you should of told us that you had all these


Once he was out of earshot Ryleigh spun back around to where her friends were still standing on the side of the dance floor.

“A little help would have been nice,” she rolled her eyes at the grin Wren had plastered on her face.

“He was cute!” Wren laughed. “You should have danced with him!”

“Are you kidding me?” she gaped at her friend. “Don’t you remember the night you guys came to my place? He came over all angry and told us to keep it down! He was so rude!”

“So?” Wren shrugged. “You still should have danced with him.”

Ryleigh rolled her eyes and crossed her arms as she leaned back against the wall behind her and went back to watching Quinn dance. Wren had no idea what she was talking about, the guy was a jerk and not someone she wanted anything to do with.

Wow, I can’t believe that Jesse McCree and Hanzo Shimada are on the LGBTQ+ spectrum. They personally came out of the game and told me themselves, and asked me to pass the information along to everyone else. You heard it here, first, folks!

All joking aside, don’t let people tell you “straight is the default” or that McHanzo is somehow trash. I mean, my name is Trash, I think I should therefore be the judge of all things trash, which McHanzo is certainly not. I know there was someone in the tags being super homophobic earlier and we had quite a few people let us know about it, so my suggestion would be to block them and make sure their anger/hatred falls on deaf years. There’s no place for that in the community and hopefully that’ll be the last piece of hate we see for a while.

Also, we should fill the tag with really positive things! Headcanons, AU ideas, comforting messages to our fellow shippers. It’ll be a nice way to make the tag welcoming again and to help everyone feel better after seeing the hate.

37. We should not use the Quidditch change rooms for snogging practice.

This one’s all you James. - RL

I couldn’t be more proud than I was at that moment. - SB

No regrets. - JP

So THAT’S what you were doing! I was looking for you, and Sirius told me you were getting to first base. But when I asked what that was, he said it was a baseball thing, so I had to look it up at the library, but, nothing I read was really making sense (because why were you playing an American Muggle sport?) so I’m glad to have some clarification on the matter. You weren’t ACTUALLY playing baseball, that was just a euphemism for snogging. - PP

Wow. - SB

I literally don’t know how to respond to this. - JP

“I don’t know what to do, Tae,” Jimin fisted a hand through his thick brown hair and sighed. “The model didn’t show up but the photographer says we have to pay him anyway, for wasting his time or something, and if we pay him now then we’re not gonna be able to afford to pay him when we do get a model to come. I told you we should have let Joonie and Jin help but, no, you just had to prove that we could do things on our own. And now look at us, no model, no photos and your useless ass isn’t even answering the phone.” Jimin paused to glance through the dusky window of the tattoo parlor that his best friend insisted they buy. The photographer waiting inside noticed his gaze and dropped a pointed look to the watch on his wrist. Jimin frowned and turned away, “I know you’re gonna tell me not to worry and that things will work out and all that, but I’m not like you, Tae. I am worried and…” Jimin trailed off, his eyes locked on the slouched figure emerging from the coffee shop across the street. “Actually never mind. I’m still kicking your ass whenever you decide to show up, but I think I found the answer to our problems.”

Jimin ended the long winded voicemail to his best friend and shoved his phone in his pocket, darting across the street without bothering to check for traffic.

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Broken Record

Requested by: @sophiiev :)
Prompt: #66 “That’s cool, you’re entitled to the wrong opinion.” (Morgan x Reader)

Originally posted by toyboxboy

‘Here she goes again,’ Reid announced as he dropped the drinks on the table in the centre of the room, before you and Morgan entered.

The team was taking a little “break” to have lunch as you kept discussing the case. Morgan, Reid and yourself had been in charge of getting the food for everyone. In the car ride back from the store, Reid had shared one his many fun facts –this time about music and how we tend to associate certain songs with specific moments in our lives–, which had caused an argument to spark between you and Morgan.

‘All I’m saying is that you should at least hear me out,’ you told him, pleading with your eyes as you put the paper bags on the table next to the drinks.

Everyone just rolled their eyes and went to grab their orders. They were used to you… being you. Just like Reid needed to spew facts about life itself, you needed to give your opinion on any and every topic. Most times it led to some kind of thought-provoking discussion; on a few occasions, like this one in particular, it led to an argument.

‘And I have! All the way from the fast food place to this very room,’ Morgan said as he collapsed on a chair, sharing a look with the rest, asking for their help.

Instead, what he got from the team was silence; each member pretended to be incredibly interested in their food. They did not want to meddle and then be caught in the line of fire. They did actually loved your young yet inquisitive nature since it complemented well with the type of job they had. The breakthroughs that had helped them to solve quite a few cases were a direct product of your endless string of questions and the fact that you refused to let go of a theory even when it got shut down.

It did, however, get annoying sometimes.

‘And?’ you asked as you opened your own container of food and popped a fry in your mouth.

‘And nothing. I won’t continue this pointless argument while we’re in the middle of a case,’ he tried to put an end to it.

‘Fine,’ you agreed reluctantly. ‘Let’s continue with the case.’

Everyone sighed in relief, and then theories were thrown around the table. You had to admit that, as much as you loved a good debate, that one could wait until after the case.

And it did. You managed to suppress the urge to bring up the topic again until you were sitting next to Morgan on the jet. He should’ve known better than to say nothing when you sat there.

‘So,’ you said suddenly before he put on his headset.

‘Mm?’ was his only response. He was distracted trying to find a good album for the journey back home.

‘Are you going to admit that power metal is in fact better for storytelling than hip-hop or…?’

‘Oh, my God, are you still on that? Why do you always get so fixated on such things?’ he leaned away from you to create as much distance as possible to look at your face properly.

‘What? You told me you didn’t want to discuss it during the case, and I get it, you were right about that. So now that we’re finally going home, I want to know your answer,’ you shrugged. Your point sounded perfectly reasonable to your ears.

‘You’re insane,’ he concluded as he went to put on his headset. Once more, he should’ve known better. You stopped him halfway through.

‘Come on, Morgan! When you start an argument, you need to finish it. It’s a simple matter of-’

‘Principles!’ the entire team finished for you.

‘See?’ you smiled. You knew you were being pushy, but you really wanted your answer.

‘Fine!’ he threw his hands up in the air. ‘I think hip-hop is a much better way to tell a story. Are you happy now?’

His tone was one of frustration, but you didn’t care. You gave him your honest opinion.

‘Hey, man, that’s cool. You are entitled to the wrong opinion,’ and with that, you moved to another seat, grabbed a book and left him there with his mouth hanging open as the team snickered and a few shook their heads.

