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Angsty SS for no.35... just fuck me up

35 - one of them trying to get the other one off of drugs au


A/N: I have no experience with heroin addiction, I’ve done the best that I could with the information provided to me by someone who was deeply affected by it, so if any falsities come up, I apologize deeply. Also this is very gritty and dark, and does not have a happy ending so uh… read at your own risk.



“Sakura-chan, hey, it’s—it’s me. Listen, something happened with Sasuke tonight. He—he overdosed again. We’re at the hospital right now, and I think he’s okay, but you should know Sakura-chan—he wasn’t breathing when I found him. They had to bring him back. Please get here soon. He needs you.”



Like a haunting record of her very worst dreams, the words of Naruto’s voicemail replayed in her mind relentlessly. In the seven hours since she’d gotten his message, Sakura hadn’t been able to stop her fingers from trembling, clenched in the sheets of Sasuke’s cot. She couldn’t stop thinking about what would have happened if Naruto had never found him—about what would have happened if she’d truly lost him to this stupid drug he’d given himself to all those months ago. 

She wasn’t prepared to lose him—and she didn’t know if she ever would be.

A warm hand closed around her shoulder, then, making her breath hitch. Sakura nearly jumped, shifting her glassy, stinging green eyes to the man at her side.

“He’s okay, Sakura-chan. He’s alive,” he said, like he had so many times before, the smile to his lips saddened and cracked. He was hurting, too, even if he wouldn’t admit it. “Please stop worrying so much about what could have happened. It won’t do anyone any good, you know? We need to focus on what we can do to help him instead, before…”

He trailed out, swallowing visibly, but Sakura didn’t need him to go on. She knew what he meant.

(“…before we lose him for good.”)

Her hands clenched the sheets tighter, but she nodded anyway, swallowing too. Her gaze shifted back to the love of her life still unconscious on the hospital bed, disheveled as ever with an ashen complexion, his rising chest the only sign of life. 

“…I just don’t know what we can do anymore, Naruto,” she whispered, reaching to touch Sasuke’s hand so lovingly. “It’s been months that we’ve been trying to get him to quit, and we never seem to make any progress. If anything he just seems to be getting worse—it’s the second time he’s overdosed and I’m starting to think he’s just trying to—”

The sound of scratched, faint coughing caught both of their attention, and they stiffened, rising to their feet as Sasuke slowly roused with a groan, bleary black eyes blinking open.

“Sasuke-kun—” Sakura exclaimed with relief, taking one of his hands in her own and squeezing firmly. Fresh tears burned, threatening to spill. “Sasuke-kun, I’m so glad you’re—”

“W-Water,” Sasuke rasped, then, a grimace passing his lips. 

“On it,” Naruto said, before she could even think to do it herself.

Listening to the sound of his feet padding away, she freed Sasuke’s hand to cup his face instead, throat growing unbearably tight as he leaned away, shifting his eyes away from her.

“Please don’t do this right now, Sasuke-kun,” she whispered, her voice weak and broken. “I almost lost you tonight, do you understand that? You were dead. They brought you back but you were still dead. You have to know how I feel about that, you have to know what it would have done to me.”

Because when Itachi died, it broke such a big part of you, and you have to know that if you died, it would be the same for me too, she wanted to say. But he wouldn’t handle it well, could never handle anything well when Itachi was mentioned—so she didn’t.

Sasuke said nothing to that, body only shuddering lightly from what she suspected were already the beginnings of his withdrawal, eyes still forever fixed on the blank wall to his right.

A wave of desperation washed over her. With great difficulty, she asked, her voice so pleading, so defeated, “Did you want to die, Sasuke-kun?”

Sasuke remained mute, but she found her answer in the look that he gave her, in the brokenness of his gaze. The silent apology and weighted guilt, the tiredness in the way that he felt. He had lost all hope in whatever the future held for him.

Her heart couldn’t take it, twisting in sharp, acute bursts that left her breathless, speechless. She clasped her hand to her mouth, holding in a shuddering sound.

