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Hiya! I'm new to the fandom and stumbled upon your blog (go alec!) do you have any fanfic recommendations, genre's or favorite authors i could check out?


im kidding. but good job picking out a fandom, we have some lovely writers!! honestly all of them are perfect lets be real here guys. as for recommending genres thats more of a personality thing i think?? like i really like aus but not everyone does and some people like a/b/o but i really don’t. for that i just suggest going through some fics, reading descriptions, and picking what you like. 

heres some fic recommendations: 

The Boundless Saga - by @spanglepup and @povverbottoms Okay this is the series that I would come out of a coma for if someone told me there was another update. Honestly I love it so much. It has eight parts and starts after Isabelle’s trial in the show and goes off on into it’s own canon that’s so perfect. Warnings: there’s a lot of smut (a lot!!) and you’ll cry a lot too because of how beautiful and heartbreaking it is. 

Alec Lightwood Deserves Nice Things - by @my-nameless-bliss There’s a whole series before the actual chaptered fic and I read those first, but it has it’s own timeline and it’s all out of order so if that matters I recommend going to her tumblr and checking that out. I love the way she writes Alec I love his characterization so much, it might be some of my favorite out of all the fanfics in this fandom I’ve read. If you love pretty clothes, pretty makeup, pretty boys in pretty clothes and makeup, crushing gender roles, and learning to love yourself then this fic is for you. Plus her tumblr has a bunch of wonderful mini fics and headcanons that go along with the universe that are perfect!!

Under New Management - by @highwarlockkareena This fic is my obsession at the moment, honestly. I love the whole plot of Alec and Magnus never meeting until after the war with Valentine and fake marriage (or dating) is my favorite plot device ever. This fic plays with the characters in this different setting so well and I love the way we slowly find out about what happened in the past that’s different from what we know. So what happened in the war and with Clary and with Magnus and the Lightwood siblings. The world is expanding so fast and Magnus and Alec’s relationship is so wonderful. It’s a slow burn (that always kills me) but their relationship builds up so nicely and it feels so real. 

This Is a Bad Idea - by @sweetillusionketz This fic. This fic. I never knew I needed friends with benefits Malec until this fic. It’s so good. It’s so good. The way Magnus and Alec’s progresses as friends and how that plays into their budding romantic relationship is so well done, I honestly cried. 

Kiss With a Fist - by @swans-hooks-and-books Do you like secret agents? Do you like Malec? Congrats! This is the fic for you. Alec and Magnus’ relationship is so good in this with A+ flirting. All the characters have such good backstories (I cried when reading about Magnus’) and the overall threat of Valentine is done so well. I like how this fic takes time to expand beyond the romance and expand into other characters. 

Bright Lights, Small Town - by @lecrit Oh my gosh. New York Magnus and Rural Alec and as many dogs as you could ever want. What more could you ask for? A heartbreaking grief story, homophobic parents, and a painful journey of self discovery apparently. But honestly I would kill for another update. We’re only halfway through at the moment and I’m dying. The differences between Magnus and Alec are so glaring in this story and I love it because it makes their similarities shine through even more. I especially love how they start out hating each other and you can watch them both slowly start to fall for each other like it’s a slow motion video. Go read it, if not for Malec then do it for Bark Jacobs. 

What’s a Soulmate? - by shewitches Soulmate aus already fuck me up, but Clizzy soulmate aus??? Just stomp on my heart while you’re at it. This particular soulmate au is one of my favorites, so it see it used with my favorite girls warms my heart. And the way the relationship progresses in the beginning from childhood to adulthood and then how you can see it impact both of them when they finally do meet. If you’re going to just read one soulmate fic in this fandom, make it this one. 

The Summer We Were More - by @agentalien This technically isn’t a Shadowhunters fic, but it’s another Clizzy one so I had to read it. The way these characters work in a small town is really interesting to me, especially since in canon they came from New York City. I really like the way small town homophobic elements are played into and Isabelle and Alec’s sibling relationship really gets to me in this fic. Plus all the Clizzy scenes are adorable. 

