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Mine. (Lafayette x Reader)

Pairing: Lafayette x Fem!Reader (two laf fics in a row lucky you)

Warnings: The reader isn’t comfortable with her body type.

Setting: Modern

Prompt: “Could you please do one where the reader is plus sized and insecure but Laf finds her sexy and attractive anyways? Thanks!” ~The person who requested would prefer to be anon, but thank you for the request!

Summary: The reader is uncomfortable with how her dresses fit her, and she tries on multiple and finds flaws in each one. Laf comes home and hes all sexual and smol, and then he gives her sort of a lecture. By the way sorry if the writing is kinda eh, I’ve had a long day :)

Words: 817 (it’s a shortie)

Note: I was planning on finishing the second chapter of my Alexander fic, but I got this request and I wanted to write it so bad, so here you are lovelies!

Ships and requests are open!!!!! Please leave suggestions in my inbox!



After you finished your hair and makeup, you made your way over to your closet. Oh boy. You pulled dress after dress out of your closet. 

This one makes my shoulders look to broad. Let’s try the next one. My figure looks too boxy. Next. This doesn’t hug my figure correctly. This one? My hips look big in this one. No. No. No. Nothing fit correctly. You were close to bailing out on Alexander’s birthday party and just staying home. You put all the dresses back on the hooks and left only your underwear and bra. You were always a bigger girl, but you haven’t really had many complications with body image until a few months ago. Exhausted, you flopped onto your bed with your backside facing up. You heard the door creak open.

“Mon ange? I’m ho-… well isn’t this a pretty picture.”

You groaned in response and pulled the covers over you.

“As much as I love seeing you like this… we must get ready soon. The party starts in an hour and I do not wish to be late.”

You flipped over to face him. “I have nothing to wear. None of the dresses in my closet fit me the way I like.” You pulled the covers over your face so your eyes and forehead were exposed. He laid on the bed beside you and propped his head on his palm.

“All your dresses fit you wonderfully! I should know… I’m the one who gets to pull it off at the end of the night.”

“Jesus, Laf! What’s got you in a happy-go-lucky mood?”

“I’m sorry, ange. Just seeing you in that position when I walked in is a picture I can’t shake from my mind.” He kissed you on the tip of your nose and let out a heavy sigh. “We really do have to get ready, though. Unfortunately, we can’t go in sweatpants and a tank top, as much as I want to.” He got up and proceeded towards the shower. God, you wish you could join him. You shook away the thought and went back to the closet.

This is too short.

This is too tight around my stomach.

My boobs are popping out of this dress. Be professional.

“I like that one.” 

You didn’t even hear him come in!

“How are you so quiet, Laf?? You scared the literal shit out of me!”


“Fuck you!” You pushed his chest and giggled.

“Is that an offer?”

You turned back to your closet. “We’ll talk about that later.” 

Laf’s cheeks were tinted pink as he sat down and watched you change. You slipped on one of your last dresses, a tan one with a criss-cross design on the back. You looked at yourself fully in the mirror.  Why did I even buy this? It makes my hips too wide and it’s too tight on my thighs.

“Wow… I’m at a loss for words. You look absolutely stunning.” he said breathlessly.

You didn’t turn to him. “Don’t lie. I hate my body.” You said in the coldest tone you could manage.

He got up, took your chin in his forefinger and thumb, and forced you to look into his eyes. You’ve never seen him look so serious before. His gaze could probably melt steel.

“Listen here, (Y/n). My girlfriend is the most beautiful woman ever. She is strong, confident, and doesn’t let her body type define her. I love every single curve on her body. She takes away my breath every time she swings her hips, every time she looks at me, and every time she speaks. I love her, and I love everything that’s mine.”

He grabbed your ass. “This is mine.”

He grabbed your shoulders. “These are mine.”

He ran his hands up and down your sides. “These curves are mine.”

He pecked you on both cheeks. “Nobody else’s.”

He kissed you all over until you were almost crying from giggling.

“I know I’m very selfish of her, but I love her more than myself. She dominates the world in her stride, and she knows it. She’s capable of anything. She is the reason I wake up. I live, ache, and breathe for her. And I’ll be damned if she isn’t the sexiest woman I know.”

He bonded his words with a kiss and wrapped his arms around your neck.