“We’ll help you through this, okay?” she managed to say, her voice tight with unshed tears. “Naruto and I will help you get back to your feet, I promise. We’re not gonna give up on you.” Choking on the last words, she took his lightly shaking hand and brought it up to kiss the back of it, eyes fluttering shut tightly. “You’re gonna be okay again.”

A tense stillness filled the room, for a moment, before Sasuke finally pulled his hand away, clenching it in the sheets. “I don’t want to be okay again,” he muttered.

She felt her heart stop.

“Things are exactly how I want them to be.”


Stiles fluffy smut!!

Smut for kat! ( @katwillison24 )Stilies has been gone for about 4 weeks with Scott and the rest of the pack trying to take down the nearby alpha pack, you stay back because stilies doesn’t want you getting hurt.

It’s been about 4 weeks since the pack left and you were really missing Stiles. He left with the pack and you stayed back to stay safe, but you got a text from Stiles when you woke up one morning and he said they were on their way back and that he should be home later tonight. This made you very very happy as you were becoming desperate not only to see and be with him but for his touch. You decided to do some cleaning and get things ready for when he returned.
You had bought a nice light pink lace set a few months back but had yet to wear it so you decided tonight would be the perfect night. You dig through your closet and find it tucked away in a bag so Stiles couldn’t ever find it. You looked at it and smiled knowing how good you were going to look in it and how much he would love it. You chill out for the rest of the day, just watching tv or doing homework waiting for Stiles to text you saying he was home.
Later that night around 8:30 you get a text and it’s from Stiles “you home?” He says and you smile responding quickly “yeah” you say and he responds quickly “on my way” you smile reading it and get up to change into your outfit, you put a pair of pajama shorts and one of his sweatshirts on over it, also knowing how much he likes when you wear his things. A few minutes later you hear a knock on the door and you run downstairs to find Stiles waiting on the front porch. Your parents were out for dinner so the house was yours. “Stiles” you yell opening the door jumping into his arms and he laughs pulling you in kissing your forehead as you nussle into his neck and you soon pull back seeing his face kissing him over and over again. He smiles and pulls you in to kiss you longer and more passionately. “I missed that” he said as he broke away “me too” you add hoping down grabbing his hand “come on we have the place to ourselves tonight” you say turning to look at him smiling and his eyes go wide “really?” He asks and you nod “my parents are out on a date and saying the night at a hotel” you say walking up the steps still holding his hand as he follows you up.
You enter your room and shut the door sitting on the bed. He sits next to you and rubs your thighs sweetly just feeling your skin again “I missed you” he says and you nod “yeah a month is long” and he smiles leaning forward kissing you and you kiss back slowly laying down and him hovering on top of you “I missed you so much, everything about you, your humor, sarcasm, cute little face and I missed your touch stiles I really missed your touch” you say calmly but serious roaming his back with your hands and going under his shirt to feel his skin “oh I missed you so much” he says kissing you gently and you kiss his neck leaving a small mark “I have a little surprise for you” you whisper in his ear and his back muscles tighten a bit as you move away you see his eager expression “what is it?” He asks as you sit up and move so you are straddling him “I bought it a few months ago and I wasn’t sure when to show you but when you said you were coming home I know today would be a good time” you say smiling running your hands trough his hair and he closes his eyes for a second loving the feeling. You take your hands out and smile kissing him quickly before pulling his sweatshirt off revealing a baby pink lace bra that cups your boobs just perfectly and you felt sexier then you ever had and you see him staring and smile and grab his hands which gets his attention “babe” he says sounding like a little boy seeing boobs for the first time “you like it” you say shyly “yeah it’s hoot!” He says and you laugh “there’s more” you say biting your lip grabbing his hands again placing them on the hem of your shorts and he looks at you and whispers “you got a matching set didn’t you?” He says excited and you laugh a bit “yeah I did” and he smiles and removes your shorts revealing the matching baby pink lace panties with a