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Reader x Kol

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You walked through the ballroom and shyly shuffled your hands and edged your way into the ball. You’d received an invite which surprised you and Elena had insisted you should come, telling you to enjoy yourself and that she’d see you there.

“See I told you it’d be fun.” Elena muttered as she hurried over to you.

“I don’t have a dance partner.” You whispered and Stefan smiled.

“We could have a dance.” He offered and you went to accept when someone caught your outstretched hand.

“Or perhaps you would do me the honour.” Kol smiled as he kissed you hand and you tried to hide the bashful look on your face.

“It’s nice to see you again Kol.” You mumbled and everyone gawked at you.

“This is the nice-looking man you keep talking about?” Elena asked and Damon glanced between the two of you.

“Oh, my God. You’re in love with him.“ He mumbled and your eyes widened.

“I’m going to dance with him.” You told Elena who was smirking as you followed Kol.

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SD and the grabby handed stranger

Yesterday at Starbucks, I got exactly two feet in from the door before someone leaned over and grabbed my service dog by the face. And they didn’t let go, like this was a solid, two hand grab holding Molly by the FACE, fingers hooked into her collar.
It stopped the barista, ten feet from us, yet the lady who refused to let go of Mol -even with her backing up and shaking her head- somehow thought that she juuust had to get that last coo in.

Don’t… Do this… Ever? I just about slapped her, she wouldn’t let go of my Service dog. I was abrupt, rude, and frightening. Molly could have been hurt, and she was definitely spooked -which prevented her from doing her job, which put me at risk.

These dogs are not public property. They are very, very private property. You should never feel you have the right to touch them - even if you ask, and are allowed that very brief honour, you should do so knowing how reluctantly I grant permission. That I always - with no exceptions- feel pressured into doing so.

Yesterday I was going to the park after popping into Starbucks to get a drink, so Molly was able to shake it off pretty quickly with some play. But on a regular day it would have crippled us, I would have had to go home and abandon my plans for the rest of the day.

To reiterate: servicedogs , not public property. My safety is my right. Don’t touch my private property. Don’t touch my dog.

Exo Reacrion To When You Mumble Their Name In Yor Sleep


*Tries hard not to burst out laughing so that he will wake you up*

*Will most likely tease you about it later*


*You keep mumble his name in your sleep as you cuddled up against him. Chanyeol would start to play with your hair, with a big smile on his face.*

“Gosh, I love her”


*Watching you with a smile spread on his face, admiring you features as you keep saying his name in a extremely entertaining way*


*Dies from you cuteness overload *


“What is she/he doing?” ^^


*Feels honoured”

“Did she/he just say my name?”


*Would the first times thinks it’s cute. But after a few times, he would get irritated since you always somehow woke him up (by just mumbling)*



“She/he’s so cute..”

“what should I do..”

*when you wake up*

“Hi jagiya, did you dream about me?”


“Thinks you’re adorable, giggles as you keep saying his name over and over again. But when you start to move from the noise of his giggles, he would try to prevent himself from giggeling, to not wake you up.

“..sehun, SEhun, Shuhuuunie”



*As you mumnle his name in you sleep his ego would grow*

“I am the one, don’t weigh a ton, don’t need a gun to get resp-”  

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Whats your favorite naruto couple?

Okay Anon, I’m gonna tell you a huge secret about myself that only a select handful of people know, you should feel honoured.

Alright, *Whispers* My favourite Naruto couple is actually Sasuke and Sakura! Don’t tell anyone okay? ;)

I decided to go back over Chris Schlerf’s contributions to Escalation, and, oh man, the Lydus/Thel/Hood/Lasky/Palmer dynamic is so damn good!

One of my favourite scenes is where they’re all gearing up to fight Vata ‘Gajat’s mercenaries after the peace talks are attacked, with Lydus and Thel also wanting a piece of the action because they are, first and foremost, warriors.

But then Palmer practically orders them to stay out of it.

Lydus: “Wait. If there is honour to be had, it should be shared by all!”

Thel: “I agree. Whatever else we are, Lydus and I are warriors first.”

Palmer: “Not today, you’re not. You are the two individuals on this entire planet who were specifically sent here not to fight.”

Also, this is where we get introduced to the Arabic Spartan goddess that is Naiya Ray. I really wish she’d been made part of Fireteam Osiris (sorry Buck, but I’d happily swap you out for this).

I know you’re doing good work at Bungie now, Chris… but WHY DID YOU HAVE TO LEAVE?

