unable to find the words. Jughead had to hide a knowing smile; instead, he just said, ‘you know, he hasn’t said or done anything to me since last week.’ Your eyes almost popped out of your head.
Your best friend nodded, carrying the conversation in a careful, calculated, casual tone. 'Yep. Not one bad word or any attempt at a physical assault. I’m surprised, too,’ he informed you. Glancing back over your shoulder, you caught a glimpse of the raven-haired boy as he entered a classroom. Had yesterday’s outburst really gotten through to him?

You and Jughead found the usual crew, sitting around a table outside. Still feeling off-balance at the revelation that it’s been a week since Reggie had done anything bad to Jughead, you were silent, deep in thought, as you sat next to Veronica. Jughead watched you, carefully. Time for phase two, he thought.

'So, Arch. You nervous for the big game tonight?’ The red-head chuckled and shrugged. 'Nah, Reggie’s been killing us in training, but I think it’s gonna do us good tonight.’ Turning to the three girls, including you, he posed the question, 'You’re all coming, right?’

Betty nodded and Veronica winked- 'as if we’d miss out on cheering for our favourite ginger!’ It was a silly question, really. The girls were River Vixens, and Cheryl would have their heads mounted to her wall if they failed to show up.

You, on the other hand, shook your head. 'No, I think I’m gonna stay home and study,’ you said apologetically. Jughead froze. This was not a part of the plan. He leaned in closer to you.

'C'mon, (Y/N/N), even I’m going,’ Betty smiled at this and reached to give his hand an appreciative squeeze. 'If I have to suffer, you do too,’ he teased, and felt victorious when a small laugh escaped your lips. 'I dunno, Jug. I- it’s - I’m just not sure I can handle it.’ You bit your lip, and Jughead caught Veronica’s questioningly glance. He’d explain later - right now, he needed to get you to attend the football match.

'Betty, tell her she has to come,’ he told his girlfriend in a faux-whiney voice. Betty smiled sympathetically at you. 'She doesn’t have to if she doesn’t want to,’ of course she’d side with you. She was too caring to force you into having to spend two hours watching your ex from the bleachers. Jughead cursed silently. He turned to Veronica, a pleading look on his face.

'I think you should come,’ she told you firmly, 'Show that jerk that he’s not going to stop you from living your best life with your best friends!’ She squeezed your elbow gently. You weren’t convinced. Jughead knew by your expression. You stood your ground all the way through break, and then Jughead lost his opportunity to keep insisting as you had separate classes for the rest of the day. He managed to grab you for a few seconds after final bell.

'I’ll be picking you up at six,’ he said, and ran off before you could say anything. Sure enough, at six o'clock that evening, he was on your doorstep. Your dad opened the door, smiling warmly at him.

'Hey, Mr. (Y/L/N). Is (Y/N) here?’
'No, I’m afraid not, Jughead. She’s gone to the library to study.’

Jughead officially went into panic mode. The match was due to start in an hour - Reggie had no idea he had failed to complete his part of the plan. He drove like a crazed man to the field, getting Moose to pass on a message when he entered the changing room.

Reggie stormed out, face screwed up angrily. 'What do you mean she isn’t coming?’ He demanded, face hot and flushed. 'She’s gone to the library, what am I supposed to do, physically drag her out?’ Reggie considered it for a split second - then came to his senses. 'Go talk to her,’ he begged the smaller boy. 'Please. Just don’t tell her what I have planned.’

Jughead knew it was probably a lost cause. But the look of fear on Reggie’s face at the thought of losing you forever made it impossible to deny him. He agreed, and drove across town to the local library, seeking you out. His nerves were shot, as he whispered your name walking through the many shelves of books. You were nowhere to be seen. He called you - straight to voicemail. Text messages went unseen and as the clock ticked on and crept closer to seven, Jughead wondered if he should just give up now. The thought of having to face Reggie and tell him again she wasn’t coming, for definite this time, twisted his insides into an uncomfortable knot. He decided to go to Pops, and return to the game when it had already started. He actually felt sorry for Reggie - he’d seen how much of a mess he was since you had ended things. For once, Jughead got to see the man you knew, the caring and sensitive side to someone Jughead had always thought was just a meathead jock.

Pop’s was quiet, most people attending the Bulldog match against Liberty High, a long-time nemesis of the school. He leaned against the counter, drumming his fingers across the cool top, eyes shifting to note the time. Eleven minutes past seven. The game had begun. Without (Y/N).

He noticed something in the corner of his eye - a blur of movement. Relief floored him as he saw you, sunk low into your seat, hood pulled over your forehead, sitting in a booth at the bottom of the restaurant. You had seen him enter, and had panicked. When you realised you were spotted, your shoulders slumped in defeat. Jughead sprinted to you, demanding to know why you had lied to your dad.

