you should have been on skype tonight

i-am-never-getting-my-life-back  asked:

hiya sol😊just wanted to stop by and say that you're amazing. you're one of my best friends and i honestly have no idea what i would do without you. you're such an amazing person and you deserve all the happiness in the world❤️i love you so much! ps: don't forget to smile :) it's gorgeous and everyone should see it. pps: how's that one guy you like? we haven't talked about him lately. ppps: you free tonight? bc we haven't skyped in like 4 days ugh 😩 pppps: i hope i embarrassed you w/ this


and for the pps I think I like someone else I’ve kinda been liking him for a good good while but I’ve just been having mixed feelings BUT ILL TELL YOU MORE LATER XXX