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please,, actually learn about what is happening in Venezuela right now. not from a text post. or a tweet. message me and I’m glad to point you to actual resources. I get that everybody automatically wants to assume “oh there’s a conflict in a country that isn’t the US?? The opposition group must be supported!!”

but. Nothing is ever that simple and assuming that is harmful.

the opposition in Venezuela has been killing citizens. they burned a man alive. they’ve killed political candidates that don’t agree with them. they’re a fascist insurgent group funded by the United States. please stop supporting US imperialism. the US intervening in a country has been beneficial zero (0) times.ever. especially in Latin America.

“What about the food shortages? The government is making the people starve!!”

actually, the two main contributors are the opposition and the US. there’s numerous recorded instances of them burning warehouses full of food. And the US keeps enacting harsher and harsher sanctions on the country

I’m gonna make an actual, sourced post about this later, but I needed to just say this noe because I keep seeing posts reblogged by well meaning people that defend a fascist group that is terrorizing the people in Venezuela.

Please try to actually learn about a situation before you reblog blindly about it.

Life in a Libertarian Utopia

dispatcher: North Haverbrook Fire & Rescue, what’s your emergency?
citizen: My house is on fire! You’ve gotta help me, please.
dispatcher: That’s what we’re here for, ma'am. May I have your name and address?
citizen: Valerie Odgen, I live at 478 Brockaway Lane. Please, you have to send someone immediately.
dispatcher: Of course, Ms. Ogden. Now, our records aren’t showing an account associated with that name or address. Might it be under another name? Your husband or someone?
citizen: …Account?
dispatcher: Would you perhaps like to set up an account at this time?
citizen: What?
dispatcher: It’s just, there’s a fifteen percent surcharge for non-account holders.
citizen: Surch…what the fuck is wrong with you? Send. Firefighters.
dispatcher: There’s no need to be rude, ma'am.
citizen: My fucking kids are inside, you piece of shit!
dispatcher: Yes ma'am. How many engines would you estimate will be required?
citizen: How the fuck do I know? I’m not a goddamn fireman!
dispatcher: We’ll just say two to be on the safe side. That’ll be two thousand for the first engine, one for each additional, for a total of three thousand.
citizen: …Dollars?
dispatcher: We’re a business, ma'am, not a charity. I hope you aren’t one of those flakes who think the government should fund these kinds of services with taxes. It’s hardly fair to saddle all the people whose homes aren’t on fire with the burden of extinguishing of yours. I mean, what is this, the Soviet Union?
citizen: Whatever, just send them before my fucking house burns down.
dispatcher: Of course. It will be two-fifty per hour per engine once they arrive. Not counting the surcharge. Would you like them to take the fastest route?
citizen: Fastest…why wouldn’t I?
dispatcher: My computer is showing that the most expedient route will incur one hundred seventeen dollars in tolls. I can save you up to fifty-two dollars by sending them via a more economical route, but that will add approximately twenty-one minutes of travel time.
citizen: AAAAGGGHHH!!!
dispatcher: Now, now, ma'am, you can’t just expect the owners of those roads to let us use them for free.

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I'm a college student about to head out into the job market, people talk about starting your savings early (which I am all about) but can you talk a little bit about the big things we should be saving for and when? Like should I start saving now for retirement or should I build up a "nest egg" first? What takes priority? And is it better to save up a lot for one thing or a little for several things?

Are we still doing shoulder shimmies? Is that still a thing? Whatever, I don’t care. HERE WE GO, BITCHES.

We the Bitches suggest you save up for stuff in the following order:

$1k emergency fund. Do this first and all at once. You should have this in place when you’re independent. So, about age 18 for most people, 22 for others, and later for others.

401(k) or 403(b) retirement fund. You should start this shit as soon as you get your first job. It’s take directly from your paycheck, so you barely have to think about it. Just ask your employer to opt in!

Roth IRA/Traditional IRA. If you don’t have the option for a 401(k) at your day job, do this instead as soon as you get your first big kid job.

Paying off your debt. If you don’t have student loans or credit card debt, skip this part. But basically, your savings will get you nowhere if you’re not prioritizing your debt.

A home. The debate between advocates of renting and advocates of buying property is long and fraught. Srsly, we lost a man last month. Owning a home is not for everyone, so here are our lengthy thoughts on the matter.

A larger emergency fund. Shoot for $5k. Or if you’re debt free and have great credit and steady income, use a credit card as your emergency fund.