'Because I knew whatever he said, you’d go looking,’ you explained in a voice that said, isn’t in obvious? Grinding his teeth together, Jughead opened his mouth, but you cut him off quickly. 'I am not going to that damn match, Jughead.’ Your voice was flat, tough as a brick wall. He relented, pulling the half-drank milkshake across to take a sip. Sitting opposite you, Pop himself came down to take his order - his usual, and nothing for you.
A brainwave hit like lightening. He took out his phone and texted Betty.

to; Betty
go down to reggie at half time & tell him to go ahead with the plan

Seconds later, the screen lit up with a response.

from; Betty
what plan??

to; Betty
just tell him that, and video call me when he gets up on the stage

After a moment, he tapped out another text.

to; Betty
i’ll explain later i promise x

from; Betty
okay x

He smiled - then wiped it off his face when he realised you were staring at him, suspicion rife across your features. Pop placed a burger in front of him, and left you a fresh milkshake - 'on the house’ - which you accepted gratefully. You both sat silently. Which wasn’t anything new - oftentimes you both went to Pop’s and sat without speaking, you working on homework or a new entry to your journal, Jughead tapping away at his laptop as he wrote up his novel.

Jughead ate slowly, every so often looking to the clock on the wall, counting down the minutes. You didn’t notice, finding the contents of your milkshake too interesting to lift your eyes from the bottom of the glass. Finally, Jughead’s phone buzzed again. Betty’s smiling face filled the screen; he took a moment to just appreciate his girlfriend and then answered. She came into view, the camera quality a little off, the sounds of the roaring crowd filtering through the mic.

'Hey!’ She spoke loudly, and Jughead asked her to turn the phone towards the stage. Reggie was already standing up by the mic on the stage. In the background, Ronnie was pestering Betty with questions about what he was doing. 'What’s going on, Jug?’ The blonde asked, exasperated, the camera switching back to her face. 'Just go closer to the stage,’ he urged, and handed the phone to you.

You took it, questioningly. Jughead just nodded, and you frowned as you realised what you were looking at.

'Jughead, what is this?’

'Just watch.’

You knew you wouldn’t get any information from him, you resigned yourself to seeing what would unfold. Reggie was adjusting the mic to his height, covered in sweat and mud and looking far too good for someone so dirty. 'Hello, everybody!’ His voice boomed through the field, crackling over the line. Pop heard it, and sent an inquisitive look their way.

'I hope you’re all having fun tonight!’ The crowd responded with loud cheers, and you resisted the urge to turn the volume down. 'As many of you know,’ the football captain continued, 'I have been dating (Y/N) (Y/L/N) for a few months now.’

Your heart leapt to your throat. What was he doing?

'Well, last weekend, she ended things,’ now there were boos, and you felt shamed and embarrassed. 'But she was right to,’ this time, silence met his announcement. 'I have been an absolute jerk towards many students in this school. I think I just got so used to it, and it became a habit. But that is no excuse. I wanted to take this moment to apologise profusely to anyone I have ever harassed or belittled, or just been an ass to. I especially want to say I’m sorry to Jughead Jones. Now, he isn’t here tonight, neither is (Y/N), and I don’t blame her for not showing up. But, if things have gone right, she is watching this from somewhere right now. I hope she is. (Y/N), I am so in love with you, and the past five days have been hell without you. You have shown me that I don’t need to be a jerk to feel better about myself. Every day with you is all I need to be happy. I know I have a long way to go, and a lot of things to make up for. But I promise you, if you give me the chance, I will never let you down again.’

Pop had wandered over towards your booth somewhere in the middle of Reggie’s heartfelt speech. You were in a state of shock. Betty had turned the phone back to her and you passed it over to Jughead. He spoke to his girl but you felt deaf to whatever they were saying. Frozen to your seat, a hand on your shoulder drew you back to reality. Pop stared down at you, smiling knowingly. 'Go and get him,’ he told you in his deep voice. You met Jughead’s eyes. He was smiling.

'You knew about this.’ It wasn’t a question.

'Yep.’ He popped the p at the end of the word; you giggled, still in shock. 'Shall we go?’ He asked, standing up and offering you a hand. After a seconds hesitation, you took it.


The game was coming to an end when Jughead pulled in. You got out of the car, nervous, excited. The two of you stood at the side of the bleachers, watching as the final whistle blew, and the Bulldogs were declared the winners. Jughead could only roll his eyes as Moose, Reggie, and Archie all collided in an aggressive victory hug. Smashing off each other and whooping. Jughead pushed you forward. The nerves drowned out of everything else; you felt rooted to the spot. Reggie suddenly looked around - searching for you. In the shadows, you watched his face fall, all happiness draining out of his body as disappointment washed over. That was all you needed to make your feet move.

He almost missed you walking to him. It was only when you stopped right in front of him, and he kept walking, blinded by his thoughts, that he saw you. He gripped your shoulders automatically as he almost knocked you over, lifting his eyes from the muddy grass to apologise. He paused - you were there. You were with him. All words deserted him. He could stand there, his hands feeling your solid warmth. You were here.

'I can’t believe you did that,’ you told him, a smile playing on the edge of your lips. You were looking at him so softly, so … so lovingly, it almost broke his heart again. 'I meant every word,’ he promised, holding you tighter, afraid you would slip from his grasp should he let go. You nodded, and stepped closer, your bodies pressed together. His breath hitched.

'I know.’

It was only a whisper, but it felt like a scream to him. He dragged you in, lifting you up and spinning you around in a vice grip of a hug, his face buried in the crook of your neck.

