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ATV Fest, Adam, Eddy, Colin and Jen Panel Roundup
  • When asked about a season 7, Eddy said: “The show is about hope, so have hope!”
  • On Gideon: “Gideon is bringing Rumple and Belle back together.” (x)
  • Jen thought she was going to “pee herself watching Colin film Wish Realm!Hook”. (x) (x)
  • Talking about Wish Realm!Robin, Adam and Eddy said “he’s a different character”. (x)
  • On reintroducing Robin’s feather: “It was a sign of faith..that she should be faithful about bringing this Robin back” (x)
  • Colin says that Hook thinks Wish Realm!Hook “is awesome, he doesn’t know he’s old and fat.” (x) Colin wants a sitcom with Old Drunk Hook. (x) Eddy jokes, “Old Hook was gonna be under the hood but his liver gave out so they gave it to Gideon” (x)
  • “If you like Captain Swan, there will be a lot of #CaptainSwan-age in the second half of the season… ‘Captain Swan’ fans will be happy!“ (x)
  • Colin and Emma tease each other about the ups and downs of #CaptainSwan. Colin says “Ah, true love!” in his charming accent.  (x)
  • Musical episode confirmed, Has not been shot yet, but will include all original songs. Jen is not as excited as the fans. (x)
  • Any bumps ahead for Rumple and Belle? “It’s a TV show!” (x)
  • They made Jen a warm red leather jacket for this season. (x)
  • “Producers announce that the new season will see Tinkerbell, Ariel, more of Aladdin/Jasmine, & the Black Fairy’s backstory.” (x)
  • Writers considered letting Hook keep his Irish accent for Hook. (x)
  • “Be kind, it’s a tv show.” -Eddy (x)
  • Colin wants Maui from Moana on the show but Adam doesn’t think they could get The Rock. (x)
  • “Q: Will we ever see Moana in Storybrooke? Ed: “We have a great relationship with #Disney and are always open to adding new characters” (x)

Freeform’s newest series, Lesbe-Honest, takes place in San Francisco and stars Rowan Blanchard as the vivacious, Katherine Lancaster, your ordinary lesbian, who enjoys cats and the colour purple.

The series follows Katherine and her exceptionally sarcastic girlfriend, Miranda Lullbottom (Sabrina Carpenter) who somehow always finds a way to get her into trouble.

The two are in their early twenties, share an apartment and are constantly having to deal with, the incredibly flirtatious, Tod Daniels (Peyton Meyer), who resembles a walking meme, as well as their close friend, Samuel Dash (Corey Fogelmanis) who seems to be allergic to everything but the kitchen sink!

Add along their wacky neighbours, Sasha (Danielle Fishel) and Davey (Ben Savage) Tater and their curly-haired daughter, Cranberry (August Maturo), and you’ll get one heck of a wild ride!

Catch Freeforms newest sitcom Lesbe-Honest, Wednesday’s at 8pm

magennen  asked:

As a certified member of the Jane Crocker Protection Squad™, do you have any new Jane headcanons to share?

She’s very strong and she loves scrapbooking.
She teaches free cooking classes to the people of can town on thursdays.
She convinced karkat to watch a bunch of her favorite sitcoms. They talk about what makes a tv show good and what kinds of jokes there should be more of and what kinds there should be less of, and somehow a hypothetical conversation about what the ideal comedy show would look like evolves into writing an actual tv show pilot together. 

3 reasons why you should watch Fresh Off The Boat

By Gloria Sun

1. Entertaining and it’s relatable

Like most sitcoms, their main purpose is to entertaining and funny. The thing with sitcoms is that it’s a hit or miss. It’s either funny or it isn’t. To me, Fresh Off The Boat is funny and at the same time entertaining. How the Huang family interact with one another and with other people is just gold. Especially Constance Wu’s character, Jessica Huang, I’ll get to her shortly.

If you’re from a Chinese family, whether you’re living in western parts of the world or in the eastern parts, you can relate to some of things that goes on in the Huang family. Especially with Eddie if western media and pop culture have influenced you in a way– be it big or small. That includes me. 

You would relate to the pressure of getting good grades, learning how to play a musical instrument, and the extra lessons outside school to help you in your grades in school. Similarly, if you aren’t Chinese, you can still relate to those stuff mentioned above but not in the way that is being portrayed in the show.

2. Representation

It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen a Chinese American family as the main focus of a TV show. They’re the main characters and not supporting characters. Representation is important because it affects viewers who are watching. It goes hand in hand with being able to identify with the characters. Especially when it comes to portraying people of color. Though the portrayal a little exaggerated, it’s still relatable. 

