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mharon  asked:

Could you tell me Greape's personality? (Sorry for my bad english)

Sure! ^-^
Also your English is good believe me uwu

Ok let me think(I definitely should make some short comics for people to understand him better).

He is excited about things he like, mostly positive thinking, caring about people(mostly his family and brothers),doesn’t like fighting, smart and also too innocent sometimes (he believes that everyone can be a good person if they try, like papyrus), a little shy, too energetic, likes reading books and cooking for his friends and family, sensitive person, sometimes thinks too much, doesn’t like to see people argue or fight each other, loves space but never has been there…

I think there is more but these are the ones I can remember at the moment.

I hope I made it a little bit easier to understand his personality ^-^

hi it’s my birthday today and my present is this follow forever for all of my beautiful mutuals ♡ recently i hit my goal but really i just wanted to let everyone know that i love them :,( it seems like every other day im like i should delete but then i see all of you angels and things are good you guys are so funny and i can’t believe some of the things ya’ll make me read sometimes but that’s okay dhsjjssj a special shoutout to those who have been with me throughout all of my dramatic blog changes i love u okay anyways thank you all for following me even though im a mess! 🍊

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Author: smutandahalf

Characters: Reader x Stuart



Originally posted by dylanobrien-squad

           I tap my fingers against my knee, hoping that I appear cocky rather than nervous like how I’m really feeling on the inside. The man behind the desk looks irritated, but I’ve stopped paying attention to what he was saying quite a while ago. Part of me is rather surprised that I’m here; this definitely isn’t how I expected things to turn out.

           The man looks at me expectantly and I quirk an eyebrow at him.

           “Follow me, Y/L/N.” He says, his tone clipped and I bite my lips to hide my smirk. I fall into step behind him, twirling a strand of my hair. He doesn’t say much as we walk through the halls, people hurrying every which way.

           He opens a door to a collaborating room, and my breath catches in my chest when I realize there are people already working in here. They all look at me curiously, and I stare back at them cockily.

           “Meet Y/L/N,” The man says; it’s clear that they don’t understand why they should care who I am but they all smile at me warmly, at least all of them except for the guy slouched in the back, who is staring intently at his phone screen. “She’s the newest member of your team.”

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Simple low-poly and more or less maxis match cross earrings, in various more or less ugly colours because I have no taste. I want more accessories for my game but most stuff I see online is high-poly…. 

(Currently only for male-bodied sims, because I had some glitchy issues allowing female frame in the beginning of the project, and am too tired to test if it’d be safe now after all the editing, but I can do that sometime in the future….)

Polycount = lower than several Maxis earrings, and has LODs. Should be BG compatible, tested in my game only, let me know if there are any problems, read my ToU here.


There’s two files, one with only “metal” colours (grey, gold, black, white) and one with the neons and rainbow colours, you can either keep both or just one file. Feel free to make other recolours as always.

Shockwave pt2, A Reactionary Post

I liked this weeks episode a lot better than last weeks. Part 2 did a much better job with a bit more emotional pay offs than the previous weeks. I felt some emotion at the second bomb but not any from the first.

What this episode is about: 
New Beginnings and New Endings
// Rusty and Gus’ relationship
// Major Crimes
// Commander Sharon Raydor
// Asst Chief Leo Mason

Innocence lost
// Parallels between Ortiz and Gus

// Rusty and Gus
// Sharon and Andy
// Sharon’s rank

Stroh’s Revenge
Since my theory was blown completely apart from this episode. I am a bit confused as to how Stroh was supposed to have played in this episode. They would not have mentioned him for nothing and I know going forward that he is going to be looming over the squad and Rusty next season. But this was supposed to be the series finale at one point - so I’m just left really confused.

Let’s make a deal
You can’t say that Wilkes isn’t a smart guy but at the same time the guy thought he was too big for his briches. So I’m glad that they managed to find a compromise. Where he gets time shaved off and still has time left to serve.

Winnie Davis is out Leo Mason is in
When Fritz appeared in this episode and told the squad that he’d been called back and that Davis had been sent in his place. I knew that Davis was in some big trouble and no longer in the running for the position. I don’t like Pope, not one single bit (and it still boogles my mind - because whatever did Brenda see in him I’ll never know). But it is wonderful seeing that Pope could see that she wasn’t suited to the job. Even he could see that she had jumped the gun with that conference and probably called mass amounts of panic that didn’t need to be held. 

Seeing how Davis is with MC, it’s probably not hard to see that she would treat other squads in a similar fashion. Verses how the other’s play with MC is a startling difference. While I’m sure that Pope never saw this - I am glad that he did see the conference and it made him change his mind about her. As I felt that with Sharon really and truly expressing how she felt and where she wanted to stay in the interview that Davis was the front runner. Which is the reason why I believe he put Davis in the position that she was in shockwave pt1. He was testing out if she had the skills for the job and she failed. 

