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one time i got an ask which was like “why do you headcanon link as a trans girl? like i totally think you should be able to choose your gender but… why”

and the thing is it’s just the facts simply are that link is a sword lesbian, thats just how it is. hylia came to me in a dream and told me that link is a lesbian

I have this headcanon since the Japapanese dub came out that Japanese!Lance would whisper into Keith’s ear something in Japanese, leaving him all flustered 8)

Plus a little omake of Keith unable to cope with his emotions and thus turning Galra <3


(S) at the end of the title is standing for smut.

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character hate in the choices fandom

i’ve been inspired to make this post by some things i’ve seen recently regarding dislike for some characters.

it’s okay to dislike someone!! not every character is going to appeal to you and that’s alright! everyone is different in regards to what they’re attracted to (romantically or platonically) and what they aren’t. whats NOT okay is making nasty and hateful comments about that character.

i’m not saying it’s not okay to dislike a character because that is 100% within your right. but there’s seriously no need to make that dislike known with toxicity and nastiness. there are members of this fandom who may really love that character and content creators (writers, visual artists, ect) who put a lot of effort into making things about or inspired by that character. it’s upsetting to see so much love for a character in one post and then scroll down to see that same character getting called names or being made fun of in really hateful ways. it’s disheartening to those who love / are inspired by / relate to that character. 

from what i’ve seen, everyone in this fandom is exceptionally kind and supportive (save for those racist anons). i think we have the potential to make this little corner of the internet a safe and accepting place (because god knows how few of those there are) where everyone can gush about the things they love without having to see other people stepping on it. and i think we can do that by being a little more respectful of each other’s interests. 💖

What’s this? Some brainfart of mine I had while driving today (it was a very boring drive tho). Some Toonshipping stuff, the hate they shared and the love they gained?

Why Harry is not a bad father in cursed child

So on the Harry Potter amino i had a quite “nasty” discussion (when you can actually call it that as for a discussion both persons actually have to use arguments, not just one person) with a very thin skinned person (when you spread around cc hate, be prepared that some cc fans may actually argue against you, especially when you don’t use any real arguments whatsover) about Harry in cursed child and cursed child in general. He/she made a blog about his/her arguments after i “rudely forced him” to actually give me some things to back up his /her opinion, but well it is actually amazing how you can make a full blog without giving any actual arguments and just keep repeating “Harry just wouldn’t do that” (you may remember my blog about his/her dealthy hallows argument) all the time without using any quotes or explanations.So i made a blog in respond. Well he/she told me that he/she doesn’t care about my opinion, but i wrote and published this anyway!(When i made effort to write it, why not post it on Tumblr as well?)So here we go! As i structured this based on his/her blog, this is the structure i came up with:

1)      Why cursed child is canon

2)      Why Harry isn’t out of character in cursed child

3)      Why Harry is not a bad father

This will be quite long, so be prepared xD

1)      Why cursed child is canon

I heard a lot of people saying that cc isn’t canon, because Rowling didn’t completely write it. It is true that she got help by John Tiffany and Jack Thorne and that she didn’t completely write it on her own. The reasons are clear: She is not a playwriter, she hasn’t done this before and she didn’t think she could pull off a play script on her own.And i agree, writing novels and movie scripts is very different from writing a play script as this medium works different in some ways.

But this doesn’t mean cc isn’t canon. The inventing process was a close cooperation between these three and Rowling had the last say about her characters.

QUOTE: „The collaborators she approved were Thorne and Tiffany. They emphasized that Rowling made sure they stayed true to HER VISION of the characters“

„It took about six months to really map the whole thing out. (…) Jo would say `This feels right, this doesn’t´   - Jack Thorne

„And we didn’t start writing the play as such-or Jack didn’t-until we agreed on what that story was. Jack produced an AMAZING script“    -  J.K. Rowling

Do you really think she would agree on a play to be published, if she would disagree with the things that are in it?

Our queen herself stated that cc is 100% canon and when someone can define canon, then it’s her. She wouldn’t have published cc, if she wouldn’t see the story to continue like this and i trust her to know best how HER characters, she invented, would behave.

