you should find an outlet


❛ It is a good life we lead, brother/sister. ❜
❛ The best. May it never change. ❜
❛ You should find an outlet. ❜
❛ I meant besides vaginas. ❜
❛ I thought… I thought I was beyond this. ❜
❛ I’ve waited too long, lost too much. ❜
❛ I’m surprised to see you here. ❜
❛ Afraid to handle things your self? ❜
❛ This is my destiny. ❜
❛ Get it over with then. ❜
❛ Don’t you know what lies within? ❜
❛ It’s not approval I’m after, just power. ❜
❛ Are you so naïve? ❜
❛ I’m sorry, were you hoping for a confession? ❜  
❛ You met the fate you deserved! ❜
❛ Piece of shit! I only wish you’d suffered more! ❜
❛ Show some respect! ❜
❛ It was great, being shoved in the trunk, bouncin’ around. ❜  
❛ Okay, guess I better get started. ❜
❛ We’ve been at this a lot longer than you. ❜
❛ Did you honestly think I wouldn’t expect you to follow? ❜
❛ How do you expect me to respond? ❜  
❛ How many people have died for this? ❜
❛ Come and take it from me. ❜
❛ You claim not to be a believer. ❜
❛ Everything is permitted. ❜
❛ Nothing is true, everything is permitted. ❜
❛ Where other men blindly follow the truth, remember… ❜
❛ You will die by my hand, just like your father. ❜
❛ This is a losing battle for you. ❜
❛ And look- There’s nobody here! ❜
❛ For what’s in this box? ❜
❛ That I didn’t plan for it? ❜
❛ Respect? After all that’s happened? ❜
❛ Let’s see what you are made of, old man/woman! ❜
❛ No more tricks, no more ancient artifacts, no more weapons. ❜
❛ It’s all lies and superstition. ❜
❛ It gave me power! ❜
❛ And yet you dismiss the central text of your Faith? ❜
❛ You think a couple of ancient relics can harm him/her. ❜
❛ Whatever lies beyond that wall won’t be able to resist. ❜
❛ I don’t care. It’s not approval I’m after, just power. ❜
❛ When you open that door? ❜
❛ A more logical location than a kingdom on a cloud, don’t you think? ❜
❛ I’ve always had a soft spot for women in distress. ❜
❛ What the fuck? ❜
❛ No. Killing you won’t bring my family back.  ❜
❛ You can’t. You can’t! This is my destiny. MINE! ❜
❛ It’s your family that cries for guards when there’s trouble. ❜
❛ I thought I was beyond this. But I’m not. ❜
❛ I have plenty of outlets! ❜
❛ And may it never change us. ❜
❛ I’m done. ❜
❛ May it never change. And may it never change us. ❜
❛ We were just talking about you. ❜
❛ You never were. ❜
❛ I am the prophet! ❜
❛ Killing you won’t bring my family back. I’m done. ❜  
❛ What do you even want with the ______? ❜
❛ Figure out what? ❜
❛ Surrounded by singing angels and cherubim. ❜
❛ And you think she/he’ll give it up? ❜
❛ God is meant to be all knowing. All powerful. ❜
❛ You know nothing, boy/girl. ❜
❛ Do you think I believe a single god-damned word of that ridiculous book? ❜
❛ It gave me access! It gave me power! ❜
❛ I only wish you’d suffered more!  ❜
❛ Do you think he/she would have shown either of us such kindness? ❜
❛ Thanks for that. Loved it… ❜
❛ I will cut you down, Assassin! ❜
❛ That I didn’t plan for it? We’ve been at this a lot longer than you. ❜

Assassin’s Creed II  {Sentence Starters}

  • “It is a good life we lead.”
  • “You should find an outlet.”
  • “Okay, guess I better get started.”
  • “I’ve waited too long, lost too much.”
  • “How many people have died for this?”
  • “Nothing is true, everything is permitted.”
  • “I’m sorry, were you hoping for a confession?”
  • “You can’t. You can’t! This is my destiny. MINE!”
  • “I don’t care. It’s not approval I’m after, just power.”
  • “I’ve always had a soft spot for women in distress.”
  • “I thought… I thought I was beyond this. But I’m not.”
  • “You claim not to be a believer. And yet, here you are.”
  • “We were just talking about you. I’m surprised to see you here.”
  • “Makes for a lovely image, but the truth is far more interesting.”
  • “I only wish you’d suffered more! You met the fate you deserved!”
  • “Thanks for that. It was great, being shoved in the trunk, bouncing around. Loved it.”

