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Let It Go Vocabulary

1. 겨울 왕국 - Winter Kingdom (The name of Frozen the movie in Korean)
2. 눈 - Snow
3. 산 - Mountain
4. 폭풍 - Storm
5. 발자국 - Footprint
6. 성 - Castle
7. 왕국 - Kingdom
8. 바람 - Wind
9. 하늘 - Sky
10. 울다 - to cry
11. 춥다 - Cold (temperature)
12. 동결 - Freezing (temperature)
13. 자매.- Sisters 
14. 여왕 - Queen
15. 얼음 - Ice
16. 고립시키다 - Isolate (v)

Atlanta, please be aware of this and stay safe.

Atlanta residents,
On February 6th at Piedmont park, 10th and Charles allen dr. there is going to be a meet up of Mens Rights Activisits who believe that rape should be legalized. They will apparently be meeting at other locations as well. This will be happening in many different cities. I am leaving some links with some info that i have been given and come across. I am planning to print out fliers with information and posting them around the city tomorrow. If you would like to help please let me know. The man behind this is named Roosh Valizadeh and his twitter is @rooshv and more info is there about his disgusting movement and ideas. here is some info. please be aware of this and let others know. this is extremely important.
Here Are other links

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[Text] I think we should break up, it just isn’t working out.

  Masaomi stared at the unanswered text message that he had sent his boyfriend. Ten minutes had passed without a reply, and he started to wonder what was going on. He knew that Kurashi was staying in that day, so unless he was in the shower or doing something like cooking, he should have seen the message. Maybe he was having trouble replying. Really, Masaomi knew it was immature to break up with someone over a text message—especially after a year together—but he was afraid that seeing Kurashi upset would make him cave in. After it took so long to work up the courage to break off their relationship, remembering the first time he half-heartedly tried and knowing how lonely he would be, he couldn’t back down.

  Another ten minutes passed. So, Masaomi would have to face his boyfriend, after all. That was probably for the best. He knew that he would regret breaking up with Kurashi in such a cruel way. He would simply have to keep all of his reasons in mind and not let the other guilt him into staying. 


  The blond covered his face with his arm and shut his eyes. Maybe, if he dissociated enough, his mattress would completely swallow him up. That wasn’t going to happen, though. Masaomi had already started the end, and now he had to finish it. He really, really didn’t want to break up with Kurashi. He was a person that made him truly happy. Despite that, he was sick and tired of all the fighting—about anything and everything. It seemed like they could barely spend a few hours together without a rude comment or argument about something insignificant. Both of them were under stress, but Masaomi was miserable in their relationship. 

  Part of it was probably because he had spent so long believing that this was it for him, that Kurashi was the one. He didn’t want to think about a life with someone else, and he didn’t want to be alone, either. They were so good together at the beginning, but as time passed, and the bliss of a new relationship faded, it seemed like they just didn’t fit well.

  With a sigh, Masaomi stood up and trudged over to the door. He grabbed his keys, slipped on his shoes, and left his apartment, locking the door behind him. There was no sign on his face that he had been crying. He had done enough of that in the past few days. Plus, he figured more would come when the reality set in that he was truly alone.

  He was barely two blocks away from his apartment when he suddenly looked up to see Kurashi standing in front of him. Not able to look his boyfriend in the eyes, he stared down at his feet and spoke quietly. “I take it you got my text…? We shouldn’t talk out here. Let’s go to my apartment, alright?”

Corona Borealis

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It had been so long since Sans felt bored, that he failed to recognize the feeling at first. Laziness and apathy he’d become all too familiar with, but boredom had a quality of frustration that wouldn’t let him be satisfied with his usual activities of eating, sleeping, and sitting around. He tapped his fingers, counted twigs on a nearby tree, even hummed a few bars of an old song, but nothing helped. He needed to go somewhere.

Finally, Sans couldn’t stand it longer, and he began taking shortcuts randomly across the underground. The process had just enough excitement to it to take the edge off his restlessness. If he tried to jump anywhere outside or even too close to the barrier, he would end up slamming into it instead. He had discovered this a while ago the excruciatingly painful way.

The middle of a snow forest. Right on top of one of those luminescent mushrooms. Grillby’s. Really, Grillby’s? After the difficulty he’d gone through to perfect a shortcut through the front door, now he ended up there randomly? Next. Image after image of familiar scenery flashed in front of Sans as he skipped from one location to the next as easily as flipping through a stack of postcards. Only when he’d landed somewhere he didn’t recognize did he pause for a moment.

