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Summary Sections Guide (in order by category):

-Killugon (20)

-Hisoillu/Adult Trio (2)

-Leopika (7)

-Kurokura (2)

-Chrollo misc (6)

-Misc/Gen (9)

Blind Summaries:


Killugon 1

Title: Kicking Against the Goad
Warnings: Hardcore flirting and suggestive language from 16/17 years olds to other 16/17 year olds.
Rating: 18/Mature for suggestive sexual content/innuendos.
Killugon/Leopika. Heavier Killugon content.

High school AU. Leorio and Kurapika like each other, but neither is willing to be the first to admit it. Instead, they’ve spent a year engaged in a tedious game of cat and mouse that neither seems to be close to winning. Kurapika’s newest plan of action? Telling Leorio that he’s going to ask out the new guy, Gon. Too prideful to admit his feelings, Leorio bribes Killua to seduce Gon before Kurapika can ask him out. Killua initially declines, but it’s hard not to be interested in a boy who seems to be made of sunshine and flower petals. It gets even harder when Gon turns out to be a merciless flirt who thinks it would be fun to be seduced.

Killugon 2

Title: Kissing A Former Rock Star

Pairing: Killugon

Rating: Teen for language and references to drugs and alcohol

Possible triggers: emotional abuse, neglect, drugs, alcohol

Gon Freecs: A country boy who loves to write songs and play his guitar, Gon is also hopelessly out of date with what’s cool, new or popular. He has nothing much besides hope and an old acoustic guitar when he applies for a big city high school so he can start searching for his long-absent, talent agent father.

Killua Zoldyck: A member of the most popular musical act in the world, The Zoldycks, Killua has stayed in hotel rooms and slept on tour buses almost every night of his life. Despite angry disapproval from his family, he quits the band to go to school for the very first time.

When their eyes meet across the classroom on the first day of the new semester, they both know they’ve never met anybody like this ever before. When Gon discovers that Killua is a musician, he enlists his help finding his dad. When Killua learns that Gon is a songwriter, he enlists his help stepping out from the shadow of his internationally famous family by performing in the school talent show.  

There’s only a few small hitches in their plans. Namely, millions upon millions of screaming fans; an older brother happy to enlist the help of two private eyes to spy on the boys so he can plant incriminating stories in the press; a father showing up at exactly the worst moment; and two sets of stomach butterflies dancing along furiously with every song

Killugon 3

Pairings: Killugon. No heavy romance.

Rating: T

Warnings/Triggers: Emotional angst.  Chimera arc and Election arc spoilers.

Summary: Semi-delirious with fever, Killua spills to Leorio how hurt, scared, and invalidated he felt when Bisky had issued her  ultimatum about leaving Gon to him. Through Leorio, Gon learns the truth and finds himself on another mission to disprove someone who says Killua can’t be his friend.

Killugon 4

Title: Come & See Me [2 A.M. Again]
Pairing: Killugon
Rated M/NSFW: Angst, Strong Language, Sexual Content, Drug Use, Instances of physical/verbal abuse, TW: Instances of homophobia, transphobia and suicide mention

Summary: A bad boy with a heart of gold. The sunshine kid in a varsity jacket. Their high school experience couldn’t be more different from the other’s. Gon’s a simple kid with big dreams and an even bigger smile. Killua just wants to lie low and make it through his last year. He deals drugs for quick cash in order to escape his abusive household with his little sister in tow. The last thing on Killua’s mind is a whirlwind romance, football games, or Prom, but an accidental meeting throws Gon and Killua into orbit and they collide. “A few weeks into junior year he was a blip on my radar, but it wasn’t until senior year that he become my satellite.” Modern Day High School AU.

Killugon 5

Pairing: killua/gon

Rating & warnings: T (just to be safe)

Summary: In theory, what Killua has to do is easy enough. Everything is easy when it’s for Alluka’s sake, because he’d do anything for her. If that means escaping into the wilds where the spirits roam free and there’s a war steadily brewing between nature and man then so be it, he doesn’t care, because his sister needs help and he’d stare down monster for her sake. What happens between the two warring sides have no effect on him, that is, until he meets Gon, a boy that’s as uninhibited and wild as they come. Killua doesn’t mean to get attached, but well, plans always have a way of changing.

Killugon 6

Title: The Box
Pairing: Killugon (+ minor side ships)
Rated: T (might go up for some violence. Unsure how explicit that’ll be but basically if u watched HxH you’re good)

Warnings: Character death, prior to the story, mentioned a number of times. Some violence.

Killua’s shoulder prickles as the presence there seems to shift. He breathes out. “Gon is exactly who I think he is. And he’s disappeared at the same time as-” Killua’s eyes dart from Illumi to the window, and he nearly glances to his desk, where the gold box rests. “At the same time as I released a jinni. I think you’re drawing the wrong conclusions.”

