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Ten Years (Part 13 - End!)

Summary: AU. When a major account is on the line at work, reader is forced to revisit some old connections at her ten year high school reunion for a chance at success. Will she let the past consume her, or will she see the future in her grasp?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 4,380 ( I mean…)

Warnings: language, fluff, excessive sweetness

A/N: I hope you guys love the fluff. Thanks for sticking with me, and for reading, and for all your sweet messages. <3

Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13

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Summary: This is inspired by the song Boston by Brendan Fletcher. It’s an amazing song you should listen to at some point. I just heard it tonight and started writing and this is what came out.

Word Count: 1,558

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Not requested by anyone but tagging @red-roses-and-stories and @caseoffics

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

The train’s window ices the left side of your face as you lean against it. Snowflakes drift down from the clouded sky, falling past your eyes, each tiny flake with its own design melting before anyone can appreciate it. The train huffs and others around you talk, their voices melding together into an indistinguishable clamor. Shouts come from the open door nearby, the one that lets anyone into the growling machine. You don’t look at the door, just watch the snow float past your window and pile up on the sidewalk nearby.

You sneak down, careful where you place your feet. Climbing into the case with one hand is tricky, but you don’t let that stop you. The sweet scent of the shed surrounds you as you enter it, peering around for Newt. He’s gone, though, so you step out into the field, scanning it. The grass nearby crackles under a foot.

Ducking back into the shed, you crouch behind a wide pot, peeking through the leaves. A pair of dirty boots step onto the creaking wood, sending a cloud of dust into the air. You fight a smile as they step past you, completely unaware of your presence.

Your knees ache and the gift in your hand begins to drip between your fingers as you wait for the boots to turn away from you. They never do, though, instead walking past your hiding spot again. You tense your muscles, preparing to leap from your spot. Before you can, though, the plant hiding your face is swept to the side.

Newt laughs at your stunned expression. “What are you doing?”

You move your hand behind your back, “Looking for your, um, lost cork?”

Newt’s face contorts into a confused frown. “I haven’t lost one, have I?”

You grin. “I haven’t found it yet. Want to know what I did find?”

“I’d love to.”

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Strange - Request

Requested by anon: Can you do a one shot with Stephen Strange where the reader is jealous of Christine and he reassures her that’s not true and end it with really cute fluff and smut? 

Pairing: Stephen Strange x Reader

Word count: 3.727

Warnings: Smut - unprotected, jealous reader.

A/N: I was supposed to post this yesterday, but I was sick. BUt it’s here now!


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Stephen had been missing for months, and (Y/N) was at the edge of an anxiety attack due to the stress of being so powerless. He had lost everything after the accident, and (Y/N) knew he was willing to give his whole self in order to save his hands, which made things a hundred times worse considering Stephen was impulsive and too ambitious for his own good.

She had managed to keep the apartment in which they lived by spending half of her salary in paying for it. Of course, he had lost everything else, and (Y/N) couldn’t have saved it without filling her own bank account with endless debts, but she wanted to make sure Stephen had a place to get back and call home when he came back – if he came back at all.

Because of her nervous breakdowns, (Y/N) was quite clumsy, and so she had multiple accidents every week. That time, she had fallen off the stairs after imagining the sound of Stephen entering the door. She ran without thinking that she only had one shoe on and now she had a sprained ankle.

“You’ll be fine.” Christine said soothingly as she finished putting (Y/N) the bandage on.

“Thanks…” (Y/N) muttered. Christine was about to leave when (Y/N) stopped her. “Hey, um… have you… You heard about Stephen at all?”

Christine sighed heavily. “Our relationship finished a long time ago, (Y/N).” Christine repeated, “If there is someone that should have heard something about him is you, and trust me, you know more than I do.”

With that being said, Christine left the room.

(Y/N) forced herself to walk, jumping on one foot while trying to keep the other high enough not to touch the floor. A strange alarm called her attention, dragging her eyes to the end of the hallway.

Stephen was there, calling for Christine.

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First Times| Kol Mikaelson

Kol x Reader

Summary: You are Rebekah’s best friend and when you wanted to ask her for dating advice you just found her brother Kol.

Words: 1.412

Warning: smut, fluff?

Based on this request:  Can you please write a kol imaging where Kol teaches the reader how to kiss then it turns into him taking her virginity??

Sorry it took so long. Requests are open, gif is not mine xx


“Kol.” Frustrated you walked to the brother of your new best friend Rebekah. Since the originals were here you and Bekah were friends and with the time you two even got a very close friendship, that was why you were like an always welcomed guest in the Mikaelson - House.

“I’m sorry darling, but my sister isn’t here,” Kol answered and handed you a glass bourbon, “My whole family is somewhere else, so when you need companion it is just me.” He wined to you while he was saying this and you shook smiling your head.

“When she isn’t here you have to cheer me up, I’m sad, sad and excited.”
“What’s wrong, darling?,” he asked and you drank the glass empty, when Kol gave you more to drink.

“So there is this boy in Rebekah’s and my class and he is like super hot and all and now he wants to go on a date with me but I’m scared because…” You stopped talking when you saw how confused Kol was looking and you realized that is was a little bit strange talking about other boys with him. For you Kol was like the hottest boy on earth and every time he starts flirting with you, it felt like the best thing ever, but the brother of your best friend is off limits and so he was just a friend. A very good friend.

“Do you want to hear dating tips?,” he asked amused and you drank you next glass empty.

“No… I don’t know, it is just I know that he will kiss me and maybe he will do even more but… I never kissed someone before and…”
“Wait, what?!,” he asked shocked and ashamed you buried your face in your hands.

“I should have stopped talking,” you mumbled and heard him laughing.

“I never thought a pretty girl like you never had something with someone, but the kissing thing is easy to teach,” he said and confused you looked up to him.

“You could teach me how to kiss?,” you asked and knew this was strange but the thought of kissing Kol, having you first kiss with him it sounds too perfect and then you couldn’t do anything wrong on your date.

