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lms if you think the federal government should fund research on how to get the city of boston to float four inches above the ground and make it so “lightning crashes” by live plays on an infinite loop from speakers so loud no bostonian can ever escape it, even if they trap themselves in the thickest bank vault

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So, in that Omega!Obi-Wan is randomly pregnant shot: "They had to convince Obi-Wan to return with them to the temple." Do they? Why do they think they need to? What happens when they get there? How does Anakin take everything? Where in this world is Padme? How does Qui-Gon Feel? And Yoda? What will Mace do? TELL ME ALL THE THINGS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“I said no.” Obi-Wan said strongly, moving towards the platforms to find his next ride off the planet with his bag on his shoulder.

“Please, do reconsider, you are in a fragile state an-”

“I am not carrying a spare chosen one. I’m not an incubator.” Obi-Wan came to a sharp stop and turned to glare at Qui-Gon, green eyes narrowed. “I left the cores at thirteen because I found out that the Jedi temple didn’t care about the wishes and desires of the ones they had taught. I would have made one hell of a Jedi knight, yet no master or knight took me on, everyone looked past me as if I was…” He pursed his lips then shook his head. “It doesn’t matter. I made a life for myself.”

Anakin glanced between the two then stepped forward. “Ser Kenobi, I know that you don’t want to return. But please listen to me, this is your child we’re talking about.”

Obi-Wan focused on him instead of the older master, brows slightly furrowed. “Lets say I will listen, what are you going to tell me that would make me change my mind?”

“Medical aid for you and your child. You can’t tell me its easy to get what you need out here in the rims. And my mom told me often enough that I was a terror to birth.” Anakin plowed on when the others face tightened up. “What I mean is that a Force pregnancy is hard on the body and the baby. You should consider coming with us for that reason alone.”

“You talk as if I have no money for medical.” Obi-Wan growled quietly, disliking it severely that Anakin was using his pregnancy against him. “I’m a successful ruins researcher, specialized in Force related buildings. I do lectures o-”

“Its not a mention of not having money for medical.” Anakin offered quickly. “But the best. And Vokara Che is the best.”

Obi-Wan looked away, frowning heavily. His hand was fisted white on the strap of his bag.

“I swore never to go back to the Jedi.” Obi-Wan quietly offered. “I was thrown out for nothing less then becoming thirteen. I had every dream I had ever hoped to achieve ripped out for under me with no more explanation then that ‘you’re to old’ given.” He whispered.

Anakin shifted, feeling pressure in the Force.

“I apologize.” Qui-Gon offered.

“And you were my last hope.” Obi-Wan glanced at Qui-Gon then looked away, growling quietly. “I left the cores and made my own future. I became a researcher because knowledge is golden. I made my way through the murkiness that was life and used what I had to create a future…I got myself a stipend and an apprenticeship under professors. Got myself a degree. Protected myself. Me. Alone.” He gritted his teeth.

Then he focused on them again. “I am not going back. They didn’t need me. I don’t need them.” He turned on his heel. “And its a low tactic to use my own child against me.” He marched forward, hailing the fare seller to get himself a ticket off planet.

“…Now what?” Anakin felt…well disappointed was the best word to go with, saying he felt like a part of him was walking way sounded cliche.

“…Now we contact the council about our findings.” Qui-Gon sighed quietly.

“A Force pregnancy?” Mace Windu looks like he’s fallen of the space shuttle before he gives them a dark frown. “Are you sure? He’s not lying to cover his tracks? One doesn’t have to be mated to carry a child.”

Anakin frowns a bit at the slight against Obi-Wan, or he feels it a slight at least but beside him Qui-Gon shakes his head. “No, he wasn’t lying, that much I know for certain through the Force. Obi-Wan Kenobi is pregnant due to the Force, carrying a child convinced through it just like Anakin once was.”

“And he refuses to return to the temple?” Adi leaned forward, her face open.

Now came the difficult part.

“Yes, he’s…angry at the temple. At the order. He um, that is to say I…”

“Former Initiate Obi-Wan is.” Yoda spoke up, giving everyone a pinched look. “Though he’d one time take my place I did.” He gave Qui-Gon a long look. “To be your padawan he was suppose to and angry he has right to be. Jedi master and knight he would have become.” The old troll huffed. “Wondered where he was I did. Good to know that safe he is at least, and prospered without the Order.” He sighed deeply, sounding all of his 800 years at that moment.

