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Hi! I know this doesn't have anything to do with BTS but I don't know who I should tell this and reading Mr. Min I thought maybe you had an answer. My boyfriend and I have agreed that he can call me slut and whore during sex and I'm okay with that(+)

(+) but the other day we were together with some of his male friends and I hugged one of them (in a friendly way). It was all normal until he brought it up and told me ‘You are not a slut only in bed afterall’ in a very aggressive way. I don’t (+)

(+) know if I should call him out or tell him it hurt me because he’s been acting normal again since then. Thanks if you answer this 🙇

Okay, I usually don’t answer most of the asks about people’s personal relationships that I get but I really want to address this.  There is a huge difference between agreeing to use demeaning names during sex and using them outside of that.  Just because you consented to being called a slut in bed doesn’t mean that he has any more right to call you that outside of the bedroom than before.  He is absolutely in the wrong here and you should call him out.  Let him know how it made you feel and express that you don’t appreciate it.  He should value you and understand that you are absolutely entitled to friendships with men and hugs are in no way cheating or immoral in any way.  

Platonic fluff meme!


“I know you’ve been feeling down lately, so I thought I’d keep you company for a while.”
“Do you wanna talk about it or should we just snuggle?”
“Listen… I’m here for you.”
“Hey, guess who loves you? It’s me!”
“I love you more than I love [favourite thing].”
“I could hug you all day.”
“Nobody fucks with my friends. Except me. But that’s different.”
“Hey, I bought you something.”
“Hey, I made you something.”
“You did this for me? Thankyou!”
“You’re my friend, I’m not going to leave you.”
“I’m not just here for good days. I’m here for the bad ones, too.”
“They don’t like you because they don’t know you like I do.”
“Don’t worry about it, I’ll take care of it.”
“You’re my favourite person.”
“Have I ever told you how great you are?”
“Do you want to do something together? To take your mind off of it?”
“Look, even my parents love you. You’re amazing.”
“I’m freezing, hold me.”

Fluffy & Cuddly {Sentence Starters}
  • "Hey, scoot over. You're squishing me!"
  • "I didn't say you could stop hugging me."
  • "Stop hogging all the blankets!"
  • "You make a good pillow."
  • "How long can we stay like this? Because I don't want to move."
  • "Are you falling asleep on me?"
  • "You weren't watching. You missed the best part!"
  • "Don't stop playing with my hair."
  • "Would you mind handing me the remote?"
  • "Stop, your feet are cold!"
  • "Look, if you want food, you have to let me get up."
  • "You're warm. I'm cold. Let's cuddle."
  • "You fell asleep on me. Maybe you should go to bed?"
  • "Well, my arm's asleep, but I'm glad you're comfortable."
  • "Stop changing the channel, you jerk!"
  • "You're getting crumbs all over the blankets."
  • "I see you eyeing that pillow. Don't you dare."
  • "Don't move. I finally got comfy."
  • "Would you stop wiggling?"
  • "Hey, are you still awake?"
Is it just me or is Victor’s program (the one Yuri copies) about meeting Yuri that night?

Especially the ending. If you read this sequence (about 2/3 of the way through) as Viktor’s emotions in response to Yuri hugging him and what Yuri says:

(holds him)

(wants to hold him tighter)


And this as Viktor’s view of Yuri in that situation:

Like not saying for sure but just throwing it out as a theory because omggggg

I know I’m shipping trash but to me if I had to put a story to this knowing what I know now it would be Viktor running over that night again in his head, thinking of what he should have done/said, and mourning the fact that he let Yuri get away:

Me: Could we please have some more Aaron?

TWD writers: Okay, sure. Why not? Here you go.

Me: I didn’t mean….

TWD writers: You want some more? We probably should. People already think we are homophobic because we killed Denise. So yeah, it will do the ratings some good. Give him another scene.

Me: No…this is not what I meant.

TWD writers: You wanted some Eric as well? We could do like 10 seconds with him and Aaron

Me: Something romantic?

TWD writers: Sure.

Me: Get out!

TWD writers: What? Fans these days. Happy with nothing. Be glad he’s still alive.

As much as I’m terrified for next week.

Because I really don’t want to see Oliver be tortured and hurt again.

Because he’s been through that more times than anyone ever should.

There is a small, selfish, (slightly twisted) part of me that wants it…

For this

I want Felicity to come in guns a blazing and helping Oliver up off the floor.

I want Felicity carefully hugging him as he whispers, “I knew you’d come.”

I want him leaning on Felicity as she leads him out and her carefully cleaning his wounds.

As he looks at her the way only he can

I’m sorry if that makes me a terrible person, but I can’t help it.