So yes cursed child is canon, if you like it or not. Of course you are free to dislike the new developement as much as you want, but just because it destroyed your personal headcanons, it’s not less canon. Creators don’t owe us anything, especially not our headcanons, and this is how she sees HER characters. We as a fandom can’t claim to know her characters better than she does and we shouldn’t, which leads me to my next point.


2)      Why Harry wasn’t out of character in cc

First of all (a point i actually agree on) cursed child is not a novel. It’s not written in Harry’s perspective and we have an objective look at Harry’s character. And no it’s not Albus‘ perspective, a play unlike a novel isn’t written out of anyone’s perpective.We are no longer influenced by Harry’s subjective opinion, but see everything a little bit more objective, especially Harry’s character. I think due to the perspective used in the novels it’s harder for some people to see Harry’s flaws in the original series.

In cc Harry of course grew up and got older, but he still has a lot of his original character traits.

I think a big problem for a big part of the fandom is that they forgot book Harry, because they watched the movies too often. The movies showed a very different and more bland, perfect and boring version of him.

Here are some things movie Harry didn’t do or did different:

-books Harry had quite a temper and anger issues at times. In book 5 he totally destroyed Dumbledore’s office in a big anger burst and he loses control over himself, when he is under emotional stress (sounds familiar, right?)


-book Harry sucessfully uses crucio (yes an unforgivable torture curse) on a death eater and doesn’t even regret it


-book Harry didn’t hide Snape’s book in halfblood prince, because he thought it was dangerous or wrong to use it, he hid it so Snape wouldn’t find it and he could continue using it


-book Harry said pretty mean stuff to Lupin in Dealthy Hallows. When he is under a lot of emotional pressure, he tends to say things to loved ones, he regrets afterwards (sounds VERY familiar, does it?)

There is more, but i stop now. (and no this has nothing to do with the epilouge from dealthy hallows as this scene is in the books, the movies and cursed child). I love complex and flawed book Harry and they did a very poor job adapting his personality to the screen.

Harry is not a „perfect“ human in cc and he never was in the original series. No well written and realistic and relatable character is „perfect“. The headcanons some people create for Harry are simply unrealistic and don’t fit his flawed personality at all. I am happy Rowling decided to stay with her vision of the characters and didn’t give in to the unrealistic, glorified Harry headcanons.

This doesn’t mean Harry lost his amazing and great characteristics in cc!

He is still the adventurous and brave and caring Harry we know from the books. Although he is indeed an office/ministry worker now, he actually isn’t in his office a lot. Harry still hates paper work and he still loves to explore the danger personally instead of reading about it.

„HERMIONE: (…) – thought i’d check whether you’d kept your promise and were on top of your paperwork.

HARRY: Ah. Turns out i’m not.


HARRY: Great, let’s get out there. I’ll get the team together.

HERMIONE: Harry, i get it. Paperwork’s boring…“

He is still the brave, charming and adventurous Harry we know so well and love from the books and he wants to be right in the action. He is also still very caring about his loved ones, but i will get to that at my next point.


3)      Why Harry isn’t a bad father

As i said Harry is not a perfect human being and he is not a perfect father, which doesn’t mean that he is a bad one!

In the play it gets clear that Harry is still very traumatised by the war, the dead people, his parent’s death and his abusive childhood. It is very hard for him to connect to people and to open up to another person.

You always have to look at both parts of a relationship to understand the motives why characters are acting like they do.

a)      Blanket scene

In this scene we have the infamous „I wish you weren’t my son “ line, which so many people take out of context and totally ignore the circumstances of.

The blanket scene is VERY important as it shows the basic misunderstanding between Harry and Albus, which leads to their difficult relationship.

In this scene we have proof of how much Harry cares for Albus. He knows that they distant themselve from each other and Harry wants to change that, because he loves Albus. So he decides to give Albus his most precious possession, the only thing he has left from his mother. It is clear how much this blanket means to Harry and that he wants to give it to Albus shows how caring Harry in cc is.

But when Albus rejects the blanket and distants himself more from him, of course Harry feels horribly hurt. This blanket means everything to him and that Albus rejects his kind gesture, really breaks his heart.

Parents are humans too and they are not immune to feelings and pain of rejection, especially not Harry who always had a bad temper. As in the original series Harry is portrayed very human and realistic in cc.

