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Spy Date

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Dad!Tony x Daughter!Reader, Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Summary: The Avengers spy on you and Peter on your first date.

Word Count: 2,660


Tony jumped at the sudden intrusion of your voice. He looked up to see you, a bright smile on your face.

Tony sighed, wiping his hands with a dirty rag, “Try not to do that when I’m working. Unless you want things to blow up, in which case, do it all you want.”

You blushed, rubbing the back of your neck, “Sorry.” You took a deep breath, “So, I have some exciting news.”

Tony raised an eyebrow, “Does it involve me?”

“Not really.”

He waved a hand, “Then I’m not interested.”

You rolled your eyes, “Daaaad.”

Tony chuckled, “I kid. Seriously, I’m not that heartless. What’s up, buttercup?”

You put your hands together, grinning widely, “Peter asked me out!”

Tony froze, processing your words. “Peter? As in Peter Parker? Spiderling Peter Parker?”

You put your hands on your hips, “Do you know any other Peter Parkers? Of course, it’s him, Dad.”

Tony nodded but said nothing. Instead, he started to walk out of the lab.

You raised an eyebrow, “You’re not going to say anything?”

He stopped, turning back to look at you. He placed a hand on his head, “Sorry, hon. Uh, that’s great. Where’s he taking you?”

“Well, first we’re going to eat at the Brooklyn Diner.”


You narrowed your eyes slightly at him, “Then, he’s going to take me to Central Park.”

Your dad scoffed, “That’s not much of a date.”

“It is only the first date.”

Tony blinked, “First date? Are you planning on having more?”

You shrugged, “Well, assuming it goes well, probably. Plus, I really like him. So, yeah, we probably will have more.”

Tony rubbed his chin, “Interesting.” Without saying another word, he walked out of the lab.

You furrowed your eyebrows, confused, “Ooookay?”

“(Y/N)’s going on a date.”

Clint chuckled, “Is that why you called us?”

Tony crossed his arms, “This is very serious, Barton.”

Natasha rolled her eyes, “No, it’s not. You’re making this serious. She’s a teenage girl.”

“My teenage girl. “ Tony said, pointing to himself.

Sam shrugged, “What difference does it make? Let her have her fun. Besides, it’s only the first date. Nothing ever happens on the first date.”

Steve nodded, “And, besides, she’s going out with Peter. He’s a good kid. He’d never do anything to your daughter, Tony.”

Tony sighed, “Cap, you don’t know that. He’s a teenage boy. You know how they can be.” He looked at Steve again, “Okay, well, maybe not you.”

“You are being dramatic, Stark.” Thor said, pointing Mjolnir at him, “Let the young ones have their fun.”

Bruce nudged the billionaire, “You always say you want her to be happy.”

“I thought you were on my side. Anyway, they did it all wrong. If a guy likes a girl, he has to ask the girl’s dad before asking her out. That’s like Dating Etiquette 101. Apparently, Parker didn’t take that class this semester.”

“That’s a little old-fashioned, don’tcha think, Stark?” Clint popped a chestnut into his mouth.

Tony scoffed, “No. It’s common courtesy. He should have asked me before asking her.”

“Would you have said yes?” Nat raised an eyebrow.

“Ye - no. Maybe. But, he didn’t ask so I couldn’t have said anything.”

Steve sighed, “Okay, we get it. You don’t like the idea of her going out. But, is that the only reason you called us here?”

Tony chuckled, “Oh, no. As (Y/N)’s father, I only care about what’s best for her. So, I need volunteers to help me spy on them.”

Bruce rolled his eyes, “I knew something like this was going to happen.”

Tony raised his hands, “Hands? Come on, I’m not playing spy by myself. Clint, Widow, you’re spies. Help a guy out here.”

Clint stood up, stretching, “This is gonna be hilarious. Sure, I’ll go.”

Natasha sighed, standing up as well, “I’ll go. To make sure that you don’t ruin their date.”

Tony rolled his eyes, “I’m not going to ruin their date. I’m going to make sure that he doesn’t ruin her.”

Steve crossed his arms, “Tony, don’t you think that’s an invasion of privacy?”

Tony clasped his hands together, “Well, we know who’s not coming. Anyone else?”

Sam chuckled, “Sorry, Stark. I’m not spying on your daughter.”

Thor held up Mjolnir, “I shall come.”

Tony squinted his eyes, “Yeah, no offense, Point Break. But, you’re not exactly subtle. I guess this will have to do. Nat, use your spy skills to find out when her date is.”

Natasha placed a hand on her hip, “Can’t you ask her yourself?”

“I already asked her where. Go on. She trusts you.”

Natasha let out a sigh, “Whatever.”

With that, she walked out of the meeting room.

You were in your room, typing away on your laptop when you heard a knock on the door. 

You closed your laptop, “Come in.”

The door opened, and Natasha came walking in, “Hey, (Y/N).”

You smiled, getting off your bed and meeting her halfway. You wrapped your arms around her waist, “Hey, Nat. It’s good to see you.”

She hugged you back, rubbing your back, “You, too. Anyway, I heard that you’re going on a date with Spider-Man.”

You chuckled, pulling away from her, “My dad is such a gossip.”

“Are you excited?”

You nodded, “Oh, definitely. I’ve had a crush on Peter for so long. I was thinking of asking him, but I didn’t want to risk being rejected. Plus, my dad would most likely have murdered him if I was rejected. But, he asked me out, so I was worrying for nothing.”

Nat patted you on the back, “I’m happy for you, (Y/N). When are you going?”

You hugged yourself, “Saturday night. He says that Central Park is more romantic at night.”

Natasha smirked, “So, he’s the romantic type?”

You giggled, “Apparently. I’m really looking forward to it. Oh! Do you think you can help me pick an outfit? I want to look nice but nothing too fancy.”

“I would love to.” She gave you another hug before walking out the door.

Saturday had come quicker than you expected. But, you weren’t complaining. Natasha helped you pick out a cute outfit, and you were eagerly awaiting the arrival of your date.