The nerve! He was going to prove his point to you if it was the last thing he did.

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You guys got separated? I was on the bus and then I got off the help and she didn’t see me. How do you know if she made it? I don’t know. But Hershel, Maggie’s father, was a great man. And he told me all I had to do was believe, and that’s what I’m gonna do. Neither one of us should be alive, right now. She got out, so you’re gonna help me find her. Things aren’t over. They’re not over. I want to believe that. I want to. You have to.

“I think,” said Cosette quietly, “that we should get a house of our own.”

It was the first words she had spoken directly to Marius in days. He startled, heart pounding fast, hopeful and fearful all at once, and only managed to answer a weak “oh?”

“I was yearning yesterday for our bench; for the garden; for you.” Cosette told him. She was frowning a little, as if she was concentrating, or perhaps unsure. “But was that you? I thought we had told each other everything, in those days; I thought I knew your soul better than mine.”

“Cosette -”

“But it turned out I didn’t truly know either of us, and then I got angry and sad again. I couldn’t handle the thought of those memories being tarnished by the recent events.”

“Anything you want is yours,” said Marius, getting up quickly. “A house, consider it done. You will chose everything about it, anything that might please you -”

A shadow fell upon Cosette’s face.

“I was rather hoping we would choose all of this together.” She looked down a moment as Marius stood near her, frozen, and then she breathed out slowly: “if it is not right for you to make decisions for me, then it is not right for me either. You used to talk a lot about equality, Marius, and see, I was listening, despite what you thought: i want us to be equal in everything. Especially in this, perhaps.”

Marius’s words stayed on his tongue, heavy. There was too much to say, and too little that would actually matter to Cosette right now. It struck him suddenly, all over again, how much he adored her; how lucky he was, to have her; how awful he had behaved, and with very little excuses, in hindsight. How close he was to completely lose her (the thought was horrifying, and woke him up at night still; losing losing losing. He couldn’t -)

He swallowed back his feelings, and sat instead on the couch next to his wife. His hand brushed almost shyly against hers, and when she didn’t move away, he carefully raised her fingers to his mouth to kiss them.

“Of course,” he said. “Of course.”

Cosette’s smile, when it came, was fragile but softer. She put her free hand on Marius’s cheek.

“I will even announce the news to your grandfather myself, if you’d rather.” She told him. There was a trace of teasing in her voice that made Marius’s lips curl up too.

“Together,” he told her. “We’ll do it together.”

anonymous asked:

Mafia!AU Tsukishima and Kageyama when their civilian s/o caught them during their job and it turned out that they have known that they're part of a mafia group because she used to be a mafia member too? She used to be the hacker/doctor

Tsukishima Kei

  • He should have been more careful when hiding his gun stash, but it wasn’t his fault that you stumbled upon the secret room behind the bookcase (classic Tsukki).
  • And when you confronted him about it he was fully prepared to lie, already having a cover story formed just for this purpose. He should have known better, but he wasn’t prepared for what you told him next.
  • How could he of all people not have known that you used to be involved with the mafia? He knew he should have had Ennoshita do a background check when he had the chance.
  • You’re the one he comes to if he gets wounded during a mission or he just wants money to be transferred to his bank account (Mafia Tsukki likes living comfortably, what can I say).

Kageyama Tobio

  • He never really paid any mind to anyone in the other mafias besides the targets he was ordered to kill. That’s probably why he never knew of your affiliation with the mafia.
  • He mentally cursed himself as he came in through the front door only to find you sitting in the living room idly cleaning his guns with a smile on your face. You with a gun? He knew he was fucked.
  • You wondered why he didn’t come clean sooner, but he could say the same thing when he found out you used to be the doctor and hacker for Shiratorizawa. They were notorious and not easy to break free from.
  • From then on Asahi doesn’t get a chance to treat his wounds when he’s hurt. He doesn’t really like to be touched as it is, but he’ll deal with it as long as it’s you.
  • He begs you not to do a background check or hack him because then you’ll discover the most embarrassing parts of him. Like you haven’t already. ;)

A/N:Hey guys!I’m alive!Sorry for the inactivity

Eveybody was gathered and she was ready. Ready to say it. Besides, it was not that difficult, was it? There were only three words.

They were waiting for her to speak because they were curious to know why she had told each one to come over.

“So,what are celebratin Y/N?” Asked Arno.

“It’s not exactly a celebration. It’s…An announcement, yeah an announcement!” She stated. All eyes were on her now. The murmurs stopped. Y/N sat on her couch next to them and took a deep breath.

“So…” She started. ”I don’t know how to say it to be honest.“

“Should we.. You know, be worried?” Asked Jacob.

“‘Cause if you need us to kick somebody’s ass, we’re more than happy to do it for you,” said Edward, ready for everything. Altair and Ezio nodded.

“We can always talk to them first, Father.“ Stated Haytham.

“Do you hear what I hear? For the first time in his life the Grand Master wants to negotiate rather than kill? You are obviously trying to seem all good and with manners because of your father’s presence.” Scoffed Connor, giving Haytham an angry look.

Desmond tried not to choke because of the laughter he’d been trying to hide.

Haytham opened his mouth to speak but Y/N didn’t let him continue the pointless discussion.

“Hey! You can talk about Haytham’s morals later!”

“Are you ever going to tell us why we are all here today?” Asked Altair and sighed.

“Right! Sorry… Well… I…” She hesitated. How were they going to react? Were they going to say ‘good job’ or ‘what the hell Y/N’? But it was too late. No (further) time left of thinking. “You…” Insisted Ezio. “Ok fine! I’m pregnant. I’m pregnant! Oh god I’m pregnant, that’s so awesome!” She said realising the meaning of her words. Everyone was shocked. Their mouths had created a huge'o’. For a couple of seconds they just kept looking at each other, eyes wide open. Y/N thought she had just told them the wrong way and so, she frowned.

“Sweet Jesus this is amazing!” Whispered Desmond.

“Our lass is pregnant!” Edward shouted suddenly.

And that was when they started clapping and shouting ‘congratulations’. A big smile was created on Y/N’s lips as she saw each one (individually) coming towards her. They hugged her and wished her the best.

“If it’s a boy,name him Leonardo!” Ezio’s proposal was pretty interesting.

“Why should she call him Leonardo? George is a better name.“Said Jacob, poking Ezio.

“And what if it’s a girl?”

“Then Y/N…Well…We can call her Y/N junior!“Said Arno. She laughed.