I also love how MC puts in little clues about certain storylines and in such a way that you are supposed to remember them and then supposed to forget them. Like this moment when Fritz steals Mason away from MC - which I knew from that, that Mason had gotten the job. But later completely forgot when everything was going down with the bomb. Then they had to play with us a bit with Fritz saying how he would only be allowed to call Sharon, Captain for just a few moments more.

It seems that Moralas has himself a new crush.

They make such a big deal over that bomb in that bike at the evidence room and it never comes to fruition. So just…what was the point in all of that?

Innocence Lost

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The Prince’s Drama (Scarlet Heart Ryeo! Wang Eun)

Type: Angst/Fluff

Request: Can I get a scenario where reader and Wang Eun are getting married but Wang Run still have feelings for Haesoo and he’s being really mean to you? But can I get a happy ending please?Thank you dear ❤

You were disappointed to be getting married to Eun, you could see the way he looked at Hae Soo. Your twin. You were amazed about how fast she changed her personality after her accident. You were still you. You loved reading, watching the boys wrestle, and art. You lived with Wang Wook even after the death of your cousin and Soo was sent of to the Damiwon Palace.

He had gotten mad at you when he received the news of your marriage from his father, the king. You found yourself being screamed at by him your eyes were welling up “I don’t love you. I don’t to marry you because all you do is remind me of Soo” he hissed jabbing his finger into your chest. You kept your head down knowing people had seen all that just occurred but lucky none of them were his brothers. All he got was a nod before you shoved him almost to the ground with the from your force before you took off away from him. He didn’t want to admit it but he felt bad and wanted to apologize but it became hard when you wouldn’t let him talk or would avoid him.

The wedding was in a week and neither of you watched it. Eun did grow curious on what you did during the days. He was kind of jealous to find out you spent most of your time with his brothers. Wook would give you books of poetry and explain them to you as if you were studying. Jung would take you to one of his little fights he did. And you were Baek-ah’s little muse for his drawings.


“Can you believe it in a week you’ll be my sister” Jung says as you smile “I wish I was marrying someone else” you say making him freeze. “Don’t you want to marry Eun?” he asks “he doesn’t like me” you inform. “I plan on rarely seeing or speaking to him once we’re married” you continue as he freezes. “What do you plan on doing then?” he asks “spending an eternity buried in books or-” but you were cut off when you ran into someone. “Oh I’m sor-“ you stopped yourself when you realized it was Eun. You huffed and turned away going the way you just came from.

Your arm was grabbed by him “how comes you spend so much time with my brothers?” Eun asks “they care about me” you say continuing your walk. “You never came to talk to me” he tells you making you stop “you’ve never had an interest in me. You’ve made that clear I think” he frowns at the answer. “I demand you spend time with me” he says as you give him a look.

You sighed as you stand there and he walks beside you “what do you normally do?” he asks “I read, watch, and sit” you say “everyday?” he asks “sometimes Yo lets me shoot his bow” you say happily. “You should play with me” he spoke grabbing your hand, you raised your brow at his sudden need for your attention. “Where are you taking me?” you asked “you’re coming to see my toy collection” he says pulling you along.

Confusion filled your body as he pulled you along. “Why?” you ask “you have to be curious about your husband’s hobbies” he spoke. Your brow raised more as you sighed lightly at least now you two can find some way to get along. He had no idea why he was so jealous but he was. He didn’t want his brothers to have your attention. 

Life line

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Namjoon X reader

Fandom: BTS

Request: Namjoon is walking home in the dark and he walks past a gate but he becomes caught off guard when you jump over the fence as if you were running from something. He becomes curious about you, sparking up a late night conversation with you.

Originally posted by jitaeme

The heavy breathing, the sound of your shoes hitting the ground under you, and the cold air of the night were all things that surrounded you. You couldn’t help but get your current situation out of your head. Things seemed to be even more tough lately and you felt as if you were almost at a breaking point. As you start to snap out of your own head you look in front of you to see a gate coming up and instead of stopping you just hoped over it. Your landing was everything but graceful, falling in front of a stranger. 

“Are you alright?” He asks.

You wince, feeling a sharp pain in your ankle. Your eyes move up to the man speaking to you as he pulled one of his head phones out. His hand extends out to you to help you up.


“I don’t see anyone else on the ground.” He said with a laugh.

You grab his hand apologetically when you realized how sweaty you were from running. He helps pull you up. 

“Is your leg okay? I didn’t expect someone to jump out at me. Wait, you’re a fan, huh?”

You titled your head in confusion. Fan? Was this guy conceded or what?

“Uh, No. It’s not really any of your business why I was out here. No offense I mean.”

Namjoon blushes embarrassingly when his words did come off as arrogant.

“Sorry, I just assumed because I’ve been followed before.”

You look him up and down. He was wearing mostly black clothes, holding a notebook in his hand along with his phone.

“I mean, you’re hot but I can’t say I know how you are. Thanks for helping me though.” 

You turn to start running again but he stops you.