“I want you home no later than eleven, got it?”

You rolled your eyes, “Okay, Dad.”

“And if he does anything to you, let me know.”

You raised an eyebrow at your father, “Dad, this is Peter we’re talking about. Without the mask, he’s a stuttering sweetheart. He’s not going to do anything.”

Tony shrugged, “Hey, it’s been known to happen. And, if he starts to get boring, you can walk out.”

You shook your head, “Oh, brother.”

The ding of the elevator drew your attention away from your dad. The doors slid open, revealing none other than the Spiderling himself.

He smiled upon seeing you. He walked over to where you and your dad were standing.

“Hey, (Y/N). You look great.”

You smiled, “Right back at you, Peter.”


Peter gulped, nervously looking at Tony, “Uh, h-hey, Mr. Stark. Good to, uh, see you, too?”

Tony glared at him, “Bring her home by eleven. And, don’t touch her. You ought to be lucky that I’m allowing this.”

Peter rubbed the back of his neck, “Y-yes, sir. Uh, come on, (Y/N).”

You nodded, quickly hugging your father, “Bye, Dad. See you later.”

Tony hugged you back, “Not too much later.”

Eventually, you and Peter made your way out of the Tower.

“All right. Commence Operation: Spy Date.”

“Spy Date? Is that the best you can do?” Clint walked into the room, twirling an arrow in his hand.

“Uh, what are you doing with those arrows?”

Clint raised an eyebrow, “Uh, what I always do with these arrows?”

Tony chuckled, “I’m sorry, maybe you didn’t hear me. I said spy. We are spying. Meaning we don’t want to draw attention to ourselves. Those, Legolas, will draw attention.”

“Don’t act like you know anything about being a spy, Tony. Because, you don’t.” Natasha walked into the room, wearing a black leather jacket over a grey tank top and jeans.

Tony held out a hand towards Nat, “See? Guess we know who the better spy is.”

Clint held his arrow above Tony’s head, “Don’t make me make a kabob out of you.”

“You know, Peter and (Y/N) are not going to be out all night. You want to spy on them, Tony? Then, I suggest we head out.” Natasha got in between the two men and pushed them away from each other.

“Widow’s right. Let’s go.”

The three Avengers got into one of Tony’s cars and drove to the Brooklyn Diner.

Clint and Nat got out of the car, but Tony did not.

“What are you waiting for, Stark? This is your daughter we’re spying on.” Clint placed his sunglasses over his eyes.

Tony nodded, “Exactly. She’ll most likely recognize me no matter how much I disguise myself. Now, go in there and do what spies do. Don’t pick a table too close. I don’t need them getting suspicious. Talk to me through your coms and let me know if he does anything.”

Natasha rolled her eyes, “You better hope she doesn’t recognize us either. Come on, Hawkeye. Let’s get this over with.”

“Can we order food? Cause I’m starving.”

Natasha and Clint got a table not too far from (Y/N) and Peter. They held their menus up to shield their faces.

Clint huffed, “Does he want us to listen in on their conversation? Because, we’re too far away.”

Natasha sighed, “Stark is making too big a deal out of this. He ought to let her enjoy her night.”

Uh, you know your coms are on right?” Natasha winced at the sudden intrusion of Tony’s voice in her ear.

She placed a finger on the com, “So what if they are? They’re not doing anything. From what I can tell, they seem to be having a nice conversation.”

Clint reclined in his chair, “Yeah, and besides, they’re sitting across from each other. The most they can do is hold hands.”

No holding hands on the first date.”

Nat shook her head, “Tony, you’re being too much of a dad.”

Uh, I’m sorry. Who has kids around here?”

“(Y/N) just laughed. He must be funny.”

“She laughs at everything. Seriously, if you just look at her, she’ll start laughing.”

“Well, they just got their food. Looks like Parker got a burger while (Y/N) got a cheesesteak.” Clint looked at his menu, “Are we supposed to watch them eat? Because I’m hungry enough as it is. If I knew we were coming to a diner and not going to order anything, I wouldn’t have come.”

(Y/N)’s a very fast eater. She’ll be done soon. And, if you’re hungry, there are plenty of hot dog carts around New York. Just hope there’s one near Central Park.”

“Fine. But, you’re paying.”

About ten minutes later, the two teenagers had finished their meals and were heading out the door.

Nat pushed the button on her com, “Tony, they’re heading out the door.”

I see them. They’re not holding hands, but they’re standing a little too close. Six inch rule, anyone?”

Clint chuckled, “Six inch rule? You are such a dad.”

They’re down the street. You can come out now. We’ll take the long way to Central Park.”

Nat sighed, “We’re on our way.”

Ten minutes later, the three Avengers arrived at Central Park.

“Sweet. Hot dog cart at six o’clock. Pay up, Stark. You owe me.” Clint stuck out his hand, waiting for some money to be placed into it.

Tony rolled his eyes, fishing out a twenty from his wallet. “Here. I expect change.”

Clint looked down at the bill, “A twenty? That’s it?”

Tony put his wallet back in his pocket, “You don’t need a hundred to buy some weiners. Now, go. Before I change my mind.”

“Fine. Nat, you want anything?”

She shrugged, “See if they have corn dogs. If not, just get a dog with mustard and ketchup.”

Clint gave a two-fingered salute before heading over to the hot dog stand.

Tony clasped his hands together. “All right. Let’s go find the kids.”

It didn’t take long for Tony and Natasha to find the two teenagers. (Y/N) and Peter were leisurely strolling along the sidewalk.

“I feel so sorry for her. This must be the most boring date in the history of boring dates.”

Nat rolled her eyes, “Tony, why do you have to be like this? Let (Y/N) enjoy her night. They seem to really like each other.”

Tony shook his head, keeping his eyes on the two teenagers from the bush they were hiding behind, “I don’t care. She’s not ready to start dating.”

“Or, maybe you’re not ready to let her start dating?”

Tony blinked, looking over at Natasha, “What?”

She smirked slightly, “You don’t want her growing up, do you?”

