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Me and my lovely friend @aboxfullofocs thought about doing a discord for simblrs interested in ‘supernatural’ stuff - dragons, vampires, aliens, werewolfs, witches and many more! Of course any kind of players are welcome - we’re here to make friends, right?

So whatever you play (aliens, vampires, humans, etc.) - join us for fantastic conversations (we’re nice and funny!), lots of good memes (this is the real reason of joing us, trust me!), meeting new people (we’re all shy so worry not), helping you with basically everything and having fun!

Send a message to me or Jo.  We’ll tell you all the details and help you installing discord if you don’t have it ♥

Things you should know before joining:

  • We’re all LGBTQIAP+ friendly and also any kind of racism is strongly against our rules.
  • We welcome people who play all sims games, with any kind of sims, stories, legacies or just are here to find friends.
  • We would love to welcome people who write any kind of story. This discord has been created with a thought of helping each other with writer’s block, having brainstorms and talk about character development as well as creating more original plots when your ideas are on vacation. But don’t worry if you don’t write anything - we love you and we’d love to know you ;)
  • On discord you can join our group chat (text or voice*) or message people privately.

* If you don’t want to use voice chat - that’s ok, so please don’t be afraid of participating our discord. I won’t use voice chat because I don’t feel comfortable with this.
****I’ll say it again - we’d love to see people with same interests as ours (aliens and dragons) but we also want to have F U N and we’d love to meet some new friends and talk more with the ones we have. Talking on discord is really great and I bet you’ll love it!

  • Veronica Lodge: Archie and I were gonna go bowling on Friday. Hey you and Jughead should join us!
  • Betty Cooper: Oh, that sounds like fun! It's been a while since we've gone out, we normally just chill at home.
  • Veronica Lodge: Really? But I thought you said Jughead liked eating out.
  • Betty Cooper:
  • Veronica Lodge:
  • Betty Cooper:
  • Veronica Lodge:
  • Betty Cooper:
  • Veronica Lodge: ...Ohhhhhhhh!!! You mean he-
  • Betty Cooper: Every night.
  • Veronica Lodge: I can't even get Archie to turn the light off when he leaves a room.
Write all the Words, 3/29

All right! We’re finally moving into the final arc of this story. Today I spent most of my time in Turn Left. Now that I know what note Midnight ends on and what happens in between Midnight and TL, I could write the intro to the chapter. 

Excerpts might get a little shorter from here on. There are quite a few details in how I’m handing SE/JE that I’d like to remain a secret. I’ll try to still find chunks that are about 150-200 words to share each night… but I might be going back into older parts of the story and sharing bits I haven’t yet. 

Also, before I go to bed, I’m spending 30 minutes working on the purple prose project. If you’re a writer, you should join us for this! It’s going to be fun. 

Word count: 
FANA: 3774
Deleted: 734

Life. Vibrant colours. Dozens of voices talking all around her. Unfamiliar scents of unfamiliar foods, and a slight salty tang in the air if she breathed deeply enough.

Rose took the Doctor’s arm and beamed up at him. “Do you know what?” she murmured as she kissed his jaw. “Travelling with you—I love it.”

He turned his head slightly to catch her lips in a kiss. Yeah? Me too.

Warm happiness flooded Rose at his agreement. It had been over a month since Midnight, and so far, they’d only taken trips back to places they were familiar with. Ones the Doctor trusted to be safe. She never minded revisiting old favourites, but when the Doctor insisted on it as a pattern, it meant he was afraid.

This wasn’t a huge step outside of his comfort zone, since Shan Shen was a place he’d visited before, but they’d never been there together. And more importantly, coming here had been his suggestion, completely unprompted.

“Oi! Lovebirds! Stop snogging and start shopping.”

Rose giggled as she pulled away from the Doctor, then turned towards Donna. Jenny stood beside her, bouncing on her toes the same way the Doctor did when he was eager to explore a new world.

“Yeah, all right. Let’s go.” She reached for the Doctor’s hand and laced their fingers together. “Which way, Doctor?”

A big angel with his beautiful smol angel. 

I swear I’m doing the devil’s work here since there still isn’t enough deckerstar fanart for my liking. I shall make more until more artists do the same. 

{Reaction} Got7 finding out you like Panic! at the Disco

`can you do a got7 reaction where their s/o loves the band panic! at the disco (like he/she sings often their songs etc ) ^^ thanks ♡

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used. 

Jackson Wang

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Jackson: *Pretends like he doesn’t care but he actually loves to hear you sing.* “Singing that again? You should sing Got7 songs” 

Mark Tuan

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Mark: *Joins in with you* “Casual love affair~” 


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Bambam: *Starts fanboying and dancing as if he’s watching you at a concert when in reality you’re singing into a hairbrush in the living room.* “I love you {y/n}!” 

Im Jaebum/ JB

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Jaebum: *Watches with a smile on his face.* “You’re so strange, Jagiya.” 

Park Jinyoung

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Jinyoung: “Apart from the whole thing being off key, you’re doing great Jagi.” *Teasing you - actually loves to hear you sing.*

Kim Yugyeom

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Yugyeom: “I could listen to you sing all day Jagi, and you really need to introduce me to more bands that you like, the music is lit.” 