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Hi Pia, I am a huge fan of your writing! :) For my 19th birthday (12feb) I am thinking of getting something fae-tale-verse-related tattooed on me! A very exciting prospect, since this will be my first tattoo :) I was wondering if you have any beautiful or specific fan art/your own art to share to aid me in this venture? Or any sort of symbols you feel connect most to the verse? I would love to hear your thoughts, any that you may have, to further inspire me design-wise :) Please do share (any)!

Hi anon!

Firstly, happy upcoming birthday!

Secondly, oh my god a Fae Tales tattoo! I’m pretty sure you’re not the first (though I don’t have names to refer you to, I just know there’s been a couple of others which always has me thinking ‘goddamnit I should really get some ink for this world at some point’) and a lot of the time it’s just a deeply personal process. But wow, that’s huge! ldskajfdsfsa If you get the tattoo and are happy to share, I’d love to see a photo one day <3

I don’t really have any specific fanart to share though (and I haven’t illustrated any of my writing stuff in my own art, with maybe a couple of (poor) exceptions, which I’m really cagey about lol because I’m so deeply embarrassed when I see how good everyone else is). As for fanart, you know, that is so deeply personal.

So instead I’ll direct you to the art tag:

fae tales fanart

If anything really inspires in there, make sure to contact the artist directly! :)

As for the symbols, I tend to repeat a lot of specific things - certain plants (hawthorn/ivy for Augus and Gwyn, or the Unseelie crown, for a while Game Theory was signified a great deal by a pocket knife/letter opener that represented the blood oaths and also Gwyn revealing the truth of himself to Augus). But there’s a lot of things you could go with, waterhorses and kelpies, given Augus is one, and I often think of Gwyn’s sword and armour, and of course stags / antlers for Gwyn (given he wears a stag brooch, a stag collar, er…jokes about the correlation, and also is associated with them in mythology and the Wild Hunt).

You could always brainstorm a huge sheet of symbols that you associate with the characters you like most - everything from colours, to maybe lines of dialogue and scenes that you remember the most, to visual symbols and things that remind you of the story. This is something you’ll have with you forever, so it’s a good idea to anchor it all down in things that are for you, and have personal meaning for you. It might help to also research their folklore? Like the Each Uisge and Gwyn ap Nudd as mythological figures? And see where that takes you. There’s also things like Celtic knotwork to explore, and they can look beautiful in ink/tattoos (google will have more of the intricate examples, for example here’s some ivy knotwork, there’s even waterhorse knotwork).

But one of the most important things is to take all your ideas to your tattoo artist, because they’re the ones who are going to infuse the spark/magic into what they’re doing, and they’ll come up with ideas that you haven’t even thought of, or have ways to put things together that will be new and inspiring. It’s why the preliminary meeting with your tattoo artist is so important (and remember, if that meeting doesn’t go well or you don’t like the ideas, it’s okay to shop around!) :D That’s part of the fun, getting a folder together of all the things that inspire you, and seeing how that changes alchemically when you show it to your artist.

Anyway, I wish you all the muses of inspiration coming up with something that works for you! Both now, and going into the future. :D (Also happy birthday again hee).


WATCH: Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton sings ‘Hallelujah’ in emotional SNL cold open

Saturday Night Live addressed Donald Trump’s new role as president-elect in its own way in the show’s first episode since election night.

In honour of the great Leonard Cohen, who passed away earlier this week, Kate McKinnon kicked off the episode in character as Hillary Clinton at the piano, singing one of Cohen’s most famous songs, ‘Hallelujah’

She concluded her somber performance of the emotional hit with the message: “I’m not giving up, and neither should you." 

anonymous asked:

Do you support gay marriage? Why? I am against it personally so don't worry I'm not here to cuss you out if you don't :)

Firstly, I think this is obviously a topic that does have to be spoken of. 


I think that as Christians we often come across as legalistic because we’re always like, “don’t do this.” 

I think a question that the church should begin to ask is, “how can we better honour those who are doing things right?”

I think homosexuality has become such a messed up topic in society because the church has treated this issue so poorly. We have totally owned the judgemental stereotype that is upon Christians.

Ultimately, I believe people are born gay - with a tendency to be attracted to the same sex. I don’t think it’s my place to hate someone or condemn them because of their sinful nature.

For me, I have a natural tendency/addiction to rely on alcohol when I’m down or even when I’m not! BUT because I believe following God and His commands is much more important than pleasing my own desires, I choose not to partake in alcohol consumption. 

