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waiting for confirmation that finn is force sensitive is more than just a simple desire to see the character you love getting special abilities. finn is a very important character in the new star wars trilogy, who leads the movie TOGETHER WITH REY ALL ALONG but people only care about rey and kylo. holding a blue lightsaber in trailers and posters, finn was a bait to conceal the fact that the white character is the REAL one who’s with the force, and he gets defeated humiliatingly for the last fight between two white characters, which is the only lightsaber battle lots of people care about. they tricked us into thinking that a black character is force sensitive and possibly a jedi before the movie came out, but still there are enough chances to make it real. hoping for finn to be force sensitive doesn’t mean you don’t like the way he is. you want finn, a black lead character to get what he should get in the movies.

Things we should’ve learned by now in the Yuri on Ice fandom

1- We never know what the staff of YOI will throw at us in the next minute

2- We are never prepared for whatever it is they give us

3- The canon makes headcanons/imagines/fanfics/fanarts look like nothing, meaning, we get way more than anything we could ever make up

4- We’re all screaming and typing wrong but we understand each other, because we can all feel it

Feel free to add more if you can remember


For the anon whom I promised Niall fluff to the other day: this is my gift to you. ❤️

“But Niall, look at her!

You were cradling your newborn baby girl in your arms as you looked at your husband, distress coloring your features. Your baby was fast asleep in your arms—she had your lips and Niall’s nose, and a mixture of both your stubbornness.

She was a tough baby, in the sense that it had been incredibly difficult to get her used to any kind of sleep schedule. She cried at all hours of the night and had a very difficult temperament at that time, so you took the whole “when baby’s sleeping mom should be sleeping” thing very seriously.

You had to admit, caring for a baby was difficult. You and Niall had never felt exhaustion like it before—you had been sleeping in no more than three hour increments for the past two months, and it was all catching up to you. You had bags under your eyes like never before, and sometimes it took everything you had inside of you to keep up a simple conversation. Sometimes you would walk into the kitchen, baby in your arms, and catch your husband half-asleep as he brewed the coffee.

It took it’s toll on the both of you, but it was completely worth it.

“C’mon babe, give’er to me,” Niall reached for the baby in your arms, causing you to huff stubbornly.

“Don’t wanna,” you complained, cradling her closer to your chest and nuzzling your nose against the top of her sleeping baby head.

You had been cooped up in the house ever since your daughter had been born. It had been two months since you stepped foot out of your home—you gave your one hundred percent into motherhood, and you were getting the hang of taking care of your baby for sure. But there were times when Niall would have to kindly remind you to shower, or make you eat something before going to sleep because you hadn’t eaten anything all day.

You were drained, and it had been so long since you’d done something for yourself. Which is why Niall had scheduled this brunch with one of your best friends.

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Important Patch Updates :

Sims facial features should no longer adjust after selecting a different eye color swatch.

  • Blue eyes? Of course sir, let me just push your nose this way a touch. No? Then brown eyes? Yes, wonderful choice sir. Let me just pull your jaw out a bit. No? But sir, no need to raise your voice, you chose brown, not me. If you wanted your jaw to stay chiseled you should have chosen green!

Sims will no longer get a whim to get married if they are already married.

  • It’s simple folks, “Happy spouse, happy house.”

Along those lines (the texting part)… Children should no longer receive inappropriate text messages from adults.

  • We have fixed various possible ways in which children might receive inappropriate text messages… if you are still seeing this issue, please let us know.

With cheats turned on, you should now be able to modify NPCs in Create a Sim by shift clicking on them and choosing “Modify in CAS”.

  • My town? Hawaiian shirts and bunny slippers!

drama-mamma-j  asked:

Thank you SO MUCH for keeping politics off your blog! You'd think people would realize we need a break from all that. That's why we watch shows like SPN, and participate in blogs like yours, to get away from that unpleasantness. So, thanks again (and bless you) for allowing us a much-needed escape : )

You’re welcome…

There are enough politics in this show about who should rule Heaven, Hell, Earth, and generally Supernatural. Cas vs. The Angels; Crowley vs. Lucifer; BMOL vs. Winchesters/MOL & Hunters and even sometimes Sam vs. Dean…

ksakura48  asked:

Boom! Us Papyrus, Ut sans, and UF skelebros suddenly switch species with their human S/O. (Example: skelebro is now human and S/O is now a skeleton monster) what are their reactions?

Warning: Will and can get nsfw, but mostly PG-13

Btw, this ask reminds me of this fic. You should give it a read! Quick warning though, it’s explicit. 