“No. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I’m back. Here, Nat. No corn dogs, sorry. You didn’t want any, right, Tony?” Clint handed Natasha her hot dog and crouched down beside them.

Tony didn’t answer.

Clint raised an eyebrow, “Cat got your tongue?”

Nat took a bite of her hot dog then wiped her mouth with her sleeve, “I think Tony doesn’t want (Y/N) to grow up.”

Clint smirked, “Ah, now it all makes sense.”

Tony sighed, “Okay, fine. Maybe you’re right.”

Nat put her hand on Tony’s shoulder, “She’ll always be your little girl, Tony.”

Tony chuckled, “Yeah, but she’s not so little anymore. It’s tough, sometimes. In two years, she’ll be old enough to live her life on her own. I don’t know if I’m prepared for that.”

Clint smirked, “If you can handle robot armies, you can handle your kid growing up.”

“Well, kids and robots are two very different things. But, I guess I have no choice.” Tony looked up to see the two teenagers with their hands intertwined.

He smiled, “We’re done here. Let’s go.”

About half an hour later, you came walking through the front doors of the Tower with a huge smile on your face.

You entered the elevator, “To my room, JARVIS.”

Right away, Miss Stark.”

After a few minutes, you had arrived on your floor. The elevator doors opened, and you were surprised to see your dad standing there.

“Hey, Dad.”

Tony pulled you into a hug, “Hey, hon. How was your date?”

You blushed, remembering the good night you had with Peter. “Well, this is definitely not going to be the last date.”

Tony smirked, “Ah, so are you two a thing now?”

You grinned, “I’d say so. But, don’t worry. He didn’t kiss me. Well, he kissed my hand, but that’s it.”

Tony smiled, placing his hand on your head, “Well, I’m glad you had a good night. Parker’s a good kid.”

You nodded, “Yeah, he is. I’m going to bed now.” You gave your dad another hug, “I love you, Dad.”

Tony hugged you back, kissing the top of your head, “I love you, too.”

You pulled away then smirked, “You left earlier than I thought.”

Your dad raised an eyebrow, “What are you talking about?”

You placed your hands on your hips, “You really thought I wouldn’t notice?”

Tony looked down at you, “You know?”

“Yup. I saw your car when we left the diner. Come on, Dad. Did you really think I wouldn’t recognize one of your cars?”

Tony sighed, “Why must you be so smart?”

“I’m your daughter. That’s why. Did you really have to spy on us?”

Tony placed his arm around you, “I’m sorry, (Y/N). I guess it’s just hard for me seeing my little girl grow up.”

You smiled, leaning into your father, “I know, Dad. But, it’s going to happen eventually. But, no matter how old I get, I’ll always be your daughter. Nothing will ever change that.”

“I know that now.”

What You Don’t Know - Young Justice Imagine

Originally posted by mentalandtwisted

Requested by Anon - a Robin request where he randomly leaves the cave/the team to sneak out and they all become suspicious so they follow him one night to find him sneaking into Arkham to visit his sister who’s there because she cannot control her powers or is sick or something.

“Hey, does anyone know where Rob went,” Wally asked as he entered the living room in the cave. Conner and M’gann were cuddling on the couch while Kaldur and Artemis were in the kitchen. 

“No, we haven’t seen him since training this afternoon,” M’gann replied before placing a quick kiss on Conner’s cheek. Conner gave her a little smile, kissing her forehead in return. 

“Same here,” Artemis answered from the kitchen. “I haven’t see him since yesterday.” Kaldur nodded in agreement. 

Wally sighed, kicking the floor in frustration. “Where does he slip off to? Every time I need him for something, he always disappears.”

“Perhaps he is at home,” Kaldur suggested. He walked into the living room to sit down in one of the armchairs. 

“I called Batman, and he said he wasn’t there,” Wally whined, collapsing on the other armchair. “He does this all the time.”

“Maybe we should follow him,” M’gann pondered causing the rest of the team to stare at her in surprise. “Just to find out where he goes.”

“Yeah, that sounds like a good idea,” Conner agreed sarcastically. “Like anybody could follow Robin if he didn’t want them too.”

Wally suddenly sat up with an idea popping into his mind. “We could put a tracer on him,” Wally exclaimed, jumping up. The others looked at him with skeptical expressions. 

“You realize that is impossible, right,” Artemis stated dubiously. “It’s Robin for heaven’s sake.”

“Yes, but that’s why it would work. He would never suspect us to attempt it,” Wally argued, grinning widely when Conner and M’gann nodded reluctantly in agreement. Artemis huffed before also nodding, narrowing her eyes at Wally’s whooping cry of victory. 

The team turned to Kaldur to wait for his response. Each one of them was surprised when he shook his head. “I do not agree to this plan of yours Wally. While I am sure you all may have good intentions, this is an invasion of Robin’s privacy.”

“Kaldur, it’s not like that,” Wally protested, suddenly appearing at Kaldur’s side. “We’re doing it for his safety, after all he could be getting into trouble.”

Sighing his reluctance, Kaldur continued to shake his head. “Nevertheless, what Robin does outside of the team is his business.” Kaldur met each of the team members’ eyes before he turned to leave the room. “I’d suggest you all forget about it.” Once he left, the others turned to look at each other.

“You’re still going to do it, aren’t you,” Artemis asked knowingly. Wally gave her a cheesy grin.

“Of course,” Wally replied before speeding away to gather what they needed.

Three days later, Robin slipped out of the cave through the zeta tubes to come out in downtown Gotham. It was night, so he found it easy to slip into the shadows and make his way towards his destination. Soon, he found himself standing outside the long driveway to Arkham Asylum. 

Quickly, typing on his wrist computer, he deactivated the security to slip through the gate. Taking a deep breath, he creeped up the long driveway to the main building while the security reactivated behind him.

“Why is Robin sneaking into Arkham Asylum? Why doesn’t he just go in with Batman or something,” Conner asked bluntly as he and the other team members minus Kaldur stood watch on a rooftop overlooking the entrance to the Asylum. They had just watched Robin slip in through the front gate. 