“I could show you the other things too,” he said smiling and you felt how you were blushing.

“No, kissing is more than enough,” you said perplexed.

“It is your choice, Y/N,” he laughed and took the glass out of your hands and put it on the table for you. You felt how nervous you get but this was something you imagined so many times and now you were here, sitting next to Kol Mikaelson and he was about to kiss you.

“Just close your eyes,” he whispered and you did what he wanted, when you felt how he softly cup your face in his hands and then there was the perfect moment. He finally kissed you. It was like an explosion of feelings that ran through your body and you couldn’t help yourself than sighing happily. You had like no idea what the hell you were doing, you just tried your best to return the kiss the best you can and you had to admit, that this kiss has a bigger meaning to you, than it should. As fast as this started, it found an ending and hard breathing you opened your eyes and saw how Kol looked a little bit confused at you.

“Are you sure this was your first kiss?,” he asked an you got  goosebumps, when he took both of your hands in his.


“This was… wow,” he mumbled and you felt, how you drown in his warm eyes, when he suddenly leaned forward and kissed you again. This was unexpected, but you were glad about it, this kiss was too good and you wanted more, you yearned for more and so you kissed him right back, this time with more passion. His hands moved to your back and yours in his soft hair, when he pulled you on his lap and you pressed yourself even closer to him.

“Fuck,” you sighed, when he began to kiss your neck and you could feel how fucking much he wanted you.

“We should stop here or I can’t restrain myself anymore.”
“I don’t care, I want you,” you breathed and kissed him, while he put his hands under your top and stroke your exposed back.

“What abut your date?”
“To hell with my date,” you mumbled and saw how he started to smile.

“Oh Y/N, you will never forget that day,” he promised and with his vampire speed he carried you to his room, where he pushed you on his bed and ripped your top of your body and kissed you downwards.

“Kol,” you sighed pleased about his soft kisses and touches. He pushed your hands down to the mattress and while he kissed your belly, a moan escaped your lips.

“Darling, I haven’t even started yet,” he laughed softly and loose his grip, when his lips met yours again. You moved your own hands under his shirt and scratched his back down, so that now he was moaning.

“Fuck,” he sighed and you took off his shirt for him, admire the nice view of his body, “I hope you like what you see, Y/N.”
“I can’t complain,” you admitted, when he kissed you again and opened your bra for you. This was the first time you felt uncomfortable under Kol, never before you were this exposed in front of a boy, but Kol let you forget all of this very fast, when his one hand clutch your left breast and the next moan escaped, while his other hand moved under your pants.

“Oh damn, you really want me, huh?”

“Fuck yes,” you sighed and knew that tomorrow this would be so embarrassing for you, but everything that matters now were Kol and you.

“You have no idea, how long I waited for that moment,” he whispered to your ear and helped you to get off your pants and your panties, so you were completely naked under him, felt how you blushed, when he looked at your body.

“Oh please stop looking like that,” you complained and he laughed amused.

“I just think you are beautiful, Y/N Y/L/N.”
“You are an idiot,” you answered and couldn’t help yourself but smile.

“And still you want me to fuck you,” he said and kissed your lips softly.

“Perhaps I’m an idiot, too.”
“I don’t want you to go to your date,” he whispered quietly and you moaned, when he kissed your breasts.

“Then I won’t go,” you promised and helped him to get off of his pants, when he brought himself in position.

“I won’t lie, darling, but this will hurt,” he said and you crossed your arms behind his neck.

“It’s Ok,” you said, when he filled you up and a whimper escaped you, but Kol pressed his lips on yours and gave you the time to calm down, before he started to move and fast the pain disappeared and you felt pleasure run through your body. His movements were fast and a mixture of rough and passionate, but it felt so damn good.

“Fuck Kol,” you sighed and pressed your hips up to feel him even more inside you.

“Cum for me darling,” he whispered to your ear and you kissed him roughly, when you finally felt how your orgasm run trough your body and you moaned in to the kiss, while Kol cum, too.

Sleepily you lay next to Kol, confused about what just happened, that you really lost your first kiss and your virginity to him and that you felt ok about it.

“Have I told you, how lovely you look?, “ he asked you and pressed a kiss on your hand.

“When I go, leaving this house, then everything will be different,” you mumbled.

“I want you to stay. For me this wasn’t just sex. You are important to me, Y/N.” With widened eyes you looked to him, speechless of his words .

“So do you wanna go on a date with me?,” he asked and you smiled happily.

“Of course.”

Did he really just do that? | James Potter Imagine

REQUEST: Can you do a James Potter imagine where he “accidentally” smacks her ass and she has a whole witty comeback and shit. James also gets really flustered and the marauders tease him because he has a huge crush on the reader? Maybe the reader is really popular (like a 5th marauder or something) and everyone is like ‘what the fuck’ and 'holyshitdidjamesreallyjustdothat’ thank you love if you do this request 💓💓

I changed it a lil bit oops

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Just One Bite Part 1

gif is not mine

Title: Just One Bite Part 1

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader x Nick (douche canoe)

Word Count: 1,111

Warnings: hurt/comfort, slight angst/fluff

A/N: This is a request from @flufy07 that I turned into a mini series! I hope you all enjoy this! <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!  Part 2

Hunting with your boyfriend, Nick, was never an easy task.  He was always the one who wanted to be the warrior out of the two of you.  You just wanted to help whoever you could by taking out the monsters you were set out to take care of.  You had a different style of hunting than your boyfriend did.  He thought that killing them was the only way to go.  In certain situations, you would agree, but not every situation needed to end that way.

This time you were dealing with a pack of werewolves.  They were going after families in their own homes.  You wanted to talk to them and see if they would try hunting the animals in the forest nearby, but that’s not what Nick wanted to do.  Because of his stubbornness, you were now fighting off werewolves.

One of the werewolves hit you, causing you to fly across the room and collide with a china cabinet.  You let out a groan as you hit the floor beneath you.  You looked over at your boyfriend who was trying to fight two werewolves at once.  He shot one while the other tried to flank him.  Sure, he was a better fighter than you were, but that wasn’t what hunting was all about.  Not all the time anyway.