Coffee - by @aleclightwoodisbetterthanyou Okay have I mentioned how much I love the episode The World Inverted? Because I do. So much. So having Clizzy in this universe? A dream come true. It’s a play on the world where instead of dating Jace, Clary is instead dating Isabelle and how she reacts to it. They’re such cute girlfriends, A+ way to rewrite the episode! 

French Press - by @aleclightwoodisbetterthanyou This is a continuation of Coffee, but also takes place before it. A wonderful Jimon fic where their relationship both parallels the one in the canon universe and the one in the World Inverted universe. Plus it’s got cute boys making out. 

wow. this is really long. i am so sorry to anyone who doesnt want to read this. as for who i’d recommend as fic authors, everyone who i just listed for starters. but i do also recommend all of them. seriously, we have some wonderful and talented people here and you should go and read as many fics as you can to get a sample of all of them!  


Bucky x Reader 

Requested by anon: Reader has mind control and loves messing with the all of the avengers but has a soft spot for Bucky. 
A/N: Since the reader’s powers are so close to Wanda’s, she and Pietro don’t exist. Kinda AU then? idk 

Warnings: none

Word count: 1774

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Joining the Avengers had initially left you feeling intimidated and unsure if you could ever match up to gods and geniuses and superheroes with huge (HUGE) muscles. But after your first training session in the gym you quickly realised you could hold your own. What good were all those muscles against you when all you had to do to stop your opponent in his tracks was to think it so? 

Well there were some benefits to all those muscles you had to admit.

Steve was shocked to find himself dancing rather provocatively in front of everyone just moments after asking you “Show us what you’ve got kid.”

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The man spanked my ass once hard, almost causing me to fall over as I stumbled forward. 

“You’ll just get the one spanking this time, but the next time you speak without permission, I’ll spank your ass red and then drop you off in the red light district to fend for yourself. Those thugs down there would just love to get ahold of some little sissy like you and to whore you out for profit. Now, you asked why. The answer is simple - because I can. Because you came in here thinking you were hot shit - well, now you’re sure as hell hot, I’ll give you that.”

“Before you ask any more questions, let me give you a description of your new life. I own you now. Don’t worry, I don’t want to keep you locked away - you’ll be free to go about your day to day life just as you used to. But when I come calling, you answer and you do exactly as I say. Soon you’ll be experienced enough to dress yourself just as I’ve dressed you today. I know this is all quite a shock to you, but relax - I’m not interested in ruining your life as long as you do exactly what I tell you to do. If you do what I say, then this will just become another part of you. If you don’t do what I say, then I’ll sell you off into slavery where you’ll be drugged up and tied to a bed, where people will pay to come in and do whatever they want to you. Nod if you understand and are ready to do what I tell you to do.”

I was trying to let the reality of everything that he had just said sink in. Millions of questions were running through my mind but I had no answers. All I could do was look in the mirror at this sexy and slutty girl that was staring back at me, from her long blonde hair down to her sexy pink stillettos. If I would have passed her in the club, I would have turned and watched her ass sway back and forth while she walked, looked at those garters hooked into the stockings and just imagining everything I could do to her if I had her in the sack for a night. Snapping back into reality I realized that it was me underneath those clothes and that makeup. It was me that guys would be dreaming about slamming their cock into. In a matter of hours, this guy took my world and flipped it on its head. From a guy living a great life to this, this… sex doll.

I apparently looked in the mirror past the time the man was willing to wait and suddenly felt a shock vibrating through my entire body, originating from my neck and going down to my toes. I whirled around and saw a remote in the stranger’s hands, then pieced together that this collar was no ordinary choker, it was actually an upgraded dog collar of sorts, where I would be shocked by his discretion. It hurt like hell and I pleaded with him to stop with my eyes, tears forming in the corners. I reached with my hands behind my neck to try and remove it, but again I felt one of those small padlocks holding the device in place. Again, he asked me to nod to show my submission to him. Admitting my defeat, I slowly nodded my head up and down. The shocking stopped and he smiled a devilish grin.