“Maybe he doesn’t want Batman to know,” M’gann suggested. The others looked at her as the revelation dawned on them. 

“It’s obviously illegal whatever he is trying to do,” Artemis said, gesturing wildly towards the Asylum. “No one in their right mind would sneak into Arkham.”

Wally let out a concerned sigh, rubbing his eyes. “We need to go in after him. Rob is obviously not up to any good, and we need to go in there to back him up.” The others agreed, and prepared to follow Robin through the front gates except a voice stopped them.

“You will all stay here,” Kaldur ordered, appearing behind them. Artemis and Wally jumped in surprise, grabbing each other’s hand. M’gann flinched while Conner narrowed his eyes.  

“Where did you come from,” Wally demanded after quickly dropping Artemis’ hand with a blush burning across his face. A similar blush appeared on Artemis as well.

A stern look crossed Kaldur’s face, making the others lower their heads in shame. “I followed you here when you all suddenly disappeared after Robin had left for the night. Sensing you had forgone my instructions to drop this scheme of yours, I was able to activate the tracers in your comlinks to find your location.”

“The comlinks,” Wally groaned, slapping his forehead with his hand. “We could have just used the comlinks to trace Rob.”

“A flawless plan if only Robin did not leave his comlink at the cave,” Kaldur stated plainly. “Which only proves how we are invading Robin’s privacy at the moment.”

“But Kaldur,” Artemis interjected, gesturing to the Asylum looming in the distance. “Robin just broke into Arkham Asylum.”

Kaldur’s eyes widened at M’gann words. He stared at the Asylum before turning back to the team with a determined look in his eye. “Nevertheless, this is Robin’s business and we have no right to intervene.”

Wally let out a growl. “We have to go after him. Don’t you know how many villains he placed in there. It’s dangerous.” Kaldur was about to open his mouth to speak when M’gann interrupted him. 

“Maybe we should just wait for Robin to come out or for alarms to go off,” she suggested, stepping between Kaldur and Wally to make peace. “Besides, I doubt we could get in as quietly as Robin.”

Kaldur and Wally shared a look before nodding in agreement. The team settled down on the rooftop to wait for Robin.

Robin had been crawling through air vents for the about fifteen minutes before he reached the cell he was looking for. Dropping down silently, Robin quickly made his way over to the cot. 

You were fast asleep when you felt someone shake your shoulder. Snapping your eyes open, you quickly attempted to get out of your bed, but someone held you down. You were about to cry out when a hand pressed over your mouth to silence you. 

“Relax, (Y/N). It’s me,” your brother’s voice sounded as your eyes finally focused in the dim lighting. Robin removed his hand when he felt you relax. 

“Dick,” you sighed, sitting up to wrap him in a desperate hug. He hugged you back just as tightly. Sobs began to rack your body as you buried your face into his shoulder. He hushed you, glancing behind him to see if you were heard. 

“You have to be quiet, sis,” Dick whispered, pulling back from the hug to look you straight in the eye. “It would be really bad if I was found here.”

Nodding your comprehension, you attempted to calm yourself. Once you successfully stopped your tears, you grasped Dick’s hand. The moment you touched his hand, his wrist computer went haywire.

“Oh, sorry,” you gasped, letting go of your brother’s hand ashamedly. 

“No, it’s okay,” Dick soothed, retaking your hand. “I should have taken it off before I came in.” You nodded, biting your lip as the guilt ate at your heart.

When your parents died, Dick and you were taken in by the billionaire playboy, Bruce Wayne. Soon after, you learned he was Batman, and Dick decided to join him as Robin. You offered to take over computer side of things since you had always had an interest in technology. One night, there was an accident, and suddenly you had the power to manipulate technology. Technopathy. You couldn’t control it, and you almost destroyed half of the city. 

Batman and Robin tried to use a inhibitor collar on you, but it didn’t work. They had to stop you by knocking you unconscious. Eventually, you were locked up in Arkham until a time where you could control your new-found powers. Bruce fought to have you placed anywhere else, but it was out of his hands. It had been two years now, and you weren’t any closer to controlling your powers. 

It wasn’t so bad. The doctors and nurses who took care of you were handpicked by Bruce, so they were nice. The treatments they tried were humane, even if they never seemed to help. You were feeling like it was hopeless, that you will never be able to live in the outside world again. 

“I missed you,” you whispered, squeezing his hand.

“I miss you too,” Dick reassured. “But try to stay whelmed. Batman is working on developing this new therapy that may work, but it will be a few more weeks before he can bring it to the doctors.”

“I’ll try it, even though I doubt it would work,” you mumbled, dropping your head in hopelessness. “Nothing else does.”

“Don’t say that,” Dick snapped, grabbing your shoulders to force you to look him in the eye. “It’s only helpless if you let it be, (Y/N). I know this is hard, but you can get your powers under control if you try hard enough.” Dick’s lips quivered, making you pull him into another tight hug. “I can’t stand that you’re in this place.”

You hushed him as you felt his tears on your shoulder. “I’ll try, Dick,” you soothed as your heart ached. “I’ll try.” 

Both of you sat there for several minutes, holding each other until Dick composed himself. He removed his mask to wipe his eyes before putting it back on. 

“I brought you something,” Dick said, his voice cracking as he tried to change the subject. “Close your eyes.” A small smile broke out on your face as you shut your eyes.

“What is it,” you asked excitedly. This was about the only exciting thing that happened to you all day. You felt Dick open your hand before placing something in it. Opening your eyes, you gasped with joy.

Dick grinned at the light that shone in your eyes. “I thought you’d like it.”

“A chocolate bar,” you whispered frenziedly. You ripped it open before taking a bite. The taste was heaven in your mouth. “Thank you.” You placed a kiss on his cheek. Dick blushed, brushing you away.

“Don’t be gross,” he whined as he takes the piece of chocolate you offered him. You both sat together in silence, eating the chocolate bar. It was the best part of your day.