A Vanguard index fund. Listen, Vanguard isn’t paying me to write this (though hello Vanguard, please feel free to donate to our PayPal account at any time). They’re just the first investment firm to make index funds a normal thing, and so far they’re the best at it. An index fund is safer, simpler, and cheaper than any other form of stock market investing you can get yourself into.

The fun shit. Want a car? A trip abroad? Get your financial house in order first. Aside from the emergency fund and the retirement fund, everything else can happen a little at a time or in one fell swoop, as you prefer.

You can’t just SAVE your way to retirement. You have to INVEST as well, which is why most of the above is about investing your savings to make them grow to your benefit. Get crackin’, kid.

lms if you think the federal government should fund research on how to get the city of boston to float four inches above the ground and make it so “lightning crashes” by live plays on an infinite loop from speakers so loud no bostonian can ever escape it, even if they trap themselves in the thickest bank vault

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So, in that Omega!Obi-Wan is randomly pregnant shot: "They had to convince Obi-Wan to return with them to the temple." Do they? Why do they think they need to? What happens when they get there? How does Anakin take everything? Where in this world is Padme? How does Qui-Gon Feel? And Yoda? What will Mace do? TELL ME ALL THE THINGS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“I said no.” Obi-Wan said strongly, moving towards the platforms to find his next ride off the planet with his bag on his shoulder.

“Please, do reconsider, you are in a fragile state an-”

“I am not carrying a spare chosen one. I’m not an incubator.” Obi-Wan came to a sharp stop and turned to glare at Qui-Gon, green eyes narrowed. “I left the cores at thirteen because I found out that the Jedi temple didn’t care about the wishes and desires of the ones they had taught. I would have made one hell of a Jedi knight, yet no master or knight took me on, everyone looked past me as if I was…” He pursed his lips then shook his head. “It doesn’t matter. I made a life for myself.”

Anakin glanced between the two then stepped forward. “Ser Kenobi, I know that you don’t want to return. But please listen to me, this is your child we’re talking about.”

Obi-Wan focused on him instead of the older master, brows slightly furrowed. “Lets say I will listen, what are you going to tell me that would make me change my mind?”

“Medical aid for you and your child. You can’t tell me its easy to get what you need out here in the rims. And my mom told me often enough that I was a terror to birth.” Anakin plowed on when the others face tightened up. “What I mean is that a Force pregnancy is hard on the body and the baby. You should consider coming with us for that reason alone.”

“You talk as if I have no money for medical.” Obi-Wan growled quietly, disliking it severely that Anakin was using his pregnancy against him. “I’m a successful ruins researcher, specialized in Force related buildings. I do lectures o-”

“Its not a mention of not having money for medical.” Anakin offered quickly. “But the best. And Vokara Che is the best.”

Obi-Wan looked away, frowning heavily. His hand was fisted white on the strap of his bag.

“I swore never to go back to the Jedi.” Obi-Wan quietly offered. “I was thrown out for nothing less then becoming thirteen. I had every dream I had ever hoped to achieve ripped out for under me with no more explanation then that ‘you’re to old’ given.” He whispered.

Anakin shifted, feeling pressure in the Force.

“I apologize.” Qui-Gon offered.

“And you were my last hope.” Obi-Wan glanced at Qui-Gon then looked away, growling quietly. “I left the cores and made my own future. I became a researcher because knowledge is golden. I made my way through the murkiness that was life and used what I had to create a future…I got myself a stipend and an apprenticeship under professors. Got myself a degree. Protected myself. Me. Alone.” He gritted his teeth.

Then he focused on them again. “I am not going back. They didn’t need me. I don’t need them.” He turned on his heel. “And its a low tactic to use my own child against me.” He marched forward, hailing the fare seller to get himself a ticket off planet.

“…Now what?” Anakin felt…well disappointed was the best word to go with, saying he felt like a part of him was walking way sounded cliche.

“…Now we contact the council about our findings.” Qui-Gon sighed quietly.

“A Force pregnancy?” Mace Windu looks like he’s fallen of the space shuttle before he gives them a dark frown. “Are you sure? He’s not lying to cover his tracks? One doesn’t have to be mated to carry a child.”

Anakin frowns a bit at the slight against Obi-Wan, or he feels it a slight at least but beside him Qui-Gon shakes his head. “No, he wasn’t lying, that much I know for certain through the Force. Obi-Wan Kenobi is pregnant due to the Force, carrying a child convinced through it just like Anakin once was.”