Qui-Gon shifted a bit, uncomfortable with the attention directed at him at that moment.

“Regardless.” Plo spoke up. “Force pregnancy are unprecedented outside of Knight Skywalker’s case. Such a thing would be a case of study if you can convince him to come to the temple.”

“But he doesn’t want to.” Anakin spoke up. “He’s angry and says he wont come and we can’t Force him.”

“Force him you will not have to. Work you can offer him instead.” Yoda rolled his eyes. Actually rolled his eyes!

“Yes, he’s an expert in Force Ruins? He can have a lecture on his findings here at the temple. If anyone would be interested in Force ruins, its Jedi.” Yaddle added.

“It depends on his view of his findings, for all we know they can be heretical.”

“Then it would be a debate and he might bring a fresh point of view.” Plo argued with Mace. “Becoming stagnate is the first step towards destruction.”

“Allocate founds for hiring him I will, find him you two will have to and give him the offer.” Yoda offered seriously.

“It might be hard to convince him.” Qui-Gon offered quietly and the green troll had the audacity to smirk.

“Tell him he can show up Jedi’s. Catch his attention that will.”


Yoda was right, that did catch Obi-Wan’s attention as he shifted of off his knees and got up, brushing of his pants where he had been digging in the ground near a ruin. “Lecture at the Jedi temple?” He looked surprised.

The long haired master nodded. “Yes, Force ruins are a case of history and considering they are connected to the Force that makes them double interesting to Jedi. I’m sure you understand. We already have funds cleared to offer to you should you agree.” Qui-Gon watched the redhead.

Obi-Wan frowned a bit. “This isn’t just because of my pregnancy, is it?”

“I don’t think so, I think you would have been requested to come eventually but I won’t lie that your pregnancy will most likely be observed while you are at the temple.”

The other pursed his lips and for a moment both Jedi feared it was the wrong thing to say.

“Honesty, alright. I can work with honesty.”

Okay, not the wrong thing to say.

‘Honesty, okay, keep that in mind, he appreciates honesty.’ Anakin put on his mind as they watched the omega mull.

“I set the lecture, no interfering in what I talk about?” He narrowed green eyes at them.

“Well debates are likely, scholars likes to debate.” Anakin shrugged.

“Hmm.” Obi-Wan frowned then sighed, nodding. “Alright, if only to get to debate with Force knowledgeable people. Fine. You mentioned pay?” He looked between them.

“Of course. Master Yoda himself allotted the pay.”

Telling him that was almost worth the way Obi-Wan’s eyes widened in surprise.

And then they couldn’t help but feel a sudden form for jealousy when Obi-Wan actually smiled fondly. “Yoda…should have known.” He chuckled quietly and looked down at his feet before shaking his head. “And I’ll have a place to live?”

“Board and quarters will be provided along with a salary.” Qui-Gon confirmed.

“One of the guest rooms near the knight living quarters I’d imagine.” Obi-Wan muttered and looked around before shrugging. “I can always come back here so, let me pack and I can return with the two of you.”

That was almost to easy.

“…You’re really looking forward to arguing with people aren’t you?”

Obi-Wan sent both alphas an almost savage grin over his shoulders. “Oh I’m going to make you Jedi weep while accepting my findings. Just you wait.”