'I am never letting go of you again,’ he mumbled against the skin. You felt mud smearing across your skin, but in that moment, you didn’t care. You pulled back, and saw panic flashing in his features as he thought you were trying to get away.

Then, you rested your hand against his cheek, hot, slick with sweat. Your eyes flickered to his lips briefly. 'Reggie?’

The words were so quiet you could both barely hear them, only that you were so close together that your breath mingled with his.

'Kiss me.’

Reggie didn’t need to be told twice. He slotted his lips against yours, kissing you once, twice, furthering the third one by angling your head to the side by curling his fingers through your hair. You were vaguely aware of the River Vixens and the rest of the bulldogs cheering you on. But all you could feel, taste, smell, was Reggie. He surrounded you completely, as you did him. When you broke apart for air, your foreheads touched.

'I love you, (Y/N).’

'I love you, Reggie.’


It was a cool evening and I was quickly walking back to my dorm after a night of studying at the library. I had lost track of time while studying and if I was caught roaming the halls this late, I would definitely be taken and punished by the one and only Umbridge.

I rolled my eyes and anger heated up inside me as I even thought her name. I clutched my books tighter and sped up. I sure as hell didn’t want to be caught by her again. I still had the scars on the back of my hand to remind me of that.

Suddenly, in the silent night, I heard sniffling and soft crying. Concerned, I stopped to try and make out where the crying was coming from.

I turned into a secluded hallway and followed the noise until I saw a first year boy sitting on the bench and holding his arm. 

“Hey! What’s wrong?” I rushed over and inspected the crying boy’s arm, which had blood slowly dripping down it. I had a sneaking suspicion of what had happened and it was confirmed when I inspected the back of his hand. “I will not steal from the kitchen” was carved into his hand and the cuts were deep. 

“This was Umbridge, wasn’t it?” He nodded and sniffled. I took out a tissue from my bag and wiped away his tears. 

“Hello? Is everything all right?” Someone was approaching us from behind me. 

“Who is it?” I called out.

To my surprise and relief, a tall redhead peeked around the corner. 



“Are you okay?” George ran towards us and I nodded. 

“I’m fine, but this first year– what’s your name?” I put an arm around the first year. 

“Thomas.” he replied.

“–Thomas isn’t okay.”

George sat down on Thomas’s other side and inspected his hand. He sighed, like he had done this many times.

George took out his wand and wiped away some of the blood. “Thomas, I think we should take you to Madame Pomfrey.” 

“Are you sure? Won’t she laugh at me?”

George ruffled Thomas’s hair and said, “No, of course she won’t!”

I helped Thomas up and hugged him close to me, wanting to protect him if Filch or any of those High Inquisitors came along. George walked next to us with his wand at the ready. 

I glanced over at George, and he smiled at me and rubbed my shoulder. I smiled back and kept walking until we reached the hospital wing. I knocked not the door and Madame Pomphrey almost immediately opened the door, as if she knew someone was going to come.

“Another student from the Headmistress?” George and I nodded and Madame Pomphrey rushed the three of us in.

“What’s your name honey?” She rushed around, gathering her ointments and such.

“Thomas Albecker.”

Thomas winced as Madame Pomphrey applied the medicine to his hand. I winced watching them, having a flashback to when I had to come to the hospital wing after my detention.

“Y/n, are you okay?” George saw me wincing. 

I involuntarily rubbed my neck before replying, “Yeah, I’m fine.” 

When I rubbed my neck, it was clear that George saw the scars and he furrowed his eyebrows. I quickly slipped my hand back into my pocket.

“Y/n, what–”

“You two should probably go back to your dorms.” Madame Pomfrey had finished with Thomas but said, “The cuts are deeper than I’ve ever seen before so I’ll keep Thomas overnight.” As she turned away, I heard her mutter, “This is getting out of hand.”

George and I looked concernedly at each other before waving at Thomas and leaving the hospital wing. As soon as the door shut behind us, George grabbed my hand and saw my scars. 


I took my hand back. “It’s fine. It’s really no big deal.” George looked sadly at me for a moment before nodding. 

“Why were you roaming around the halls this late?” I asked him.

“Sometimes Fred and I like to walk around looking for kids who might be upset because of Umbridge.” 

I smiled at George, “That’s amazing!”

“Well, we do know that other people aren’t as good as getting away with things as we are.” George laughed, “What about you, y/n?” 

I sheepishly replied, “I was studying in the library and didn’t realize that it had gotten so late.” 

“Well thank god you were there to help Thomas.” 

We reached the point where we had to go separate ways to our dorms. 


“Well…” We both stood there awkwardly, wanting to say goodnight but not being entirely sure how to. 

George finally stepped forward and took my scarred hand again, making me flinch slightly.

He brought my hand up and kissed my scars gently. I held my breath, a little caught off guard. George saw my troubled expression and pulled me close and hugged me. I turned my face into his chest, trying to hold back the tears that had been building up for the past few months. Things were getting harder and more dangerous at Hogwarts, and I hadn’t seen my parents or been hugged like this since Christmas break when we said goodbye at King’s Cross Station. Now that I knew I had someone to comfort me

George felt me leaning into him and hugged me tighter. He kissed my forehead before letting me go. I looked at the ground, waiting for my tears to clear up before I looked back up at George. 

