you should never let me do art

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  • for the sake of fighting
  • permanently occupied with your past
  • rolling with momentum
  • life is lonely and so am i
  • raise boys and girls the same way
  • art will survive, artists won’t
  • will nature make a man off me yet?
  • there will be a note
  • our respect ran so dry
  • life has a hopeful undertone
  • our brains are sick but that’s okay
  • i want to do all the things your lungs do so well
  • i’m dying to live
  • make art, not friends
  • thanks for the tragedy, i needed it for my art
  • i’m literally emo but let’s call it pop punk
  • raised to be stupid but taught to be nothing at all
  • we will find a destination that may only be seen with a naked mind
  • i sing of a greater love, let me know when you’ve had enough
  • life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself
  • i am not afraid to walk this world alone
  • try going to war
  • a microscopic miracle
  • a mortal playing god
  • put on some war paint
  • joy bloody division that’s who
  • if it looks like i’m laughing, i’m really just asking to leave
  • i’m not like them i can’t pretend
  • i’m just the way the doctor made me
  • i can’t stand my own mind
  • a poet is a blind optimist
  • i accept lostness forever
  • when did you look at your skin and decided you were an impotent dirty old locomotive?
  • well, my gun fires seven shades of shit
  • i saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness
  • i don’t do anything with my life except romanticize and decay with indecision
  • she tasted like imported sophistication and domestic cigarettes
  • love is a haunting melody that i have never mastered and fear i never will
  • great writers are indecent people, they live unfairly saving the best part for paper
  • well you can hide a lot about yourself, but honey what are you gonna do?
  • i was killing before killing was cool
  • another cog in a murder machine
  • we are all a bunch of animals that never paid attention in school
  • it was the roar of the crowd that gave me heartache to sing
  • these bright lights have always blinded me
  • ask no questions and you’ll get no lies
  • you’re always haunted by the idea that you’re wasting your life
  • i exist too much
  • but i come to love you, am i born to bleed?
  • i must admit i can’t explain any of these thoughts racing through my brain
  • who says we have cold hearts?
  • the most heroic word in all languages is revolution
  • born from some mother’s womb (just like any other room)
  • reach the dumb to fool the crowd
  • self induced manipulation
  • tv taught me how to feel now real life has no appeal
  • if all we are is just machines let’s become a miracle and break free from these chains
  • those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it
  • what would you rather be? the poet or the poem?
  • we are drowning in information but starved for knowledge
  • he made me understand why hurricanes are named after people
  • when you look death in the eye and death blinks first nothing seems impossible
  • he pretend he’s okay but you should see him late at night 
  • nothing kills a man faster than his own head


I wanted to do a simple little design looking forward hopefully for season 4 :)

If you’re going to Red Dragon Con 3 this weekend, come find me! I should have about 250 A3 posters of this design to give away. Keep an eye on my Twitter if you need to find me :) And I might put a few cheap in my Etsy if I have any left on Monday.
Heart of Stone, Heart of Flesh - Chapter 1 - momebie (katilara) - Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

I forgot to make a post about this because the first chapter went up Christmas Eve, but I’m finally posting my TRC Big Bang entry! It’s the Magical Menagerie AU. So far there are two chapters up. I’ll make another post when it’s complete, in case people want to wait until then to read it, but I figured I’d let anyone who wanted to get started know too. Hopefully it won’t take me more than a week to get the remaining three chapters up, but you never know what life will do. 

Also included eventually will be six pieces of incredibly lovely art by @purrsnicket, so even if you don’t like the story you should tell her how great she is. (One of the pieces already up includes Matthew Lynch’s anxiety puffer fish, which is maybe my favorite thing I’ve written about all year, and I was so excited that she drew it.)

Here is a small piece of it.

“Oh, fuck you,” Adam said.

The world narrowed around those words as soon as they escaped. Everything went silent and still in the half a second it took for Adam’s sense to catch up to his mouth. Ronan stared back him with wide eyes, seemingly as surprised as Adam felt. Adam figured if he was in for a penny he was in for a pound and let the anger coiling in his gut come spewing to the surface.

He batted Ronan’s hand away from his face. “If you’re so sure you could do this better, why don’t you?”

“Because it’s not my job,” Ronan spat. “I’ve got enough to do without worrying over every bit of breath exhaled on this farm.”

“Really? Because you just told me you’re the only one who does just that!”

Ronan squared his shoulders and snapped his head up like he’d been slapped. “In case you haven’t noticed, it’s quite a lot of property!”

“Poor you,” Adam said with heavy sarcasm. “Life must be hard with so much bounty and so little heart.”

Ronan narrowed his eyes. He crumpled the invoice into a ball and shoved it into the back pocket of his jeans. “My heart’s not your concern, vet boy.”

