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Happy new year~^^ The hanbok has become much smaller…


Important Stuff ––

You can now find Draco’s Blog here: @hawthorneandunicornhair
I have pulled over his active threads, but most completed threads will likely stay here.

Anything different?


I’ll no longer be reblogging sentence starters (but feel free send me alllll the memes!!). I write 6 muses, and I’m finding thing it difficult to reply to things when there’s no plot. Draco is a private muse, which means I will only write her with muns I have written with before/know.

I ran out of time, but Draco will have a new bio page, a new verses page, and a new navigation page (Monday). So feel free to go check those out.

What’s happening on this blog?

Nothing. I will keep it as an archive and I have a message reblogged in the queue that it’s an archive…so unless you wanna keep seeing THAT for the next week and a half, you can just unfollow :)

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How's my son doing? Tell me if there's anything you need. 💜 -[weeklyheavendio]

@weeklyheavendio  …G-Good? I guess? Thanks… I will…

(…and people think my tiddie window is bad…)


I was tagged by @canto34 (you should really follow his blog he’s awesome.! ^^) to do this.. thing.

So here you go! :D

1. If you could use any melee weapon, what would it be?

Probably a broadsword or a scimitar. Get a good ol’ bit of that there chop chop.

2. Preferred character/play style in video games?

Usually either medic or support. I like to help. C:

3. Theme song?

Oh jeez.. Probably.. The Austin Powers Theme Song.

4. Dream house?

Big ol’ fuckin’ mansion. With secret passages and hidden rooms and stuff. Preferably on the county side.

5. If you could grow up during any decade from 1900 to 1999, which one?

Probably the Roaring 20′s. Love me that swing.

6. Are you satisfied with your life right now?

Honestly, not really but I’ll get through it. With copious amounts of swearing.

7. If you could say one thing to a person who you no longer talk to, what would it be?

This applies to multiple people but it would probably something along the lines of, “Piss off. You’re dead to me.”

8. Ideal partner?

Supportive, funny, tall (i like me them tall girls .////.), nerdy, loves to sing and dance, weird like i am.

9. What was the road you didn’t take?

Probably getting a modeling career when I was younger.

10. What’s scarier, your past or your future?

I’m always ready to take on the future but I’d never wanna revisit my past.

11. Your happiest memory?

Probably graduating High School or Job Corps tbh. Was such a huge relief.

I’m tagging…

@kodiak868 @angelazrael4242 @that-awkwardnerd @cynicaldeino @stalker-among-the-stars @defiantbird @ifuckinglovedragons @veiledquillqueen @peachesandcocks @carl-and-her-blog-wtf @mikucrossing

My Questions Be the Following:

1. If you could listen to one song for the rest of your life what would it be?

2. What’s your preferred genre of movie/book?

3. If you could be any superhero/heroine who would you be and why?

4. If you could redo one thing in your life what would it be?

5. Have you ever rejected someone?

6. Description of your best friend?

7. Your idea of a perfect date?

8. What is your most hated thing about high school?

9. Do you want piercings or tattoos?

10. Random fact about anything

11. Someone you miss dearly.

have  fun  children

Hi, I’m the moody, bohemian member of the group. blonde frontman. the sensetive artist type.
I like: pasta, turtles, girls with weird eyes, writing, reading, keeping my mouth shut, cake decorating, horse back riding, gun cleaning, Sally Struthers impersonations, pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, buttfucking, accupuncture, painting, friends, cats, goats, mo-hair sweaters, cultivating a fine army of facial blemishes, scarification, playing music with my band, my wife, my family and all of the people with whom our band works with.
—  Kurt Cobain, in his journal.

Happy #transgenderdayofvisibility!
Omg I’m super late to this I’m sorry I’ve been busy v.v

Gender fluid - they/them but she/her is fine ❤️
Also I know it’s trans day of visibility but I saw a lot of other nb people posting but I’m rly sorry if you don’t like it!! I don’t want to offend I just want to show my support!
(Also you guys should follow my amazing boyfriend - comegethealed - his blog is aesthetic and super cute and has some NSFW stuff and is generally amazing and funny)

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He’s a chill dude, his blog is super nice, and he’s sweet to his followers. If you’re not following vanish or haven’t checked out his blog, you should! :)