anonymous asked:

Hi Nissi I need some advice, my dad was with someone who treated me and my brother poorly. She was miserable because dad couldn't have any more kids, and whenever we came over she took out her anger on us. They broke up a few years ago and I don't think about her anymore. Recently she came up and I learn she was telling my family lies about me and my brother to try and make us out to be terrible kids. Now all the anger I thought I let go of has come back and I'm not sure what to do with it

I’m a person who believes that when you have feelings you don’t know what to do with you should 1) find a healthy outlet 2) talk to a counselor/therapist

Things to Say During Sex

Assassin’s Creed edition

“You could have used a tree!”

“Because no one else will.”

“Life is not a fairy tale and there are no happy endings.”

“While you pray, I act.”

“It’s a me, Mario!”

“I’m your superior, in both title and ability. You should know better than to question me.”

“Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted.”

“There he is, get him!”

“A minute is all I need.”

“I mean there was no America versus Britain. It was Brit on Brit action.”

“Well, maybe it is a little personal. You’ve been a pain in my ass, after all.”

“You should find an outlet.”

“I’ve always had a soft spot for women in distress.”

“I make my own luck.”

“My way is better.”

“We can fix you.”

“What was that explosion?”

“And now I’m eager to try this new kit.”

“There are two parts to the hookblade,the hook and the blade.”

“It’s like CHRISTMAS!”


Author’s Note: First things first, happy birthday! I heard through the grapevine that it was coming up, so I figured I’d write you a little somethin-somethin to make sure you got something other than older. As I’m sending this in, the final part is still a work in progress, but I aim to have it done by noon (my time) on the 13th. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy!

            It was midday, the sun blazing hot over the sand and concrete. “I really don’t know why we’re here,” Arnick said sourly as he stared out at the beach. Tetrox had convinced him to come along with her on a trip that she had won in a lottery to a seaside resort. “We can’t swim in water. We’ll just die.”

            “Aw, come on, sugah!” Tetrox said as she shouldered her pack and slugged him in the arm. “It’ll be fun. Just follow my lead, alright?”

            It wasn’t like he had a choice. Arnick adjusted his hat and followed Tetrox to the reception desk of the resort, where Tetrox presented their ticket/voucher/whatever on earth the contest gave her. The receptionist glanced over the voucher and nodded slowly, typing with one hand as she handed the slip of paper back to Tetrox. “Congratulations on your victory,” the receptionist said as her now-free hand went to the drawer just below her work station and removed a key attached to a tag that said “7”.

            “You’re going to be in cabana 7. It has a lovely beachside view, and it’s a rather short walk from there to the shopping outlets should you find yourself in need of a swimsuit or any other amenities.”

            “We won’t be needing-” Arnick began, only to have Tetrox cut him off.

            “Oh, splendid! Ah’ve been lookin’ for a new bikini,” She gave Arnick a sly smile and started to make her way out of the lobby in the general direction of their cabana, “Maybe ah can model it just for you, Nicky.”

            Arnick’s face turned three shades darker, and Tetrox’s smile grew a little more. Why, of all people, did Tetrox get under Arnick’s skin the most?

            A short walk across a wooden deck built over the beach’s sand led them to a cabana with a wrought-iron number seven nailed just to the left of the door. Tetrox took the key and slipped it into the lock, turning it and hearing that satisfying click as the door opened up. Tetrox stepped inside, leaving Arnick in a still flustered state just outside the door.

            “Oh. My. COD! Nicky, yah gotta get in here! This place is huuuuuge!” She went deeper inside, prompting Arnick to follow along. It made sense that it would be huge, but he didn’t expect a fully-furnished beach house, complete with a kitchen.

            “Waste of space,” he muttered as he walked past the loveseat, couch, and dining room table. The dining room had a glass wall that looked out onto the beach, complete with sliding doors that led onto a deck. Off of each side there was a bedroom and a bathroom, presumably so each of the inhabitants could get ready at the same time in the morning.