“Good, then let’s start your training. Obviously, I’m not training you to be some kind of a secretary or doing odd jobs around the house as I have no need for that. No, I’m training you to be my sex doll. I know, you’re thinking that you’re not gay and you have no desire to be a sex doll for some guy like me. But that’s where the training comes in. You see, when you’re dressed like this, you’re not a guy, you’re my slut. Look between those legs - I don’t see a cock down there, I see a bald pussy. Look at what you’re wearing - you look like you just got off your shift at the strip club, girl. Look at those lips - those lips look like they were made for being wrapped around a cock like mine and working it till it explodes, and that’s exactly what I plan on training them to do.”

Not seeing any other options, I panicked. I reached out and tried to grab him, tried to hit him, tried to do something to temporarily impair him. Easily, he moved out of the way and I flopped down on the bed, not used to walking in these damn heels, I was basically immobile. Angered, he pulled my hands behind my back and slipped something over and up to my elbows, then tied this binder off. He then stood me up. Looking in the mirror I noticed that, with how my elbows were now forced behind me, my chest was now pushed out, making my breasts stand out much, much more.

“There” he said, “Now I expected one of those outbursts to be coming sooner or later, so I’ll let that one slide. Just know that this is your final warning. Any more stupid shit like that and off you go. Now, since your arms are now useless to you, let’s see what we can do here to start your training. First, I think I should get a sample of the goods, don’t you think?" 

With that, he pushed me forward onto the bed face down. I felt him hike my skirt up from behind, leaving it just above my ass. 

"Now, the first thing you’ll learn is that this is no longer your asshole. This is now your pussy. And you know what pussies are good for, right? Be a good little slut and tell me what pussies are good for now.”

Swallowing hard, I said “Fucking?" 

After a sharp smack on my ass, he laughed and said

"Very good sissy. Now, in the future you’ll be sure to refer to me as Master or Sir, but you’re still learning. But, as you said, pussies are good for fucking, so let’s see what kind of pussy we’re working with here." 

I felt something cold and slippery trying to make its way past the tight entrance to my ass… I mean my pussy… I tried to fight it off for what felt like hours, but was likely only a matter of minutes before the intruder made its way in. After feeling it wiggle around inside, I figured out that it was one of his fingers. My hole burned at this foreign object being inside it. While I was trying to adjust to this new feeling, suddenly I felt another finger probing around my hole, forcing its way inside. 

"Oh, so tight” my Master said from behind me - “How is a little slut like you still a virgin?” All I could do was moan and lightly sob… it hurt so bad and I knew there would be no end in sight. “I think I’ll need more than fingers to open you up.”

Suddenly I was picked back up and a leash was attached to my collar. I was led out of the room and down into the basement, which was more like one of those fetish playrooms you see in the magazines. There was a padded sawhorse that I was led over to and told to lay on. As I did, I felt my legs strapped to its legs, then my arms were unbound but quickly rebound to the legs of the horse again. I was now strapped bent over this thing when I heard something being placed behind me. 

“This should do the trick” he said as he then wheeled a mirror around in front of me. 

What I now saw behind me was some sort of machine, it almost looked like some huge drill, but instead of a drill bit on the end, there was a small lifelike looking penis. 

“We’ll start out with this little guy, but eventually I’m sure you’ll work your way up to the monster sized cocks, you little whore. Eventually you’ll beg me to strap you up to this machine, you’ll love the feeling of having a cock buried in that pussy of yours while you moan and squeel in delight as it fucks you to no end." 
With that, he took the tip of the cock and lubed it up, then positioned it right in line with my hole. I watched him plug it in, adjust a few settings, then turn it on. Slowly I felt the pressure increase at my ass… err, my pussy, as it slowly made its way in. Once all five inches were in, I felt again as it pulled itself out, spreading that lube all over my hole. The next push in felt a little easier, but it was still extremely painful as I continued to cry out. Once my Master felt comfortable with my progress, I watched him adjust the settings a bit, which in turn resulted in the pace of the machine picking up drastically. I was now being forcefully fucked by a machine while dressed up as a slut in some perverted man’s basement with no way to escape. I began sobbing and pleading with him to let me go.