So, coming back to homosexuality, I think it’s fair to want to be with the same sex. However, if God is worth taking precedence and all authority in your life, you should be willing to give up ANYTHING for the sake of serving Jesus. Even if that means your sexuality. (Worse followed. Refusing to know God, they soon didn’t know how to be human either—women didn’t know how to be women, men didn’t know how to be men. Sexually confused, they abused and defiled one another, women with women, men with men—all lust, no love. And then they paid for it, oh, how they paid for it—emptied of God and love, godless and loveless wretches. Romans 1:26-27)

God has given us freewill and choice to either honour Him or dishonour Him. This comes down to a choice to act on temptation or to flee from it. 

I believe God has called us to live and walk in holiness - forsaking all else. Whether it be sexuality, alcoholism, drug abuse, poor language, hatred towards others, and the list goes on and on.

We are called, as Christians, to not walk in willful sin. Because of this, I do agree with you - gay marriage is wrong. BUT, so is your poor attitude towards your roommate or the way you spoke about your boss yesterday.

I think it’s less about deeming stuff right and wrong, but rather reminding the world that God truly does love AND like them, and He desires them to walk in holiness and surrender; in complete pursuit of him - forsaking ALL else.

How everyone should reveal that they know about Patsy x Delia:

Sister Evangelina: “At least I don’t have to worry about *you* getting pregnant and leaving, Nurse Mount.
Sister Julienne: "I’ll help you pay for a flat and I’ll even tell your mother you still live here, but the point of a convent is that *no* couples have sex here.”
Tom: “I hope that when your union is sanctioned by the church, you’ll ask me to do the honours.”
Sister Mary Cynthia: “You supported me in my vows, and I’m proud to support you in yours.”
Sister Winifred: “Thank you for teaching me that God’s love is more important than literal interpretations of Scripture.”
Barbara: “So Tom always leaves his socks on the floor! Do you have that problem with Delia?”
Phyllis: “I’ve rearranged the rota so that your off-hours fall during Nurse Busby’s”
Trixie: “That dress shows off your curves fabulously, which Patsy is bound to appreciate.”
Fred: "Better watch out, Nurse- your missus is on the warpath .“
Sister Monica Joan: *walks right past macking couple* "Where is that meringue?”

Kylo Ren Imagine 1: Flirting



-Imagine him hiding behind his mask, with enough red and heat in his face to create a red hypergiant, staring from a distance as you work on whatever, casually humming or smiling to yourself because you are a boss at this shit, you should write the fucking textbooks, you should have a statue to your trade in your honour, and looking overall adorable in his eyes and HE DOESN’T KNOW YOUR NAME YET HOW CAN HE FIND OUT MORE ABOUT YOU IF HE DOESN’T KNOW YOUR NAME

-Imagine him testing your name out on his tongue when he finds out, mulling all the syllables over and testing how it sounds. Hux stomps on his foot and hisses that “Ren, shut it. You’ve said that for the past three minutes.” and glares at him. Kylo has in fact, been saying your name for the past eight minutes, however the vocaliser in his helmet only picked up the last three.

-Phasma knows before he even knows. She fucking ships it.

-Imagine Kylo strolling over, staring over your shoulder and observing your work. He makes a pleased noise and nods, before returning to his place. Everyone wonders how you did it and secretly worships you.

-As time passes, and he continues doing this, it becomes standard for him to stand near you. 

-Imagine Kylo, who left the Jedi Academy at such a young age, and focused so hard on his training. He has no fucking clue how to ask someone out or flirt. Especially flirt.

-This Kylo looks up how to flirt. He nearly smashes several terminals, because “Flirting for Dummies” IS INSULTING. Also, he tried half of their suggestions aloud and it sounds stupid from his mouth.


-But also imagine the opposite. Kylo Ren, the galaxy’s secret suave mother fucker.

-Imagine Kylo strolling over as is normal, and striking up a quiet conversation. He stops randomly in the middle of it, and continues it again moments later. You do not realise this is because he just realised you’ve never seen his face and he feels like an idiot.

-Soon, even conversations become normal.

-Imagine Kylo flirting, it’s subtle at first. A suggestion your hair looks nice, that your smile is something spectacular, all little compliments that just get a blush and a thank you.

-Imagine him flirting, after somehow you were moved to a division directly under his command, and now you have to follow him around and assist him, smooth lines and a quick glance your way with a smirk before marching forward with his ridiculously long legs.


-Imagine his face when he realises you know he likes you, and the smirk he gets. You thought he was suave before? Ha.

-Imagine him flirting almost constantly with you, whispering naughty things into your ear and smirking as he gets you all flustered.