People who just look at this line out of context, mostly forget Albus‘ line immediately before Harry’s:

ALBUS: No! I just wish you weren’t my dad.

Here is where the essence of the play lies, the reason their relationship is so difficult.

Here lies the big misunderstanding between Harry and Albus. Everyone expects Harry to be perfect. Everyone just sees him as the „hero“ without any flaws, noone sees the human Harry, the frightened and flawed and realistic human being and person.

So Albus suffers under the unrealistically high expectations people set for him and he gets bullied at school. So of course he understandably projects his anger and pain on to Harry. He blames Harry for his suffering, but he actually doesn’t mean Harry as a person, but Harry’s fame and the high expectations that come with it. So with „i wish you weren’t my dad“ deep down he didn’t mean that Harry personally shouldn’t be his father, but that the famous Harry Potter shouldn’t be his father.

Harry of course is heartbroken, because he feels rejected by Albus and the line escapes his mouth. It is VERY clear, that he immediately regrets it and he tries the whole play to make up for it.

And  their relationship wasn’t always like that. At the beginning of the play their relationship is portrayed as very close and friendly. Albus is open about his fears and Harry is as open to him. Their relationship just went in the wrong direction after Albus gets bullied at school. Harry didn’t do anything wrong or different, it was Albus who (understandably) changed because of his father’s fame. We don’t see any problems between Harry and his other children, it’s just between Albus and him. The problem of their relationship isn’t based on what Harry did wrong as a parent, it’s based on what happened in his past and how his fame affects the way people treat Albus. They are both complex and interesting characters, who i can both understand very well. I can see why both of them feel how they feel and i feel bad for both of them. That’s why their relationship is so interesting and amazingly written, because you can understand both parts of this difficult relationship and you are rooting for them to overcome their problems.


b)      Seperating Albus and Scorpius

You can say what you want, but you can’t say that Harry doesn’t love his son and that he doesn’t care for him. Every mistake he makes is based on his desperate need to protect Albus.

When Harry hears about the „black cloud“, he feels such a big need to protect his son that he loses his sense of reality. He never met Scorpius and he doesn’t know him. He just connects the black cloud to Scorpius (isn’t the first time his mistery solving attempts went wrong…Snape and Quirell *cough).

Is it illogical and wrong to do this? Of course! But it is also understandable in Harry’s situation as he is put under a lot of emotional pressure and all he wants is to see his son safe. I’m pretty sure he never really believed in what he was saying. He was so easily convinced by Ginny and Draco and he very easily regrets it and apologizes to Albus for it.


Harry is not a perfect dad in cursed child and like any real parent he makes mistakes, but he is by no means a bad father.

„Love blinds“ is a theme of the play and yes, his love for Albus does blind him. But you can’t argue that he doesn’t love or care for Albus. He would do everything to keep his son safe – he throws himself in front of a killing curse for Albus – and his love and his caring make him a pretty good dad actually. Their relationship started of with difficulties because of Harry’s fame, but he never gave up on Albus and it is beautiful to see them finally finding each other at the end of the play. They finally show their love for one another and Albus can finally see Harry as a human, not as a famous hero. This is why the pidgeon line is so important. Harry admits his flaws and his fears to Albus and shows him that he is human. I love how Harry puts his arm around Albus in the last scene on stage. It’s such a beautiful and hopeful ending to the play.

Thanks @bounding-heart (i always take inspiration for my blogs from your page :))and @mrsellacott (the blogs you posted lately about Harry as a father really helped me writing this!)


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Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader

Request: “3 - Zach Dempsey”


3. “Home is whenever I’m with you.”

Word count: 1.196

Posted: 12th of May 2017

A/N: It is finally Friday and it means that I am posting many imagines tonight! Here’s a Zach imagine to start, requested by my lovely Aja. I am trying to complete her long list of imagines and I am enjoying it!
Anyway, I hope that you enjoy it and please don’t be afraid to send me some feedbacks, my ask is always open for them, even when you need someone to talk to.
I am so overwhelmed for the requests and I hope to finish them before I start my training period, but I doubt it. I am trying my best to write as many imagines as I can in these days though. I just hope that you love my imagines and you enjoy them. Thank you so much.

