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I hit 1k+ followers on this blog recently, so I’ve decided to do a follow forever as stated by my crappy gif above. The blogs below are in no particular order; just my favorite YOI exclusive/YOI-posting blogs. Thank you!

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I’ve been in an OC doodlin’ mood all night so here’s some other people’s rad OCs 

Sorro, Berry, and Tiff go to @weevmo

Chrystal is @eliana55226838‘s

and Bandit belongs to @mochaartisian and all of them are awesome and you should go follow them

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Heyy, I think I sent you an ask before, but I'm not sure if I made that public. I'm new here, just started my tumblr blog today. I LOVE YOUR BLOG and was hoping you could recommend some more b.a.p blogs to me. I'm a rose era baby, dae biased! I'm v excited for my tumblr experience goshh sorry if I seem awkward

HEY NEW FRIEND!!!! Yes I got the other message but it’s all gucci my love. Thank you so much for liking my blog ;;; I put way too much effort into it sometimes and it makes me really happy that people like it D: ANYWAYS B.A.P blogs you’re looking for!?!?!? well you came to the semi right place since I only follow B.A.P blogs lol ANYWAYS 

@kitty-dae @bap-time @matoki-project @daehyuns-uneven-buttcheeks @daehyunprotectionsquad @daehyuns-beautiful-golden-skin @hana-bunny @7n13bang @diamond4yamv @itsbap @bapquality @bapofficial @thediebutterfly @junhongiee @bangxster @daehyuns-noona @imstillstrongasbap @best-absolute-pabos @eotteokhaji-s @seren4moonjongup @siriuslyjongup @shut-thejongup @shut-the-jongup @himdaes @him-up @himchaans @himchaned @himchansflowerpants @y-ngguk @feelsogukk @yongguk-hell-chyeah @aegyo-chan @youngjaaes @younqjaesthetic @brainboxy @brainboxercheetos @jonqups @jongupssi @jongupism @daematos @daebonair @allbap @brbap @cheeji-cake @cheeji-burger @jion-a @bored-wayward-dragon  @dreamgukkie @dreamermoonchan @jacksons-voice @bangyxnggxk  @the-king-is-back @thisisourkingdom @acuteproficiency @soooldout @bapsujusechskies @faeriedustunicorn @b-124a-p-224 @b-ap @zelosexual @zelo @fluffyjae @fluffyzelo @mato-world @bbangception @daefsoul @daefluffs @bangdaeforlife @ab1004 @7tobap6

and for just strict like 100% B.A.P solid content I recommend following the nets 

@daenet @bapnet @yjaynet @matoki-network @kimhimnet @mjupnet @zelo-net @yongguk-net @bbangnet  :) 

OH ALSO WElcome to the fandom We’re all really loud and extra and love the boys so much and we’re all super friendly trust, also memes, we’re all memes .-. 

hello! the school year for me is coming to a close and i wanted to celebrate with a follow forever! i’m still pretty new with this blog and don’t follow many people yet, but i wanted to share some of the people that have a+ blogs. thank you for making my dash beautiful <3:

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↳ dedicated to my dearest, @innersakuras​ ❤︎

How To Back Up Your Blog (2017)

Hi all! With the spate of accidental blog deletions recently, I thought I’d write up a little post about a Python program by @discoinferno that I used to back up my blog!

My entire blog, all 57,649 posts at the time of backup, are now stored on my computer’s hard drive. 40 gigabytes of blog! It took about 8 hours to download, and I feel so much safer having it all saved.

Obviously I haven’t gone through the entire file to make sure all the photos and such are there, but I have gone through and spot checked, and it all looks great.

If you want to use the program I used, here is what you do:

1) Go here.

2) Click the green “Clone or download” button.

3) Click “Download ZIP,” and put the .zip file wherever is convenient for you. I put it in Documents, but you can put it in your default Downloads folder if that’s easier.

