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Who’s Your Daddy?

Series AU 


/ Part 1 / / Part 2 /

Author: Joi A. Wade

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Warnings: Swearing, pregnant!reader, daddy!gladers 

Summary: The creators sent up a new greenie instead of supplies…they weren’t expecting a girl. And to put the icing on the cake, she’s pregnant with a note rested upon her bulging belly. Once the note is read, and the girl wakes up…all hell will break loose.  Who is she? Why is she there? Who is the father of her baby?

Grateful that she at least remembered her name, Y/n was calm enough to put down the scissors, and examine the boys that were left in the room. The tension in the room was still thick, you could cut it with a knife. Each and everyone of them exchanged looks, while Y/n just stared at her stomach in wonder, her hand subconsciously rubbing the area. 

“I bet you’re wondering where you are, love.” The same boy who asked for her name spoke, in response Y/n nodded her head. “And…who we are.” 

“Yes…yes I am. How did I get here? Why am I here?” 

“All of those are really great questions, sweetheart, too bad we don’t have answers for any of them! I for one would really love to know why the shuck you suddenly show up, with a note with our names on it and keeping us from surviving.”  

The venom in his words surprised Y/n. All she did was ask a question, and now this guy she didn’t even know was angry at her. The dark gentlemen next to him placed a hand on his shoulder, his face showing barely any emotion. 

“Gally, be calm about this. Frightening the girl isn’t going to get us anywhere-”

“Like hell it isn’t!” He moved Alby’s hand off his shoulder, marching up to Y/n, a stern look upon his face. “Who do you work for?” 

Before he could even get close enough to her, Thomas and Minho were quick to hold him back, while Newt stood in front of her. 

“Chill out, shuckface!”

“Back off!” 

“What the hell is your problem with me? I’m just as scared and confused as you are, if anyone should be angry it’s me! I have to carry a child, whose father I don’t even remember!”

“How do we even know you’re really pregnant?” He growled, everyone looking in her direction, the same question running through their brains. Y/n sighed, slowly lowering herself from the bench, standing on her slightly swollen feet. Y/n grabbed the hem of her over-sized shirt, lifting it up to where her bare stomach faced the boys to confirm that it was very much real. 

All of their eyes widen at the size of her stomach, not believing that a human could stretch their skin that much. Mesmerized by it, Gally managed to escape both Minho and Thomas’s grip, his eyes trained on the moving area as well. Alby thought that it was time for him to leave, but he too was intrigued. 

Suddenly, they could see a slight hump form on one part of her stomach, staying there for only a moment until it slowly went back down. That seemed to freak the group of boys out a little bit, as they took a large step away from Y/n. 

“What the hell was that?” Thomas gasped, eyes still focused on the spot that moved.

“That was the baby, I think. It’s moving. It does that sometimes…” Y/n saw that Minho was slowly reaching a hand out to touch it. Quickly, she pulled her shirt back down, taking a little step back. “Well. I gave you your answer, now where am I?” 

“Why should we answer you?” Gally sneered, Minho shoving him slightly in the shoulder.

“Stop being so hostile, she’s just a shucking girl. What harm can she possibly do, let alone being pregnant?” 

“Am I seriously the only one freaking out about this?! Our names are on a paper, basically saying we fucked this girl and got her pregnant! I don’t even remember girls, let alone sleeping with one, and you expect me to be calm about me possibly being some kid’s father?”

“Well, if it makes you feel any better, I for one am hoping it’s not you,” Thomas states, getting Gally to glare down at him. 

“You wanna repeat that slinthead? What the shuck is that supposed to mean?” 

“Wait, Thomas is literally saying he’s hoping it’s not yours, and you’re getting mad about that too? I’m starting to think Y/n isn’t the only girl in here, buddy, something you want to tell us?” Minho crossed his arms, a playful grin on his face. 

“Alright enough!” Newt finally snapped, rubbing his head. “It’s too late in the night to be arguing about this. I understand, Gally, that you are freaking out and to be honest I’m not too excited about it either-”

“Oh, thanks.” Y/n glared, him awkwardly grinning in response.

“No offence, love. But, we have to understand that if we don’t figure this out soon, we’ll starve to death.” 

“Why not just dump the shank in the maze and have the grievers take care of her. Problem solved.” Minho suggested, Gally nodding happily at the idea. 

“Alright, seriously, guys. This is a big thing, one of us is a father. None of us remember our own families…wouldn’t it be nice to have one of our own?” Thomas hoped, shrugging his shoulders upward. 

“In this hell? Not likely..” Gally shook his head, looking over at Y/n, her not being able to see the softness in his eyes once they laid on her moving stomach. “But…if those shucking creators sent you up here…then you must be important.”

“So…I can stay?” Y/n asked, still a little bit cautious. 

“Not sure we even have the choice of saying no. So I guess you’ll stay in the Med-Jack hut until morning, when I’ll tell you everything you need to know,” Newt placed a hand on your shoulder, a small smile upon his tired face. “And don’t be alarmed by the swarm of boys out there. I’ll be sure that they keep their distance. Your baby is safe in our hands.”

A small tug to her lips notified Newt that his warm words were helping to relax Y/n. With a simple nod, she leaned her aching back on the medical bed, sighing happily. 

“Then it’s settled,” Alby finally spoke. “Minho and Thomas will run the maze, Gally goes back to work, and Newt will show Y/n around first thing in the morning. I’ll be sure to host a meeting on this tomorrow as well, once the runners return, good that?” 

Everyone nodded, except for Y/n, not sure on what he was asking. Taking her silence as an answer anyways, he made his way to the door. Opening it up, a flood of nosy boys came crashing down to the floor, being caught red handed for eavesdropping. Chuck, sadly being the boy that first landed and now being crushed, wiggled his head out to take a deep breath. Not soon after he was making eye contact with Alby. 

“Uhm…this wasn’t my idea..”

Alby shook his head at the young boy, his glare already getting half of them to pick themselves up off the ground. Y/n, being overwhelmed by the large number of boys, moved backward behind Newt, her large stomach surprising him as he didn’t even realize she was hiding. Looking over at Thomas, he silently signaled him to handle the situation. 

“Alright, alright, nothing to see here! Apparently you heard the man, if you have questions, he’ll answer them at the meeting tomorrow evening after everyone is done working. It’s been a long day, and we’re all hyper to see a girl, but it’s gonna have to wait, move it out!” He fanned at them, shooing them off along with Alby, as Minho wasn’t too far behind. 

Gally huffed, locking eyes with you for at least the fourth time that night. He pointed a finger out to you, his eyebrows sharp in a scowl and his lips tugged in a harsh frown. “I’ve got my eye on you.” 

A slight chill went up her spin and into her brain, as if she had heard him say that before. Like a bad case of deja vu. But, Y/n shook it off as if it were nothing, but knew it was still going to be nagging her in the back of her mind. Letting out a breath she didn’t know she was holding, she was relieved to see him exit the room, now leaving herself and Newt. 

“Don’t worry about him. He’s known around here for having a stick up his ass all the time,” Newt tried to lighten up the mood, smiling himself once he saw that you were doing exactly what he was aiming for. 

“What about you? You’re the kindest one of them all so far.”

“I’ve been in your shoes before, apart from being pregnant. I’ve been scared and confused, and I wouldn’t want anyone screaming at me either. Judging from your condition, that’s the last thing you needed anyways.”

“I didn’t mean to cause any trouble…I didn’t ask for-”

“Don’t worry about it, love. For the sake of this little…thing, get some rest.” He gently patted her stomach, his eyes still soft from much wanted sleep and the thought of the child growing inside of her. Thomas was right, just thinking about it being his was…kind of warming. Shaking his head to get ride of the thought, he spoke. “I’ll send Clint and Jeff in here to help you get situated, and I shall see you in the morning, good that?” 

Raising her eyebrow in confusion, Newt chuckled. “That means, okay?” 

“Oh, alright. Good that!” She happily replied, nodding her head to confirm. Newt nodded back to her, making his way to the exit. 

Looking back at her, he can’t help but feel guilty. He doesn’t know why, but if he was the father of her baby…why were they separated? Letting the thought slip away into the back of his mind, he focused on getting to his bed and falling into much needed sleep. 

“Welcome to the Glade, greenie. Sleep tight.” 


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Imagine Gally getting jealous of Thomas flirting with you.

——— Request for anon ———

“You see what he’s trying to do, right?” Gally asks, sounding miffed as he gestures towards where Thomas had just waved in your direction while you worked.

“Huh?” you hum, missing what Gally was talking about.

“Thomas likes you, and is trying to distract you from your work,” Gally begins, brows furrowed in angry annoyance as he says, “I should go and tell him to buzz off!”

Maze Runner Preferences - Your hands touch accidently

Your hands touch accidently


“Hey, (Y/N). Is there something you need?”, the dark-skinned boy asks you with a slight smile. You noticed that he always has it in your near. “No, I actually have something for you. Clint asked me to give you the list with the supplies they need”, you reply as you hold out your hand with the list for him to grab it.
“Ah, thank you”, Alby grabs the piece of paper, when his fingers brush over yours. To your surprise your heart skips a beat because of his touch. At least you are not the only one who feels this way. Alby tries to avoid eye contact, “I guess I see you later then, (Y/N).”
You only nod for an answer, before you almost run away from him like a maniac. “Woah, what’s wrong with (Y/N)? She looks like a tomato!”, Newt asks his friend chuckling. The Glader doesn’t know what to say. His head is just full of thoughts about you. “What the shuck is going on? Alby!”, he shakes the leader’s shoulder to get his attention.
Newt throws his arms into the air sighing, “Oh my god! You are so totally in love! Just talk to her finally!” Maybe he should gather up his braveness and tell you what he feels for you. But first things first… more dreaming about the “hands touching”-moment.

“You are holding it wrong!”, you look at Gally with a judging look in your eyes. He furrows his eyebrows in surprise, “I’m holding it wrong? Did you forget that I’m the Keeper of the Builders?! You are holding it wrong!” A sigh escapes your mouth as you let go of the wooden plank. “Fine, then you hold it alone and I grab the nails”, you roll your eyes annoyed.
“No, I’m holding the plank wrong so you can hold it! I get the nails”, Gally holds out the wood for you to grab it, but you refuse, “No!” For a brief moment you two stare at each other. None of you wants to give up. Suddenly both of you grab the plank at the same time.
First you feel his warm and surprisingly soft hand on yours, then you feel the heat in your face. You wouldn’t mind to hold this plank with him for the rest of the day. Within one second you two drop the wooden plank in unison. Gally scratches the back of his neck awkwardly.
“You know what? I asked you for help, but you are making everything more complicated. Go build something else”, you push him playfully away from still not finished building. Your statement makes him chuckle, “You are just as stubborn as me. It’s not my fault.” You need a little bit time alone to think about that warm feeling in your stomach.

“There is nothing! I haven’t found a single shucking thing!”, you exclaim angry and depressed at the same time. The day started so good for you, but now your mood is way more than just bad. You stare at the little building from the Maze in hope to find a clue or something like that, but nothing happened.
Minho leans against the table with his arms crossed in front of his chest. “Come on, don’t freak out. Someday we will find something. Just a little bit more patient”, he cheers you up successfully with a few words. A sigh escapes your mouth, “Maybe you are right.”
The Keeper of the Runners unfolds his arms to put his hands on the table. You feel your heartbeat doubles as his skin touches yours. Suddenly you can’t focus on the Map anymore. “That’s my hand under yours, shank”, you try to sound as sassy as always, but you fail miserably. His typical smile on his lips grows immediately, “I know.”
Minho hasn’t planned it, but now he’s just curious how you react to the contact. “I’m starving. You too?”, you escape his grip with a faked smile. It’s just a bad attempt to skip this moment and hide the blush on your cheeks. “No, I’m fine”, he replies grinning like a little boy. That’s the clue he needed to be sure you feel the same for him.