“Goodnight George.” 

He smiled at me before waving. “Goodnight y/n. See you tomorrow.”

i’m gonna love you forever pt. 1

Request:  I have an idea for a story: the reader was engaged to Bucky (they were both madly in love) before the war in the 40s. And then he goes off to war and they never see each other again. BUT she also got into a super soldier program and is actually still alive and gets introduced to the avengers. Neither of them had any relationships cause they felt like they’d be unfaithful. Steve is happy to see her to but Bucky is just over the roof excited? Angst to fluff to smut maybe?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, someone gets punched, 40′s slang name calling.

A/N: This is probably going to be a 3 or 4 part story, I really love this idea and it deserves a slow and deep story line.

Originally posted by complete-fandom-trashhh

~1945-Before the War

4 hours into my 8 hour shift at the local cafe down the street from mine and Bucky’s shared apartment, and I’m already done with the day, I think by boss can tell because I’m just a little on the cranky side, I’m usually very friendly and happy. However, I have a few of these men that just don’t want to take the hint that I have a boyfriend. Have for the last 5 years.

“Yeah? Well we’ve been coming here almost everyday for the past 3 years and I’ve never seen you with a man. You’re getting up there, don’t you think, hun? You’ll need a man to take care of a pretty dame such as yourself.” I roll my eyes.

“Look, gentlemen, I really do appreciate the offer, but I’m not joking about my boyfriend, his name is Bucky Barnes and he probably wouldn’t appreciate some strange men flirting with his woman while she’s at work.” The men bust out into laughter.

“Bucky Barnes? That guy is doll dizzy! You really think he’ll stay with you for long?” Heat floods my face, not from embarrassment, no, but anger. Who do these guys think they are?

“You must not see him very often then, huh? We’ve been with one another for 5 years.”

“5 years, eh? And he hasn’t put a ring on that pretty finger yet? I’d have you married, barefoot and pregnant by now if I’s him.” Okay, I’m officially done with this.

However, it doesn’t look like I need to defend myself anymore.

“This fat-head givin you troubles doll?” Speaking of the man of the hour. Bucky grabs me by the hips, spins me around and presses his mouth to mine in a heated kiss. It’s meant to show them that I’m his and to back off.

The guy stands up, obviously offended by the insult.

“Who’re you callin’ fathead, you active duty lowlife?” Bucky rolls his eyes.

“Alright now, there’s no need for you to snap your cap. After all, you were the one hitting on my lady now weren’t ya? I’d say I’m the one with the right to be angry.”

“You have a new dame on your hip every other month.” Bucky sighs, like he can’t believe he’s even having this conversation right now.

“Look, chrome dome, I know what you’re trying to do, and it’s just not going to work. I used to be pretty doll dizzy back in the day, but once you find the right one, no one else can hold a candle to them.” He smiles and presses a kiss to my mouth one more time.

The guy rolls his eyes.

“Ah whatever, you’ve lost a customer young lady. You can keep the call- girl, that’s all she’s good for anyway, right?” His buddies laugh along with him. I gasp, shocked that that insult even flew from his mouth. How dare he? He doesn’t even know me!

Bucky looks down, before letting go of my waist.

“Why don’t you finish cleaning this table, doll? I don’t want my lady to see this.” I get back to cleaning my table, a smirk coming across my face, knowing what’s about to happen. I don’t see anything, but I hear the punch that no doubt broke the guys nose. I hear people shout, shock no doubt over taking their body. Bucky comes back in the diner, coming over to me and pressing a kiss to the back of my head.

“Thank you for being my knight in shining army, Buck.” He smiles.

“No one talks about my doll like that.”

“You and Steve going to be having your usually lunch date today?”

“Yup, he should be on his way. It’s a good thing he didn’t see that, he probably would have had an asthma attack.” I chuckle.

“Well, now that your grandstand moment is over, why don’t you make yourself useful and go fetch the armored heifer for me.” He chuckles and heads back to the kitchen.

Bucky is such a regular part of the diner that no one who works here questions him coming and going for me.

He comes back with the milk, handing it to me to fill a customer’s glass.

“You know, as often as I’m here, you’d think they’d have seen me by now.” I chuckle, it is true. Just then, the door dings open, and here comes an exhausted Steve. Once he gets up to us, he’s leaning over, panting and gasping for breath. I pour him a glass of water while Bucky comes up to him, leaning over to pat him on the back.

“You ran here didn’t you, punk?” He just gulps and nods. I hand him a glass of water and watch him gulp it down so fast if you blinked you’da missed it.

“Slow down, Steve. There’s not water shortage here, ya know.” He just smiles at me before coming to give me a hug. As tiny as Steve is, I’m still a tad bit smaller than he his. He takes pride in that as well.

“Hey, doll.” Steve is the only guy Bucky allows to call me doll besides him, and I think it’s kinda cute.

I met Bucky through Steve, actually. Steve was at the same movie theatre as I and my sister was, and this punk in front of both of us kept talking too loud and no one could hear the movie, Steve was the only guy who was brave enough to speak up, and he ended up getting his ass handed to him in an alleyway. I just happened to be walking by that particular ally when I saw him getting beat up, and I know a fight is no place for a woman but I couldn’t help it. I had to step in and help him. The man ended up slapping me in the fact, but it didn’t stop me. Bucky ended up swooping in and saving the day, and stealing my heart in the process. A thief and a hero, all at once.