“You didn’t tell us the baby’s father though…”

“Well, master Haytham, if you insist on knowing the father then I’m in the position of telling you that it’s David.” Y/N smirked. Haytham didn’t like ‘that David guy’ despite his attempts to change his mind. “Well…Good…At least it’s him…” He simply stated.

“Come on! Group hug!” Shouted Arno. “Come over here Haytham!I know you like hugs!” Said Shay between laughs.

“Oh fine."Haytham groaned and joined the embrace. Yeah.It went better than Y/N thought. A lot better!

Ohio Gothic

- They say you can see for miles if you get up on top of the biggest hill in town. They’re right, and you immediately regret testing it. You have nightmares for weeks afterwards. You should have listened when they told you to stay away from the hill.

- A train whistle wakes you up every night at 2 am. It must be right outside your window - you can feel the bed shaking as it thunders past. But the only tracks nearby haven’t been used in over 50 years.

- There’s a small patch of mold on the ceiling above your desk. Above all your desks - school, work, even at home. You scraped off the one at home one night, and found that it had tripled in size everywhere else the next day.

- There is fog covering the low valleys in the early mornings of summer and fall. It’s so thick, you can never see the ground below, and looks almost sturdy enough to walk on. You never mention that time you saw the neighbor boy actually doing it.

- “Knee high by the Fourth of July!” They tell tourists and out-of-state-ers that it refers to corn growing. You do, too. You know that if you tell them the truth, they would leave and never return, and the crops would not be as plentiful.

- The Cuyahoga River caught fire once, back in the day. Only once, but you swear sometimes that you can smell the thick smoke and see flames dancing on water as you cross over the bridge into Kent.

- The man who works at the butcher shop claims to be from Ohio, but the accent is all wrong. Your mother says darkly that he is from Cincinnati and that you are never to turn you back on him. The meat you buy there looks less like it was cut and more like it was ripped out of the cow.

- There is a buckeye tree growing in your yard. It is in the way for the swing set you want to put up. You decide that the swings aren’t that important after all. You dare not touch the buckeye tree. Your best friend was never the same after they tried to climb the one in their yard.

- There are four Ohio State University shirts in your closet. You don’t know how they got there. You don’t know where the OSU Christmas tree ornaments came from either. All of your clothes are scarlet and gray during football season. You don’t question it.

- It is snowing. It is always snowing. You can’t remember what the sun looks like, or the grass. All there is are cloudy gray skies and snowdrifts. The ones in the parking lot at Target are bigger than your house, and every day they seem closer to the store entrance.

- A stray cat wanders the neighborhood. You were warned to never go near it as a child. They call it the Sewer Kitty. You saw what it becomes down in the sewers one time. You were scared to use the bathroom for months afterwards.

- They tell you that your graduating class is the biggest in years. You frown, thinking back to when you were younger and were told your class was one of the smallest. When you try to ask your friend about it, she shakes her head silently and refuses to look in the shadows.

- The local pizza shop is dirty and smells funny, the sauce is so much more red than any of the other places, and kids regularly go missing from the nearby local elementary school, but you can’t stop ordering from them.

- The apple orchards are lovely in the fall, all bright colors and sweet smells. You can never find them at any other time than a few weeks in October. Your mother just wakes you up one morning and announces you’re going to get apples. You pick a few on your own and tell yourself that the dark red liquid that drips down your hand from the fruit is just sap.

Greek Week-Part Eleven

A/N: So it’s the last official part! There will be an Epilogue next week though so there’s no need to worry too much! Thank you all so much for the positive feedback, I hope this lives up to all of your expectations.

Prologue, Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten, Part Eleven, Epilogue

word count: 1302

You spent the entire day debating whether you should go.

Roxana had helped at first. The second you’d gotten home and told her about what Michael had said, she’d been on the phone to Ashton demanding he told her the truth and nothing but. Once he’d confirmed Michael’s statement, and gone in search of Luke so he too could assent that Calum hadn’t used you, she’d hung up and told you it was your choice. And so whilst you paced around your room, struggling to decide whether or not you should attend the soccer match, she did nothing but sit on your bed, telling you the decision was yours.

“You aren’t helping!” You moan, spinning to pout at her. “Rox, tell me what to do.”

“It’s your heart Y/N. I can’t dictate whether or not you should be with him.”

“Okay but before last night you were ready to kill him.”

“Only because he broke your heart. I’ve always liked Calum, regardless of you and him being, you and him. He shares his food when I go round.”

“Oh so I should be with him because he gives you snacks?”

“No. You should be with him because you like him and he likes you.” She tells you smugly, watching you sigh in defeat. “Not that I’m telling you what to do because I’m not. I’ll support you either way.”

It had taken three further pep talks from your fellow seniors in Omega Chi, and Roxana muttering about how you were the one who had given him the chance, to finally convince you to go. Roxana agreed to go with you, her arm linking with yours as you approached the stands around the pitch.

“We’re meeting Ash, Luke and Mike.” She tells you, earning a quick nod in response. “He doesn’t know you’re here.”

“Why?” You ask, Ashton catching your eye and waving. You notice Luke and Michael beside him, both talking to their girlfriends. “They didn’t tell him?”

“Y/N, until I actually got you out of the door, I wasn’t sure you were going to come.” She sighs, squeezing your arm a little. “No point getting his hopes up if you then bailed.”

“Right. Makes sense.” You nodded as you finally reached the others, all of them grinning at you. “Hey.”

“Knew you’d turn up.” Luke smirks at you, ignoring the way Ashton and Michael roll their eyes. “You got the same look in your eyes around him that he did around you.”

“That makes no sense.” Ashton scoffs as he pulls Roxana to his side.

“Neither does the fact that you and Rox keep claiming you’re only friends with benefits, but we aren’t complaining.”

“Fuck you Hemmings.”

“You’ve got Rox for that.”

You don’t hear any more of their argument, Michael grinning at you as he motions to the seat between him and Rox. You take it gladly, smiling back as he knocks your knee with his. Everyone winces as the speakers send a loud squeak across the crowd, before the commentator’s voice begins to read off the list of the opposing teams’ names. You bite your lip as he switches to the home team, the shouts on your side louder and louder as each player jogs out.

“And their team captain, Calum Hood!”

It’s a giant cheer that erupts through the crowd at Calum’s name, everyone standing as he follows his teammates onto the pitch. His eyes begin to scan the crowd, his shoulder’s tense as he clearly searches for someone, searches for you.

And then his eyes find yours.