“Wait. Are you busy? I’m a singer and I write a lot for the group i’m in and I was wondering if you could take a look at it so far.”

You turn your heels back to face him. “Yeah, I guess I could. Follow me though, okay?”

Namjoon nods as you lead him up the fire escape of some place. 

“Do you live in this building?” He asked, behind you.

“Nope.” You admit.

He doesn’t seem happy about going to someone else’s building but that didn’t stop him from climbing up to the roof with you. You sit down, patting the flooring next to you. He sits down and opens the notebook he’d been carrying. He sits back as you start to analyze the words of song he’d started to write. The words on the page came off as lonely and depressing but you kept reading, noticing his focus completely on you. 

“Are these lines all true?” You ask without looking up at him. 

“Some…” He confesses. 

“I think it’s good that you’re honest but do you think you should let your fans see this part of you?”

He sighs, as if he had been contemplating the same thought.

“I figured if I was willing to vulnerable instead of always putting up this dumb tough guy face like I used to then maybe they will think it’s okay to feel this way sometimes. I want them to know that I care when they tell me how much they struggled and that we can always get passed it. Of course there are limits being an idol and all. Like right now, I could probably get in trouble being alone with you at night.”

For the first time you make eye contact with him, taking in the sight of his gorgeous brown eyes.

“So why did you come up here with me?”

Namjoon shrugs. “I really needed the second opinion.”

“I think you should do it.” You said, finally stating your conclusion. 

“But so many things could backlash from this-”

You hand his notebook back, setting it into his lap.

“But it seems to me like music is your outlet. I think the reason you have fans might be because you’re so honest and willing to express yourself in music. Life isn’t short like everyone says but if you don’t do stuff that actually means to you then becoming something as creative as an artist seems like a waste, doesn’t it?”

He seemed so enthralled by the words coming from your mouth and nods in agreement. 

“You make a pretty good point.”

You flashed him a smile. “I tend to. It’s funny how other people’s situations are so easy to solve but your own just end up confusing you.”

Namjoon scanned your face, finding a glimpse of your own unhappiness. 

“Is life being hard on you too?” He asks.

You shrug. “Maybe. Otherwise I’m looking at this all wrong…It’s kinda comforting and strange that we both feel like this.”

He chuckled. “Yeah. There are plenty of people out there struggling and I guess when I think of that my job becomes more important to me. If I can make those who are hurting just feel a little bit better then everything else doesn’t matter.”

Standing up from your spot, you reach a hand out to him this time. “Which is why you should keep doing what you love. Let’s not get you in trouble, okay?”

His hand grabs a hold of yours and the both of you climb down from the rooftop. As he lands on the ground he turns to speak to you. 

“Oh, I never asked for your na-…me….”

He begins to realize you were no longer behind him, letting out a second sigh. He’s grateful for the advice but can’t help but become more curious about the passing stranger in the night. What an odd girl you seemed to him.


First of all!

Long live the DL translators! All of them:

Akui Chansera, Blue (SakamakiHouse), Scurumi, Francette (epithetologist), Rox/Rex (the-precious-sugar-chan). (I haven’t named all all of them, because I don’t know all of them :( But this is about ALL DL translators anyway ).

Respect toward them is very important! Let’s remeber that they are fans aw well, but they help other fans with their hard work. Translating is not that easy and I bet there’s a lot of people here who does not speak Japanese, so… really guys! Respect translators! Without them we wouldn’t be able to learn about the story that much!

Recently, Iwitnessed haters going on anon asks and push  translatora to do more and more translations. But we need to remember that they have their personal life! They have lots of other different stuff to do and people who think that they should only translate should think again.

Just imagine, that you are a translator and people send you so many requests and finally you don’t know what to do fisrt and still have you own life (school, work, personal problems). Asks pill up and you lose your patience. It starts to be depressing, but you’re still nice and polite to other fans and try to please them… Now if you put yourself in translators shoes than you should know it’s a hard work (plus it’s 100 Times worse than you imagined since imagination is not reality and people won’t still fully understand traslators until they become one of them).



They don’t take our money or anything. They do it for the whole fandom and sometimes people won’t even notice, like “Oh, there’s a translations *reads* *leaves tumblr* ” and should be like “OH! MY! GOD! Somebody is finally tanslating!! I looove this person, let me see her/his blog! *becomes a stalker (a nice and harmless stalker xD) * ”

Next time if you say that TRANSLATOR’S are REPLACEABLE or should ONLY TRANSLATE WHAT YOU WANT then please leave this fandom…. or just at least stay quiet!

One more thing about DL fandom (not ranslators related):

There’s a lot of hate and disrespect!

What we want to stay in is a fandom welcome to everybody but some people would rather send hate toward the others. This is wrong. We’re all in DiaHell and what we need is respect other fans. I’m not telling people to start love each others if they purely dislike, but all I’m asking is respect.