“Never trust the occult,” Illumi tells him. Killua knows this; his sister’s headstone is reminder enough. But he’s grown up with a sixth sense – the unusual ability to feel magic around him, traces of it on magic users, or the concentrated crackle of spirits made up of magic itself. And so Killua knows that the boy he met at boarding school is a far cry from the jinni that wears Gon’s face. But Gon is missing, and it’s Killua’s fault – he was the one, after all, who released the jinni in the first place.
AU, urban fantasy/mythology

Killugon 7

Title: Sunflower Field
Pairing: Killua Zoldyck / Gon Freecss
Rating: M
Warnings: Mentions of domestic abuse and death.

Summary: Leaving the arguing that builds up in his home, Killua finds himself captivated by the boy within the massive sunflower field that no one ever enters. Like the golden blooms, Killua builds a friendship with Gon. Mystery and tragedy affect everyone around them in a way Killua couldn’t predict. The sunflowers are ever blooming, even out of season.

Killugon 8

Pairing: Killua gon

Rated: T

“Okay,” Gon says, pensive fingers drumming across his own face. “How about you wait until after we’re done with dinner, and then, I’ll let you do your best to kill me.”

Gon Freeccs is a no-star nobody hunter from the middle of nowhere with a terrible habit of fighting anyone who will let him and still manages to win. He’s also Killua’s most recent target, and biggest failure. Killua takes what should have been a slap on the wrist for a bungled job and manages to turn it into a cross-continental manhunt. The resulting fiasco teeters somewhere in the blurry twilight zone between being the best and worst thing to happen to either of them.

Killugon 9

Pairing: Gon Freecss/Killua Zoldyck, Killua Zoldyck & Alluka Zoldyck
Rating: Teen
Warning: Blood, violence

Up until a few hours ago, Killua Zoldyck’s biggest problems involved a) somehow convincing his parents that he didn’t want to be successor to his father’s position as the world’s official Vampire Hunter, and b) hiding the fact that he was currently dating a super powerful and absolutely amazing vampire named Gon Freecss from said parents.

But then Killua’s sister got captured by the most infamous vampire group in history, and Killua will stop at nothing to get her back- with Gon’s help, of course, because Gon refuses to let Killua get hurt in any way, shape or form. So now Killua’s biggest problem is finding and rescuing his sister before the Phantom Troupe find him, because if the Troupe discovers that he and Alluka are related to the man who put a stake through their boss’ heart, they will both die for sure.

So, with Killua’s luck, it’s only natural that the Phantom Troupe discovers Killua and Gon’s presence minutes after they enter the Troupe’s hideout.

Killugon 10

Rating: T
Pairings: Killugon & minor PalmKnov
Tags: College AU, Photography AU, Aged up, Romance & Fluff

Gon had received only one good thing from his largely absent father–an old camera Ging had left behind during one of his brief stays home. The heavy weight of the camera had felt good, real, in his hands, and Gon had fastidiously ignored Aunt Mito’s worried look as he decided his path. But it wasn’t until years later, one fateful night in the Figure Studies room, that Gon found what he didn’t even know was missing. The perfect model he never knew he wanted.

Killugon 11

Characters: Entire Zoldyck Family, Gon, Hisoka (minor), Chrollo, Mito
Pairings: Killugon, minor Hisokuro
Rating: T (possibly M)
Warnings: transphobia, explicit language, trans slurs, mentions of menstrual cycles, very body-negative in parts

Ballet AU (No nen, no hunters, etc.)

Killua is a boy, no matter what anybody tells him. It doesn’t matter if his mother calls him Kira, or if his father says that he’s his favourite daughter.  Hell, it doesn’t matter if he dances pointe and does better pirouettes than anybody in the advanced classes, it’s not like he’d be the only guy in history to do so.
Sometimes it’s a little trying when nobody uses his preferred name or downright laughs at him. The mental strain he goes through every time he goes to class and can’t wear his binder while he’s dancing.
He doesn’t care though, because he has his sister Alluka and his friend Gon to back him up. He knows that one day, the world will see him as he sees himself. Pointe shoes and all.

Killugon 12

Pairing: Killugon
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Older Killua and Gon, fluff, humor

Nothing out of the ordinary ever happened. Well, aside from the extraordinary nature of the family business. Other than that, it was a simple and dull job.

So when Illumi approached him during his shift on one of those ordinary days, hand on his hip, head cocked and expression blank as ever, Killua looked to his brother with a single eyebrow raised.

“We have a new business partner. Mother wants you to call them today or tomorrow. Here are the details.”

Or, the “Murder Intern AU” in which Killua works the front desk of the family’s murder-for-hire company, bored by the days until they partner with a local fragrance shop. Startled at first and then increasingly intrigued by the other sales associate, a budding friendship (and perhaps something more) grows between the two until a single determining question is asked.