4) Unzip the file. In Windows, you can just right click and select “Extract all” from the menu. If that doesn’t appear, you may need a program like WinRar, which is free and downloadable online.

5) In the unzipped folder, tumblr-utils-master, there will be a folder with the same name. Double click on that and take a look at the files. You are going to click on the file called “” and tell Windows to open it in Microsoft Word or whatever word processor you use.

6) The instructions in that file are amusing and easy to understand, and they will walk you through the rest of the process! Just follow them exactly, and you should be all set!

Additional notes before running the program:


2) You’re going to want to go into your power settings and change the settings that make your computer turn off the screen, go to screensaver, or sleep after certain amounts of time. You don’t want to have to restart this process two hours in, trust me lol

3) Make sure you have enough space on your hard disk for your entire blog. I don’t know what happens if you don’t? I assume the program just stops, which is a lot of wasted time.

Good luck!

EDIT: This does not back up videos unless you download another package. Check out the “” file for more info.

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Since you are into marvel now. do you know other great artists?

Ohhhh you have come to the right place! I’m into marvel since i’m a little kid and even my sideblog is only for marvel. but yeah i need to draw them more. :)

Here are my favourite artists! 

Draws in such a cute style that i could cry at her sweet little tony. Also pokemon au’s and i love them! and look at the icons for every MCU character.

Really i squeal everytime i see new art from cherryteddy. My favourite are the tsum tsum drawings and also lots of stony. so perfect.

Draws really soft tonys that i would really like to hug! Also lots of Stony, too. And look at tiny fae tonee or tony in dresses! damn yes.

What i can i say? Their art is perfect! For real i laugh so hard at their rhodey/tony comics who were part of the expressions challenge. Also the Clint and Natasha drawing about friendship. It’s love.

Such a cute cute cute chibi style. i want to kiss the little tony. but im sure the little steve will do that for me. really makes me smile!

Many comics. And i love every single one of them. Again Stony (im a sucker for that, sue me) and spideypool. also the superfamily comics are breaking my heart. in the best way.

Caz draws so perfect. For real you wont believe it. My fave is the one with the steve bobblehead. Draws so many marvel characters and i’m sure you will love every single one!

Draws Tony a lot. And i love every single piece. Because for real this style looks so much like one of the best comic books i’ve ever read and is still so much kay that i would recognize it everywhere! King Tony and Knight Steve is my fave drawing in the world.

☀  @jian-lengyi
Okay. The little merman Tony is the cutest merman you will ever see. I mean seriously the drawings are so wonderful and awww. I need so much more!

Just one word. perfect. the chibi style is so sweet and adorable. also lots of stony and even better avenger academy stony and with such cute ideas, that it makes me happy on a bad day!

blog from @ericamchan and @superjustice (you should check out both!) the comics are everything. sometimes i laugh myself to tears (the checklist comic with phil) and sometimes they’ll break my heart. worth it!

Always makes me laugh with the avenger academy drawings. lots of tony and loki which is wonderful because they both are trying to be so cool (i mean they are) and so many jokes! Lovely!

again wonderful cute drawings. superfamily and let me tell you the little peter is the cutest you’ll ever see! also a bit of angst and so much love in the drawings. i can’t!

Not sure how someone can draw so perfectly. but if you like bucky and tony you need to follow! seriously the drawings bring so much joy and giggles with them!

Draw also avenger academy and lots of stony which is just wonderful. also very funny and has so many cute ideas. also check out the charms, they are wonderful!

wonderful art with incredible backgrounds. the flower shop au with steve and tony still kills me. i don’t think art can get any better than that!

my favourite chibi drawings to be honest. i just can’t because the tony is so cute that i want to steal him. but since the steve is cute as well, tony can be with his stebe. also CORGI TONY.

Such a cute chibi style. Draws traditional with pencils and i’m a goner for that. the chibis are really sweet and my favourite is sam to be honest. aw. also lots of cute au’s with tony in adorable outfits.

