you should be lovers

  • 10 year-old me: You should talk with people more , they don't even know you.
  • 18 year-old me: Maybe you should talk with them less, they are getting attached to you too much, don't you think?
  • .
  • 10 year-old me: Listen to your parents!
  • 18 year-old me: Stop listening to your parents all the time!
  • .
  • 10 year-old me: You should do this!
  • 18 year-old me: You should decide yourself!
  • .
  • 10 year-old me: You're too young for love!
  • 18 year-old me: Where's your lover?
  • .
  • Teacher: People affect you too much. You should decide yourself and be more yourself!
  • .
  • You have taught me so many things but now you want me to change it? What? I know I'm getting older but really? One day you're saying this next day you're saying that, so what am I supposed to do?!

“We realize that we’re alone when we’re among people. When you feel that no one… among all those people is on your side.Loneliness can surge up, and it’s terrifying than anything else ”


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Hot For Teacher

Originally posted by lokiandthorblr

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut, little bit of fluff

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: Just felt like being a slut. This is just a fantasy of mine. Dean comes after the reader years later after he let her walk out of his life once. He is not making that mistake again. It’s short, and I’ve been extremely busy. Hope you don’t hate it.

Feedback Appreciated

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Anan translation - Endo Aya’s strategies for going after the sextuplets.

Totoko’s voice actress’s comments about what the brothers might be like to go out with and her tips on how to win them from the recent Anan special magazine. 

Endo Aya’s strategies for going after the sextuplets.

Totoko-chan, the super cute only girl in the group. She’s very popular with the sextuplets, and we’re as jealous as could be. Together with Endo Aya who performed her, we’re going to examine their manly charms in a somewhat serious way!

She’s Totoko-chan so she understands?! The sextuplets “manly charms.”

The beloved heroine Totoko, whom the sextuplets never stop admiring. Since she is approached by them constantly on a daily basis, she’s bound to know about their attitudes towards love, and (we’re not sure whether or not they actually have any) their manly charms. Therefore, we threw Endo Aya, who played Totoko the closest observer of the sextuplets for half a year, the silly question, “What are they like as men?”

(Endo) To start with, whatever they may say, I think that they are kind boys. No matter how selfish Totoko gets, they face her head on and take the blow. This time, I tried thinking about each of them carefully, but even though they are jobless virgin NEETs who sponge off their family, there are moments when I suddenly felt like they were “good men” and I got flustered, lol. Despite telling myself that “If I went out with them they’d definitely be a burden,” I had a hard time keeping my cool. (Lol)

So she has analysed each of their manly charms, from Osomatsu to Todomatsu, and has proposed her strategies for going after them.

With this you can be just like Totoko… perhaps?

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Some Very Dark Villain and Hero Prompts

Anonymous said:Dark the-modern-typewriter, show me the forbidden Dark!Hero + Villain x Hero prompts 

Anonymous said:Hi! I’m absolutely enamored with your blog and creativity. Top notch for sure! If it’s possible, do you have any other possessive villain prompts? Those are my absolute favorite!!

Anonymous said:Could we get prompts for a jealous villain with their hero? I’m thinking a little darker with this one. Thanks so much!!!!! 

Anonymous said:Hey, could I perhaps request some mind control/love spell prompts? Maybe with the antagonist showing off the protagonist as their new lover in front of the protagonist’s actual lover?

kelsibetsy said:Dark Hero and Villain prompts? The villain torturing the hero?

1) “We could have ruled, together.” 
“You can’t have two monsters together in the same room.” They dug the blade in further, slowly. “That just makes them normal. Sorry, babe. You had to go.”

2) One second, the hand was warm on the hero’s shoulder. The next second, it was on the floor. 

“It’s rude to touch things that don’t belong to you,” said the villain. They wrapped an arm around the hero’s waist. “Perhaps you should run before I decide you don’t deserve to even look.” 

3) The hero stared at their family, their friends, their lover, in horror. Blood drenched their flat and it - corpses lined in a row like a shelf of broken dolls. Their ears rang. They couldn’t breathe.  
“No more distractions now,” the villain murmured. “They weren’t worth you.” 
Oh god, they couldn’t breathe. 

4) “It’s quite ingenious, really.” The villain guided the hero to their lap, enjoying the look of complete and utter helplessness on the lover’s face. “I could do whatever I wanted, and they’ll still beg me for more. They’d do anything for me.” They stroked the hero’s smitten face, stole a long kiss before glancing at the lover once more. “What do you reckon I should have them do to you? I do believe they might still be in there somewhere, screaming.” A nasty smile crossed the villain’s face. “I hope so, anyway. More fun that way.” 