Killugon 13

Pairings: Killua x Gon (Alluka is a major part of the story as well)
Rating: T
Warnings: Some explicit/ some transphobic language

He stems from a family of royalty; and of course, a family who cannot have their son and prime heir escaping with his sister when he’d do more service if he kept his mouth closed and his feet still. Killua’s clever, though - he let Alluka get away, and she has become untraceable, (as far as he knows, as far as he thought ahead, despite the constant surveillance he’d been subjected to as a result). He doesn’t mind being his family’s prize possession, not really…as long as his sister is safe from Illumi. That’s what he tells the stranger who keeps visiting him, anyway, a boy who seems to be keeping abstract tabs on Alluka’s whereabouts. “But just how does he know her?” Unimportant details, he muses, considering this stranger is, currently, his only friend and means of communication. (This fic is based on a number of fairy tales, including “The Boy Who Drew Cats”, “Brother and Sister”, “The Canary Prince”, and “Catskin”.)

Killugon 14

Rating: T
Warnings: canon level violence at most
Pairings: Killua, Gon, Canary friendship

There’s always something going on in Meteor City and while Gon usually stays away, he can’t resist the spectacle that the Zoldyck Butlers put on. Training hard to become a butler doesn’t sound too thrilling to a wild boy who is used to running around as he pleases with a pack of abandoned pedigree pets. But when Gon meets Killua, who isn’t allowed to make friends with anyone, he can’t resist the chance to befriend the lonely creature. The fact that fellow butler in training Canary says that it’s outright forbidden only makes the challenge all the more tempting.

Killugon 15

Ratings: T
Pairing: killuagon

For the record, Killua was more than capable of dealing with a group of kidnappers. He was just taking this opportunity to finally go sightseeing and prolong returning to his family. Gon respectfully intervenes. (The Princess Bride AU)

Killugon 16

Title: Forget me not
Pairing: Killugon
Rating: M
Possible Triggers: gore, character death, major angst, self harm

After seeing the pain Killua hid behind fake smiles and phony laughs, Alluka and Nanika take matters into their own hands, erasing the the memories that caused him so much pain. If it meant he would truly be happy again then it was for the best. However such happiness can only last so long. Killua has been keeping a secret. He’s fallen into old habits and his new job means erasing the only thing that made him happy before he rescued his sister. The one thing he can’t remember. Gon.

Killugon 17

Pairing(s): Killugon
Rating: R18/Mature
Warnings: Violence, language, torture/abuse, angst, imprisonment, and minor character death(s).

Natsume Yuujinchou AU (The exorcist clan).
The Zoldycks are famous as the head branch of a large clan that exorcises youkai. Killua Zoldyck, one of the youngest children of the main branch struggled daily, but not because he couldn’t keep up with his siblings or the other clan members. In fact, his skills were seen as the best in decades, but they kept it a secret due to his “morals” that everyone felt was holding him back.

Suddenly, his parents decide to send him to one of the lower branches that’s nestled at the bottom of a mountain, hoping to fix his decent attitude towards the monsters. Despite the infamous stories of how no one has ever escaped the forest full of youkai alone, Killua decides to run away when no one is looking. As he ventures deeper into the mountain up the forest path, he quickly realizes someone or…something is following him.

In a fortunate turn of events, Killua rescues the youkai, binding their lives together in a blood contract until the youkai’s debt of gratitude is repaid. The youkai introduces himself to his new master as Gon…Gon Freecss. Their journey is only beginning.

Killugon 18

Rating: Teen
Warnings: Attempted violence, swearing, possible but unlikely smut.

Summary: Some kind of weird spirit AU

Killua decides it’s a good idea to try and Kill a forest spirit.
Gon decides he rather likes his would-be assassin.
They find a strange sort of middle ground.
“Mmmm… Well how about this: Every time you answer one of my questions, you can try to stab me.”

Killugon 19

Pairings: Killugon

Rating: General most likely, will not go past Teen and Up.

College AU. Killua had his daily routine down: get to work, make it through class, and make it back to his dorm in one piece. This works just fine until the guy living down the hall sneaks a pet in and Killua ends up as a mostly unwilling accomplice.

Gon didn’t exactly plan on sneaking a cat into class much less the student housing, but he’s reluctant to let go of the small bundle of fluff. Not to mention his new friend is really, ridiculously cute.

In which Killua meets Gon, they raise a cat together, and something more happens along the way.

Killugon 20

Title: parapraxis
Pairing: Gon/Killua (with background leopika)
Rating: T
Warnings: references to alcohol, slightly unsafe binding (overwearing it, nothing like ace bandages), cursing, references to violence,

parapraxis - a slip of the tongue or pen, forgetfulness, misplacement of objects, or other error of thought to reveal unconscious wishes or attitudes.

Gon and Killua have a bad track record with doing stupid things while drunk. (Leorio’s mayorial campaign comes to mind). But… getting eloped was definitely a new one.