“I hope you know that all those things are true. Everything I said. I’m not going to stop saying it until you believe me.”

You nodded your head and leaned your forehead against his.

“Now, mon amour, how about we blow off the party and stay home. I’m pretty sure Alexander will have another birthday next year.”

You still ask yourself how you got so lucky.


Over the months, (Y/n) turned the hateful shouts in her brain into whispers. She didn’t let her inner demons tie her down any longer, and she was at peace with her flaws. <3


I hope you guys liked this one. I really enjoyed writing it. I love body positive stuff. :)

Much love,



Requested By: @stephenie-mkm 

Since Scott had become a true alpha his time had been limited which was why English class, the only one on one time you got with your best friend, had become your favourite class. So when the twins slumped down, taking a seat either side of you, you sighed and glared forward not wanting to pay either wolf any attention.

“Hey cutie pie, you wanna tell us where Scotty went to?” You ignored the comment and moved your attention to the teacher who was talking at the front of the class.  Scott walked into the class, glaring at the twins as he took a seat behind you.

“Look who showed up.” The other twin muttered, grinning at his brother. The rest of the class went much of the same way, you and Scott ignoring them while they tried to gain your attention.


“Hey (Y/N) what class you got?” You turned to see Stiles and Lydia hurrying up the corridor behind you.

“Gym I think we’re doing track again which means I’ll be with Isaac.” You smile as Lydia hands you a bobble, knowing you well enough to know that you hadn’t brought one yourself.


“I’ve got lacrosse training with coach and Lydia’s got art.” Stiles mumbled, frowning when you chucked your gym bag at him and tied your (Y/H/C) hair into a messy bun.


“Well good luck just remember Isaac’s faster, last time you almost passed out.” Lydia smiled at you both before exiting to her art class, you and Stiles walked together until you came to the changing rooms where you waved him good bye and hurried to get changed.


“Well hey there cutie pie.” You had been doubled over, hands on your knees, as you tried to catch your breath.

“What do you want?” You grumbled. He grinned and held out a bottle of water which you gladly snatched from his hands, downing most of the liquid.

“Just thought I’d be nice and check on you… I mean I was on my second lap and I couldn’t run past you again without feeling mean.” He chuckled, taking the bottle back and walking up the path.


“Well… thanks for the water.” You muttered, following him. By the time you’d caught up with Isaac the class was over and you were more than happy to head to the showers and get into fresh clothes.


Lydia, Malia and Stiles were waiting outside for you and once Isaac came out of the boys changing room, his hair still soaked, you all headed to the library.


“Watch my bags.” You dumped your bags on the table and wondered around in search of a book you hadn’t read yet.


Aiden’s POV:


“Hey (Y/N)’s behind you.” Ethan muttered under his breath. I glanced over my shoulder and saw some guy talking to her, his hand snaking its way from her arm to her back. I could feel a bitter growl catching at the back of my throat and it wasn’t until Ethan placed a hand on my arm that I’d realised my eyes had shifted.

“So we should hang out sometime.” I looked back over to see (Y/N) backed against a bookshelf, trying her best to convince the boy to leave her alone without hurting his feelings.

“Thanks but I’m really busy.” She said quickly. When he moved closer I was surprised to find my brother stepping over to them.

“She said she’s busy so you can leave.” I joined Ethan’s side, glaring at the boy who just sneered at us.


“Come on Cutie pie.” I nodded my head away from the boy and placed a hand on her arm, leading her away, surprisingly she followed me.

“Thanks… I should go back to the pack.” She whispered uncomfortably. I nodded and smiled, making her blush a little as she left, thanking Ethan as she walked past him.


“Really you’re going to stick with cutie pie as a nickname.” Ethan smirked as I followed him out of the room.

“Yeah it makes her mad because she spends all her time trying to seem like a big, brave human.” I shook my head as we left the school and headed to our bikes.




“Hey cutie pie.” Aiden chuckled when you jumped and swung the basket of food you were holding at him. “Woah, sheesh just saying hello.”


“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry I thought you were… something you know, scary.” You blush as he lets go of the basket and makes a face in mock offence.


“I’m terrifying.” He frowned at you.


“Not really… I mean sure when you first came to town we were scared but now…” you trailed off as you tried to reach a jar on a high shelf, mentally cursing the store for putting it up so high.