“Well, you boys better take yourself a seat and I’ll get your orders in. Unless, of course, you wanted something different tonight?” They both sit down, Steve across from Bucky.

“No doll, just half a burger for each of us.” I nod and head to the kitchen. We aren’t rich, but we’re rich in spirit, and that’s all we need. I get a free meal every week that I work without missing a day, and I usually take it home and split it with Bucky, sometimes Steve too if he’s around. We can only afford one meal today, and with some of Steve’s help they’re able to get one meal and split it. It might seem like a sad situation, but we’ve become used to it and it doesn’t even phase us. After the burger is done, I ho up to retrieve it, only to see there’s two burgers there.

“Uh, Roy? You made two burgers, I only needed one.” He turns and smiles at me. Roy is the owner of the shop, and I’ve worked for him for 4 years.

“I know, dolly. Go ahead and give them to your boys, you guys deserve it. It’s on the house.” My eyes tear up, and I quickly wipe them away.

“Aw Roy…you don’t have to do th-”

“Hush. It’s no problem, now go.” He winks at me and I smile, taking both the plates before taking them to my boys. When I set them down on the table, they both look up to me with an eyebrow raised.

“I don’t know, he said it would be on the house.” Bucky breaks out into a huge grin and stands up, placing a kiss on my lips.

“Well, I feel like this would be as god a time as any, as this day just keeps getting better!” I raise my eyebrow. Steve looks towards his best friend, smiling. Before I can comprehend what’s happening, or ask Bucky what’s happening, he gets down on one knee, pulling a small velvet box out of his pocket.

My hands instinctively go to my mouth, and my knees almost buckle.

“(Y/N), I will never forget the day I met you. Standing up for my best friend, risking your own safety to protect someone else you didn’t even know. I knew right then and there that you were something special, and that I wanted to make you mine. I was shocked when you actually agreed to go out with me, seeing as my reputation around here wasn’t great, but you looked past that and gave me a chance. And here we are 5 years later, and I hope I’ve made every day since then as enjoyable as I know how to, and I hope you will let me continue to make you happy as Mrs. Barnes for the rest of our lives. Will you marry me?” He opens the box and reveals a tiny diamond ring. I had been trying to keep the tears behind during his speech, so I could see his handsome face. I nod my head furiously before my knees finally give, and buckle. Bucky catches me on the way down, lifting me up and kissing me deeply. There’s an ocean of ‘aw’s’ and people clapping, Steve being one of them. Still in the throws of bliss, I almost miss Roy coming up to us, patting Bucky on the back before pressing a kiss to my cheek.

“Congratulations you two. Now, why don’t I get you guys a couple of to go boxes and you can take the rest of the day off.” My day has just gotten so much better, I can’t believe he FINALLY proposed to me! Taking my two boys with me, and admiring my left hand all the way home to eat our dinner as a tiny family. My life is awesome, but, all good things must come to an end it seems…

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Soulmates pt. 1

Prompt: You have a tattoo of your soulmates wrist on your arm

Pairing: Chris Evans x reader

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

Chris Evans.

His name marked your wrist like a tattoo you wished you hadn’t gotten. Of course, you were lucky enough that your soul mate was famous and gorgeous… But when people told you that, you just smiled because you knew how unlucky it was. Having a soul mate to look for was great, but you didn’t need to look. He was in the movies, the magazines, on TV, and you just sat there and watched from your tiny apartment in the middle of nowhere New Jersey. The unlucky part was that you would never get to meet him. You didn’t even know where you would start if you wanted to find him. He was probably really busy and surrounded by security all the time. You had begun wearing a bracelet to cover his name once the Captain America movies began to come out; too many people had seen and freaked out, you just wanted to ignore the marking.

 Chris googled your name one more time; Y/N L/N. He was 35 and should have found you already. Once again, his search popped up with nothing, confirming that either you weren’t famous or you were dead. He sighed and rubbed his right hand over his beard before going back to sleep. He couldn’t believe how his whole life he had dreamed of meeting his soul mate, and now that probably wouldn’t happen. He couldn’t help but wonder if you knew who he was, if you watched his movies, or if you cared. He also wondered if you did know who he was and didn’t want anything to do with his life since he was always in the eyes of the public.

“Y/N, come on!” Your best friend Rachel called to you. “We need to go; he’s your soul mate.” All week, Rachel had been trying to convince you to go to ComicCon in New York to try and meet Chris. You kept saying no because you didn’t want to get your hopes up just to be let down.

Ever since Rachel had found Brian, her soul mate, she wouldn’t get off your back about finding Chris. She kept saying that her life finally had meaning and that she felt complete… Blah blah blah.

“Please.” She asked once more before you regretfully said yes.

Part 2 here!

Fic update: All I Ask of You

Title: All I Ask of You
Chapter: 18
Pairing: Cullen/Trevelyan
Rating: Mature

Summary: When Josephine suggested they throw an Orlesian masked ball, Cullen never once thought he might attend, much less find…and lose…and rediscover…the love of his life. Of course, with Dorian, Varric and Sera playing meddling Fairy Godmother, he probably should have seen it all coming.
OR: Cullen’s POV to As the World Falls Down.