“Sure,” Adam shot back, lowering his voice so that it held the same quiet danger as Ronan’s. “I only deal with creatures who have one.” Then he turned on his heel and stomped away with his heart pounding heavy in his ears.

I hope you enjoy!

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ART RAFFLE *:・゚✧*:・゚✧


i should’ve done this a while ago…but ya know,school!

i got 100 followers a while back and now im at 135!!!its crazy!!!i love all you guys and all the support you give me!!!i never thought i would EVER get this far and im so thankful,you guys make me so happy!!!!

so,lets get on with this!

Prize #1:Headshot+Icon(traditional or digital,your choice)
headshot example:

icon example:

Prize #2:Full Body Art(traditional or digital,your choice)

Prize #3:Pixel Art or Line Less Art

So!all you have to do to enter is:
-Don’t just follow and unfollow just for the raffle -you have to be following me in the first place XD 

-no nsfw
-i do gore
-I do undertale,ocs,mlp,and furries(i usually just say zootopia XD)

oh,and one more big thank you!im so thankful for all of you guys,your so kind and nice to me,i never imagined getting here and making these friends and meeting all these nice cool people!!!!so one again THANK YOU!!!!!

monsta x as things my friends have said

Shownu: “fucking kids I swear down I’ll actually drown them in milk”

Jooheon: “I’ve got beautiful finger nails, like I’ve never even done anything to them but they are a work of art”

Minhyuk: “do you think I should do blonde or blonde blonde?”

Wonho: “if I can’t touch tom’s arse then no one can”

Hyungwon: “I got this new lip balm and I kid you not it smells like dick”

Changkyun: “shit a brick I need to sneeze but the tiny nose goblins aren’t letting me”

Kihyun: “if you don’t know the difference between there, their and they’re then please kindly fuck off”

anonymous asked:

I've always loved your artwork. It's so beautiful and sweet. Your art along with Giushia made me love Gruvia even more. I love your colors and just everything. Your so sweet letting people color your art work. I hope you are doing well. Have a good day and night! 💙

Awww thank you so much anon ! Thats so sweet of you, yes i do love collab with @giushia she’s such a dork and a nice friend 😘*we should doujin again next time lol * , i never mind ppl color my work, im actually happy to see their creation in it ☺️, and again thank you have a good day for you too ~

Yui Appreciation Week: Favorite Quote

Diabolik Lovers Tarot Cards - Yui Komori - The Empress

Hey everyone! This has been a crazy busy week, I didn’t have time to participate much at the yuiappreciationweek but at least I got my fanart for the last day done. 

This picture is inspired by some of Yui’s very first words in the first game: “If I have to get my blood sucked by someone, then I want to choose myself.”

Yui is one of these character I just want to protect with my own life. She’s so kind and never lets despair get the better of her.

I wanted to make dialovers tarot cards for a while now, this quote made me decide to begin with Yui as the empress.

I’m no tarot expert, nor do I believe in fortune telling. However, I think the symbolism behind the cards is very fascinating.

The style of this painting is art nouveau inspired. 

I’m considering making other characters as well. If you have an idea who I should do next and what tarot card would match best, feel free to make a suggestion :D

Let’s all remember the crap ton of messed up stuff our lovely angel has to go through just for our entertainment :D thank you, Yui <3

hey everyone ^^ i’ve been doing a lot of requests lately and decided to take a break… making people happy is super cool but i’d like to do some stuff for myself too, so i thought that maybe i could post some “not pixel art” art too? :pp let me know if you’re actually interested please, it’d be a shame to post something that no one wants to see :/

Please Let Me Down

Get too high
Wish I might
See you soon
Hold you tight
Sleep real smooth
Losing light
Good bye day
Hello night
Never tried
Dirty sheets
Should have lied
Should have held
Back my head
You never do
What you said
Never come
Over soon
Good night friend
Good bye moon
I will sleep
While you do
Might as well
Sleep past noon
Eat a meal
Hold it in
By sleeping more
Hello friend
I made up
Better than me
Better than you
They’re not asleep
Get too high
So I’ll drown
While I sleep
Let me down


As the end of the year is near, it is time to thank you all!

It has been a strange and turbulent Year, the things happening in the world around us had a deep impact on me, and I’m sure it had on this community.

The best lesson I learned is never let others restrict you in what you love to do and/or change the way you choose to live. We can say we don’t let fear rule our live, but to be honest it has an influence in our lives if we like it or not, but we should never stop making any sort of art. It helps us to cope with the world around us and our feeling and channel out thoughts.

Thank you all for following, your likes and reblogs, your supporting comments and messages.

Special thanks to all the members of the various  curator-blogs, who do work hard to support the photographers. You have been good to me and from the bottom of my heart I like to thank you for this.

My dear friends and amazing photographers, @photosworthseeing, Thank you for the privilege to work together with you and your friendship. Thank you so much Pete, Stephi, Jasmin, Tiernan and Nikos for the inspiration,encouragements and for everything you do for this community!

