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multishipper problems: the thrilling sequel

‘why don’t you just ship an ot3?’


a little trio of sparkly witch au icons! (i just wanted to get a little art bloop out before i ride in a car for 9 hours today pfft) you’re free to use them! just give credit in the description >vo/+:+:+

A relationship is about connection, not compensation. You should never enter a commitment thinking only of what you have to gain, but instead, of what you hope to offer and share in—what you would sacrifice for that look in your partner’s eyes, or the potential you see in a future together.
—  Beau TaplinN o  C o m p e n s a t i o n 
You sleep in Jungkook's bed

It wasn’t unusual for Jungkook to find you asleep in his bed. You’d often come over after work hoping to see him after practice but when that didn’t turn out you just fell asleep in his bed until he got home when he would either wake you and you’d talk and play video games or he would just slide in next to you and sleep like old times. Except he was getting sick of the sleep next to you. He wanted to sleep with you. With you in his arms and on his chest. Being more than best friends who were a lot closer than you two should be.

Jungkook entered the dorm, the other members noisily following him. He looked down at the array of shoes, looking for your pastel pink gazelles and when he saw them neatly tucked under the bench his heart lurched. Throwing a rushed goodnight over his shoulder, he bounded through the dorm knocking a few things over on the way. Once he reached his door he stopped dead. Heart slamming in his chest and blood pounding in his ears, he knew he had to tell you. This was it. He was going to wake you up and tell you straight to his face and pray that you returned the feeling.

Creaking the door open, he saw the light from the tv illuminating the room. You had fallen asleep playing Overwatch. The determination that had been flowing through him two seconds ago disappeared when he saw you curled up in a ball sound asleep. You were just in sweats and his basketball jumper but he had never seen anyone look so beautiful. Maybe it was the way your hair was splayed over his pillow or your lips slightly parted or how you looked so at peace. You looked like you belonged in his bed. Like that was where you were meant to sleep from now on.

Jungkook closed the door softly behind him and walked towards you. He made sure to keep his footsteps light to avoid waking you. Crouching down in front of you, he just stared. He knew how you looked while sleeping, every time you stayed over he watched you for a while before exhaustion finally took over and he feel asleep with his hand somehow touching you. His fingers twitching now with how much he wanted to cup your cheek.

Jungkook took a deep breath in and lifted his hand to your cheek, brushing your hair back. Your skin was so warn and smooth. He moved his hand into your hair and down onto your neck, keep it there for the time being. You stirred, startling Jungkook that he almost pulled away but when you didn’t open your eyes, he decided it was okay.

“Mmhmm, what time is it?” You voice thick with sleep.

“Just past 9”

You took a deep breathe through your nose, angry at yourself for falling asleep so early. You rolled your head to the side, eyes still closed but you were waking up. Jungkook moved his hand away, dropping it to the mattress.

“I’m sorry Kook, I tried to stay awake”

Jungkook shook his head, even though you couldn’t see him. “It’s okay. You had work. Thank you for coming, you didnt have to”

A lazy smile broke across your face. “And miss smashing you at Overwatch. No way”

He wanted you to open your eyes so he could look into them and determine wether or not he should continue his plan. Jungkook reached out, cupping your cheek in his hand. You made a noise and reached your own hand up to grab his, holding it there.

“You okay Kook?”

Jungkook swallowed the lump in his throat. “Yeah, i’m good”

You finally opened your eyes and found him staring at you. A lazy smile across his face.

That was it. Jungkook knew then he was sick of waiting. He wanted to tell you, out loud and real. He didn’t want it happening in his head anymore.

“Do I have something on my face?” You asked, wiping at your nose with the back of your hand.

Jungkook laughed quietly and shook his head, looking down for a quick second. When he looked back up, you were inches from his face and then pushing your lips against his.

Jungkook froze for a second. Unable to process what was happening.

You were kissing him. In real life. Not in his head anymore. This was happening.

You uttered a small please against his lips which snapped him back into reality.

He kissed you back, pushing his face back against yours, sighing as his lips parted. Yours were so soft against his and tasted like the peach lip gloss you always use. Jungkook always wanted to know how it would taste on your mouth. The hand on your cheek slid onto the side of you neck as he tilted his head to deepen the kiss, mouths opening wider against each other. You let out a soft moan as his tongue swiped against your bottom lip. The kiss was innocent. Nothing too heated or lust driven. Just a tender first kiss. To share with your best friend. Jungkook pulled away first, your lips following his.

Resting his forehead against the mattress, his confession muffled.


He lifted his head, cheeks slightly pink with a blush.

“I have wanted to do that for ever”

You face heated up and your stomach started flipping. You pursed your lips, looking directly at him.

Just kiss me forever please. Until I pass out. Just please.

“Can we do it again?”