“And he refuses to return to the temple?” Adi leaned forward, her face open.

Now came the difficult part.

“Yes, he’s…angry at the temple. At the order. He um, that is to say I…”

“Former Initiate Obi-Wan is.” Yoda spoke up, giving everyone a pinched look. “Though he’d one time take my place I did.” He gave Qui-Gon a long look. “To be your padawan he was suppose to and angry he has right to be. Jedi master and knight he would have become.” The old troll huffed. “Wondered where he was I did. Good to know that safe he is at least, and prospered without the Order.” He sighed deeply, sounding all of his 800 years at that moment.

Qui-Gon shifted a bit, uncomfortable with the attention directed at him at that moment.

“Regardless.” Plo spoke up. “Force pregnancy are unprecedented outside of Knight Skywalker’s case. Such a thing would be a case of study if you can convince him to come to the temple.”

“But he doesn’t want to.” Anakin spoke up. “He’s angry and says he wont come and we can’t Force him.”

“Force him you will not have to. Work you can offer him instead.” Yoda rolled his eyes. Actually rolled his eyes!

“Yes, he’s an expert in Force Ruins? He can have a lecture on his findings here at the temple. If anyone would be interested in Force ruins, its Jedi.” Yaddle added.

“It depends on his view of his findings, for all we know they can be heretical.”

“Then it would be a debate and he might bring a fresh point of view.” Plo argued with Mace. “Becoming stagnate is the first step towards destruction.”

“Allocate founds for hiring him I will, find him you two will have to and give him the offer.” Yoda offered seriously.

“It might be hard to convince him.” Qui-Gon offered quietly and the green troll had the audacity to smirk.

“Tell him he can show up Jedi’s. Catch his attention that will.”


Yoda was right, that did catch Obi-Wan’s attention as he shifted of off his knees and got up, brushing of his pants where he had been digging in the ground near a ruin. “Lecture at the Jedi temple?” He looked surprised.

The long haired master nodded. “Yes, Force ruins are a case of history and considering they are connected to the Force that makes them double interesting to Jedi. I’m sure you understand. We already have funds cleared to offer to you should you agree.” Qui-Gon watched the redhead.

Obi-Wan frowned a bit. “This isn’t just because of my pregnancy, is it?”

“I don’t think so, I think you would have been requested to come eventually but I won’t lie that your pregnancy will most likely be observed while you are at the temple.”

The other pursed his lips and for a moment both Jedi feared it was the wrong thing to say.

“Honesty, alright. I can work with honesty.”

Okay, not the wrong thing to say.

‘Honesty, okay, keep that in mind, he appreciates honesty.’ Anakin put on his mind as they watched the omega mull.

“I set the lecture, no interfering in what I talk about?” He narrowed green eyes at them.

“Well debates are likely, scholars likes to debate.” Anakin shrugged.

“Hmm.” Obi-Wan frowned then sighed, nodding. “Alright, if only to get to debate with Force knowledgeable people. Fine. You mentioned pay?” He looked between them.

“Of course. Master Yoda himself allotted the pay.”

Telling him that was almost worth the way Obi-Wan’s eyes widened in surprise.

And then they couldn’t help but feel a sudden form for jealousy when Obi-Wan actually smiled fondly. “Yoda…should have known.” He chuckled quietly and looked down at his feet before shaking his head. “And I’ll have a place to live?”

“Board and quarters will be provided along with a salary.” Qui-Gon confirmed.

“One of the guest rooms near the knight living quarters I’d imagine.” Obi-Wan muttered and looked around before shrugging. “I can always come back here so, let me pack and I can return with the two of you.”

That was almost to easy.

“…You’re really looking forward to arguing with people aren’t you?”

Obi-Wan sent both alphas an almost savage grin over his shoulders. “Oh I’m going to make you Jedi weep while accepting my findings. Just you wait.”