Draws a really soft Tony that you will love! seriously. also the infinity war gauntlet comic follows me in my dreams. can break my heart in like two seconds with the wonderful comics.

one of my absolutely faves. because the style is so unique. i can recognize it everywhere and its one of my fave tonys. also have you seen his eyelashes. amazing. AND when tony wears ginas clothes. best thing ever.

Just amazing. I love the way tony and steve seem always to blush (makes me blush, too!) also amazing drawings gifs and tony is just soo so soft. i’m in love with the art.

So that’s it. Now i just realized i don’t follow them from this blog and i need to change that! But for real they are all amazing! :)
Also if some pronouns are wrong, let me know. then i’m really sorry! love you all.

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hello! do you mind recommending some of your fav blogs for me to follow? preferably also jin of jimin biased? ps. i love your blog!

hey!! of course I don’t mind and thanks for loving my blog ♥

for jin there’s: @bwiseoks, @xingorjin, @jinsthighs, @jinblond (I just noticed I need to follow more jin blogs most are inactive otl)

for jimin: @parxjimin@jiminrolls, @forpjm, @jimiyoong, @gotjimin, @sweaterpawsjimin, @mingenius@chimcheroo@ji-min@whyparkjimin

and in general: @jeonheart@jaayhope, @bangtanbanchan, @bang-tan, @kthspjm@bwiyomi, @bwipsul, @namseok, @jeonsshi, @hhobi, @syubbed, @apgujeon and @hobilu

but tbh out of all, your go to person would be @jinmini she’s jinmin biased, very sweet and makes a+ content! also @jminies ships jinmin and makes amazing gifs!!

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heyy do you know any very active hp blogs ?? i have like 0 hp on my dash bc ur quiet atm

ahhhh nonnie i’m so sorry for being quiet! school’s just been stressing me out but my last exams are on monday and tuesday so after that i should be on here more often!!! but yes i would LOVE to direct you towards some of my faves that are on quite often!

@meraudurs, @jilys, @lunalovey, @georgieweasleys, @ravenclw@tonqs, @jilyeverafter, @padfootd, @herniones, @blacksiruis, @mollywealsey, @oblviqte, @foreverjily, @pctter, @mcgonnagal, @acciolunalovegood, @pansyparquinson, @ginnyweaslcy, @katie-bell, @bookwrms, @tcrtarus, @fleuvrdelacour, @vexedbuckbeak

these are only a few favorites of mine that post quite often but you should definitely check out my blogroll since all the blogs i follow are amazing and usually post hp!!

hey look at this shitty banner that ava made on paint! at least she actually made an attempt to make one this time!!!

so somehow i have 1k followers (and idk why?? i’m literally the uncoolest person to exist asdfhjsdh thankyouguyssomuch

but anyways here is a list of all my lovely mutuals that you should definitely go follow because they’re all quality blogs and i love them with my whole hort :’( <3


@aestheitcly @articulatehowell @awoohowell @asoftboye @artistphil @adorablephilly @agastopiaphan @bookwormgerard @blackparadehowell @blushinlester @bookishlester @bumbledan @blanket-howell @bloomingphil @conventionalbullets @curlyprincedan @chillphann @celestialesters @cuddlesphan @childishphannie @camiilaxo @colormephan @colorlester


@dxntasies @doddle-phan @dantea @danffodils @dqnhowell @dorky-hufflepuff @daintyhowell @dodiescupoftea @dearlylester @dogdnp  @dangoghs @edgyeggos @energeticwarrior @earlgreyphil @eucalyptusdan @falloutmaze @fondan @firstgay @galaxydnp @ginassf @gloaminghowell @gloomylesterr @garbagedaniel @goddesslester


@httpsdaniel @hellointrnet @httpsoftdan @hellcrafts @halcyonhowelll @htmlpinof @https-dan @howellscrunchynuts @ikki-phan-music-depression @iuminouslester @kissdjh @kitten-kiah @lolzr @litraleehowell @lestersdog @lesterslovebite @little-lester @latte-howell @lstcr