“Oh no! What have you done?”, you ask Newt worried and shocked at the same time as the Glader enters the Med-Jack hut. The cloth he presses against his bleeding leg is already red. “I… I was distracted for a moment”, he replies smiling sheepishly. It’s maybe not the best moment to tell you that Newt was thinking about you, then he fell to the ground.
“Sit down! I’ll patch you up”, you search through the shelves to find the supplies you need to treat his injury. A sigh escapes his mouth as he watches every move you make. “Don’t look at me like that. You know I’m always worried when you are injured! I can’t turn it off and on like a light switch”, you already know the look he gave you.
“You don’t have to be worried. It’s just a little scratch. See?”, he lifts the cloth to show you the wound. You use your chance to disinfect it. Newt grabs gasping your hand, “Oh my god! That bloody hurts!” The smile on your lips widens immediately. Your strategy worked better than you have thought.
“I’m sorry, but it’s necessary to avoid infections…”, at the end of your sentence you notice that he’s still holding your hand. “Could I get my hand back?”, Newt lets go of your hand blushing like hell. “Sorry, I was overwhelmed.” From the pain or the wish to hold your hand?


“Right! Thomas! Right!”, you inform him yelling. The brown haired Runner almost crashed into you as he tried to escape from a Griever. Now you two are running away from the monster. Heavily panting you follow him around the corner. At the end from the way is the Glade waiting for you two.
Suddenly Thomas stumbles over his own two feet. As fast as you can you grab his hand to steady his balance. It would be his death if he falls to the ground now. “Thanks!”, the brown haired Runner mumbles between two heavy breaths. You are still holding his hand as you two squeeze through the gap of the closing doors. It was too damn close…
“Uh! The two love birds made it back alive. Really dramatic, shanks!”, Minho notices the two of you are holding hands. The other Gladers exchange glances, while some of them wiggles their eyebrows. Blushing you escape his grip. Thomas clears his throat with red cheeks like you.
“Come on, boys! Give them a little bit time alone!”, the Keeper of the Runners makes the situation more embarrassing for you two. “You were great in the Maze. Thank you for saving me life”, Thomas breaks the silence between you. Laughing you wink at him, “I have to keep my eyes on you. Problems are attached to you like Minho to his sassiness.” The brown haired Runner just looks at you smiling.

Maze- A maze runner x reader fanfiction

Hello lovlies! You guys amazing and the response to Control has been unbelievable! Because of the great responses I will be working on a part 2 for you guys! In the mean time here is a Maze runner fanfic I have been working on for a while.It takes place before Thomas comes up in the box and while Newt is still a runner so be prepared for a very dark part eventually.  It will be split into a couple parts and might even have a second story to come after. Hope you are all having a lovely day and please feel free to send me some requests! 

Part two    Part three    Part four   Part five  Part six  Part seven  Part eight

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Frustration (Gally)

{Requested by anonymous}

A/N: The request was pretty long, so I’m just going to paraphrase but if you want to read the request I did post it earlier.

Description: Gally and Y/N have always been at odds with each other and get into yelling matches almost everyday. When Y/N is ranting, Gally kisses her and walks away. When confronted about it later in another argument, Gally angrily admits his feelings and Y/N feels the same way.

Warnings: None

Word count: 1321


Your heart threatens to burst out of your ribcage at the speed it’s going. Your stomach churns and you fall to your knees. Where were you? Why couldn’t you remember anything? And why on earth were you in a moving metal box?

After what had to be a lifetime, the box comes to a halt, but not without first forcing you to cover your ears from a deafening alarm. You breathe faster than you probably ever have before and the top of the box is lifted open by a silhouette. Your eyes start to adjust and then go wide.

The person who opened the box was a blond boy, who called to the others behind him. Other boys. Only boys. Why? The boy who opened the top had a British accent and he looked down at you with very intrigued eyes.

You were lifted out of the box, against your will, and thrown on the surface. It seemed like you were in a field, with handmade buildings and a forest on the edge. But the most captivating thing around you was, well, cement walls that towered above your head and trapped you inside of this odd place. You got to your feet and pushed past a couple muscular boys towards an opening in the giant walls.

“Not so fast, Greenie!” A voice called from behind you and grabbed your shirt, yanking you backwards until you fell. The air was knocked out of your lungs and you glared at the boy that stood above you. He was muscular with odd eyebrows that actually complimented his facial features. You had to admit, he was good looking, even if he was a jerk.

You pushed yourself to your feet and brushed the dirt off yourself and cast a distrusting stare at the boy who pulled you backwards. “What is this place?”

“A nightmare,” he responded.


You’d been here for two months now, and nothing had gotten much better. You were friends with Minho and a couple others, but Gally just frustrated you beyond words. Every time you’d try to talk to him, nothing came of it but an argument. Once you were almost successful in a serious conversation, but he put up his stupid wall again and shut you off. Why wouldn’t he just talk to you?

You were a builder too, which was against Gallys vote. When your job was decided he told Alby you should’ve been a Slopper, which only made you and him get into a yelling match. But now here you were, working beside him with a wall of annoyance and irritation between the both of you every second.

“Those boards aren’t close enough,” Gally mutters for you to hear. You pause what you were doing and look at him.

“I’m doing it exactly how you told me to, Gally. And the boards can’t get any closer, slinthead.” You grit your teeth and, to prove your point, start to hammer in the nail you’d placed on top of the board, just to make it official.

Gally stepped away from mending a wall and folded his arms. “The rain is going to seep right through that!” He rolls his eyes at you. “I should’ve just done it myself.”

You part your mouth and pull the hammer away from the board. “Fine then! You do it, since obviously only Gally, our King and Ruler, can nail two boards together.” You hand the hammer to Gally but he doesn’t take it.

“What did you call me?” He steps up to you and raises his eyebrows.

“You heard me,” you mutter and start to sand a wooden plank.

“You know what, shank? I’m the Keeper of the builders. I-”

“Congratulations! I was wondering when you’d figure it out.”

A fire lit in Gallys eyes and you waited for his outburst. “I’m reporting you to Alby.”

“Go for it. Good luck explaining why you’re reporting me at all.”

You swore you could see steam billow out of his ears. He turned on his heel and marched over to Alby. You knew Alby wouldn’t do anything, since you and Gally were known for your fights.

The next day, you hold your head up high as you always did and go to work. You knew Gally was watching you with some frustration. He just…didn’t get you. Why weren’t you intimidated by him like all the others? What made you so different?

You start to carve a piece of wood for a chair Frypan needed when Gally stepped in front of you. Not again…

You spoke up before he could. “Listen, shuck face. I don’t care how I’m ‘doing it wrong’ or how much you despise me. I’m going to make this stupid chair how I think it should be made okay? So you can just take your criticism and your stupid remarks and just-”

Gally rolled his eyes and grabbed the hem of your shirt. He pulled you forward until his lips were on yours and you stared at him, eyes wide open.


Suddenly Gally breaks the kiss and pushes you back. He turned around and walked away without a word.

You stand there, stunned. You hadn’t moved an inch since he broke the kiss and your lips still felt his on them. You touched your bottom lip and stared in confusion at his retreating form.

Lunch time was as crowded and busy as ever, with boys yelling and laughing, Frypan dishing out food and Chuck telling bad jokes. You were sat at the only available table left and were pretty comfortable there, until he sat down. Gally.

You rolled your eyes but hesitated a little. Was he going to talk about what happened earlier? Or completely ignore it?

You continued to eat your lunch in silence until Gally sighed. “Do you have to be so loud?”

You opened your mouth a little and shook your head in disbelief. “Forgive me for breathing audibly! My apologies, your Highness.”

Gally stood and you stood with him, not quite done. The Gladers around you quieted down and settled for another yelling match between you and Gally.

“Stop calling me that!”

“Why?” You said loudly. “What, does it bother you? I’m only trying to be polite, your majesty.” You smirked a little.

He moved towards you but you held your ground, crossing your arms. You weren’t one to back down from an argument with him.

Gally groaned. “Should have sent you back in the box the day you arrived. All you’ve been is trouble!”

You wanted to laugh at Gallys bluff. If he wanted to play, that was fine too. “Oh really? Because that’s sure not how you felt when you kissed me earlier!”

Every single mumble or whisper around you died out and there was no sound from anyone except your and Gallys angry breathing. “I did that to shut you up,” Gally covered.

You shook your head. “You’re unbelievable! What are you so afraid of, Gally? What are you not saying?”

Gally huffed and looked around at the Gladers. They all waited for his answer and you could almost see his face go a little red. Out of anger or embarrassment, you weren’t sure.

He threw his hands up. “I like you! Okay? I like your stupid hair and your stupid voice and every stupid thing about you. But the frustrating thing is that nothing about you is stupid at all!”

Gally stared at you with something in his eyes you’d never seen before. This was his genuine feelings, and he’d finally shared something with you.

You take a step closer to him and this time you’re the one grabbing his shirt collar. “Do you know how shuckin’ long I’ve been waiting for you to say that?”

Gallys eyebrows furrowed before you pressed your mouth to his roughly, this time promising that the next fight you got in would be about who the better kisser was.

Somewhere Close To You (Part 12) - Thomas Imagine

(not my gif)

A/N: Sorry for such a long wait! Idk how I feel about this part, can´t really make up my mind if I like it or not, so feedback would be really appreciated. 
I hope you guys like it though, enjoy! :)

Pairing: Thomas x Reader
Note: “Why do you always look at me like that?”
Masterlist for this series
Warning: None on this part, I think?
Word count: 1449

“My parents aren´t home so it´s just us.” Thomas said when we got off the car and I nodded.

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Gally’s Concoction

Request: HEYY! IM FUCKING OBSESSED WITH UR IMAGINES ❤️ It’s my birthday on the 2nd and I was wondering if you could do a fluffy gally imagine where there’s a bonfire and the reader tries gally’s drink for the first time and gets drunk then flirts with other gladers. But gally starts getting super jelly and protective over her and he ends up admitting his feelings towards her? Thanks lovey xx

Warnings: none

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! oh my gosh this is so exciting I hope you see this on your birthday and I hope its the best day ever and you have lots of fun and you get good presents I wish I could sing to you but just know that I am singing in my heart

“So there’s a bonfire tonight for the new greenie,” Gally said as he approached you with Ben by his side, wiping sweat from his brow. It was a hot day, and working as a builder was certainly no walk in the park.

“Yeah,” you sighed, rolling your eyes because you knew exactly where this conversation was going.

“Are you gonna finally try it tonight?” Ben asked, a mischievous smile on his face.

“I don’t know why you boys get so worked up about that stupid concoction, I’ll try it when I feel like it and not a moment before,” you snapped, tossing your ponytail behind your head and making as if you were about to walk away. As expected, both boys groaned and shook their heads.

“Come on, it’s just a bit of fun. And you’re the only glader who’s never tried my special recipe, girly,” Gally pointed out, crossing his muscular arms. Pointedly ignoring how handsome he looked, you rolled your eyes again.

“Don’t call me girly, and you know what? Fine. I’ll try it tonight, but only to shut you shanks up.”

Darkness had fallen and everyone’s energy had risen by the time Alby called for the lighting of the fire.

“Y/n, you promised you’d try it. Time to follow through,” a deep voice said behind you.

“Well, I don’t remember ever saying the words ‘I promise’, but I still want to shut you guys up,” you answered dryly, spinning around to face Gally. His eyes reflected the firelight strangely, and somehow he looked even taller in the dark. Before you knew it, you found yourself blushing.

“Then what are you waiting for?” he said smugly, taking your hand and leading you towards the drink table. He easily pushed through the crowds of boys milling around the table and took two mason jars full of a murky liquid that, quite frankly, looked revolting. You took one from him with a dark look in his direction, making him chuckle.

“Don’t worry,” a voice that could only be Newt’s sounded in your ear. “It’s a bit of an acquired taste, but it won’t poison you or anything,” he teased.

You cocked an eyebrow and held the jar up to the firelight, peering into the liquid skeptically. “I’m not so sure.” Newt laughed and clapped you on the back, wishing you good luck as he disappeared back among the crowd, probably in search of Minho.

“Gonna chicken out, girly?”

You looked him square in the eyes, lifting your chin defiantly. “No.”

Gally broke into a huge grin, raising his glass. “Well then cheers!” You clinked your glass against his and downed your drink in one gulp, trying hard not to cough it back up as it burned down your throat. He raised his eyebrows and nodded in approval. “Impressive. Very impressive. Most people spit it out the first time.”

“That was disgusting,” you gasped, shoving the glass back into his hands. He shrugged and set both glasses back down on the table.