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chiwalker  asked:

How 'bout you livestreamed with your forever best friend and I know it's irrational but I miss you and I'm jealous?

I know you sent this prompt to Sophie, but she saved it for me because she knows that I am absolutely in love with Darius, and this shit gives me life.

“So … saw your livestream.”

Misha smiles as he presses the phone against his ear with his shoulder, leaving both his hands free to grab at his daughter before she runs away, so that he can wipe the smeared chocolate off her face. “Oh yeah?” he says, slightly distracted by the straw-headed wiggle worm that is his progeny.

“Yeah. It was funny.”

Misha manages to clean Maison off to the point that she’s at least decent-ish—enough to where he won’t be worried about her getting chocolate all over the couch. “Glad you liked it.” He finally lets his daughter go and smacks her bum as she runs off giggling.

“Yeah” Jensen says again, but now that Misha is really listening, he can tell just how awkward the man sounds.


“What do you mean, what?”

Misha laughs. “I mean, what’s up with you?”

The call is quiet a moment before he hears Jensen rustling around the speaker. “Nothin’. I’m fine.”

Okay …” Misha rattles, but he shrugs it off—knowing his friend well enough to get that, sometimes he’s moody, but he’ll talk about it if he really needs to. “So …” Misha begins again, getting ready to ask the guy how he’s been doing.

“Did Darius make his flight?” Jensen jumps in, slightly more urgent than Misha is expecting.

Um … no, but there was another one leaving about an hour later, so he switched it.”

“Oh … good. I mean, not good that he missed his original flight, but good that he got another one. That’s … yeah.”

Now Misha is squinting, staring blankly out the window to the backyard. “Are you sure you’re alright?”

“Yeah” Jensen squeaks, sounding strange with his voice so high. “Just … ya know, makin’ sure that your friend made it home safe.”

“That’s very … considerate of you” Misha says skeptically.

“What did you two do? While he was there, I mean. How long was he there? I mean, when Jared and I were there you didn’t mention him … so, like was he there when we were there?”

Um, yeah … he was here. Stayed for about a week.”

“Stayed – with you?” Jensen whispers.

And Misha can’t help but chuckle now because he thinks he’s finally seeing what’s going on—and after being tortured by Darius the last seven days, he can’t find it within himself to be mature about it. “Yeah. It was a tight fit, but Vicki and I managed to squeeze him in between us.”

“Oh …”

The sadness in Jensen’s voice sucks all the fun right out of it. “Oh Jesus, Jensen! I’m kidding. He stayed in the guest room.”

“Oh! Okay … cool. I mean, not that—he couldn’t stay … if you wanted … you’re an adult” Jensen clears his throat and Misha has to tug the phone back some with how loud it is.

In spite of it though, he’s smiling. “Are you jealous?”

“No! I … no!”

“That is so fucking cute! You are!”

“I’m not!”

Mhmm” Misha hums, smiling wider as West runs by wearing one of his baseball hats. “Tell me, is the outside of your binder covered in hearts with our initials inside them?”

“What?” Jensen snaps back and Misha can only sigh.

“I’m insinuating that you’re a teenage girl with a crush— sorry, I’m tired so that wasn’t very clear.”

“You’re a dick” Jensen grumbles.

“Yeah— that is clear. Darius said the same thing several times over the course of his stay.”

“At least he and I can agree on that.”

“Does that mean there are things that you don’t agree with him on?” Misha asks curiously.

“No … I just meant—”


Jensen quiets again.

Misha tries his best to keep it together— but he’s just loving this so much.

“Just … what did he mean about your usual power dynamic? I dont — I don’t get that. And he kept teasing you about Gishwhes … and has he really not seen the show? I just  … he was just messin’ with you a lot, dude. You should have said something to him about that.”

“You and Jared mess with me all the time” Misha offers coolly, hoping that he’s pulling off nonchalant, effectively.

“Yeah—but that’s different!”

“How so?”

“Well … I mean, you know that we’re kidding!”

“I know that Darius was kidding” Misha purrs.

“Yeah but I didn’t—” Jensen yelps and then stops abruptly—his heavy breath heaving in and out of the speaker like he’s been running through this entire phone call.

“Ah … I see” Misha chuckles, now looking fondly at nothing at all. It’s sweet—really, Jensen thinks that he’s his to tease … well, his and Jared’s; but Jensen will jump in and defend him on the days that Jared goes too far, so he supposes it’s understandable that he would feel uneasy about not being able to do the same in regards to Darius. Not that he would be able to stop Darius from carrying on— Jensen would honestly just make everything worse if he tried, but Misha won’t tell him that. All he will do is just sit here a smile a little longer, because right now, one of his best friends is super jealous over the fact that Misha has a strong connection with someone else, and that’s just too adorable for words. “I mean … I have known the guy since I was twelve, Jensen … so …” Misha finally says, once it’s obvious that the other man is drowning in the silence.

“I … I just never seen you like that” Jensen mutters back, dejectedly.

“Like what?”

“Like … speechless.”

Misha laughs louder now. “Yeah, well Darius can say some crazy shit every now and then.”

“Tell me about it” and the guy sounds even more miserable than he did before.

“Oh, he was behaving  himself on that video—you should have heard him the other day!”

Jensen all but groans. “Not helping!”

Misha chuckles. “Sorry … I’m just trying to explain that he’s a real character.”

“Yeah, I got that much from the livestreams” Jensen grumbles, huffing and puffing like he’s got pigs to piss off.

“This is really bothering you isn’t it?” Misha says eventually, because he’s actually kind of surprised. Jensen has always been protective of his friends, but there’s more to this than that, and he really wants to know what it is.