His entire being lights up the second he finds you, a face splitting grin taking over his features. You see him visibly relax and you can’t help the smile that takes over your own features at the sight. Rox nudges your side but you ignore her, grinning as he winks at you before joining the rest of his team.

You were on edge the entire game.

You didn’t take your eyes off of Calum the entire time. You barely registered it when the other team scored, instead focused on the way Calum’s eyes narrowed in concentration as he rethought his plans. When he scored just before half time, your cheer had definitely been the loudest, and he’d blown a kiss to you with a smirk as the celebrations broke out. Half time came and went, Michael telling you Cal would be too busy with game plan to talk. The entire second half you were on edge, barely blinking as your eyes followed Calum. The air was tense as the final minutes of the game ticked by, the score two all.

And then Calum scored again.

It was moments before the ref blew his whistle, and the screams were deafening, but all you could see was him. The way he absolutely beamed as his teammates jumped on him, the final whistle meaningless as everyone celebrated the victory. You watched as he shook the other captain’s hand, retreating to the changing rooms with a final kiss blown in your direction. The crowds evacuated the stands, talks of celebratory drinks at various places, not to mention the party Alpha Sigma Phi were throwing. You didn’t hear any of it though, allowing Michael to push you towards the changing rooms.

“I’ll let him know you’re waiting.” He grins, darting into the room leaving you with Eleanor.

“I’m glad you guys are working out.” You grin at her, earning a grin in return. “Michael’s a great guy.”

“So is Calum.” She smiles, just as Michael returns.

“He’ll be out in a sec.” He assures you, grabbing Eleanor’s hand. “See you back at the house.”

They leave you alone then, waiting for Calum to come out. You bounce on the balls of your feet nervously, smiling as his teammates pass you with nods of acknowledgement. It feels like a lifetime has passed by the time Calum is standing in front of you.

“You came.” He grins, his bag at his side. You can’t help but smile back, stepping towards him as he does the same.

“I wanted my underwear back.” You shrug, Calum’s smile somehow growing.

“I told you Angel.” He smirks, dropping his bag so he could wrap his arms around your waist. “No chance.”

“Guess I’ll have to steal your hat back then.” Your sigh is playful as your arms go around his neck, fingers playing with the curls at the nape of his neck. Calum raises an eyebrow. “If you’ll let me.”

“Take it. Take everything. It’s all yours.” He nods, making you smile. “Y/N, I can’t tell you how sorry I am-“

You cut him off by placing your lips on his, Calum kissing you back instantly. It only lasts a moment before you’re both smiling against each other, pulling back so your foreheads touched instead.

“About that trial.” You start, eyes finding his. “You didn’t blow it. It was my fault. I should have heard you out.”

“Does that mean you’ll be my girlfriend?”

You smirk up at him, pulling his lips to yours as you nod. Calum smiles the whole time, unable to stop as he presses kisses all over your face, causing you to laugh.

“I think you’ve waited long enough.” You agree, pulling away and lacing your fingers with his. “Now come on, we have a party to get to. You did just win the game, after all.”

“Good job I’ve got an Angel as a good luck charm, eh?”

“Don’t flatter yourself Hood, I just didn’t want to break my promise about you coming to admire the Greek Week trophy, you know, since you lost. Again.”

“And here I was thinking we were having a nice conversation.”

Calum’s smile is enough to assure you he’s joking.

And it’s one you don’t think you’ll ever get enough off.

Sirius Black Imagine: “Getting you back”

Hi! Can you do please a Sirius black imagine where he is stressed because of his family and he take it out on the reader ( his girlfriend ) and they fight and then they make up with the help of the others marauders. Thank you !!

Requested by @mady-malek

“Hi, Sirius! Do you want to take a walk with me?” you cheerfully asked your boyfriend, hoping he’d say yes. Lately he seemed to make up excuses for everything and you didn’t spend as much time as you used to. Actually, he had been pushing you away all week. And you missed him. You missed him so much.

“Not now, y/n.” he shrugged. Your expression sobered.

“Not now? You’ve been refusing to spend time with me all this week. Well, enlighten me then! When do you think you should hang out with your girlfriend?” you snapped, fed up with his behavior.

“I told you not now” he repeated. Signs of anger started to appear on his handsome face.

“There’s something wrong with you, Sirius. You can tell me. I care for you, you know?” you patiently replied. As if to reassure him, you took his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

However, he pushed you away roughly and turned to leave.

“You’ll ignore me now?” you asked in astonishment.

“Just leave me alone, ok? I don’t want to talk to you!” he snarled.

Hurt was evident in your y/e/c eyes and in your voice: “I’m your girlfriend. I am supposed to help you when you don’t feel well. And you clearly aren’t well”

“Then maybe you shouldn’t be my girlfriend anymore!” he shrieked.

“What? Are you breaking up with me?” you demanded.

“So what if I am?” he retorted.

“You know what? I’m tired of following you like a puppy, always trying to talk to you and to make you feel better, only to be met with your ingratitude and harsh words. That is if you aren’t ignoring me. I deserve better, Sirius. Goodbye”

You hurried to your common room before your now ex-boyfriend could see tears streaming down your face. On your way, you ran into someone. Both of you fell.

“I’m sorry” you stood up immediately and made a move to leave, but the voice of the one you had crushed into stopped you.

“Y/n? Are you crying? What’s happened? Do you want me to get Sirius?”

It was Peter Pettigrew. You turned to face him and told him: “I don’t want to see Sirius anymore, Peter. He wants to be left alone anyway. I’m sorry, but I have to go”

With that said, you kept running towards your bedroom, still crying.

“Prongs! Moony! Have you seen Padfoot?” Peter asked.

“No, mate. We thought he was with you.” James answered. Peter frowned and explained: “On my way here I ran into y/n. She was crying and she said she didn’t want to see Sirius”

Before he could add anything else, Sirius arrived and sat with them. He looked broken.

“I’m the most stupid guy of this school”

His friends exchanged looks of preoccupation. “Does it have to do with y/n?” Remus inquired gently. Sirius held his head up with wide eyes: “How do you know?”

“I saw her crying, Padfoot. She looked heart-broken.” Peter said.

“What’s happened?” Remus wondered.

Sighing, Sirius told them everything.

“You have to take her back, Padfoot.” Peter claimed.