An hour later, Robin slipped out of the front gate of Arkham Asylum. It was more difficult than before because his wrist computer was still out of commission. Dick hated the reminder of your out-of-control powers. He missed you so much that sometimes it felt like he couldn’t breathe. 

As he took out his grapple gun, he flew up to a nearby roof to head back to Wayne Manor. Distracted as he was, Robin never noticed that the rest of the team was waiting for him. 

“Hey, Rob. Nice to see you here,” Wally greeted, making Robin jump in surprise. Robin took in the presence of the team with wide-eyes.

“What…how,” Robin stammered. It was the first time in his life that he was at a loss of words. M’gann stepped forward in an attempt to sooth Robin’s distress. 

“We were concerned for you, Robin,” she explained, placing a hand on his shoulder. “You kept disappearing.”

“And you are sneaking into Arkham,” Wally accused, cutting M’gann off. Robin flinched at his words, his face paling.  

 Kaldur put a hand on Wally’s shoulder to silence him. “You do not need to explain yourself Robin. The team violated your trust by following you. You owe us nothing.”

“But Kaldur, no one in their right mind breaks into Arkham,” Artemis argued, gesturing wildly towards the Asylum in the distance. 

“Exactly, so why were you breaking into Arkham, Rob,” Wally confronted, walking up to stare down at Robin. “Does Batman know you do this? Don’t you know how many crazies in there are waiting to get their chance to kill you?”  

“It’s not like that,” Robin protested quietly. He bit his lip as he struggled to think of a proper explanation for his actions. He didn’t want the team to tell Batman he was visiting you as Robin. While Batman often let him visit as Dick Grayson, he would see any visit as Robin as a potential security risk. 

“Then what is it,” Conner interjected, annoyed by how slow the conversation was going. Robin could feel the weight of the team’s stares, waiting for a reason. He felt no ill-will against them for following him, because he knew it was out of concern for his own safety and their own curiosity. However, he didn’t want to tell them. He didn’t want them to judge you for something you couldn’t help. 

Robin opened and shut his mouth several times before he started to speak. “I was visiting my sister. She is in Arkham for treatment.” The team all gasped in surprise, forcing Robin to pause for a moment. “She is a techopath, and she can’t control her powers.”

“Wait,” Artemis interrupted. “Your sister is the one who almost destroyed the city two years ago?” Robin grimaced at her words, pressing his lips together tightly. 

“Yes,” Robin grunted harshly. The team stood there in shock. 

“I’m sorry, Rob,” Wally stuttered as he slowly came out of his shock. “I wouldn’t have been so harsh if I knew.” 

Robin nodded, taking a deep breath to keep his emotions under control. “It’s okay.”

M’gann traded looks with the rest of the team as if to silently confirm something. “We’re all sorry, Robin.”

“It’s okay,” Robin repeated. The others were nodding in agreement to M’gann’s words. Robin gave them a small reassuring smile. “You all had to find out sometime.”

“So,” Wally began after a few moments of awkward silence. “When can we meet her?”

Robin’s eyes widened in surprise before a genuine grin broke out on his face. “Probably tomorrow if you’re all willing to come in civvies?” 

“We would be honored, Robin,” Kaldur answered for the rest of the team. A giant weight lifted off of Robin’s chest as he realized he didn’t have to keep you a secret any longer.     

Would it Matter?


Note: I kept the reader in this gender neutral. I used both gender pronouns. Read to the end! 

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Warnings: Swearing, depression, “suicide”

It was happening again. (She/he) sat on (his/her) bed, it was well past 2am. That empty feeling in (Y/N)’s chest combined with those damn thoughts flooding (his/her) mind. “Would it matter to anyone if I wasn’t here when they woke up? Would the team even shed a tear? No, who am I kidding, they wouldn’t even care. It’s not like they need me. Maybe if I was different–stronger–not such a failure and disappointment. They don’t even want me here, tonight at dinner they didn’t talk to me much.” The thoughts were screaming in (his/her) mind. (Y/n) tried to fight the thoughts, but it was a losing battle. With that they hoped off the bed and made their way to the power room. “End it. No one wants you here.” Cutting the power to FRIDAY (she/he) made (his/her) way to the infirmary. As a nurse walked away from the medicine cabinet, thats when (Y/n) made (his/her) move. Taking a bottle of sleep medication and went back to (his/her) room.

The next morning Clint, Bucky, Steve, and Natasha sat around the table eating breakfast. Mornings usually were not the most talkative time. Clint read the paper, Nat would look over files, Bucky and Steve were always quiet after their morning runs with Sam. The quietness was broken when Sam walked in from taking a shower, “Has anyone seen (y/n) this morning?” They looked around and shook their heads. With that Tony storms in, “Okay (Y/N), this is not funny! Cutting off FRIDAY’s power is not funny, she is our security for this building!” He stopped in the door frame, “Oh, where is (she/he)?” Before they could say another thing Bruce runs in, “WHO TOOK ALL THE SLEEPING PILLS?” Everyone’s eyes widened as they quickly put the two together as they rushed to (Y/n)’s room.

Steve walked up to the podium slowly not looking up from his feet until he reached the top. He looked at the paper with the smeared ink words from the tears that fell from his face. Taking a deep breathe, he tried to not look at the casket to his right as he began to speak, “(Y/N) (Y/L/N)–” he shut his eyes as his voice cracked, only opening to find himself looking at the casket that was not yet shut. Quickly looking away at the sight he was been trying so hard not to see, he locked eyes with your family members. The people he gave his word to that he would protect you. Guilt flooded over him as he gripped the wooden stand, “(She/he) was a kind soul. The type of person who–who would help anyone–” he stopped when he heard the wood crack from his grip. Shaking his head, “I’m sorry–I cannot do this.” He quickly walked out of the building avoiding any eye contact. 

Back at the facility a pen could be dropped and the sound would have echoed through the halls from the silence. Each hero was somewhere alone in the building, no one has spoken a word to each other since that morning. The morning they found their deceased friend. Looks were shared but no words. 


