you should not be attractive but you really are

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I was chillin with my boyfriend and I watched him like a picture of a girl he knows on Instagram. She was naked. I later told him that it made me feel uncomfortable that he did that and he said he found her attractive and justified it by saying of course I must find other people attractive too. Is it wrong that now I'm really upset about it? I know he's faithful to me and all but he also knows I'm really insecure. I feel like he didn't try to make me feel better, just tried to justify himself.

i think he definitely should have been more considerate about that. especially knowing that you’re upset and insecure. he handled it poorly not you

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well I don't know if I feel romantic attraction or not?? my crushes have all been "he's nice and cute so I guess I should like him" but I've never really wanted to date someone?? like, not for real, you know? and I never daydream about those things?? it's kind of nice to think about but that's it?? it might just be that I'm like 76% sure that my future marriage (if there is one) will end in divorce because divorce goes back two generations in my family on both sides.

that first thing you described was aesthetic attraction, and if you don’t want to date anyone or don’t imagine yourself in romantic situations, then you sound like you could be aro

& just make sure to stay open in your relationships if you’re afraid of getting a divorce. communication is key in all relationships, but in aspec ones it’s crucial to set boundaries

Facts About The Female Body
  1. Everyone has rolls when they bend over.
  2. When someone says “You’re beautiful”, they aren’t lying.
  3. Any girl you ask will have a stretch mark, they are beyond normal.
  4. You should have more confidence, it’s really attractive. 
  5. You’re allowed to fall in love with yourself, and you should.
  6. It’s okay to not love every part of your part of your body (but you should)
  7. Everyone’s boobs are uneven.
  8. You’re fucking beautiful. 
The Signs as Scott Pilgrim Quotes

Aries:  ‘Wait the “L word” isn’t lesbians?’

Taurus: ‘I’ll be your dipping sauce bitch!’ 

Gemini: ‘I’m not even stalking you!’ *clearly stalking them* 

Cancer: ‘I’ll do it, only because I find you attractive’

Leo: ‘Bread makes you fat?’

Virgo: ‘I’m offended. Wounded even.’ 

Libra: ‘I can’t answer that question right now. I’m going to sleep for the next sixteen hours.’ 

Scorpio: ‘Maps are hard! I could draw really good if it was a sheep’ 

Sagittarius: ‘My dreams are cool! They’re like anime’

Capricorn: ‘Do you want to have sex? I think we should have sex. Casual sex’

Aquarius: ‘You know how you only use 10% of your brain? That’s cause the other 90% is filled with curds and whey’

Pisces: ‘You know how, when a baby is born, it just cries at the sheer horror of being alive?’ 

I had a guest come through my haunt tonight that was absolutely terrified, and not in a good way. They were sobbing uncontrollably, clutching their partner, and saying over and over again “I can’t do this. I can’t do this.” I immediately broke character, approached them calmly, and asked if they would like me to escort them from the maze. They and their partner both agreed that they should get out of there, so I left my area and walked them back to the front of the attraction and left instructions with the line attendant to make sure they made it back into the park safely..

As actors, it is our job to scare you, but not to terrify you. We really want to make sure every guest has a good time, and when someone is scared to the point of having a panic or anxiety attack, they are clearly not having a good time. If you are ever in a haunted house or other attraction and you find yourself not wanting or unable to complete the maze for any reason, approach the nearest actor and ask them to please escort you out. People ask to leave haunts all of the time: sometimes the artificial fog is too much for them, or they didn’t know there was strobe lighting in the maze. Sometimes they are feeling physically unwell or are starting to hyperventilate or panic because of an area in the maze. As actors we are trained to break character and assist a guest in safely leaving the attraction if they ask or if we notice signs of legitimate distress. Please don’t be afraid to approach us and ask for help if you need it. We do care about your safety and well being. We want you to have a good experience and understand that sometimes that means getting you out without scaring you any further. We are not real monsters.

Impress Him
  • Ladybug: Stand aside, incredibly attractive random citizen who I am not so secretly in love with! This man is an akuma!
  • Adrien: I love you too, Ladybug, but he REALLY ISN'T.
  • Ladybug: *puts a finger over his lips* Hush, my delicate hummingbird. You've had a difficult evening. But fear not, I know exactly what I'm doing. You wait here while I avenge you. *chases Santa* GET REKT OLD MAN
  • Adrien: *lovesick sigh* She called me a hummingbird... I mean, wait, I should stop her.