“I wish. I really screwed up this time…”

“You’re not alone. We’ll help you. That’s what friends are for” James stated while Remus and Peter nodded smiling. “Here’s what you have to do…”

You woke up with bags under your eyes due to your lack of sleep. You had been thinking about Sirius until late. Needless to say, it had been a restless night. When you got up you saw your favorite flowers with a note. Frowning, you took it and read: I’m sorry. It wasn’t signed, but you could have recognized his handwriting anywhere. What the bloody hell did he think he was doing? Did he believe that a few flowers would do the trick? He should have thought twice. You took the flowers and went to the Great Hall to have breakfast. When you spotted Black, you approached him and threw the flowers at his face.

“What the bloody hell!” he cried out.

“That’s exactly what I thought this morning, Sirius. What the bloody hell do you think you’re doing? Did you really think I’d come back to you after everything that’s happened and forgive you just because you decided to give me some stupid flowers? Just forget me. Don’t make it any harder.”

“Y/n! Wait!”

You ignored him all day.

This time, when you woke up, you saw your favorite sweets from Honeydukes with a photograph of you and Sirius laughing and fooling around near the shop. That had been your first date. You saw that behind the photo there was an inscription: We can go back again to that, if you have it in your heart to forgive me. We were happy. And I really want to be your boyfriend. I acted without thinking, love. I can’t express with words how sorry I am. I love you.

This time he was in front of your common room door, so you couldn’t escape or act as if you hadn’t seen him.

“What do you want?” you hissed.

“I want to be your boyfriend”

“That’s a pity. You’re too late.” You walked past him, but he took your hand.

“I meant what I said. I love you.” He said staring deeply at your y/e/c eyes.

You snorted. “Really? You sure have a funny way to show it. Just let me be, Sirius”

You felt your heart ache at his expression, but pushed it away and left.

“Did it work?” Peter asked.

“No… Your splendid ideas weren’t enough!”

“Hey! Don’t take it out on us! We’re trying to help you out” James exclaimed.

“You’re right, sorry. It’s just that I did a horrible mistake and I’m afraid I have lost her forever…”

“You’ll get her back, Padfoot” Peter assured.

“I really think you should explain her why you acted the way you acted” Remus suggested.

“I agree! And you should finish that apology with a kiss. It never fails!” James added.

“You know what? You’re right!”

You were sitting near the black lake, reading your favorite book, when a familiar voice interrupted you.

“Hello, y/n”

“Sirius, can’t you take a hint? I don’t want to talk to you”

“Well, that’s too bad because I’m not leaving until you listen to everything I have to say.”

He grabbed your hand so you couldn’t leave.

“I’m stupid. I know it. But I’m a stupid in love with you. That day… That week I was stressed, ok? My family is pressuring me to marry a pureblood this summer, after Hogwarts’s graduation. I… I can’t think of a better wife than you, but the Blacks don’t want a halfblood with their name. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to hurt you, y/n. You would have said that I should respect my family’s wishes. But I can’t do it. I love you, y/n. I truly do. I should have never taken it out on you, y/n. I’m so sorry…”

By the end of the speech you were silently crying. Sirius sweetly cupped your chin and dried your tears. Then, he kissed you gently on the lips, slowly.

“I love you, y/n. Please, be my wife”

You hold back a sob: “What about your family? Your relationship isn’t the best one. If you marry me it will be the end. They will disown you!”

“I don’t care. I want to be with you, y/n”

He kneeled down and took out a little box from his pocket. He opened it: it was the most beautiful ring you had ever seen. You glanced at him and saw many emotions in his grey eyes: fear, nervousness, excitement, happiness, hope… But the strongest one was love.

“Y/n… Will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?”

You threw yourself at him and kissed him deeply.

“I’ll take that as a yes” he said when you pulled away. You simply chuckled and kissed him again: “Yes! I’ll marry you”

He put the ring on your finger and kissed your forehead: “I’m sorry for not listening to you with the flowers and the sweets…”

“That’s ok, love. Getting you back has been worth it. Besides, I like it when you play hard to get” and he winked at you. Everything would be fine.

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Imagine Dwight and Negan being both interested in you during the line up.

(As promised, i’m back! :D unfortunately, i’m still not writing the request in order…but I hope it’s okay with everyone. Here is the Dwight and Negan request, hope you all like it and it makes sense. I also hope I got Dwight right. Gif not mine/Found them on google/Credit to the original owner)

From the moment, Dwight found you along Daryl, Glenn, Michonne and Rosita, he acted differently from his usual self.

He had hurt your friends but the instant you pleaded him to stop he did.

“Please! Stop…we’ll do as we’re told…just don’t hurt any of us…”

He smirked and said “And why should I listen to you! Who are you anyway…?”

“I’m…Y/N…could you please just put the gun down…”

You said holding onto your friend Daryl on the ground after he had been shot.

He listened and got the both of you near your other friends.


Instead of hurting you physically the same way as he did to your friends he would only threaten you.

"You beg for them one more time and it’ll be your last…Now get on the ground with the others!”

As the other Saviors, were preparing to meet up with the rest of your group, you waited in the woods along with your friends surrounded by the Saviors.

You had checked up on Daryl’s bullet wound and seeing the concern in your eyes Dwight had let you. Instead of yelling to you to separate he simply turned a blind eye. He didn’t even knew you yet but he already didn’t want to disappoint you.

As you all waited, you noticed how Dwight was gazing at you. You felt uncomfortable and unconsciously you scooted closer to your friends as if to hide yourself.

When night fell, you heard a voice over Dwight’s radio saying “Alright…you can bring'em over…we’re rounding them up…”

“Got it…Get up! All of you and get in the car” Dwight said while picking you up and leading to the truck. He shoved your friends in but when it came to you he subconsciously got you in the car gently.


The drive was short but it seemed like an eternity.

The car came to a stop and you heard the voices outside.

“Bring them out!”

The door of the car opened and Dwight pulled you out first and the others followed. He pushed you forward and you noticed your other friends on their knees.

Seeing how scared Rick was along with the others you started to feel even more fearful of what was happening.

As you were shoved to the ground with the others, Dwight stayed behind you with the gun pointed at you.

Another Savior then told all of you

“It’s time to meet the man!”

An RV’s door opened and someone came out.

“Pissin’ our pants yet?”


The person walked out of the darkness and revealed himself. He was a tall man with black slick hair. He wore a leather jacket, with a red scarf and held a barbed wire baseball bat.

He chuckled and “Boy do I have a feeling we’re getting close! Yeah…it’s going to be pee pee pants city real soon!”

You shiver in fear and obviously couldn’t hide it well from the Saviors.