How To Handle Your Finances In Your 20s

Lets start from scratch! Because with constant new releases, from beauty to skincare, seasonal fashion trends or even attending every social function, managing your finances can become a little too overwhelming! If you’re in your 20s, you’re always debating whether you’re too young for major responsibilities or too old for spending your entire wage over that newly released Gucci Marmont matelassé bag. Here’s going back too basics…

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I feel like your documentation of memes is complicated. It seems as though this blog elevates certain memes that have not broke through into new geographical locations yet and makes them prematurely stale so to speak. Kills them before they have had time to mature and become a hit. Could this be that they have not reached me and therefore I dislike them off the bat? Could it be that they weren't very popular in the first place? You should get some UN funding to study the effects of yur existance

There are more memes in heaven and Earth, Anonymous, than are dreamt of in your dashboard.

for those of you like me who have lost your homes in the fires

For everyone who lost their home. This is so helpful!

Please share!!

A friend who lost their home in a fire has provided this action plan for those who have recently lost their homes…

Start with the small list:

1. Get a PO Box

2. Longer term rental search - include insurance on it so they pay directly for rental. Find a nice place that you like, don’t settle. You should be able to get a “Like Property” so insurance should cover a nice place for you to live while you work through all this. You might be living here for 2 years, so choose wisely.

3. Find a place to buy some sturdy boots and gloves. Get some shovels.

4. Start working on the personal property list (this is not fun at all, be prepared to cry we sure did). Write down the moment you remember – keep list on phone or pad of paper with you at all times.

5. Save receipts. Loss of use insurance will cover incidentals too – hairbrush, phone chargers, etc.

6. As you buy things, tell the store owner your situation. Most stores will give you some level of discount as their way of helping you.

7. Let people do things for you. Do you have a friend that you can send to the store to buy you some basic clothes or comfort foods? Let them do it – they want to help and you don’t need to spend time doing these errands. (The ‘fun’ of shopping is gone…it quickly becomes a chore because you don’t want a new shirt, you want the one that you always liked to wear but now it’s gone and you are sad/mad.)

The Big List:

1. Register at the shelters, with Red Cross and any other agency there, california FEMA, etc.
a. Most of the aid coming in will use these lists as a point of contact and will help to ensure that you don’t get left out of anything.
b. This will be especially important should FEMA be activated, which in my opinion is very likely with the amount of devastation experienced.

2. Call Homeowners/Rental insurance to trigger “Loss of Use”
. This typically will allow you to be in a “Like” property for x number of years and sometimes has a dollar limit attached and sometimes not, this is dependent on your policy.
a. This coverage should also give you some immediate access to funds for essentials, clothes, toothbrushes, food, etc.
b. This will also get the ball rolling for the insurance claim on your home and rebuilding/personal property Dollars.

3. Get a PO Box and forward all mail to the Box.
. Use this PO Box as the mailing address on all forms you begin to fill out.

4. Start Searching for a Long term rental.
. Coordinate with your insurance company so that payments can be made directly from them using your “Loss of Use” money.
a. Plan on renting 1-2 years, but do not necessarily sign a lease for a full two years as circumstances can change.

5. Itemized List of belongings - (This is very hard but very necessary for your claim)
. I would organize by room and list everything that was there with a replacement cost. (you will cry a lot doing this and that is ok)
a. Replacement Cost should be what it would cost to replace not on sale from pottery barn, it should not be the price you paid for it with that 50% off coupon.
b. Make sure you list everything, even if it is above and beyond your policy limit. This is very important because everything above and beyond the policy limit is considered a Loss and can be claimed as such on your taxes - See #9

6. Call all of your utilities and either freeze or cancel service.
. Electric, Gas, TV, Land Line phone
a. Newspaper delivery, either cancel or update to PO Box.

7. Call the rest of your insurance points as needed.
. Car insurance
a. Any specialty insurance for unique items

8. Permits - An unfortunate necessity.
. Debris Removal - as things wind down it will be necessary to remove the debris, this requires a permit usually. (This should be covered by your insurance, we had to force the issue but ask repeatedly.)
a. Erosion Control - If you are on any kind of hill or have sloped property you will need to put some sort of erosion control measures in place, again this will need some sort of permit.
b. Temporary Power Pole/Trailer on site Permit - Getting this earlier on can prove helpful in both the rebuilding process.

9. Taxes
. You will be able to claim the monetary loss of the value of all your items minus what you receive from your insurance company. I’m unfamiliar with the exact laws, but I believe that we were able to carry our losses back 2-5 years and received most of the money that we had paid in taxes back in a nice large check.

10. Network with others. You will learn so much from others as you go through the rebuilding process. We all have our strengths so share yours and use others. The amount of time that you will spend on the rebuild, insurance, recovery process is staggering so you need to use all your resources.

Please share!!