@macaronidan @moonbeamphil @musclester @memefuck @nancyelsnerlovesgiraffes @nonbinary-lester @phantastic-tay @philwithlove @phandum @plantpotphil @philpov @pityhowell @phaked @pasteldoothowell @pugjumper @pepperminthowell @pansexualphil @philop @philpancakes @phanwhom @rebranddaniel @roseyboys


@softrosehowell @stylishphil @stefisnothere @stargazing-lester @savagelester @starboydan @squidyphan @snazzy-lester @saltwaterphil @sorcererphil @sunkissedlester @starryhtml @sprjnkles @serenehowell @starmadephan @starhowell @sharkdan @trohmann @trashcandan @thebookofmadison @theamazingpersonwhoisnotonfire @this-is-not-a-forever-home @tooscaredtobeme


@wavydanrises @winedan @wisehowell @youcouldgoswimminginthoseeyes @vloggery @zazzedhtml

thanks again, and please yell at me if i forgot you

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Well I'm not your 'Alice' but I'm a certain one looking for a certain Bendy. You see last time I saw him he had half a face and was really tall and I'm worried for his safety. Do you know anything about him perhaps?

“I mean, I’ve seen them around.. Just.. never talked to them though.. Though I think I’ve seen the Bendy you’re talking about! I think it was @askdaddybendy or something of that sort hm..”

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Awesome, thank you so much! I'm so curious to see what this "breakdown day" is all about!

Alright anon, you asked for it! Here’s a pretty basic breakdown of the Caps’ breakdown day. Not every player said something of note, but these were the main takeaways. We’ll start with all of the injured players:

Alex Ovechkin: knee and hamstring injuries that he was taking pain injections for (the knee was from the nasty Kadri hit in Round 1, the hamstring from Game 3 of Round 2); neither of them will require surgery but they’re keeping him from playing in Worlds!

Marcus Johansson: fractured/broken (wording went both ways) finger that he used numbing spray for the entire Second Round against the Pens; might require surgery, he’s unsure, but it’s keeping him from playing in Worlds

Karl Alzner: broken bone in his right hand from blocking a “harmless” shot in Round 1 (lol harmless); no surgery required

TJ Oshie: said he was dealing with a shoulder injury during the regular season; not 100% now but won’t require surgery

Matt Niskanen: he had a neck injury and a smol MCL injury during the season, but he was healthy during the playoffs!

Bonus: Jay Beagle said he was completely healthy and none of the reporters believed him lol

Now onto the players approaching RFA/UFA status this offseason!

TJ Oshie (UFA): He said, and I quote, “I don’t like change too much” and “I love it here.” Which is a good sign. He said he loves being a Capital and he’d love to come back. Which of course doesn’t reeeeeeally mean anything, but it’s very encouraging. He’ll be expensive because he’s earned it, but he’s a player we’d really really like to keep. I think he’s a top UFA priority.

Kevin Shattenkirk (UFA): So let’s preface this with the reminder that we knew he was probably gonna be a rental d-man at the trade deadline. So what he said today comes as no real surprise: he’s excited for free agency, and while he’ll talk with the Caps first he wants to talk to other teams too. And apparently Vegas intrigues him. It intrigues all of us, Shatty, it intrigues all of us…

Justin Williams (UFA): Man Williams was bummed. He was tellin’ it like it is, and he was bummed. Not much was said specifically about his UFA status, but he did say that he’d like to be back.

Karl Alzner (UFA): Nothing specific about his UFA status.

Daniel Winnik (UFA): Can I just say that I think Winnik is a great dude? He said he’d like to be back, but that the team has bigger things to think about with free agency than him. Bless.

