you should have won though

….Okay so the Yuri on Ice op fits SO STUPIDLY WELL with the Mob Psycho 100 op.

Like literally didn’t even take me a minute to make the right cut then sync it.  IT MESHES IN THAT WELL!

anonymous asked:

I'm not a fan or Harry Potter, but I'm so in love with your art, and I've seen a lot of your "Auror Potter", but I thought it was a real character, like an uncle, a father I did not know, and I played a game where I was supposed to list characters of the saga so I was screaming "AUROR POTTER on a loop, and, well.. I lost :') Anyway your art is gold <3 I admire you!

you have made my day! I’m sorry I’m laughing, but I had to read your message 3 times until I understand that I’ve given someone who are not potterhead the impression that Auror Potter was another character! (Auror as a first name doesn’t sound so bad, actually xD)

 To be honest, I think it was totally unfair that you’ve lost the game???? I mean, Auror Potter (or auror!Harry) is Harry Potter as an auror, just a little bit old & developed by fandom headcanons! I totally think you should have won! Anyways, I’m so glad you enjoy my art even though you are not a fan of HP. This message has brighten my day!