This chapter: Smut.


For the awesome Aureliana!! Cover by the amazing @cute-ellyna! Interior art this chapter by the awesome @sangosweetz and @staciewilkerson

Best Served Cold

If Obito were even ten seconds slower, he’d have been too late.

It all happens in a blur; the moment he swings himself up onto the edge of the balcony, his eye catches on a slim figure in dark clothes, just approaching the wide glass doors with their covering of steel grills. In the same moment, there’s a spark of red across black cloth, all but invisible in the night. Across the busy street, on one of the top floors of an office building, light dances across cold metal, and Obito doesn’t even try to shout a warning. He hurls himself across the balcony with every ounce of speed he has and tackles the figure just as they reach for the lock.

In the same instant, there’s a muffled pop, and a bullet slams through the thick glass.

“God damn it!” Obito’s captive hisses, but Obito wraps an arm around her waist and leaps for the far edge of the terrace. Another pop, another bullet, and this one is even closer as it slams into stone, showering them with chips of stone. With a snarl of warning, Obito shoves his target around the corner, pushing her down, and whirls to bring his own gun up. There’s no time to aim, no chance to actually hit the bastard when Obito doesn’t have a rifle and scope with him, but he eyeballs it, squeezes the trigger, and dives after the woman as another shot cracks the stone where he’s been standing. At the same moment, glass cracks with a shattering crash across the street, and Obito pushes the target hard, trying to get her moving towards the far side of the building.

“Go!” he urges, and with an irritated huff she scampers along the narrow ledge, grabs a zip line between gloved hands, and vaults over the side of the museum. Obito shoves his gun back into its holster and follows her, landing lightly in the statuary garden behind the building. The woman is nowhere to be seen, but a maintenance gate is standing just a little ajar, and Obito wriggles through the gap, emerging into the lush darkness of the botanical garden that abuts the museum.

“You know,” he says into the darkness, more than a little annoyed, “thank you is generally what people say in this kind of situation.”

“My diamonds,” the woman says instead, a mournful lament, and Obito rolls his eyes as he steps into the small pagoda that overlooks a decorative pond.

Sniper, Rin,” he reminds her, exasperated. “Aiming for your head. Priorities, please.”

Rin drags her ski mask off to pout at him, brushing her bobbed hair out of her face. “Diamonds,” she insists. “Obito, we’ve been casing that building for weeks, and now it’s ruined.”

“But your head isn’t!”

Of course, Rin just waves that off. “Now security’s going to be insane,” she complains, folding her arms over her chest.

Obito is so done with this. “Someone just tried to kill you, and you’re worried about rocks?”

“Pretty rocks. Valuable rocks. Rocks that I spent a very long time planning to steal, Obito,” Rin insists, casting a dark look back at the museum. She heaves a sigh that’s overly thick with regret. “I bet every silent alarm in the place is going off right now.”

“Except the one for a dead would-be intruder,” Obito reminds her, because it can’t be overstated. “If I hadn’t gotten to you in time—”

That at least gets him a laugh, and Rin reaches up to cup his scarred cheek. “Yes, yes, you rode to my rescue like always, dashing hero, et cetera, et cetera. And here I thought you’d heard about our heist and were coming to join us again.”

Obito rolls his eye, though he doesn’t bat her hand away. It’s Rin, after all. “I don’t think assassin falls under the necessary skills to be a white knight, Rin. I’m not a thief anymore. You shouldn’t hold your breath that I will be again.”

Rin rolls her eyes right back, stepping a little away to prop her hands on her hip. “But we were good thieves,” she wheedles, though Obito can see the mischief in her expression. “Remember the casino in Kiri? The bank in Suna? The hotel in Ame?”

Making a face at her, Obito looks away, checking their surrounding so he doesn’t have to face the full force of Rin’s puppy dog eyes. “You know I make as much in one contract as you do in three heists,” he reminds her. “And this is a family business. If you have a problem with me killing people—”

Rin smacks him over the head.

(Obito probably should have seen that coming.)

With a yelp, he leaps back to get out of range, because Rin never stops at just one hit. At the same time, hands close around his elbows from behind, dragging him up against a hard chest, and it’s only a very vivid burst of sense-memory that keeps Obito from flipping the bastard over his shoulder and stabbing him.

“What are we talking about?” Kakashi asks, almost directly against Obito’s skin. It would take a stronger man then Obito not to shiver at the feeling.

“Assassinations,” Rin says cheerfully, stepping forward to tap her fingers against Obito’s chest.

Kakashi hums in acknowledgement, though he doesn’t lift his head. His flyaway hair brushes Obito’s cheek, and Obito can feel the sound more than he hears it. “Is that what that was? Rin, did you get into a death feud with someone and not tell me?

“It was Madara,” Obito says before she can answer. “And—can you let go of me? Hands to yourself, Bakashi!”

Kakashi, of course, does not let go. “Madara?” he asks, and there’s the faintest edge of darkness to his voice. “Your partner Madara?”

