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Sometimes I wish there was more footage of each Bella singing at their full capacity. Like, I’ve heard basically all of them, even Kelley and Shelley (also how fucking hilarious is it that their names rhyme and they’re like lowkey fucking girlfriends in the movies. you cant convince me otherwise, Jessley is real), and their voices are fucking phenomenal.

 I really hope they get a chance to show their natural talents more, I mean Kelley is (or was?) actually in an a capella team. But she has a gorgeous voice, and Shelley can fucking belt it – like there’s a video somewhere floating of her singing take me or leave me from rent and she fucking kills it – i get chills.  (Nvm click it if you wanna see it ‘cause I added the link also while looking that up, she apparently has ‘sing-along songs with Shelley’ and you should fucking look that up ok) And I’d love to see Alexis’ full capacity, too. 

I’d also really fuckin’ love full fucking version of Titanium covered by Brittany and Anna K, because lord, that shower scene was never enough for me. Their voices melding together gives me a musical high. Anyway, I’m just rambling because I’m thinking about the third movie and excited to hear them singing. <3 

tcxii  asked:

Hello! I have a question. How did you do the poses in the laboratory?

Hi there!! :) Sorry for answering so late. ^^;;; I pretty much use tiniermemagazine’s way of using poses. So in case you don’t understand my version of the tutorial, you can use tiniermemagazine’s explanation.

The tutorial’s under the cut so I don’t bother anyone with this. ||D

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anonymous asked:

Hi :) how do you download the full studio versions of the album? I just got a Mac and have no idea how to do it

Click on one of the songs you want to download (list here)

this screen will come up.

right click the pause button and you will see these options. click “save video as…”

this screen (or something similar) should come up and it will let you rename the song. then hit save. if this screen doesn’t come up right away, you have to LEFT CLICK the pause button and then it should pop up. 

If you click on a song and a different screen pops up:

like this screen, click this link

and it will download! Hope that helps!