(or: the killugon drunk marriage au no one asked for)

Hisoillu/adult trio

Hisoillu 1

Title: You win some, you lose some.

pairings: Adult Trio

rating: M

warning/triggers: alcohol usage, explicit sexual content, gay sex, threesome, drunk sex, anal sex

A story set in a figure skating AU. In the Grand Prix finals the six best skaters compete: known for his charismatic performances - Hisoka Morow, his best enemy on ice – Illumi Zoldyck, Illumi’s younger brother and debutant in the seniors’ championships – Killua Zoldyck, another novice in the seniors’ category – Gon Freecss, coming up in the ranks through hard work – Kurapika, and Chrollo Lucilfer who seems to be having the worst season in his career. After an unsuccessful free skate routine, Illumi gets drunk at the banquet and messes the things up with his biggest challengers: Hisoka and Chrollo. How will this night end up?

Hisoillu 2

Pairing : Hisoka/Illumi Zoldyck

Rating : Explicit/N17  

Warning(s) : Violence, alcohol use, explicit sexual content

Finding his rebellious figure skater of a little brother was annoying task already in Illumi’s opinion, and the weird handyman he met might be more of a liability than of help.


Leopika 1

Pairings/Characters: Leopika, Kuraparents, Killua, Gon, Cheadle Yorkshire, (Palm Siberia)
Rating and warnings: rated M for gore, body horror, minor character death and nsfw content (might be explicit)

Kurapika has lived his life protecting himself from the dark things that roam at night when the wood’s magic wanes. They are hungry. They have a taste for him. All he wants is some peace and quiet – and then Leorio shows up on his doorstep. Naked. Unconscious. Tempting. But Leorio made a pact with the woods years ago. And now that the time to repay his debt has come, he cannot afford to get caught up in another entanglement, romantic or otherwise. Still he keeps coming back to Kurapika, sure as the tide, even as he begins to wonder how much of his humanity he traded away.

Leopika 2

Pairing: Leopika
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearing, mentions of/discussions about past canon violence, blanket warning for every single thing about Hisoka, broken bones, consumption of a truly ridiculous amount of pears

When Hisoka climbs through his window with a basket of fruit and well wishes, Kurapika, frankly, isn’t surprised. When Senritsu arrives with half the mob in tow, Kurapika expects it. When Chrollo and Gon, Killua and Tonpa, pop in and stop by and generally outstay their welcomes, it’s not news. But when four weeks after Kurapika breaks his leg, Leorio is nowhere to be found, Kurapika admits he might be a little concerned.

Leopika 3

Pairing: Leopika
Rating: T
Warnings: Some violence, mild gore, hospital settings, smoking

Leorio could probably recite the EMS call response procedures in his sleep. He knows, without hesitation, what to do in cases of heart failure, blood loss, seizures and strokes. The back of the ambulance is his home turf – at least, until a wayward delinquent with blood caked on his fists and venom in his gaze steps in one night, flipping his routine painfully on its head.

Leopika 4

Pairings: Leopika and Hisoillu

Rating:  M for Mature
Warnings: NSFW, Graphic Violence, Explicit Language, Angst, Gore, Mentions of Death, and Possible Sexual Content (Consensual)

Modern-Day/Human AU.

Padokea City never sleeps. The hustle and bustle of mischief is always fresh in the air, waiting for somebody to go sniff it out. As police chief, Leorio’s job should be pretty straight-forward, but the demons haunting Padokea City make his job that much more difficult. Everyone has a story, a side, a purpose. It’s Leorio’s responsibility to take all of that into consideration, and then make the best decision for the city. Easier said than done. The local demons come in all shapes and sizes; Leorio’s young, but his tired eyes have seen it all. A malicious gang comprised of misfits who call themselves the Phantom Troupe like they’re entitled to something. A family of professional, lethal assassins who rule the underworld, an ever present thorn in his side. An unknown perpetrator of various, bizarre crimes who only seems to want to get a message across, whatever the hell it may be. Not to mention the hundreds of wanted criminals roaming the streets of Padokea City, completely free and unabashed. There’s a lot on Leorio’s plate, and it seems like only a matter of time before the demons rip the skin protecting his soul off. But, he’s not going to give in that easily. Kurapika, a private investigator with a personal score to settle, will always have his back through thick and thin. There’s also that crushing weight that bears down on his shoulders whenever that orphan, Gon, turns up to the station looking for his dad, a notorious, wanted criminal. It’s the good people of Padokea City like Gon that keep him strong, that allow him to sleep peacefully at night, knowing he’s doing the right thing. The hordes of demons never stop swarming in Padokea City, but like the devil himself, Leorio stands guard over his precious city, prepared to sift through the masses and get to the bottom of each and every crime no matter what it takes.

Leopika 5

Pairing: Leopika

Rating:  PG13/M/T-ish for language

Leorio volunteers to teach Kurapika how to act like a believable boyfriend after Kurapika is forced to pretend to go out with Neon Nostrade for plot reasons. Leorio’s lessons entail all the shenanigans you’d think they would.

Leopika 6

Pairing(s): leopika, aged-up killugon on the side

Rating: T (violence, language)

Warnings: magic and fae, negligent destruction of books, minor mind control, possible violence and blood, mentions of child neglect and transphobia. modern AU

All roads lead to something. Leorio thought he had a pretty good grasp of where his was going: med school, doctor, fortune, cures. But a trip on a frozen night to the old library on Fourth Street opens a whole new set of roads, ones that lead to sweltering jungles and ones lit by ominous red lights. Roads where the difference between a rule and a Rule could mean the end of everything. Roads that Leorio’s not sure if they even end at all.