P.S.: I am not accepting part 2 requests as I have more than a hundred prompt requests in my ask box. There’s a little bit of chaos in my head right now and I would appreciate if you ask for something else, than staying on the same story lines. Thank you.

- G. x

Link: Prompt list

Warning: a little bit of angst.

“Zach, I’ve made myself clear earlier today,” Your recently ex-boyfriend was revealed by your front door as you decided to open it after several loud deafening and annoying knocks. “I don’t want to see you anymore.” You emotionlessly stated, you still had fresh tear stains on your cheeks as you spent your whole day crying on the couch.

“(Y/N), please let me explain.” Zach worriedly insisted as he knew how much he hurt you, although he didn’t want to and he never meant to do it. “You know that I’ve never wanted to hurt you, right?”

“Zach, you’ve already hurt me.” You shook your head as you bit your lip, trying to stop yourself from crying. You were sure that you were vulnerable, but you wanted to put some barriers between Zach and your heart, he hurt you and you couldn’t just let him in like that again. “I heard you and Marcus, talking about some sort of bet.” You explained and a tight knot was being formed in your stomach by the thought of it. It hurt you and you couldn’t not point it out.

“(Y/N), I am here to explain you what that bet really meant.” You heard in his voice that he was trying to convince you. You were hurt and he knew that you wouldn’t let yourself in that easily.

“Zach, everything’s clear to me now.” Your lips suddenly shook as you tried your best to mask yourself, to be strong. You spent happy days with Zach before and then you would find yourself crying over some stupid issues, that was stressing.

The thing really hurt you: you heard him talking to Marcus about some bet and Marcus mentioned your name, as if they were betting on you. You didn’t expect it, mostly from your boyfriend, because you believed that Zach couldn’t do such thing and he would never do anything to hurt you.

You believed it, until he proved that you were wrong. You were having a very healthy relationship, but then you would realize that he was being a gentleman just because of a stupid and useless bet. What a shame, wasn’t it?

Zach surely cared for you, he showed his love and his interest in you. He would listen to your problems, to your thoughts, to your bland jokes. He would cheer you up, when you needed someone by your side. He would sing you to sleep whenever you felt alone or terrified of your talkative and noisy thoughts at night.

He would do anything for you and he was the perfect one because of those factors, but he just broke your trust, he played with your feelings and, most of all, he made fun of you, together with his friends.

Disappointing, right? How did he have a peaceful mind after all these months? How? You didn’t know and you didn’t even want to know.

“(Y/N), you heard Marcus’ version of things. You never heard mine!” He held your hand, but you quickly pushed him away. You noticed that he looked disappointed and unwanted. He felt rejected, because he thought that you would understand him, that you would show a little bit of your compassion, even after he hurt you.

Zach loved you because you were understanding and you never judged him when he did something wrong. You would always listen to his version of things and you were happy that you were able to talk to him of his mistakes, but in that instance? It was hard for you to listen to him, it was hard because your ears and brain were already stuffed with your negative thoughts of him, with his little white lies.

Maybe you were just jumping into conclusions, maybe Zach wasn’t really betting on you, maybe you were wrong and you felt guilty for eavesdropping, but everything hurt you. You had a heavy weight in your chest and you couldn’t swallow your pride that fast. Unluckily.

“Go home, Zach!” Little tears started running down your face, wetting your still-red and burning cheeks once again. You pushed him away, because you couldn’t stand to hear more lies from him.

“No, I am already home!” Zach protested as he took some steps forward, diminishing the distance between your bodies.

“What are you talking about?” You slightly pushed him away, but he was surely stronger and taller than you. The push didn’t even affect him and you hated him even more for that.

“(Y/N), I am already home because,” He cut himself from speaking when he grabbed your forearm and he insisted on touching your soft and warm hands. “home is whenever I am with you.

By hearing those pleasant and sweet words, you cried him a river as the weight in your chest became lighter and it was easier to deal with it. You were flattered and you felt lucky and loved, because he wasn’t giving up on you. In fact, he was fighting even more, fighting to win you back.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you and I know that I never did anything bad to hurt you.” He pulled you into a tight and warm hug as he noticed how broken and sad you were, letting you to pour your heart out.

You let his muscular arms wrap around your fragile body and you leant your head on his chest, letting him to mend your broken heart, to gather all the broken fragments of your heart.