Tetrox immediately cut to the left and tossed her bag into one of the bedrooms, shouting “dibs!” What immediately followed was the characteristic “WHUMP” of an octoling flopping onto an incredibly soft mattress, followed by muffled laughter.

Arnick went into the other bedroom, and assumed that the rooms themselves must be similar, if not directly identical. The bed that dominated the room was probably larger than certain rooms in Arnick’s apartment, and certainly too large for just one person. Knowing Tetrox, she would probably make the most of that space. Even so, Arnick felt that there would still be plenty to spare.

He set his bag down on a chair pulled up to a round desk, and started unloading his various accoutrements. He had packed enough for the trip: three days’ worth of clothes, plus an emergency set just in case, a spare pair of shoes (sandals, for walking on the beach), his shaving kit, his treasured copy of Marshall Mollusk’s Rules of Engagement, and his trusty companion, one Private Potter.

Arnick pulled open the curtains to reveal another set of sliding glass doors out onto the back deck, and set Private Potter on the table inside so he could photosynthesize at will. The dresser inside the room, however, was a different matter. Not that there wasn’t enough space, but that there was far too much. Arnick felt that he could lie down inside one of the drawers and still sleep comfortably. Instead of sorting his clothes the way he usually did, he committed an act of treason against his persnickety tendencies and neatly organized his various changes of clothes in a single drawer, so he would only have to open up one in order to retrieve his various belongings. Under normal circumstances, he would have separated them by type, and possibly by color. Unfortunately, these were not normal circumstances, so he just tried to keep them in their own neat little rows in the one drawer.

While Tetrox still laughed and flopped around on her bed (Arnick could hear her from his own room), he went into the bathroom and started to set up his shaving kit around the sink. His straight razor, strop, mug of soap, and brush went on one side. His deodorant, beak brush, beak paste, and mouthwash went on the other. He nodded at the orderliness of the setup, then nodded and went back to his room and put the empty shaving bag away.

He had just taken off his hat and sat down in the chair for a bit of light reading when Tetrox burst into his room, shouting “Nicky!”

Arnick’s hands flew up in the air, along with the book, and he had to stretch to catch it before it hit the ground. “Tetrox,” he said shakily, “I would much appreciate it if you didn’t shout at me when I’m enjoying some peace and quiet.”

Tetrox leaned against the door frame and pouted, and heavens above it was a delightful pout. Not that Arnick would ever admit it, at least. “Peace and Quiet? Indoors? While we’re at the beach? For three days? Come on, Nicky, yah know we can do better than that.”

“You won this trip,” he said, opening up to the last page he could remember and starting to scan it slowly. By this point, he probably knew the book by heart, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t a scintillating read for him. “You should be the one to enjoy it,” he continued, glancing over at her.

“It was a trip for two.  You’re my plus one, sugah,” Tetrox said, disappointed. The pout deepened and became a little more honest. “I thought we could enjoy this together.”

Ouch. When she put it that way, Arnick really didn’t have a choice but to accede to her requests. “Fine,” he said, putting the book aside and standing up, “I suppose that I can do that much. What do you want to do first?”

Tetrox’s face lit up and she bounced on the balls of her feet a little. She glanced over at his bathroom and became slightly concerned, “Oh… well, Ah… kinda forgot some of my beauty supplies,” she said.

“Not surprised,” he said, making his way over to the door, “There should be a pharmacy nearby. At the very least, we can get what you need there.”

He left the room, only to have Tetrox ask him. “Nicky? Did yah seriously bring your cactus with yah?”

Arnick stopped dead in his tracks and his hackles raised, his mouth working as he tried to find an answer. “I couldn’t let him dry out,” He said, knowing it was a flimsy excuse, “Someone has to water him, you know!”

“He’s a cactus, sugah,” Tetrox said, walking past him with a smirk on her face and her hands in her pockets, “He ain’t gonna dry out. I think that yah would just be so very very lost without him, hm?”

“Nothing of the sort!” He said, straightening up and trying to look like the paragon of a gentleman. “I simply wanted to make sure he was taken care of, that’s all.”