WATCH: “The FINAL Chicken Nugget Challenge

Reblog if you want me to check out / follow your blog! <3

#WOLFPACK •  i’ll follow you alphabetically-arranged cuties to the ends of the earth! whether i’ve known you since the dawn of time, we chat about tv once in a while, or just really quietly mutually love eachother’s blogs, my dash is the most entertaining & aesthetically-pleasing place on the internet, and i appreciate all of you! thank you all in your own ways for continuously brightening my day with your collective presences, being there for me, tagging & making things for me, including me in memes that i forget to do 90% of the time, or just sharing your interests, passions, & aesthetics with me every day 

• (a-j) -afifa allisonarqnt allisunargents allmightygirls amouria anabellegreene andravenge ariannemaertell ashanti-notthesinger astroprojection bananaleaves bisexualghost cacupid calendulea chii-square codenameswallowtail colesaintsclair colinsorgasms cuntyspice curiouscatalyst desidorian diasporational emmafrosty emperatrices eviecarnahan feralphoenix gamayuns gaymergirls gladyfaith hesperae holyja janalas jareddunn jbaggles jewelshards jimikii

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#ETC • i had to rush this, so fingers crossed i didn’t forget anyone!! if i did, i’m so sorry!!! because the end of the year crept up on me & i have to get going, i don’t have time to include the people who i follow and admire from afar – so just keeping it somewhat short & mutual this year! here’s to an exciting & inspiring & personal growth-filled year ahead of us, or for those of us keeping our expectations tempered: one that isn't too terrible :’) stay warm & optimistic, and i’ll see you in 2015! … unless you’re already there!

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Hey which scandal blogs do you think I should follow?

Hi kg, well thats a tough question cuz as u knw this olitz fandom is divided so u hav the:

1. olivia stans: magicinhermadness olitzterry cindersinrags katrinapavela bytesthedust

2. Fitz stans: wereworldsurvivor candi4olitz redorkulous loveniaimani tonyssidechick fitzisgold-win

3. General olitz: eaudrey35 aliasvaughn simplyjazzie21 sues52 iamascandallover thebatgirlposts sunsetonmain scandamonium scandalousnurse scandalbayoubeauty scandalbitchinheels maryb03 mayson2013 mfjune1973 tony-kerry-goldwyn trumpetnista torisoulphoenix baronessvondengler hoosyourdaddy99 daragoldfitz daniellescandal earthmother29 englandisbae fedeccino gladi8rs goddesscru beliskner blackstaraura uberscandalous ctron164

There’s alot more bt these r the one’s I remember off the top of my head. I actually like the entire fandom whether I agree or nt with their opinion bcuz it brings more theories to the discussions. So u can add all lolsss bt chk out their blogs and see for yourself. I dnt get bogged into any “stans” im an olitzer in general meaning I look out for both fitz and olivia. These r cool ppl.
I hope I was helpful and im honored that you asked me :)


Yo! My names Aiden I’m a huge dork like the listens to sad music then cries on a lap because there aren’t enough kittens in my life kinda dork. Anyways hi! You should follow my transition blog and send me topics you’d like for me to talk about in my videos!! Please please 💗 The blog is @gh0at

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Hi, I just started a new book blog and I was wondering if you could give me tips on how to run my blog and who I should follow. I LOVE YOU (and of course your blog)

Hi!!!! Congratulations on starting a book blog! Here are some tips that will hopefully help you! 

– Talk to people: Well you’ve already got this step down! (With this message haha) Booklr is surprisingly a pretty social place haha. Replying to posts, helping with recommendations and suggestions, and just being nice to others in the community is a way to become apart of it.
– Custom Content: Make your blog your own! Post your own pictures (feel free to join my book photo challenge – a lot of booklrs got noticed from doing the challenge), write reviews, do a read along, or come up with something new!
– Set the queue: If you can’t post frequently, the queue helps to keep your blog going even while you’re away. It’s really handy! 
– Appearances: Having a nice theme that’s easy to use is really important. Make sure that people can see the links on your page and that they actually work! 

A few people you should follow: 

bookphile buttermybooks iprefertoread magic-in-every-book

library-heaven duckduckbooks dukeofbookingham epicreads
girlthatreads ifreakinlovebooks omfgbooks teachingliteracy
booksownme twentysomethingvagabond beckisbookshelf

Good luck on your book blog! If you have anymore questions, I’m here for you!!