“I …” Jensen starts, sounding pained for even saying that much.  “I mean … I know he’s your best friend and all, and I know you’ve known him for pretty much your entire life, and I know you guys have a million things in common … but I just … I dunno. He’s like— he’s so like you, and I’m not, ya know? And like, he could say these smart things and you seemed like you weren’t sure how to respond … and you always have something to say! And I just—it’s crazy, I know, and I’m being stupid but … yeah, okay! I’m jealous! I just … he just seems to get you and … fuck, he even sings, dude! Like what the hell? How am I supposed to compete with that?”

Misha’s mouth is hanging open and he’s frankly, shocked that he’s even able to speak at all—because he’s never heard Jensen say this much during a phone call, and for him to say this much, and to say this in particular well, it’s just all manners of crazy. “Wow …” Misha starts, “umwow.”

“Shut up.”

“Sorry, but … wow!” Misha laughs and then leans back in his chair, smiling up towards the ceiling. “I don’t even know what to say.”

“Guess I can leave you speechless too then” Jensen grits out—and the defensive edge to his voice makes him even cuter.

“Guess so.” Misha chuckles some more before he finally sighs and looks back down at the ground, eyes traveling across all his kids’ toys and the usual trail of debris that they leave behind. “You know it’s not a competition, right?” he says after another breath, hoping that he can at last, get to the part where he makes Jensen feel better about everything.

“Yeah—I know.”

“And you know that, just because I’m close with Darius, doesn’t mean I can’t be close with you too.”


“And … between the two of you, you’re a much better kisser. I mean, he gets all rough and he bites a lot—you should see my lower lip! It’s all puffy and swollen. It’s not pretty.”

“You’re such a fucker.”

“And you’re an adorable, jealous doofus.”

Jensen finally laughs a little, and it makes Misha do the same.

“You’re lucky that I like jealous doofuses.”

His friend’s smile is obvious, and Misha pushes it against his skin as he hugs the phone even closer to his ear. “Yeah” Jensen whispers, contentedly. “I know I am.”

Ticking Time Bomb 5

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Language

Russian Terms:
Malyutka (Little One)
Moya Lyubov’ (My Love)

You’re a hot headed, risk taker, who doesn’t want to blend in, and doesn’t see the fascination in Captain America. When Fury black mails you into joining the team, he sends you under cover with Mr. America himself, and you couldn’t be more resentful. But what if you and Rogers have more in common than you ever imagined? You wouldn’t be stupid enough to fall for him, or would you?

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anonymous asked:


“I know we had a big fight but we still need to decorate the house for the holidays.“ 

“Bye guys!” You said, waving goodbye to Shawn’s family as they left the condo. “I’ll tell Shawn you said hi.”

“Tell Shawn he’s a loser because he missed out on some great Christmas movies.” Aaliyah yelled as they entered the elevator. You had Shawn’s family over for lunch today since it was getting close to Christmas and you just wanted to catch up. Shawn was supposed to be here too, but he had texted you a few minutes before everyone showed up and said he was going to be late in the studio and he was sorry. He’s been working on his Christmas album for the past few weeks and he’s been working in the studio over time for the past week but today was the last straw. He was supposed to be here today with his family, especially since it was the holidays now.

You sighed as you closed the door, looking around at your condo. There were only a few weeks until Christmas and you hadn’t even taken out the tree or any of the decorations and the houses just looked sad. It definitely didn’t look like Christmas around here and it definitely wasn’t making you any happier. On top of that the kitchen was a mess waiting to be cleaned from the lunch you just had with the Mendes family, and there was loads of laundry to do. Ignoring all your responsibilities, you let yourself fall into the couch and before you knew it you drifted off to sleep.

The sound of the door opening and closing woke you up, remembering everything that was happening before you feel asleep. You glanced at the clock on your phone, it was now 5:00 and Shawn was just getting home. He was supposed to be home just after his family left at 2:00, he was later than he should have been.

“Y/n?” You heard him call you, “Are you here?” You stayed silent as he walked into the living room, finally noticing you. “Hey babe, sorry I’m late.”

He leaned in to kiss you but you turned away, still very upset with him.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, completely obvious to the situation. He took the seat next to you as you scooted further away from him.

“You’re late, again.” You spit, “This is the 6th time this week.”

You rolled your eyes as he made up excuses for being late again, but you weren’t having it.

“No more excuses Shawn, i’m sick of them.” You muttered, cutting him off. “It’s like you’re never here anymore and I’m just tired! Do you not care anymore?”

“What? Y/n what are you talking about of course I care!” He exclaimed, running his hand through his hair multiple times. “Why would you say that?”

“You missed today’s lunch with your family, and then two days ago you missed my family’s Christmas party because you were working on your album! You have a life outside of work you know.” At this point, tears were streaming down your face.

“I know! But this is my job too Y/n, why are you acting like this all of a sudden?” He asked, trying to grab your hand but you pulled away.

“Because, Shawn! I feel like I’m alone in this relationship! Whenever I go out everyone always asks me where you are and I always have to tell them you’re in the studio or on tour or at an interview. I always get pity looks because you are never there and my family and your family notices too! Have you even noticed it’s a few weeks until Christmas? Have you done anything to prepare? No, I’ve done it all. I’m just tired of it Shawn.”

“Y/n,” he sighed,

“No Shawn, just-just go clean the kitchen or something. Just please, leave me alone for now.”

Shawn stood there, just watching you give up. He didn’t know what to say or do except do what you asked and clean the kitchen as you shut the door of the terrace for some time alone.

The sun was set by the time Shawn opened the doors, boxes full of decorations in his hands.


You turned to face him, his hair was a mess and he looked like he had been crying too. "I know we had a big fight but we still need to decorate the house for the holidays.”

You looked between the him and the box in his hands a few times before sighing and giving in to Shawn. You gave him a small smile before following him inside to set up the tree. At first, you were setting it up in a painfully awkward silence. Neither of you not really knowing what to say to each other. It wasn’t until you needed to put an ornament up high on the tree that you couldn’t reach.

“Shawn do you think you could help me please? I can’t reach up there.” You whispered, breaking the silence.