small bow on the front “I mean shit you look amazing” he says roaming over your body gazing at your beauty where he then meets your gaze “I’m so lucky” he says rubbing your arms gently “yeah you are” you say smiling and he laughs but you add “I’m lucky to have you too” and he smiles “thanks and um I feel like I shouldn’t be the only one getting such a great view” and you smile at his request “shall I?” You say jokingly placing your hands on the hem of his shirt and he laughs “please” and with that you take his shirt off and move immediately to his shorts which are already showing just how turned on he is and you decide to pull both his boxers and shorts at the same time which caught him by surprise “oh okay” he says looking up at you and you smile at him shrugging “I wanted to just get it all out of the way” you say and he nods “I think it’s your turn” he said moving his hands up your back and holding onto your bra strap and slowly undoing it and pulling the straps off and setting it on the floor behind him and without even looking he moves straight to your panties and you lift up a but so he can pull them off “beautiful” he says “I mean I don’t even know what to say” he says rubbing your arms and thighs getting slightly caught up in the beautiful view “stiles stop staring” you say since he won’t stop looking at your boobs “what?” He says looking up confused “you are just staring at my boobs” you say and he blushes getting embarrassed “sorry babe” he says shyly “I mean I’m glad you like them” you say smiling at him and he laughs “yeah I do” and you smile at his response and you lean in whispering in his ear “and for the record I like your dick a lot” and he moves his hands directly to your back and moves you back to lay you down “um babe I can’t wait any long I need you” he says hovering over you “I know I need you too” you say pulling up a bit to kiss him.
He kisses back and you lean back down getting comfortable and without breaking the kiss he slowly lines himself up “you ready?” He says and you nod kissing him gain quickly and with that he begins to push in slowly allowing you to adjust as it had been awhile. Once you adjust you tell him to move and he slowly picks up the pace and begins moving in and out causing you both to moan. Not long after you feel yourself getting close “stiles I’m close” you say breathless and he nods “so am I” and with a few more thrust he feels you tighten around him and with one more thrust you climax which causes stiles to release inside of you as well.
You both moan out each others name before both coming down from your highs.
“Babe” he says still catching his breathe “that was amazing you felt so good” he says rolling over to look at you and you smile “can I tell you something?” You asks rolling to also look at him “yeah what is it?” He says “I um I love you stiles” you say blushing scared he won’t know what to say or won’t feel the same way and you feel his arm wrapt around your waist pulling you in closer and pulling your head up to look at him “I love you too” he says and you smile and you giggle a bit and he laughs “I really do” he says nodding kissing your forehead and slowly getting up as he removes the condom and picks up his clothes putting back on only his boxers and you smile watching him and getting up yourself putting your pajama shorts and sweatshirt back on “I’m kind of hungry” stiles says walking over to you “yeah same lets go to the kitchen and see what there is” you say as he leans down to kiss you “I’m thinking we make chocolate chip waffles” he says giving you but a nice pinch and you laugh turning around giving him a slight nudge “hey hands to yourself mister” you say joking and he laughs “but waffles do sound perfect right now” you add and he nods “waffles it is” as you both walk out of your room and go to the kitchen.

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This is the saddest i have seen Ricky EVER. This is surpose to be a happy day for Cris and Ricky looks miserable. 😰 i hope he is ok, Ricky without a smile just concerns me, its not natural.

I agree!!!!!!! Tonight is honestly the saddest I’ve seen him too. He always puts on a brave, cheerful face around the beards. But tonight…nope! You could tell he was upset and he wasn’t able to hide it!!!!!!! :’-(

This was a very special occasion for Cris, for them both. And Ricky is the one who should have walked the red (green) carpet as Cristiano’s other half. Ricky is the one who should have occupied the seat next to Cris. Ricky is the one who should have received a kiss on the cheek (or lips) off Cris. Ricky is the one who should have been mentioned in Cristiano’s speech…RICKY…the person who truly loves and supports Cris through everything!!!!!