“Yeah, well, it’s like Newt said. Kind of an acquired taste. Anyway, you might want to be careful. That stuff’ll start affecting you soon, it’s stronger than you think,” he advised, scrutinizing you as though trying to determine whether you could feel it yet or not. You shrugged off the advice and stalked away while muttering something about how you would be fine.

You were definitely not fine.

Approximately fifteen minutes later, you were stumbling through the crowds of boys, laughing far too loudly, dancing far too wildly, and acting far too flirty for Gally’s liking. Not that he would admit it, of course. When he first saw you dancing like a fool, he thought it was funny and laughed with Ben. When you grabbed Ben’s hand and pulled him over to dance with you, however, the smile slid from Gally’s face. He stood there watching you dance with boy after boy, his face getting a little redder with each one. You were gorgeous, even in your current state. The way your hair shone in the firelight, the way your bright eyes glinted. He could hardly stand to see anyone else place a hand on you. Gally watched in fury as one of the boys wrapped his arms around you and placed a kiss on your neck.

Before he knew what he was doing, Gally was up from his sulking and striding towards you and the boy with his arms around you.

“What the hell are you doing?!” He shouted, pushing the boy off of you. You looked up at him in confusion, startled by his ferocity.

“What does it look like I was doing?” The boy sneered back, trying to push past Gally and grab you, but Gally held him at bay. He thought the boy’s name was Connor.

“It looks like you were being a shucking slinthead is what it looks like! She’s clearly trashed, and you were clearly taking advantage of her. Now BACK OFF,” he shouted, his face inches from Connor’s.

Connor muttered a few expletives and sulked away, leaving you and Gally standing in the center of the gladers, all dead silent, and all of them staring. His face burning, Gally ran a hand through his short hair, glancing around furtively. And then his eyes fell on you. You were obviously still pretty out of it, with your gorgeous eyes narrowed in confusion. He could’ve kicked himself because it was really all his fault.

“Shuck it,” he grumbled, taking you by the arm. “C’mon, Y/n, let’s get you to your room.”

You resisted, looking up indignantly. “No, I want to stay,” you insisted.

“Yeah, well that’s just too bad, girly. Sorry about this,” he grunted as he lifted you into his arms and began carrying you away to your room despite your many protests.

Minho shouted from the bonfire, “Hey, should we let him just take Y/n like that?”

“Don’t worry, if anyone’ll take care of her it’s Gally,” Newt assured him. Gally could feel himself blushing as the comment met his ears, but he didn’t turn around and he didn’t take his eyes off you.

“Why are you making me go to bed?” You demanded in a slurred voice as Gally layed you down and pulled your covers up to your chin. You immediately kicked off the covers and tried to get up even though your eyelids were getting heavier by the second, but Gally gently pushed you back down.

“Because you’re trashed and I don’t want you getting into any more trouble,” he answered gruffly.

“It wasn’t trouble, it was fun!” You protested sleepily.

“You won’t think so in the morning, trust me.”

“You just don’t want me to have any fun,” you pouted, once again trying to stand, though you paused to yawn. Gally rolled his eyes and once again set you in your bed, covers pulled up.

“I just don’t want you having that kind of fun with people who aren’t me,” he growled, freezing when he realized what had come out of his mouth.

You cocked an eyebrow and grabbed Gally’s arm, pulling him towards you. “So that means you want me to have that kind of fun with you?”

“I- I mean- uh- oh shuck it, you probably won’t remember in the morning anyways. Just go to sleep.”

“I-I won’t,” you stammered through another yawn, but your eyelids were already closing.

When you awoke, you first noticed your pounding headache. The second thing you noticed was the extremely tall boy sitting on the floor next to your bed, fast asleep.

“Gally,” you hissed, gently shaking his shoulder. He opened his bleary eyes sleepily. “Gally, what are you doing in my room?” You demanded.

He stifled a yawn and stretched his shoulders. “I didn’t want you getting up and wandering about in the middle of the night, or getting sick all alone, or some shank to come in here knowing you were… in no position to make wise choices,” he explained casually. A small smile creeped its way onto your lips as you realized certain implications of this new development. “How do you feel, by the way?” He asked, brow furrowed with concern.

You shrugged and ran a hand through your messy hair. “My head’s killing me. You were right, that stuff is pretty strong. Thanks for kinda taking care of me last night and everything, by the way,” you added, staring down at your hands in an attempt to hide your blush.

“It’s nothing,” Gally said, standing up and straightening his shirt.

You shook your head. “No, it is something. Not many people would’ve done that, it means a lot,” you insisted.

Gally shrugged his broad shoulders. “Yeah, well, you should be able to have a little fun without worrying about all those shanks and all that.”

With a sly smile, you took his hand and tugged him down towards you, looking him dead in the eye. “Maybe next time I can have a little fun with you instead.”

His eyes went wide and his jaw dropped as he stammered, “You- you remember everything from last night?” When you nodded, he gave a shy grin. “Well, in that case…” and then he leaned towards you, pressing his lips against yours and wrapping his arms around your waist. “Glad you didn’t chicken out, girly,” he murmured against your lips.

You chuckled and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “Me too.”

The Maze Runner; Newt: You're Totally Whipped, There's No Denying It.

Request: Could you do a oneshot where you’re a bit of a trouble maker, you know small things like pranks, and Newt get’s onto you all the time because of this but you flirt your way out every time and Alby notices and tells him he needs to punish you. So you do it again and he tries to stand his ground but you keep doing it and step up your game like running your fingers up his arm or kissing his neck a little. So he cracks and lets you go again and Alby calls him whipped. I would love you so much! - non-alcoholic-vodka

You know you should be busy Building with Gally and the other Builders but sometimes you just can’t be bothered, you know? More like it’s bloody boring. And how many times can you make a shovel? When you’re sitting around not doing much, your devious mind starts scheming awful stuff for the other Gladers. You’re deep in thought when Gally walks by, gently smacking the back of your head.

“Better not be planning those damn pranks of yours. Go on and help me with this new picnic table.” He says while walking towards a mound of wood and building supplies.

You rub the back of your head, “I thought we had plenty of picnic tables.”

Gally sighs, “Not since that awful food fight, Sam and Jared tackled each other and broke one of the table’s legs. It pretty much had it anyway so we decided to make a new one instead of repairing it.”

You slump over to the table in a huff, “Alright, alright.” You lazily pick up pieces of wood, occasionally handing them over to Gally when he needs them. You stand there, your arms growing tired by the second when you spot a group of boys heading this way. One of them at the front looks slightly vague; disoriented. Perfect victim for a prank.

You stand behind Gally and wait until they come closer. Once the boy at the front edges just close enough, you run over to him; dropping your plank behind you and then “accidentally” bump into him.

“Sorry!” You squeak and keep walking in the other direction with your head turned around to watch your little plan come to life.

As presumed, he stumbles over the plank of wood with his arms flailing and then crashes into Gally’s half-built table, completely destroying it. “What the hell?” Gally says as he jumps back from the mess.

“I…” The Glader starts, even more disoriented than before. “I was just walking…”

And this is your queue to get the hell out of there, but as you do, you’re yanked back by a rough hand. You turn to see an angry Gally, almost furious. “What the hell did you do?”

“Me?” You ask innocently. You point over at the Glader in the mess, “He’s the one who did it!”

“Oh don’t be slinthead, Y/N. I suppose this plank of wood found its way over here on its own then, huh?” He says while shoving the wood in front of your face. “You… One day, someone will get seriously hurt if you don’t stop this nonsense.”

You cross your arms over your chest, “What are you going to do about it? Tell on me?”

Gally eyes you off, as if he’s actually considering being a tattle-tale. “That isn’t such a bad idea. I think I’ll go tell Alby about your idiotic behaviour.” He walks passed you with a kind of seriousness in his eyes that makes you timid.

“I… Gally!” He’s going to tell Alby? You can’t let that happen considering Alby is the only shank around here that scares the living daylights out of you. “Gally, wait up!”

“Nothing you’re going to say will stop me, Y/N. I’ve had enough of this.” He continues to stomp his way over to the Homestead, “It’s even keeping you away from doing the work you’re supposed to do!”

“That’s because being a Builder is the most boring thing in this damn place! Maybe if they let me be a Runner, then I’ll actually contribute to this-

“Are you kidding me?” Gally stops dead in his tracks and turns to face you, “Are you trying to blackmail me? Blackmail Alby?” His voice is stern and definitely scary, “You don’t get to be a Runner by being an asshole; you have to earn it. Didn’t you listen to a thing Newt said to you when you were a Greenie?” He shakes his head and climbs the stairway, up to Alby’s room. “I can’t believe you, Y/N. Honestly. I thought you could do better.” You hear the creak of a door opening and then a shuddering slam as it closes.

Oh hell.


“I heard what you did today.” Newt says sternly, his head slightly tilted. “Gally’s right, you shouldn’t be fooling around like that.”

You let out a groan, “So this is why you took me away from the others?” You fake a disappointed look, “Thought you wanted to make out or something.”

Newt blinks in surprise, “Excuse me?”

“Aw, don’t tease me…” You say slyly, closing in on him.

His face flushes red with embarrassment and he shakes his head, “You’re a shank, you know that?”

You give him a small wink before strutting away, back to your seat on the new picnic table Gally only just finished creating. You continue eating when suddenly, and idea pops into your mind. You look up at Thomas and Minho and then causally start to distract them by pointing to things around the Glade or asking questions about the Maze.

They seem so engrossed that they don’t even notice you casually swapping around parts of their meals. You take Minho’s carrots and plop yours on his. Then you switch Thomas’ and Minho’s steak and then throw Minho’s former steak, that would have been on Thomas’ plate, underneath the picnic table and take all of Thomas’ mash potato and plunk it on top of Minho’s. Then you add your potato too. In the end, it becomes a colourful mess, people loose vegetables, gain half eaten meat that doesn’t belong to them and Minho has to put up with a mountain of potato, covered in Newt’s corn that you managed to snatch.

Once you’re finished talking, you stare down at your steak. That’s the only bit left that you consider eating; so you take a bite and watch everyone’s reaction. Minho raises an eyebrow at his potato and Thomas searches for his steak. Newt only gives his attention to you and shakes his head; he already knows who the culprit is.

You give him an overly-sweet smile and hope for the best.

But it doesn’t turn out too well, Newt sneaks you off away from the crowd again and tries his hardest to be firm with you. “I really wanted to eat that corn, you know.”

“Oh, I’m sure you did.”

He sighs and scratches the back of his head, “I’m going to have to go tell Alby, you realise.”

Your eyes widen, “What!?” This is outrageous, Newt never betrays you like this. “No you don’t, it was just a harmless prank!”

“Yeah but the way you’re going…” He shakes his head and then says, “Y/N, you could hurt someone. And if you hurt someone… Alby will banish you. Never harm another Glader; remember?”

“Like I said,” You say sternly, “They’re harmless pranks.” You lean your head against Newt’s chest and feel the speedy thump of his heart against your forehead. “Don’t leave me to fend for myself from Alby, Newt.” You whisper the last bit softly.

He sighs again, “Alright, fine. I won’t tell Alby.” You lifts your chin with his rough-skinned hands and you look up into his loving brown eyes. “But I can’t stop Minho or Thomas from telling.”

You slap away his hand and walk away, irritatingly furious. Why doesn’t anyone understand that you’re only trying to have a bit of fun?


You’re on your way to Newt’s room to apologise for your behaviour earlier, if you want him on your side then slapping away his hands is not the way to go. There’s still time to win him back, besides; he’s right. He’s not very good at persuading other people to not tell. It’s not like he’ll willingly flirt with them when he knows it could end badly by either creeping them out or gaining an unwanted admirer. You pass Alby’s room and immediately stop as soon as you hear Newt’s voice ring from within.

“She’s just having a bit of fun…” He says.

“Well, it’s not so funny to the other Gladers. You know what she did to Gally this morning? And poor Garret?” You can only imagine Alby shaking his head in disappointment.

“Well… yeah.”

“And you’re still on her side?” Alby questions. Oh please Newt, don’t break now!