But mostly, Leorio wants to get to know the blond librarian a little better, even if it means falling into a world where magic grows into everything and no one is as they seem: not his friends, not his school, and certainly not Kurapika. After all, you never know what was lost in a library.

Leopika 7

Pairings: Leopika, possibly Killugon and HisoIllu, depending

Rating: T to M, can’t imagine it’d go more than that.

Warnings: Unintended mental connections, Dragon!AU, let leorio be the dragon 2k17, possible canonical character death, the Phantom Troupe being their typical murderous selves


“What are you saying?”

“I can feel you dying,” Kurapika snaps. “Each and every last one of you. Every time they kill another dragon, I can feel it, down to the core. And I’m not letting them do it anymore.”

“So, what, you’re just going to wait here and hope they figure out I’m a dragon and come to get me? There are plenty of others, you know.” Leorio snorts, crosses his arms, wishes for a petulant second that he was in his larger skin, just so he had some physical intimidation factor on his side. Not that it would do much with Kurapika, but still. It’s the thought. “Good luck with getting them to come here without cutting their way through everyone else.”


Kurakuro 1

Title: Trapped on the Web.

Relationship: Kurapika Kurta/Kuroro Lucilfer
Rated: Explicit
Warning: Graphic depictions of violence; sexual content.
(Alternate Universe where Kurapika doesn’t know about nen abilities)

Kurapika is a young and desperate man, living in Yorkshine City, unable to reach his dreams or socialize with anybody. Hunted by a tragedy, the lost of his family by a mass-murderer troupe, he slowly becomes a Web addict and posts everyday his thoughts and feelings on his personal blog. With the Internet, Kurapika feels safe and secure, hidden behind his screen. But the more he shares his dark past, the more he attracts people… Kurapika’s fate is about to change when he meets a mysterious user: Reversed Cross. The new follower, empathic and most of the time kindly, lets know Kurapika that he has some information about the Phantom Troupe, the group who had murdered his family. Animated by the feeling of revenge, Kurapika decides to trust the man blindly, forgetting Internet friends are not always what they claim to be. Kurapika doesn’t know, but he slowly falls into a dangerous trap…

Kurakuro 2

Pairings: (main)Kurapika/Chrollo, (side)Machi/Hisoka, maybe some other minor ones

Characters: Kurapika, Chrollo, Melody, the Phantom Troupe, some background characters

Rating: ?

There are a few perks to holding a grudge. Some enjoy the anger that boils under their skin, while others appreciate the fine art of vendettas. The best perk, however, are the clocks that seemingly appear out of thin air, as if they were tangible proof of one’s hatred. The clocks, simple in body and purpose, ranging from digital timers to hourglasses, have only one sole purpose: to show how long someone has to exact their revenge. Getting revenge within the time limit is the top priority. Any action done within the time limit is overlooked by society and the law. Gossip has it that people call this the Grudge Rule, and that anything done out of spite past the time limit set is illegal. This is the world Kurapika lives in, and it’s also the one that leads him to the most unlikely companions and improbable situations.

Chrollo Misc

Chrollo misc 1

Pairings: Silva/Chrollo

Rating: M (violence, sexism, sexual content, probably gore, angst)

The job of a King is to protect his people, but when a mysterious plague begins ravaging his territory, Silva realizes that sometimes a king must rely on forces greater than himself (and greater than his pride) to protect what is his. Even if that involves dragging a skinny, male völva from the executioner’s block and into his mead hall.

Chrollo misc 2

Title : “The fallen angel and the starving beast”
pairing : Chrollo, Feitan
rating : 13 +
warnings : children neglect, blood, minor character death

Growing up in Meteor City means facing dangers no child should confront. Chrollo knows every peril and is afraid of none, not even the legendary Starving Beast, peculiarly strong and fierce, that hides from the rest of the world in a place where a lone life is a short life.

But legends aren’t supposed to bleed when they’re cut, they don’t have a mouth to speak, they don’t have a name, a past, or a thirst for bond.

While their new friend slowly learns trust and affection again, Chrollo discovers that not every beast is a monster, and that real dangers don’t always come from where they’re expected.

Chrollo misc 3

Pairings: Illukuro (Illumi/Chrollo)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Violence, sexual themes

Following the events of the Yorkshin auction, Chrollo takes it upon themselves to take a vacation from the troupe. However without the use of nen Chrollo soon realises the downside to being without the spider. As a solution they hire Illumi to act as protection from any unwanted attacks, however soon Illumi realises Chrollo hired him less for protection, and more for his company.

