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Misha talks about LGBTQ equality

High School Gladio and Ignis Part Three

Warning: Some hot and heavy petting of Ignis in these pages. If only I could get in on some of that action.

Part 2

There’s a rumor that if you take a look at the author’s page, kittens will be in your future. This rumor may have been started by me, but you should click the link and who knows what will happen?

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Hi! Could you please add the time details to the Upcoming Events section? (With or without a countdown/timezone converter.) It would be a great help for people like me who struggle to keep up with the schedules. Thank you so much!

Hi! If you click on the event name, a popup should appear with info and links! It should look like this:

We all know Sherlock is an unreliable narrator, but here at last is PROOF he was lying about Mary saving his life:

Do you see it?

That’s right—according to Sherlock, Mary dialed 999 to call emergency services and save his life.

Which, of course, is ridiculous.

Everyone knows the real number for emergency services is 0118 999 881 999 119 7253.

There’s no way she had time to spend the full 10 seconds singing the jingle and dialing. So the whole thing just falls apart, thanks to careful analysis of this clever clue from the writers.


[Happy Reichencrack Day! This is a #reichencrack theory.]

True Beauty (Chapter 2)

AO3: Chapter 1 Chapter 2

Yes, I know. What the fuck Ever? It’s been ages since you’ve posted anything! And wasn’t True Beauty just a oneshot? A oneshot you wrote like…a year ago?

Yes. I did write the original oneshot a year ago. Buuut then I got inspired and ran with it. I edited chapter one, by the way, so if you ever read the original oneshot, you should go click on the link above and re-read chapter one. The edits are super subtle, but important. And if you haven’t read chapter 1, you’re going to need to in order to understand this chapter.

(You can skip this author’s note if you want, but it’s pretty important explaining my intentions with this story. But I get it if you don’t wanna read all that, I’m rambly.)

I’ve had an idea in mind for a long time, and I decided to go for it. I’ve noticed there’s a lot of stories, particularly in this fandom, that portray depression totally wrong. Now, it isn’t necessarily the author’s fault: depression is a hard thing to write and understand when you haven’t experienced it yourself. That’s part of why I’ve decided to write this story. I have depression and anxiety myself, and not only is this story a great coping method, it’s also a way to show people who may not fully understand mental illness what it’s like being in our heads. I also hope to portray how society treats mentally ill people: especially schools. I’m trying to show the signs you can look out for, how to help a mentally ill person, and how sometimes, people truly are oblivious.

Of course, this means this story is going to be a difficult read at times. The first scene in this chapter could be potentially very triggering, and perhaps there will be more scenes like this, or even more graphic scenes. I’m not going to sugarcoat anything. Things may not have gotten this bad for me, but I’ve seen it happen to many close to me. Too much media romanticizes mental illness, thinks that a relationship can cure it. News flash: people in relationships may be happier, but nothing can magically cure mental illness. It takes time, a lot of hard work, and potentially medication.

In summary, I’m trying to portray this as realistic as possible. This is a very extreme case, so not everyone who is mentally ill will act like Rogue does, but I figured after a chapter like the first, Rogue’s situation is a difficult one. His actions also add to the common misconceptions that depressed people are just lazy or bad students.

I am not perfect in any means, there will likely be some inaccuracies or in some spots it’ll be a bit dramatic. But that’s to be expected, as no author can write something completely and totally flawless, no matter how informed they are.

Without further ado, Chapter Two of True Beauty: You’re Proud, but I’m Getting Nowhere. I hope you enjoy.


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hey pretty do you know any good blurbs or one shots about sitting on harry's face (by you or anyone?) and if so could you pretty please link them? i've seen people ask writers and they're like "yes i've written that!" but i just can never find them 😭 but i'm craving it rn

I’ve got one called “More About Balance” on the requests list (that’s the second link at the top of the main masterlist) in with all the “It’s About Balance” requests, so close to the bottom of that page. And @stylesunchained has one called Sunburn that’s on her masterlist, so if you click on through to her page and click the link for her masterlist, you should be just fine if you look through her list of stories. :) xx

How To Make A Masterlist *updated*

Step 1:

(On a computer), go to your blog, like your actual page, and in the top right corner, you should see the above selections. Click on Edit Theme.

Step 2: 

This is what should come up.

Step 3:

Scroll down to the very bottom. You should see Add a page. Click it.

Step 4:

This is what should pop up.

Step 5:

In the ‘body’ area, type it whatever you want people to be able to see. Whether it be a preference, an imagine, whatever you want. Highlight it, and click the small infinity shape. (Circled in the photo).

Step 6:

When you click it, this should come up. Now, where it says Link URL, you want to copy and paste the link that belongs to the piece. Once the correct URL is in there, hit Insert Link.

For example, if I was adding a preference to my masterlist, say it was ‘After A Fight’, where it says link URL, I would put

Step 7:

Now, it’s time to fill out this part! Now, depending on your theme, you still want to make sure that the Show a link to this page is on. If it is grey like the above picture, it is not on. Where it says Page Title, add your title like ‘Preferences’ or ‘Imagines’ or whatever you like.

Step 8: 

When creating your URL for the page, you can add whatever you like, it helps if it goes along with the page. Keep this step in mind for step 10.

Step 9:

Once you have SAVED your page, when you come back to the main section, it should look like this (number of slots depend on number of pages).

Step 10:

Now this is where it depends on your blog. IF your theme has something like this, then you want to fill it out in order to have the links visible and accessible on your blog. Where it asks for Link # URL, you want to add the URL(s) you created in step 8. And make sure to title it so it is visible on your blog! MAKE SURE YOU SAVE EVERYTHING BEFORE EXITING THE EDITING PAGE!

Final Step:

Now, depending on what theme you have, hopefully the links show up. It could look something like this if you have a theme like mine, or it should be a sidebar links. If you follow the steps above, there shouldn’t be much of a problem!

I hope this helps anyone wanting to make one of these! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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hey, would u maybe consider uploading kevin's tattoo and andrew's armbands??


At long last, after computer issues and general Maddie-not-knowing-how-technology-works struggles, I have finally uploaded Kevin’s tattoo and Andrew’s armbands for your consumption. If you click on those links, you should get to a Google Drive preview page that says “no preview available” and gives you an option to download the file.


- FIRST THINGS FIRST open up The Sims 4, go into your game settings, and make sure you have the “allow Mods and Custom Content” box checked! Now close out of TS4.

- download the .package file you want to use in the game (e.g. 2tattoo.package, which is the file name for Kevin’s tattoo)

- go into your files. C drive > Users > [your user name] > Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods

- *hacker voice* I’m in

       - If you don’t have a Mods folder, or there isn’t a file called “resource.cfg” in there, follow the troubleshooting steps outlined here 

- drag the .package file into the Mods folder (make sure you don’t have The Sims 4 running while you do this. It won’t mess up the game, you’ll just have to restart it before you see any changes)

- close file explorer and start up TS4

- ta-da! The custom content you downloaded should now appear in CAS.

Let me know if something’s not working. I’m not a computer wizard but I’ll try my best to help you out or direct you to someone who can!