Life in a Libertarian Utopia

dispatcher: North Haverbrook Fire & Rescue, what’s your emergency?
citizen: My house is on fire! You’ve gotta help me, please.
dispatcher: That’s what we’re here for, ma'am. May I have your name and address?
citizen: Valerie Odgen, I live at 478 Brockaway Lane. Please, you have to send someone immediately.
dispatcher: Of course, Ms. Ogden. Now, our records aren’t showing an account associated with that name or address. Might it be under another name? Your husband or someone?
citizen: …Account?
dispatcher: Would you perhaps like to set up an account at this time?
citizen: What?
dispatcher: It’s just, there’s a fifteen percent surcharge for non-account holders.
citizen: Surch…what the fuck is wrong with you? Send. Firefighters.
dispatcher: There’s no need to be rude, ma'am.
citizen: My fucking kids are inside, you piece of shit!
dispatcher: Yes ma'am. How many engines would you estimate will be required?
citizen: How the fuck do I know? I’m not a goddamn fireman!
dispatcher: We’ll just say two to be on the safe side. That’ll be two thousand for the first engine, one for each additional, for a total of three thousand.
citizen: …Dollars?
dispatcher: We’re a business, ma'am, not a charity. I hope you aren’t one of those flakes who think the government should fund these kinds of services with taxes. It’s hardly fair to saddle all the people whose homes aren’t on fire with the burden of extinguishing of yours. I mean, what is this, the Soviet Union?
citizen: Whatever, just send them before my fucking house burns down.
dispatcher: Of course. It will be two-fifty per hour per engine once they arrive. Not counting the surcharge. Would you like them to take the fastest route?
citizen: Fastest…why wouldn’t I?
dispatcher: My computer is showing that the most expedient route will incur one hundred seventeen dollars in tolls. I can save you up to fifty-two dollars by sending them via a more economical route, but that will add approximately twenty-one minutes of travel time.
citizen: AAAAGGGHHH!!!
dispatcher: Now, now, ma'am, you can’t just expect the owners of those roads to let us use them for free.

Can I just say that some of you lot are some of the most unmotivational people on this website? 

‘Oh, I don’t know why anyone should want to go outside of fanart and fanfiction; your original work isn’t going to go anywhere’ 

‘Oh, you shouldn’t even waste your time trying to get into animation; you’re not the right type for it’

‘Oh, if you don’t like how the college/university you’re in handles certain important aspects you shouldn’t complain, even though your money is funding their pockets, you should just leave’

‘Oh, you shouldn’t bother complaining to a company or website; they won’t listen’ 

Especially that last one: because, if a website actively earns money from its userbase and said website is now owned by a prominent industry player, don’t you think that they would want to shut any complainers up? 

Whatever, you all can keep your defeatist attitudes: I have six more days before I can formally continue with complaints. Because, let me tell you guys: I know, first hand, that one of the quickest ways to get a company/organization to listen? 

Is to subject them to the same thing that they’re trying to ignore.

Saeran x MC - Unworthy // part 2

Warning !! spoilers about Rika and overloaded angst (but much lighter than part one) and some vulgar languages

Also, I lowkey took the intro idea from my friend ( @marshysenpai )

this is only RFA’s reactions, but Part 3 will be the end and will include Lawyer!MC, so please look forward for that! Hopefully it will be done soon.

Guys, side note.. Im so sorry for the long wait. And this part isnt even that good. I really want to combine this with part 3 but its too long. And ive been gone for a bit because I was busy celebrating Eid Mubarak this week and with school and stuff the last two weeks (+bit of a writers block). I promise, part 3 will be better and also shorter time to complete. Let me know if you still want part 3!

and this is part 1

“I’m even willing to leave Mint Eye if it is for you.“ 

 Saeran said those words while looking into your eyes. He leaned in, now you both were an inch apart. You two were close enough that you could hear each other’s heartbeats. Of course, everyone in this situation would expect a kiss now, but Saeran smirked devilishly and got up.

“I’m going to make dinner.”, Saeran said and walked out the door, heading to the kitchen.

You were stunned, flustered of what just happened. How dare he.

You then got up, following Saeran’s trail to the kitchen and saw him cooking some instant ramen on the stove. How cute. 

You attacked him from behind for a back hug, surprising him.

“Hi MC. Feeling better?”

“Yeah, thank you so much, Saeran.”

“No problem. Now sit down, I’ve cooked some instant ramen.”

The next day, you woke up with feeling okay again. In fact, you were more than okay when the thought of running away with Saeran hits you. You got up, feeling excited as ever, and got ready.

You zipped your luggage and brought them to the living room where Saeran was waiting.

“So, you ready to go?”

“Yes, MC. This will be the greatest trip. I will take you to paradise.”

When this was all happening, you didn’t notice that your phone was still turned off. You have already forgotten about RFA now.

[new chatroom]

ZEN has entered the chatroom.