Chrollo misc 4

Title:  "Trouble with Demons"

Pairings: Chrollo/hisoka, chrollo/silva, silva/hisoka, hisoka/illumi, illumi/hisoka/chrollo, kikyo/silva, platonic friendship between feitan & illumi, hisoka/hisoka/others
Rating: R-18
Warnings: Blood/Mild gore, canon typical violence, I’m not sure what else to tag

A feud is going on between the Phantom Troupe and the Zoldycks, both are very powerful vampire clans, however a truce is called when a string of vampires are murdered in neutral territory. Silva proposes for their territories to be split in confidence among each other, though for the deal to go through Silva demands that Chrollo and his two strongest (Hisoka, Feitan) stay in the Zoldyck manor to see if they are worthy to even forge an alliance. Though, Chrollo retains the right to come into personal contact with anyone in his clan.

Chrollo never was good at sharing so he has Hisoka an incubus he’s summoned to make advances towards Silva to make him become liable to suggestions (not that Hisoka needs to be ordered but carries his own agenda), however it seems Silva has other plans by trying his best to woo the aloof spider leader as well as his red headed underling. Feitan is just watching from a distance making sure Chrollo’s goals of conquest are being met.

(Or the self indulgent fic of writing drama/comedy between monsters and pwp.)

Chrollo misc 5

Pairings: Hisokuro, Hisoka/Chrollo

Rating: G

Warnings/Triggers: Minor/non-explicit sexual references

Phinks is out of town and he leaves his precious baby sphinx cat in the troupe’s care, but Hisoka is not a fan of the naked hairless abomination. He can’t let the troupe know the little kitten is the most terrifying thing he’s ever seen in his life.

Chrollo misc 6

Pairing: HisoKuro
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: NSFW

Hisoka finds himself on a never-ending chase. Occasionally, Chrollo allows himself to be caught.


Misc 1

Rating: T

Pairing: merukomugi. Zeno. Netero.

Warnings: swearing, angst, violence, and tomfoolery

A tale in which no one thought it was a good idea, and no one had taken Netero seriously when he had suggested it. And yet, here Netero was, asking two very specific, very important people for a small favour. Now, it was common sense that having a Zoldyck involved in anything was setting yourself up for trouble, and by adding in a king with unstoppable power? That was just asking for another chimera disaster to happen. But still, by some freak chance, Meruem and Zeno decided to accept the invitation to join Nettys bowling team, and now, here they were, in matching gear, and ugly shoes, with their first game coming up this Sunday.

“So whats our group name?”

“Team Netero”

“Definitely not.”

Misc 2

Kite x Blanche (Neferpitou)

Rated: M Smut, angst, comfort

He remembers his past life with a reoccurring nightmare - slain by a dangerous and strapping creature, while out on his hunt for biological research. Kite has moved away from his home in Ireland and is now attending fashion school in Paris.  On a day like no other, he crashes into Blanche (Neferpitou), a gaudy-dressed and inept Frenchwoman, but he can’t help but notice that her doll-like face bears odd familiarity to him.

Misc 3

Pairing: Neferpitou/Kite, Gon and Kite have a toxic father-son relationship, unrequited!Killugon
Rating: Explicit (A03 rating)
Warnings: Violence, gore, sexual situations, character deaths, descriptions of war crimes, abusive platonic relationships.
Universe: Fantasy Horror and War AU

After the humans commit an allied genocide against the Chimera Ant demons, their native lands are scorched and salted as a warning to remaining Chimera Ants. During the last days of the war, Kite, a human scientist, is kidnapped and forced to participate in a death game against Neferpitou, a Chimera Ant who was forced to witness the execution of its family members by human soldiers. Every moment they spend together is another moment they inch closer to each other’s throat. Their death game quickly transforms into a violent romance. Meanwhile, Gon Freecss has a psychotic breakdown, leading him on a mission to hunt as many Chimera Ants as he can until he can reclaim Kite from Neferpitou. As the war comes to an end, both species are reminded that even in death, there’s no difference between man and monster.

Misc 4

Characters/Pairing(s): Palm.
Rating: General.
Warnings: Post-chimera-ant-related angst and trauma. Not a trauma recovery fic, but there’s some comfort in the end.

“Is it safe with her here?” The question is made in a whisper, but she hears anyway. Her chest tightens at the worry in his voice. She’s used to comments about her appearance. Her clothing covers most of the signs that reveal she’s not like the rest, but they don’t cover all. People whisper. She’s used to that. What she’s not used to, though, is people knowing why she doesn’t look like a normal person. Because there’s no denying she’s different and, sometimes, at moments like this, when the secretary of the Hunter’s Association asks if it’s safe to be around her, she wonders if maybe the whispers are right, if maybe she should be feared, if she really is a person anymore.

“Of course, Palm is still my student.” The voice of her mentor never fails to bring her back to reality. He doesn’t speak to her again until the meeting is over. “Palm, are you ready to go?” Her heart jumps each time she hears him call her name, yet each time she looks up and meets his weary eyes, she has to look down. Knov looks away as well, tells her the rest of their schedule for the day, drives her silently to the hospital, and disappears until visit hours end.

