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Fell On Black Days - Tate x Reader - Part 6: Last Goodbye

Okay you guys. I have had this written for like a week. And I’ve been meaning to post it. But it’s so long and I had anxiety about it tbh. I was going to try to cut it into two but there just wasn’t a good spot to do so, so just be aware it’s kinda long. It just kind of came out of me and I couldn’t stop it. It’s almost over folks. Plus, you should listen to the song Last Goodbye by Jeff Buckley cause it will give you feels.

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The next few weeks were great. Tate was a constant companion, and you spent a lot of time either at your house or at his, playing with Addy and Beau. When you were there he never left your side, and you never went down to the basement again, which was fine with you, you didn’t want to go down there anyway. You noticed that sometimes Tate would get quiet, the house would begin to whisper to him. You would squeeze his hand or rub his back, and the smile would return to his face. He never said what was going through his head in those moments. You didn’t want to pry, but seeing the sorrow and anger fill his eyes was starting to get to you. One night you were curled up with him in your bed and you decided to ask.

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