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do you have anyt ips for avoiding samefacing? ;o; all ur characters look super different and unique... how

 tbh i think it just comes down to three things altho this just might be me being bad at giving advice!!!!

1) don’t be afraid to draw ugly people, if youre drawing all your characters based on faces you think are attractive then you aint gonna get far

2) try to think more in terms of caricature than representation!! push those features as far as theyll go 

3) facial features never matter as much as facial structure imo. i always see pages of people drawing different noses/eyes/mouths/whatever for ppl to use for characters, and cool i guess, but if you really want unique characters, what really matters is that your characters have unique facial structures (altho a solid character design should have a combo of unique features and structure ofc)!!! for example, you would probably not mistake these characters for each other

but you could pretty easily mistake these characters for each other

unique hairstyles also help a toonnn in differentiating characters. tldr; givin them each their own individual silhouette should be your first priority if you’re shootin for unique characters!!! also doing studies of peoples faces is Good

How to get any guy to come to you freestyling..

Or in any situation really.

If you notice a guy who has potential or you’re attracted to, the best thing you can do is eye contact. Not random but purposeful and distracting eye contact that sends a message.

You are in a bar and see a man across the way, expensive suit, hot, ect ect.
If he’s not glancing at you yet every now and then (he should be you’re hot as fuck) look in his general direction (not straight at him) until you see him look your way.
Then clearly lock eyes, smile and look down still smiling.
Don’t look to the side it shows disinterest like your passing over them for the next guy or not seeing them at all.

Now his interest should be piqued. Keep your peripherals open so you can tell when he’s looking at you again and do the same thing, with small changes in reaction. Sometimes a small wink or tilt of head or a slight smile with longer eye contact. Nothing over the top. It’s all about the obvious but small body language. 2 or 3 times of this I guarantee he will come over to buy you a drink.

Guys usually don’t approach you in a bar purely because they are worried about getting rejected. Showing them that your welcome to them approaching at that time will increase the chances of them meeting you. And it’s not obvious so if he’s a douche and you want to continue searching, you’re not announcing to the whole room your intentions by walking up to random dudes.

i feel like gatiss and moffatt didn’t really get what they signed up for like…. they should have realised that if you’re going to write a sherlock holmes adaptation, then you’re naturally going to attract fans who can be counted on to pull apart every tiny detail of a show. every word that the writers will say about it, every little tiny bit of info we are provided with, we’re gonna use them to theorise.

LIKE: if you tell us ‘it’s a love story,’ and have always dreamed of the day when a tv show will have a gay detective and his boyfriend and be considered completely normal, and if you tell us that he’s a man out of his time, and if you tell us to ‘be part of making history,’ and if we are told ‘oscillation on the pavement always means there’s a love affair,’ and that ‘neither of us were the first you know’………………………….there are literally too many examples to even fit into one post but like, come on??!?!?!!! we deserved better 

  • me: I really like this fucked up mess of a relationship to explore and write about because it’s unhealthy and that sort of thing is interesting and attractive to me so long as it’s in fiction.
  • tumblr: YOU ARE PROBLEMATIC you SHOULD NOT ship them or you are an ABUSER and probably a RAPIST
  • me: haha okay time to ollie out of this fucking fandom yall need to calm down
Pet AU Prompts
  • You rescued my cat from a tree, but you also feel out the tree afterwords. I’m so sorry this is all my fault are you okay . You’re still cute though?
  • You dog always sneaks into my backyard at the same time every day.
  • I feed your dog once and now he likes me more than he likes you. I’m so sorry.
  • Your fucking cat keeps on stealing my spot on our bed and every time I try and lay down, it hisses at me. My back hurts from sleeping on the floor.
  • Your parrot spilled the beans that you like me. I’m so happy cause I really like you. Wait, should I be listening to a parrot?
  • I’m at the vet because my dog needs a checkup after it’s been sick for a while. Oh hello. You’re a very attractive vet. I wasn’t expecting that.
  • “Hey cute dog. Is someone is stuck in a well?” Aka Lassie situation.
  • Our dogs had babies together . I kinda wanna have babies with you. Wait what, did I say that out loud? Fuck.
  • I work at pet smart and every 2 weeks when you get your paycheck, I see you buying more and more accessories for your hamster. I’m a little concerned about your finances.  
  • I work at a shelter and you walked in drunk and crying, saying “I just want to pet a dog. Is that so hard to ask for?” 
  • I was at your house for a party and kinda stole your dog? It’s a long story. I’m so sorry.
  • My pet rat accidentally got out of it’s cage a few days ago and I’ve been really worried but then I heard you scream “RAT”
  • You’re getting really annoying about our strong Cat Vs. Dog debate. I kinda just wanna fight my mouth with your mouth.