ZEN : Seven, where is MC? Where has she been?

Yoosung★ has entered the chatroom.

Yoosung★ : Yeah, it’s been 24 hours since she last logged into the chatroom

Jaehee Kang has entered the chatroom.

Jumin Han has entered the chatroom.

707 has entered the chatroom.

707 : I… don’t know..

707 : I think… she left.

Jaehee Kang : What? That’s impossible. How can you not know?

Yoosung★ : Can’t you check the security cameras?

707 : She disappeared… just like that.

Jumin Han : Quit shitting around, Luciel. The party is tomorrow. You know she plays a critical role in it.

ZEN : Seven.. you didn’t kill her, did you? 

Jaehee Kang : Zen, that’s a bit… farfetched.

ZEN : Oh, sorry.

ZEN : Well.. did you guys got into an argument again? Because she can’t just leave like that without telling anything.

707 : …..yes.

707 : And.. she left me for real this time.

Jumin Han : This is one of the reasons why you should put your feelings aside.

ZEN : Shut up, trust fund kid. They’re not robots like you.

707 : I don’t blame her. I’m a filthy human being. I took her for granted.

Yoosung★  : Oh my god.. I feel terrible. I shouldn’t have hang up on her when she needed someone to talk to.

Jaehee Kang : We’ll get back to that later. For now let’s just focus on finding her.

Jaehee Kang : What about the security cameras?

707 : All of them were covered up.

Jumin Han : Can’t you track her location through her phone?

707 : …No. I’ve tried tracking her phone but somehow it was blocked by an algorithm that is hard to solve.

Yoosung★ : This can’t be happening!! The party is tomorrow!

Yoosung★ : Where is V when this is all happening?

707 : Don’t blame V, Yoosung. It’s my fault, so I’ll fix this.

Jaehee Kang : If not.. we’ll just have to  proceed on with the part without her…

Jumin Han : Assistant Kang.

Jumin Han : Don’t jump into conclusions please.

707 has left the chatroom.

You arrived at the Mint Eye headquarters.

Oh, was it a hectic day. You were processing too much information about Rika and Mint Eye in general. 

So she really was alive. And she was already expecting me to come here? How?

You slammed yourself onto the bed, sighing. You just remembered to check your phone, see whats going on after it being turned off for 24 hours.

47 missed calls.

32 were from Saeyoung.

4 from Jaehee.

5 from Zen.

3 from Jumin.

3 from Yoosung.

You had like 12 missed chatrooms.

But well.. They didn’t bother about me before, so not like it matters now that I’ve left anyways.

You decided to log into the chatroom, just to mindfuck everyone.

-MC has entered the chatroom-

ZEN : Ugh..  where could MC be…?

Jumin Han : I might send some polices out to go look for her.

Jaehee Kang : …MC!

Yoosung★ : MC!! YOU’RE HERE!!!

Jaehee Kang : Yoosung, since you’re the closest to Luciel, I recommend you to go contact him right now. Tell him MC is back.

Jumin Han : Where have you been MC?

Yoosung★ : Okay, Jaehee! brb

-Yoosung★ has left the chatroom-

ZEN : MC!!! We were worried sick about you. Where have you been?!

MC : I’m not going to be here for long. I’m just here to say goodbye.

Jaehee Kang : ???

Jumin Han : Don’t you want to tell us what happened first?

ZEN : Yeah, MC. Tell us, what happened. And don’t you want to see Seven first?

-707 has entered the chatroom-

-Yoosung★ has entered the chatroom-

707 : MC!!!

Yoosung★ : MC don’t leave T-T

ZEN : where are you even going?

707 : MC… I’m so sorry… We can talk about that later, but at least think of the rest of the RFA.. Don’t leave. The party is tomorrow.. 

Jumin Han : Don’t be so selfish and think of the consequences, MC.

MC : …Me? ME?! IM SELFISH?! I’m sorry. I must’ve missed something. What if you try asking your fellow friend, Saeyoung Choi here, on what he did. Then you’ll know who’s selfish. And also think of the rest of RFA? Why? Have you all ever thought about me?! Have you all ever consider MY feelings? Have you all ever bothered to care about me before I went missing? NO. If not, I wouldn’t be here, typing this message. It is disappointing and devastating to write, but you all did this to yourself. Now that I’m gone, then only you noticed my presence, huh? Too late now, RFA. Too late. Good bye.