“I’m sorry for what you’ve heard, but I think that you should listen to my version too.” He caressed your hair and played with it as he rubbed your back. You bit your lip as your tears slowly stained his varsity jacket. “Marcus’ truths aren’t my truths. Are you letting me to explain?”

“No excuses and no sugarcoated lies?” You asked him as you tried to assure yourself that talking to him would worth something.

“No excuses, no sugarcoated lies, just the truth, my truth.” Zach assured you as he pressed his lips on your forehead. “I really love you and I will never hurt you.”

Zach has always been sincere and true to you. He was a gentleman, right? Maybe he was saying the truth or maybe not, but you knew from the bottom of your heart that you loved Zach. No one and nothing could stop you from doing it, because he was your life, the love of your life.

People messes up, but there would always be a second chance for the people that we loved.

“I love you too, Zach,” You finally said after a long and peaceful silence. You realized how important Zach was for you and you couldn’t lose him just like that. “so much.” You added with a smiled and you wrapped your arms around him as he hugged you tighter. You adored the warmth that his body emanated, while he felt lucky and relieved that you gave him a second chance. You were finally thankful to get back home, after a long and tiring day of crying.

After all, Zach was your home too and he would always be the one you would come home to, no matter what happened.


Feeling unsettled about not seeing each other. (x)

There’s a theory going around that Seven knows that this is a game, but I think Jumin also knows that.

While playing Jaehee’s route, a chatroom with Jumin opens where he’s talking about a cherry farm. There is absolutely no mention of any games whatsoever.
However, as Jumin says he should rest, he tells you “don’t play the game too late”.
He uses the phrase “the game” meaning he’s talking about specific, even though time and time again I said that I don’t play games.
Furthermore, it’s been underlined. And he’s saying “too late”, showing that he knows about the 3am chatrooms.

If we link this back to when Zen says that he had the dream about MC being a robot programmed to say things, but at the end of the dream they were actually robots, it sort of works. If the characters in the causal route are all robots, imaginary, that Seven created to fill his and Jumin’s lonely life, it would work. If you ever mention 4th wall breaking things to Seven and Jumin they don’t seem surprised. But if you break the 4th wall while conversing with Zen, Jaehee, or Yoosung they generally seem surprised.
Zen even says “Don’t say things like that, you’re scaring me.” When you mention you’re using an app which only let’s you say programmed things.
If you choose “I’m playing a visual novel which has more than two choices” in the chatroom with Seven and Jaehee, Seven doesn’t really react, he keeps going on about money. However, Jaehee says that she does not understand.

There are hints in the prologue that Seven knows it’s a game. When you choose “But I’m not a girl”, Seven says “thenwhydoyouplaythisgane”

It is entirely likely that Jumin and Seven got together to create this game, hoping that someone would play it. Of course that means that the visual novel scenes did not actually happen unless you are with Seven or Jumin, or maybe still, none of them happen. It is mimicking reality. Even if you play the visual novel mode, you are not actually there. If the characters were programmed, the visual novels are just something to keep you interested in the game so you don’t leave Jumin and Seven. It’s as if Jumin and Seven are Cheritz themselves, the only real ones, making you addicted to the game do you don’t leave.

This also means that the reset theory fits in. Only Seven and Jumin know that the game resets, but since they know that the game will keep resetting until you try out all of the routes, they are okay with it. This is probably also why Jumin and Seven’s routes are in the Deep Story. It costs 80 hourglasses to unlock and is a lot more plot heavy. The Deep Story is pricy because they want you to keep playing.

But that’s just a theory. A ga– okay yeah sorry it was long, I just wanted to add a new theory to this!!

Before You Bow Down

MEMBER/GROUP: Kim Namjoon (Rap Monster) // BTS

GENRE: lots. of. fluff. 

WORD COUNT: 4, 784 words 

SUMMARY: Living as an idol is hard. People tend to forget that you’re human and that you have breaking points. They expect and expect and turn their backs on you when you don’t satisfy. But, before you bow down, remember what’s more important: your own expectations. 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: dedicated to the talented, beautiful and hardworking leader whom not a lot seem to appreciate. I love you, you beautiful angel. 