"Well now, I forgot all about that hole up there." 

Confused by what he meant, I watched him pull out a similar machine and position it in front of me. 

"No, you can’t do this, you can’t make me suck that thing” I commanded, as if I had any control over what would happen. 

I closed my mouth tight, convinced that I would never open it for him. I was sorely mistaken. While the dildo was thrust out of me, he would sharply spank my ass. Over and over he spanked me with his hand with me having no way to stop him and no way to get free. Finally, I opened my mouth in a scream, only to have him force something in my mouth that held my teeth in its grooves and forcefully held my mouth open in an O position. 

He secured it around my head, then said “Fine, do it the hard way, makes no difference to me." 

He then swapped out the small dildo fucking my ass for a larger one, probably six inches in length now but also thicker. It felt like it was going to split me in half as it pounded in and out of my pussy. Moving back around in front of me, he went to the cabinet and pulled out another dildo and also a bag of some kind of white fluid that screwed into the base of the dildo, then secured the dildo on the machine. I saw the fluid flow down into the dildo and a small amount start to leak out of the tip. 

"That’s precum” he stated. “This is a special dildo. This machine will randomly make it orgasm and shoot this fluid into your open mouth. This will train that mouth of yours how to suck cock and also how to be a good little slut and swallow what you’re given. And that cum you’ll be swallowing, it’s mine. I’ve been saving it just for a special little girl like you. But if you run out I have a formula I can put together that will taste the same, texture and all, so don’t you worry.”

The machine spun to life. He did some adjusting on it to make sure I was taking the cock in my mouth just as the cock in my pussy was being pulled out. With my mouth stuck in this gag, I had no way to stop it and tasted the precum leaking from the dildo as it ran along my tongue. After a few minutes of being sawed by these machines, the one in my mouth went in deep and stopped. I was a bit relieved, thinking that maybe it had broken, but I then heard some noises and watched some of the fluid in the bag drain, following it down the tube and into the dildo