Dwight felt bad and wanted to comfort you. He could only looked down on you and drew himself closer to you to somewhat reassure you.

Negan looked at all of you and it made him laugh even harder. He looked back and noticed you and Dwight. He walked over to you and eyed you up and down.

“Well…what do we have here…”

He lowered himself to your level and said “I’m Negan and you?”

You stared at him intensely and he chuckled and got up in your face making comments

“That’s an adorable face your giving me!…What are you? Disappointed?Angry? Mad? Whatever it is, besides cute it can’t possibly look threatening…So, What’s your name?”

Dwight answered in your stead and told him “Her name’s Y/N…”

You stared back at Dwight and told him

“You don’t need to answer for me…I can do it myself…”

Your answer caused Negan to smile and as you looked back at him you told him “My name’s Y/N…”

Negan raised an eyebrow out of curiosity and asked “Really? Well Y/N…you have an absolutely pretty face…as well as the rest of you from what I see…”

Still inspecting you he continued “Mmhm… yeah you look good…I also mean it as you seem to be the only one who doesn’t look like shit…Did you follow all my men’s order because I can’t think of another reason as to why you’re in a such good condition…”


Dwight cut you off and answered “It only took one threat from me for this one to stop! That’s why!”

“Hmm…I see…A listener…I like that!”

You got angry at the both of them but didn’t dare to say anything more out of fear of what might happen of you did.

However, when Negan playfully tapped your cheek, you pulled yourself away from his touch and boldly told him “Don’t touch me…”

He laughed and said “Oh…a fighter as well! A shame you’re part of whatever group this is…I’m going to have to teach all of you a lesson and I’ll have to include you…”

Thinking you made a mistake with your response, you shook your head and you slowly started to tear up and told him

“You don’t have to do this! We were only defending ourselves…please…don’t hurt us…”

Negan wiped your tears away and shook his head

“No, don’t beg like that…Don’t act all innocent…you killed my men and expected to kill me in the process…you’re as dangerous as the others here!”

He simply chuckled.


Dwight had noticed you shaking and obviously that you were crying. He wanted to protect you and tried to come up with an excuse

“She’s dangerous but in all honesty she isn’t much a threat…she keeps begging for other people’s lives, clearly she’s a softie…”

He looked at you and smiled and it made Negan curious.

He looked at him and said “I didn’t asked you…Why do you keep answering for her?”

Dwight then got nervous and said “What? No i’m not!”

He got up and it took one look at Dwight to make Negan realize as to why he had kept talking in your place

“Oh…I get it…You like her don’t you!”

He said pointing at you and smiling.

Dwight stuttered “ Wh-What? No! I-I don’t like her! She just understood me the first time and shut her mouth unlike her friends! I’m only telling you what I know about her!”

He looked back at you and said “Wow! See the power you have over this guy…You just met and he’s clearly head over heels for you!”

You looked back at Dwight and he could only stare back at you for a moment and then look away. 

Negan put his free hand on his chest and then said “Aww…i’m honestly touched…you guys are quite cute together…”

His words somehow made you blush and Dwight just couldn’t say anything.

Negan laughed and then got a serious look on him. He dropped his hand and told Dwight “But it’s a shame you’ll never be with her, buddy…”

Dwight felt his stomach drop at Negan’s word as the only thing he could think of was him eliminating you.


Fearing for the worst to happen, your tears had started to come back and you could see that your friends were as anxious as you.

Dwight then just couldn’t hide his anger at what Negan had said and asked “What? Y-you can’t kill her! This isn’t what you had planned!”

He got in front of you and closer to Negan. Negan backed away as Dwight was yelling at him. His attitude had surprised you and especially Negan.

Negan smiled and said “I didn’t say anything about killing her…I was just thinking of something else…”

He walked away from Dwight to get back closer to you to get a clear look at you

“I don’t know if you could tell but…from the start of all of this…I had my eyes on you as well…I mean there’s a reason I got to you first…So the only thing I can think of now is to please you…you know because I want you to choose me over this guy!”

Dwight turned around quickly and stared at Negan as he smiled at you.

Negan continued “So i’m guessing what you want right now is your friends to be safe and sound right?”

Not letting you answer he told you “So…how about I take you away with me as a hostage, I don’t kill one of you as I had planned and you guys give us half of your shit…That way, you’re happy and i’m happy!”

You looked around at your friends and said to Negan “Please…there must be another way…there must be…”

He was taken back and answered “There is another way… it involves one of your friends dying and still me getting your supplies…So really, there’s only one option for you.”

“Why? Why, me?” You said quietly

Negan got his ear closer to you and understood your words. In disbelief, he told you “Why? Well, I told you…I’m starting to like you and now I want to know more of you! So i’m offering your friends lives just impress you! I’m trying as much as I can here!”

Not wanting to see your friends hurt and him getting mad you wiped your tears away and reluctantly told him “I-I understand…I’ll go with you…”

He smirked and grabbed your arm to get you up.

He held your arm and turned around to tell Dwight “Looks like Y/N is choosing me…see Dwight…this is how you get a girl!”


He told everyone to go get the supplies in Alexandria and to bring your friends back.

He then told your group “Alright! Everyone, party’s over! I got what I wanted and something even better than seeing one of you die. So, as of now you are dismissed!” 

He laughed and then held you close to him to bring you to his RV. 

You turned to look at what was happening to your friends and noticed Dwight.

He had gotten mad about the situation and obviously couldn’t hide his feelings for you. He was red with anger and his knuckles white from the fist he was making. He then walked in a fast pace towards you and Negan.

He grabbed Negan’s shoulder and turned him around to punch him and said “I-I found her first! If anything she’s mine!”

Negan caught his cheek and laughed “I guess, you’re not giving up…You really like her that much?”

He turned to you and playfully said “Y/N…looks like i’m not the only one you’re leaving with…with two men liking you this is going to be really interesting!”

He bit his lip and smiled at you and smirked back at Dwight. 

At his words, you could only be worried of what might happen next.


“Cas, stop looking at me like that.”

Sam said tightly, “We thought you were dead, Y/N.”

“I’m sorry. I really am. I should have called, left a note, something.”

Dean didn’t take his eyes off of a fleck of dirt he was scratching at on his jacket. “Yeah. You should’ve.”

You looked to Bobby, wishing he’d look you in the eye. You whispered, “I knew if I told you guys I was leaving, you would have tried to stop me. Or come after me.”

Sam’s hands tightened into fists. “So, instead, you let us spend two weeks running all over the city, killing hundreds of demons, trying to find you.”