That day, her friends greet her with good news. Shoot was going to get released that very same afternoon. “We’re going partying!” Knuckle announces. “And you’re going too! This is not a choice.” Shoot smiles shyly at her from his bed and Palm wonders if Knuckle is saying this just to cheer him up. He probably is. There’s no way he would endanger his friend like that, and there’s no way Shoot is the type of person that likes going to clubs.
“Alright, I’m going too,” she says with a smile.

Misc 5

Pairings: None. Gen. Family/platonic love all around. Focussed on the Main Four (Gon, Killua, Kurapika, Leorio)
Rating: K+ (some description of injury. Nothing graphic.)
Warnings: Literally… nothing. Unless you’re allergic to fluff.

Modern AU where everybody lives + everybody is happy (except for Hisoka, who is in jail somewhere far away). Kurapika and Leorio are university students-turned-reluctant flatmates, and Gon and Killua are two kiddos without a home whom they halfway adopt. Featuring family fluff and happiness– including sick days and laundry and cuddles. Lots of Mama!Kurapika and Dad!Leorio. Some scenes loosely based on actual events from the show, others are pure fluff.

Misc 6

Pairing: Gon x Pitou, Pouf x Pitou, one-sided Gon x Killua
Rated M
Triggers: NSFW, mild gore, angst, DC arc spoilers.

Summary: The battle against the Chimera Ants ended very differently. Three years later, Gon returns to East Gortou only to find his worst enemy still alive! He wanted to kill her on the spot, until she saved him. That’s when the line between love and hate began to blur. To top it off, throw in a meddling Pariston, betrayal, and angst!

Misc 7

Characters: Alluka, Killua
Rating: T
Possible triggers: transphobia, abuse (of the sort that canonically occurs within the Zoldyck family)

(Pre-canon) Growing up in the Zoldyck family was difficult, so Alluka and Killua always stuck close together. They knew that one day they’d leave and be whatever they wanted to be. But as Killua gained bits and pieces of independence, Alluka found herself more heavily restricted, and their attempts to protect each other seemed to only make things worse.

Misc 8

Pairing(s): Dwun x Eeta, List x Elena

Rating: T

Warnings: none? Giant crustaceans?

After the events of Greed Island, List and Dwun take Elena and Eeta on the most epically disastrous double date in history.

Misc 9

Character focus - oc x Phantom Troupe

PG 13 - vulgarities, slight blood, death

Nobody knew her. Nobody knew where she was from or anything about her family. All that they knew was that she was different. She had an appearance that was from far away, with her dark eyes and hair. Her clothing was foreign, and her native language was unheard of. Strangest part of all was the fact that she could control fire. And she was only four years old.

Again, please message either @shalnarkonice​ or @gonfreacss​ with any questions. Have fun choosing!


Gif source:  (Unknown)

Imagine Anakin teaching you how to kiss.

——— Request for another-not-original-url ———

“You want me to what?” Anakin chuckled, amused grin twisting his mouth slightly to the right.

“Teach me to kiss,” the blush has covered your face by now, “I should know how. What if I have to use my feminine wiles to get out of a fix?”

“I think you’ve been reading too much,” he laughs, closing the door behind him.

“So you won’t do it?” you slouch in your seat, looking disappointedly towards the hands you’d clasped together in your lap to keep them from shaking in nervousness.

“Now, I never said that,” Anakin walks closer, tilting your downcast gaze back up to his with his fingers on your chin, “First step: tilt your head.”

anonymous asked:

Okay so I have this Mystery rock of what I believe is H. It's kinda tan/grey/brownish. It has specs in it and when I shave it, the shavings are white. Have you ever had anything like this? Idk for sure what it is cause someone Jacked it and gave it too me. Pls reply soon.

Can you submit a picture to me or send me a picture to me over private messenger? If you use the second option, please send me an ask providing your blog URL so I know who’s message to look for. 

I’ve done my fair share of H but it’s always been in powder form. so I don’t have too much knowledge on H when it’s in solid rock form. Although from my understanding the colour on the outside should be the same on the inside after it’s been separated. 

Followers, any advice? 

I will reblog this ask and include a photo if anon decides to send a photo so we can all have a better idea of what we’re dealing with. 

Hiya!! So I’m new to tumblr.. I don’t know if this is a community thing like a lot of other social medias I’ve been on are? (I mean, I’ve only been on fandom based forum social medias, really, and Pinterest, so I don’t really know much). Maybe I should say some stuff about myself? Sure, why not.