Please stop sending asks in regards to my “no vet no pet” post asking “well what if xyz situation!”

No if, ands, or buts. If you can’t afford or won’t afford REGULAR VET CHECKUPS, vaccines, bloodwork, etc for your animals and don’t at least TRY to have a small emergency fund you should not have animals.

NB: this is not condemning people who use gofundmes and such for huge unexpected vet bills because of course not everyone can afford unexpected things as I realize a lot of people live on a fixed income and paycheck to paycheck.

Medicine interview questions

Ok so I thought I’d make a post of this, because people said it would be helpful! It’s just a list of the questions/types of questions I got in my interviews, so it could help you guys with practise. I won’t say which uni’s the questions were from, because they probably wouldn’t like me if I did that lol. Also, bear in mind my interviews were in 2012/2013 (I’m so old).


- Why medicine? (duh)

- What sort of doctor would you like to be? Why?

- What attracted you to our university/course? Why would our course structure/style of teaching suit you? 

- What is something interesting you’ve read recently that’s related to medicine?

Personal qualities:

- Why would YOU be good for medicine? What qualities would you bring?

- What are the most important qualities for a doctor to have? 

- Talk about a time you showed leadership/teamwork

- What’s the difference between empathy and sympathy?

- Talk about a time you showed empathy. Why is it important for doctors to be empathetic? 

- What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?

- Talk about a time you made a mistake and what you learnt from it/what you’d do differently 


- What hobbies/interests do you have? What clubs would you be interested in joining at our university?

- What volunteering/work experience have you done? What did you learn from it? 


- What have you seen in the news recently that involved an ethical dilemma? Talk through it

- *insert ethical dilemma question here* - this could be anything, mine varied a lot between interviews, so just make sure you read up about ethics and learn how to see both sides of things, and maybe research the main things like consent to procedures, euthanasia etc.


- What are the problems facing the NHS at the moment?

- What are clinical commissioning groups and how do they work?

- How could the NHS save money?

- Do you think the NHS should fund homeopathy? 

And of course, be prepared to be asked about anything you’ve written about in your personal statement. Good luck everyone who’s applying soon! x

Can I just say that some of you lot are some of the most unmotivational people on this website? 

‘Oh, I don’t know why anyone should want to go outside of fanart and fanfiction; your original work isn’t going to go anywhere’ 

‘Oh, you shouldn’t even waste your time trying to get into animation; you’re not the right type for it’

‘Oh, if you don’t like how the college/university you’re in handles certain important aspects you shouldn’t complain, even though your money is funding their pockets, you should just leave’

‘Oh, you shouldn’t bother complaining to a company or website; they won’t listen’ 

Especially that last one: because, if a website actively earns money from its userbase and said website is now owned by a prominent industry player, don’t you think that they would want to shut any complainers up? 

Whatever, you all can keep your defeatist attitudes: I have six more days before I can formally continue with complaints. Because, let me tell you guys: I know, first hand, that one of the quickest ways to get a company/organization to listen? 

Is to subject them to the same thing that they’re trying to ignore.

Light Reading

This is a little sweet fluff piece I had in my head for Niyra and Varric.  Art is done by @destinyapostasy (a truly wonderful artist whom you should commission if you get the funds).

           The sun was warm as it shined down on the Inquisitor.  She sat by one of the trees in the courtyard, the book open in her lap as Cassandra trained behind her.  The gentle rumble of the people milling about the courtyard, and the steady thuds as Cassandra hit the training dummies created a peaceful music.  She had one of Varric’s books in her lap, the Sword and Shield series.  Cassandra had lent it to her after she’d expressed interest in seeing what all the fuss had been about.  Varric had claimed it was his worst serial ever, but Niyra wouldn’t put it as the worst bit of writing.  Maybe for Varric, but that hack who wrote the Hard in Hightown sequels could definitely qualify as trash.  Swords and Shields was smutty literature, it wasn’t supposed to rival Thedas’ greatest works.  

           She had her head propped on her fist as she read the book.  A shadow fell over the pages and she glanced up to see Varric standing in front of her with an amused look on his face.  The guilty flush spread on her face before she could stop it.  There wasn’t a reason to be embarrassed but that flush was damning.

           “I never expected the Inquisitor to have such taste in reading.”  He sat beside her, leaning up against the tree.  Niyra glanced at him curiously.  “Go ahead.  Pretend I’m not here.”  She rolled her eyes but went back to reading the story.  The further she got the more elaborately the story was written and soon it took everything in her not to roll her eyes at the words.  Niyra enjoyed smutty literature as much as Cassandra, but she preferred a little less flowery description.