I really feel for Ricky!

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“Hello? Hiran? So I kind of got lost, it’s my first time in this area of Verona, I sort of stumbled onto it by accident and now I’m just walking around this grocery store trying to figure out what I should do next and calling everyone I know. Soooo… call me if you get this message, thanks! Love you!”

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[ text ] Happy birthday, Hiran, sweet boy of mine. <3 I am so lucky and blessed to know you and I am very thankful for you. Please do not celebrate too dangerously tonight and call me if you need your guardian angel to come around.

[ text ] Whoops, your birthday isn’t until way later! Well, just know that I still love you and appreciate you, even if it isn’t your birthday.

[ text ] Also, I hate Great Gatsby. I’m sorry, but it’s sad and it made me cry a little bit. How dare you recommend this to me. The next Hiran and Maeve Book Club selection is the Bible.

Only you - Isaac Lahey.


It’s hard to not go to a lacrosse game especially when your boyfriend is on the team. (Y/n) is there when they practice, when they try out, and when they play games. Of course she’s only there for Isaac, her boyfriend. She’s always there to cheer him on which makes him happy when he knows that she’s on the bleachers for him.

“Hey there” Isaac came up behind (Y/n).
“Hey” she responded as she opened her locker. “What’s up?”
“You’re coming tonight, right?” Isaac leaned against the lockers.
“Where exactly am I coming?” she pretended not know what he was talking about.
“Ha. Ha. Very funny” Isaac chuckled before pressing a kiss to her cheek.
“You should know I’m always there” She smiled. “Who are you guys playing against?”
“Devenford Prep” Isaac replied.

(Y/n) slammed her locker shut. Isaac was confused on why his girlfriend was acting so excited. The only thing (Y/N) was thinking was her childhood friend who plays lacrosse for Devenford. She hasn’t seen him in a while since they go to different schools.

“What’s up with you?” Isaac asked.
“An old friend of mine plays for Devenford. I haven’t seen him a while” She smiled.

Isaac clenched his jaw as the bell rang. (Y/n) pressed a kiss to Isaac’s cheek before heading off to class. It was there only period that they didn’t have together which made them both sad. But free period makes up for that.

After school (Y/N) went straight home but she made sure to text Isaac that she wasn’t going to see him when school was over. Isaac started to think that his girlfriend was too excited to see her old friend.

“Okay, what am I going to wear?” She dropped her backpack as she entered the room.

She scanned her closet and drawer for an hour until she found a perfect outfit the game. Black jeans, a blue button up shirt, a leather jacket, and combat boots.

“Perfect” She smiled to herself as she looked at herself in the mirror.

She then looked at the clock noticing that the game was going to start soon. She hurried out to the car and drove off. She has never been so excited to see her old friend. She made it just in time to see Devenford go on the field, she squealed as she saw her friend.

“Brett!” She yelled.

Brett quickly turned around to see who had yelled out his name. A smile spread across his lips as he noticed her. She ran towards him and was engulfed by a hug. That’s when Isaac came out of the locker room with the rest of the team.

“Who is that?” Isaac growled as witnessed what was happening between (Y/N) and Brett.
“That’s Brett” Liam answered.
“Dude, chill. I’m sure that they’re just friends” Scott intervened.

Soon the game started. (Y/N) didn’t have time to go over to Isaac to give him a kiss for good luck which made her feel bad but she made sure to cheer him on for the game and for Brett here and there.

In the end Beacon Hills had won the game. (Y/n) had walked past Isaac and walked towards Brett instead which made Isaac get jealous.

“Great game, Brett” she smiled.
“Thanks. We should defiantly hang out. I miss my best friend” Brett smiled.
“I’m your best friend?” she grinned.

Scott and Stiles tried to calm Isaac because he was getting furious on to why his girlfriend was paying more attention him and not her boyfriend. Isaac started walking over to them.