“I’m sitting in the middle with this one.” You knew you should have apologised sooner. Maybe you have to upgrade your flirting skills…

“Look, she only listens to you so-

Newt casually interrupts, “She’s scared of you, though.” Your hands start to tremble and you scrunch up your face in anger, Newt just told Alby your biggest weakness! Betrayer!

“Yeah, she may be scared of me but that’s not enough. She looks up to you, she respects you. If you let her know that you’re disappointed in her then she might actually think about what she’s doing.” Little did Alby know that this plan will definitely not work on you now that you know every single detail.

“And if that doesn’t work?”

“Punish her. Make her do something really awful, like being a Slopper for a month or two.” Alby says and then continues, “Just get her stop. It’s really buggin’ everyone out. Including me.”

You sprint down the stairs as soon as you hear the floorboards creak from inside Alby’s room. And not long after exiting the Homestead; Newt follows. As soon as he spots you he gestures you to go over to him and you sigh, guess you’ll have to work some incredible magic to stop him from making you a Slopper. Or worse, actually feel bad for what you did.

“Y/N… Alby had a little chat with me.”

“Oh?” You ask, purposely sounding surprised.

“Look, I know I keep succumbing to your little flirtatious ways but I really am disappointed in you. You should be working to help us get out of here instead of wasting your time and everyone else’s time with your little tricks and such.” You start to wonder if he really feels that way, would he? Something tugs at your heart… and you panic. There’s no way you could feel guilty. No way.

You chuckle and step in close, “So… if this plan of trying to guilt trip me doesn’t work, what’s your plan B?”

Newt blinks back in surprise, “To punish you.”

You smirk up at him, grazing your fingers over his tough, muscly arms. “Sounds kinky.”

“Uh.” He fumbles as he tries to step back, but he only crashes into the wall behind him. He chuckles nervously as his dart from your eyes to your lips; his cheeks redden. You find it extremely cute.

Your fingers move from his arms to his chest, your hand slowly climbs up it. “Does Newt think Y/N’s been a naughty girl?”

“Y/N…” He says, but it only just manages to croak out.

Your hand stays flat against his chest and you feel his heart race as you gingerly press your lips on a corner of his mouth and leave a trail of kisses down the side of his face, along his jaw and then sneakily into the crook of his neck. He sighs with pleasure at each and every one of them.

Once you decide that you’re finished, you take a step back. His eyes linger closed for a moment. “See you here tomorrow night?” You ask with a wink before you walk in the other direction. You head over to your room and you catch a few words from Alby along the way; something about Newt being totally whipped.

Two things came out of today: One, you didn’t get threatened to become a Slopper; nor did you succumb to the guilt he tried to press on you. And two, you think Newt and yourself will become more than a one-time thing.

A/N: An extra long one for you guys, hope you liked it! 

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When I'm Gone part 1

Summary: y/n almost dies, her soul gets attached to Newt’s body for a while

Pairings: Newt x Reader

“Alright you two, break it up. I mean it, otherwise both of you will spend the night in the slammer without food” Newt pulled me away from Gally

I was extremely close to punching his face, and the only thing stopping me from doing that was the fact that I didn’t want to spend another night in the slammer.

“Honestly y/n, I’ve told you to ignore that Shank and just finish your work! Why do you always end up arguing with him or some other boy?”

I felt my eyes tearing up, everyone always made it seem like it was my fault. Half the boys here had been complete slintheads towards me because I was the only girl, they were either always looking at me in an inappropriate way, or completely ignoring me because they felt I was a distraction sent by the Creators. The fact that I wasn’t particularly good at any of the jobs didn’t help either, I didn’t mind the gardens but the rats and worms and creepy crawlies would freak me out. I had no particular skill at cooking and just entering the blood house was enough to make me faint. I liked the idea of being a builder but Gally was adamant saying he didn’t need a weak girl injuring herself and distracting the others. Runners wasn’t even an option since I had bad stamina and I wasn’t very a very good medjack because the sught of serious wounds also creeped me out. I was almost made a slopper until Jeff insisted we needed more medjacks and said I would improve and with my delicate fingers I could prove useful.

The only few who were nice to me were Chuck, Minho, Thomas, Jeff, and Newt. Thomas and Minho were always in the maze or the map room and Newt was always working during the day and with Minho and Thomas in the map room at night. Life in the glade sucked. It hadn’t been so bad initially when Newt had been there to help me around and I saw more of Thomas and Minho, but now for some reason I felt Newt had been trying to keep his interactions with me limited, and that really hurt me. Now here I was, at the centre of a crowd because of some commotion that was apparently my fault but in reality I had just stood up for Chuck when I saw some guys picking on him. Gally then had to intervene and say some nasty things about me and Chuck which really ticked me off.

“Why do you say it like its always my fault?” I sniffed

“That’s not the point y/n ”

“Oh but it is!” I snapped “I’ve been thrown into the slammer three times already the past week for something that was not my fault! I was the bloody victim there, but yet I was punished!”

“What is going on here? Newt? y/n? Gally?”

Newt sighed “It’s nothing Alby, y/n calm down and just leave”

His tone angered me even more “No, why should I calm down Newt? I’m always harassed, for no bugging reason apart from the fact that I don’t have a stick between my thighs! And you know what? I thought I could somehow stand living here as long as I had you with me, but I guess you just decided I had cooties and started avoiding me as well!” Newt’s eyes widened as I yelled all this at him and his expression seemed to soften but I was too angry and hurt to give a damn, so I ran into the deadheads ignoring Alby and Chuck’s calls.

I slumped against my favourite tree and started crying silently to myself. It wasn’t because of Gally, but more of the sadness of the past month finally breaking me. I tried to be as soft as I could because I didnt want to be found by the others and seem vulnerable. Just then I heard the bushes rustle. I looked behind to see Ben looking creepier than ever. I tried to hide from him, but his wild eyes found me.

He started moving towards me in an unsteady manner and I realised something was wrong. I started running but then he started too. He opened his mouth and let out a strangled cry and I screeched. I ran as fast as I could but him being a runner quickly caught up with me and tackled me to the ground. I kicked him in the groin and pushed him off me but he pulled my hair and climbed on top of me again. I started trembling in fear, my voice was caught in my throat I couldn’t say a word. I heard a familiar voice call out my name and I turned to see who it was, but before I could I felt something hard hit my head and then all I saw was darkness.

“Clint, is she going to be alright?“

” I don’t know Newt, there was a lot of bleeding. She’s still breathing but she hasn’t woken up yet.“

” God y/n please please wake up “

Y/n? That’s me! I opened my eyes to see my own body lying on the bed?!? There were bandages wrapped around my head and tiny bruises across my arms and legs. ” What the hell is happening?“ no one seemed to hear me though. I couldn’t move either, I felt like I had no hands or legs. “Let me know if you see even the slightest change” wait, that was Newt’s voice, and it seemed to come out from my body “sure thing Newt” I saw Clint standing in front of me with bandages and blood on his hand. What was happening? What was going on? Why could I seem my body? Was I dead? Maybe I was dead, and maybe I could finally leave this horrible place and people who hate me, but wait, I couldn’t move me soul either. I looked into the mirror and gasped. I saw Newt’s reflection. I was stuck in Newt’s body.

“Newt, can you hear me?” I tried talking to him, but it didn’t work. He didn’t seem to notice.

“Newt you should let me look at you now.”

“No, that’s alright I’m fine ”

“No you’re not, I saw Ben hit you on your ankle with that rock when you fought him off y/n ” Wait what? Newt tried to save me? Newt got injured trying to save me?

“ Well not like it bloody helped. I was too late to save her, and now it’s all my fault she’s like this, I’m such a bloody slint head ”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, Newt was actually sad about me, he was sorry! Maybe he still cared about me!

“She’ll wake up Newt. She’s a strong stubborn girl. I know she’ll come back to us. Maybe she’s just taking her time off, away from us. She’ll wake up when she’s ready”

I never thought of Clint as one of the wisest people in the Glade but, somehow I had the feeling he was completely right.

A/N:Hope y'all liked it so far! read part2!

Thomas (TMR) - Don't Scare Me

WARNINGS; kissing, mostly fluff and fighting tbh

 ≫ REQUEST; Oh okay, so can you write a Thomas [TMR] imagine? Maybe one where you go into the maze and Thomas gets mad and then you guys fight? A lil makeout at the end too? Thanks if you do write it ! 

 ≫ PROMPT; in which you enter the maze without permission, and Thomas gets extremely worried, causing you two to fight.

Originally posted by inderlander

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Fine Lines.

Originally posted by space-ing-out


Hey! Could you maybe write one with Gally? Where he and y/n have always seemed to hate eachother since she first arrived, and they’re always going out of their way to make the others life hell, trading insults/arguing/yelling/fighting etc? Eventually Alby thinks their rivalry is getting too out of hand so he tries to force them to spend time together until they learn to get along, by giving them the same job to do/making them both eat separately from the other Gladers etc (kinda like that bit in the camp in the parent trap except they’re not secretly twin sisters😂). And at first it’s a disaster and they’re worse than ever, but then they eventually end up discovering that they both have a thing for eachother, but bc they’re both stubborn af they hate that they like eachother bc they still think the other is a total slinthead (who they now may have feelings for)? Sorry if this is bad! If you want to write it feel free to mess around with it a bit or whatever cause you’re fab lol ❤️x Requested by anon.

A/N: Super long request and I love it! This took me so much longer than I anticipated and I apologize immensely for that but I have finally, finally, finished it!! Thankyou so much for the request!!! I hope you like it!! <3 xxx

Barely managing to hold back your raucous laughter, you crouched against the wall of the homestead with your head peeking slyly around the corner. This is gonna be brilliant.

You could hear the heavy, clunking, footsteps indicating that he was about to walk out of the door. Smiling widely to yourself, you almost keeled over from the abrupt anticipation settling in your stomach.

When his rough voice rumbled through the air you had to slap a hushing hand over your mouth to smother your chuckle, hoping not to give yourself away.

“Just make sure he-aghhh.” Immediately jumping from your crouched position as you heard his body roughly impact the ground, you rounded the corner and guffawed at the sight before you.

Gally was sprawled on the floor, arms out before him as though he had meagerly attempted to catch himself, and his feet were tangled in the rope that you had secured across the bottom of the door way. Your plan had worked perfectly.

Pushing himself up, he glared towards your laughing figure. His obvious annoyance merely sent you into another bout of uncontrollable, screeching laughter.

He quickly pushed himself to his feet, dramatically untangling his feet from the rope, and stepped towards you angrily. You could practically feel the annoyance exuding from him, it was brilliant.

“How was your trip?” You asked, feigning sickly sweet innocence.

His entire face turned a crimson red and his eyes practically bulged from his head as he angrily stepped towards you. “You think this is funny? Huh, shuckface?”

Tapping your chin repeatedly, with a look of mock thoughtfulness adorning your features, you replied. “Hmmmm… Yes, I think I do.”

“You know what?” He asked, anger causing his voice to shake violently, just like his clenched fists.

“What?” You asked, a satisfied smirk overtaking your lips.

“You’re lucky they haven’t banished you yet.”  

Giving an incredulous laugh at his ridiculous notion, you shook your head at him. “Oh for what? Playing a prank?” He seemed lost for words, entirely too enraged to form a coherent sentence. “What? Were you worried you’d break your potato nose?”

“Why don’t you-”

“Gally.” Laughing, as the, eternally annoyed at Gally, tone of Newt rang through the air.

“What?” Gally asked, spinning around to confront the other glader.

“Just…” Newt breathed a heavy sigh. “Slim it.”

Gally looked severely annoyed, even more so than usual. “B-Wh-B…” He shot you a venomous glare when you giggled at his inability to pronounce a single word. “She started it!” He eventually yelled, entirely exasperated.

Newt raised his eyebrows, clearly having had enough. “Alby wants to talk to you.”

You spat out a cackling laugh. “Someone’s in trouble” Gally rounded on you again.

“Bloody hell.” You heard Newt whisper, then looking to you he said, “he wants you too.”

Your head whipped round, looking at Newt in disbelief. If there was one person who always took your side against Gally, it was Newt. “Me? Why?” You asked, whining in an abruptly childlike manner.

“Just go bloody find him.”

It should have taken the two of you less than ten minutes to find Alby, but your endless bickering extended the time to an entire hour.

By the time you had managed to find Alby, the light was beginning to fade.