People strive to be like their Venus when really, they should strive to be like their Sun. Venus can represent what we’d like to be because it’s attractive, comfortable, and whatever else appeals to you.

However, the Sun represents who you truly are while Venus is a subjective ideal. Venus can be so subjective to where it can be argued that it doesn’t really exist… After all, beauty and comfort are truly subjective subjects. The tangible existence of beauty and comfort exists through societal standards and emotions. That’s why Libra is exalted in Saturn, a planet of rules while Taurus is exalted in the Moon, a planet of emotions. Emotions and standards keep Venus alive… but the true nature of Venus is unknown due to subjectivity. It kind of makes Venus mysterious in a way… No wonder Neptune, a planet of mystery, is considered a higher octave of Venus!

With that being said, this is why people with strong Sun-Venus aspects are so attractive to others. They find that their ideal self matches with their ideal self, and this confidence shines beautifully to others. However, this confidence doesn’t come right when you’re born… This is a confidence you grow into through your struggles (Saturn) and how you feel (Moon) throughout those struggles. After all, you gotta know yourself before you’re truly confident in yourself.

Sure, Venus can be a shallow, vain planet, but it’s a planet that gives us a direction in life. After all, most people earn money to be rich and comfortable (Taurus) and strive to be liked by the people around them (Libra.) Which way the direction goes, however, depends on you.

Can I just say. I’m so sick of phanfics using Phil being “not as attractive as Dan” as a plot point. Because it’s just simply not true. And I really hope Phil doesn’t see this shit and believe it himself because Phil Lester is one of the hottest men I’ve ever met. He demands attention with his tall legs and open smile. His hugs are warm and kind, and his eyes look right into yours when you’re speaking to him, making your brain go haywire and forget what you were even saying. Phil Lester is beautiful both inside and out and people should stop comparing him to Dan. They might have the same haircut and both be tall, but comparing them is like comparing an apple to a car- they aren’t even in the same category.

I watched all of Serena’s scenes from season 14 last night (will do 15 tonight) and let me tell you something, Serena Campbell was never straight, maybe she didn’t realized or acted on her attraction towards women before Bernie but it is there and actually really noticeable. Ask Jac, she’ll tell you, the scene where she meets her for the first time is one of the gayest thing I have ever seen.

Barry Allen Imagines.

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BC I am trashy. This is part one, and part two should be posted over the weekend. They are really long, so there is a ‘Keep Reading’. Enjoy!

  • Imagine Barry trying to tell you that he loves you for the first time, and he starts to ramble, and starts to build it up in scientific ways because that’s how he copes.

    • “Attraction… Activates a stress response in your mind, increasing blood levels and adrenaline… And well, cortisol.” Pausing, he purse his bottom lip and muttered, “That’s why you feel sweaty, and your heart is going a thousand miles an hour and why you can’t say much else. These are stress factors. Sweaty hands, palms, maybe your entire body, thus raising your heart level and your mouth is going dry. Isn’t that funny? How, being attractive and attracted to another person can cause such a reaction? I thought I was stressed enough…

      “And then, you bring in the dopamine. You know what that is, right?” Barry gestured towards you, waiting patiently as you nodded silently to his question, “It’s a neurotransmitter… It stimulates the feelings of desire… Triggers the feeling of pleasure, of course, not the kind you can get from sex, but pretty close.” You stared at the man in front of you. This was one of his tendencies he did when confronted with situations he didn’t know how to handle. He’d try to water it down with science, which worked most of the time, but it was lacking its luster right now. “And then there’s serotonin. My less favorite of the bunch. You ever wonder why you can’t get me out of your head? Why, when you look at something simple, it reminds me of you? That’s the work of serotonin. It’s hell, isn’t? To constantly be reminded of me? It’s annoying…

      “Not really annoying, that’s just bad wording on my part okay… All I’m trying to say here, (Name) is that… That… Even though it’s a bit bothersome, being reminded of your face and your smell and your everything all the time, and it makes it hard to focus, I still…. I still love you.”