-MC has left the chatroom.-

707 : NO! MC!! Baby please….

Yoosung★ : MC!!!

Jaehee Kang : MC, please calm down.

ZEN : Seven, you better do something about this, if not, I swear I’m going to kill you.

Jumin Han : Luciel.. What exactly did you do?

707 : I…

707 : I fucking cheated on her.

707 : I’m so fucking dumb.

707 : I did this. Im sorry.

ZEN : Excuse me? YOU WHAT?!

Yoosung★ : Seven… I can’t believe you would do something like that to MC…

Jaehee Kang : What Luciel did was very irresponsible. But I admit it’s everyone’s fault too. For not bothering much about her.

Yoosung★ : Yeah… we basically ignored her presence the whole time she was here..

707 : I’m sorry… I need time. Please excuse me.

-707 has left the chatroom.-

Jumin Han : This is what happens when you’re too dependant on your feelings.

heres part 2!! sorry if it didn’t reach your expectations… but shoutout to these people who have asked me to write a part2 to Unworthy!

@official-memeber // @satan-is-love-basilisk-is-life // @jumins-han // @bubblemint-exe 

Please stop sending asks in regards to my “no vet no pet” post asking “well what if xyz situation!”

No if, ands, or buts. If you can’t afford or won’t afford REGULAR VET CHECKUPS, vaccines, bloodwork, etc for your animals and don’t at least TRY to have a small emergency fund you should not have animals.

NB: this is not condemning people who use gofundmes and such for huge unexpected vet bills because of course not everyone can afford unexpected things as I realize a lot of people live on a fixed income and paycheck to paycheck.

How To Handle Your Finances In Your 20s

Lets start from scratch! Because with constant new releases, from beauty to skincare, seasonal fashion trends or even attending every social function, managing your finances can become a little too overwhelming! If you’re in your 20s, you’re always debating whether you’re too young for major responsibilities or too old for spending your entire wage over that newly released Gucci Marmont matelassé bag. Here’s going back too basics…

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The Catch


For @judylaverna. Thank you for your encouragement.

Summary: Hanji needs more money for her research.

“Oi, Four Eyes.” Levi poked Hanji’s forehead. She was sprawled out on Levi’s couch in his office. One of her arms was resting on her eyes; trying to block the light, or rather, her problems. “It can’t be that bad.”

“No experiments until we have more funds, Hanji.” Hanji’s voice lowered to imitate Erwin. “You should have stick to the plan, Hanji. You shouldn’t have bought so many high end microscope slides, Hanji. You can’t take from Levi’s budget for black tea, Hanji.”

Suddenly Hanji sat straight and looked at Levi like a brilliant idea just struck her.

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somewhere there is over an hour’s worth of video of me having rage seizures over Teen Wolf that’s mostly incoherent screaming about school boards, law enforcement, housing regulations, city planning, standardized testings, and the state average income for nurses

Medicine interview questions

Ok so I thought I’d make a post of this, because people said it would be helpful! It’s just a list of the questions/types of questions I got in my interviews, so it could help you guys with practise. I won’t say which uni’s the questions were from, because they probably wouldn’t like me if I did that lol. Also, bear in mind my interviews were in 2012/2013 (I’m so old).


- Why medicine? (duh)

- What sort of doctor would you like to be? Why?

- What attracted you to our university/course? Why would our course structure/style of teaching suit you? 

- What is something interesting you’ve read recently that’s related to medicine?

Personal qualities:

- Why would YOU be good for medicine? What qualities would you bring?

- What are the most important qualities for a doctor to have? 

- Talk about a time you showed leadership/teamwork

- What’s the difference between empathy and sympathy?

- Talk about a time you showed empathy. Why is it important for doctors to be empathetic? 

- What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?

- Talk about a time you made a mistake and what you learnt from it/what you’d do differently 


- What hobbies/interests do you have? What clubs would you be interested in joining at our university?

- What volunteering/work experience have you done? What did you learn from it? 


