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No One’s Better

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Newt x Reader

Request:  Hello Cookie! Would you possibly mind writing a newt x reader imagine in which the reader is dating newt and insecure about themselves and something happens to make the reader believe newt would be happier with someone else? Fluff at the end please, I enjoy your writings!

Warnings: Fluff cause Fluff is life and a self doubting reader

You shifted nervously in the outfit Queenie had bought for you. It was simple outfit but looked beautiful to you. It was a white top that was tucked into a flaring red skirt. Yet when you looked in the mirror, It didn’t help you at all. In fact, you kinda felt like it was ruined.

You knew you were pretty, but you never felt pretty enough. You never knew why but it was like a parasite gnawing through you. At first you only thought your hair was weird, but as time continued on you kept finding more and more things you didn’t like. Of course you would never tell Newt this. He already had too much on his mind.

You didn’t want to worry him too much.

“(Y/n) dear everyone’s ready. Have you finished up?” Newt’s voice asked through the door. You sighed fixing your clothes one more time in hopes that maybe something would change.

You opened the door giving Newt a small smile. “Yea I’m done… Sorry I couldn’t get it to look right,” You said softly looking away from him.

Newt only smiled and took your hand giving it a small squeeze. “You look stunning as always.” He kissed your cheek sending waves of butterflies through your stomach.

“Thank you Newt,” You mumbled quietly feeling the heat rise to your cheeks. You and Newt made your way to the living room where Tina, Queenie, and Jacob sat waiting for you.

You noticed how pretty Tina looked in her dress which was a light purple. You self consciously fiddled with the sleeve of your shirt looking away. “Ready to go go you two?” She asked.

“Yea we’re ready to go,” Newt said glancing at you nervously. You were acting a little strange, but decided to let it go

Dinner was stressful for you. You and Newt were struggling to keep conversations going. Suddenly there was a gap between the two of you, and you were afraid you couldn’t fix it. It had to be your fault. Newt hardly messed up while here you were messing things up without trying to.

So Tina started talking to you two trying to lighten the mood, but instead you were left out of the conversation. You watched Newt and Tina chuckling and happily chatting, and well… Something seemed to break inside you. The two were just so perfect for each other… In fact Newt and Tina together made more sense to you…

They just seemed to click better… You and Newt struggled a lot more…

“(Y/n) are you alright?” Queenie’s soft voice pulled you from the broken thoughts swirling through your head. Her face holding nothing but concern for you.

“Oh yea Queenie… I think I should head back…” You mumbled running a hand through your hair. You shifted under everyone’s gaze as you got up wrapping your coat tightly around you. You left quickly not looking back.

Newt stared after you frowning. “Queenie do you know what that was about?” 

Queenie shifted nervously suddenly interested in her drink. “I’m not sure if I should say…” She took a sip from her drink closing her yes.

Newt frowned more crossing his arms. “Queenie what’s wrong with (Y/n)? I deserve to know….”

Queenie sighed and mumbled,”Alright but your not gonna like it sweetheart…”

You were at home nestled in your bed staring at the wall. You closed your eyes trying to ignore the aching hole growing in your stomach. You felt like a kid again. Unsure of what exactly this was and how to get rid of it.

The door suddenly creaked open making you tense. “(Y/n)… It’s me…” The pit grew realizing who it was.

Newt nestled in beside you wrapping an arm around you. “(Y/n)… Queenie told me what’s wrong…” He placed his head on your shoulder. His hands tracing unknown patterns on your waist. “Why didn’t you tell me you thought that way about yourself…”

You closed your eyes tears starting to fall. “It’s not important,” You mumbled feeling your chest tighten. You were suddenly turned towards Newt as he pushed your chin up. You opened your eyes only to be met with right green eyes filled with sadness.

“Not important? (Y/n) you’ve been thinking badly about yourself,” He said softly gently wiping your tears away. “I could help you know… Y-You don’t have to do things alone…” He fidgeted slightly studying you sadly.

You started sobbing nestling your face in the crook of his neck. “I-I’m sorry…”  Newt soothingly rubbed your back shifting slightly to make you more comfortable.

“Don’t apologize (Y/n)… I’m going to help you… I promise,” Newt mumbled as you slowly began to calm down. “(Y/n) your perfect… I don’t know why you don’t see it..” He slowly stroked your hair sighing softly.

“I am?” You blushed slightly trying to stop sniffling. You looked up at Newt and for a moment you reminded him of a injured animal. 

“Of course (Y/n)! There’s no one better then you.” He kissed your nose smiling softly. “I love you…” He mumbled giving you a quick kiss.

You nuzzled up to him closing your eyes and listening to his heart. For the first time in a long time, you stopped worrying. “I love you too Newt.”