“Wha-oh yeah of course.” He swiftly lifted you up so you were at the proper height you needed to place the ornament.

“You can put me down now,” you giggled, noticing he was taking his time even though he clearly saw you were finished. You heard him ruffling around in a box before he let you down, still not letting go of his grip on your waist.

He goofily smiled at you, still with one arm behind his back and one holding you in place.

“Seriously, what are you doing?”

He raised his arm so it was over your head before you could see what he was holding. You looked up, noticing he was holding a small ball of mistletoe that you didn’t even know he owned.

“Shawn, no.” you sighed. You were still upset with him, despite the Christmas music softly playing in the background and the aroma of your favourite Christmas candle throughout the condo.

“Rules are rules Y/n.” he said before pressing his lips onto yours before you pulled away after a few seconds. You figured he would let you go but you were wrong.

“Shawn” you whined, “Let me go!”

“I just wanted to tell you I’m sorry, Y/n. And I know you don’t believe me because I always say I’m sorry, but this time it’s sincere. It’s the holidays and I’m supposed to be spending time here, with you and with our families. I told Andrew I’m going to work on the rest of the album in a few days, here at home. I’m sorry I haven’t been the best boyfriend lately but I’m going to try my best to be the best for you-”

You cut his rambling off by kissing him again, hopefully letting him know he was forgiven.

“So, are we okay?” he asked once you pulled away.

“We’re definitely okay.”


Fic Request: 
“Ey ey ey, can ya do a Fic where Ethan has difficulty trying to sleep and the reader tries to soothe him to sleep?” 

Hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by jiminy-krispies

You glanced at the clock on the living room wall. It was late, very late, and if you don’t go to bed soon, this’ll be the third night in a row you haven’t properly slept. 
But despite that fact, you settled back onto the couch and presumed reading. 
The house was dark and quiet. The only sound in the room was the faint ticking of the clock and the slight scraping noise the page made when you turned it. 
So you didn’t have a valid excuse to be startled by Ethan’s form entering the living room. 
You should have at least heard him coming down the hallway. But he seemed as stealthy as he looked tired. 
“You’re still up?” He asked, stifling a yawn. 
You nodded, “Why are you still awake? You went to bed hours ago.” 
“To be honest with you, I haven’t slept.” He told you, collapsing on the couch by your feet. Despite the exhaustion lining his eyes, Ethan looked very much awake. 
“I saw the light on when I went to the bathroom,” He continued. “I thought you would have gone to bed already.” 
“Can’t sleep either,” You admitted. 
You half shrugged, “Insomnia is a bitch.” 
He chuckled quietly.
Silence settled between the two of you. Then he moved, crawling so he lay alongside your body, resting his head on your stomach. 
You didn’t object, but the sudden closeness made your cheeks blush a little. 

He relaxed against you, closing his eyes, listening to the gentle intakes of your breathing. 
After a few minutes, he was still restless. His tense shoulders refused to release and he kept moving his legs. 
So, you began to sing. Softly humming a tune that filled the empty space of the room. 
Ethan had never heard you sing before. You had always refused, even when he offered to sing with you. 
In your mind, your voice was nothing special. But to him, it was soothing. Such a lovely sound that eased his racing mind and released the tension in his shoulders.
You continued reading, your voice absently rising and falling. After a while you heard another sound mix with your voice, and you looked down at Ethan. 
He was snoring. Very quietly breathing in his slumber. 
You grinned and brushed his blue hair from his fore head. Your fingers running through the soft strands. 
In his sleep, Ethan wrapped his arms around your body. Pulling himself closer to you and mumbling unintelligibly.
Sighing, you returned to reading your book. 

Mark walked out into the living room the next morning to find both of you on the couch. You had fallen asleep with the book lying on your chest, while Ethan was in the same position with his head on your stomach. 
Very quietly, Mark raised his phone and snapped a picture.
Twitter would go wild over this.

You Abandoned Me-Part Two (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Summary: Now that Steve has left (Y/N) to help Bucky she doesn’t know who her friends are anymore. Tony tries to console her but is dealing with similar problems of his own.

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader, Tony Stark x Reader (platonic)

Meaning: (Y/N)= Your name
(Y/L/N)= Your last name

Warnings: Sad Tony (cause let’s face it, his emotions and feelings are usually put to the side)

It seemed odd to be repeating the same actions as Steve had just done before he stormed out on me. Packing a bag of my things like he did made it seem like I too was walking out of this relationship. Stepping into the bathroom, I flicked the light on almost giving myself a heart attack when I faced my reflection. Makeup was in the wrong places, my eyes were puffy and bloodshot, not to mention the bright, red cheeks from rubbing my tears away. Ignoring my face for now, I gathered up my toiletries, trying to not look at anything that was his.

I knew that I wasn’t leaving the flat for good, I loved that place more than words could express. Steve was my first serious boyfriend, the others hadn’t got this far with me. We dated for two years before deciding to live together. I grew up in England so I knew nothing about America’s geography. Steve suggested somewhere in Brooklyn where he grew up. I would have lived in a cardboard box as long as I was with him. It was a big step for us but an exciting one. Now everywhere I looked just reminded me of Steve.

Sighing, I picked up my bag before closing and locking the door. My feet slowly carried me down the steps and into the garage for the block of flats. Nothing was really registering in my mind, the whole car journey only seemed like a couple of minutes when really it must have been at least half an hour. The ever so familiar tower came into view, outshining all buildings surrounding it. Parking my car inside, I took a deep breath before getting out.

The tower was like another home me for me. Steve had introduced me to the others at one of Tony’s famous parties. Luckily for me I got along with everyone and was soon being invited back, and not just for parties. Steve and I would sometimes stay here or I would by myself when he was away on missions. The Avengers had become my family, now I was hoping that whoever was left here would welcome me back.

“Welcome back Miss (Y/L/N).” the oh so missed robotic voice of FRIDAY announced as I stepped into the lift.

“Thank you FRIDAY, it has been a while.”

“I have informed Mr Stark of your arrival and shall take you to him now.”