Rin is starting to frown as well, and Obito waves his hands as much as he can while still in Kakashi’s grip, trying to get them off this track. “No, no, not like that. He was an asshole so I left to work on my own, and he’s pissy because I’m better than him and he’s only making half as much money now. This was him trying to get revenge against me.”

“By coming after us?” This makes Rin beam. “Obito, you really do care!” she says cheerfully.

“Of course I care,” Obito grouses, huffing and slumping back into Kakashi’s hold. “It’s been the three of us since we were, what, six? You’re not getting rid of me that easily. Not even by getting married.”

Kakashi chuckles, his fingers tightening just a little. “I would have thought the way we fought over who got you as best man was convincing enough.”

And we offered to let you join in on our wedding night,” Rin points out, her smile far too bright to be saying things like—like that. Obito flushes, on the verge of spluttering, but before he can she adds, “So how many times has Madara tried to kill you since you left?”

Behind him, Kakashi goes stiff, but Obito ignores the overprotective idiot. “Ten times?” he hazards, though he can’t quite remember clearly. “It’s fine, he’s a moron who can’t use a gun. All of his stuff is arranged accidents or poisonings. I’m fine.”

“I don’t know,” Kakashi says mildly. “That sort of looked like a gun to me just now.”

Obito snorts rudely. “Yeah, and no offense to Rin, but if I was behind the trigger she would have been dead six times over before she even got to the balcony. Madara’s an overly dramatic moron.”

“Says the man who cried at our wedding.” But there’s tension easing out of Kakashi’s fingers, and when Obito glances back and up at him, he crinkles his eyes in a smile about his half-mask.

Emotional is not the same as dramatic,” Obito insists hotly. “And would you let me go, please?”

Kakashi hums low in his throat like he’s considering it, gaze slipping away from Obito to land on Rin. He lifts a brow in silent question, and Rin’s grin slides back onto her face, her delight clear. Apparently that’s answer enough, because Kakashi chuckles a little and leans down again, pressing his mouth to the curve of Obito’s neck.

Obito stiffens, jerks, and squawks, “What are you doing, Bakashi!?”

“If you’ve forgotten,” Kakashi says, still perfectly mild, “I think it’s about time we remind you.”

“Like a thank you for saving my life!” Rin agrees cheerfully, trailing her fingers down the center of Obito’s chest. “Think of it as a Hallmark card, but with more orgasms.”

One of the hands holding Obito’s elbow vanishes for a moment, and there’s a rustle of cloth. This time when Kakashi nips at his skin, his mouth is entirely uncovered, and Obito jolts and gasps. “But,” he manages as Rin leans up to kiss him, and for half a minute that’s far more interesting than words. Especially when Kakashi’s hands settle on his hips and drag him back even more firmly. When Rin finally surrenders his mouth, dragging her teeth across his lower lip, he groans and tries desperately, “But—revenge, I have to get revenge on Madara because he’s an asshole—”

Rin pouts at him in the way she knows he’s weak to, the witch. “Really, Obito? You’re thinking about revenge at a time like this? It’s been so long since we were all in bed together. Don’t you want to have some fun?”

“You just want to see Kakashi fuck me again,” Obito accuses, and from behind him Kakashi makes a very interested sound and scrapes his teeth over the spot on Obito’s jaw that always makes him lose control of his knees. Obito sucks in a hard breath, eye closing automatically, and Rin laughs.

“This is true,” she says without an ounce of shame, fingers ghosting over his belt. “Can you blame me? It’s been four years. Besides, I want a piece of you too.”

Her light touch turns into a definite grope, and it takes effort for Obito not to whine through his teeth. “But—plan. I have a plan and I need to go—”

Kakashi makes an intent sound against the curve of his shoulder. “Oh? For your revenge? You’re not just going to shoot him?”

“Mmm.” Obito breaks the kiss that Rin pulls him into, trying to drag his wayward thoughts back under control. They all seem to be taking a nosedive and heading south. “I—yes. Yes, I have the perfect plan. There’s this—this outstanding contract Madara has—oh.”

“Outstanding contract,” Kakashi prompts cheerfully, as if he didn’t just stick his hands up Obito’s shirt.

“On a businessman,” Obito forges on doggedly. “Madara was gleeful for days after he got it, because they have history. So I’m going to get there first.”

“And kill him before Madara can?” Rin asks, though her attention seems to mostly be on Obito’s abs as she follows the path of Kakashi’s fingers.

With an aggravated huff, Obito turns, getting ahold of Kakashi’s turtleneck and pulling him in for a hard kiss that’s full of teeth. “No,” he insists, pulling back. “I’m going to save the bastard and keep him alive no matter what, just to spite Madara.”

Rin laughs, pulling back a little. “That sounds like a good plan,” she agrees, and when Obito makes the mistake of looking at her she makes that one face, halfway between sultry and a pout, that always does terrible things to Obito’s willpower. “But it can wait until tomorrow, can’t it, Obito? Or…maybe the day after?” She traces her fingers down his chest, looking up at him through her lashes, and Kakashi pulls him in even tighter, halfway to a hug but with a very prominent bulge in his jeans.

“Oh god I hate you both,” Obito says, and Rin laughs because she knows that’s his surrender.