Woah…this is weird. There’s so much…skin??? Before he goes to test out his new body, Sans clumsily stumbles over to you to make sure you’re okay and……woah. You’re hot. Like seriously fucking hot. You’re flustered and shy about your new body, but all Sans wants to do is jump your bones, and he does. Afterwards, he takes you to Alphys to figure something out. But he’s in no rush, you’re absolutely breathtaking, plus he likes to explore his new body, though to be honest, he prefers being a skeleton. You humans have so much….meat, how do you even deal. After that though, you two are totally boning. 



Shit, now that he has lungs, he can’t smoke to ease the edge off this whole situation. Well…maybe one won’t kill him. Just as he is about to light it, you walk in the room, completely naked and panicked, and his cigar just drops. Holy shit. You’re hot. You’re really hot, how is he supposed to handle this? But he pulls himself back together, while making flirtatious jokes and puns, and helps you get dressed. Once you’re presentable, Stretch tries to teleport to Undyne, before realizing that he can’t use magic anymore and gets the car with a pout. After the examination, Papy will spend hours memorizing every single one of your skeletal features. 



…..Huh. Yeah, okay you’re panicking, but maybe you can get your human body back if he bones you. A lot. Multiple times. In many different positions. Please. Then again, you’re a skeleton now and might now know how to use magic to form the genitals, but if your skeletal body is anything like his, he can still figure something out. Please smack him in the head to return him to his senses. Red doesn’t want to ask Alphys for any favors, so he tries to figure out what’s going on himself and tries to fix it. It might take a while, but he thinks he can do it. It might help if you get in bed with him though~ You smack him again. 


Fell is utterly, devotedly in love….with himself. I mean, check out his hot bod! Yeah he was hot as a skeleton before, but DAMN he’s still hot as a human, you’re going to need a fire extinguisher. Fell doesn’t barely spares a glance at you (yeah you’re beautiful my love, but have you seen my abs? I have abs!) He’s not sure if he wants to change back, but when he discovers the, ahem, bowel movement, and all the maintenance needed to keep a human body, Fell picks you up, rushes to Alphys, and demands her to fix him. It takes a while, but when she does, Fell is glad to have his old body back. 


Karrie: We should definitely do this a lot more often. Never knew bowling could be so much fun!

Gianna: You need to get out more, dude. But I agree, it should become tradition. Like, every weekend we just come here and kill it!

Karrie: You basically read my thoughts. I mean, are you watching Angela? She’s practically a natural!

Gianna: I think she secretly comes here without us just to practice.

Karrie: (chuckles) I wouldn’t doubt it.

Balancing Writing & College

Anonymous asked: “I had an idea to a novel 6 months ago and I started writing it immediately. I started writing during my spring semester at college but I came across a problem. Every time I sit down to focus on homework I end up continuing writing the story. I ended up getting inspiration and a great need to write at odd hours when I should be sleeping so I can get up for class. How can one manage college and a story? I don’t know what to do to manage it but my life is kind of being controlled by the story.”

To be honest, you’re probably asking the wrong person. 

During undergrad, I was always very methodical about schoolwork and writing. I didn’t write until my schoolwork for the day was done. I tended to start early - it actually baffles me now, but I used to start homework at 7 am. I’m not creative that early in the morning, but I could read and take notes and memorize Ancient Greek vocabulary - whatever I needed to do. I would decide in advance what homework I would be doing that day and plan it out for the week. That way I wasn’t working all day and then, I’d leave time for writing- usually in the early evening. I didn’t have a full-time job. I was away from family. I had time and the ability to focus. I was lucky.

When I am entirely unhelpful, I like to open up this question to my followers who are so knowledgable and helpful. How do you try to balance writing and college?

Writing a cover letter to an agent

An agent gets over a hundred. submissions per week. With that many submissions, a bad cover letter can be enough to get you thrown into the trash pile without the agent even reading your story.

On Tuesday I had a lecture by three agents, who told us a little bit about how to write your cover letter. I am going to share the tips with you.

*Get the names right. This sounds basic, but you’d be surprised how many get this wrong.

*It should contain three chapters of your story. Unless you are writing non-fiction, in which case they want a chapter breakdown as well. There is no point in sending in a script if your whole novel isn’t finished. They won’t take you on.

*The synopsis is not important. They just want a short summary of the story.

*If you are in a writing group, writing class, etc. Mention it. They like to see that you are serious about your writing.

*State which genre you are writing in.

*If you can, compare your story to other successful novels.

*Number your pages.

*Don’t try to be funny.  And no gimmicks.

*AVOID sending your script in April and December. These are busy months, and they don’t have time to read a lot.