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Nodding, you grabbed an iPad and rushed towards the tall man sitting near the window, a mask concealing majority of his face. He wore an expensive looking watch, rings adorning several fingers. You could see the outline of his glasses as he gazed out the window, hints of blonde hair peeking out underneath the beanie he wore. 

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, sir, what can I get you?” 

He doesn’t respond. 


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↳ Megaman + Street Fighter + Mario Kart
jungkook scenario | make me blush

Could I hold your hand? >> Jungkook
requested by anon
drabble // fluff // 600 words

When you sit with Jungkook, splayed out on the ground, smiling smiles over bottles of soda, sky-watching… when you ask each other strings of questions ranging from: “How was your day?” to “Do you think there are rabbits on the moon?”… when you quietly (no fuss, no ‘no’s) sink into Jungkook’s molasses eyes… 

…these are the most dangerous seconds, minutes, hours of your life. This is when you end up caring too much.

You should stop playing this game – the ‘question game’.

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Re: pizza schemes and PDA

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+ “This is by far the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”
+ “You two are made for each other. Why isn’t it working?”
+ “I’m mad, I’m pissed, but most of all I want a kiss.” “Why are you pissed?” “Because you won’t give me a fucking kiss!”

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader (feat. far too many other people)
Genre: Fluff, pretty crack
Words: 1726 teach me how to drabble
Requested by: @xxwxnder-landxx
A/N: A follow-up of sorts to “Re: roommates and double dates” though it’s not really necessary to read that one.

written for my 600+ Followers Drabbles Event

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But You Have Me // Im Jaebum & Choi Youngjae

Originally posted by jeoncooked

Pairing: Jaebum x Youngjae (2JAE)

Genre: Smut // Fluff

Authors Note: I got 3 requests for 2jae smut so I have combined all three and made one long scenario for you all :D I hope I did well, this is the first time I have written a scenario that wasn’t including the reader. So I still need a lot of practice! Please let me know what you thought ^^ I’d greatly appreciate it.

“Alright guys, get to bed soon. We have a live show tomorrow so make sure to get plenty of rest” Jaebum called to the 5 other boys who were currently sprawled out on the sofas in the living room playing videogames. He heard a chorus of “Yeah yeah alright”, making him chuckle slightly before retiring to his shared room with Youngjae, who was also sitting up close to his computer screen playing his online MMORPG.

“You should get some sleep too, Youngjae” Jaebum said softly, before removing his shirt which left him in nothing but his basketball shorts that he usually slept in. Youngjae glanced at him out of the corner of his eye, trying not to pay much attention to the leaders nicely toned stomach, how neat his little happy trail travelled from below his belly button to underneath his shorts. Youngjae swallowed hard, trying to dispel his thoughts about Jaebum.

“Did you hear me?” Jaebum called out a little louder, causing Youngjae to snap out of his day dream.

“Uhm, yeah sorry. I’m not feeling tired yet, so I’ll just play until I do.” Youngjae replied quietly. It was true, he had great difficulty falling asleep these days and playing games late into the night was becoming his only muse – only problem was it left him exhausted and slightly irritable the next day which was something all the boys picked up on. Jaebum sighed; knowing full well that Youngjae wasn’t going to be getting to sleep anytime soon, before he climbed into his bed which was adjacent to his younger member’s and pulled the sheets up around him.

Jaebum tossed and turned for the next hour, the quiet humming of the computer and the incessant clicking of the mouse driving him insane and stopping him from being able to drift off was slowly beginning to make his temper flare up. He rolled over on to this side to get a good look at Youngjae, hunched over on his chair with his face only inches away from the dimmed screen.

“Youngjae, come to bed.” He said softly, but sternly. Youngjae, unable to hear him due to having his headphones up full blast, continued to sit there and mindlessly play his game. Jaebum scoffed, before exhaling sharply and pulling himself up out of bed and marching over to Youngjae. He placed his hands softly on Youngjae’s shoulders, causing Youngjae to jump slightly at the unexpected touch. He pulled his headphones off before turning around to look up at Jaebum.

“What? What’s wrong?” he asked

“Your clicking is driving me crazy, come to bed now” Jaebum said in an affirmative tone. Youngjae sighed softly, looking away from Jaebum and lingering his stare to the floor.

