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  • Kaine: If confirmed will you insist upon equal accountability in any K-12 school or educational program that receives taxpayer funding whether public, public charter or private?
  • DeVos: I support accountability.
  • Kaine: Equal accountability?
  • DeVos: I support accountability.
  • Kaine: Is that a yes or a no?
  • DeVos: I support accountability.
  • Kaine: Do you not want to answer my question?
  • DeVos: I support accountability.
  • Kaine: Let me ask you this. I think all schools that receive taxpayer funding should be equally accountable. Do you agree?
  • DeVos: Well they don’t, they are not today.
  • Kaine: Well, I think they should. Do you agree with me?
  • DeVos: Well no . . .
  • Kaine: You don’t agree with me.

ASP revealed that the wedding scene was downsized because of budgetary reasons (costumes, extras, etc.). 

Raise your hand if you think 99% of the musical should have been cut so the funds could have been used for the wedding instead. 

*raises hand*

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Should we start a crowd funding to get you a better air conditioner?

Not a bad idea. We should do a lemonade stand too. It’ll help fund the AC and cut down on thirst.

Rant Time!

Oh boy, I’ve been mulling over this for a couple days now, well, I guess in all honesty, months. I just needed to figure out how to properly put this. This post might be long, so….be warned, I guess?

I hate, HATE, when people come out of the woodwork to tell creators they aren’t allowed an opinion on any social matters. Now, by all means, we can tell someone their beliefs are wrong and dangerous (*cough* Jontron *cough*) But to tell a creator they aren’t allowed an opinion is fucking ridiculous.

I’ve had friends get hounded on their personal twitter accounts. People telling them they wouldn’t keep listening to their show because they used it as a soapbox. (You know, to spread the idea that maybe the arts should be funded, talk about the blatant racisism in our society, being angry at the fact that we have to prove that Trans people are people)

These putrid piles of rotting diapers do this to silence creators, to silence us from speaking out about things that are important to us. They try to instill the notion that if we act like, you know, caring people of society, that we’ll lose our audience and we’ll fall into obscurity. We’re told to shut our mouths and keep dancing because we aren’t paid to speak our minds.

And this sort of thing always seems to happen to the creators that are speaking up for the minority groups in the world, those that need to be seen and heard from. It seems to happen to alot of people that don’t approve of the orange fuck Muppet in office. It’s very clear that these “Hurt and offended fans” are really only pissed off because they came to the realization that the creators of the thing they love actually give a shit about humanity, all of humanity.

You can disagree with what we’re saying, it’s totally alright to. Some of us have very dangerous ideals (*cough* fucking Jontron *cough*) some of us though, are really just trying to show our support to those who really, really need it, and to talk about how we are all scared because this is a really fucking scary time we’re living through. But to tell an artist that they can’t have opinions because they’re an artist?? Go fuck yourself.

Rant over.

Upcoming Fanfiction Preview - Rich Kids Have Feelings Too

Johnny stood hands in his pockets facial expression almost challenging as a small chuckle escaped his lips, “Yah like that one blondie?  Or does it hurt your pretty boy feelings when I say it like it is?”  Hands slipping out of his pockets as he made a motioning for Derby to come at him he added, “Maybe you shouldn’t be overstepping yourself and callin’ me a faggot.  You know I don’t like rumors Derbs.”  

I’m currently working on a fanfiction for the game bully and I would appreciate it if you give it some love once the first chapter comes out.  It should be coming out soon and you better check out @trust-fund-brat if you want to catch this!

I feel like equating kickstarter backers to shareholders is a little hyperbolic, but I feel that as someone who is essentially investing in a project, you should have some degree of say in what you’re funding and investing. “Funder’s Rights” probably is an issue that should get addressed in our new era of crowdfunding.

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Same anon from before and i just want to say i think it's pretty weird how you want big ol ed to stick his cock in your severed vocal cords that is so worrying. Have you been to a therapist? If you can't afford one maybe you should set up a go fund me page idk good luck though I guess

Your thirst for attention is truly pathetic, anon x

A career in science

Every researcher: I have a great idea for treating cancer. I should try to get funding for it! 