I hope this was helpful. Good luck with your writing! Follow me for more tips. <3

anonymous asked:

I'm glad you can stan Hillary without being all negative about Bill because some blogs are really nasty towards their relationship and say it's fake an all. What do you think about that? Why do they deny the evidence that she truly loves him?

I guess people feel defensive of Hillary with the way Bill has treated her in the past and there’s the whole notion that she “deserves better” and I do kinda get where are people are coming from with that because of course, I think she deserves the world. But I think it’s not really up to anyone else to decide that for her, and you only have to take one look at how they are around each other to see the way they light each other up and clearly found the world in each other. He makes her so happy and that makes me happy, and if she as his wife can forgive him and move on from the past then I think the rest of us should definitely be able to as well.

And yeah I think some people will always be determined to believe their relationship is fake no matter what, either because they’d rather she was with someone else or because admitting their love is real doesn’t fit in with their preconceived ideas and judgements that they’ve already boxed them into I guess. I don’t really understand how anyone can really convince themselves it’s completely fake though. It’s definitely an incredibly complicated relationship but that’s what makes it so fascinating, and it’s definitely rooted in a huge amount of love and I think anyone whether they admit it or not can see that

anonymous asked:

Why do you always use "Ruptly" as source?

Hi, I sometimes use Ruptly as a source because they often cover stuff like strikes, antifascist (counter-)demos, riots etc that other media ignore, even if it’s in their own countries. 

Yes, of course I know Ruptly is part of Russia Times and therefore everything they report on should be looked at with the knowledge that they have a clear Russian state bias. Of course, this goes for any news source, you should always consider the bias of the source you’re getting your news from, even if RT is way worse of course than many others. 

That said, while RT and Ruptly probably report on demonstrations, labor protests and antifascist stuff because it makes the EU and the US look unstable or internally divided and stuff like that, that doesn’t mean that those protests/demos/riots aren’t real or important! You just have to keep a skeptical eye out for when they start editorialising, because RT (and many others) are full of shit.

Like, don’t watch fox or cnn without taking into account their american bias, and their us partisan bias. Don’t use BBC without acknowledging their British bias and their pathological need to seem balanced, don’t watch AFP without remembering theyre french and have no problem with french colonialism, don’t watch NOS without remembering their Dutch state/Dutch royalty bias, don’t watch al-jazeera without keeping in mind they’re funded by Qatar, etc. 

This should be basic media literacy, but I only get people trying to be clever on my posts about RT, for some reason. also, keep in mind that most of these news sources benefit by supporting the status quo of liberal capitalism, because that is the system they are working in and making their money from.

grand-duc  asked:

How much do you bet that Obi-Wan, in puzzled frustration, once told Anakin something along the line of "You have so much talent, I don't understand why you waste your time with droids*?" (*pick interest that Obi-Wan doesn't approve of of you choice)

I accept that head canon. Obi-Wan sees droids as potentially useful tools, but he doesn’t understand Anakin’s treatment of them. He cares about them like they’re living beings. He’s constantly tinkering with them when he should be meditating or something Jedi approved. Obi-Wan also suspects Anakin’s stockpile of spare droid parts to be a clear violation of Jedi rules about possessions, but, since he  actually uses them to improve temple property, he pretty much gets away with it.

WonderBat Headcannon

Diana is feeling down from having a hard day from seeing all the hate people have had around her. She sees how badly everyone treated each other when they should be loving each other. Even though she’s off her island for awhile she still gets home sick and worried.

She sits on the couch wearing a comfortable long sleeve and sweats. Hearing a knock on her door she sees it’s Bruce. He was dressed up and clean, not to mention he smelt fantastic.

“Hello princess…a little birdy told me you could use a night out.” Bruce smiles.

“And you showed up yourself, no Alfred invitation.” She smirks.

“Nope, I’m here live in the flesh.” He chuckled.

“Let me get ready.”

She allows Bruce in and take a bit of time to get ready and is dressed up just as beautifully as she always was. A blazer and nice black jeans.

He takes her out and to what shocks her the most is when they’re at a small town karaoke restaurant. She questions him and he doesn’t answer. Soon after they begin talking and she speaks of her day the host speaks into the microphone, “We were lucky enough to have Mr. Bruce Wayne join us tonight with his lovely date, he filled in for a spot. The floor is all yours sir.”

Diana’s eyes are wide as Bruce takes off his black blazer and hangs it on the chair. He walks onto the stage and music begins playing as he begins singing, “Am I blue?…”

Diana listens to the whole song in awe and Bruce makes eye contact with her he whole time. He makes her night and the idea of people actually being terrible disappears due to Bruce’s sweet actions.