I always try my best to stay aside and be quiet but now I really need to write it. This note is not a hate note toward other fangirls. Not at all !!!! I love you all because we are in DL fandom together. But we should sometimes think before acting. I belive that we can make this fanodm a better place. It’s sad that so many nice and polite people leaves it and rude people would stay and keep on sending hate.

Please respect the other fans (and translators among them/us)!

Love, Milky (☆´3`)

Friend is angry! What do??!?

I’m someone who has always had some problems with anger. I’m not the type to physically break things or attack other people when angry, but I have been known to scream, cry, punch trees, throw tantums, be angry for days on end and occasionally injure myself in the midst of my ire. 

And when I’m viewing the world through this red-tinted fuckmisery I usually end up denouncing everyone around me as useless peons. But the people around me are not useless peons! In fact they’re usually trying really hard to help. The simple fact is that a lot of people just don’t know what to do when someone is angry, so in the process of trying to help me see reason and calm down they just end up making things worse. So on that note, I thought I’d make this post with a couple little tips for all those with volatile friends. Obviously this is just in my experience but I think I’m probably not alone in these. So!

Part the first: Things which will never help when someone is angry:

- “stop being angry” or “just calm down”

                  - seriously fuck u don’t say this

                  - don’t

- “being angry won’t solve this” of “being angry won’t help”

                  - yes I know that I’m not dumb if I could quickly and easily calm myself down I’d do that thanx

- “there’s nothing to be angry about” or “you’re overreacting”

                  - there’s plenty in the world to be fucking angry about

                  - but that aside, even if my emotional response is not proportionate to the thing that incited my anger, my emotions are real and valid

                  - also yo, if i straight up told u I have problems with my anger I probably know if i’m overreacting (and i’m currently getting mad at myself for overreacting so now i’m overreacting to my overreaction thanks asshole) 

- “this will be funny someday”

                  - but i’m not currently laughing I’m currently angry and currently want to punch something and currently your face is looking like a good bet

Part the second: Things that will actually help:

But first 1 very important thing!!

*********Part the first.2***********

- If my anger is in any way causing you to be truly uncomfortable/ scared/also angry, please tell me. Walk away after that if you need to.

- If you don’t feel safe or comfortable enough to tell me in that moment, walk away first. This might make me more angry at first, but you taking care of you is important. If you come to me when we’re both calmer and explain that you just needed to leave and collect yourself I will instantly forgive and probably apologize profusely.


Part the second actually: Things that will help:

- give me ice cream

                 - ice cream solves many ills

- show me cute animal pictures/let me pet your dog

                 - no matter what i cannot be mad at animals they are adorbs

- suggest an activity(preferably physical and not too thinky) to get my mind off the thing I’m angry about

                 - a lot of times the only reason my anger gets really bad is that i dwell on things that have already happened

- do something totally unexpected

                 - seriously. break into the chicken dance. make monkey noises. start rolling on the ground, it will confuse me and possibly make me laugh, breaking the cycle of brooding thoughts -> growing anger

let me rant without interrupting or arguing - but only in some cases!!  

                - sometimes it really helps to rant, but if i go on too fucking long and it seems i’m just making myself angrier, refer to any of above instead

- politely tell me if my anger is making me an asshole to you/innocent bystanders

                - as long as you don’t do this by telling my ‘stop being angry’ or trying to say my emotions aren’t valid. just calmly remind me that just because someone was an asshole to me doesn’t mean i should asshole-it-forward

That is all friends thanks for reading!

Future Tense

Reid x Reader.
Warning: contains spoilers for season 8!


The shout shatters the silence, and she bolts upright in bed. Y/N takes quick inventory of the room – the door is still closed, as is the window. No strange intruders, nothing out of place. Only then does she notice that beside her, Spencer is tossing and turning between the sheets, his face screwed up in pain. When her breathing slows enough to be considered calm, she shakes his shoulder. His eyes fly open and looks wildly around him.

“Spencer, it’s okay. It’s just a dream.” Three months of sharing an apartment, and she’s come to recognize the signs of a nightmare. They come without warning, terrorizing his sleep, and waking them both.

His forehead is drenched in sweat, and when she offers her hand, he squeezes it tight. “I’m sorry,” he pants. “I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to apologize.” They sit in quiet for a moment, and she tries to find the words to ask him just what is going on. It’s not the first time she’s heard him yell out that same sentiment, though it’s one of the only dreams he refuses to explain. “What’s that nightmare about?”


“The nightmare,” repeats Y/N. “You’ve been having the same one for a month straight. And you never explain it. When it’s a case or something you’ve seen in the field, you talk to me about it. So what’s this one?”

No answer. She knows it’s silly, but she’s hurt that he feels he has to hide this from her. How terrible can it be? Doesn’t he trust her? Apparently not. Not wanting to argue, she tells him not to worry about it, and rolls over to go back to sleep, facing away from him.

Just as weariness is starting to wash over her again: “Three years.” The words are soft from his lips, and she hesitantly sits back up. “It’s been almost three years since I lost her.”