Grant committee: You don’t have enough evidence for a grant.

Every researcher: Because I need the money to get the evidence.

Grant committee: You need the evidence before we will give you the money to get the evidence.

Every researcher: Does that system actually work? 

Grant committee: Not in the slightest. 

Every researcher: So why don’t you change it?

Grant committee: then we would actually have to give people grants. 

Hufflepuff Aesthetics

•Being willing to fight anyone for your loved ones, but never fighting for pleasure.

•Having the sassiest comeback in the world, but not using it, because that’s rude.

•Lots of yellow and black, but not horse yellow and black. The colors of a sunflower.

•Wanting all the food, but knowing you should share.

•Slumber parties, slug races, ect. Head of non school funded student events.

•Getting horribly offended when someone even dares suggest you’re unfaithful in a relationship.

•Bringing everyone soup when they’re sick and your significant other cookies just because.

•Never studying, but somehow coaxing through with good grades, and while you won’t study yourself you’ll always offer to help someone else.

•Helping first years muggle orbs through their transition into the wizarding world, and also puberty. Without scorn.

•Wanting to save the world, but wonder if you only want to save it to get glory and feel bad about it.

•Debating where the line is between hero and anti hero and trying to figure out where you are on that line.

•Lots of restraint. Lots of love.

Pencils, books and Sea Monsters?

“YOU CANT DO THIS!” Faina screamed as her desktop was unplugged and being removed along with all of her other notebooks and research she had been doing over the past three semesters. “This is my work! I am close to a break through! I HAVE A GRANT from the school for this research!” she screeched as the big brutes ignored her please. 

“Not any more girly, the Dean has done cut backs and your lab is to be shut down. If you want to continue your precious research you gotta find someone willing to share their space.” The rat face Professor Brenor told her as he held out the revocation of funds letter in her face. “Seems like you should have provided proof that your research was worthwhile sooner.”

She snatched the letter and her most precious notebook that held all of her info up till now on her research on the mega viruses in the frozen wastes of Siberia. “Fine! I’ll fine someone.” she left the room in a huff as she pulled her hoodie over her head and left. All afternoon she spent trying to find one department willing to work with her but she had a bit of a reputation of being…hard to work with….apparently. All because she preferred to work alone then with others. The Marine lab, it was the only place she had no tried yet. Slapping her cheeks to prep herself she was determined to get who ever this was to agree to let her work there with them. She took her hoodie off and adjusted her top and skirt so she looked cute. “your friendly remember that…” she opened the door and smiled as bright as she could “Hallo I am…..” she looked around got a weird feeling as she did “um…Faina…Bragniski…..what is that!?”


My little Tupperware got full. I put $40 away every night I work. This is emergency fund money only. You should have at least a 1k emergency fund and then build it up to 6 months of expenses

A career in science

Every researcher: I have an idea that should really be investigated. I should get funding for it.

Grant committee: You don’t have enough evidence to get a grant. 

Every researcher: But I can’t get the evidence without a grant. 

Grant committee: You’d have to have a grant to get the evidence. 

Every researcher: So if I don’t have a grant, I can never get a grant? 

Grant committee: Exactly! 

Every researcher: But that doesn’t make sense. That means no one new can get a grant. 

Grant committee: Exactly!

Every researcher: So how do we, you know, advance science?

Grant committee: Witchcraft?

If you have not played The Walking Dead game by Telltale Games, you are doing yourself a great disservice. You do not need to have read the comics or seen the show to enjoy the game, it’s stand-alone. However if you love the comic and/or the show you will love the game just as much. You do not need to be an expert gamer to play through it either, it’s a story-driven game not a mechanic-driven game. If you have the funds, you should get it like, yesterday. It’s just so fantastic.

people talking about defending planned parenthood keep using the fact that only 3% of the service provided goes to abortions. like what are you really trying to say? are you saying that if 100% of the service provided was abortions then we shouldn’t fund them? nah. that’s bullshit. you should want to fund planned parenthood because they offer abortions. stop demonizing access to abortions by trying to minimize the immense help that 3% provides so many people every year.