Flirting for Dummies (or Slytherins)

Hufflepuff: Hey you
Slytherin: Hey
Hufflepuff: How’d that thing go last night?
Slytherin: Would’ve been better if you had come…
Hufflepuff: Oh really? Why’s that?
Slytherin: Don’t make me say it.
Hufflepuff: Say What?
Slytherin: Don’t make me say it.
Hufflepuff: Please?
Slytherin: Don’t make me say it.
Hufflepuff: Pretty please?
Slytherin: Don’t-
Hufflepuff: With cherries on top?
Slytherin: …
Hufflepuff: Well?
Slytherin: Anyways, you should come next time…
Hufflepuff: I’ll think about it…*grins*
Slytherin: Shut up…
Hufflepuff: No? Because awwww. You missed me. You like me. You want me with you. *clingy hands*
Slytherin: Ugh no be quiet. *hugs*

Faith's totally accurate summary of the Ninjago Movie characters so far

-Ready to FIGHT!
- Actual embodiment of teen angst.
-”I hate my dad. nO DAD LOOK AT ME!!”
-Abandonment issues that would make a shoujo anime character blush
-Constantly on the verge of crying
-Needs a hug
-And a nice warm blanket with some soup and a movie

-Still channeling his inner anime protagonist.
-Looks at everyone to see if he should be ready.
-Turn that frown upside down.
-Treats his mecha like a Michael Bay Transformer
-Just stands there awkwardly looking around but plays it cool

-Is ready to FIGHT version 2.0
-Will comfort you if you need it
-An actual angel
-But can also totally kick your ass.
-I think her vehicle is like a spider??? Like one of those water spiders, whatever they’re called.

-2 kool for u man
-Do you own a proper shirt???
-Or scissors?
-Will probably drop the bass at some point
-Silent Anime Protagonist
-Edgy leans up against a motorcycle
-Has that one Decepticon from the beginning of Transformer Revenge of the fallen???
-Is really good at video games apparently???
-Is probably a huge fucking nerd.

-Is just happy to be here.
-Has an iPod on his gi???
-Soulless eyes
-Might eat your soul who knows
-What is his vehicle it’s like a mobile triangle.

-Awkward nerd who is doing his best
-Must be protected at all costs
-Will give you diabetes because of how sweet he is.
-An actual bird

Not kidding guys.

Real talk PSA:

Tumblr has some screwed up views on how social interaction should work so for the love of GOD don’t base your views on it. You might end up a complete wreck that can’t function as a human being because you over-analyze and second guess every action as “problematic” or toxic.

It got under my skin and screwed me up in ways that I could go on about for days, but the TL;DR is when you catch yourself wondering if one of your characters hugging her kid is problematic without verbal cues because you forget people close to each other have preset boundaries and body language is a thing…

You know you need to break yourself of some serious shit.

BTS reaction to you being absorbed in a book and not acknowledging them

requested by @hug-yuri


“I can’t believe you’d rather read that book than spend time with the handsomest man, I mean just look at me~!”

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*you tend to read a book whenever he’s asleep, so when he’s awake and you’re still absorbed in your book he can get…a little grumpy*

“Yah, I’m awake and you’re still reading? I’m bored, let’s do something.”

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*isn’t fazed by it because he tends to forget everything around him too when he’s reading*

“You should take a look at the book I’m reading, I think you’re going to like it:”

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*just loves watching you read*

“You know, you keep biting your lip when you’re focused, right?”

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“Which chapter are you on at the moment? Don’t you read too much, I need to keep up with you.”

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“Jagi-yaaaah, I’m bored! Why are you so into that book, when the man of your dreams is right in front of you?”

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*tries to distract you with his meme expressions*

“Hey, hey, Y/N, look here. You think your book is more interesting than…this?”

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HEADCANON: Tfw dealing with your death

Anonymous: Headcanon for tfw dealing with your death


  • Feeling like he let you down
  • Being distant towards Dean and Sam
  • Looking at the selfies of you and him on your phone
  • Crying
  • Finally visiting you in heaven
  • Standing in the door way
  • “Cas.”
  • “Hey.”
  • “I miss you.”
  • “Im so sorry y/n.”
  • “It’s okay.”
  • “But, it’s not, your dead because of me, I should have been there.”
  • “People have to die. It’s the course of life.”
  • “But you shouldn’t have.”
  • Hugging you tightly
  • Kissing the top of your head, while he sobs