“Yah would have missed Private Potter so much, Nicky,” Tetrox teased as they made their way towards the door. “Yah would have missed him somethin’ awful and sought solace in the spines of another cactus.”

“Your mockery of my dutiful care of my houseplant is unappreciated,” Arnick said, leaving the front door and making his way to the beachfront stores. Tetrox was not far behind, still prodding him about his love for his plant.

Eventually, she ran out of bad jokes to throw his way. Saying he’d be a “prick” if he left Private Potter all alone at his apartment, that he might be stolen by some “prickly” customer, that Arnick would set his eye on another “succulent” plant while he was away. Eventually, they got to the pharmacy on one of the beachfront’s corners, and Arnick asked Tetrox, “Right. So, what did you forget to bring?”

Tetrox started to count off on her fingers, “Deodorant, chapstick, an extra pair of socks, and a beak brush.”

Arnick stared at Tetrox for a second and blinked, baffled. “You remembered your beak paste, but not the brush?”


“Unbelievable,” he said, still stunned by the notion. How one could forget the brush but remember the paste was beyond him.

“Oh!” Tetrox said, remembering one more item, “I need a razor.”

“A razor?” Arnick said, confused, “What do you need a razor for?”

“These legs ain’t gonna keep themselves lookin’ sexy, sugah,” she said as she walked off down the aisles to begin the search for her various toiletries. As she walked off, he couldn’t help but pointedly stare at her legs and how nice they would look if there wasn’t anything covering them.

“No, nope, no,” He said to himself as he turned away and made a beeline for the candy aisle, hoping to pick up something sweet to distract him from constantly being called “sugar”. Two boxes of Sugar Daddies later, he was in the checkout line, and spied the display of cigarettes behind the cashier. He felt he would need them this weekend, to be quite honest.

“Will this be all for you, sir?” The cashier asked. He was a hermit crab, and the shell coming off the back of his head was colored with white and blue stripes.

“A pack of menthol, please,” he said, gesturing at the distinct green packaging on the cigarette box.

“ID?” the crab asked, and Arnick presented it without question. He could order himself a drink and still get carded like he was freshly eighteen. “Total is nine-fifty coin, sir,” the crab said as he rung up the three items. Arnick presented the money without question and took the bag just as Tetrox was coming up.

She must have spied the last box of Sugar Daddies being put into the bag, since she asked, “Ah guess yah are what yah eat, Nicky,” she teased, pointing at the bag of Sugar Daddies, “Still, I thought you’d be buyin’ Nerds.”

“Did you find everything?” Arnick asked as he took the bag and looked at the armful of things Tetrox had. Everything she needed was there, plus a couple of candy bars of her own.

“Yup!” Tetrox chirped, looking over at him, “You’re such a good boyfriend, Nicky. Always lookin’ out to make sure Ah’m doin’ fine.”

The hermit crab behind the counter hurried to scan the items, realizing that the air was going to get quite awkward in a flash. “Your total is twenty one fifty,” the crab said, hoping that she would just pay and get out of his store.

Tetrox paid up and gave Arnick a playful wink as she walked by. “Ah also need a swimsuit,” she said, then paused and gave a shrug. “Well, another one.”

“Why would you need another swimsuit,” Arnick asked flatly, “We can’t swim in the ocean.

“Because the one ah brought won’t help me work on my tan, sugah,” she said, bumping her hip into his and continuing down along the beachfront.

She’s going to be the death of me, Arnick thought, but he continued along. Even so, despite his thoughts, he couldn’t help but enjoy her affection, though he didn’t know if reciprocation would be considered acceptable. She walked along, marveling at the various stores and shops, and a wide smile on her face showed that, despite the time she had been living with him and learning about new things, she still had a sense of wonder when presented with the novel.

“Nicky, check this out!” she said as she stared into a storefront, “What are these?”

Arnick went up alongside her and saw massive boards that were as long as they were tall, perhaps bigger, that had fins sticking out one wide end. “Surfboards,” Arnick said, nodding and examining them. These were hand-made, carved from fine wood rather than plastic and fiberglass.

“What do people use them for?” She asked staring at them in wonder.