“Hey babe.” Isaac wrapped his arm around his girlfriend.
“Hey, Isaac this is Brett my best friend. Brett this Isaac-“ Isaac interrupted her.
“Her boyfriend” Isaac stated.
“Nice to meet you” Brett smirked. “I gotta head out now. I’ll see you guys”

(Y/n) gave Brett a hug before he walked off. She knew that Isaac was jealous because he couldn’t hide that well.

“Babe” (Y/n) turned to Isaac. “Why must you get jealous?”
“Because I don’t want someone taking you away from me.” Isaac stated.
“Isaac” she cupped her hands on his face. “No one is ever going to take me away from you. I love you. Only you”
“I’m sorry” Isaac whispered.

She smiled before pressing her lips against his. Isaac wrapped his arms around her waist as he deepened the kiss. As the kiss started to get heated (Y/n) pulled away.

“Since you guys won tonight. How about you get your prize” she smirked.
“Let’s go.”

Isaac quickly grabbed her hand before leading her to the car. He knew what he was getting so he had to hurry home because he couldn’t resist.


Life Update 

Hey guys! It’s been a while. 9 months to be exact. I’m so sorry I haven’t been an active member of the Simblr Community for so long; I’ve missed you all so much. Anyway, I have officially finished my first year of University and I’m ready to come back and play The Sims again. I spent the day organising my desk (it was literally covered in books and makeup and god knows what before), so I am now able to play comfortably again. I plan on spending the evening running updates and sorting out CC etc so that my game will be playable again. If all goes well, I should be posting again by later on tonight, but we’ll see how it goes. I’m so happy to be back and I’ll look forward to speaking to many of you very very soon! :)

Facts About The Family Reunion/The Rival

What to expect:
- Monkeys
- Cats
- Pearls
- Guns
- Smoochin’


- Sylvia’s Mom’s name is the ultimate reference, from which you can probably figure out her grandma’s name and her dad’s name.

- Sylvia’s family includes a murderer’s row of comedic talent, including Sandy Martin, Larraine Neumann, Ken Marino, Rob Riggle, and Bryan Callen.

- People clambering for Hater and Peepers to work together again should be very happy.

- @gingerhaze wanted to kill Brad Starlight. We let her do this instead.

- LIST OF BIZARRE REFERENCE POINTS: Roseanne, Golden Girls, Blue Velvet

Tonight on Disney XD! 8:30!

luke getting tired of practicing the same song over and over and he’s a little mad because he can’t get the chords right so he’d decide to play something really basic on the guitar and he’d start to sing very loudly and badly and he’d come up with the worst lyrics ever “Y/N YOU ARE SO PRETTY AND I LOVE YOUUUU” and you’d be so embarrassed so you’d hide your face and that would give him some energy to carry on and he’d love to see how embarrassed you are and he’d probably end his terrible song with “and we should order chinese food tonight” and that cute idiot succeeds at making you laugh each time and even though he was upset moments earlier, now he’s just happy to have you there on the couch with him


Lots of orange and blue. Pictures from Comic Palooza today! We couldn’t stay very long because we have pop show tonight but we saw lots of little kids and teens who watched Steven Universe and that makes me happy.

I’m Jasper
thedivinenymph is the Lapis Lazuli in the top pictures
paradoxical-bee is Lapis is the bottom left
I don’t know who Rose and Greg were but if you do your should tell me so I can tag them!
I’m going again tomorrow as Kageyama from Haikyuu!

DWTS Finale

Although we’re all pulling for Riker and Allison to win, the truth is there are also two other very deserving couples in the finale. If Riker doesn’t end up winning tonight, can we all please act maturely and not send hateful, rude comments to whoever does win? You know Rumer and Noah will be happy for Riker if he takes home the trophy just like Riker would be happy if Noah or Rumer won. It’s a huge accomplishment for Riker to have made it as far as he has and we should be proud of him no matter where he places tonight.