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I just read all of you EPIC picspams today and in 12x12 you said that Cas doesn’t get innuendo, and in the most recent that Dean and Crowley’s innuendos are Dean’s outlet so THANK YOU SATAN

I have been on Tumblr for nearly one year and I have been called Satan at least 12 times which I am going to choose to believe is a compliment.

And AUGHHHHHHHHHH Dean is turning to Crowley for something he can’t get from Cas AHHHHHHHHH

This is terrible. Why would you/I/we do this?

Pocket Mirror: Pumpkin Charm Locations:

My full post on all locations in which you can find Pumpkin Charms. For those who want to find out the locations for yourselves, don’t worry I’ve got you covered! :) Click below to see all the pumpkin charms I’ve found throughout the game.

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  • When he asked you if he should enter his name in the Goblet, you said that you couldn’t think of anyone better to represent the school
  • You would be super excited for it, and worried all at the same time.
  • He’d always make time for you, even if he was busy incredibly busy between classes and participating in the tournament
  • He would take you to the Yule Ball, and you’d be super nervous dancing in front of everyone.
  • You would have been taken as his person that he would have to retrieve from the lake. The whole time he was terrified for you.
  • When you saw his body at the end of the last challenge you screamed, feeling your heart shatter.
  • Cecil: Listeners, with the recent rise in popularity of Pokémon Go, the Sheriff's Secret Police want to remind you that citizens should not enter the Dog Park under any circumstances. Rare Pokémon are not an excuse for entering the Dog Park. Pokémon are not allowed in the Dog Park. Any Pokémon you think you see in the Dog Park are illusions. Also, did you see this totally sweet Charizard we caught?

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Any of the apology pronouns for Ed/May. Fic interests are of May apologizing to Ed after realizing what she & her sisters have been doing is wrong, & tries to be his friend first, in the hope of a healthy romance later. Bonus if Eddy refuses to trust her & Edd wants to, but is afraid. May keeps her science nerd side of her personality from the Valentine's Day special.

“Please, just hear me out!” May begged Eddy. They were caught in difficult position. Edd blocked Eddy from leaving. Ed and May were happy that he immediately accepted their relationship.

“First of all, Eddy. You should have knocked before entering. Don’t you know it’s rude to enter on other people’s personal business?”

“Don’t tell me what I should and shouldn’t do!” Eddy yelled in her face.

“Obviously I should. Ed is my boyfriend. We really need you to accept that.” May said taking Ed’s hand.

“Ed, how do you love May?”

“She is kind hearted, we share a lot in common, and she understands me so well.”

“Ed, we understand you.” Edd said to Ed believing that he didn’t think his own friends understood him.”

“You do. May is the only girl to understand me.”

They held one another staring into the others eyes. Ed stared at the scene. They looked so beautiful together.

Eddy looked at their hands. He stared at Ed. “Ed, is this really want you want? After all the terrible things she did to you. You really want to date a person who forcefully kissed you and did… other things?”

“May apologized for that, Eddy. She was a different person, but now she is parting ways with her sisters to be her own person.”

Edd awwed at the statement. Eddy looked darkly at May. “Are you sure you’re not pulling anything.”

“No, Eddy, please trust me.”

Eddy came right up to May and looked her straight in the eyes. She never saw Eddy look so serious. “I don’t think I am ever going to trust you. But, if you do anything to hurt my best friend I will make your regret it.”

“Please, trust me, Eddy. I just want us to be friends.”

May held out her hand wanting Eddy to shake it.

“I’ll shake your hand when I know I can trust you.”

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Have you entered the dog photographer of the year? I think you should enter! Your photos are stunning and it'd be a great way to show off your amazing dogs!

awh I’ve never heard of it! This is like the nicest message ever, thankyou :)

You know where my heart already lays multi imagine

Scott :

“ I can’t believe tie questioning my love for you over accusations against me by your ex girlfriend ” looking at Scott “ it’s not like that I’m just asking ” starring at you “ well my heart is in place and you’re already willing to break it again so be it ” you were about to leave when Scott put his arm on your shoulder “ please don’t I’m sorry ” you turned to him “ sorry ” placing down his hand from your shoulder wipe your tears and left .

Stiles :

You couldn’t believe what you’re seeing it was Lydia and stiles giggling in a restaurant and being all lovey dovey while you’re in the cold and waiting for them . You didn’t know if you should enter or not cause this was supposed to be you in there not her . You made a choice “ hey stiles look outside ” you stood in front of the glass door and you let eye to eye with stiles while he was holding the phone Lydia was you and was shocked . Standing there in the pouring rain was you “ I guessing this is why you lie ” you put the phone down and was leaving when stiles rushed out he pulled you aside “ I’m sorry ” you looked at him and said those words “ your heart was taken now by someone else ” walking away from stiles in the rain

Liam :

