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You should do Chocobros and their hypothetical kids with their s/o.

I can do this.


+ Would definitely have 3 kids at the minimum 

+ Two boys and one girl, in that order

+ First son named after his grandfather but it’d probably be his middle name since it’d be weird to be yelling ‘Put that down Regis!’

+ The second son would probably be named after one of the 3 guys because Noctis is sentimental that way

+ The daughter is named after both of your mothers. 

+ His children probably spend too much time with their ‘uncles’. 

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DATING YUGYEOM or  boyfriend!yugyeom

  • okay as we all know yugyeom is rlly sweet bUT EVIL ASFFFF
  • okay well for starters yugyeom would be a cute ass boyfriend
  • he would love to do all those cliche things couples in dramas do
  • he would loveeeeeeeee to show up at you’re apartment at 4am with roses in his hands
  • he would so be the type to sweetly kiss your forehead alot
  • it’s not that you guys didn’t kiss or anything bc bOIII that kid would have his lips all over you but he loved giving you forehead kisses to show off his sweet side
  • he would also loveeee to hug you from behind and put his chin over your head
  • this would be something usual for you guys since he’s like 7ft and you’re barely average height
  • walks around the city
  • I imagine yugyeom taking you out for cute walks holding your hand as you both giggle about the stupidest things ever !!!
  • couple outfits
  • random acts of kindness
  • like bringing you your favorite food while you’re stuck at home studying for some stupid anatomy test
  • or taking you out for a cup of coffee at 2 am because he freaking missed you and wanted to see you
  • yugyeom would freaking love to hold you in his arms singing cute lil songs to you
  • but like when are we gonna get to eviL MAKNAE GYEOM ???
  • bro this little bitch would annoy the shit out of you
  • babe”  “babe” “babe” “babe”
  • “babe” “babe” “babe” “babe”
  • “yes?”
  • “babe” “babe” “bab-”
  • “OH MY FU-”
  • he would pull the stupidest of pranks and laugh at them  
  • like the classic baby powder in your hair dryer
  • he
  • would
  • freaking
  • die of laughter
  • but like you love seeing him smiling so you would shrug it off …. sometimes
  • protecting him 25/8 from jinyoung bc that lil hoe wants to kill ur baby
  • ok now for the S I N
  • sex with yugyeom
  • bro let me tell you, this boy is nothing but innocent
  • yugyeom is a freak in the bed, and let’s be real now you’re one as well
  • this boy will work you up so good
  • kissing you up and down worshiping your body as if it was God itself
  • lustful eyes
  • low whimpers leaving both of your mouths and he works himself in you
  • back scratches tracing his back
  • love biteS E V E R Y W H E R E
  • hitting the right spots as you both reach you climaxes
  • the aftermath of everything being you both just laying down with your head on his chest  
  • slowly drifting to sleep at the beat of each other hearts


gn guyssssssssss hope you like it! dont forget to request more of whatever you like!! - ericaaaaa

BIGBANG Reactions to Being Told They Should Marry You


“Samchon, when are you and Y/N getting married?” Seunghyun looked at the little boy who had approached him. His nephew was always asking about you ever since you were introduced to him. It seemed like he had grown quite fond of you and Seunghyun loved it. “Not yet. When do you think we should get married?” Seunghyun knew you were the one he wanted to marry. All of his family members and friends loved you and so did he, but he wasn’t sure how he wanted to or when he wanted to pop the question on both of your minds to you. His nephew fell into deep thought. “Three months. You should wait three months and ask her. That way, I can be 8 and I won’t have to sit at the little kids table at the wedding!” Seunghyun laughed at the child’s logic. “Alright, I’ll ask Y/N to marry me in three months, but I don’t think that’ll get you to the big kid’s table.” Seunghyun ruffled his nephew’s hair as the little one began to mumble under his breath about how the adults were so unfair. Now that he had the when, he just needed the how.

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As you and Youngbae had been walking through the park, you spotted a gaggle of little girls talking in a circle. As the two of you were about to pass by, one of the girls broke free from the pack and approached you two. “My friends and I think you two should get married and have lots of kids! We wanna be your flower girls!” Giggling at her sudden proclamation, you nodded your head. “You can all be our flower girls!” You couldn’t help but smile at the little girl as a large beam broke out across her face as she rushed back to tell her friends the exciting news. You looked over at Youngbae, surprised to find him blushing while trying to avoid looking at you. “What’s wrong?” you asked him. “You really want to get married and have kids with me? Is that where you want our relationship to head towards?” he asked these questions while continuing to look at the floor, unable to make eye contact with you. “Well, that’s what I was hoping for. Why? Isn’t that what you want?” Youngbae lifted his head and smiled. “That’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of.”