Her. The pronoun doesn’t reveal much, but it’s enough for her to take a guess. When they started dating, he never mentioned this person by name, only said that he hadn’t been in a relationship since he lost his girlfriend, nearly three years ago. Further elaboration was never given; he never said just how he lost her. A breakup or a death? The latter seems more likely now.

“Her name was Maeve.” The name is familiar, she’s heard it from time to time in the whispered echoes of conversations he shares with Derek or JJ. “We were together for ten months. It was sort of unconventional, because she was being stalked. I couldn’t see her, but I called her every week from a payphone.”

Already she has a sinking feeling about where this conversation is going to lead. “Hey, if you’re not ready to talk about this-”

“No,” he insists. “No, I need to tell you. You deserve to know. If I’m going to keep having nightmares about this, you deserve to know. Maeve was eventually abducted by her stalker. I tried to help find her, the whole team did, but I was… I was too close to it. I couldn’t think clearly, and I missed the obvious signs. When we finally realized who the unsub was, it was too late. The woman – Diane – already had Maeve. Still I tried to save her, but everything depended upon my ability to convince this other woman I was in love with her. And I’m a horrible liar. Because of me, because of my failings, she died. A murder-suicide. Rather than have Diane hurt me, she sacrificed herself. I was right there, just feet away from her, and I couldn’t do anything.”

His voice shakes, he clenches his jaw, and she can tell he’s fighting back tears. “It was the first and last time I saw her. She was the first person I ever loved, and her death was my fault.” Y/N’s heart breaks three ways in that moment. For Maeve, for Spencer, and for the relationship she has with him now. Because it’s very clear that he’s still very much in love with this person.

“I’m sorry.” Not knowing what else to do, she holds tight to his hand, and lets him get this out. This is something she can’t fix, and she knows that she can’t possibly imagine what it must feel like, but she can’t bear to see him so distraught. “I’m so sorry. It’s not your fault, dear. It’s not your fault. I know you, you always blame yourself. But you loved her. You tried to save her. And she tried to save you. That’s what love is.”

So much makes sense now. The apprehension on his part when they started seeing each other, the book he keeps in his bag and won’t ever let her read, the distant look in his eyes from time to time. Three years have gone by, and it still affects him that deeply. Spencer isn’t even looking at her now. “Sometimes,” he says, “you remind me of her.”

It shouldn’t sting, that sentence, but it does. Is that the only reason he’s kept her around? Because she reminds him of the person he can’t have? Y/N panics, starts out of bed away from him. “Um, maybe I should go. Give you some space.”

There is a split second pause as he reacts, stumbling in confusion after her. “Wait, Y/N, what?”

Complying, she stops, but doesn’t look at him. It’s petty and it’s selfish, but the weight of his confession leaves her with the burden of doubt that what they have, what she thought they had, may have been only one-sided. “Is that why you agreed to go out with me? Because I remind you of her? I – I can’t compete with a ghost, Spencer.”

“Compete? Oh.” Understanding hits him, and he backpedals. “You’re not competing with anyone.”

“I’m not trying to be mean, but if you’re still in love with someone else, I really need you to tell me. If you only want me because I’m like her, I can’t stay.”

Floorboards squeak behind her, and suddenly his arms are wrapping around her waist, pulling her to him. Her breath catches as he rests his chin on the top of her head, as she waits for him to say something. If he doesn’t want her, she’ll go. That much she has resolved herself to. The man holding her is the greatest love she’s known, but if he doesn’t feel the same, she needs to walk away.

“I didn’t mean that. It’s not that you’re just like her. You never could be her. And she could never be you. It’s what you do. The way you always manage to make me smile. How my day is better just because I get to talk to you. The kindness that you have. The way you make me feel, it reminds me of the way I felt about her. I didn’t realize I could love a person so much, before Maeve. And I never thought I would love someone that much again until I met you. Don’t go. Please, come back to bed, Y/N.”

In an instant, she turns around to return the embrace, holding tight to him. Comforting him as best as she can. If they are not the same in his mind, not two interchangeable people in his heart, she has permission to stay. And he’s right, he can’t lie. What he tells her is true, and she only wants him to know that she’s not angry. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry you had to go through that,” she tells him. “And I’m sorry it’s still hard for you. But you know you can talk to me about anything, right? Even nightmares. Even her.”

“Thank you,” he whispers. Y/N stretches up on her toes to kiss him sweetly, to try and mend the surface of his wounds, scars that mark his heart in all the places life has burned him before. It’s patchwork, their relationship, healing what has been broken and restoring the things they both have lost. But she’s always thought that imperfect things are all the more beautiful for their flaws. More life to them, more stories in their fabric. The two of them are no different.

Curling back under the blankets, guarded against the cold January air, Y/N takes his hand once more. “Thanks for opening up to me. I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions.”