3. Jessica Huang

You’ve seen either gifs or screencaps of Jessica Huang and her amazing self all over tumblr. The way Constance Wu portrayed Jessica is on point. She nailed it. Watch the show and you’ll know why. Like I said earlier, it might be a little exaggerated but there’s no doubt that Jessica is an awesome character.

If you do give Fresh Off The Boat a go, tell us what do you think on our Twitter or in our asks. Happy watching! (It’s really good.)

A Very Hernst Valentine’s Day

“Oh my god, are you going to mope all night?” Hanschen snapped, slamming his laptop shut and glaring at his roommate, who had just let out his thousandth dramatic sigh before taking another swig of red wine from the bottle.

If looks could kill, Ernst would be dealing with a dead roommate in addition to his rapidly growing buzz.  “Yes,” he spat back, drinking more wine and making a face as he swallowed.

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7; Jealousy Brought Karaoke

Harry was antsy for a night out on the town. He would ask you every night if the two of you had anything planned for Saturday night. Every weekend you didn’t, until some last minute thing came up like Harry getting held up at the studio or you getting a last minute call from your boss saying that there was an event that you needed to write an article about pronto. It almost always ended up with either you sitting at home watching reruns of old sitcoms on TV or Harry sitting next to you while you wrote, you asking him for an opinion on what you should fix, but this night was different.

“Babe,” Harry shouted down the hallway after he got home from the studio, “I think we should go out to that restaurant we’ve been wanting to go to for months tonight.”

He was right. You had the weekend off and Harry didn’t have any writing sessions scheduled until a while since he was spending, as he put it, “Much needed time with his lady.”

You nodded at Harry, “Just see if you can make any last minute reservations, babe.”

Harry went off to find his phone while you went up stairs to find something to wear for the evening. After you met Harry, your closet has grown drastically. Even when you were just friends, he would get you clothes that he knew you would like and ever since then, the amount of clothes, starting with a pretty simple Fleetwood Mac tee shirt that he found at a vintage store, had gotten more and more extravagant, like your tons of accessories and clothes ranging from designers that you only dreamed of wearing before. Like all of the matching YSL boots he got you for plane rides because they are “So comfortable,” as Harry puts it and the thousands of Tom Ford dresses that he knew you would like better than YSL dresses since they were less flamboyant. You at first were a little weary of Harry buying you clothes that were more than most people’s monthly pay checks, but you knew it wouldn’t stop him and plus it was pretty nice to have your boyfriend know your style almost better than you did.

You looked around and found a black pencil skirt and a white top go along with your black Louboutins.

You walk back down the stairs. You could hear Harry’s voice when you were walking down the stairs, “Oh yes, I understand, but we’ll take the spot on the fifteenth. Thank you,” he thanked before putting down his phone.

“Wow,” he said looking over at you, “You look stunning,” he said pulling you in for a slow kiss, getting some of your cherry red lipstick remains on his teeth and lip before he got to the bad news, “There’s a wedding party that booked the whole restaurant, so we’re going to have to find somewhere else, my love,” he told you, looking a little disappointed, “But there are plenty of new places we can discover this evening. We’ve got ourselves an adventure going tonight!”

You smiled. The opportunity of getting to go out and about, scoping around to find somewhere new to go with Harry is something that you wouldn’t trade for all the diamonds at Tiffany’s.

An adventure is what you got too. As soon as Harry got ready and you applied some more lipstick, the two of you were soon out the door, attempting to find some place where you could go.

“What kind of food do you want, my love?” Harry asked, looking over at you briefly before getting his eyes back on the road.

You thought for a moment, “Maybe Italian,” you suggested.

“Love, I don’t think that they make ‘maybe Italian’ food,” he grinned.

You laugh, “You smart ass.”

Harry drove around for a while, having you point out places you could go. The most interesting place that you saw was a quaint French restaurant, you noted it, but Harry drove on.

“What about that one,” Harry suggested pointing at a bar that had a flashing blue neon sign that said “BARBECUE, BAR, and KARAOKE.”

“No way in Hell, Harry,” you tell him, looking at the sketchy joint that looked like somewhere that college kids went since they don’t have enough money to go anywhere else.

Harry laughed, “But tonight’s an adventure, my love.”

Before you knew it, Harry was pulling into the parking lot and pulling you inside. “It won’t be that bad,” he reassured.

He was surprisingly correct. The inside of the bar looked a lot nicer than the outside.  The place was clean and well-finished with little gaggles of college students sitting at the tables drowning in their work while drinking a well-deserved beer and some quietly playing pool over on the corner in the dim neon blue lighting. There was a little booth over by the back of the restaurant for karaoke.