“What took you so shucking long?”



You both started at the same time, ready to blame the other for everything. But you both stopped as Alby held up a stilling hand.  

“Both of you, just stop.” Alby seemed entirely irritated at the two of you. “I have had enough of you two causing shucking mayhem. It needs to stop.”

“Then send her away!” Gally yelled, spouting his ridiculous ideas like an imbecile.

Groaning in annoyance, Alby shook his head. “I’m not banishing her for getting on your shuck nerves Gally.”

“Well…” Gally started, full of irate fire. “You should.” he finished lamely.

Smothering your chuckle, you attempted to pay attention to Alby’s authoritarian tone. “You two-” He started, pointing an index finger at the pair of you. “-are going to spend some time together.”

Instantly, your eyebrows crinkled together in confusion. “What?” You cringed when you realized that you and Gally had spoken at the same instant.

“You two are gonna eat together, work together, relax together…. everything together.

Neither of you said anything, both of you rendered entirely speechless.

“Now, go get some food.” Grumbling under your breath, you nodded and began to walk away. “And eat together.” Rolling your eyes at the way he stressed the word together, you turned and walked away.

“This is stupid.” How many times had you heard those words spring from his lips in the last few minutes? Twice? Ten times? Three hundred times? You were rapidly losing count.

“I’m serious.” He groaned, throwing his head back in aggravation. You had given up on listening to his self-righteous mutterings, focusing instead on aimlessly pushing your food around the plate.  

The two of you were sat in some shady corner of the glade, having been forced to eat together. Alby had taken great pleasure in informing you that you would only be allowed to be allowed to part once you had ‘learned to get along’. Jeez, it was as though you were five.

“Are you gonna eat anything?” He asked, sounding ridiculously disgruntled with you. Giving him a look, confused as to why he was suddenly so annoyed, you shrugged. “You haven’t eaten anything all day.” His harsh tone didn’t quite match his words.

Huffing, and finally acknowledging him, you replied. “I’m not hungry.” You merely grumbled the words, hence your surprise when he appeared to have heard you.

“You’ve been working all shucking day and you haven’t eaten anything.” His statement annoyed you, mostly because he had a point.

Obviously, seeing as the two of you had to work together, you had been forced to work as a builder for the entire day. You would never admit it, but it was a lot harder than you had first anticipated.

You had always made fun of Gally for being a builder, called him ‘dead in the head’, but now you felt a little… bad. It was a hard job, physically demanding and tiring. At one point in the day, you had even found yourself marveling at how strong he was before you became entirely disgusted with your treacherous thoughts. 

Shaking your head, in an attempt to dispel the ridiculous, unfathomable, emotions, you continued pointlessly moving food around your plate. “Could you just eat something?” He snapped, sitting back in his chair whilst watching you.

“Is that concern I hear?” You asked, shooting him your best enraging smile.

He didn’t seem to take your sarcastic question very well, his face got all red and his cheeks puffed up slightly as he huffed. If you were being entirely honest with yourself, you found it a little worrying that you seemed to know his face so well.

“Just eat your shucking food, so I can go.” He didn’t seem half as annoyed as usual, odd.

It carried on that way for two whole months. Two whole months. Two new greenbeans. Sixty entire days.

It felt like the blink of an eye.

At first, the two of you had been worse than ever. Screaming matches, fits of anger and frustrated yelling had been prevalent between the two of you in the first few weeks but, over time, things had somehow changed.

The screaming matches had turned into polite conversation, with the odd sarcastic comment thrown in, the fits of rage had become fits of laughter and the frustrated yelling had morphed into frustrated denial… Gally was actually an alright guy, he just took a lot of getting to know. You were confused by it entirely, somehow you had come full circle; from hating Gally entirely to… to… well you weren’t entirely sure what.

He was still a total slinthead though.

“Coming, shuckface?”

Holding back a strange smile, you nudged his shoulder playfully. “Come on, slinthead.” You told him, grabbing your plate of food and quickly thanking Frypan before following after Gally.

You were slowly making your way towards your separate eating area when you were interrupted.

“You two are actually playing nice. Never thought I’d see the day.” Rolling your eyes at Alby, resisting the urge to childishly stick your tongue out at him, you replied.

“Yeah, yeah. Shove off.” You were ready to make your way past him, too hungry to care about much else. But you were stopped when he held out a patronizing hand. “You can eat apart now.” Neither of you said anything which seemed to throw Alby off guard slightly. “Congratulations, you’re finally shucking free of each other.”

You didn’t even notice your mouth falling open as confusion clouded your tangled thoughts. You had an unhappy feeling in your stomach and, as you peered up at Gally, it doubled. Oh no…

You didn’t want to eat away from him, you didn’t actually want to be free of him… shuck it; you actually liked Gally.

And not just in a friendly way either. Oh no…

Ignoring the ridiculous heat rising in your cheeks as you pushed your thoughts to the side, you spoke up, in a wavering, weak voice. “Great…” You sounded too disappointed, you needed to chirp up a little before they became suspicious. “I’ll just go… over there.” You finished your sentence lamely, negating any strength you had asserted in the first few words.

Both boys were watching you strangely.

Deciding you had had enough of the entire exchange, you ducked your head and shuffled away dejectedly. You didn’t even bother to sit down and eat, suddenly not feeling quite as ravenous, you just walked aimlessly around.

You had payed no attention whatsoever to where you were going, but so far you guessed that you had made several laps of the Glade. You were far too wrapped up in confusion and mixed feelings to even think about a route around the Glade.

What the hell had happened? You had hated Gally, he had somehow instantly gotten under your skin and constantly annoyed you and now… ugh, he was still annoying.

But it was different now, you felt like you understood him. Life wasn’t easy in the Glade, and Gally was merely reacting to the shitty hand that destiny had dealt him.

Sure, he pissed you off sometimes but those few moments were quickly becoming outweighed by his positives. He was strangely nice to you, concerned about you and, although you never would have guessed it, he could make you laugh until you cried.

“Ugh… stupid shucking Glade.” You grumbled to yourself, kicking an innocent looking pebble into the Deadheads. The pebble, however, wasn’t so innocent. “Shucking shuck… agh.” You groaned, gripping your poor, abused toe sadly.

“You alright?” Hearing his voice, uncharacteristically timid, behind you, you groaned again. Turning around you found him standing awkwardly behind you, his feet shuffling as though he were nervous.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” You said, attempting to conjure up some of the anger you used to feel for him, but nothing appeared but a shy, anxious feeling. This really is ridiculous, you thought to yourself.

Deciding it would be a good idea to blame your current predicament entirely on him, you stepped towards him, pointing an accusatory finger as you went. “This is all your fault.” He didn’t retort like you had hoped he would, arguing with him would make everything more usual; easier to cope with. “You…” You started, hoping you could push him into an argument through sheer force of will. “You…” You said again, failing to come up with anything worth saying.

Huffing, dropping your hand and looking away, you slowly told him “you don’t annoy me anymore.”

His eyebrows drew together in abrupt confusion. “And that’s what’s been shucking bothering you?” He asked, tone thick with disbelief and exasperation. “You don’t annoy me anymore either, you don’t see me moping around like some stupid shuckface.” You ignored his insult entirely as your heart practically fluttered at his confession.

You raised your eyebrows at him dubiously. “I don’t annoy you anymore?” Your tone was light and surprised.

He seemed caught out, like he had just admitted some terribly dark secret. “No?” He stated, sounding so unsure that it came out more like a question.

Immediately becoming intensely curious, you couldn’t help the next question that popped out of your mouth. “What do you feel about me then?” He looked as though he wanted to run away as you asked, looking at everything but you.

He didn’t say anything, merely shrugged, so you pressed him. “You’re actually starting to like me aren’t you?” You asked, smiling as you spoke.

If he looked awkward before, he looked downright terrified now. “What? No that’s ridiculous.” His voice had practically risen a whole octave, it was all you could do to hold in your laughter at his girlish tone. “I don’t like you, you’re… you’re so annoying.” He finished lamely, sounding entirely unconvinced of his own reasoning

As he had talked his eyes had slowly shifted to the ground but, as the silence stretched through the air, they flickered up to meet yours. “I…” He said, in an unusual sigh. 

“I don’t know.” He finally murmured, shoulders slumping in some sort of defeat. 

Confused and aggravated at the entire exchange, for reasons that you couldn’t quite comprehend, you decided that escape would be the best option. But your shaky steps weren’t exactly co-operative. 

You weren’t entirely sure what you had managed to trip yourself on, a stray rock? A big log? Your own gangly legs? It didn’t matter, what mattered was that the universe seemed to be conspiring against you. 

You tripped, on something or other, and fell straight into Gally’s arms.

As you awkwardly glanced up to him, you could have groaned at the ridiculous cliche of it all. It was like some bad movie. 

What made it even worse was that you couldn’t even attempt to deny the excited fluttering of your heart as he held you in his strong arms.

Giving up on pretending that you still avidly disliked him, you smirked. 

“You’re still a total slinthead.” You whispered breathlessly, causing the corner of his mouth to twitch just slightly. You watched, surprisingly impatiently, as his eyes flickered slowly down to your lips before darting back to your eyes.. 

Seeing that he wasn’t about to act without some small sign of encouragement, you anxiously moved your hand to lightly rest on his forearm. The feather-like touch seemed to spark something within him, as he slowly, meticulously, inched his lips closer to yours. 

Your eyes flitted closed as his lips ghosted over yours, entirely unsure. It was a chaste kiss, lasting a mere moment, but you were expecting nothing more. 

He pulled away all too soon and watched your reaction, filled with uncertainty and anxiety. Not quite knowing what to think, let alone say, you shot him a little lopsided smirk. 

Your simple reaction seemed to have an instant effect on him. He breathed a relieved sigh through his nose, before chuckling quietly. “Right back ‘atcha, shuckface.” 


Violence isn’t an answer

The Maze Runner Imagine (Gally)

Request: Could you do a Gally imagine where she is a runner and one day she barely makes it through the doors but when she does she passes out and Gally starts freaking out? Super fluffy please! Thank you :)

Note: Thanks for the request, anon! It actually became a bit different but I hope you like it though! :)

“They should be long back by now,” Newt rubbed the back of his head nervously. “Calm down. They’re going to make it. As always,” Gally replied forcing himself to believe and follow his own words. Calm down. Easier said than done.

It was undeniable that he was afraid. What would he do if they didn’t make it? Nobody had ever survived a night in the Maze. The grievers made sure. “Come on, (Y/N),” he thought as he continued to knead his hands. The other Gladers stretched their necks to get a better view.

All of a sudden a figure stumbled around the corner. Minho. Everybody started to scream his name. Except for Gally. “Come on, Minho!” Newt cried, clapping his hands to encourage him. “You can do it.” Only a few metres more separated him from the Glade. And he made it. Relief was written all over his face. Frypan patted his shoulder.

Gally slashed himself a way through the boys. “Where is she?” Minho looked up. “I don’t know.” “You left her behind to save your own ass?” He was on the brink of punching him. “I’m sorry, man.” A deafening sound filled the air. The doors began to close. Shuck!

“There she is!” Chuck screamed and pointed at the limping girl who prepared herself for the last sprint. The boys gathered around the entrance. The distance between the doors dropped with every second.

“(Y/N)!” Shuck, she can’t leave him. She had to make it. But the odds were against her. “She’s too far away,” Newt muttered earning a punch against the arm from Minho. “Shut up. She’ll make it.” “If you shuck-face had stayed with her, she’d be already here. In safety,” the keeper of the builders hissed. His fists were clenched.

As if she was able to see the hopeful yet begging glimmer in his green eyes she raised her pace one last time. A desperate attempt to survive. She succeed. Completely out of breath (Y/N) reached at the Glade. The cheers of the boys died down immediately when her eyeballs turned backwards. Automatically Gally caught her.

At this moment the only emotion he was able to feel was fear. Pure fear of losing her. He had lost his best friend Ben. His heart couldn’t bear another loss. “Someone get Jeff and Clint!” He screamed, his voice already shaking.

While Minho pulled away from the crowd to afford the command, he tightened the grip around the petite body of the girl. “It’s going to be okay,” he whispered stroking her hair. “You’re not going to leave me.”