The lift took me to the floor where Tony’s lab was situated. I hesitated at the glass doors, watching as he typed something into his tablet. With Bruce gone after the battle with Ultron, Tony had no lab partner, he would spend days up there alone, buried in his research. I tried to get him to come out but some days he would not budge. Tapping on the glass gently I saw Tony’s head whip round before smiling and entering the code to let me in. As soon as I stepped in he was hugging me. He too looked beaten up, even more than Steve was.

“I am so sorry for what he did to you.” he mumbled, squeezing me right.

Surprisingly, Tony and I had gotten very close. Neither of us could put our fingers on it, we didn’t have much in common. Perhaps it all started when Tony wanted another party and when no one agreed I was the only one who wanted one too. Besides that, I could see that he was broken. He too had been through a lot though it wasn’t a competition. I tried to help him when no one would comfort him or just listen to him baffle. When Steve was away on a mission, I would sit in the lab with Tony if he too was at the tower; he would sometimes explain his new inventions even if I didn’t understand, talk to each other or sit in comfortable silence as I read a book.

I forced myself not to cry.“I just can’t believe what’s happened this week. I don’t even know the full story.”

“It’s a very long one.” he pulled away, leaning on a desk.

“I know it has a lot to do with those damn records.”

“Those stupid pieces of paper broke apart what was supposed to be a super team. And I know you weren’t sure of them either.”

“Well I had no say in it. It was all of your decisions. But I knew they were trouble.”

He changed the topic slightly.“So capsicle didn’t tell you anything?”

“He was there one minute then gone the next. I couldn’t get anything out of him.”

He ran a hand over his face.“Long story short, we disagreed over the Sokovia records, I wanted to sign them whereas he didn’t and it all went downhill from there. Wider soldier shows up, Steve hides him away from the government and we all fight.”

He was silent for a moment.

“Turns out he killed my parents.”

“Bucky killed your parents?”

“HYDRA took him out of the ice and sent him on a mission. Some nut job desperately wanted that mission report to get me and Bucky to fight. His family was killed back when we fought Ultron, something about wanting revenge.”

I was speechless. Despite the brief description it escalated quickly. I had no idea of how much actually went on, my friends fighting over some records instead of talking about it, plus the return of Steve’s best friend….I wanted to hate Bucky. Maybe if he hadn’t shown up this problem wouldn’t have gotten so big, maybe they could have resolved it. There was obvious jealousy as well, Steve had chosen a psycho murderer over his girlfriend. There was no telling when he would come back.

“Are you just going to leave me out of the story?” I heard another voice as the doors slid open.

“Rhodey! Oh my god, what happened?!” I exclaimed as he slowly walked in on crutches and leg braces.

“Accident during the fight. Got hit whilst in the suit, dropped right out of the sky.”

“How are you not dead?” I gasped as I hugged him.

“I’m sorry for being such a strong soldier.”

“I didn’t mean it like that.” I sadly smiled as I pulled away.

“But check out the new legs, designed by Mr Tony Stank himself.”


Tony groaned.“Don’t even ask.”

Tony took me to my room in the tower though I was hesitant to go in. Steve and I shared this, it still had some of our stuff in it. As I placed down my bag, my gaze went to the desk. There was a picture frame with my favourite picture of us in it; Steve had been away on a long mission and the team had no idea when he was coming back, when he finally did I was the first to run out to the landing bay and throw myself on him. Someone had captured the moment for us. It just showed our love for each other in one photo.

Slumping down on the edge of the bed, I took one more glance around the room before looking up at Tony. He was already looking at me with a stern look on his face.

“Are you sure you want to be in here?” He asked.

I sighed.“I’m not sure. This feels homely but at the same time it doesn’t.”

He walked up to me.“You know you can have a pick of any other room seeing as no one occupies them anymore.”

My heart twisted at his words.“I’m so sorry that they’re gone Tony. I know you were trying to keep everyone together.”

“I’m sorry too. They were your family as well as mine.”

He sat down next to me and we were in comfortable silence before I spoke out suddenly.

“I hate Bucky Barnes.”

He turned to face me, slowly nodding.

“Yeah, me too.”

“I know you have a bit more reason to, seeing as he…yeah, well, as soon as he arrived things turned to even more shit. Steve used to talk about him all the time and after he showed up a couple years ago, I was excited to meet him. Of course I couldn’t though, seeing as he was brainwashed and all. But from what Steve had said about him and how Bucky cared for him…urgh, this is just too much for me to handle.”

Tony’s arm went around my shoulders and I hugged him back.“There’s nothing we can do now.”

I started to cry again.“You should have heard how he spoke to me Tony. I’ve never seen him the angry, it was like he was annoyed with me. And now he’s gone and I don’t know when he’s coming back…if he’s coming back.”

Tony stayed quiet as he let me ramble.

“I want to hate Steve too but I can’t. And I think that’s hurting me the most. He can just easily walk away from it all with no seond thought whereas I’m left here a sobbing mess.”

We sat together on the bed, Tony’s hand rubbing soothing, circular motions on my back. I took a deep breath, sitting up straight as I wiped away the tears.

“I’m sorry Tony. I’m just a mess. Thank you for being such a great friend though. I don’t know what would have happened if I stayed cooped up in that apartment.”

“Any time. Thank you for listening to me too. Look, it’s still early in the evening, I’ll order us takeout and we’ll hang out.”

“Thanks.” I sniffled.


It had been a week since Steve left. Since then I had tried to continue as normal; going to work, seeing some friends (I didn’t dare tell them that Steve was gone) and helping Tony try to get back to his usual self, or at least close to that. I hadn’t been back to the flat either. Every time I thought about going I chickened out, it was too much to handle. Tony never asked about it either. That was something I was grateful for, Tony knew that I wouldn’t want to talk about it though I was starting to worry about him. He was becoming more reclusive, staying up in his lab all day. That was until he joined me for breakfast.

“This came for you today.” he handed me an envelope before walking over to the coffee machine.