He’d appeared in a star cave, much like others scattered through Waterfall, but Sans could tell he’d never seen this one before. He knew all the unmoving constellations plastered on the ceiling of the underground by heart, but this arrangement matched none of them. Staring up at the glowing points curiously, he tried figure out if the pattern matched any of the constellations from the surface.

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Hello lovely, I wanted to make sure you hadn't been asked this too much already but I couldn't find it in the answered asks; is there any way at all to deal with the horrible and constantly overwhelming fear of your favorite person abandoning / leaving you? Or should I just kind of learn to deal with it? If like to know what you or your followers do about this fear, I think it's common in bpd but I could be wrong. Thank you v much ❤️

I do a little bit of both. When I start feeling overwhelmed, I really need to remind myself that they show me every time after I worry that they aren’t going anywhere. Specifically since I only get upset about it when we aren’t in touch. Something I’ve done with my FPs is asked them to let me know if they weren’t going to be around anymore, or for any specific prolonged amount of time. It eases the anxiety for sure, because I’ve of course had FPs leave me. The problem is that sometimes we push them away without realizing it. For example, I recently had an old FP get back in touch with me, and they seemed confused when I mentioned they’re the ones to cut off contact. Turns out they said something, I split on them, assumed they hated me, then dropped contact with them. People don’t change how they feel as suddenly as we do. My FP was busy enjoying themselves, were busy with things they can’t use their phone as much (they were long distance) and they just couldn’t get in touch with me as much as I wanted them to. So in that perspective, it was my fault I lost that FP. As long as you make sure you don’t get defensive and push them away, you can take measures to prevent them leaving you. Sometimes people’s lives change drastically and we don’t fit in it anymore, that’s when we need to find helpful coping methods because sometimes BPD has us drag things out longer than normal, because we don’t recognize the signs that it’s time to move on. Anyway, having an FP is tough because we’re much more intense and invested than what’s conventional. Hope this could give some insight, take care xx

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Hi! My midterm grades came out recently and I found that I have a C in honors biology. I've been working really hard all year so this came as a shock. After showing my Mom, I hoped to have her help me and give me some guidance on how to do better, but instead she told me that I should think of myself as a piece of crap and that there is not one nice caring or smart bone in my body. As you can probably guess, this really hurt my feelings, but I don't know what to say to her. Any ideas?

Let her know it hurt your feelings and that you were looking for guidance and encouragement. Make sure to not raise your voice otherwise she won’t listen. Now, for your biology class start by watching these: (CrashCourse biology playlist.) Focus an hour per day for the subject. It may seem like a lot, but you’ll definitely get at least a B if you do so! Don’t be shy about asking for clarifications no matter if it’s during class time or before/after class. At the same time, you can buy a biology AP book and work on it from there. In there everything you need to know and more is explained. By learning more than expected, you’re more likely to understand and remember what you need to know. Good luck! <3


I want yall to know that literally ANY of you can come talk to me or the characters at any time, yeah? none of us bite, not even room. ;v; This blog more or less thrives off of anon interaction, many of the things implemented here are from anons so!!!

I just felt like i should let that be known again! Please don’t be shy about coming and asking questions or whatever. ;v; I want to make sure people can be super comfortable about interacting with me and the characters.

That being said, I’m also open to any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism on what i may or may not be doing wrong! Gotta be constructive about it though, just telling me that i suck isnt gonna do me any good. :U

Sorry about all of the negativity here lately! I hope you all have a great day! ;v; )

@guildwars2 here are a few things I would pay real money to obtain

  • a mini arid pack dolyak because they’re kinda cute looking
  • a mordrem wolf pet for rangers (or, as a consolation, a mini mordrem wolf)
  • more heavy armor that looks like it could be medium armor for my revenant
  • pants for all female characters that are actual pants
  • actually while we’re at it you know how when you get a piece of armor and the icon looks good and you’re like alright cool this skin should look awesome on my female character and then you preview it and it’s Low Cut V-Neck Fishnets and it bears only a passing resemblance to the icon? let’s not do that
  • updated versions of like all the gw1 hairstyles. bring back all the hair from nightfall
  • an entire living story chapter devoted to me planning Kas and Jory’s wedding 

                                                        she knows something’s off about this one. being around eliot and getting to know him the way she has, he has also taught her things ( be aware, pay attention to your surroundings and never let anyone catch you off guard. those are something every beginner should know. now sophie was a talented grifter  ( one of the best ) but there was one thing that she shared with eliot and that was the use of guns. she talks. she can talk her way out of anything but looking into the barrel of the gun with a smirk on her face ( stay confident. stay strong. be the bigger person. fake your way through the whole damn thing. you made a name for yourself. show him exactly who you are. )

                   really? this is how we’re going to play this. I came for
                     the painting and something tells me that you may have
                    enough naked ladies in your house            and I don’t just
                      mean the art.