“I can’t sleep because it feels lonely. It’s why I play games online with other people, I feel like I’m not alone in the middle of the night when I’m awake and talking to them.” He said, his voice just a fraction above a whisper as he slowly looked up at the taller male once more. Jaebum scrunched his lips to the side before moving to squat down in front of Youngjae, studying his tired expression.

“How can you feel alone? I’m here right? You can talk to me. Don’t I matter?” he said, hurt and sympathy filling his genuine words of concern for his friend. Youngjae flinched at Jaebum’s sudden softening, feeling his body fill with emotion that he was desperately trying to keep at bay. How could he ever tell Jaebum that he liked him? How could he ever tell Jaebum that he dreamed of holding him and kissing his soft lips? He would surely reject him and never speak to him again. He would put the whole group at risk of falling apart, so for the longest time he has kept his secret locked safe away in his heart.

“Of course I can talk to you, but it’s not the same. I’m sick of laying alone in bed. I just…I don’t know.” Youngjae replied after moments of silence. Jaebum cocked his head to the side, wanting desperately to help Youngjae out of his rut. He rose to his feet, his waist level with the other boys face, making Youngjae feel embarrassed and turning his head away. Jaebum sniffed, before grabbing Youngjae by his shoulders and pulling him to his feet.

“What are you doing?” Youngjae exclaimed, a little louder than he expected.

“Shh, you’ll wake everyone else up. Come here” Jaebum whispered, dangerously close to his ear. He turned off the computer screen, before pulling Youngjae over in the direction of his bed.

“Jaebum, what are you-”

“You said you didn’t wanna feel alone in your own bed. And you don’t have to. Get in, before I change my mind” Jaebum said nonchalantly, pushing Youngjae into his bed against the wall, before getting in himself and pulling the covers up around them both.

Youngjae lay quietly in shock, his heart racing at the close proximity of his body and Jaebum’s. He could feel the heat of his leaders back radiating against his arm. Thoughts of embracing him flew through Youngjae’s mind, along with several other unholy thoughts as Youngjae desperately tried to suppress them. In that moment, Youngjae felt his body tense up as his member began to suddenly harden.

“Fuck sake…” Youngjae mumbled quietly, but not quietly enough.

“What’s wrong now?” Jaebum stirred from his light slumber, turning around to face Youngjae who immediately turned around in the bed so he was now the one facing away. “Nothing, sorry for waking you. Go back to sleep…” he mumbled in hopes of convincing his friend to drop it and leave it alone. Jaebum lay quietly, still facing Youngjae’s back as he examined his soft silhouette, dimly lit by the gentle moonlight that swam through the blinds. He didn’t know exactly why he was feeling so mellow, maybe it was the comfortable haze of sleep, or the familiar scent of Youngjae so close to him that made him feel at peace.

A few moments ticked by and Jaebum was fighting his will to stay awake to make sure that Youngjae didn’t get up out of bed to return to his game. Just as he decided that it was safe to close his eyes, he noticed the small movements of Youngjae’s arm, moving up and down gently and rhythmically. Jaebum widened his eyes, wondering if Youngjae was really doing what he thought he was doing.

Youngjae, not being able to make his boner go away to let him sleep, slipped his hands inside his boxers to palm his hard erection. He slowly gripped his length, pulling from the base to the tip gently, while slowly moving his hips forward in tiny jutting motions. He was sure that Jaebum had fallen asleep, so he assumed it would be safe to relieve himself.  He imagined Jaebum’s hand in place of his own, pumping him slowly and kissing the soft skin below his ear.

“Jaebummie…” he let out a deathly quiet moan.

“What are you doing Youngjae?” he heard Jaebum’s voice whisper in his ear. Youngjae immediately took his hand out of his boxers as he stiffened his body, his eyes widened as he realised that Jaebum was probably awake the entire time.

“What did you call me?” Jaebum whispered again, this time snaking his arm over Youngjae’s stomach, his hand travelling slowly down his shirt, dangerously close to his boxers. Youngjae swallowed harshly, wondering if he was dreaming or if this was actually happening. He turned around suddenly to meet Jaebum’s gaze which held nothing but pure lust. He flickered his eyes down to his leaders boxers, the obvious tent which had made itself at home in between his legs.