“It’s okay. I should’ve chosen my words more carefully. Listen, with Maeve, I had all of these plans. I built a whole future around her, and when that fell apart I didn’t know what to do. It still hurts, to know that I’ll never get to see what could have been. But that doesn’t mean I’m not grateful for what is. There’s a whole future I never even imagined could exist, and I get to share it with the person I love. Maeve was my first love, and a huge part of my past. And you,” he adds. “You’re my future.”

Dreams of a brighter future are exactly what she wants to leave him with. It is better by far to think of the beautiful things to come than the monsters that lay behind them. She can tell that this is only the beginning, the first in a long line of conversations they’ll have about love, about Maeve, about the demons they both have. Spencer doesn’t share himself easily; that he has confessed this is a big deal. Momentous. She won’t take it lightly, won’t overlook it.

Fourteen months she has shared with him, three months she has shared a home with him, and finally he feels that he can hand her these sorts of heavy things. To unpack them means to give a part of himself away, and too many people have left him for him to trust that he won’t be left empty-handed, searching for someone else to bare his soul to.

“I can’t think of anyone I’d rather spend the future with,” Y/N murmurs. Every dream and every nightmare, she vows to face with patience. The demons are worth withstanding for every grin he gives her, each deep discussion and long embrace, for the moment when he walks through the door after a lengthy case, and the way he makes her feel. Incredibly lucky. Incredibly loved. And how incredible it is, to be able to love him.

She isn’t the first. But when he’s relaxed enough to fall back asleep, and she drapes an arm over his shoulders, drifting back off in sync, she hopes that she’ll be the last. The one who has the chance to stay, for all that the future will bring.

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something that i’ve noticed is that we’re getting to the point where i’m beginning to see some bubble roleplaying happening. we all know this rp is for fun but it’s not fun if you’re blocking out certain players and their characters. i understand that sometimes you may not have muse for a certain reply but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it, think about messaging the player to create a closed starter that you do have muse for! we’re here to have fun as a group

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Hello I'm new to the fandom and I was wondering if you can give me some links what I should read and watch about Larry? I love your blog but it feels like you are talking a different language sometimes. I need an intro of sorts I guess haha

Welcome! I get how you feel, it must be super weird to scroll through a blog or your dash and the terms used as given are rose&dagger, parma ham, mm fails, bullshit 2.0 etc. If you are just entering the fandom it must be confusing. Let me tell you a secret tho: We have rainbows and candy + we’re watching one of the biggest love stories unfold right before our eyes :)

Now for the logistics, this is what you should go through:




Hidden SaNami - Manga and filler

You know… Sometimes I can kind of understand why people don’t “see“ SaNami. Because a lot of the time their moments are either hidden, or happens so fast that we barely have time to realize it.

Mostly this happens in fillers or in movies and sometimes the anime actually changes or adds to SaNami moments that are originally Oda’s. There are some really undervalued moments in the manga as well. Sometimes I’m not even sure all Sanji x Nami shippers are aware of some. I’m not going to point out every single moment, but I will bring up some points that I have some particular thoughts about.

I also want to talk about how the anime tend to exaggerate Sanji’s mellorine-mode and how that might make people misinterpret Sanji and Nami’s relationship.

This is another long one.

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Summary: Phil works as an Internet security officer whose job is to read flagged emails and send out warnings for a magazine company. Little did he know, he’s about to get hooked on emails from a certain someone. Based loosely on Rainbow Rowell’s Attachments.
Genre: AU
Word count: 1.4k
Beta: Lily aka beta-extraordinaire 
A/N: I can’t believe how many notes the first chapter got! I’m so glad you guys are enjoying it. And by the time you’re reading this, I’ll be on vacation to celebrate my 19th birthday, and that’s why this is posted earlier. Regardless, I hope you like the chapter :) On we go!

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“A Knock in the Night”

Sitting here in the dark after my close call from earlier, I got to thinking about other random scary shit that has happened to me throughout my life. Such as…

Back in college I had a friend whose family owned a beautiful cabin by the river outside of San Antonio, TX. It was their get away home and rarely did they ever invite anyone over from outside of the family.

One summer he convinced his parents to let him invite a couple of us over and so we made the trek to the middle of nowhere for a couple of days of fun.

Mind you, we were college students alone without parental supervision.

In other words, we were a horror movie waiting to happen…

Now the cabin we were staying in was made up of three levels and was somewhat hexagonal in shape. A ramp outside led from the driveway to a door on the second level of the house. This was the main entrance.

You can see this ramp below:

Most of this second level was made up of a living room area, a kitchen, and a few small bedrooms. Below is a pic of the living room fireplace:

A small, spiral staircase in the living room led up to the third floor, as can be seen below:

And looking down onto the living room:

On this third floor there was a bathroom with a window overlooking the front of the house.

You can’t tell from the picture above but from this window you could see someone approaching from quite a ways away.

There was also a small bedroom up here:

Meanwhile back on the main level, there was a closet-like door which led to a small ladder. This ladder led to the ground floor which was used as a garage and storage area.