You know, I’ve never seen a ‘you can multiship and still be Swen’ post. Someone wiser than me asked me why I’d let people take it. Why I used to like something that now just makes me sad?

They don’t own it. The staunchest defenders of Swan Queen can’t hold the whole ship in some kind of gold star femslash chains.

But I don’t know if I want the fight or the argument. I can just let it go. I ship Dragon Queen more than anything, and in the twisted mess of Once tribalism, I can be CS and ship that. I can be OQ and ship that. I can’t be SQ.

Or I could, and fuck the people who draw the lines. I don’t even get enjoyment from SQ fic anymore.

That’s me. Something I used to like is no longer for me because I wrote DOQ and CS. Terrible vile awful things. (You should see how goddamn fluffy they are.)

mathewryf  asked:

Now for the REAL question: will Aurora be the first character you create using it? :P


Originally posted by trollitics

and then secondly Aurora. And then thirdly @nanabriere‘s Spazz. And then CC.

But watch it’s not going to be as customizable as we think and I won’t get to make any of my characters. But it should still be fun!

I have sort of been trying bullet journaling the past two weeks, I havent done the whole way with like monthly and yearly planning because that’s too much for me right now. So I’ve sticked to just the daily spreads for now.

I don’t know if it’s really helping me getting things done, but it does help reduce small doses of anxiety/stress because the system is very forgiving when it comes to cancelled plans or when I feel like I have so much stuff I should do but I don’t remember most of what it is.

I remember never really using planners/calendars etc as a kid, mainly because I forgot to even use them - basically any notebook that wasnt a sketchbook were barely ever used.

The whole point of a so called “BuJo” is that you make it yourself, which makes it possible for me to use the same notebook for both drawing, writing and bullet journaling. I have a spread covering four days of planning - but I write the daily tasks/lists one day in advance and not more than that. Then during those four days I can use the remaining blank pages for whatever the fuck I want, and once I’ve reached the 4th day on the spread I can go and make a new spread for the next four days.

Only issue I’m having right now is that I usually only check my lists during the end of the day, meaning I easily forget to complete certain tasks. But knowing my ADHD, that’s mainly a matter of making it a habit to open up my notebook and check my list at the beginning of the day.

It’s fun tho. It is fun, gives me another reason to use my fountain pens.<3

bluebellcookie  asked:

let's go through memory lane just for the fun of it :) Remember that time that you showed us that trick you did with the strawberry milk, and it made a lot of bubbles? Remember that time toon came over when you were sad and he helped you get better And Remember that time g said he loved you~ (Also we will support you all the way!!)

“Ah yeah, I remember the milkshake trick! Maybe I should tell Elihu to keep a bottle in the fridge, just in case I need to entertain a young patient, heh… ”

“And I remember when Dagwood came over - I hope he’s doing well - and how could I forget G’s confession? Every time I hear it, it’s like a little echo of that first time… I’m just so thankful that I’ve got somebody like him… ”

anonymous asked:

Oh blood bird, lend me your wisdom. How does one go about writing a good one on one fight scene between a heavily armored person and a monstrous animal of some kind?

oh mysterious anon of course i can lend you some wisdom

First off, skip the witty dialogue. In a fierce fight the only thing coming out of the persons mouth should be grunts and involuntary swear words. There’s no real point to be trying to humiliate an animal, you know?

The monster should scream. Animals use a lot of threatening techniques to be as intimidating as possible, like yowling or roaring. This is where you should put in a descriptor of how big its teeth are

Armor is heavy! But well made armor won’t slow a fucker down or reduce mobility because it’s a. well made and b. the fucker has training. The armor should be a side note unless the character gets smacked and it saves their hide

Getting hit is gonna hurt!!! Even if the armor protects you, you’re still gonna feel some of the force of the blow. Getting shot in the chest while wearing kevlar can still fracture a rib. It’s the same general principle- the harder the force on the smaller the area, the more it’s gonna hurt

If your monster has tusks those are going to be a huge no no!!! I’m pretty sure boar tusks could go through armor with enough force behind the blow. Same for the teeths- keeping limbs out of the mouth is going to be a top priority!!! you do not want the cronch! if your character gets knocked down they need to get up before the animal can pin them

Your person should have a reach weapon of some kind. No itty bitty dagger is good for monster hunting, you want a sword or a spear or something. Would you want to get up close and personal with something 5x your size?

side note- i’m looking up fighting scene references and one used an example where the womans death was compared to n orgasm and it was a Good Example. I’m. Do not do this. DO NOT

Fighting references kind of suck wtf. That being said, I like this one

Hope this is helpful! let me know if you need anything else because fight scenes are Hard as fuck

Should I do a giveaway with all my old band merch?