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  • Blaming himself all the time for your death
  • Crying
  • Not letting you go to the other side
  • Sleepless nights
  • If he does get any sleep, it’s normally nightmare of your death. Replaying over and over
  • Drinking the pain away
  • Smashing mirrors and wrecking everything in sight
  • Starts seeing you
  • Trying to bring you back to life
  • “You’re going to go crazy and well so am i.”
  • “I’m not letting you go, I’m going to find a way to bring you back.”
  • “Yeah, yeah, you keep saying that but every time you find something it ends up being a bust. Unless you want me to have black eyes.”
  • “If I have to I will.”
  • “Dean.”
  • “Goodnight, y/n, I’ll see in the morning.”
  • Getting angry and trashing his bedroom, again
  • Having a major breakdown, again

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  • Going into a deep state of depression
  • Feeling numb
  • Having dreams that you’re next him, but when he wakes up, you’re not there
  • Crying
  • Distracting himself by looking up cases
  • More crying
  • Sleepless nights
  • Every little
  • Missing you
  • Crying whenever he sees a couple

- Dear Bonnie,

I am a coward. I should be saying this to your face, not writing this letter, but… I know if I do, you’ll talk me out of running away from all my problems. You’re gonna make me face a future without Elena. Then you’re gonna help make me the best man that I can possibly be. The same way she did. And I’m absolutely terrified of failing you both. 

So I’m leaving. Because I’d rather let you down once than let you down for the rest of your life. 

And I hope it’s the happiest life. Because you, Bonnie Bennett, are an amazing woman… a mediocre crossword puzzle player …and my best friend. 

With great love and respect… 


Archie Andrews headcanon

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  • Wearing his jersey during his games
  • Vegas loving you more than him
  • Jealous Archie ^^^^^
  • Spontaneous kisses on your face and neck
  • You and Jughead ganging up on him just to piss him off
  • Constantly having your hands in his hair
  • Him insisting he doesn’t write songs about you but he totally does
  • Dates at Pops

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Bts Reaction To You Telling them They Have The Best Hugs

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Requested by anon

Jin: me? Awe thank you jagi! *surprised at first because he doesn’t really think of himself as a cuddly person*

Yoongi: Of course I have the best hugs! 

Hoseok: That’s because I’m yours to hug jagi~

Namjoon: really Jagi I have the best hugs? *proud*

Jimin: Did you hear that kookie I have the best hugs!

Taehyung: Well you’re my favorite to hug jagi!

Jungkook: Of course I’m the best to hug because I’m the only one you should hug!

Secret Santa: 3rd Place!!
  • England: oh Portugal, you're here! This is great timing because-
  • Spain: wait, you're going to make him wear that-
  • England: NO!
  • France: hmmm, England, I see your type there, honhonhonhon~
  • Portugal: um, why is Spain hugging France? Maybe I should take a picture of this and show it to everyone~?
  • Spain: don't! But... how long do I have to do this for again...?
  • France: until England is out of my area.
  • England: I'm literally a two-hour train ride from your house! A-anyways, here...
  • Portugal: a present, for me? *opens the box* hm? A doll of Spain...?
  • England: it's not just any doll, try moving its hands.
  • Portugal: hm? okies~
  • Spain: huh... what the???
  • Portugal: his hands... also moved... *evil smirk* Weeeeee~~
  • Portugal: oh England this is the best present ever! Even though it scares me a little, thank you!! *hugs England*
  • England: um, you're squishing me a little too tight there...
  • Spain: m-m-me too...
  • Portugal: oh, what's this maid dress for? Maybe I can get Spain to wear this-
  • Spain: NOOO!!
  • France: ... guess I need to call Russia or someone to fix this before all of Europe can hear Spain's crying for weeks. Oh, hey there's Austria and Switzerland, I wonder what they're doing over there...
EXO Reaction when they hug their Girlfriend and she suddenly starts purring

Me xD. Xo, Ara~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“What’s going on? Did I get myself a neko girl? Is she purring because she likes it? But girls are difficult.. maybe she doesn’t?” *Baby is new to this*


*Ends up purring too* “Love me because I’m galaxy cute too”


“Are you really purring?! You’re a cat?! Oh jagi you are always so funny!” 


*Nervous/shy* “Do you like it? Should I hug you.. more? Kiss you? Lick?”


“Woah! I didn’t know wolves could purr! You are amazing!” *In his head we are all wolves or doggies*


*Not sure what to do* “She purring? Should I stop or… hug her more? Should I meow?”