- What have you seen in the news recently that involved an ethical dilemma? Talk through it

- *insert ethical dilemma question here* - this could be anything, mine varied a lot between interviews, so just make sure you read up about ethics and learn how to see both sides of things, and maybe research the main things like consent to procedures, euthanasia etc.


- What are the problems facing the NHS at the moment?

- What are clinical commissioning groups and how do they work?

- How could the NHS save money?

- Do you think the NHS should fund homeopathy? 

And of course, be prepared to be asked about anything you’ve written about in your personal statement. Good luck everyone who’s applying soon! x

Sweet as...


Rating: Mature

Word Count: 1,941

Summary: Cute fluff where chocolate addict MC is hiding the ‘last’ chocolate from Jumin. But Jumin had planned something better.

‘‘Honey!’’ Jumin shouted from the kitchen as I hurriedly hid the last chocolate in one of my purses. ‘‘Did you select my tie? I’m getting late for work.’’ It was rare for Jumin to be late as he valued time a lot, but I suppose last night was not the case as he valued me more.

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Mel @ commissions on Twitter
“Hey all. I'm opening waist up commissions. 5 Slots. RTs appreciated! Please read all info. More sample works here:”


i don’t know what else to say here. hi xenoblade x tag! it’s been a while but have a great day everyone. commission mel

This is a public service announcement.

Five things the sky will be the colour of

1. Television, tuned to a dead channel, which is to say all the channels because there will be no such thing any more and so the colour of the channels is the colour of things passing from physical memory and can be anything you want really.

2. The Babytronic My First Drone kit, because those things stay up in the sky forever, they’re solar powered don’t-you-know, and they were top toy of the year 2032, 2033 AND 2034 plus the Babytronic My First Printer can make them and sometimes you find it riffling through the recycling to get the spare parts to make more of them when it thinks you’re asleep and hold on what is going on here is this something we should be worried about?

3. Following a prolonged legal battle, the sky will be puce. This is because puce is the only colour that will not have been trademarked by 2052, plus Rayleigh scattering will have been outlawed by the US Supreme Court leaving the sky physically unable to be blue anymore.

4. The sky will be the colour of a carefully-selected advert from our sponsors, projected jauntily on the inside of your augmented-reality eyeballs. Unless you’ve turned augmented reality off, which you absolutely have the right to do, no problems, but you should note that the upkeep of this street is funded by advertising revenue and as such we are unable to admit non-subscribers onto the pavement.

5. The sky will be the colour of a literary reference, stretched beyond any sensible reckoning, painted bright pink to match tomorrow’s bright new postmodern metaworld, and scrunched up a bit to make it fit because it was initially a bit too long to go item five of this list.

10 Things Everyone Applying to Clinical Psychology Programs Should Know

 Once again there were so many more things I could have put on this list! (To the point that there is a little bonus point- I couldn’t help myself). When I applied to clinical psychology PhD programs, I kind of had no idea what I was doing- it was the grace of Dumbledore that landed me in just the right place. Here are 10 (okay, 11) things I should have known or sort of figured out on the way.  