He sat in his office, looking at door door. He knows (Y/n) is gone, but he still waits to see (her/him) come through his door with some paperwork, asking what he wants for dinner, anything–He just wants to see (Y/N) again. Tears fall from his eyes as looks as (his/her) file. Remembering the first day he met (him/her). 

“Agent (Y/L/N) welcome to the team!” Steve smiled as he shook (Y/N)’s hand. “Thank you Captain! I am thrilled to be here!” (he/she) smiled lit up the room. “I know I am not as experienced as everyone else, but I promise I can and will keep up!” And that (he/she) did. It was not long till Steve allowed the first mission. (His/her) skills were jaw-dropping. (Y/N) could easily take out a group of enemies in seconds. 

“It is your fault Steve. You are the leader. You are suppose to look out for your team members!” Steve ran his hands through his hair before slamming them down on the desk.


He was in the infirmary adding security codes to ever accessible medicine in their. Ibuprofen locked up. Advil locked up. Everything was being locked up, yes, he was going a bit overboard. He will never let anyone overdose on anything from his area again. Medicine was made to help cure people, not be used to end one’s life. “It is too late. It’s done Bruce. You knew (Y/n) dealt with this. You should have locked it up sooner.” He finished programming the last password lock as he sat down on one of the beds. Clasping his hands together as his mind takes him back causing his eyes to water once again.

“I promise I won’t tell anyone (y/n). You know even if they knew, they would not look at you any different.” Bruce gave (Y/n) the refilled bottle of anti-depressants. “I know. I just–the thought of them knowing triggers my social anxiety. I don’t want them to think I am broken, or think of me as a weak link.” Bruce sucked in his lips as he nodded, “I understand. Thank you though for trusting me.” (He/she) nodded as a smile formed on their face.


She sat in the gym alone. “Where were you Natasha? You seen that (y/n) did not eat dinner that night. You knew! YOU PROMISED.” Tears escaped her eyes as the guilt wave engulfed her soul. Pain. Regret. 

“Your not eating again.” Nat whispered as she walked into (Y/n)’s room, “I know.” (he/she) responded softly as they closed their laptop. “Care to tell me why?” Nat stood by (his/her) chair as (she/he) responded, “When I get–low- I cannot get myself to eat.” She slowly nodded, “And when your low that is when you get those thoughts?” (Y/n) nodded slowly as Nat continued, “I will always be here for you (Y/N/N).” She pulls (Y/N) from the chair and hugs them tightly,. “I promise.”


He was in his lab adding every upgrade he could come up with to ensure FRIDAY never loses power again. Installing a software that scans for depression, and for FRIDAY to notify their closest friend to be alerted. “You should have done this sooner Tony. You failed (Y/n).” He was messing with some wires as his thoughts were now clouding this mind. *POW* A spark popped him making him swear as he pulled back. “Sir, I think it would be best-” Tony interrupted the AI, “SHUT UP! IF I WOULD HAVE DONE THIS SOONER–” Tears now streaming down his face. 

“Tony?” (Y/N) called as (she/he) walked in the lab. “Your pizza is here!” Tony rolled out from under some new invention he was working on. “In a second. This damn thing is not wanting to work.” He wiped his face, “I have tried everything and nothing seems to work.” (He/She) walked around with a furrowed brow as (she/he) took a bite from the pizza, “I know what it is.” Tony let out a scoff, “Oh really?” (Y/n) nodded, “Yep! Wanna bet?” Tony crossed his arms in amusement, “Sure.” (He/she) thought for a second, “If I fix this. I get to pick what we have for dinner for a week, and I get to pick out one of your cars to drive for a month” Tony nodded, “Fine.” With that, (Y/n) bent over and plugged in a cord and instantly the machine began to work. Tony’s jaw dropped as (Y/N) let out a laugh and taking a pair of keys from his work desk.


Sam was out running trying to let out the frustration coming from his thoughts, “Your job is to help people with PTSD and depression. HOW COULD YOU NOT HAVE KNOWN!?” Sam finally came to a stop as he laid in the grass breathing heavy. 

“I did not think you could run this fast!” Sam told (y/n) between breaths. “Yeah, I always use running to clear my head. I guess after a while, I gained more speed.” Sam smiled as he nodded, “I am the same way. Fresh air helps clear the mind. What gets in your head you need clearing?” (Y/n)’s eyes widened for a split second before smacking his shoulder, “Come on! I bet I can race you home!” 


“(Y/n) is gone.” That is the only thing that was going through his mind as he sat in his room in the dark at the edge of his bed. His feelings were just empty. 

“I admire you Bucky.” James quickly turns his head toward (y/n). “Me? Why?” (He/she) shrugged, “You have truly been through hell and back. Yet, here you are.” Bucky nodded slowly, “I am not really sure how to respond to that.” (Y/n) walked over and platted his shoulder, “Then don’t just believe me.” 


“I cannot believe (Y/n) is gone.” He denied it all. What he seen, what happened, everything. Clint refused to believe it happened, as he was at the shooting range. Finally breaking down when he missed his target completely.

“So, you never miss?” (Y/N) asked as (he/she) watched her trainer do his archery magic. Clint let out a small laugh, “I try not to use the term never, so I will use to word almost.” He smiled at the new member, “Now, you try.” (She/he) let out a groan, “Why do I have to use a bow? When in the field I will be using a gun.” He smiled, “A bow and arrow is more difficult to use than a gun.” 

Quickly dropping the bottle in (his/her) hands (Y/N) slowly backed away till (his/her) back hit a body behind (him/her). Turning to see Vision and Wanda standing side by side. Wanda’s eyes were watery, “Thank you Vision.” He did a sight bow before giving (Y/n) a small sad smile and leaving the room. (Y/n) stood their quietly looking at Wanda.

A tear finally fell from her eyes, “That is what would happen if you did that (Y/n).” (her/his) mouth dropped at her words. Wanda pulled (Y/n) into her arms tightly, “So yes, it would matter.” 