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I was 1month away from my bf and i cheated on him.. Srly i feel so guilty what should i do.. I'm too afraid to tell him cuz he will be so hurt.. I really tho love him, we both even lost aur v-card to eachother.. And he loves me way tooo much

That’s really tough.But if you cheated intentionally then I’m not sure that’s love.Cheating isn’t okay at all.But if he truly does love you then he won’t leave if you told him the truth.It’s only fair that you let him know and show how sorry you are.

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i want the H c':

Send me a “I want the H” and I will randomly generate a number! 
13.) Failed hug 

       "      I’m sorry, Ben… I’m so sorry I let 
      this happen to you.“ 

   He should’ve seen this coming. Ever since the young boy had looked upon Snoke for the first time, Obi-Wan could feel the Force within him twisting and turning. He could sense a great disturbance, and pain coming ahead. After watching Snoke feed him lies, telling him such kriffing bullshit, he soon watched his grandson, merely at the age of 15, turn against Luke, and begin to kill Jedi. 

   Kill his friends, his partners- It was a bloody massacre, and he knew there was nothing he could do about it. Sure, he could approach the young man, giving him advice, trying to pull him towards the light, but alas, he was shrouded in darkness. And soon enough, he had watched the same terror he had seen before uprise from it’s ashes, as the First Order came into view, searching for Luke, who had isolated himself, going into exile. 

   He felt guilt, regret, such horrible feelings. Fate was cruel, fate could tear one apart. And Obi-Wan had to sit and watch the ones he cared for fall, his heart overcome with depressed feelings. The old man knew he was not solid, he knew he wasn’t truly there. But that didn’t stop him from wrapping his arms around the dark haired man, the ends of his eyes beginning to bead with tears. 

   Obi-Wan was in pain, and he knew Anakin was in pain as well. There wasn’t much they could do anymore, but he knew- He just knew there had to be a shimmer of light still inside Be- Kylo Ren. He had seen him do good before. Hopefully he wasn’t lying to himself…

      ”     I’m sorry I haven’t been a good 

|| nice to meat you

      A consumptive rage slowly filled his body and senses
      as he saw the man’s face. He knew that face. And it was
      connected to some bad memories. Krieg just couldn’t recall
      those exact memories but he felt some inexplicable anger
      just by looking at him. 

                  “BurST the vessels!”, he grumbled,
      unwillingly breaking the glass bottle he was still holding in
      his hand by crashing it against the wall next to him. 

      ( Would you please ease your mind so I can rush through
      the leftovers of your braincells to search for some usable

      The rest of the shards fell to dusty the ground, leaving a
      few cuts in his hand. His eyes were still locked at the man
      a few meters aways.
      ( He didn’t do anything yet. Lay a finger on him and I’ll kill us both. )

                  “You! Name?” 

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“I-I think you should leave; this place really isn’t stable enough for anyone who isn’t intangible to stay–!”

It was as if by some sort of coincidental fate that he had noticed the pillar crumbling and nearly falling on the woman, and from how quickly he raised his hand to cast a shield of mana, he had seen it coming at some point. It was how the world worked with his luck, and thankfully he had had nearly three centuries of said luck to know to act fast.

As soon as the pillar hit the shield, it split up into smaller pieces and rolled off of the shield and around Izaya, though the force of it hitting the mana visibly took an effect on Zs'Skayr as he struggled to keep it up. As soon as it had all become rubble, the shield dissipated, and he frantically flew over to her with obvious panic.

“Are you okay!? Do you see what I mean now!?”

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The Superbowl TV Spots

External image

As you may know the Superbowl was last night and as such America was flooded with new movie trailers that we in the UK just don’t get to see during the game. As such here’s the full list of spots, should you be at all interested.

If I missed any please let me know in the comments and i’ll have them added.


Jason Bourne

Captain America: Civil War

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

The Jungle Book

X-Men: Apocalypse

Independence Day: Resurgence

10 Cloverfield Lane

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Alice Through The Looking Glass

The Secret Life Of Pets

Zoolander 2

More of a car advert… but still.



And it’s a strange condition,
A day in prison,
It’s got me out of my head
And I don’t know what I came for,
I want you to know…

It’s me and Pete Yorn on repeat and spinning in a desk chair and just you know. Not sure if there should be an ego thing a pride thing a hiding thing.