  1. Fit is key. You’ve probably heard this a thousand times already, but here I am to drill it in some more, because it’s that important. All clinical psychology programs (all graduate programs) are not alike, and you need to find the ones that your interests and your needs. This includes: research training, interests, opportunities, and facilities; clinical training, opportunities, populations, supervisors, and facilities; specializations or other specialty training; association with other key groups; fit with your advisor, including working style; fit with your lab; the overall approach of the program; and other unique interests or needs you might have.
  2. Focus your interests. Spend some time considering what kind of research and clinical work you’d like to focus on in graduate school. You won’t necessarily do this same work for the rest of your career, and it’s definitely possible to be a “generalist,” but you will be focusing on one area at least while you are in graduate school, and you want to make sure it’s really what you want spend that much time and effort and frustration on. You want your interest to be focused enough that it makes sense to the faculty you apply to work with, and sounds exciting to them (so not just “depression”), but not so focused that it won’t appeal to many faculty or sound like you are only interested in a specific type of study versus of body of ideas (so probably not “the impact of depression on eye movement in teenagers”).
  3. Don’t overemphasize location over everything else. It’s not that location isn’t important. You are going to live in this place, for at least four years. And you probably have preferences about that, and maybe a family or other obligations to consider. I get it, and I’m totally on your side- you should get to live in a place you want to live. BUT. Do not apply to programs just because you want to live in the place where the program is. It’s a bad idea, because: 1) you’re not likely to be picking programs that have great fit (see #1. It’s #1 for a reason, y’all) and 2) everyone else wants to live there too, so it’s likely to be even more competitive than usual. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot at the starting line. If you are going to invest all this time, money, energy, etc. to pursue this, go to the best program you can. Hopefully it will be in a place you want to live. Otherwise, you might find you like it! (and it is only 4ish years, if not).
  4. Prestige is kind of important, but those lists don’t really measure it. It’s hard because we all want to know which schools are the best, and those online lists are one of the only places we can find that will tell you anything. But here’s the thing- they’re not very good measures of how good a program is. It’s true that in general, some programs have better reputations than others, but often it’s much more about the individual faculty member (like, no matter where Beck is, he’s a really big deal and his students carry lots of prestige). Fit can capture a lot of this- what do you want to get out of the program? Can that program, and that particular faculty member, get you there?
  5. Funding is mandatory. You should not accept a spot at a school if they are charging you tuition. You should not accept a spot at a school if they are not offering you a stipend or some other financial (non-loan, straight up cash) assistance. This is not med school, you will not make the amount of money you need to pay back those kinds of loans without a serious amount of pain and suffering. Don’t do it. Do not do it.
  6. Check for APA accreditation, attrition, match rates, and licensure rates. This is truly one of the best ways to know whether a program is a quality program, and whether it does well by its students. It’s hard to get lots of kinds of jobs (federal jobs, academic jobs) if your program or internship was not APA accredited. Attrition, match rates, and licensure rates can give you a sense of the quality of the program, including how well it prepares students for internship and what kind of reputation it has.
  7. Personal statements are actually professional statements. One of the easiest, and biggest, mistakes that a person can make is to go too personal on their personal statement. This is totally confusing given its title, but a personal statement is about you making a statement about how you see yourself as an up and coming professional, why you believe you will be successful in graduate school and as a psychologist, and why you particularly fit that specific program and lab. There should be personality, but this is about selling yourself as a professional. You want to convince the people that read your personal statement that you can be a successful grad student and psychologist, and that it would be exciting to be a part of your career.
  8. GPA and GRE scores matter, but everything else is what makes you stand out. Your GPA and GRE scores will get you in the front door, application wise, but after that, they matter very little. What matters more is: your personal statement, your letters of recommendation, your experience (particularly research experience), and your interview. My advisor never talks about applicant’s scores. He always mentions how cool their interests are, or the exciting research they are currently doing. You want to use the little time you have (on your personal statement, vita, and then in person) to communicate about what makes you, your experiences, and your interests unique, and exciting. The other thing that sticks with people is dedication and passion- we can tell if you truly love it, and it makes a difference.
  9. You’re interviewing the whole time you’re there. Generally, applicants stay with graduate students and spend a couple of days with the program with they interview. That whole time is the interview. It’s difficult to be “on” and ready that whole time, but keep in mind that the short time that you spend with your possible advisor is important, but it’s not the whole interview. The other faculty, the staff, and the grad students have input as well. There have been a shocking number of applicants who act like they’re on vacation or do generally silly or inappropriate things during their interview, and it’s unfortunate. Be yourself, but stay professional.
  10. Everybody knows how nervous you are. All the graduate students have done this. Even the faculty have done this. We get it. When you interview, you are nervous, anxious, exhausted, confused, just running the whole gamut of emotions. It’s tough to be on your best game with all that going on. Usually, people will cut you some slack because of that. We understand you may not always say exactly what you meant to say and won’t know exactly what to do. That’s fine. That’s why it’s important to be yourself. Clearly state how excited you are, how passionate about the field you are, ask lots of questions, be ready to talk about your interests and background, and we’ll let the little things go.
  11.  (Bonus!) You’re interviewing them, too. This goes back to fit. When you apply, and when you interview, make sure you like them, too. You are going to spend at least four years in this area and at this program. You are going to spend it with these people. This is a huge decision, and you want to make sure you are making the right one for yourself. Ask lots of questions about the program, the area, the culture. Make sure you can see yourself there. Different programs and labs have different approaches, different cultures, different “feelings,” and you want the one that’s right for you. 