           She finished the book and set it down next to her before she let out a breath.  Niyra squeaked in surprise as Varric’s arm slipped around her waist and tugged.  She looked over her shoulder at him as she moved to sit between his legs, leaning back against his chest.  It was still so new to her, being able to be open with Varric.  She hadn’t thought it was possible for her to even be with him, and she thought every day she’d wake up and be back in her bed in Ostwick.

           “Well?  How was it?”  Varric’s voice was laced with amusement as he waited to hear Niyra’s opinion on it. Her lips curved and she chuckled.

           “It was terrible in some parts.”  Varric shook his head and gave her an indulgent smile.

           “I told you.”

           “But it wasn’t as bad as you made it out to be.”  Niyra tilted her head and pressed a kiss to his cheek.  “Don’t sell yourself short.  Just, maybe, tone down all the flowery prose?”  She grinned as he gave her an exasperated expression.

           “Fine.  You can be my editor for it then.”  

           “Okay.”  She leaned back against him and looked up at the sky. She knew she surprised him, and that sent a little thrill through her.  It was difficult to get one over on Varric.  He rested his chin on her shoulder and they sat in the sunlight enjoying each other’s company until Niyra was pulled away for official duties again.

The Catch


For @judylaverna. Thank you for your encouragement.

Summary: Hanji needs more money for her research.

“Oi, Four Eyes.” Levi poked Hanji’s forehead. She was sprawled out on Levi’s couch in his office. One of her arms was resting on her eyes; trying to block the light, or rather, her problems. “It can’t be that bad.”

“No experiments until we have more funds, Hanji.” Hanji’s voice lowered to imitate Erwin. “You should have stick to the plan, Hanji. You shouldn’t have bought so many high end microscope slides, Hanji. You can’t take from Levi’s budget for black tea, Hanji.”

Suddenly Hanji sat straight and looked at Levi like a brilliant idea just struck her.

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Oh em gee! I got my cute snoots in the mail yesterday! Thank you @skullbird, these are amazing!

I’ve seen a bunch of enamel pins in my time, but these are I think the best I’ve ever laid my eyes on, and not just because they’re snakes. Great quality, not a defect to be found, not even in the smallest of details. I hope you made more, because everyone should go and buy them.

And, having funded a few Kickstarter campaigns, I’m also thoroughly impressed by the quick and flawless delivery.

Oh, and did I mention, I’m absolutely smitten?

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Ok so I’m 17 I graduated for hs a year early and I’m applying for my first real job tonight and I’m stresssssed because I have no idea what to expect. I work at McDonald’s rn and this job will hopefully be enough for me to move out once I turn 18. I wanna get a good job bc my parents are super homophobic and I’m not going to college cuz I won’t be able to pay my own tuition without them backing me. So uhhh any advice on any of this??

stay on top of your finances- once you turn 18 apply for welfare if you don’t get that good job as soon as you thought, start building an emergency fund, and you should definitely check out community college

This is a public service announcement.

Sweet as...


Rating: Mature

Word Count: 1,941

Summary: Cute fluff where chocolate addict MC is hiding the ‘last’ chocolate from Jumin. But Jumin had planned something better.

‘‘Honey!’’ Jumin shouted from the kitchen as I hurriedly hid the last chocolate in one of my purses. ‘‘Did you select my tie? I’m getting late for work.’’ It was rare for Jumin to be late as he valued time a lot, but I suppose last night was not the case as he valued me more.

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Mercury sextile or trine Pluto

You go to the origin of a problem once you start working on it. You communicate with a quick, soft-spoken force that others pick up on magnetically. You have both broad range and depth of interest. You are very versatile and make a great problem solver. Your mind is naturally interested in security issues which can run the gambit from ordinary cops and robber stuff, to high tech computer theft, national security, and the international monetary fund. To fully use your skills you should spend time analyzing your motives. Do a thorough investigation as to your own beliefs about the meaning of life. Once you have these issues resolved you will not feel as secretive and your mental energy will be freer. The trine aspect is the more dynamic of the two harmonious aspects. Those with the sextile can call upon these traits when needed, and those with the trine between the Mercury and Pluto have incorporated the traits of the aspect into their personalities, expressing them naturally and consistently.