Um, hi! My name is Emil. Emil Braith, or at least that’s what you can call me. I’m known by a lot of my peers as “Inspibraithional”, hence my url. This is because everyone on my sites know me for my random inspirational posts. I’ll be sharing quite a few of them here, and writing quite a many more. I’m a 13 year old who believes I can change the world. I’m a boy, although I’m assigned female at birth and closeted in real life. I believe in a world where fear and hate and being ashamed of anything isn’t real. Depression is accepted as something that is real and valid, despite it not being good. Sexuality and gender and not hetero and cis normative, and the world understands everyone. I know that world is not here yet, but I do believe that I can at least put the world on it’s course to getting there. In fact, I believe everyone can. We all have voices. They may not talk in the same way, but they are still voices. I talk with writing, while others may talk through paint or music or smiles. And all of those ways are perfectly valid and real. I may “just be” a 13 year old boy with big ideals, but I refuse to believe they are naive and impossible. : )

Anyways, that’s really it for me. I’m looking forward to meeting new people here!! :D I’ve heard a lot about this place, and my Pinterest is full of many text posts from here, but I guess now is a great time to start it myself! Looking forward to whatever this place has to offer me. Plus, feel free to send me a message if you feel down or want to talk. You deserve someone who will listen to you no matter what you are feeling. If it’s important to you, it’s important to me. : ) Also, if anyone wouldn’t mind giving me a break down of this site, that would be great. >~<


What’s For Sale: Reserves on the following (original as far as I know) villagers:

  • Bruce (he’s first so whoever IMs me first ideally should want him)
  • Flurry
  • Cheri
  • Poncho
  • Eloise
  • Spork
  • Quillson
  • Canberra
  • Anyone from my Amiibo List

Looking For: Bells, or preferably:

  • Bill
  • Bob
  • Fuchsia
  • Flora
  • Midge
  • Olaf
  • Lopez
  • Coco
  • Avery*
  • Drago*
  • Colton*
  • Papi*

URL: dropitdownfordiktown (sfw sans strong language)

Ask Box/IM Link: IM ONLY

Friend Code: 1134-9755-3006

Note: As I am cycling all of the “for sales” out, you will need to be patient in receiving them; I can’t guarantee I’ll get them all cycled in one day (hence why I said “reserves”). Bruce is first, no exceptions. A clear void would be nice, but is not necessary since I need to cycle 16 out to get Bruce back later on anyways. Villagers with an asterisk (*) by them are for other towns and I will need extra patience from those giving them to me because I have full towns and haven’t cycled out room for them yet due to the only villagers I want out being from amiibos. Please don’t run/explore in my towns, just follow me to the villager in question.

so several people have unfollowed me after a certain post was made, and i know they’re mostly newer blogs. if you’re that easily swayed by another person’s opinion, i don’t think i’d want you around anyways. 

but i really dislike the fact that someone is potentially messing with my reputation and that’s unfair to me. i will never ask you to unfollow someone / not follow me because you follow people i don’t like / have on my blacklist - only to tag people that fit my blacklist specifications. their url should cover it, no need to u kno, put #howl don’t look

datrandomone  asked:


1. First impression: OMFG THATS RYAN
2. Truth is: i didnt know what your url meant for months
3. How old do you look: 14
4. Have you ever made me laugh: i laugh at your pain when ever strikes with kitten daddy
5. Have you ever made me mad: i dont think so
6. Best feature: your hair is amazing
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: nope
8. You’re my: kinkshaming buddy
9. Name in my phone: n/a
10. Should you post this too? you did lol

i spent 45 minutes looking for a picture for that banner let’s appreciate how canon my url looks in cursive fonts


  • follow #1 troye trash
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  • you could always just name them randomly and hope one of them is available like i do idk
  • if you don’t know which fandoms i’m in, you can check this beautiful page

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Hey guys! So its been a little over a month since I started this side blog of mine. Even if its only been a month though, I’ve loved anime since I was a kid, watching those random naruto episodes on cartoon network, then finally getting into the anime world in 8th grade about 5 years back. I’m really blessed to have made such good friends through my obsession and I’m looking forward to all the new animes/mangas to come in the future, as well as all the new friends I’d be making. 
So anyway! Here are all the amazing people I follow! I’d totally recommend following them if you aren’t already cuz they’re all fab.  
Thanks for bringing wonderful anime stuff onto my dash ^^ Love you! 
P.S. If you like kpop you should go check out my main blog xD and if the url is wrong let me know!

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Good Morning

Good morning tumblr friends. I just want to take a moment to thank all of you for the kind, funny, and inspiring notes you leave me every day.  Each day you guys make me laugh and smile.  If anything, that’s where the tumblr addiction lies.

I also want to reach out and welcome all my new followers, and thank those that have stuck with me the last few years.

I’m still looking through the blogs I find and checking out any that are sent my way.  So if you know someone who is writing and feel they should be checked out, message me with their URL here or on my reblog blog Lzlabseesu.  I will give a peek in and read.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone. 

(⊙︿⊙✿).. yo

 Thank you all for 10,000 followers!! I never thought I’d break into the double digits.. like legit my first follower was some random generic porn blog and so i thought i had no hope on this site lmao. but all your guys’ support these past 9 months since I made this blog has been pleasantly positive and very humbling – whether it be just reblogging my edits, leaving kind comments, chatting with me, or trusting me enough for help or advice ^^

But yeah thank you guys very much!! I look forward to interacting with you all more and making more edits for your guys’ enjoyment and to soothe the pain Tokyo Ghoul has caused me (ノ´▽)ノ