You felt you need to burn your eyes from the scene you saw and it couldn’t be more horrible than that . Liam came sitting next to you all happy you simple took out your phone and place it in between you both “ ummmm (y/n) what’s this ” Liam took your phone and it lit up picture of him and Hayden lip locking by your car “ ummmmm ” you got up “ I ca……” you put your hands up “ I think no need ” walking away


Sitting down next to Allison made you rather uncomfortable when you’re seeing your boyfriend checking out Allison argent the female human who’s ability shouldn’t be questioned. As you watched you got disgusted and more jealous rather “ I hope you’re keeping your legs closed Allison and you too Isaac for you both know that your loyalty will be tested ” getting up from your seat Isaac and Allison looked down on the ground while you left the room happy yet hurt for now

Derek :

You know you’re weak but recently Derek been hanging out with braeden and you wanted to get in on the practising what you found out wasn’t practice at all “ so this is you practicing then ” looking at braeden half naked and your boyfriend shirt ripped opened “ (y/n) ” you glared at Derek “ save it and you two get out this isn’t practise this is ridiculous how you can sleep with each other while I’m here and to think I actually can finally trust a guy ” you picked up one of braeden guns and pointed to Derek “ (y/n) put it down we can talk about this ” you step back “ no we can’t you choose or I’ll choose ” you shot the gun upwards and shoot which made braeden and Derek flinched “ so who’s it going to be Derek ” looking at braeden and Derek then the gun went off “ I see its dying braeden I really hope you can save her Derek or she’s going to be dying again in your arms ” dropping the gun and leaving the room hearing Derek screaming your name

Jackson :

“ really Lydia that stupid girl her ” looking at Lydia “ her” you paused Jackson knew you’re furious “ I love her ” you slapped Jackson across the face and bitch slapped Lydia too “ you both deserve each other cause your both stupid and worthless piece of shit nothing ” you were about to walk out “ also brains of a rat ” leaving the place “ GET BACK HERE YOU SLUT ” you were holding Jackson car and we’ll set it off and car alarms went off which makes two of them coming through the door “ oops ” dropping the keys and walking away

Brett :

“ You can’t leave me here Brett ” he was in the car with Mason and Liam “ yes I can you can make it back on your own ” he gave you the chase kiss and Mason drives off . You were in the hospital checking yourself out when your boyfriend comes rushing in “ (y/n) y/n) ” you looked up and see your boyfriend you rolled your eyes “ oh please your just hear goes I got hurt ” getting up and getting your things “ what happened ” Brett trying to get close to you “ why don’t you leave me alone and go back go what’s her name oh that’s right (g/n) ” Brett didn’t know what to say “ oh pleas you think I’m stupid well I’m not so go ” pushing him away

Theo :

“ I love you ” Theo said you barged into the door “ happy are we ” being sarcastic “ (y/n) I know you’re hurt or more upset ” Theo pushing Tracy away “ I’m not angry I’m furious ” you standing there “ oh and by the way I don’t think the crap you said to be is real and oh my heart lays with you is bullshit Theo and I know what you are a DNA test made by them ” throwing the book at Tracy and Theo “ yeah spy on Stilinski and McCall good call since they’ve got to me first ” you taking pictures of Tracy and Theo together “ thanks for the photos sycophants I’ll be going ” waving at them while leaving “ what do we do now ” Tracy looking at a dumbfounded Theo

title: first kiss
pair: oliver/nessa
notes: this may or may not be their actual first kiss iw as just bored af today at work lmao




The last person Nessa expects to see outside her sitting room door when she answers it is Duke Messer, sleeves rolled up, hair a disheveled mess. It takes a moment for her to find her voice, to shift her mind from her birthday itinerary to the gorgeous disaster outside, hands in his pockets.

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Letter of St. Thomas Aquinas to Brother John on How to Study

Because you have asked me, my brother John, most dear to me in Christ, how to set about acquiring the treasure of knowledge, this is the advice I pass on to you: That you should choose to enter by the small rivers, and not go right away into the sea, because you should move from easy things to difficult things.

Such is therefore my advice on your way of life:

  • I suggest you be slow to speak, and slow to go to the room where people chat.
  • Embrace purity of conscience; do not stop making time for prayer.
  • Love to be in your room frequently, if you wish to be led to the wine cellar.
  • Show yourself to be likable to all, or at least try; but do not show yourself as too familiar with anyone; because too much familiarity breeds contempt, and will slow you in your studies; and don’t get involved in any way in the deeds and words of worldly people.
  • Above all, avoid idle conversation; do not forget to follow the steps of holy and approved men.
  • Never mind who says what, but commit to memory what is said that is true.
  • Work to understand what you read, and make yourself sure of doubtful points.
  • Put whatever you can into the cupboard of your mind as if you were trying to fill a cup.
  • “Seek not the things that are higher than you.”

Follow the steps of blessed Dominic, who produced useful and marvelous shoots, flowers and fruits in the vineyard of the Lord of Hosts for as long as life was his companion. If you follow these things, you will attain whatever you desire.