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You and Jiyong had been dating for months now and both of you were a little surprised at how well your relationship was progressing. You two rarely fought and, if you did, it was quickly resolved since you both would always reach an ideal compromise. You were having these thoughts as you and Jiyong were shopping for groceries when you felt a tug on your shirt. Looking down, you saw a little girl looking back up at you and Jiyong with wide eyes. “Are you two married?” You looked down at the little girl in surprise. Even though you had hoped to have your relationship head down that path, neither of you had discussed it with the other and her bringing it up made you feel awkward thinking of the position Jiyong probably felt he was forced into. To your surprise, Jiyong crouched down to meet her at eye level. “No,” he replied before looking back over his shoulder at you, adding in a wink, “but I’m working on it.”

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Daesung had taken you with him to do some charity work. He often took trips to volunteer at the hospital and he asked you to come with him today. He guided you to the pediatrics floor where he usually helped out. Entering one of the rooms, you saw a small boy, probably only four or five years old, laying on the bed. He looked towards the doorway and smiled upon seeing Daesung. He looked over at you and his happy face turned into one of confusion. Daesung approached him. “Hey, Minjun, this is Y/N!” You smiled at the boy as he began to stare at you. “Wait, hyung, is this THE Y/N? She’s more pretty in real life than in your stories!” You laughed at the compliment, watching as Daesung began to blush. “Awww. Daesung, you talk about me?” You winked at Daesung, making him blush even more. “Talk about you? He never shuts up wanting to marry you and having lots of kids!” You looked at Daesung who had begun to glare at Minjun. “I think that’s enough talking for one day, Minjun.” Daesung tried to drag you out of the room, but you quickly turned towards the little boy. “I want to marry him and have lots of kids too. What do you think? Do we make a good couple?” Daesung looked at you in shock before a smile creeped across his lips and he wrapped his hand around your waist. “Hmm,” Minjun said as he looked at the both of you, “I would rather be the one to marry you since you’re so pretty, but I guess you two can get married anyway.” You and Daesung laughed at the younger boy’s response before looking at each other and smiling.

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Seungri had been doing a fan signing when one of the VIPs had brought her VIP daughter with her to meet him. He became slightly excited by the sight of the small child and asked her mother if he could sit her on his lap for a little bit which the mother eagerly agreed to. Upon sitting down the toddler on his lap, she turned around and began asking him question upon question. “What’s your favourite colour? Do you like ponies? Do you like spiders?” Seungri laughed and began answering each of her questions with enthusiasm. Suddenly, she started asking more personal questions. “You’re dating Y/N, right? Do you love her? She’s really pretty. Is she prettier in real life? If she is, you should marry her and have kids with her so that I can have more friends!” Seungri began to nervously chuckle as he replied, “Yes, Y/N is prettier in real life. In fact, she’s the prettiest girl, besides you, that I’ve ever seen.” He slowly began to lift the curious little thing from his lap, but she was insistent with her questions. “Then why don’t you marry her? You should go marry her right now!” Seungri seeing how curious and persistent she was, bent down to whisper in the little girl’s ear. “I probably will marry her, but not until you’re old enough to come to another fan signing on your own, okay?” He didn’t want to admit it, but he had tried to avoid thinking about marriage as he didn’t want to ruin your perfectly good relationship. Now that the thought had been brought up though, he couldn’t help but think of you in a white dress.

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Laura Barton tho.

Laura “Clint please stop the home renovations” Barton.

Laura “I know you work for SHIELD Clint, stop giving me that guilty school boy look and just go on your secret mission already” Barton.

Laura “Clint I will tolerate most of your shit but if you so much as think of giving Lila sugar before asking me Nick’s gonna have to look for a new secret agent” Barton.

Laura “get your ass down here Maria, I haven’t seen you ages” Barton.

Laura “you are not allowed to tell Lila and Cooper mission stories, jfc Maria you should know better, even Natasha doesn’t do that” Barton.

Laura “kids uncle Nick cannot play with your because he’s going to be busy explaining why he hasn’t come around for dinner in four months, and he better have a good excuse” Barton

Laura “Clint, please honey no more home renovations, go play on the farm” Barton.

Laura “you’re family too Nick so come back alive to us all right” Barton.

Laura “Natasha I realised you were part cat years ago, don’t bother about it put your head down” Barton.

Laura “Nick please send my husband on a secret mission, he’s got out the tool box, NICK PLEASE” Barton.

Laura “Nat this kid is going to be named after you shut up and get me some good celebratory vodka when you’re done with this mission” Barton.

Laura “Clint those cookies are for Melinda and Nick, Nat you can’t eat them either” Barton.