“Aw Cutie pie, looks like your too short.” You glared at the smug werewolf, who rolled his eyes and grabbed the jar for you. he followed you around the rest of the store, helping you fetch things and carrying the basket when it got to heavy.


You spent most of the time trying to figure out why he’d been so nice to you for the last few weeks, the other told you he just wanted to get into Scott’s pack but he never brought up the pack when he was with you, he was more concerned with whatever you were doing or wanted to do.


“Um… hey do you need help carrying those home?” You turned to face Aiden with surprise, you hadn’t expected him to offer.

“If you can manage some bags… gee thanks.” Your blush was clear to the both of you but thankful he preoccupied himself with taking all of your bags, using his werewolf strength to carry the heavy load all the way to your door.

“Well now, seeing as I’ve helped you all week I think you owe me something.” He smirked at you, the smug look quickly slipping from his face when he saw you panicking. “Oh no I meant you should go out with me, like on a date.” He set the bags down on your door step and looked at you expectantly.


“Oh sure, there’s a lacrosse practise match tomorrow and Lydia’s got something going on so… I have free time that I was going to use to study…” You drifted off in thought only looking up from your hands when Aiden ruffled your hair.

“See you tomorrow then Cutie pie, I need help with English anyway.” He winked and jogged down the road leaving you a little stunned.

More Teen Wolf

Exo Reaction to When Someone Hits on Their Girlfriend


Baekhyun casually slid up next to his girlfriend and laced his fingers with her. He didn’t pay attention to the other guy who had just asked her for his number, instead he turned towards her and brushed the hair from her forehead while smiling. He leaned towards her with a grin. 

“Want to build a sand castle, Jagiya?” 


Chanyeol couldn’t help but feel nervous when he watched the other guy chat with his girlfriend with jealous eyes. He always got antsy when other people got too close to her because the anxiety in his mind always reminded him of how beautiful she was. Sometimes he felt like she’d up and realise that could have anyone and he got defensive about it. 

He walked up to them and draped his arm around her shoulder as he stared at the man who had been asking about where she grew up and getting just a little too friendly for Chanyeol’s tastes. “Jagi, let’s swim for a bit.”


Chen was not afraid to let this clown know that she was taken. However, he was classy so he’d do it in a way that wasn’t overly obvious. He snuck up behind her as she talked casually to the tall guy who had gone up to her with a smile. He quickly wrapped his arms around her and covered her eyes with his hands. 

“Guess who?”

“Cut it out, Jongdae,” she said as she giggled and grabbed onto his hands. She wrapped them around her so he was holding her from behind and then smiled at the guy again as she gestured to chen. “This is my boyfriend Jongdae, but people call him Chen. Jongdae this is my cousin Minjun.”

Chen opened his mouth to say something, but then closed it. He felt kind of stupid now, but he was pretty sure that is what his girlfriend wanted. “…Hey.” 


“I’m nervous about this,” his girlfriend whispered as she wrapped the shawl around her hips and tied it, just to feel a little less exposed and to cover the lose skin on her stomach. 

“You look beautiful to me,” he told her confidently as he wrapped his arm around her waist. “If anything happens, I’ll be right next to you.”

She nodded and clung to him a little tighter than she meant to. She hadn’t gone out like this since she had lost all the weight and felt so self-conscious about the stretch marks on her body that she found it hard to breathe. Jongin was there for her though and he was holding her close, supporting her. 

She swallowed hard when a guy who was playing ball suddenly cat-called her. It wasn’t flattering, it made her feel uncomfortable and she wanted to fidget suddenly. She suddenly felt very small. 

Kai’s hand tightened on his wrist and he looked towards the guy with anger clearly in his eyes. “Did your father just forget to teach you how to respect women or are you just an asshole?” 


His girlfriend was making cute faces at him, making him grin when he heard the guy call to her. He didn’t care how beautiful this other guy thought his girlfriend was, no one said something that rude to her around him. No one said something that rude to her, period. She gasped when he broke apart from her and walked up to him, getting right up in his face as his fists clenched. 

“Yifan!” she said as she ran up to him and tugged on his bare arm. “It’s not worth it. He’s just an asshole, come on.” 