Minho returned with the two med-jacks just two minutes later. For him it felt like an eternity. Jeff and Clint began with some trials to try and wake her up. “Do something more effective!” Gally urged waving his hands like crazy through the air. “She’s going to die! Look at her wound!” Clint grabbed one of his arms. “Calm down, shank. We do everything we can. We don’t have magical powers.”

After checking her one last time Clint arrived at a decision. “Let’s get her into the hut. We need to clean and sew the wound. And she surly is worn out. With a few hours of sleep she’ll be the old one again by the end of the week.”

(Y/N)’s POV:

My feet burnt like hell. My lungs felt as if they would burst any moment. My heart was racing. The still bleeding wound on my side didn’t make it any better. But now wasn’t the time to encumber. I had to make it back in time.

I could already hear the deep grinding sound of the doors closing. Minho was probably already back at the Glade. To spur myself I imagined Newt, Fry, Chuck and my other friends cheering for me. I imagined Alby quietly praying for me to come back. And I imagined Gally standing in the front row screaming my name like his life depends on it. With those pictures in mind I rounded the last corner.

The Glade came into my field of vision. Immediately the volume of the screams trebled. The main reason for my return weren’t the (Y/N)’s or the come on’s. It was the expression on Gally’s face. His eyes begging me make it. And I did. At least physically.

As soon as my feet touched the soft grass of the Glade my body couldn’t take it any longer. My vision went black and I fell into complete darkness.


At first I didn’t know where I was until I slowly recognized the bottles of medicine. The med-jacks hut. My head was pounding and my side drew inconveniently. Jeff and Clint had cleaned the wound and deep down in my still dizzy mind I remembered something like, “This needs to be sewn. Just a few stitches, (Y/N).”

Since nobody was here now I decided to crawl out of my bed to stretch my legs. But I didn’t come any further than the closed door because on the other side I could hear the enraged voices of Gally and Minho. It seemed like they were in the middle of an argument. Curious as I was I laid an ear on the cold wood to eavesdrop.

“A shucking griever attacked us so we separated!” That was Minho. “Do you remember the promise you gave me? That you’ll never leave her side not matter what?” Gally spat. “Yeah, I remember and I did everything to not break it!” “But you did break it! You shuck-face left her all alone out there!” “You don’t understand! I wanted to draw the attention of the Griever on me, so (Y/N) had a chance to escape!” Minho’s voice slightly rose with every word. “Then your super genius plan didn’t work because she got hurt. Did you see the wound? After Jeff was finished cleaning it he said if she would have been any longer in the Maze she probably would have died! And now tell me again you just wanted to protect her!”

I was taken aback by Gally’s sudden outburst. “Listen, Gally, little I understand that you’re mad at me and you preferably want to punch me. But I’m sick of you constantly yelling at me for not protecting her. (Y/N)’s not a weak little girl. She is strong and she can handle the pitfalls of the Maze by herself. So quit acting like you’re her boss or whatever and finally go back to work!” Therewith the conversation was past. Wow I never experienced Minho this upset.

Maybe I should just pretend I hadn’t heard… Too late. My thoughts were interrupted by Gally. “(Y/N). Hi, how long uhm have you been standing there?”

I crossed my arms over my chest. “Long enough to hear your little talk with Minho.” “Shuck,” he ran his hand through his short blonde hair.

“I didn’t know that the fact I’m a runner now gave you such a hard time.” “No, I’m proud of you for prevailing against the other boys. It just sucks to never know if I see you again or not.” “You’re not going to get rid of me that easy. I’m dogged,” smiling I poked his side.

He slung his arms around my waist. Automatically I buried my face into his chest. “Is it selfish wanting to protect something that’s yours?” I couldn’t help but smile. “No it’s not. It’s actually pretty cute. I’m truly honoured of being able to reveal the nice side of you.” His chest vibrated as he chuckled. “What should I say? You’ve got me under your spell.” A evilly grin spread crept onto my face as I lifted my head. “Good.”

“I love you, shuck-face,” his lips softly brushed my nose. “Love you too, slinthead.” I had to stand on tiptoes to be ever able to reach his lips. “I’m sorry for being such an idiot sometimes.” “You’re forgiven. But please promise me you’ll never going to punch Minho. Violence isn’t an answer.” “You have to admit, sometimes he deserves it.” “I don’t care. Just don’t do it.”

Sighing he rolled his eyes causing me to raise an eyebrow. “Fine. I’m not going to harm that shank even if he’s annoying as clunk.” “That’s what I wanted to hear. And now, you want to grab something to eat? Because I’m starving.” He nodded in agreement. “Sounds good.”

The Maze Runner: High School AU - Newt: You’re Not The Only Professional Party-Crasher In Town: Part 9

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

newt-ofthe-maze leagreenly anime-stuff4ever, clara-licht

Suddenly, your stomach rumbles loudly and you almost laugh over it. “Let’s go get some Burger King or something.” You suggest as you re-enter the dim, dusty car. He doesn’t answer back so you instead suggest another place, “How about Dumpling Palace?” More silence, is he ignoring you for a reason? “Asian food not your thing?” You meant to sound humorous but instead your voice is laced with worry and concern. Is Newt okay?

And in the next minute, as you watch Newt’s slightly concerned but pale face, his shoulders slump and his head drops. His eyes flutter closed and you shout out his name, your own voice ringing in your ears.


“Wait –what?” Thomas asks worriedly over the phone, you hear the voices of the other guys in the background too.

“I’m…” You breathe heavily, the phone pressed against your ear suddenly becomes quiet while the blood rushes to your ears and your chest. Everything in your body thumps as you recall the overbearing feeling of panic and guilt as you watched Newt’s body slump into a heap, his pale face resting on the driver’s wheel.


His curled fingers white and limp against his chest, the driver’s door wide open, a breeze slinking in, ruffling the short blond curls of his slight bed-hair. The way he looked so silent and lifeless… Was it your fault? Had he overworked himself? The stress and anxiety of being around those who were the source of his loud, uncontrollable mind, constantly torturing himself over and over again?


Suddenly you’re back, back in the waiting room at the hospital. Your fingers curl tightly around the mobile device which holds the voice calling your name. Your breathing slows again, your muscles’ tension releases. “I’m alright.”

“No you’re not.” He sighs, “I’m on my way.”

“No, Thomas…” You sigh and walk over to one of the waiting room’s chairs, “You don’t need to, Alby is here also and… look everything is fine. Newt is okay, he just passed out.”

“He just passed out?”

“Yeah he… he was fine –well he was sort of distant but I just thought he was tired. And then we got back into the car and he fainted. I was so scared Tom.”

“You guys were in the car!?” Thomas almost shouts through the phone, shock elevating his voice. “What if he passed out while driving? You… you both could be dead.”

“Thomas, don’t. Don’t you dare bring up the ‘could-haves’. Yes, it was possible but it didn’t happen and you can’t blame this sort of thing on Newt, it’s not his fault he fainted Thomas!”

“I’m just looking out for you.”

“Thomas, no. I don’t need to be looked out for. Newt does.” You take the phone away from your ear and end the call before slipping it back into your coat pocket. “Please be okay Newt…”

“You can come in to see him now, he’s awake.” A nurse informs you, her blonde hair messily tied back to match her worn and tired face. You mutter a thank you before she leads you to Newt’s room. The nurse leaves as soon as you enter.

His eyes are dull, his smile is weak and his breathing is slow and steady. You can’t help but break down into tears right in front of him.

“Y/N?” He asks worriedly, preparing himself to leave his bed.

You walk over to him instead, tears blurring your eyes, and grab a hold of his hands before sitting onto his bed. “You –you fainted right in front of me and I thought… I thought so many bad things Newt-

“Aw baby, no, don’t cry…” He pulls you close to his chest as you start to sob. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to frighten you love…”

“It’s –it’s not your fault… I just thought…”

“It’s okay… I know. But I’m here, I’m fine. You’re fine. We’re fine.” Newt shuffles his body over slightly and pulls the blankets around you as you curl up tighter next to him. His arm loosely wraps itself around you while his other hand twirls the ends of your hair. After a while of silence, the tears dry and Newt asks, “Who were you talking to on the phone?”


“What happened?” It’s as if he can sense it in your voice or something.

“He was sort of angry or… panicked I guess –a bit of both when I told him what happened.”

“Because I could have been driving.”

You nod your head, “Yeah… but he doesn’t mean to be a prick I suppose. He’s just thinking bad thoughts –like-

“He’s right though. I could have completely lost control of the car and you’d be seriously injured, you could have died, Y/N.”


“Hey guys…” Alby walks in with a frantic looking group of boys. They immediately rush to the sides of the hospital bed. “Sorry I took so long to get in here. You alright man?”

“Yeah… yeah I’m good.”

“Do you know why it happened?” A suspicious Thomas asks, although surprisingly enough, shows no hate in his eyes. Just concern.

“Uh, well yeah. An overload of panic and stress apparently.” Newt answers quietly with a slight hesitation. You feel him growing tense and that same distant feeling becomes alive again between the two of you.

You look to Alby, his eyes find yours immediately and being the awesome friend he is, he already knows what you are trying to communicate to him through this one look.

“Does that mean we can’t go party-crashing tonight?” Minho asks, Gally nodding his head along.

Newt’s eyes light up immediately, “No, we’re still going. I’m still going.”

“Newt…” Both you and Alby say at the same time.

“You guys will just have to be extra prepared and trained as I will only be observing…”

You laugh and so does everyone else before Alby exits the room with his group of puppies following behind, wagging their tails excitedly for tonight. “You think you’re up to it?”

“Yeah, of course I am love. I’m a professional.”

“Honestly?” You raise an eyebrow, a definite tone of seriousness plastered on your face.

Newt blinks as he studies your tone of voice and facial expression, it seems like forever before he replies. He brings a thumb to your cheekbone and gently strokes it before staring back into your eyes with those magnificent brown ones. “Honestly, I will be fine. The nurse says I can leave when I’m ready. I just fainted. I will be okay. I promise.”

“We’re only watching them, no running around like maniacs.”

“Alright, alright.” Newt laughs, “Whatever you say your majesty.” He wiggles closer to you, you lean your head onto his chest. “But we’re still climbing through a window.”

You sigh and smile, “We’re still climbing through a window.”

“Oh-em-gee, I am so nervous. Are you nervous? Because I am totally freaking out right now-

“Gally, if you don’t mind, please slim it.” Thomas says quietly before leading us around the side of the house. We quickly and quietly slide through the gate, and immediately hear the beat of the thumping music. “This way.”

You lead the group of hooligans up the side of the house with ease before reaching an available bedroom to climb into. The window is locked but Newt helps with the lock-picking and soon you all roll in, one after the other.

You all quickly scope out the house casually, as if you’re totally apart of this mostly drunken crowd. Then the plan comes into movement as they spot their very first victims. Minho, Thomas and Gally all chose their drunks and pull out a roll of duck-tape. After dancing alongside them they start winding their tape around them. In seconds, the dancers are wrapped up, shoulders to ankles in the silver, sticky tape.

Newt smiles, “First off: tape the drunkies and watch them spin!”

“I feel like we should totally be feeling ashamed of ourselves right now.” You laugh and watch Newt’s face light up in delight as the dancing drunks continue to dance whilst duck-taped, therefore spinning and falling all over the place.

“Oh no, this is totally harmless. Besides, we will un-tape them before we leave.”

The sight is like none other, they’re like silver caterpillars wriggling around helplessly while laughing hysterically at the same time.

“Next we have… Ants in your pants.”

You look over at Newt, “You have got to be kidding me.”

“Okay, slight alteration to the ‘ants’… we have itching powder.”

You groan and then laugh. Both you and Newt watch the event play out, thus leading into many people ditching their pants. After the Nutella being spread everywhere in the bathroom, and the ‘pin the tail on the drunks’ you two finally get to do a little dancing as the music tones down to a very slow and rhythmic path.

You realise that slow dancing is your favourite thing ever as Newt has his arms wrapped around you, yours draped over him and with each step you make you become even closer, even more connected. Newt sighs, “Too bad we’re not all dressed up.”

You laugh as you realise your dank hoodies and jeans, “Oh well, maybe next time.” You lean your forehead onto his shoulder, “Although, the reason I started party-crashing was because I hated events like these.”