“I didn’t know you were still awake, I’ll go into my own-” he blurted out, feeling his face burning crimson as he fumbled to sit up, before being slammed back down on to his side. Jaebum’s lips found his, making Youngjae tense his entire body, as he felt Jaebum pressing his weight down on him slightly. He pulled the younger boy closer to him, eliminating the space between their chests. Youngjae felt his member pressing against Jaebums, making his breath hitch in his throat as he opened his mouth, granting Jaebum much awaited access to his mouth. Youngjae let the older boy take over, as he felt his hand snake down once more to the bottom of his shirt before tugging it up and over his head. Youngjae shivered at the air hitting his bare chest, before Jaebum moved his head south, trailing his lips along his skin before stopping at his chest. Jaebum looked up into Youngjae’s eyes as he pressed his mouth over the other boys hardened nipple, swirling his tongue around it, eliciting soft mewls from Youngjae.

“Touch me” Jaebum purred, not taking his eyes off him, as Youngjae cupped the older boys manhood, rubbing him through his boxers, making Jaebum grunt in pleasure. Jaebum lay back on his side as he began to tug at Youngjae’s boxers, pulling them down his thighs and letting his erection spring free. Youngjae followed his lead before doing the same to him, before Jaebum took him in his hand, his thumb spreading his friends precum over the tip, making Youngjae pant hard. They both began pumping each other in unison, Jaebum setting the pace and Youngjae obediently keeping up with him. Low grunts and moans filled the air along with lewd sounds of their hands on each others cocks as each boy began grinding their hips in time with their hands.

“Jaebu- I’m-” Youngjae panted, feeling himself nearing his end as Jaebum began pumping him harder and faster, his arm jerking up and down as he moaned upon hearing Youngjae’s soft pants and whimpers.

“Me too” he mumbled back, before both boys became undone, shooting their seed into each others hands, dripping down on to the mattress as they continued to slowly tug at each other. Youngjae let out a loud moan, causing Jaebum to place his free hand over his mouth, hushing him in fear of the other boys finding out about their steamy session. As their breathing began to turn to normal, Jaebum lay back slightly, grabbing the box of tissues he kept close by and began cleaning both himself and Youngjae. Youngjae watched as Jaebum carefully wiped him clean, also rubbing at the mattress in an attempt to stop it from becoming stained.

“I’ll help you change it in the morning. I’ll… I can go back to my own bed now.”

“You’ll stay here” Jaebum said very matter of factly, before throwing the soiled tissues into the bin and pulling Youngjae back into his arms, turning him over and spooning him, resting his head into the crook of his neck. Youngjae inhaled sharply, before smiling to himself and relaxing his body in Jaebum’s grip. Did this really happen? Is it still happening? Youngjae couldn’t help but feel like the happiest person on earth, as he fell asleep in his best friends arms.

The next morning, they both awoke suddenly to the sound of Jaebum’s alarm set on his phone. The two boys looked at each other nervously, before Jaebum let out a chuckle, his mouth widening into a smile as he kissed Youngjae’s forehead.

“No need to look so scared. I’m not that ugly in the morning, am I?” he teased, before rolling over and getting out of bed. Youngjae smiled shyly at the view of Jaebum’s backside as he slipped his shorts on before opening the door to head into the kitchen for breakfast. Youngjae followed suit and got dressed quickly to join him and the rest of the boys.

He entered the kitchen to 5 pairs of eyes staring at them both, all with small smirks donned upon their face. Jaebum rolled his eyes and sighed, pouring some cornflakes into a bowl before sitting down in between them all, completely ignoring their obvious stares before Jackson decided to giggle and be the first one to speak, making Youngjae’s face burn a bright shade of pink.

“So, did you two have a good sleep last night?”

I will never not love Kingdom of Loathing

I know, I know - it has stick figures. It looks ridiculous and childish and what am I even doing.


With a muffled “blahhhh,” your cape suddenly leaps off of your back and sinks its fangs into your opponent, dealing X damage. It returns to your back, and you feel strangely refreshed. You gain X hit points.

Thinking about starting a trimberly/power rangers band au tomorrow? But only if people would read it? Should I?
If yes send me your headcanons 😍 really wanna write something angsty/fluffy about these kids I love them