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Hey congrats on 20k you deserve it! You really should consider making a patreon to help fund your content (especially for youtube) and you should kickstart your shop.

thank you! that’d be really really nice if i could pull either of those off, but i feel like no one would really be interested

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So you hate women who have ever had kids, people with diabetes, and the poor. What is wrong with you that you think they shouldn't be allowed health insurance?

Nigga, I AM POOR. Obamacare never helped me ONCE infact, it made my rates go up to the point it was CHEAPER for me to pay out of pocket and TAKE THE FINE. Fuck outta here with that “if u dont like obumahcurr ur mean and sexist, or hate poor ppl ‘n sheit!” I am GLAD they are getting rid of it, and if they would instead force companies to COMPETE for consumers instead of FORCING consumers to BUY their shit product, EVERYONE could afford healthcare. Alot of these people complaining are morbidly obese, lazy shits with immense health issues brought on by themselves, not because 'I DUN GOT HELTHCURR!’ It took them a decade of pisspoor health and self care to create their problem, now they want ME to pay out the ass for THEIR terrible choices? Fuck that. They earned that setencing. If I ever become morbidly obese, gain type II diabetes because im a lazy fatass, then I will rightfully blame myself for that. I don’t expect someone else to pay for MY mistakes. I mean, by your cowardly anon logic, you faggots should be funding my firearm collection, as THAT IS A RIGHT, but Healthcare is NOT. So eat a dick you socialist fuck, and if you don’t like it, gtfo and go live in the UK or Sweden. They got shit healthcare, enjoy waiting 2 years to see a doctor for ANYTHING.

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Do you have a relationship with your money? How well do you know your money? Set aside a day to have Netflix and chill time with your money. You should know you funds better than your bank and your accountant.

Weekends with your besties is good. And late nights with the hubby is awesome. But spending an hour on the weekend with your money is boss!

Here are some ways you can have a better relationship with your 💰:
👉 Login to your online accounts, and look at your balances to see if there’s anything funny going on.
👉 Pay bills if they’re due.
👉 Set up a meeting with your accountant.
👉 Add a new person to your Financial Support Team
👉 Track your income and expenses using Wave, Xero, FreshBooks, QuickBooks, or the bookkeeping system you choose.
👉 Add up your income and expenses for the month.

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Nahhh, you shouldn't kiss trust fund jerk. you should totally catfish Zenny~~~

lolol that’d be funny but that’s not rlly my style
anyway, my brother’s the only one i wanna focus on rn. with him and work, i don’t rlly have time for romantic stuff

Texting Tom (Holland): POC Actress

This is a little short I literally came up with. For those who requested stuff, I’m working on it lol! Some stuff just comes to my head more quicker bt don’t worry I gotchu!

Reader is in NY and Tom is in LA. They text, and yeah. I don’t have the energy to do that fake iPhone thing, so I’m just going to make reader in italics and Tom in bold!

Warnings: Cursing, extra fluffly couples, sexting and unwanted dick pics (No I will not be posting a real dick lmao)

Tom is in bold and Reader is in italics. 

Good morning love. I know it’s 4:30 in NY but I miss you and can’t wait to see you again. Love you. ❤

I’m trying to sleep! Love you too, though.


Don’t make that face! You know how I get when my beauty rest is interrupted 😴

I’d hardly call it beauty but text me when you wake up.

10:30 (Where Reader is and 7:30 where Tom is)

Did you just call me ugly, Thomas?


Refer to your last text…

Oh haha, I love you 😀

I’m rolling my eyes at you! So what are you doing rn?

Thinking about you…always

I’m blushing. So I just found $10 on the street! YAAAAYYYY!

I’ve never seen a rich person so excited about $10…

I’m not rich. But what can I say? I’m an enthusiastic person! So what should I do with it?

Put it towards our future children's trust fund. 



HA! You should be a comedian, like your father. 

Rude…I gotta go. I’ll text you later love!

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