You stared at your shoes, kicking at a scuff mark left on the linoleum. “If I had known you guys would think I was dead-”

“Don’t start, Y/N. There’s nothing you can do about it now.” Dean was finally looking at you, but you couldn’t stand the heat of his gaze for long before glancing away.

Bobby whispered hoarsely, “It’s just real good to hear your voice.”

You managed a smile. “Thanks, Bobby.” You slapped the bill of his hat like you always used to. “The least you could have done was get a new hat while I was gone.”

The slipped smiles on Sam and Bobby’s faces gave you hope. Perhaps, you could salvage what was left of your relationship with your old family. That hope brought on a smile of your own.

Quiet Moon Part Two

I didn’t edit because I’m tired and I literally just finished writing this less than five minutes ago, so there’s that and I’m not sure it’s going to live up to part one, but I tried :) 

Mara’s 1st Birthday

Everything had to be planned perfectly.

You were very, very clear with Calum when you told him that you wanted to help with Mara’s party only at his request because this was his daughter’s very first birthday and you were still very new in her life. You knew things were serious with Calum after only three months with him, but you still didn’t want to have too much influence on something so important in Mara’s life. Calum respected your argument even if he thought it was kind of ridiculous. So he only ever gave you small things to do, like the bone shaped cookies you were icing and decorating. Mara’s theme was a puppy party and even though most party stores only made dark blue and green puppy items, you knew that Mara liked light blue and purple, the two colors very much present in her wardrobe.

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he’s getting married but not to you (part 2)

part 1

a/N: after like forever i’ve finally done part 2

Lukes pov.

 "I don’t know what to do mum.“ I sighed as she patted my side in comfort and stroking my hair like she used to do when I was upset when I was younger.

 "What do you think you should do luke? How do you feel about this all?” She asked softly. 

 "I love Katey but … Y/n is my best friend, I’m always going to love her!“ "As a friend or something more?” “I… I don’t know” I sighed.

 "Ask yourself this; how did you feel when she told you she was In love with you?“ 

 "Well, I was shocked obviously because i didn’t know, I was angry, angry that she had waited until today to tell me although I pushed her to tell me what was wrong if not I wouldn’t have known, but most of all I’m sad, sad that she hid it from me for so long, sad that she’s had to watch me plan my wedding with Katey when all this time she’s been in love with me.” I rambled. Why was this happening to me? 

 "I want you to make a wise decision, but I want you to do what you think is right and what makes you happy, they are both wonderful girls and no matter what one of them will get there heart broken, make sure you pick correctly the first time, don’t mess them about hunny.“

 "Thank you mum” I said standing up and leaving the room to go and find Katey. 

 Sucking in a deep breath I opened the door in which I knew she was getting ready in. She let out a quick scream trying to cover her wedding dress from my eyes. She looked amazing, truly stunning. How did I get so lucky?

 "Luke! It’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding!“ She gasped Trying to get me out of the room.

 "I’m sorry, I just wanted to see you before the wedding, I wanted to make sure you were sure about all this 100 percent.” I said 

 "I am. 100 percent. I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.“ She said adamant.

 "Good.” I smiled “I’ll see you at the alter” and with that I left. I definitely made the right decision I hope. 

Walking out of her room I bumped into y/n looking at her in sorrow. 

 "Hey" she mumbled softly “what did she say?” I looked at her sadly and sympathetically and i think she understood. 

 "You didn’t tell her did you, you’re still going to marry her.“ She said her eyes tearing up, glassy and sad.

 "I’m sorry, I really am-" 

 "It doesn’t matter Luke I’ll get over it. I just want you to be happy and you are with her. I’m honestly so happy for you, you and her would make the perfect married couple. Anyway I’ll see you down the isle, Katey wanted me in her room to help get me ready with the other bridesmaids.” She said quickly before going through the door i just came out of.

 I can do this. Only 15 minutes to go and I’ll be standing next to her at the alter. I love her so much, I’m doing the right thing. I thought back to how beautiful Katey looked the first time I met her and how I had to go speak to her but got y/n to do it for me because I was too shy, I remember what y/n looked like on that day too, she was beautiful as well. 

 I remembered when I took Katey to the school prom, she honestly looked so pretty that night that I asked her to be my girlfriend, I remember how y/n only stayed for an hour before going home telling me she was bored as she was dateless and I was too busy with Katey. I regretted parts of that night, the fact I ruined y/n’s night due to bailing on taking her to prom which sucked because I had never seen her look more beautiful than she did that night. I shook my head telling myself i had to forget about y/n I wasn’t marrying her I was marrying Katey.

 Walking down the isle to the altar I stood next to the boys (my best men) and waited. The music started as my breath hitched and I looked towards my mum who gave me a small smile.

 "Does she look good?“ I whispered to calum not wanting to look back at her until she reached my side. 

 "Yes, she looks… Beautiful.”

 "Ladies and gentleman please stand for the bride.“ 

 What? I thought she was half way down the isle by now…

 "What?” I whispered to calum before turning around to look down the isle. Oh. He meant y/n. She was the last of the bridesmaids to walk down the isle before Katey. I was taken aback, my eyes trained on y/n as she was walking shyly down the isle.

 I didn’t even realise that Katey was behind her at this point, it had hit me that maybe this was wrong, I was overwhelmed with love as I looked at her beauty mixed with sadness as she plastered a fake smile on her face to look happy. We met eyes before she gave me a small reassuring smile. She was generally too nice, I could never get over how un selfish she was, she always wanted others to be happy before her happiness. 

 I quickly diverted my eyes to Katey in hope no one would realise. Katey looked amazing, I was stunned but somehow y/n was on my mind, well she hadn’t left my mind for a long time. I should be focusing on being happy and starting my life with Katey not questioning what my life would be like with y/n.

 "Hey" she whispered once she reached me linking our pinkies together.

 "Hi" I whispered back “you look stunning” I smiled I heard people behind us sit down and the boys left my side to sit with the bridesmaids and family at the front.

 Calum winked at me before sitting next to y/n who was staring at the floor with a blank expression. I couldn’t imagine how hard this would be for her, to watch someone you love, love someone else. Calum put his arm around her breaking her out of her state as she smiled up at him.

 She nodded at something he said before he pulled her close against his side holding her hand in his. Jealously sparked within me and I wanted to rip his touch away from her. That’s when I knew for sure I had most likely made the wrong decision.