“You’ve battled on Blackbelly Skatepark, right?”


“Same basic thing, except with water instead of concrete.”

Tetrox’s eyes widened and she stepped inside, a grin plastered on her face. There were a couple of TVs situated in various points of the store that had video of urchins, crabs, and even a couple of shrimp riding the waves on the boards that dominated the store’s inventory. Through the speakers of the store, horn and a very distinctive-sounding guitar wafted through the air. An urchin sitting behind the counter was chewing on the end of a pen.

“Suh?” He said lazily, sitting up and leaning against the counter. “Name’s B, cuz. Can I interest you lot in anything?”

“Just browsing, thank you,” Arnick said, though Tetrox was still enraptured by the video of the surfers carving along the waves.

“Ah really wish ah could do that,” she said with a low whistle, prompting B to speak up.

“Yeah, you lot don’t do so well in the water. But if you lot are looking for swimsuits or something to at least look the part, I got a couple of racks and fitting rooms.” The urchin gestured lazily over to a pair of clothing racks that had swimsuits for guys and gals. The majority of them were wetsuits, though there were a couple of one and two pieces, as well as board shorts. Tetrox gasped excitedly and immediately went over to the racks, rummaging through. Arnick followed reluctantly.

“You’re a medium, right Nicky?” Tetrox asked, shuffling through the board shorts. Without waiting for an answer, she shoved three pairs into his hands and said, “Try those on.”

Arnick’s mouth worked for a moment before he managed to stammer out, “Tetrox, I think this is hardly the right way to go about shopping for a swimsuit!”

“How is it wrong? Yah pick ‘em out, then yah try ‘em on. Easy as pie,” she said before she shoved another pair of trunks into his arms. Arnick searched for some excuse, some protest, but a quiet “psst” from B caught his attention. Arnick leaned over and B flopped across the counter to whisper to him.

“Listen, bro,” he said, quietly enough to not draw Tetrox’s attention, “You gotta know when to fold ‘em, yeah? Go with her on this. I’ll knock fifty percent off the price.”

Arnick’s brow furrowed in confusion. First, because he was getting woman advice from a total stranger. Second, because fifty percent off? Just for going along with what Tetrox wanted? Seemed fishy.

“Giving a discount just because you want to seems like an unsound business practice,” Arnick said, a little cautious.

“Take it or leave it, bro. It’s my business, so I can run it how I like.”

There wasn’t really a point in arguing with either of them today. Arnick was snapped out of his reverie by Tetrox squealing, “Oooooh, Nicky! Check this one out! It’s right up your alley~.” She held up a pair of bright pink swim trunks, almost too hot pink for him to look at. Zapfish above, they were bright.

He held up a hand in protest and said, “I’ll, ah… I’ll just try these on.”

Tetrox shrugged and Arnick looked over at B, only to have the urchin gesture towards a door in the opposite corner of the store. Arnick let out a sigh and went over to the dressing rooms, closing himself within. He hung his cap up on one of the pegs, his jacket on the one below. Off came the shoes and pants, leaving his undergarments on. Heavens knew who else had tried these on.

The first pair were the tackiest thing he could have imagined, so of course Tetrox had to pick them out. They were black, and had a bright red crab plastered across the rump. Arnick didn’t bother with those; he just set them aside and looked at the next pair.

These were neon green and were almost as painful to look at as the hot pink ones that Tetrox had presented earlier. Even so, he tried them on and inspected himself in the mirror. They made his already-pale skin look bordering on translucent, and the green clashed with the purple of his tentacles. It was bordering on cringeworthy to the point where Arnick wouldn’t dare go out in public with it on.

“That one’s a huge ‘no’,” He said, taking the trunks off and hanging them up with the aforementioned crabby pair. As he got the next pair, he heard someone get into the fitting room next to him. Based on the humming of the person, he could easily deduce that it was Tetrox.

“How’s things goin’ in there, Nicky?” she asked. From his angle, he could see her shorts and shirt cascade onto the ground. Arnick felt his face turn a few shades darker and he pointedly turned away from the wall that concealed a mostly-naked Tetrox.

“I’m honestly not surprised you picked the tackiest drawers in the place,” he said flatly.