My name was scribbled on the front and I could recognise the handwriting anywhere. My hands started to tremble as I kept on staring at it. I could feel Tony’s presence and I knew he was waiting. Slowly I opened it up, sliding out the letter hidden inside:

To my best girl,

My actions from the last time we saw each other were out of order. I never thought that I would be that way towards you but I was, I’ll never forgive myself for that. No one expected anything like this to happen. I want you to know that you have made the past three years the best years of my life and I will forever regret walking away from it all. But please understand that I was scared, scared for the team, scared for Bucky and scared for you. This may sound like goodbye, I assure you it isn’t. I could never forget you and I never will.

I will love you forever,

I had read it all in his voice, soaking in everything that was written down. I could imagine him writing this and I hoped it was with great difficulty. My emotions clashed together, not sure whether to be happy that he had thought about me or angry that he contacted me a week later with a letter. He could have text or called, that way I could have heard his voice. He said that it wasn’t goodbye.

So why did I feel like I would never see him again?

The Story of Us

Prologue || 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 

✮ Chapter Six: Balance ✮

Word Count: 7541

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮

Monday sees Riley return to classes at Hillford High. At lunch she enters the cafeteria with Mabel and they sit together, later to be joined by Lucas, Thomas and Tristan. 

The conversation is - like it was all last week - basically just the boys talking to the girls as it was obvious the three family members were always in each others business so it wasn’t as if a simple ‘How was your weekend, what did you get up to?’ would suffice between them. 

They were so in each others business that Riley wonders how Lucas has a place that’s secret and separate from his cousins. How does he explain away the time? These are all thoughts that bounce around Rliey’s head and pull away her attention like a trance. 

“Earth to Riley,” Thomas snaps in the brunettes face to which she shakes her head in shock and quickly swats away his hand. 

“Where is it you went just now?” Tristan asks with a small smile. 

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How the Reunion in EOS Should have Gone Down
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Elide:</b> Well we were originally on a boat, but then we had to cross this marshland...<p/><b>Aelin:</b> Wait. Would you say you were...<p/><b>Rowan:</b> Fireheart no<p/><b>Aelin:</b> Rowan rowan rowan your boat, gently down the stream...?<p/><b>Rowan:</b> Stop<p/><b>Aelin:</b> Lorcan found out he had a fake and Elide heard him scream!<p/><b>Lorcan:</b> ...You should have just let them kill me once I put my shields down *gestures at Gavriel and Fenrys*<p/></p><p/></p>
Sherlock x Reader: Meet The Family

Request by anon: ‘Hi! Can I request a Sherlock x Reader one shot where the reader meets Sherlock’s parents and Mycroft? Thanks, love your blog.’

A/N: This is a great idea! Thank you for the request. This is my first request as well. x

Warnings: Panic attack.

“Y/N!” You heard a voice yell from upstairs. You sighed and climbed up stairs before putting the milk you had bought from the shop into the fridge beside a severed head. You were not surprised by body parts lying around the flat anymore.

“Y/N,” Sherlock repeated. He was putting on his long coat and wrapping a scarf around his neck. “Now the milk is there I will not have anywhere to put the thumbs!”

“Well Sherlock,” You said putting your hands on your hips. “When you start buying the milk, then you can complain where it gets put.” He rolled his eyes.

“It will go off while we are away. Don’t take your coat off, Y/N. We are going out. I have packed your suitcase and we are catching the next train.”

“I’m sorry?”

“The suitcase is on the bed. A taxi is taking us to the train station, do hurry up. I will explain on the train.”


“Sherlock answer me!” You were sat on the train, the scenery whizzing by. Sherlock had not yet told you the meaning of the visit or where you were going.

“Mind palace, Y/N,” Was his reply.

“You’re not in your mind palace! If you were you would not do it on a train as it is ‘too distracting’ and you would have told me to go away.” He sighed.

“We are going to see my family,” He mumbled.

“I’m sorry?”

“Family Y/N! We are seeing my family. My mother, father and… Brother.”

“I didn’t even know you had a brother!” You said smiling. “Sherlock this is wonderful! Wait are they like you? Will they like me? I’m not as smart as you are, is that a problem? I’m not even dressed that nice! What will I do?” You put your head in your hands.

“I’m sure they’ll like you Y/N,” Sherlock reassured you, putting a hand on your arm. “Maybe not Mycroft. He’s like me in the fact that we hate everyone. Mycroft, who is practically the British Government and I’m not exaggerating, found out about you and let it slip to my parents. So naturally, they wanted to meet my girlfriend.“ You smiled at this. You were about to ask him another question but you knew he probably wasn’t listening.


Fifteen minutes. There were fifteen minutes left of the train journey and you were stressing out. Your breathing became heavy and you were feeling light headed.

“Y/N, are you okay?” Sherlock asked raising an eyebrow at you.

“Yeah,” You replied with a fake smile plastered to your face. “Excuse me.” You practically jumped up from your seat and ran into the train’s toilet and locked the door. Luckily for you, it was free. Tears were running down your face and your breathing was becoming uncontrollable. Thoughts were running through your head. You managed to get your breathing under control however tears were still cascading down your beautiful face. You thought of Sherlock and what he would say so you quickly dried your eyes and made sure you looked okay before returning to him. You had never had a panic attack in front of him before so you were scared he would call you weak.

“Y/N…” He said when he returned.

“What is it?” You said trying to give a convincing smile.

“You know what it is.”

“Well I’m fine.”

“No. You’re not.”

“Sherlock leave it!” You snapped. “Sorry,” you mumbled when a look of hurt flashed across his face. He gave you a look of sympathy. “Can we just forget it happened?”



After grabbing your luggage and leaving the train Sherlock wrapped his arms around you.

“I know you’re scared of what I think of you.”


“No Y/N, let me speak. I know you think that I do not love you or think of you as weak but I do not. I respect you and you know I do not respect many people. I have not lost any respect for you just because of this.”