And with the door open:

Now this one night (I think it was our first night there) we ended up staying up late watching old VHS movies that the family had lying around. And let me tell you, there was a little bit of everything…even vintage porn!

Anywho…sometime around midnight we thought it would be fun to watch some scary movies because, you know, that’s ALWAYS a good idea when you’re alone in the middle of the woods. It was either that or read from the Necronomicon…

Well we’re really into the movie when suddenly there is a loud knock from the front door. Mind you, it’s after midnight AND we are in a cabin in the woods.

 Yes, the freakin’ woods.

(Now, I should point out here that the nearest homes are at least a mile away. Perhaps further. The nearest one is directly across the river and is straight out of a Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel. Oh and did I mention we WERE in Texas?!? Yikes.)

Well we all look at one another and then at the door. All we can see are some dark silhouettes so we quickly grab whatever we can find to use as possible weapons and walk towards the door.

“Who is it?” one of us asks.

“Hi. Can you help us,” someone answers. “Our friend is missing.”

We look at one another, realizing that, yes, we ARE in a horror movie.

Curiosity gets the best of us (as it always does) and we end up opening the door. Outside is a small group of college-aged kids.

After the initial shock of finding other college students in the middle of the woods (some killer was about to get REALLY lucky), we find out that one of their friends is missing. Apparently they had been tubing down the river earlier in the day and he had vanished at some point in the afternoon.

After telling us their  story and describing their friend, they ask if we’ve seen him. We haven’t. They then ask if we’d be willing to help look for him. Remember it’s after midnight and we’re scared shitless so…HELL NO.

We end up offering to put out some huge work lights that my friend’s dad has stored on the ground floor. The hope is that their missing friend will see them and follow them. We end up setting them up outside, facing the river.

The group thanks us for our help and then goes off to search some more. Remember it’s after midnight…

And us? We go back inside and contemplate what horrible fate fell upon their missing friend…and if we’re next.

I’ll be honest, no sleep was had that night!

Did I mention we were in the woods alone?

I call this photo: And they were never seen again…

Being a girlfriend.

I’m kinda possessive sometimes. It’s natural to me. I’m clingy. I’ll spam your inbox every morning with sweet messages so that you’ll automatically smile as you read my messages. I’ll call you nonstop whenever i got no reply from you. I’m selfish and all because i only want you to be mine, deal with it, what’s mine is only mine. I’ll protect what’s mine, i won’t let them harm you, i won’t let them take you away from me. I need to set some boundaries in here that’s why they should know where to stand in someone’s life especially when it comes to my boyfriend. I am his girlfriend and some other girls who wants to flirt with him should back off. I mean, this isn’t just me, right? Like I’m not alone in this kind of attitude. I easily get jealous. It isn’t because I don’t trust him, it’s just that i can’t help it especially when someone is making him smile. I trust him from the moment we started our relationship, but it’s just that I don’t trust the people around him.

I’ll sing a song for him whenever he’s sad or he can’t sleep. I’ll cook his favorite food and every night we spend time to watch our favorite movie until we fall asleep. I’ll hug him tight whenever he least expect it because nothing i just feel like doing it, i just want to make him feel that i’m always here for him. I’ll kiss him, i want to make him feel how much i love him. I wouldn’t get tired telling him how much i love him. I will always tell and do the things that can put a smile on his face. I’m not perfect but i can be the best girlfriend for him. I’ll be his better half. Someone he can lean on to, anytime. I cant say whether how long we’ll be together but as long as were both trying.

If Byakuya and Kenpachi were locked in a room...

As requested by jbondage. :)

What would happen if the captains of Squads 6 and 11 found themselves locked in a room

Kenpachi: Kuchiki Byakuya!!!

Kenpachi: Guess what? I have a real shikai now!

Kenpachi: We’ve gotta fight!

Byakuya: I see that you still have no respect for the rules, barbarian.

Byakuya: This is a list in which we are only permitted to talk. No fighting is allowed.

Kenpachi: What? And you’re gonna let that stop you?

Kenpachi: And here I heard that you’d learned about the joys of fighting crazy!

Byakuya: Where on earth did you hear something like that?

Kenpachi: Oh, word gets around…

Kenpachi: Somethin’ about how in your fight with Tsukishima you were forced to fight crazy-like…

Kenpachi: And you LIKED it!


Byakuya: I may have found some fleeting enjoyment in using a new technique, yes.

Kenpachi: Fuck yeah you did!

Kenpachi: Now you should try REALLY letting yourself go!

Kenpachi: Introduce Senbonzakura to Nozarashi!

Byakuya: You talk about fights as though you are arranging a playdate.

Kenpachi: Uh yeah, I kinda am.

Byakuya: My zanpakuto is reserved for real enemies.

Kenpachi: Oh yeah? Sure didn’t seem that way in Hueco Mundo.

Kenpachi: I could tell how much you wanted to fight me there!

Byakuya: Well you WERE being super annoying.

Byakuya: I wouldn’t read too much into that.