“That’s because you have no friends.”

You glare up at him, “Don’t be such a moron.”

“Born that way darling.” He does a sassy click movement with his fingers before resuming back to dancing.

“You’re so annoying.”

“Love you too.” He smiles, your faces becoming incredibly close. Suddenly your heart thumps in your chest and you look away from his eyes in an embarrassed flush. You hate how your cheeks grow so red, but you can’t help feeling a little bit excited. His hand presses against the back of your head, your eyes can’t look away from his at this point.

Suddenly the music changes in a flash, the beat grows incredibly faster and full of bass. Newt and you jump in surprise as the music blares and Minho, Thomas and Gally jump into the room; head banging and all. You laugh it off and start jumping around with them while Newt does some sort of “cool” robotic moves to the beat.

Newt notices the looks you give him, “Like my moves?” With an added wink.

“Yeah no, I think you should just stick to party-crashing.”

Minho, Gally and Thomas jump from inside the van and go on ahead to Thomas’ home as you all decided to crash at his tonight rather than bugging Alby again. Newt and you walk side-by-side along the footpath up to his house.

“How are things at home?”

You laugh, “Haven’t exactly been home in a while… But it will be alright, I’m used to our family stuff.”

Newt smiles, his hand wraps around yours. “Well if you ever need to crash somewhere else for a bit, I welcome you with open arms.”

“Thanks man.”

You both arrive at the front of the house, “You’re so polite with me. Stop, it makes me feel awkward.”

You raise an eyebrow, “Shut up.”

Newt sighs and grabs ahold of your other hand, “That’s cute.”

“Fight me.” You attempt to stand taller than him with a menacing look in your eyes, at which both fails miserably.

“That’s even cuter.”

“Well, I am cute I suppose.”

“Don’t get bigheaded now…” He laughs, leaning in close.

“You’re the bigheaded one…” You sigh, taking in his sharp facial features, messy hair and chocolate brown eyes.

“Just shut up and kiss me already.”

“My pleasure.” You whisper before both your lips become connected. His kiss is like what you imagined, sweet and gentle. Fingers still clutched around yours.

You break away immediately as you hear the other boys shouting “Ooh la, la!”

“Shut up.” You both say with a slight smile tugging at your lips.

You both curl up together that night, everything feels right for once. You know there will be more problems and trials to come, but for once you can just rest feeling content with what you have now. Most of all, you’re so glad you went party-crashing the night you met Newt, even though you were all by yourself.


“Yes, love?” He says sleepily.

“Your party-crashing skills are mad –great in fact.”

“Why thank you, my dear.”



“I’m still the only professional party-crasher, in this town.”

“Oh slim it.” He laughs and whacks your head with a pillow. “You know what? I think we’ve got a name for our company.”

Our company? Last time I checked, it was my company.”

“Well I’ve decided that we shall join forces.” He chuckles and then whispers, “Anyway.”


“From now on, we shall be referred as The Gladers.”

You sigh and settle down into a comfortable position, wrapped up in his arms. “The Gladers it is.”

A/N: Okay so… that is the end I suppose… Not entirely sure how to feel at the moment as this story is my baby but well yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed it though! And I want to apologise again at my lateness of updates, I become lazy quite easily and it always annoys me when I make you guys wait as you are all incredibly awesome -I honestly never would have thought I would actually be sharing my writing and having people actually like it!! It’s completely and absolutely amazing, so thank you very, very much. I am so lucky!! Also 685 followers???? WHAT! That just makes me feel even more amazed! So now that I’m not working on this main series… I guess it’s back to writing out your requests! Which I’m totally keen for, as hard as it is to let go of this series, I sort of need a new theme and plot to write for; it’s somewhat refreshing.

Anyway I hope you guys have an awesome day/night! 


I actually believe you. You just don’t have an ounce of lying in those eyes of yours. And I can’t bloody believe I’m about to say this. But I’m going back in there to convince those shanks we should go through the Griever Hole, just like you said. Might as well fight the Grievers rather than sit around letting them pick us off one by one. But listen to me—I don’t want another buggin’ word about you dying and all that heroic klunk. If we’re gonna do this, we’ll take our chances— all of us. You hear me?

Just Allergies

Request: ((with Newt))

“Would you be able to somehow with your ultimate skill and wisdom work together "w-what are you doing” and “I’m not crying I’m just allergic to jerks” If not that’s totally and completely fine! I really love your writing and will read literally anything you put up xxx I understand that you probably get heaps of requests tho, so if you do decide to take this on please do take your time! :)“

- I’m not crying, I’m just allergic to jerks

- W-What are you doing?


You stumbled back further across the dirt, your throat burning and your heart pounding. Your face was red with humiliation of the events occurring, and you wished you could fight back without getting yourself into more trouble than you were already in. The hands were relentless and harsh as they pushed against your shoulders, again and again without warning.

"Aww, what’s the matter, Greenie? Having trouble standing straight?” The boy cackled cruelly, continuing to throw his heavy hands at you.

You huffed angrily, bringing your arms up to try and defend yourself as much as you could without getting hit more. You could feel the unfamiliar sting behind your eyes, and all you really wanted to do was sit down right there and bawl your eyes out, but you wouldn’t do that. You couldn’t, no matter what they did to you or how terrible you felt, you couldn’t make them believe that you were weak, especially since you had the weight of all your dignity sitting on your shoulders.

“Slim it, Shank,” you growled, trying to keep your head held as high as you could.

There was a reason behind this little brawl between you and Gally, of course. You were known, if not for anything else yet, as a very out spoken Greenie. You knew how to “tell it like it is” when one of the boys was saying something stupid, alway correcting them when they said something rude to you or another Glader.

In complete honesty, it should have been quite obvious that you weren’t just going to leave his specific conversation be, especially when all the rude comments they were passing around to each other were about you. They were saying the stupidest stuff back and forth to each other, stuff so sexist and demeaning that if it had been any other group talking about it, you would have marched right over and gave the leader a good ol’ punch in the jaw.

But of course, the leader of this annoying group was the one and only Gally, keeper of the builders. He was a terrifying sight, and not because he was ugly (far from it when it came to physical appearance), but because of how he towered over you, and had huge arms that looked like they could punch right through you if he really felt like it. He always had some sort of obnoxious glower on his face, except for when he was bossing other boys around or saying rude things.

That was what you had done to get yourself into the little predicament you were in; you had told Gally and his little buddies off for the stupid things they were saying, and maybe went a little too far with it.

“Look at her, I bet she couldn’t even hammer a nail!”

“I’m just surprised she hasn’t been stepped on yet!”

You remember them saying, and honestly you had started off okay, keeping your voice calm and steady, doing a good job at focusing on just educating them on how stupid their words sounded. But, of course, you then started to get a bit more passionate about it, yelling and cursing at him until he finally snapped and stood up, an angry sneer set on his face…and then the rest started to happen, the shoving and taunting.

A deep grunt sounded from your chest as he lunged at you again and pushed your shoulders, this time making you lose your balance and almost fall to the ground.  Dust was being kicked up, and Gladers were starting to gather around to see what he would do next.

“What’s the matter, Greenie, you gonna cry? Aww, poor baby!” He mock, his lips forming a joking pout.

You shut your eyes tight for a moment, taking a deep breath to keep yourself from breaking down in front of everybody. You could feel the boys’ eyes burning holes through you as you turned you head away from them, viciously wiping away the glistening tear that had somehow escaped their eyelid prison.

I’m not crying, ” you spat at him in reply, glaring up at him with a sneer set upon your lips, “ I’m just allergic to jerks.

He gave you a devilish smirk, sending one last harsh shove to your shoulders, and this time you stumbled back and lost your footing. Your arms shot out to try and catch a balance that you wouldn’t find until you hit the ground, and a loud gasp fell past your parted lips. You fell to the ground, landing right on your butt and urging a cloud of dirt to come floating up around you, swirling beside you as if taunting you even more.

Your face contorted into a cringe as you heard all the laughs of the people around you, all of them somehow finding amusement in your misery and pain. You kept your eyes closed, and after a few minutes the laughter slowly dissipated and faded away, and footsteps were heard thudding away from you instead of towards you to see what was going on.

But even after everybody else had left, Gally still wasn’t done. You guessed that he just needed one last moment to see you in pain because of his doing, but you wished he would just disappear. He was purely and utterly evil, absolutely despicable to you in that moment.

You heard him give a deep cackle, and then you felt his boot come into contact with your shoulder just like his hands had a few minutes ago. He kicked you back against the outer maze wall behind you, and a dull ache started to burn through your shoulder in a matter of seconds.

You yelped, earning a cackle from him, and then he kicked a cloud of dust into your face and walked away. You listened to the ground crunch under his shoes, until finally the sound got quieter and quieter, and then eventually could not be heard anymore.

As soon as you knew nobody was near you, and that you were finally alone, you crumbled. Letting out a strangled sob, you realized just how much of a loner you were here, and you’d only been here less than a week.

You threw your head into your arms, and curled your legs up against your chest so you could put your arms on top of them. You let the tears flow heavily down your cheeks like a salty waterfall, your eyes shut tight to try and control them as much as you could.

Why had none of them come to talk to you? It wasn’t like you were aggressive about much, you were actually probably the most kept to yourself, unless they did or said something to hurt you. For some reason unbeknownst to you, they all seemed like they wanted nothing to do with you; they’d stay in their little groups, flocking as far away from you as possible.

It was almost as if you had trouble tattooed on your forehead, even though you hadn’t done anything wrong. Maybe they though you were weird because you were the first Glader to be sent up  the box with various piles of tampons and pads…did they even know what those were? Probably not.

After a few minutes, you heard the familiar sound of foot steps thudding along the dirt somewhere not to far away. Tears still leaked constantly down your face, and you brought your arms up to try and rapidly wipe them off, doing anything you could and using anything you could find to get rid of them.

The footsteps were getting closer, but for some reason you just couldn’t pull yourself together. You had finally let yourself show some sort of emotion, and they had apparently just been bottled up too long. 

A quiet, frustrated groan left your lips, and you decided to just put your head back down on your knees. Hopefully, this would be enough to get rid of whoever was getting closer to you with every one of their steps; if you were lucky they’d think you were just taking a break from your job.

You took a shaky, deep breath to control the once rapid ones, and then waited, in desperate hopes that the person walking towards you would decide to go somewhere else. You kept your head nuzzled into the crook of your elbow, listening to the footsteps.

Crunch, crunch, crunch…

You waited, nose buried into your arms, as the crunching noise slowed to a stop. You could feel your heart pounding in your chest as you wished and prayed that the footsteps would continue on in a different direction, away from where you sat. Your face was sticky with sweat and tears, and you wnated nothing more than to lift your face to wipe it off, but you couldn’t mistake the feeling of a presence in front of you, and you kept your face well  hidden to avoid ridicule.

“Hey, are you alright?” A heavily accented voice spoke, breaking the barrier of silence.

You cleared your throat before speaking, not daring to look up to the boy, “ Yep! I’m fine, just…uh, taking a break!”

You slightly cringed at the overly chirpy voice, afraid he would pick up on the fact that you were obviously lying. These boys weren’t dumb, not by any means, and you knew that if you slipped up again, the boy in front of you would figure you out faster than you could cover for yourself.

“If you’re fine, then why is your head down even when I talk to you?” He asked, giving a small chuckle when your shrugged.

You slid your arms down a bit, making sure your hands covered your cheeks and eyes, and then lifted your head. With hands over your face, you gave him the most convincing smile you could muster up, adjusting your hands just a bit so that he could see it.

You heard him sigh, and then the shuffle of clothes rubbing together filled your ears. You could feel a breath blowing against the top of your head, and you almost, almost, looked up to see what he was doing and who he was, but you forced yourself not to.

“I’m fine, really. You can go, I’m only taking a breather…”

A crack in your voice rang through both yours and his ears, the high pitched squeak in the middle of the word ‘really’ telling him the opposite of what you were trying to convince him. A slur of curses ran through your thoughts at that moment, but you didn’t dare speak any of them, too afraid your voice would slip up again.

“Alright, tell me the truth, why are you crying?”