Evgeny Kuznetsov, Andre Burakovsky, Brett Connolly, Dmitry Orlov, Nate Schmidt, Philipp Grubauer (all RFAs): They all want to stay, and it looks likely that most of them will. They all deserve pay raises, and if they stay they’ll get them. Kuzy said he felt like he had unfinished business (I personally think he’s the future of this franchise, but that’s just me). Schmidty wants a spot in the top 4, and depending on which d-men we retain, he could definitely have a spot. He proved he deserves one during the playoffs.

The exception to all of this, of course, is Grubi. He knows he’s got starting goalie caliber, and he’s heard the Vegas rumors about him. My guess, along with most hockey fans, is that he’ll end up in Vegas. He more than deserves a starting spot.

Okay, moving on to the IIHF Worlds news!

Kuznetsov and Orlov: both playing for Team Russia!

Nicklas Backstrom: playing for team Sweden!

Grubauer: playing for Team Germany!

Lars Eller: still undecided on playing for Team Denmark

Last but not least, some parting fun quotes that I didn’t want to leave out:

Kuzy said he wished Ovi was going to Worlds with him so they could drink beer together in Germany. Apparently, he’s heard that the beer is good there.

Alzner said a lot of them hadn’t shaved yet because they hoped it was a joke and that there’s a chance they’ll keep playing. This is sad, not fun. Why did I include this.

Nicky was mad. And said we should be mad too. But he’s going to Worlds to represent his country to try and go out on a high note.

John Carlson was so sad.

Holtby looked weird without his omnipresent beard.

Nisky said Backstrom was “outstanding” when asked about his leadership. We know, Nisky, we know. Also, he called Orlov a “stud”.

Tom Wilson said he didn’t want to be recognized out in public yesterday and today.

Barry Trotz said he “hasn’t slept in two friggin’ days” and, quite frankly, same.

So there you have it, anon! This got a lot longer than I expected, oops. But it’s comprehensive I guess? I regret nothing.

I pulled all of this from various Caps’ reporters’ Twitters, by the way, and honestly you should follow them because they’re all awesome: Isabelle Khurshudyan, JJ Regan, Katie Brown, Jesse Dougherty, Stephen Whyno, and Dan Steinberg. Bonus: if you want good pics from today, check out Amanda Bowen (she takes pics for RMNB).


Oh my god I just hit 200 followers !! I made this blog only a few months ago and i’m so thankful for u all. I’m really bad at y’kno banners n all that jazz so here are some really great mutuals (not even sure why a lot of these ppl follow me tbh) in a random order. You should follow them all bc you just should.

@discountwhore @justaweirdowithspooks @angeloriginal @danlands @heya789 @rosegoldan @pessimisticpunks @suggienova @blueglitterdonut @blushinlester @phanyone @apologyphan @tabbybabbles @ethereal-but-ephemeral @panicatthephandom92 @iceicefetus @emotionally-intellectual @bi-sky @tinysuzy @ughphan @maisyhunter7 @liabilitylester @gloomylesterr @lovelylilaclester @softboy-daniel @celestialesters @astrologyartist @nonbinary-lester @gayphanandpokestan @dreamilypinkcrown @phanleoddle @amazingsavannaisnotonfire22 @danieldremsx @xloonaticbloodx @hopelessly-romantic @hearteyeshowellandlester @ifyoucouldnotthatwouldbegreat @starryhtml @anaisafandomgeek @flosculushowell @stargazingphan @iaminternetrashhelp @internetfathers @sweaty-sand @frecklieboy @dikenhe @brightsidedan @juliaisthephanstan @oraclephil @every-eva-ever @unorthodoxsavvy @phantasticallytrashy @dodiescupoftea @rainbowsphan @starrylester @soulsivan @hwlloo @lesterslovebite @haleys-comet @theamazingtourhowell @dziergasova @acurlyphil @paganlester @oh-god-i-bit-it-off @tav3ry @thefishisdead @rainbowshowell @iamnotalunatic @missmaccasunshine @mysterywriter36

sorry if i missed u, i love all my followers and mutuals !! Thank u 

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Friends on tumblr and people you'd like to know better

This post is queued.