“You brought your bike, didn’t you?” she asks coyly. “I’ll take the car back to the hotel. Kakashi, why don’t you make sure he doesn’t change his mind?”

“I can do that,” Kakashi agrees cheerfully, nipping lightly at Obito’s ear. “You can tell me more about your revenge on the way. There’s no way that’s all of it, knowing you.”

“Keep implying that I’m a tricky bastard and I’ll prove you right,” Obito threatens as Rin leans up for another kiss. “I just—ah, Rin, god—I can only stay one night, okay?”

“We’ll revisit the discussion at a later time,” Rin decides, and her bright, sunny smile returns. “After we’ve wrecked you the second time, maybe?”

It’s vaguely sort of possible that Obito whimpers.

Maybe revenge is overrated.

The Monster Inside of My Head (Part 16)

Bucky x Reader Drabble Series

Summary – As a young child, you see your parents murdered in front of you. What happens when the monster from your nightmares comes back into your life?

Warnings – Angst!!

Word Count – 979

Notes – Whew!!!  This part was hard to write!!  So many feels!!!  I hope you enjoy the cliffhanger at the end of this one!!!  I’ve been waiting a while to drop this one on you guys!!!  As always, I appreciate all of your feedback and questions!!!

Part 1  

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By the time you made it to the beach, the Soldier had stopped coughing.  You looked up and down the shoreline, hoping to see a village or a boat.  Seeing neither, you turned back toward your companion.

“It’ll be wiser for us to split up and search for help,” you said as you looked at the sun in the sky. “I figure we have a couple more hours of daylight left, so it’s best if we go now.  I’ll head north, you go south.  If you find help, get a message to the team and meet me back here at sundown.”

“How do I know you’ll come back for me if you find help first?” he asked, a wary look in his eye.

You shrugged your shoulders as you turned and started walking away.  “You don’t.”


You were hot and thirsty and every single part of your body ached.  Between the fighting at the base and the plane crash, you were sure that you’d at least bruised some ribs, if not broken a few.  Your feet were screaming at you to stop walking, but you needed to find civilization.  You couldn’t stand the thought of being stranded here, especially with the Soldier. You wondered if he’d had any luck, and if he had, would he even bother coming back for you.  It would be just as easy for him to leave you for dead.  

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abiekisner1  asked:

"I lost our baby" tyler x reader. Please. You're awesome.

A/N: If you’ve never seen Who’s Your Daddy then this probably won’t make any sense.  Also this idea sounded good in my head and I’m not so sure now so I may come back and edit later.

“Hello everybody my name is Markiplier and welcome to Who’s Your Daddy with Tyler and (Y/N).” You both smile and wave at the camera. “Now all of you should know Tyler, if not this is Tyler. Say Hi.” Tyler waved at the camera once more saying hi.

“And this here is (Y/N) Tyler’s girlfriend. You may have seen her in a couple of other videos or heard her in the background and a lot of you guys wanted to see more of her. So here she is!” Mark gestured to you as you waved and said a small hi to the camera.

“Have either of you played this game before?” Mark asked looking across the couch at the two of you.

“I have not, but I have seen clips of you playing it with Jack.” Tyler replied.

“Oh my god you know jacksepticeye?!” You joked dramatically causing Mark and Tyler to chuckle.

“Yes, do you not watch my video’s?” Mark acted upset.

“No I don’t” Mark sulked and made you and Tyler switch seats because he claimed he didn’t want to sit next to anyone who didnt watch his videos.

“But to answer the first question no. I have not played Who’s Your Daddy.” Mark quickly went through the rules of how to play and started up a game, it sounded simple enough. To begin with it was Mark and Tyler as the “Daddies” and you were the “baby”. So far you’d managed to successfully avoid both Mark and Tyler and were attempting to drink the bleach, that was until Mark opened the cuboard door and busted you.

“Found you! You naughty baby. Let’s put you back in your crib.” Mark spoke in a baby voice causing you to huff.

“This game is too hard!”

That’s what she said!” Mark and Tyler shouted together.

“Really guys?” They both giggeld and switched the teams so it was you and Tyler looking for Mark.

“Hey (Y/N). Come here.” Tyler asked you. You left your position guarding the kitchen to head to the bedroom where Tyler was.

“I think this belongs to you.” His character was stood by the desk holding the dildo. You gave him your best uninpressed face you could possibly muster. Mark was chucking to himself obviously pleased that you two were distracted.

“Wait if you’re up here then where’s the baby?”

“Oh… I…. I meant to tell you, I lost our baby.” You turned to face Tyler trying to look as serious as possible.

“Good our baby was a lil’ bitch.” Tyler and Mark collapsed in hysterics so you took the oportunity to run to where Mark was hiding in the oven and winning the game for you and Tyler.

“Wait how did you win?! That’s not fair!” Mark protested still giggling slightly, Tyler had also regained his composure now and lent in to give you a sweet kiss forgetting the camera was there.

“That’s my girl.”

Later once the video had gone up your phone was blowing up with notifications. Looking at Mark’s video you noticed the thumbnail was of you and Tyler kissing.

“I’m going to kill him” Tyler chuckled, looking at the picture over your shoulder.

“Maybe we should have let him win.” You both smile as Tyler leans down to kiss you.

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