5) “You should have stopped trying to fight me while it was still cute,” the villain said. They dug the needle in further, white hot. “Now I just need to make an example of you.”


There’s this Korean Historical Drama titled Scarlet Hearts that me and my friends love to crossover KuroTsuki with hehee

2AM - part 5 (A Minseok Series)

Genre: Angst

Characters: Minseok X You

A/N: The soundtrack for this chapter is Jeff Buckley’s Lover You Should Have Come Over

2AM [M] - part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7

Between the three of you, Minseok’s frantic and consistently dramatic mother, his sister Minhee and yourself, you managed to drag Minseok to his room and deposit him onto his bed.

To say he was a bit inebriated was the understatement of the century. You’d known Minseok - intimately and honestly - for years, and you had never seen him in a state such as this.

He had to have been drinking all afternoon at least, and by the way you saw him drain that bottle of soju, and the fact that there was next to no liquor amongst the shattered bottle that littered the kitchen floor, telling you that he’d downed that one too, you knew he had really done a number on himself this time.

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Yondu and the crew setting a shy Kraglin with you would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Aaawww XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Kraglin, one night drunkenly but shyly giggling and admitting to Yondu and the other crew members that he has a crush on you, only to tell them that he’s too nervous to say anything to you and making them want to help him out

-Yondu always tasking you and Kraglin to go find what he needs together, saying that he can only trust you both, making you spend extra time together

-The crew just laughing together and staring intensely at you both, making you both uncomfortable, whenever they play games and hint that you should make a team and go against the rest of them

-Yondu playfully teasing you both about getting lost together whenever you all stop by a new planet, as he walks away with the rest of the crew, going to a place that neither of you know and making you both have to stick together

-The crew always pushing you towards Kraglin when they can or whenever you’re clumsy and just teasing him about how he should take care of you, his “lover”, making you both blush

-Yondu calling for everyone to a secret meeting and leaving both alone and clueless as to where everyone went, only for everyone to listen from within the room as to what you’re both doing

-The crew purposely keeping the sexbots away from Kraglin, saying that the only thing he needs is to get it on with you and all laughing as you’d blush and try to get away from the situation, acting like you didn’t get what they meant

-Yondu being unsubtle and hinting to you that Kraglin has been having some feelings for you as you’d both meet up with him, only for Kraglin to signal him to cut it out and feel like dying out of embarrassment

-The crew and Yondu putting on some awkward lovemaking music whenever you are both alone in a room, only to all start laughing their asses off as you’d just try to brush it off

-Yondu and the crew just telling Kraglin to man up and be brave about asking you out, only to do the same with you and telling you that you need to confess to him, making both of your confessions awkward as you’d do it at the same time

Mirror and stone

Sameen’s voice in Farsi is liquid and gentle. At least, it seems that way to you now, hearing her speak for the first time, your head in her lap and your eyes closed. One hand weaves through your hair; the other holds her father’s battered copy of Rumi’s love poetry.

It’s late, but neither of you can sleep. The spring night is unseasonably warm, so you’ve folded back the sheets and are currently sweating in a tank top and a pair of boxers from Sameen’s drawer. Seemed fair to steal, since you’re the one who dropped off and picked up her laundry at the wash-and-fold around the corner. The shirt you’re wearing is old enough that, even freshly laundered, it smells like her.

You don’t know what the words mean; you simply let them wash over you and through you. Sameen reads limpidly, fluently, in musical phrases. She smooths hair over your temple, cards through the strands, winds a curl around her finger.

The heat is making your shoulder ache; the painkillers you reluctantly took have only just started to work through your body and soften your thoughts. None of that matters much now, with your cheek resting on Sameen’s inner thigh and her voice pouring over and into every part of you.

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I am anger,
and chest aches,
and it’s my fault,
I know it’s all my fucking fault.

I am stop fucking leaving,
and I just wanted you to stay,
and if you have to go,
please take me with you.

I am bruised knuckles,
and shaky hands,
and a sobbing mess
In midnight showers where no one can hear.

I am rotting flesh,
and vacant eyes,
and no one is home anymore,
my body is not my home anymore.

I am rejection,
and never enough,
and no one will ever love you,
you don’t even love you.

—  I am a cathedral of almost lovers and we should have made it.

I’m a lover not a fighter. Okay, I’m a sorcerer, but only because I couldn’t find lover in the player’s handbook