Kris looked at her and nodded, taking a step back. As he turned, his entire body stiffened when the guy laughed at him. “Yeah, I thought so.” 

She tightened her hold on him before he could turn around and then leaned onto the tip of her toes to kiss his jawline. “Don’t…let’s just keep walking.”


“Please come save me,” she texted to her boyfriend while this random guy continued to talk her ear off. 

“So, are you single?” he asked her as he put his hands on his hip. 

She was starting to feel uncomfortable with how much he towered over her. She was too frightened to try and flea and too uncomfortable to tell him that he was crossing a line. She just hoped Kyungsoo would hurry up. 

“No,” she said as she crossed her arms. “I have a boyfriend.”

“Are you just saying that?” he asked her as he looked around the area. “I don’t see anyone who is waiting for you.” 

“He bringing our stuff from the car,” she said angrily. “I don’t need to explain myself to you.”

“Don’t be like that,” he told her with a smile. 

She heard someone clear their throat from behind her and she immediately smiled when she felt him snake his arm around her. “I believe I’m the guy you’re asking about. I also believe we have a group to meet up, so if you will excuse us.”


He saw her talking with someone with a smile and knew pretty much instantly that he had no idea who he was. He suddenly felt a little jealous, but just waited patiently for her to finish talking so he didn’t seem possessive. He didn’t want her to think there was some kind of distasteful person he hid away so he pushed down his instinct to go up to her and physically show the guy she was in a relationship by wrapping an arm around her or something. 

When she finally finished talking to the other guy, Lay smirked and bit his lip while he signaled for her to come closer. He wouldn’t be possessive, but he wouldn’t let her forget about the little things he could do to drive her crazy either. 


Luhan casually strolled up to the guy his girlfriend was in a very heated argument with and just listened with a smile on his face. He didn’t have to guess at what this guy did because he had made the same mistake they first met by greeting her with ‘Hey, cutie’. He thought she was going to kill him at the time, but now admired that fiery side of her personality. 

“You really need to sit down and think about the way you talk to people,” she spit as she looked him up and down. “Do you think girls like it when you catcall, follow, harass and call them a ‘piece of ass’? Because I sure as hell don’t, it’s fucking disgusting. I should be able to wear a bikini at the beach without being harassed.” 

“This piece of trash did what to you now?” Luhan asked with wide eyes. 

“I’m guessing this little girl is the boyfriend that you mentioned?” the guy said with a laugh. “No wonder you can handle an actual man, this guy’s probably got a c**t hidden under everything.” 

“You have got to be fucking kidding me!” she screamed angrily. “Do you always insult innocent people when you don’t get what you want?” 

“Oh hell no,” Luhan said as he quickly lost his temper. “You did not just call me  girl.” 


“Please, she is dating Oh Sehun. You don’t have a chance.” 


Suho instantly got a little upset when he saw his girlfriend smile when a random dude ran his finger down her arm lightly. She had always had a flirty personality, but this was crossing a line. He never strove to make her feel inadequate. 

“You’re very beautiful,” the guy said as he eyed her bikini, particularly where it covered her breasts.

“And you’re a pig,” she said with a laugh as she looked towards Suho and pointed to him, “and that is my boyfriend who makes everything about you seem so microscopic in comparison.” 

His girlfriend pushed past him with a smile that seemed so much more sarcastic now that he had heard what she said. “If you will excuse me.” 


Tao got so jealous when he saw his girlfriend talking casually to another guy. He did everything in his power to make her notice him, but she wasn’t paying too much attention. He eventually caught her attention when he began to flex his muscles and she burst out laughing. 

“I’m sorry, boss. My boyfriend thinks you’re hitting on me and he is acting like an idiot. I should go stop him.”


Xiumin casually walked to his girlfriend who was talking animatedly to someone he didn’t know and held her from behind, resting his chin on her shoulder. He stared at the guy she was talking to with a faint grin on his lips. She didn’t seem to notice him too much, but the guy talking to her did and he got the hint pretty clearly. 

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4. i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie
5. saturn - sleeping at last
6. addict with a pen - twenty one pilots
7. happier - ed sheeran
8. blackbird - the beatles
9. youth - daughter
10. falling in love at a coffee shop - landon pigg (this song reminds me of dnp idk why)

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