I have done it before and I’m not going to tell why you should follow them or be friend with them because all the people who I will mention here deserve the world and love in this horrifying, sometimes good world. They mean the world to me!




























































Thank you..

Hey guys! Since I reached 1,000 followers, kinda as a thank you I thought i’d do a follow forever sort of thing!! I will be tagging all my favourite blogs/people and why I love them so much, so here goes..💛 (this is also in no way listed in importance or anything like that!) 

@electricblueals-dustygarage: It would be kinda silly for me not to start this off with my favourite lady of all! I honestly have no clue why the world gifted me one of my soulmates so soon in life.. But I’m forever grateful to luck or chance for meeting this star when I did. She’s like a long lost big sister to me and she’ll always have a special place in my heart..💛 Also her blog is stellar, and i’d be surprised to find that you guys aren’t following her already!! (If not, here’s your chance to follow a real life dream!) 

@sodascherry: I think Myriam will always hold the spot for my favourite blog!☺️ When I really started getting into tumblr she was the first person that I ever really talked too, and made me change my mind on this site! I definitely contribute her for showing me that tumblr  can be such a nice place, especially when you’re alone. She’s truly such a treasure and I can’t imagine tumblr without her!! 🌟

@one-bad-apple: Isabella has always been my main source for anything Guns N’ Roses and because of her I’ve learned so much stuff about the boys that I never knew I needed! She’s also always been such an intimidatingly cool person to me, like sometimes I can’t believe she still follows me lol. Everytime I see any of her asks I get such a huge grin because she really is so carelessly funny!! 😊 

@theladyofthehighway: Lauren is in my opinion one of the most stunning girls on here!! Her eyes are the most beautiful ones i’ve ever seen, period. Also such a sweetheart and has shown me nothing but kindness! ✨ Great blog aswell!

@jackiefoxxx: SUCH a babe! Will always be logged as ‘real life jessica rabbit’ in my mind lol. Besides her being without a doubt the hottest person on here, her blog is amazing, and is always giving me Cherry Pie vibes! 🍒

@m—ermaid: God, I’ve been following this lovely one for such a long time! I love this blog SO fucking much! Has literally shown me nothing but kindness, can’t imagine my dash without this sweet lil thing! 💛

@a-walk-on-the-moon: Love, love, love this groovy gal and her blog! Is always filling my dash up with literal sunshine (Eddie Vedder) ☀️ A perticular pure soul indeed! 

@childofstar: I think everybody in the love for 70s aesthetic/classic rock fandom collectively agrees this blog is fucking stellar!!!! ✨

@electricxgypsy: Bewitching lovely lil lady that has been nothing but kind to me! 💛 Kind of a must follow tbh. 

@the-rollingzeppelin: LOVE this sweetheart! One of my main sources for all the 60′s/70′s bands!! I should kinda reach out more bc i’ve had such lovely interactions with this gal! 💖

@katrinarockstar: Never spoken to her before, but she seems so cool!! And she met Steven fucking Adler!! 💫 

@crystallineknowledge: The ultimate Stevie Nicks blog in my opinion. Learned so much about Stevie and Fleetwood Mac because of them!! Definitely a must follow for any lovers of Stevie and Fleetwood Mac 🌟 (also is soo kind to all the people who ask her questions) 

@lovedyouwild: My favourite blog for posts of Jim! Always see pictures of him i’ve never seen before because of this blog!! Thank you so much 😊  

@waitingforthemidnightsun: GREAT blog and very sweet person who owns it! ❤️ 

@agyjones: AGY!! Guys agy is such a babe, you don’t even know!! Absolutely breathtaking and such a genuine cool person 💛 (Also she plays bass.. I mean how much better does it get)

@youwantyourfreedom: My other favourite Stevie blog!! She also seems very sweet 😊

@heresjohnnyinmymind: Great fucking blog, definitely one of my favourites on here! 