A Predetermined Arrangement
  • ~In the Holmes' country house living room, following a case in the area~
  • Sherlock: I'm sure it'd be fine.
  • Molly: No. No. I'd hate to intrude on you and Mike's family time.
  • Sherlock: Mike?
  • Molly: *ignoring his comment* Plus, if I get back tonight, I'll have time to stop by the farmer's market tomorrow morning.
  • Sherlock: *deadpanned* Molly Elizabeth Hooper-
  • Molly: How d'ya know my middle name?
  • Sherlock: -under no circumstances are you catching a train at *checks his wrist* 11:45 pm, in the middle of winter *exhales* out here in the middle of nowhere... *as a side note* And since when do you go to the farmer's market?
  • Molly: *with an arm resting against her hip* First of all, I love the farmer's market. There's a goat cheese lady there now. Always gives away free samples. And maybe time and temperature wouldn't be an issue if you'd give me a ride to the train station!
  • Sherlock: *petulantly* No!
  • Molly: Oh! And why not?
  • Sherlock: *grumbling* Cause it's cold out there.
  • Molly: Put on a coat. I know you have your Belstaff here.
  • Sherlock: *taking off his suit jacket* Well maybe I don't want to go back out.
  • Molly: *with one hand against her temple; eyes straying* What are you doing?
  • Sherlock: *undoing his cuff buttons* Getting comfortable. As I am staying in and not heading out till morning.
  • Molly: *huffs* Fine!
  • Sherlock: Good.
  • Molly: *thinking it over* Then if I'm not going anywhere, I might as well settle in too.
  • Sherlock: As you should.
  • Molly: *takes off her coat and pulls her jumper over her head*
  • Sherlock: *between strangled throat sounds* I should get Mum to set up the guest room first. Eh?
  • Molly: *shrugging* Sure. *steps out of her shoes*
  • Sherlock: And you can finish getting ready for bed in there?
  • Molly: *shrugs again* I suppose. *continues to disrobe many layers.
  • Sherlock: *buffering* I -Okay- *swallows* -Mm-
  • Molly: *settling in his chair in her leggings and a camisole* Problem?
  • Sherlock: *eyeing her* Nope. *waits, then pulls his shirt over his head forcefully, causing thread near the collar to rip* Damnit.
  • Molly: *hiding a laugh while enjoying the view* You forgot to undo the top button.
  • Sherlock: *through gritted teeth* Yes. I noticed.
  • Molly: *snickering*
  • Sherlock: It's not my fault your clothing has less buttons. All elastic I suppose. *focuses back on her sitting lazily*
  • Molly: *pulling at her spaghetti strap* Mm. Very much so. Much easier to take off.
  • Sherlock: *studying her closely* Where is this farmer's market, Molly?
  • Molly: *taken back* Huh?
  • Sherlock: You wanted to get back to go to the farmer's market. Which one do you go to? I am familiar with many -homeless network and all.
  • Molly: *stuttering* The uh-one by my flat.
  • Sherlock: Across from the Co-Op?
  • Molly: Yes! That one.
  • Sherlock: *grinning* Mm. I see. Didn't know they held farmer's markets in primary schools.
  • Molly:
  • Sherlock: That is where you were referring to, yes?
  • Molly: *scowling*
  • Sherlock: It's fine. Really. Stay. I wasn't going to kick you out.
  • Molly: *trying to interrupt*
  • Sherlock: As long as you never refer to my brother as Mike again. *disgusted*
  • Molly: *nodding along* Should I find your Mum. You said there was a guest room?
  • Sherlock: *waving the suggestion away* Don't bother. She's probably passed out in front of the telly. Just come along.
  • Molly: You don't have to set the room up for me. Really.
  • Sherlock: Oh, I'm not.
  • Molly: Then where are we...
  • Sherlock: *opening the door to his room* The sheets are clean. Bathroom is right across the hall. And please do not snoop through my things.
  • Molly: *with a blank look on her face*
  • Sherlock: *disgruntled* My childhood indulgences are a poor reflection of who I am as of present.
  • Molly: What about you?
  • Sherlock: I'll be up for a while.
  • Molly: And when you eventually do need to sleep?
  • Sherlock: *pauses, looking around the room then back to her with a raised brow* Then at that time, I think we can figure out an arrangement that works for both of us.

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Can you further explain on police form fighting? And possibly how it differs from military or Marines?

If you don’t mind me grossly oversimplifying, this one’s pretty easy.

Police are trained to subdue their opponent. The military is trained to kill their foes. Obviously SWAT teams and other paramilitary police units muddy this a bit, and some military personnel are trained in police techniques because their job requires it.

Modern police forms are an omnivorous amalgam of dozens of different traditional martial arts. You’ll see bits of Judo and Jujitsu, along with a lot of other influences.

Modern military forms have evolved from classic boxing and wrestling (as in the kind of grappling you see out of high school wrestling, not “professional wrestling”) techniques. Everywhere modern military forces have gone, they’ve incorporated some of the practical, local techniques, and developed or appropriated counters for those same techniques. For US Forces, that means a lot of traditional Asian and European styles have contributed something.

There’s also a lot of crossover between the military and police styles. A lot of ex-military find jobs in law enforcement, bring their training with them and share, and increasingly military forces have had to pick up law enforcement related duties, and the related hand to hand techniques.

You can find plenty of videos on both military and police techniques online. MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program) will get you the videos on the Marine techniques, while Police Hand to Hand training should get you a decent sampling of police techniques.