 Throughout the vows my eyes kept involuntarily flicking to where y/n was sat, watching her reaction yet not getting anything as she stared at the floor. I knew that was probably her way of being able to get through this

. The priest started to talk and my nerves shot up.

 "Luke Robert Hemmings do you take Katey rose Harrlow for your lawful wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?“ The priest asked turning to me.

 I took one final look at y/n meeting her eyes a I saw a tear escape her eye. I could tell this was hurting her, I looked back at Katey who was looking at me worriedly as I hadn’t answered immediately. 

 "I do”


 I’d made a mistake. 

 It hasn’t even been 20 minutes.

 I was sitting in the car next to Katey on he way to the wedding party, we hadn’t talked yet, reality hitting us that this was real- we were married. Husband and wife, best friends. No not best friends. No one could replace y/n. My thoughts drifted to y/n.

 I had never seen her look so defeated - and I was the cause of it. It made me feel like shit, when I should be the happiest in my life right now. 

 We arrived at the party venue. Everyone was already inside waiting for us. There were table everywhere, it was quite a big wedding. We walked up to the top table where our family and best men/maid of honour were sitting. I looked at the two table in front. One was full of the boy’s family, the other full of the bridesmaids- including y/n. 

She looked miserable, I knew that she didn’t get along with any of the bridesmaids, she had told me ages ago when she had to go dress shopping with them. I was surprised she had stayed. This must have been torture for her. She was such a good friend, I didn’t know how I was going to make it up to her. I did what my mum had said not to. I messed her around. I told her I wouldn’t marry Katey, I gave her hope that she still had a chance- and then I ruined it minutes later.

 I mainly stayed quiet over the dinner, only talking when talked to. The speeches were next, the boys did theirs together which ended up with them talking over each other but it was funny and made everyone laugh-even y/n.

 "We remember when we were all younger" Ashton said loudly so everyone could hear. “Me and the boys and y/n, we used to play pretend families- only because y/n made us” he earned a chuckle from the guests. “And now- now you’re actually married for real, not going to lie I though I would be the first to get married" 

 After the speeches Katey went to get changed into her other dress for dancing - I took this as a chance to go find y/n. It took me a while to find her, I had started to panic that she had left. And she nearly was when I spotted get from across the room, she had walked away from the bridesmaids and was going out the door that eventually lead to the exit after a few windy corridors. I quickly walked there, before shouting her name through the corridor. I turned the corner seeing that she had reached the exit door.

 "Y/n stop” I called

 "I-I can’t" her voice croaked

 "Please. You can’t leave" I said

 "I can’t stay" she said quietly. 

 "You’re my best friend, this is my wedding, please I need you here"

 "Why? You don’t need me anymore, she can be your new best friend, I can’t even be your friend anymore, I can’t do it any longer, it’s just a constant reminder of how I’m not good enough" she cried

 "Please, don’t do this" I whispered

 "I have to Luke, you don’t understand how hard this is to watch you two be happy, to know you’ll never want me, you’ll never look at me that way. I cAnt handle all the sympathetic looks off of the boys and your family. I need to move on with my life and the only way to do it is without you. I’m sorry" 

 "What do you mean without me?“ I asked suddenly scared. 

 "We can’t be friends anymore" 

 "That’s ridiculous! You can’t go from being my best friend to nothing!” I nearly shouted at her ridiculousness.

 "I have to!“ She shouted "what am I suppose to do Luke? Do you know how much it hurts to be around you?”

 "I understand, seriously I know how much it hurts, but please, I still need you in my life, you can’t walk away.“

 "I have to, I can’t do this, you need to go and enjoy your wedding, she’ll be wondering where you’ve gone” she said looking at me with a sad smile before walking out of the door.

 There wasn’t anything I could do, I should have gone after her but I was at a wedding, my wedding. I had to stay.

Penelope walked down a deserted road as she made her way to a place where she knew some supplies would be. Agility was more her forte but her time on her parent’s farm meant that she was quite skilled in marksmanship… not that she ever thought that she would need it. But the world had ended and she had indeed needed to use all the skills that she had kept hidden away. Her upbringing close to the Gaza Strip meant that she was much more attune to the noise of gunshots and explosions… and footsteps; some of which she heard now. She spun around drawing her gun and aiming as as she did so. As soon as she realised who it was, Penny lowered it once more but continued to wear an unamused expression, “You should have told me it was you- if I had been more trigger happy you would have had bullets decorating your face.”

The Wedding Day
  • Victoria: "Kate, I'm surprised you're accepting with all of this, with the whole sanctity of marriage thing."
  • Kate: "Victoria! I told you I'm not that sort of person. Everyone should be able-"
  • Victoria: "I meant everything else. The rainbow motif, the beads, the beach ball..."
  • Kate: "Oh Heavens no, this is more sinful than that awful awful club Chloe had us go to a week ago."
  • Victoria: "I'm surprised Price- or I suppose Caulfield now- didn't bring more singles."
  • Kate: "What I'm more surprised with is the... padding everywhere. The rounded corners reminds me of ball pits I used to take my sister to."
  • Victoria: "I heard about that actually; apparently Max was screaming in the dressing room earlier, 'No, not on our goddamn wedding day Chloe! Just sit there for two hours and don't move!'"
  • Kate: "Oh goodness. I sure hope Max didn't have to do too much. I doubt blood would match her dress very well..."
  • Victoria: "Yeah."
  • Kate: "...Hey Victoria?"
  • Victoria: "Yes Kate?"
  • Kate: "If you don't catch the bouquet I'm going to be really upset."
  • Victoria: *smirk* "Haven't you learned Kate? I always get what I want." *kisses cheek*

1) im not stalking your blog, I was told by someone you vauged.

2) I never vauged you. please tell me where I did and I’ll delete it.

3) this should have all been private. since you’re uncomfortable with me, you could have had a friend explain the situation.

4) I’m sorry if you feel I am being unfair, but I want to handle this politely…… I don’t think we’re getting anywhere by being rude…..

5) I’m trying to put this past us. please stop vauging me and @ing me and claiming I’m an a/buser and I think we can do that. thank you.

I’m sorry I made you uncomfortable, I just think this is being handled unfairly.

anonymous asked:

Can you make a gif of the scene where Daryl's yelling at Carol telling her that she's afraid because she's all alone... and then gif the Sanctuary hug, hand hold, other hugs or whatever sweet scenes you like, basically showing that he's by her side and she's not alone. Because she has him? It's just funny thinking about when he told her that considering he's in love with her now. :)

I just posted it, anon!!!! thank you for this request, it’s lovely! I hope you like it ^^