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Hour Ten : Decorations

Prompt : “It looks like something out of a really bad horror movie.”

A/N : 10 out of 24

Pairing : Bruce Wayne x Reader

[•] [•] [•]

When Bruce suggested that you should let him decorate Wayne Manor, you immediately declined.

Why? Firstly, the house would look like a haunted mansion, which would attract ignorant teenagers to your doorsteps in hopes of finding a ‘ghost’. And secondly, Bruce was just plain horrible at decorating.

He decorated one of Dick’s birthday parties once, and let’s just say that Dick never forgave him for driving all of his friends away.

But Bruce was determined, and a determined Bruce was an annoying Bruce. He kept asking you every single day for permission (not that he needed it) until you finally gave in and said yes.

The revelation on Halloween day was, to say the least, interesting.

“Oh my,” Alfred was the first to speak, staring at the exterior of the manor with his mouth agape.

“This is like my tenth birthday all over again,” Dick cried, covering his eyes in horror.

Tim gazed at Bruce as though he was watching the weirdest video on the internet while Damian was just confused. He had no idea his father could be so…terrible at something.

Cass and Jason, on the other hand, was sharing a look of amusement.

You, well, you lost all hope in your husband’s artistic skills. Not that you thought he had any in the first place. He did after all name everything he owned with the prefix bat.

You were merely glad he didn’t help with the wedding decorations.

“So, what do you think?” Bruce said with a hopeful glint in his blue eyes.

You had a choice. Either you tell him it was wonderful, and he goes through life always asking to decorate every holiday you guys celebrated, or you could crush his dreams of becoming a decorator.

Before you could open your mouth to reply, Jason—your oh-so-blunt son—did it for you.

“It looks like something out of a really bad horror movie, pops. A really, really bad horror movie.”


“there’s another bedroom upstairs, if you’ll be needing two bedrooms”

“might we expect a happy announcement by the end of the week?”

“on the house, for you and for your date”

“John um,… i think you should know i consider myself married to my work and while i’m flattered, i’m really not looking for any….”

“Sherlock’s business seems to be booming since you and he became…………. pals”

“i’ve got a date”
“it’s where two people who like each other go out and have fun”
“that’s what i was suggesting”

“you’re still hanging round him. opposites attract i suppose”

“we’re not a couple”
“yes you are”

“sorry we couldn’t do a double room for you boys”

“is yours a snorer?”

“this is his PA. well, live-in PA”

“you and John Watson. just platonic? can i put you down for a ‘no’ there aswell?”

“we’re getting married. well, i’m going to ask”
“so soon after Sherlock”

Professor Novak (Chapter 1)

Summary: You’re entering your senior year of University and find yourself attracted to the very angry, very attractive world religions professor
Wordcount: 782
Warnings: none 

Part 2

At this point in the semester, you really should have been used to Professor Novak’s angry outbursts but here you were front and center in his lecture shaking in your seat, not entirely sure if you were scared or a little bit aroused. Novak was not a gentle man, at least from what you’d seen of him. But you couldn’t bring yourself to drop the course, not just because you needed it to graduate but because the man was inhumanly attractive. His usual attire usually consisted of suits that were obviously to tight on him showing off the lean muscles on his arms and back and leaving almost nothing to imagination, his hair was in a constant state of being perfectly windswept, but what really reeled you in were those heavenly eyes. You often found yourself thinking about those blue orbs whenever you got the chance, though not long enough for him to catch you day dreaming. You knew how harsh he could be to people who didn’t pay attention to his lectures.

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should i seduce my teacher? he touch my ass today i dont know he is attractive i really like him but he is married and his son is same age as me (16) and he is 47 i think maybe older

sure you should seduce him….

but first call the cops. have them set up a hotel room with hidden cameras, microphones, and then be sitting in the next room as you lure him there. That way his creeplord slimy ass can get busted and sent to prison for a long time where a really large man named Tiny can make him his bitch and he can toss his salad everyday during rec time! get it… rec time?

You will be doing yourself, your school and society a favor.