You still had your doubts in talking, but knew that if you didn’t he would keep pestering you about it. After raking your brain for a few seconds, you came up with at least something to say to get him off your back, even though he had caught you. If you gave him only short replies he’d probably get bored and back off, or at least that’s what you hoped.

“Allergies.” You stated simply, as casually as you could, your voice muffled due to the arm in front of it.

You heard an unconvinced grunt, and then the sound of shuffling clothes once more. Then, it went quiet, the only sound being other boys mulling about somewhere off a ways. Birds chirped, and the sound of farm animals filled your ears in the voiceless silence. A hammer was heard far off, probably the builders hurrying back to work so that they didn’t get in trouble for the bullying they had done to you earlier.

You were almost at peace for a moment with all the calming noises, until you felt two hands wrap around your wrists, which were still covering your face. You jumped at the sudden gesture; not because it was harsh or because it had hurt you, but only because it was so sudden. The fingers were gentle, and easliy wrapped around the width of your wrists.

W-What are you doing?” You stuttered out, eyes widening as the hands began to slightly pull your own hands away from your face.

You gasped, pulling at your arms and backing into the wall to get further from him. If there was one thing you absolutely could not do, it was let him see your tear infested eyes. You had just gotten here, to this place called the 'Glade,’ and the last thing you needed was to make yourself the crybaby, especially around all these boys.

Your hands were stolen from covering your bloodshot, tearful eyes, and were stuck in the hands of your captor, who you had to admit was pretty handsome. Fluffy, blond hair framed his face, which was adorned with the most beautiful pair of eyes that you’d had the pleasure to look into since you got here. His cheekbones were well defined, having a pair of pouty, pink lips to match.

Your eyes widened, and you looked at him cautiously, trying to pull your hands from him. There was no doubt that he had seen the tears, and you were just waiting for him to open his mouth and start laughing at you. Your mouth was slightly agape as you watched him, waiting for any signs of a smile or laugh, waiting for him to show some sort of amusement towards you.

His hands held yours in front of you, preventing you from blocking your face from him. Your legs staying curled in front of you, as if it was some sort of sorce of protection to cover yourself. You could see his eyes flickering around your face, quietly observing your tear soaked eyelashes.

“Allergies, huh? I think there’s a bit more to the story than that…” he pushed, staring at you with eyes that strongly resembled a puppy’s.

You looked away in shame and embarrassment, eyes fixated on the dirt below you. You could feel your face heat up, your brows furrowed to convince yourself not to look back at him. Those caramel brown eyes persisted, however, making you feel almost like a bug under a microscope, but instead you were trapped under his gaze.

You felt one of his hands release one of your own, the warm touch moving from your wrist to hook gently under your jaw. His callused, yet somehow still soft, fingers danced across your lower face, and you felt butterflies swarm your stomach. He turned your head so that you were once again looking at him.

“Now, what happened?” He asked, head tilted in curiosity.

You stumbled over your words for a moment, before giving the shortest reply you could think of that would hopefully explain everything, “Gally…”

You could feel heat practically radiating from your face in shame, your hands twitching nervously in his own. You took a deep breath, biting your bottom lip as you waited for his reply. Your eyes turned away from his, afraid that he would roll his eyes and walk away, or act as if it was just a petty problem of yours.

However, you were surprised to instead be met with warm, long arms being wrapped securely around your body. You felt a head nuzzle itself into your shoulder, which was tense in surprise due to his actions. Never in a million years would you have thought that any one of these boys would have even thought to touch you, much less cuddle up to you as if you were some sort of teddy bear.

A squeak escaped your lips, but you eventually calmed down and let him hug you. He was actually very comfortable, even if he was a bit sweaty from all the work he had done around the Glade. Your wide eyes slowly drifted closed, and your arms cautiously came up to wrap around his chest.

You could feel his hands running gently up and down the length of your back, the two of you silent, just enjoying the warm embrace of each other. You could feel his warm breath puffing past the back of you neck, and for the first time since you’d gotten here you felt the weight of being the only girl lifted off of your shoulders.

“Hey, listen, Gally does that to every Greenie that shows up in that box, so please, for both you and me, don’t let it get to your head like being in this place got to mine; the limp I have isn’t there by coincidence, and I’m gonna make sure you dont end up with your own…” he droned on, you listening to each and every word that fell from his mouth.

You gave him a tight squeeze of appreciation, before gently pulling back to look at him. His arms still sat loosely on your shoulders, your face only far enough from his to see the true sincerity in his eyes.

“Thank you,” you whispered, letting a small giggle fall past your mouth,“I’m sorry for making myself a big ol’ mess in front of you…”

He gave a short laugh, “Hardly. Now, how’s about I go introduce you to some people that aren’t bozos? I have a feeling you’ll get along with them just fine.”

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"Gal, I cant. I'm gonna pass out." with Gally (TMR)- for the one liner thingie!

“C’mon, Kitten, all you’ve got to do is fix the damn roof!” You looked down at Gally from your place on top of the rickety roof and heaved a huff. It was far too damn hot, the Glade was scorching you’d eaten little and drunken less, you felt like you were going to die. Gally just kept pushing you which really didn’t help at all. Why couldn’t he have been on the roof? Oh, that’s right, you were lighter…bloody shuckface…

Gal, I can’t. I’m gonna pass out. It’s too damn hot.” He didn’t think you were serious until you did in fact faint…and roll right off the roof and right on top of him…maybe he should have just let you take a break? I mean he wasn’t trying to push you, he just figured you were moaning like your normally did. 

“Well, shuck…” He had to explain to Newt and Alby why one of their builders was out of it…and he got his ear talked off of course..


You had loved him through everything, even when you knew he hated you, but here you both were - screaming at each other at the tops of your lungs.

“God Gally, how could you be so stupid. You should have just listened to me, everything would have just been so much easier. If you’d listened to me you wouldn’t have caused all this chaos.” You said, motioning to the current state of the Glade.

He looked at you, his facing turning red in anger, and raised his eyebrows.

“I should’ve listened to you? The last time I listened to anyone I hurt someone and I’m sure if I listened to a slinthead like you it wouldn’t be any different. Just go away and leave me alone, god knows I can’t stand you.”

You screamed in frustration, picking up a branch near your feet and throwing at into the open space near the two of you. It hurt knowing that while you spent every hour of every day thinking about him, he didn’t give a spare second of thought about you.

“That’s it. I’m done. I’m so freaking done with you. Do you know how long I loved you and now I can’t believe how naive I was. Thinking I could get you, the all mighty Gally, to fall in love with me. But I’ve finally come to my senses. Goodbye Gally. I hope we don’t see any more of each other then we have to.”

He stared at you in surprise as you walked away. You loved him? How had he not seen it? Someone had finally seen him as redeemable and he pushed them away unknowingly. It was too late for him now. You were gone for good.


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(We ended up changing this request a bit because we didn’t want it to be violent. Hope that’s okay! Xx)

Decisions (Gally)

This wasn’t requested I just rlly love Gally idk m8

* * *

You sat down at your usual spot for breakfast. Only a few people were awake as it was quite early in the morning. As you started to eat Gally walked into the room and started to grab breakfast. You had never really talked to Gally before even though you had been in the Glade for almost four months now. You didn’t mean to not talk to him but he just never seemed to be around. You had finished breakfast so you went up to where Gally was to try start a conversation. ‘Hey!’ You smiled at him. He looked up at you, mumbled a ‘Hi.’ And then walked off to sit with Alby. You frowned, did he not like you or something? 

At the end of the day you saw Gally talking with Minho by the fire. You walked up to them. ‘Hey guys.’ 
‘Hey y/n.’ Minho said, letting you join the circle. ‘I have to go.’ Gally said, walking away towards the homestead. ‘You want something to drink?’ Minho asked. You shook your head, still following Gally with your eyes. ‘You okay?’ Said Minho. You looked at him. ‘What did I do to him?’
‘To who?’
‘Gally.’ Minho sat down on a log and you followed, feeling the warmth of the fire. ‘Why do you think you did something?’ Minho said. You shrugged, 
‘I don’t know. I’ve been here four months and I’ve never had a conversation with him. And then every time I try to talk to him he walks away.’ You gestured towards the homestead. Minho waved a hand, ‘Don’t take it personally. Gally doesn’t like anyone.’ He laughed. You shook your head, ‘That’s not true. Besides he still talks to literally everyone except me.’ You said. 
‘I’m sorry y/n. I don’t know how to help you - he hasn’t said anything about you.’ 
‘I’m going to go talk to him.’ You said, standing up.
‘I don’t think that’s such a good idea.’ Minho said. 
‘I don’t care,’ You said, ‘I need to know why he doesn’t like me.’ You walked towards the homestead, your heart beating quite fast from adrenaline. You opened the door and went upstairs to where all the beds were to find Gally sitting on his bed in the far left corner. ‘Gally.’ You said, closing the door behind you. Gally immediately stood up, ‘I was just leaving.’ He said. You stood infront of the door so he couldn’t get out. ‘Please move.’ He said. You stood your ground. ‘No. Not until you answer one question.’ You said. Gally sighed, ‘Fine.’ You took a deep breath and asked, ‘What did I do?’ 
‘What?’ He said, confused. You repeated, 
‘What did I do?’ Gally shook his head, 
‘Y/N, I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ You threw your head back in frustration, ‘Gally! That is the first time I’ve heard you say my name in four months of me being here! This is also the longest conversation we have had ever. What did I do to make you hate me?’ You said, louder than you meant to be. Gally’s eyes went wide and he scratched the back of his neck. ‘I-I don’t hate you.’ He stuttered. 
‘Then why do you ignore me?’ You said, impatiently. Gally shrugged, 
‘I don’t know it’s just a coincidence I guess.’ 
‘Stop lying to me!’ You yelled. Gally stepped back in surprise. You rubbed your eyes. ‘I’m sorry! It’s just. It’s so hard being the only girl here. I know none of you realise but it is! It’s so difficult. For so many reasons. And it took ages to finally get everyone to accept and like me for me - not just because I’m a girl.’ You said rolling your eyes, ‘And I’m finally friends with everyone here. And if you hate me, thats okay! I just want to know why.’ You finished, your heart racing a mile a minute. Gally bit his lip before sighing deeply. ‘Look, y/n. I don’t hate you. In fact it’s kind of the opposite. I just-I dunno-I really like you. But Alby put a rule in place that no one can-like-date you or whatever. So I thought I should just stay away for my own sake. I’m sorry.’ He said, sadly. 
‘Wait.’ You said, ‘Back up. Alby said I can’t date anyone?’ You said, getting mad. Gally put his hands on his head, ‘Y/N? I just told you I like you and you’re worried about the stupid rule.’ You shook you head, 
‘No-no. This is not okay.’ You grabbed Gally’s hand and pulled him out of the Homestead, across the grass and where the fire was going on. Spotting Alby you let go of Gally’s hand. ‘Y/n, don’t!’ He yelled - making everyone turn their heads. ‘What’s going on?’ Newt asked Gally. Everyone watched you. ‘Alby.’ You demanded. Alby came up to you his eyebrows furrowed, ‘What’s happening? Are you okay?’ 
‘You put a rule in that nobody could date me?’ You demanded. The gladers all exchanged looked. ‘Yes-’ Alby started but you cut him off. 
‘That is not okay! You can’t just…do that!’ You yelled. Alby shook his head, 
‘Y/n, It was for your own good! I didn’t want you to get hurt I wanted to-’
‘Protect me, right? Yeah because everyone here is always trying to protect me. Remember when nobody talked to me for a solid week? Because I do! Was that because you were trying to protect me or was it to try and isolate me?!’ You said. Your voice very loud by now. The Gladers all stared in disbelief. No one ever yelled at Alby like that. Alby stayed calm. ‘That was a mistake. We didn’t know what to do.’ You rolled your eyes, 
‘Right so cutting me off from everyone and making me figure everything out on my own was the best option?’ You said, your blood boiling. Alby shook his head, ‘I’m sorry okay! But this rule is important-’
‘No it’s not!’ You said. ‘The only person who should be involved in my dating life is me and the person I’m dating.’ And with that you turned around and kissed Gally. Right there in front of everyone. For a moment it was silent as no one knew how to react. That was until Minho started clapping and cheering that everyone joined in. Alby shook his head, trying to hide a smile.