“Ugh you are so cute ans squishy and adorable! I want to bite those cheeks!” *Squishing mode on*


“So you are a cat person too baobei? Why didn’t you tell me before?! My cats will love you, maybe you all can purr for me” *Completely in love*


*Stops for a second* “Do you want milk? Cats love milk! Let’s drink milk and cuddle!” *Milk is life*


*Always makes him smile* “There she is! My purring gil, come here so I can hug you”


*Giggles* “Make that sound again Jagi! I think I just heard the song of angels!” *Loves it*


“Meow kiss me jagi meow!” *Cat mode on*

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You said in an earlier post that you would not spam us with hero/villain prompts. Please, please go back on your word and start spamming us! I LIVE for the hero/villain prompts. I have so many short stories I've created because of those... You make A+ prompts. Never stop! 😘

1) “Maybe you should try giving me another hug, I’m sure that will magically make me a better person. Or perhaps true love’s kiss if you’re really committed.”
“We’re not in love.”
“Oh, okay. So it’s just pitiful aim that you’re losing so badly. Awkward! I’ll keep my suggestions to myself.”

2) “You’re not as chirpy as normal, hero. Kitten get stuck up a tree?”
“Something like that.”
The villain frowned. “Is there anything I can do?” They glared when the hero looked at them in surprise. “It’s no fun breaking you if you’re already broken…why are you smiling? Stop it.”
“I thought you wanted to cheer me up?”
“I did until you started smiling at me like that.”

3) “Now,” the villain murmured. “You sound just like me.”
“And yet you don’t look pleased.”
“You were never supposed to be me.”

A Real Hug || Peter Parker

So since I’ve watched the Homecoming trailer at least a million times already, you guys should feel me when I say that Peter’s awkward hug with Tony Stark was my favorite part. 

Peter just wants all of the affections, like he so rightfully DESERVES, and I’mma go ahead and give him all of the hugs that he needs ♡♡

**don’t repost/plagiarize this story! reblogs are fine!

Originally posted by mychemicalmaria

This is the first time I’ve spent the night at my boyfriend’s place, and admittedly, I’m a little nervous.

You were settled on the couch with Peter as he sat next to you with his arm casually draped across your shoulder. Because you were still new to this whole dating Peter thing, you weren’t sure what Peter’s preference was when it came to being physically affectionate. 

In fact, everything about this relationship was still so new to you. 

You and Peter had only been friends for about 6 months tops when Peter had confessed to you. He told you that he really liked you and wanted you to be his girlfriend, to which you accepted his request with zero hesitation. 

You didn’t care if Peter wasn’t exactly the richest kid in all of Queens, nor did you care about his loner status at Midtown High. All that mattered was that his feelings for you were mutual, and that he was willing to share all of his firsts with you. 

Despite how you had your eyes glued to the screen, you were barely paying attention to the movie. Your mind was preoccupied with Peter and whether you should just give in and cuddle the fuck out of this boy because you were so in love with him. 

You knew that it was silly of you to be afraid, but you couldn’t help it. You’ve had a few boyfriends in the past, and the majority of them didn’t like to cuddle and preferred to have their free space, even when you were around. Because of all those shitty relationships, you became wary of what you could and couldn’t do. 

But Peter’s not like those douchebags, he’s different. Your internal thoughts help a great deal with strengthening your courage when you faced him, inching closer to where he was on the couch. 

Peter notices how you were getting closer to him and looks at you. Before he could ask what was wrong, you were practically on his lap as you wrapped your arms around his back. You hugged him tightly, expecting him to hug you back when Peter suddenly turned away from you. 

You give him a questioning glance while still having your arms around him, watching Peter as he reached over to the side table to give you your open can of soda, “Sorry babe, were you thirsty?” 

“Huh?! W-Why would I be thirsty?” You loosen your embrace to finally get a good look at him, absolutely adoring the red blush that dyed his cheeks. 

“W-Well, you were reaching over me. So I j-just naturally assumed that you were getting your drink.” 

You shake your head and press a quick kiss against his nose, making his stutter even worse when you hugged him again, “You’re such a dumb, oblivious idiot when it comes to romantic cues. The reason why I have my arms around you is because I wanna cuddle with you, you dork.”

“O-Oh!” Peter apologizes and quickly places the drink back on the table. Once his hands were free, he wraps them around your back before pulling you closer to his chest, “Sorry for not realizing, it’s just…This one time, Mr. Stark reached over me, and I totally thought he was gonna hug me, so I-I awkwardly hugged him back only for him to say ‘I was just getting the door for you.’”

You gasp, feigning a forlorn expression at hearing that his all time idol didn’t genuinely hug him, “My poor Peter Parker, you’ve been wary of hugs ever since that tragic event!” 

Peter laughs and nods, going along with this so called ‘tragic’ event when he answers you with a pout, “I can never trust hugs again. But maybe- just maybe, I can learn to trust hugs again so long as this beautiful girl in my arms gives me plenty of hugs and kisses every day.” 

You smile and gently pinch at his cheeks, unable to handle how adorable he was when you reply, “It’s a deal.”