Laura “come on guys don’t you think you’ve all had enough maybe we should call it a — WAIT DID THOSE AGENTS REALLY SAY THAT ABOUT NICK WHAT FUCKING ASSMUNCHING SHITBAG MOTHERFUCKING BASTARDS” Barton.

Laura “and you call yourselves secret agents, you can’t even get out from under the blankets while hungover, what am I going to do with you bunch” Barton.



BTS MTL to take you to an amusement park for your first date (Requested)
  • 1. Taehyung: do I need to explain myself?
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  • 2. Hobi: I think out of everyone he’d want his first date to be very - how should I say this - interactive of sorts. I mean its the perfect place yeah. Getting to know their likes and dislikes, talking over some food, riding some scary rides where you latch on to him. Lol who am I kidding, he’ll be holding you tight, crying for his life. But he’ll make sure to get you both coffee at the end and just talk. Sure having a spontaneous date is fun, but he’d also want to know you better.

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  • 3. Jungkook: Again the fun factor, although I had to put him below hobi, since he’s a very introverted and shy person, I don’t know whether or not he’d be comfortable with you in such a public place. Of course it depends, if you’ve been friends for long or not.

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  • 4. Jin: I think he’d mainly just go and want to win you gifts and just enjoy the food. Try to be the perfect manly man. It may no be the ideal place, but it combines fun and food. Does he really need anything?

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  • 5. Jimin: He would mind going to an amusement park, but I think he’d prefer a more secluded area where its just you and him, and he can get lost in your eyes without having any distractions. Like maybe the 3 or 4 date he’d bring you here, but your first date would b more private.

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  • 6. Namjoon: He’d prefer dates which were more intellectually intriguing. Maybe more like a café date, since its more private and reserved. I think he would want his relationship to be very private so, he’d keep a low profile whenever. Of course he wouldn’t mind going there if you suggested, but that’s not his preference.

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  • 7. Yoongi: He’d be exactly the same as namjoon in this concept, but more so because he didn’t want to take any chances with the media. If he isn’t that sure of your relationship, then he would prefer to stay indoors. But maybe if you insisted he might.

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I'll go

Based on a single parent Au! Prompt


“We’re just friends and you’re staying at my house while yours is being renovated and everytime my kid starts crying in the middle of the night, you stop me before getting up and saying “I’ll go.” And honestly we should just be married.“


It has been a week since Lucy had decided to move in. Temporarily at least.

Her lovely apartment was currently being cleaned due to a termite infestation that started from the flat across from her.

She was lucky enough to be the only other unit to get the little buggers, and had to vacate the area for atleast 2 weeks before both flats were cleared.

Her only issue was figuring out who she could bunk with.

"Have you tried Levy’s?” Her best friend said, currently bouncing his child on his lap as he spooned some tuna into the baby’s mouth.

“She was the first one I asked. She said she was gonna be leaving in a few days to go meet up with her publisher for an article in this issue of sorcerer weekly.” The blonde huffed, looking at the blue haired baby that ate the fish with glee.

The boy was much different compared to his father.

Natsu had a boyish-charm to his looks, yet she couldn’t deny that her bestfriend earned some rugged handsomeness to him whenever he was fired up about something. His hair was spiky and intriguingly pink, that went very well with his tanned skin and evergreen eyes.

Those rough features contrasted to his son.

The baby had wide eyes, soft and wandering, with a thin layer of blue hair covering his head.

However, when the baby gave her attitude or pouted when she tried to have him listen to her, there was an uncanny resemblance to his dad.

“Are you not gonna go?” Natsu asked, now gently rocking his son back and forth inside his arms.

“It’s about some environmental article. Not exactly my forte.” She said, sipping her iced tea.

Lucy pulled off a tiny piece of her chocolate croissant, placing the treat on her lips before she heard soft squealing.

She looked over to see the baby reaching his tiny hands out for the bread.

She looked up at Natsu, who chuckled softly at the whiny child.

“He sure has your appetite.” She laughed, leaning over to feed the kid.

She sat back down and pulled off another piece of her food, eating quickly before the boy robbed her once more.

Lucy looked up to meet Natsu’s gaze, and notice his eyes seemed glazed over in deep thought.

“What is it?” She blushed, shifting awkwardly in her seat as he stared her down.

“You can bunk with me!” Natsu said cheerfully as a wide grin splayed across his face.

“What?” She sputtered, almost choking on her tea.

“Come on! It’s the least I can do! You always help out alot with Happy at the daycare, and you’ve let us stay at your house plenty of times!” He said.

“I’m not sure. It’s nice really. But you’re house is a while away from the daycare, and you only have one bedroom…” She pondered aloud.