“Sherlock I-”

“Y/N. I thought I was not capable of love and I considered myself as heartless but you have proved my hypothesis to be incorrect. So I love you. And love is caring for someone no matter what.” You smiled and hugged him tighter.


You both arrived at the Holmes residence which was a beautiful country house. Sherlock knocked on the door and it swung open. An elderly woman stood there.

“Sherlock!” She said and threw her arms around him. “I have missed you.”

“Hello mummy,” He said as quiet as possible. ‘Mummy?’ You thought to yourself. However much he tried to deny it, you could now always say he was a mummy’s boy.

“And this must be Y/N!” She said pulling away from Sherlock. Sherlock moved out the way so you could meet his mother.  

“Hello Mrs Holmes,” You said smiling and you held out your hand. She ignored your hand and hugged you as well.

“Beautiful as well as kind. Sherlock, just wait until she sees your father!” She scuttled into the kitchen when you glanced at Sherlock who was given you a smile of reassurance.

“I told you she’d like you,” He said.

“Oh please Sherlock,” you replied. “She’s only just met me. I haven’t even met your dad or brother yet!” He was about to say something before Mr Holmes came.

“Ah this must be Y/N,” He said with a beaming smile and held out his hand.

“It’s nice to meet you Mr Holmes,” You said returning the smile. He then greeted his son.

“Mycroft dear!” Mrs Holmes shouted to someone upstairs. “Do come down and meet Y/N”

“Why?” You heard a voice shout back. “I know everything about her already!” He had a very posh voice.

“If I say come down, it means come down!” She shook her head. “Honestly, he thinks that because he runs the country he runs this house! Well I can tell you he is not.” She chuckled. “Where are my manners? Would you like a cup of tea?” As soon as she spoke a tall man came downstairs.

“Miss Y/N L/N,” He said and you shook hands. “We meet at last. Hello Sherlock.”

“Hello Mycroft,” The younger Holmes brother replied. There was a brief moment of silence between them. You could tell there was tension between the two.

“Oh do get on boys!” Mrs Holmes said. “Y/N doesn’t need your sibling rivalry while she’s here! Now how about that cup of tea?”


After dinner, the Holmes parents had gotten the photo albums out. Sherlock had refused to stay and look at the pictures out of embarrassment.

“… And this is Sherlock when he first got his violin,” Sherlock’s mum said proudly. “He has always been a star on the strings.”

“No,” Said Mycroft. “He really wasn’t. You should have heard him when he was first learning. Dreadful.”

“Oh and here is one where Mycroft met his baby brother or the first time!” She said which shut Mycroft up.

“And this is where I leave you,” Mycroft got up and left the room.

“They were adorable,” You commented on the photos she had just shown her. “I think I’m going to go and see how Sherlock is.” You smiled at the pair and went to find your lover.

“How do you find Y/N?” Mrs Holmes asked her husband when you left the room.

“I love her,” He replied. “She is kind, intelligent, has a good sense of humour and I never thought Sherlock would meet someone who would make him truly happy.”

“I feel the same. We may even have a chance at having grandkids!”


You knocked on the door to Sherlock’s bedroom and you heard him mumble come in. He was sat in a chair at a desk in the corner of the room reading a book.

“Your parents are lovely,” You stated. “And your brother is an… Interesting character.” He chuckled.

“And I told you they would love you,” He replied. “I was right once again.”

is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?

Group : BTS

Member : Jimin

Word Count : 1323 

Genre : pure smut, drabble 

Description : you’re naked on his bed as he comes home from work. 

a/n : requested by @jiminniemouse​ for the drabble game 


Originally posted by jiminstrash

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I deserve better 3 || Stiles Stilinski (xTheo)

word count:1291

A/N:Finally a third part! I hope you enjoyed this one and if you want I will do a fourth part!Sorry it took so long, school is keeping me busy :(

part one part two



Stiles wanted to be with her at the moment. He was wrong; he realized that when he had lost you. The feelings he had .. he did not have any romantic feelings towards Lydia anymore, it was Y/N he actually loved. He realized that everytime he saw her and Theo in the hallways and everytime there was something that reminded him of you. Every friday night he would think about how you two would usually spend it together ; or when you tried to figure out something , and you got stuck she would always help him.

His heart was hurting, and yes physically. It was like loosing a part of himself and the sad part was that he did not notice how much he needed you before you left him. „What have I done..“, he mumbled and let himself fall onto his bed. His mind was always full of you ; he thought about how sick you looked at school today. What had Theo done to her? What kind of a chimera? Or maybe something else? Were you okay, or was Theo hurting you? Was he playing with you and using you for his benefits or did he actually like you? And even more important, if he liked you, did you like him back?

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A Foolproof Plan

Rating: G -T; for comic mischief.

Pairing: EreAni, Eren x Annie. Hints of other pairings.

Summary: How would Annie Leonhart ask her date to the Sadie Hawkin’s Dance? Here’s how! (No guarantees that it will all go smoothly… especially when your friends are idiots.)

Word Count: 1678

A/N: I love the RBA trio. Btw, this is slightly crack lol. That is all.

“Have you asked anyone to Sadies yet?”

If Annie Leonhart had to hear that question one more time…

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The Sun Will Set || Part 7 || BTS Gang AU ||

Originally posted by toniattihesselschward

A/N: Hey guys! I’m officially continuing with TSWS after recovering from jetlag and accepting the fact that I’m not in Korea anymore (okay, I haven’t accepted it yet). This chapter isn’t quite as action packed as the last few, but I hope you enjoy it just as much. As per usual, I’ll go ahead and shamelessly beg you to give me feedback and send in some messages letting me know what you thought of this chapter. I love all of you and I’m so grateful that you’ve stuck around this long for this series. <3


Summary: After a series of unfortunate events, you’ve found yourself under the care and protection of your city’s most notorious gang: BTS.

Word Count: 2,239

Genre: Angst, Drama, and some Fluff (but mostly Angst)

Warnings: Deep discussions I guess?

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Epilogue |

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