Kenpachi: Man, what’s with you? Is there some sort of rule against showing emotion for you noble people?

Kenpachi: Why can’t you admit that you like fighting? And that you want to fight me? And that you couldn’t keep your eyes off me when my clothing was all shredded in Hueco Mundo?


Kenpachi: Yeah.

Kenpachi: I noticed.

Byakuya: Your clothing was a trainwreck.

Byakuya: It was hard to look away.

Kenpachi: You should try it sometime. Let your hair down! Let your clothing get shredded!

Byakuya: I did try it. Rather recently, in fact.

Kenpachi: Oh? And what happened?

Byakuya: I ended up splattered against a wall.

Byakuya: Gave a beautiful dying speech to Kurosaki Ichigo.

Byakuya: Then I failed to die.

Byakuya: It was frankly awkward.

Kenpachi: That’s why I don’t bother with speeches!

Kenpachi: When I die, I plan to go out yelling curses through my foaming mouth!

Byakuya: ……..ew.

Kenpachi: Battle ain’t pretty, Kuchiki!

Byakuya: You do not have to tell me that, as though I don’t know.

Byakuya: Anyway, I heard you were forced to kill your mentor.

Byakuya: I know something about that, having been forced to kill my mentor Tsukishima.

Byakuya: Or so I thought at the time.

Kenpachi: If you mean Unohana then yeah, I did.

Kenpachi: Always knew we’d fight again.

Kenpachi: But I wish it hadn’t ended.

Byakuya: Is that regret?

Kenpachi: Well, yeah!

Kenpachi: Who doesn’t regret when a good fight finishes?

Kenpachi: Why do you think I’m always trying to get Ichigo to fight me again?

Byakuya: I don’t know why you are so obsessed with that guy.

Byakuya: One or three fights was plenty for me.

Kenpachi: Really? It doesn’t rankle you that you never beat ‘im?

Byakuya: I beat him. Took away his powers once.

Kenpachi: Yeah, when he was a newbie!

Byakuya: It still counts.

Byakuya: And anyway, he beat you before he had ever heard the word “bankai,” so I wouldn’t be casting stones.

Kenpachi: Yeah, we were both his big fights, you know.

Kenpachi: The captains he defeated.

Kenpachi: Then we got stronger.

Kenpachi: And now…we should fight each other!

Byakuya: You are obnoxiously persistent.

Kenpachi: Come on…

Kenpachi: Aren’t you a little curious about what would happen…

Kenpachi: Just you and me, no interruptions, full use of our powers…


Byakuya: No but really we can’t fight in this list.

Kenpachi: And how 'bout directly AFTER the list?


Byakuya: Well that would be different.






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Today I felt proud because I was having really negative thoughts based on something that actually had nothing to do with me, and instead of letting those thoughts control me (like sometimes happens), I was able to pray about it and then read aloud some affirmations for letting go of negative and unhelpful thoughts.

Yay!!! That’s great you were able to put good strategies to use!!! You should be very proud!!! It shows your thoughts don’t have to control you!!!

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Olicity running into one of Felicity's old boyfriends and Oliver being jealous (cause people always write Felicity as being jealous and I don't think that'd be the case)

“Ed,” Felicity says, surprised.

This guy breaks out into a grin and hugs Felicity with a little too much enthusiasm for Oliver. (Meaning who does he think he is hugging his girlfriend at all.)

“Felicity! It’s so good to see you. How’ve you been?”

“Great! I heard about your business, congrats,” she raves.

“Thank you.”

Oliver chooses now to clear his throat, because it seems like Felicity’s forgotten about him. Oliver Queen. Her boyfriend. Of four years. Seriously, who is this guy.

“Oh,” she blushes sheepishly, reaching back to hold onto Oliver. “This is Oliver Queen, my boyfriend. Oliver, this is Ed Raymond, my—”

“Ex-boyfriend?” Ed offers, smirking.

Oliver almost starts when Felicity laughs. What the fuck is happening and how can he stop this.

“Ex-boyfriend,” Oliver repeats, processing this little piece of information.

“It’s not like that,” Felicity shakes her head.

“Aw, Liss. Did all those words and that time spent together not mean anything to you?” Jack or whatever fakes a wounded heart and even winces a little. “You cut me.”

“Stop that.” She reaches over and punches his arm and he chuckles. (He wonders if it hurt.)

“Felicity,” Oliver mutters, tugging on her hand still clasped in his. He doesn’t care what happened between them, he just wants to go already.

“We should go. It was nice to see you.”

“Yeah, you too. We should catch up sometime.”

“That sounds like fun.” Felicity steps closer to him with her arm out for a hug, but Oliver doesn’t let go of her hand.

“Who was that guy?” he growls when Bob waves and leaves.

“We’ve known each other since third grade. He was my ‘boyfriend’ for half an hour, but it ended before math because he didn’t agree that my Barbie doll should sleep in the same bed as us.”

“He seemed nice.”


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