Her eyes fell on the tiny child, staring up at her with his big green eyes that looked too much like the same puppy dog stare his father was currently giving her.

“Lucy~” Natsu whined.

“Lu…cy.” The tiny baby said.

That did it.

Lucy’s face flared at the adorable gesture and quickly covered her face.

“Alright I’ll stay!” She huffed.

Looking up, she saw how Natsu was looking absolutely overjoyed as he picked up his son, pressing their foreheads together.

“That’s the first time you said her name! You’re learning so fast buddy!” He said, giggling along with Happy.

And so, a full week has past, and she was having a lot more fun than expected.

She enjoyed seeing her two boys scarf down her meals with vigor, muttering thank you’s and yummy with cheeks full of food.

She also enjoyed giving bubble baths to Happy as Natsu kept complaining that his son would smell “too girly”-earning him a splash in the face by Lucy. Of course, this lead to a water war that ultimately lead to the two falling in the tub with the baby.

Her favorite part was most likely laying on Natsu’s bed, with her head placed in the crook of his neck as Happy sat between the two-watching Finding Nemo.

However, as expected of a 3 year old, cries and wails filled the tiny home at around midnight, causing the adults to awake from their slumber.

Natsu always got up, waddling over to the crib as he rocked the child for several minutes as he fell back to sleep.

Feeling bad for the guy, and also wanting to go back to sleep as soon as possible, Lucy placed her hand on Natsu’s chest (always complaining that he should put on a shirt) and pushed him back down.

“Lucy what-” he began groggily.

“Shh. I got him.” She said, straddling him for 2 seconds before rolling over his body and onto the carpet.

Her feet padded softly to the cradle as she grabbed the screaming child.

His head propped again her soft, sizable assets, and she silently thanked her mother in heaven for these well endowed gifts.

“Twinkle Twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are…” She began, singing very softly, forcing the child to quiet as he tried to listen.

“Up above a world so high, like a diamond in the sky…” Rocking him softly, she began smiling as his cries turned into tiny whimpers.

“Twinkle Twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are.” She ended, placing a soft peck on Happy’s forehead as she put the sleeping child back into his plethora of pillows.

Sighing, she turned to see Natsu staring directly at her, eyes wide with wonder.

“What?” She whispered, walking softly to the bed as she crawled to his side.

“How did you…that was so fast.” Natsu said, turning over to face her as she placed her head into the pillow.

“My mom did it to me when I was a kid. Worked every time.” She smiled at him.

“I hope your apartment never gets cleaned.” He said, eyes lidded as he continued staring at her.

“Was that a proposal?” She giggled, eyes lidded as well when she saw his gaze fall onto her lips.

“Maybe…” He said, his smile fading as he leaned in closer to her face.

His rough lips met hers in a soft kiss, his hands slowly gliding down her back as they rested firmly on her waist.

She let out a dreamy sigh as she melted around him, savoring the sweet kiss.

She pulled away, nestling her head on his chest as his strong arms wrapped around her body.

“You should sing ‘My only sunshine’ next time.” He said, and by the huskiness of his voice, he was falling back asleep.

“I’ll think about it.” She yawned before her eyes began pulling her into dreamland.

It’s a true testament to Dan and Phil that watching the ‘Get excited, people in the USA!’ video made me cheer up after being sad about not being able to go

Like, how is that logical? I don’t know. But that was a super well made promo. 

Also, if you doubted they were self-aware, you should not have any doubts anymore. Seriously. 

That mug (which Dan holds in the September part of the 2016 Dan and Phil Calendar????), and “the most fun I’ve ever had” (reference to PINOF 1, are you kidding????) and “Pack your bags, Danny” and that subtle American flag reference to PINOF 6. (All Phil!) And then Dan tweeting a reply that said both of their mugs represented who they truly are inside. Like what. (I’m sure there are references I’m missing, since I didn’t catch “the most fun I’ve ever had” the first time watching). 

I have so many reasons to be disappointed and down about not going. 

But seeing people on my dash being excited, and then watching this video, I just am so proud and excited for people who are able to go, whether VIP or not. I truly hope you all have a great experience! Seriously, have fun. 

When a Muslim woman tells you about Muslim misogyny, your first response should not be “Well I am not like that. I am not passing that to my kids” or something else along those lines. What you should do is accept that you have male privilege, you have been socialised since birth to be sexist and there will always be ingrained problematic beliefs that probably will take a lifetime to unlearn. In your case, you had been socialised into believing that your male privilege is divinely ordained as a Muslim man, and that it is both part of the natural order and God’s will. Every man in this society is sexist to some extent, because it’s ingrained. What defines you as a person is being willing to unlearn it and listen when you get called out by a woman for anything you say.