Soon, a waiter in his mid-twenties walked the two of you over to a booth in the corner of the restaurant. “Hello, I’m Caleb, and I’ll be your server tonight. Is there anything I can get to drink for you guys?”

Harry was quick to respond, “I’ll have a vodka sour,” Harry ordered.

Caleb nodded, turned to you and grinned a grin that you only ever saw when you were single and out at bars like this from cute guys that the bar that would attempt to chat you up, “And for the lady?” He grinned checking you out in your very figure flattering blouse and skirt.

“Um,” you thought glancing down at the menu, knowing that since Harry was ordering some vodka that you’d have to drive home, “I’ll just have some iced tea.”

Caleb smiled, “Okay. They’ll be right out.”

Harry was grinning back at you, “I told you that that outfit was a stunner. You’ve got another fan of it right there.”

Harry was never really one to show jealousy openly. He showed it in a passive manner, like gradually pulling you in closer to him and giving you long on the brink of making out kisses. While joking about the other guys. Harry showed his jealousy covertly all the time, but when he was drunk the signs of love got a little more elaborate. One time at a wedding, he thought that one of the groomsmen was coming on to you and he then, after a few vodka sours, went up on the stage and dedicated his rendition of Whitney Houston’s 'I Will Always Love You’ to you. Surprisingly enough, drunk Harry’s cover was actually not half bad and he ended up singing songs for the rest of the night leaving you to dance alone.

Caleb soon brought you your drinks as you and Harry decided to have some of the bar’s self-proclaimed “World Famous” burgers and cheese fries. You joked with Harry that he should have ordered the kale salad like he usually does, but he said it was a “special night out with his lady” and he already had a kale salad for lunch anyways.

Harry had already had three vodka sours to go along with the side salads you ordered before and was getting a little tipsy, so as soon as he saw Caleb coming towards your table, Harry put his hand across the table, signaling for you to hold it.

“What can I get for you this evening?” Caleb asked, staring at you.

Harry raised his voice, “Um we’ll be having two cheeseburger meals, but have the cheese on the chips,” he stated with his accent getting a little thicker and deeper, as he gripped your hand a little tighter.

Caleb looked at you again, “Is that all?” He seemingly asked you, but Harry responded before you could, yes.

“That’ll be out in a little bit, you are free to play some of our games before your food comes out,” he still grinned with a bit of flirt in his eyes, obviously not backing down even though you were with your boyfriend, making you annoyed.

Harry got up from the table, reaching for your hand to pull you out from the booth walking over to the karaoke stage.

Some of the people realized who Harry was and started to take some pictures of the two of you at the bar. You were somewhat thankful that they didn’t ask for pictures since Harry was tipsy.

There was one other person, in a much worse state than Harry, singing what you thought was 'We Are the Champions’. The song got over and Harry took the stage and sang Leona Lewis’ 'Bleeding Love’. Before the lyrics came on Harry had a dedication, “This is to my love, may you always be my love,” he pointed down at you.

He sang his rendition, on key, making everyone look over at him and some get videos of him singing to you, which would probably be posted ASAP. When he finished, people cheered, resulted in him doing his signature prayer hand and bow in front of the crowd.

He stumbled down the stage and found your arms giving you a few passionate, vodka-tasting, kisses.

Your food was ready and Caleb served you at your booth, still not giving up. “Any thing else I can get you?” He still had the flirty grin. You had noticed that he had been visiting your table more frequently to ask how you were doing.

“Um I think my husband and I are alright,” you say, moving one of your rings over to your left ring finger.

“Oh,” Caleb said with a little bit of a shocked reaction that was much less flirtatious.

Harry drunkenly grinned, “Your husband?” He questioned, “I didn’t know you were married,” he joked.

You giggled, “He’s a bit of a deadbeat,” you tease.

“Heeey,” Harry said, moving over to your side of the booth and pulling you in close and moving his food over next to yours barely not knocking over your water glass.

“You can call me your husband anytime,” Harry mumbled to you, “It’s going to happen soon anyways.”

You blush thinking about being married to Harry, even though in the beginning it wouldn’t be much more different than your relationship was now, as you imagine, it would feel more official.

The meal came to an end, Caleb not visiting your table as frequently, before you paid the bill and had to get a very drunk Harry into the car, him deeply wanting to sing 'Man! I Feel Like a Woman,’ at the karaoke machine before leaving, but you told him that he could sing it on the way home.

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