“Aw, come on, sugah,” Tetrox teased, “Yah could probably even make those hot pink ones look good.”

“Maybe, but certainly not this lime green monstrosity,” he said as he picked a more subdued pair of burnt orange trunks with a black paisley design. Granted, compared to the previous two pairs, “subdued” was a rather relative term. He pulled them on and immediately felt uncomfortable. Even through the outside fit him fine, the mesh that was supposed to keep sand from getting in and chafing him was a little… tight. Master Sergeant Avery Johnson and his grenades were compacted quite uncomfortably, and Arnick couldn’t get out of the pair of trunks fast enough. He put them in the “no” pile and stared at the last pair with a sigh.

It was considerably less gaudy than the rest, but that didn’t change the fact that it wasn’t his ideal choice. They were a dark violet, almost midnight, with little lobsters on them that were two or three shades lighter than the background. They would have to do if push came to shove.

Arnick pulled the board shorts on and found them surprisingly comfortable, testing his range of motion to find that everything still moved the way it should. Rather than being placed in an uncomfortable prison, his boys were nestled quite comfortably in a nylon mesh. He stared at himself in the mirror and found himself satisfied, surprisingly enough, and stripped out of the trunks. He put them aside and redressed himself, pulling the cap down low over his brow as he made his way out of the dressing room. Tetrox was still trying on her various swimsuits, and Arnick knocked on the door.

“How are you doing in there?” he asked, hoping she didn’t get herself tangled in the various bikini strings.

“Just fine, sugah,” She said, a note of satisfaction in her voice. “Just fine. Meet me outside, will yah? Ah don’t want yah to see what Ah have picked out.”

Arnick rolled his eyes and went back out to the storefront with its massive displays of surfboards, and put the pair of swim trunks on the counter. B sat up and stared at the garment in question and let out a long, low whistle.

“Well fuck me sideways,” he said, a ghost of a smile appearing on his lips. “This is what you picked out?”

“She picked it out,” Arnick said flatly, “And it was the nicest option.”

“Yeah, I ordered way too much neon, to be honest. I probably have to pay people to take them away now.”

“Wouldn’t surprise me,” Arnick said, trying to be cordial. He pulled some bills out of his wallet to pay for the trunks, only to have B hold up a hand to stop him.

“Take the trunks, man,” he said. “Thought you lot looked familiar, so I did some lookin. Not every day dude sees a dude with that hat walking round with an octoling.”

“Are you trying to say something about Tetrox?” Arnick said without thinking. He paused, realizing that he got at least a little alpha there, and possibly overly protective.

“Nah, man. Just saying that you lot ain’t exactly a common pair. I like your work on the splatterfield, man. She ain’t too shabby neither. You look after each other.”

“It’s teamwork,” Arnick said, “it’s more or less what we do.”

“Nah, man. Read between the lines, sometime. Might do you some good. Keep the trunks. Lady will get to keep her suit. Swing by here again sometime, yeah?”

Arnick paused, staring at the urchin as the latter leaned back in his chair and watched one of the TVs displaying the surf videos as if he had only seen it three or four times. “Thanks,” he said, “I’ll do that if I’m in the area again. Tetrox told me to wait outside, so maybe we’ll run into each other later?”

“See you, man,” B said as Arnick left the store with a paper shopping bag in hand. By now, the sun was starting to set. He kept checking his time until, ten minutes later, Tetrox joined him outside.

“Sorry to keep yah waitin’, sugah,” she said with a chipper bounce to her step. “Ah just had to make sure that ah had the right size. Yah know, swimsuit shopping is harder for me than most.” She made a point to jut her chest out just so in order to ensure that Arnick was staring. She was very well put together, to put it politely. “They don’t always have my size, yah know,” Tetrox explained, a wry smile on his face. Arnick swallowed spit he didn’t even know he had in his mouth and kept walking.

The remainder of the walk continued in silence, leastways until they decided to stop for a bite to eat. There was a taco shop that was little more than a counter with five stools that Tetrox pointed out as they walked along. The pair each ordered a couple of fried fish tacos for dinner, and Arnick paid despite mild protest from his partner.