-Imagine him flirting with you, and Hux walks over. Kylo averts his eyes immediately and puts on the most innocent face he can muster. Hux knows immediately then something is up.

-Imagine the three of you in a meeting, and Kylo kinda forgets Hux is there. He keeps smirking and sending you looks beforehand, and now he’s flirting and HUX CAN HEAR HIM NOW.

-Imagine Hux practically screeching because “WHAT THE FUCK REN?!”, Kylo’s flirting is on point and since when did Kylo even flirt with people?!!?!!!!111

-Imagine Hux telling Phasma, the only other sane person in the facility. He finds out she is in fact, not sane, and is now 200 credits richer because some dumbass in her squad said it wouldn’t happen.

RULERS CANNOT BE WEAK NOR FEEBLE   — their bravery should reach mountains; honour should bring blessings! They must be perfect— both mentally && physically!  A ruler who exists to fail to meet the required standards–   HAVE NO WORTH   to be given such a powerful role!”

Dismayed— repeated words; his reassurance fell numb; useless alike the word that rang upon himself in his head. His neck held nicely— firmly as tears ran down his pale complexion– eyes puffing up; swollen by his inner dread. A man built upon  EVIL  gagging upon the truth– lies strangled his ambitions HALF TO DEATH.  His tongue once sharp  ( causing harm to others without mercy )  holstered by his emotions– unable to break free from the   TRUTH   he found himself in.

SUPREME RULERS  — they should be feared! Drowning in the pool they should drown others IS NOT AN OPTION! I must be strong! Rise above all!”

His speech drawing towards demise— ego digging itself deeper into the grave one would find themselves. Decaying away— the facade he masks himself behind laid   BARE  for the feeble to see. Ouma— the boy who cries dominance over all; breaking in front of those he carved a brace face for.

Doubting everything that came to mind— he did what he must. Keep a brave face– closet his emotions.


&& fall… for your own lies. Make belief—- pretend to be strong, honourable && beloved. Do whatever you must…  for unworthy beings  ( such as myself ) to fall down at my feet.”

A final gag— a final tear. Dropping to his knees, sadness exposed within his darkened heart. He awaited; the laughter of his peers, a thing he could sense. He knew it was going to happen; in front of all, the SUPREME RULER ,  KOKICHI OUMA  will be known as nothing more as a lowlife coward.

Received from: Hanzo Hasashi
[09:21] Grandmaster its Takeda here. Is it true that picking tea is an ancient martial arts tradition that helps with ninjutsu form?
Sent to: Hanzo Hasashi
[09:29] Is Hanzo making you pick tea?
Received from: Hanzo Hasashi
[09:31] I queried him on it an he told me to shut the f* up and do as my sensei told me. Pretty sure he’s hiding something. I’m getting good at telling when he’s having us on.
Sent to: Hanzo Hasashi
[09:33] I’m sure he has his reasons, he is an excellent teacher whom you should honour and respect at all times.
[09:34] He almost certainly isn’t making his students do the hard labour in an attempt to out do the Lin Kuei in a rival tea business to prove Shirai Ryu superiority.
Received from: Hanzo Hasashi
[09:36] Thanks, Grandmaster.
[09:38] I godsdamn knew it.


SHOUT OUT TO @wintervale-art! Meet my friend, Ezra, whom I met here on Tumblr. A while ago, he decided to message me on tumblr and now we talk everyday through messages on instagram, sharing life stories and keep each other updated. 

He is awfully kind and sweet, and you all should check out his work and say hi! He’s done a bunch of fanart and self portraits of ME! Above are a few out of many he did, and I’m so speechless and honoured every single time! 

(Thanks guys for sending me fanart, I really do appreciate it and if you want, my submission box is always opened!) 

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I'm not trying to hate on Luke, I'm just saying that the people complaining have a point: the way he acts so nonchalant after all of these people have died is weird. I think he should've at least been classy enough to give up his medal or take it in honour of everyone who died in the Battle of Scarif.

Show me where in ANH Luke was told that a very important crew of rebels died to get the Death Star plans. Show me the receipts for Luke knowing about the Battle of Scarif. Oh wait…you can’t, because ANH was made almost forty years ago, and everything that happened in Rogue One was entirely made up over the past couple of years. Luke can’t acknowledge something in a movie where certain events hadn’t even been created yet at the time of the film’s release, not unless you can build a time machine and slip some of these notes to George Lucas in 1977.

Besides, Luke deserved his medal. He was the one who blew up the Death Star, which is exactly what the Rogue One crew wanted to happen when they took the plans. He completed their mission. He’s a part of the victory.  