Imagine being Oliver Queen daughter that Damian Wayne’s age and being Bruce Wayne’s goddaughter Part Two.
There are only a few good things about being Mayor Queen’s daughter. The first one is that you always know what’s going on in city hall and the second one is that home schooling is incredible because I was already a fifteen year old in law school. But all good things have their bad parts, one of those being the constant surveillance.
The only time I not under the surveillance is when I’m at city hall, where the building is well guarded.
“Dad you should have told me.” I told my father as I confronted him about not telling me he was meeting with Bruce.
“I was planning on telling you after the meeting so I wouldn’t have to deal with you refusing to leave my office” Dad stated
“Mayor Queen, your eleven o'clock is here” the secretary said poking her head in the door.
“Let him in” Dad told her nodding to me. “You wait in the hall.”
“This isn’t over dad.” I said pacing Bruce on my way out. “Hello Bruce.”
In the hall, Damian sat in one of the chairs, drawing in his sketch book. Taking my laptop out of my bag, I took the seat beside him, deciding to some of my school work.
“You could use improvement.” Damian told me with out looking up from his work. At once I know he was criticizing my fighting skills.
“You should tell your aunt Nyssa that.” I whispered back. “She trained me.”
“Nyssa trained you to fight.” Damian particularly hissed as if the news of his aunt training me pissed him off more then her trying to kill me would have.
“Well by league law, she has rights to train her heir to fight.” I told him.
“Heir?” He questioned.
“Damian, it’s not my place to you.” I told him. “Nyssa hasn’t even informed Bruce of the truth yet.”
“So you’re part of the league” Damian asked.
“No, not really.” I explained. “Nyssa trained my mom Laurel, my aunt Sara, and she was forced into a marriage with my father when he was briefly heir to the demon. When she took over she believed I was the best chose to do what she wants for the league not what Ra’s or Talia wanted.”
“Clear my schedule for the rest of the day. ” Dad told his secretary as he and Bruce came out of the office.
Damian and Bruce looked around the Bunker. By the look on their face I could tell they hadn’t been expecting it to be as high tech as it was.
“Don’t look so shocked boys” I told them standing by Felicity. “Our girl Blondie here loves her tech and the Flash’s team helped us sat this place up after the last two were breeched.”
“And how many people know about this one?“ Dinah asked entering with Diggle.
"Team Flash, the Legends” Dad said.
“Most of the league” Diggle throw in.
“Darhk, Prometheus, Probably Slade” Felicity added.
“Don’t forget the Legion of Doom” I finished for them. “But hey that’s not all that bad.”
“Not all that bad” Damian asked a look of horror on his face.
“You left out Black Siren and Nightmare” Thea said entering the room.
“Wait who?” Bruce asked.
“Metas from earth two that are evil version of (Y/N) and Laurel Lance” Dad told him “We have them locked up in ARGUS.”
“Mainly because locking them up on Lian Yu would feel like he sent his daughter and dead ex girlfriend to purgatory.” I add at the end “and he just didn’t want to send them back to Star Labs.”
“Hold on” Damian said before pointing at me. “There’s an evil version of you locked up in ARGUS and that doesn’t freak you out.”
“Time travel changed her.” Dig told the boy.

Headcanons: Reaction to Mental Abuse *Avengers*

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Requested by Anon:  Okay, so I know you did the “abuse” one where the person is experiencing it recently. But what about reader who was a victim of EMOTIONAL abuse as a child? (so it’s harder to open up, maybe reader is scared of having kids with the avenger they like because they read that they’d be statistically more likely to do accidentally emotionally abuse their child, etc.) As someone who went through that until I was 13, I’d love to read headcanons for it. Especially for Tony, Steve, and Pietro. 
Admins Note: I’ve had an extremely difficult time with this one. Mental Abuse is something I’m not familiar with, heard of but not really experienced or come into contact with. I hope this up to standards, if not, please tell me what I should have added or what I should take away. - Rosalee

Headcanons: Reaction to Domestic Abuse *Avengers*
Headcanons: Dating Bucky Barnes/ Winter Soldier 

  • Tony talks to you about the Anxiety you have due to the mental abuse - since he too has anxiety, he understands, it helps you both
  • Steve talks to you about his PSD - telling you it’s okay to have a mental illness, since he too suffers with one also
  • Tony actually got you a therapist but he understood when you stopped going
  • Pietro spends his time slowing down just so you can talk to him, walk beside him and just be next to him
  • Natasha is the person you are most comfortable with - since her up bringing wasn’t the best either
  • When you are having a really bad day they will sometimes leave you alone - knowing that space can be needed but they all know when you need a shoulder, company and just a listener
  • They spend most days telling you it was never your fault and how wonderful you are, most of all needed
  • Wanda helps with your depression, especially with your darker thoughts, she is sometimes able to keep them from you.
  • They reassure you that you would be the best mum - what you went through you wouldn’t want to put your son/ daughter through that, proving you’d be great
  • Also they’d be there with you, helping you with everything, so you hadn’t worry
  • Deadpool spends a lot of his time making you laugh just by being him (I’m really into Deadpool atm sorry) - especially when your depression flares up
  • Sam goes with you to your group meetings, where people talk about their experiences and how they get over it, he actually suggested the group and promised to go with you to ALL the meetings
  • The Avengers remind you to take your medication - if you have to have it
  • Both yourself and Bruce listen to music together, to keep your mind off of things
  • You often have nightmares- Bucky talks you through his and you talk through yours, sleepless nights are bearable with him now

If I missed any I should have put, let me know and I’ll add them to this :)

Also if you have any headcanon’s I can do like this, send them in. You can request; imagines and one shots by myself and Angie - taking Valentines Day requests also. - Rosalee


You’re Alive

For the lovely anon that requested that I wrote an Arkham Knight x Reader, this is for you! Hope you enjoy/like it :)

It has been a year since you were kidnapped and presumed dead, except you didn’t die, you survived. You were far too stubborn to give up and let yourself die. Unfortunately, Jason wasn’t as lucky to see the same fate as you did. As soon he found out Joker had taken you, he made it his personal mission to bring you back home safely. His love for you made him do that, loving you is what got him killed. The others try to tell you that isn’t what happened but you know deep down that Jason would still be alive and well if he didn’t go looking for you by himself. Now you have to live with knowing that. 

What doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger, is what they say. It is partly true. While your experience with the Joker made you stronger as an individual, proving that you can protect yourself in difficult situations, you still feel like a part of you is broken. The same man who took you took away the one person you truly loved and it crushed you completely. So, in essence, your strength is your greatest weakness. What crushes you the most, however, is the fact that Jason died before he could ever know if you were alive and well. That he died firmly believing that you were gone and that the Joker was responsible. That is what is hard to swallow. 

You can’t think of that right now though, there are bigger problems to worry about. It is Halloween and Scarecrow has unleashed his fear toxin into the city, warning the citizens of Gotham that something terrifying is coming. Many got out before it was too late, the GCPD helped set up evacuations to get them all out of Gotham safely. Gotham may no longer be your home but by duty, you are bound to protect it when the need arises. Those that remain are either trying to fight and take back their city, the others are criminals (some of the worst among them) and militia under the command of Scarecrow’s mysterious new partner. Barbara managed to do some digging in order to help you understand just exactly who this guy is or who he could possibly be. She didn’t find much but one thing most agree on is his name; the Arkham Knight. His personal vendetta he seemingly has with Batman can be no coincidence, this is someone Bruce has clearly had grievances with. It is difficult to determine who he is because of the tactical visor on his mask and the voice modulator. Whoever this guy is doesn’t want any of you to know who he is just yet. 

Things just seem to be getting worse by the hour, everyone is doing the best they can, especially Bruce. The night itself is getting longer and longer. Despite being sleep deprived and famished, the city needs you all, no matter what condition you are in. Every little counts right now. 

You are doing your bit by trying to get to the bottom of Arkham Knight’s true identity. It was not asked of you but you are doing it anyway. Dick is dealing with the lower level criminals and some of Gotham’s most wanted, he can handle himself. Tim is at the studios working on a cure for those infected by Joker’s blood, he’s safe as far as you know. Barbara is back at GCPD so you know she is safe where she is too. Knowing that allows you to get on with your work. This will involve every bit of your detective knowledge and intelligence. Unfortunately you are pushed for time so have to think fast.

From what you know he is six-foot tall and estimated to weigh two hundred lbs. You do a quick run through of every Arkham patient that fits this description, doing a quick check on the list it gives you on the database. One by one you cross your way through the names, none of them so far have enough motive or hatred towards Bruce to pull this off. It is more than just a hatred towards Batman, whoever Arkham Knight is knows him well. Tonight has proved this as he seems to know most if not all his tactics and weaknesses. 

“Come on, y/n, think!” you grow frustrated with yourself. 

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I have lots of feelings about the Batfam+Glasses and it started because of Tim

Because can you even imagine?? Like he loses them everywhere? He’ll set them down for two minutes to pee and somehow?? He’s forgotten where he put them? And he probably gets headaches allll the time (Reading on computers/electronics + glasses = endless head pain) so he hardly ever actually wears them. Which means a) that he loses them even more and b) He’s constantly squinting and almost running into shit

Also he definitely keeps every pair He’s ever owned “just in case”

And like, one time when Bruce is taking Tim to get new ones, he gets his eyes checked too just to be safe and it turns out he needs reading glasses

(Literally no one but Cass has seen him wearing them but. They do indeed exist)

And *that* makes him take all the other batkids beacuse. If he’s the world’s greatest detective, ,and he didn’t Will his kids?

(Besides, none of his kids have seen a docter for anything but stitches or whatever after patrol….since they became *his* kids, so he figures it’s a good idea)

But yeah he decided to makes everyone get their eyes checked, and despite the fact that most of them could go by themselves, he takes them himself. All at the same time.

So they’re all crammed into the tiny waiting room for the eye docter, at like a Costco or something, and it takes forever because there’s just *so* many of them. But it turns out that somehow Dick and Duke are legit the only ones who don’t need glasses??

Bruce is more than a little confused about how he managed to adopt so many kids with bad eyesight, and Damian is super annoyed because Father There Is No Way This Will Not Interfere With Patrol,

(Bruce later promises to figure out how to get prescription lenses in their masks, and to find a contact solution that won’t bother their eyes, and Damian is Satisfied™)

and Jason makes a dumb joke about how bad eyesight must run in the family but Damian doesn’t get it and has to tell him that they aren’t actually related by blood, and you should really know this by now Todd.

It definitely takes a long time to get everyone’s eyes checked and stuff, but it takes even longer to pick out frames because everyone is arguing and shoving each other and Bruce has never been so grateful there aren’t any reporters nearby because his kids are awful and have no manners

Dick probably wants to help pick everyones glasses out, but no one will let him because his fashion sense is atrocious

BUT Damian ends up letting him to make him happy, and is pleasantly surprised when Dick picks out a relatively normal pair of glasses for him .

(They are however, black and yellow with bat symbols on the inside)

Steph and Cass get matching ones (they’re very fashionable and probably have rhinestones on the sides ), Steph’s are purple, and Cass’s are blue

Jason 100% is just going to get prescription sunglasses, but with the help of every single family member they convince him that he would look like a dick, so he changes his mind




(Later, when there’s some pictures in some magazine of the Wayne family in all their bespectacled glory, Clark asks Bruce if his kids are stealing his shtick)

Black Widow: Loki has them under some kind of spell.  Along with one of ours.

Captain America: I wanna know why Loki let us take him.  He’s not leading an army from here.

Bruce Banner: I don’t think we should be focusing on Loki.  That guy’s brain is a bag full of cats.  You can smell crazy on him.

Thor: Have care how you speak!  Loki is beyond reason, but he is of Asgard and he is my brother!

Black Widow: He killed 80 people in 2 days.

Thor: He’s adopted.