@velvet-overdose: Aahhh!! I think everybody follows this one, I mean lets be honest. The biggest must follow if your aren’t already! Perfect ⭐️

@andnowtherunaways: All time favourite Joan Jett blog! I’ve also learned some things about her I didn’t know because of them ✨

@ladystardusstt: Wauw.. just such a beautiful blog! Been following this one since forever 💫

@tuckerjackson: Legitimately one of the sweetest people on here! Really kind of blown away by his kindess. Nice blog too 😊💛

@rocknrollgroupie: STUNNING! Gorgeous lady! 😍

@xhatefuckx: Nothing but great interactions from this sweet girl! Also such a beauty 😉

@lorddofthisworldd: Dude, this blog is soooo fucking good. Get most of my Ozzy and Black Sabbath shit from here! Keep up the good work!!

@katyaani: My fucking favourite Guns N’ Roses blog holy shit!!!!! Always giving me some rare Slash pictures to keep my obsession up lol. Please never leave omg, your blog is gold! 🔥

@vintagewoc: I mean the name says it all! Magical blog and is definitely one you should be following already!! 😊

@retro–babe: Everyones fav and definitely belongs in my list of favs! Bewitching lady in every sense of the word 🌹

@kahuna68, @groovyant70: The two blogs I reblog EVERYTHING from! Keep up the good work guys, your content is my favourite 💫

@killedbydeth: One I recently started following, but definitely my favourite Lemmy blog! I love seeing all rare gems you post!!! ♠️

And all my other favourites that don’t need an explanation as to why you should follow them, their golden blogs say it all! 🌟💛

@hole1994, @slutforslash, @ridingthenightrain, @watersgroupie, @groovychloe, @woodstock-festival, @unchain-the-colours, @eddiethehead, @coolkidsofhistory, @shadowsinsunshineblog, @partialboner, @jd666, @lettertomrsdelancey, @sleazoidexpress, @panteratrash, @xuli-jing, @sunrise-has-gone, @metalmarauder, @dollceremony, @lucifersdeathsquad, @queen-ofthe-highway-blog, @aspergers-with-a-side-of-fries, @endlessme, @endlessmeagain, @70sstreetmachines, @mostuffsthlm, @dirtbanquet, @paerljam, @freezingm0on, @mansonspetspider, @oldmanpeace, @the-true-metal, @beatnikdaddio, @knifed, @metalkilltheking, @steelfoxx, @residuetrail, @hey-fucking-hell-jude, @metallicula, @20thcentury, @framboisedebreteuil, @loveage-moondream, @whistlinggypsyrover, @oncewerewomen-inmotion, @soundsof71, @bellbottoms, @pshcydelia, @evil-woman, @queenzeppelins, @heyitssahvannah, @beelzeb0ng, @blsshed, @openfacedmako @bleedhoney, @goldenbuttonsnpearls, @70scarculture, @midnight-ramblin-man, @ride-the-storm, @honey–fingers, @trembling-colors, @ozzyaddict, @jodiwill, @gothbrats, @angiemars, @eatyourcrown, @caffeineeedream, @rockhard-ridefree, @unsettledrain, @terranism, @jd-morrison, @mymindlostme, @planetfuneral, @nylonjungle, @killkillgalore, @gravy-slut, @the-pink-floyd-echoes, @thechurchofsplatterdaysaints, @s-trawberryfieldsforever, @spiritof1976, @stiffspeed, @70s-darling, @deathgripspeedfreaks, @thechess, @areyouwiththeband, @thewitchmelacine, @franciscobachas, @thegikitiki, @vinyl-smoke-and-leather, @myledzeppelin, @magikofinsanity, @percyplants, @illyadarling, @the–severed–garden, @90swildrose, @dollsofthe1960s, @coitusandcarnage

I just want to thank each and every one of you for making tumblr worth while for me and giving me a space where I don’t feel so alone! 💛

I wish I could just link everyone I follow but this would be so insanely long!! So sorry to ANYONE who I might have forgotten.