“Hey, Arnick?” Tetrox asked. The fact that she used his real name instead of one of the nicknames she had bestowed upon him immediately drew his attention.

“Yes?” he asked, looking over at her with a concerned expression.

“Thank you,” she said as she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. He felt his face blush dark at the action. She had kissed him like that a few times before usually out of the blue like this one was, but never in public. Usually she was welcoming him home after a long day out, or vice versa, or thanking him for something or other.

“For… ah… for what, Tetrox?” he asked, trying to maintain his cordial nature.

“Going shoppin’ with me today,” She said,  looking down at the bag she had set beside her. “I know you’ve been doin’ a lot of that with me since Ah got to Inkopolis, but Ah don’t want yah to think Ah’m takin’ it for granted.”

The genuine nature of the response made Arnick feel uneasy, ever so slightly. “I… well, it’s not like it’s a problem or anything of the sort,” he explained. Suddenly, Arnick was much more interested in the process of the proprietor of the taco shop –a rather large and stern jellyfish– making the batter for his fried fish. He poured a bottle of Negra Modelo into his batter, and mixed it in. “Do you think that we should discuss this over a pint?” He asked, gesturing to the jellyfish making their meal.

            There was a pause from Tetrox before she smiled and nodded a little shyly. “Ah think Ah’d like that very much.” Drinking was a social thing for the both of them. Celebration, conversation, even a moment of silence could be shared over a pint of bitter.

            Arnick flagged down the jellyfish and ordered two bottles of the beer he was pouring into the batter, and two of the jellyfish’s free tentacles plucked bottles from a cooler below, snapped off the caps, and put them down in front of the pair. Arnick was the first to raise his. “Thank you for making my life a lot more exciting in the best of ways,” he said in a moment of earnest praise.

            Tetrox was stunned for a moment before she clinked the neck of her beer against his own and said, “And thank yah for makin’ my experience up here a lot better than Ah hoped it would be.”

            They took the obligatory drink, then set their bottles down. Silence passed between the two of them for about five minutes before the strong, silent jellyfish behind the counter placed two plates of three tacos each in front of them. The tacos were cod, beer-battered and wrapped with pico de gallo, lettuce, and a squeeze of lime juice in a small corn tortilla. It was standard fare for the beach, but they tasted like heaven.

            On the way back, Arnick offered to carry Tetrox’s bag, after promising repeatedly that he would not look inside. Tetrox reluctantly passed it over to him about fifteen steps away from the taco shop, and made him carry the two bags in one hand as she looped her now-free arm through his own.

            He couldn’t quite say that he minded.

            The sun was dipping down behind the shops by the time that Arnick and Tetrox had their dinner, and it was fully set by the time they returned to cabana number seven. She opened the door, and he passed her bag back to her. They walked to the center of the living room together, then paused for a moment.

            Arnick was overwhelmed by this urge to take her in his arms and place his lips against her in the most tender, romantic way he possibly could, and he thought he could see a shimmer of that same urge in Tetrox’s eyes.

            He had to have been hallucinating.

            “Well… um… goodnight,” he said as he nodded to her and made his way back to his room. He stripped down to his undershirt and boxers, left his cap on the nightstand, and folded his dirty clothes in the drawer just below the clean.

            Arnick bid goodnight to Private Potter and lay down in bed, rolling on his side to stare in the direction of Tetrox’s room. Funny. Ten minutes ago, he wanted to go to bed. But now? He couldn’t shake this feeling that Tetrox was lying on her side, staring in the direction of his bed, herself.

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Tammy’s comments: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! Finally published this! I read this before leaving the house but didn’t put it out! I simply loved this and I see you have sent me the next part already! Can’t wait to read the next part! *rubs hands*

Yall gotta stop with this bullshit. I was never booked. Yall love to say I’m homophobic and shit to have something to be mad at. I don’t care that you are gay Harvey. I applaud you and a person of your caliber should be finding outlets for young gay men/teens and women to be more open and comfortable about coming out. Some of my friends have came out to me and I love them just the same. It would really be a blessing if u focused on real issues. But all these false stories to bring your site traffic is corny. But find another person to drag through the mud of lies. I know I’m talented but I’m not running for president any time soon so fall back wit all the nonsense.