Choi Youngjae

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Youngjae: *Dances around the kitchen with you as you shout out the lyrics to Panic! at the Disco.*

Live in Texas? Care about Education?

Senate Bill 13 is legislation that would deny school employees the ability to have association dues deducted from paychecks. Teacher associations (the closest thing to Unions that Texas allows) are working to block the Senate’s consideration of this bill, but your Senators need to hear from you! Teachers are being targeted by Senate Bill 13 because they oppose vouchers and other attacks on public education. Teachers, and education employees in general, need to mobilize on this. It affects all employees regardless of which professional association they belong to. Even if an educator isn’t affiliated with a professional association, Senate Bill 13 could hurt them since it undermines association advocacy efforts by cutting dues revenue sources. Texas educators voluntarily choose to join professional associations. As such, you should be free to spend our paycheck as you see fit. Please take a minute to encourage your Senator to oppose Senate Bill 13.

when your bf accidentally comes out of the closet and suddenly you’re a part of the family:

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I just binged and can’t purge ugh… will fast all week hopefully. Anyway, you guys should join my Kik group To Be Perfect. It’s tag is #anamakemepretty. I’m sure everyone needs a little motivation this month

The Green Day Art Club!!!

Hey guys! @youworryyouworryshit came up with the idea to start a Green Day art club (I kind of helped)! Everyone in this fan base is so talented so we figured we could make something to help all the little blogs get their art seen and have a place where people can come together and see each others art!

Okay so here’s how it’s gonna work:

@youworryyouworryshit and/or I will post a theme on the first of each month.

For March this year our theme is Kerplunk! so if you want to join in you should make something associated with Kerplunk. You can draw green day from that era, your favorite song, the album cover… whatever you want to draw that’s associated to Kerplunk to share with us!

Also later on, if this gets somewhere, we will have a survey for people to take the last week of a month to choose the theme!

Anyone can join in, even if you don’t think you’re a good artist!

Feel free to join in whenever you want! We’d love to see lots of people do this and share!

You don’t have to make huge, completed art pieces unless you want to! You can just sketch something and post it!

You can create whatever kind of art you want. any shape. any size. any color. finished or not. we would love to see what you’ve made!

When you make your art and post it, use the tag #green day art club!

When you’re ready to share your beautiful art with the fan base post it and be sure to tag #green day art club. and if you don’t want to post art but you still wanna see what people are doing feel free to follow that tag!

This is not a competition or anything just a little group where you can share your art with the rest of the fan base!

Please don’t forget to tag your art with #green day art club! We want everyone to find it easily!

Remember to have fun with this!!

Imaging Skyping with Jensen from the airport when your flight gets delayed

“Two more hours, I can’t believe they delayed your flight,” Jensen whined as he sipped his drink, pouting on his laptop as you two Skyped. It had been three long weeks apart and while he was continuing filming in Vancouver you had been in LA shooting reshoot for a movie.

“I know, by the time I get there now we’ll be leaving for comic con,” you signed as you sank in the airport seat.

“You’re pretty,” Jensen cooed in the laptop.

“I should join the club and get drunk I guess.”

“Y/N, hurry up, we can’t listen to him complain anymore, you know he’s been sleeping in your trailer because Pretty Boy over here can’t go home?” Jared Teased as he popped up in the screen.

“Is that true, Jay, no wonder you look so tired,” you felt horrible, you two barely spent a night a way from each other.

“I Heart you, my dear,” Jensen made a two halves of a heart with his hands and joined them around your face. Jared and Misha joined suite.

“So Cliff will be picking me up given the state of my fiancé?” You missed him more than anything, but he looked in no condition you’ve driving.

“Woah, beautiful I,” Jensen slurred, “will be there right at the gate ready to kiss your pretty ass. You’ve been filming this whole time with that Captain America Kid, he’s had his hands on my girl….”

“Don’t worry, Cliff is driving,” Jared yelled over his friend, “go easy on him, someone’s jealous.”

“Jealous? I will kick his red while and blue ass,” Jensen growled.

“Baby, promise me you’ll drink some coffee, and my pretty ass is all yours you know that. I love you, you guys too. Keep him alive until I get there please.” You placed your hand on the screen while the boys had a small discussion whether Jensen could win in a fight against Chris Evans.

“J hearts y/n.” Jensen giggled as You watched Cliff handed Jensen a coffee cup.

You couldn’t wait to be home.


Grim’s Pixel Town:

I’ve made Minecraft realm bc i love multiplayer haha. It’s a survival town RP styled world so if your into that you should join! 

You can be a regular villager but there is also some special roles open for those who want them: 

  • Farmer
  • Baker
  • Blacksmith
  • Mineworkers
  • If you have a fun idea of a character your welcome to ask me about it too! 


  • Using a discord server for voice chat and group messages so download that if you don’t have it! 
  • I’m in the AEST (+11 hours) timezone but i’ll be on at all random hours
  • 15+ age requirement
  • No stealing
  • No creative 
  • No mega structures 

How to join:

  • Send me a direct message (NOT an ask) to join