Wishing you all a peaceful, biutiful and inspirational 2016!


 A Night at the County Scare…

“Thanks for coming with me, Twyla! Usually I get dragged around doing what everyone else wants to do :(

Oh thanks for bringing me! So.. what should we do first?”

“That’s easy…”

Oh my. That looks sooo good.”

“It is. Let’s eat!”


So what next?”

Hmm. Dad and the boys typically stick around the bbq pits, Clawdeen likes the roller coasters, Clawdia always makes me go see the student art exhibits. She thinks it’ll encourage me and my latent creativity or something 9_9. And mom likes the shops… By the time my turn to choose comes around it’s time to go :(”

“Alright then- what do you want to do?”

Something I never get to do!”

*shudders* “Well ok, but you have to hold my hand!”

“But these things aren’t even that sca…”



(4 Haunted houses and several hours later)

“Thanks for the bunny, Twy… You’re really good at that wiffleskull game ^_^ I always throw too hard >_>”

What about you? You’re like clawesome at casketball! You should be on the team with Clawd- look at all this *giggles* Actually, watch these, I have to use the little ghouls room”


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Art is not “free”

Folks, I know it’s super difficult to understand, especially if you are not a native English speaker. So please let me break this down for you:

-A commission: is a paid work. It is made to your specifications for you. It is not free. An artist should never be assumed to “do it for free for you”. And it’s abusive to wait until they are in a desperate situation and begging for commissions to take advantage for ‘cheaper.’ You are also not entitled to free art for any reason. If you must have x and y character from z show painted having passionate monkey sex on your junior high band teacher’s desk, prepare to shell out the bucks. Artists can’t eat air. Though that would be a handy skill …

-A request: An artist will tell you when requests are open. Usually it is just for one genre of that artist’s interest, and you don’t really get any promises it will be done, or have it your way. Even if an artist says they will do a request for you and they don’t, you STILL aren’t entitled to it. However, if an artist does a request for you and you really like it, you can always tip them. Which means: Pay them anyway. It’s actually polite. You’re broke? Yeah. So are artists. Because people who CAN pay them don’t. Tch.

-A suggestion/poll: this means the artist is curious as to what people would like to see. They will pick a topic out of this poll that interests them. Again, it is their choice what/if they do something, and how it is done. You don’t have to tip, but I assure you even a small amount would make the artist’s day.

That said, I am not a “cheap” artist. Nor do I do work for free. I feel like doing either of those things really degrades and undermines my fellow artists who also use their art skill to put food on their table, and the tables of their families. Artists pay for their own materials, books, training courses, equipment, tablets, tablet pens, and other such nonsense. Art, like any business, has start up and continuing use fees. Example: power, and painting software :D Then there is the matter of food. Unconscious or starving artists don’t actually perform very well.

If an artist shares their private work on their blog, even fanart and fanfiction, it isn’t yours for the taking, and the artist isn’t there to entertain for you like an animal in a circus. What you should be doing is respecting their work and thanking them for sharing their passions with you. Without fanartists, writers, giffers, and a host of other fan-type artists, who ARE artists by the way … your fandom wouldn’t be as unique or rich as it is today. New, growing artists or old hat fandom hardcores alike. Please respect artists. And yes. Writers, giffers, and manipers are artists, too.

-mic drop-

Go after her. Fuck, don’t sit there and wait for her to call, go after her because that’s what you should do if you love someone, don’t wait for them to give you a sign cause it might never come, don’t let people happen to you, don’t let me happen to you, or her, she’s not a fucking television show or tornado. - Helena Kvarnstrom

Artwork by King Gabrel



“On days like these, kids like you… s h o u l d   b e   b u r n i n g   i n   h e l l


Yes, this is a re-upload of the video I made before. I realized that my art sucked and I asked to use someone else’s instead :) I also improved the overall quality of it and some audio bugs, so its much better now.


Beautiful Piano Arrangement by ChrystalChameleon





Art by @doodlesonly

[Original photo was edited for video purposes]


Lyrics and Vocals by @asrieldrccmvrr

[That’s me!! Woah! ]



So now here we are again
After all this time I’ve waited
Holding back through each temptation
Despite the pain you brought

Well I’m not gonna let you win
You’ll understand what true no mercy is
And maybe you’ll regret fighting
The way you always fought

Do you even feel at all?
Do you know what it’s like to have your purpose stolen away?
What was it that made you hate us all this way?

I never should have let him go
But my brother saw a light in you that I knew didn’t exist
My world once made of colour is now just shades of grey

I tried to make him stay
I knew you’d just attack
Now I pray you feel
Your sins crawl on your back

Why could you not just set him free?
This wasn’t what life was supposed to be

Darkness comes
Holding me
Maybe now
I can be free