Just; C.H. 17

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7** Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16

“I think we can say this was a very productive day.” Ashton sighs as he rubs his hand over his forehead. After a match between the four of them, three rematches for Michael and Luke to reclaim their honour, a lot of sulking and me ending in the ocean at least three times whenever I considered myself dry, all of us were enjoying the late sun that shone above us. Calum had brightened up just the tiniest bit, but I would take it, I guess.

“You know how we should end this day?” Luke questions, directed at no one in particular. Michael sits up and he grins brightly as he turns towards Luke before his gaze falls over each and every one of us. “A barbeque.”

“Oh fuck yes, you get me Mikey.” Luke groans, patting his stomach and I chuckle as I shake my head, turning on my side to Calum. He turns his head when he senses my movement, a small smile etched on his lips as he lifts his arm to let his fingers thread through my hair. “What?”
“Nothing, change of scenery.” I grin and I see the slight blush appear on Calum’s cheeks.

“Y/N, Sher? What do you say? You up for one?” I hear Michael behind me and I turn my upper body to the sound, raising my eyebrows in confusion. “Hm?”
“Interested in a barbeque at ours?” I raise my arm to give him a thumbs up before turning back to Calum who by now had turned on his side as well.

“Are you going to stay?” He questions as I feel his pointer finger slowly drag along my abdomen, mostly absentmindedly I think as I feel goose bumps cover the flesh.
“With you you mean?” I question, letting my hand fall on his waist, my nails lightly scratching in their place. “Yeah, the night.”

“Ah. If you want me to.” I grin, pulling my lip in between my teeth before letting my tongue dart out to wet my bottom lip. Calum is quick, but the feeling of his lips swiftly, but shortly, pressed against mine is something I still feel burning when he has long retracted. I don’t think anyone has noticed his little act of affection but I can feel my heart swell and my cheeks flame like a high school teenager.

“We should get going soon then.” Ashton sighs, scratching his abdomen before he swiftly gets up into a sitting position. “Come on, let’s bail.”

Calum smiles as me as he sits up, raising to his feet before he offers me his hand to help me up. He hands me his t-shirt, seeing as how he had wet my dress by using it as a fucking towel to dry his hair after he had thrown me into the ocean the first time. “Thank you.” I grin, pulling it over my head. It didn’t cover all that it had to cover, but enough for me to feel comfortable enough to walk to the car.

“You’re welcome.” He mutters as his hand presses against my hair, his fingers weaving into my strands before he presses his lips to my temple. My hands involuntarily raise to rest on his waist, my eyelids fluttering closed at his soft touch. He takes my bag off of the sand as well and starts his strut towards the car, leaving me a little bit flabbergasted.
“That boy is a walking contradiction. But that was so insanely cute I think I might faint.” Sherilyn sighs dreamily as she stops besides me for a second, dramatically fluttering her eyelids as me with that lazy smile on her lips.
“Oh please don’t, I need you to catch me when I do.” I laugh a bit shocked, starting my walk towards the car in Calum’s footsteps.


“Mikey are you sure we don’t have to help?” Sherilyn questions as she makes herself more comfortable on the lounge chair to my left, legs crossed as she throws her head back.
“Nah, you girls enjoy yourselves.” Michael winks as he carries another plate of raw meat towards the barbeque where Ashton is occupying the grill.

“Another beer?” Calum suddenly appears behind me, dangling a refreshing drink in front of my face. I let my fingers curl around the dark brown glass and I turn my head up to show him a toothy grin.
He walks around the lounge chair to drop near my legs, holding a beer bottle of his own to his lips. Sherilyn gets up as she rolls her eyes but shoots me a wink when she stalks off towards Ashton. Those two are so cute together and I hope Ashton is going to ask her out soon.

“Y/N?” I blink a few times as I turn my head to a chuckling Calum. “Sorry, I was zoning out.”
“It wasn’t important, don’t worry about it. Scoot.” He pushes himself up and lays down on the lounge chair Sherilyn was previously preoccupying, but not before pulling mine closer to him.
I giggle as the chair screeches along the tiles of the terrace, Calum wiggling his eyebrows in my direction. “You’re a lunatic.” I laugh, pushing his arm away as I raise the bottle back to my lips.

Calum had switched places with Sherilyn again after a good half an hour, helping Ashton with the barbeque and occasionally bringing Sher and I something to nibble. The sun begins to set in the background and this is the most at ease I’ve felt in quite some time. My stomach has been doing summer saults and I don’t know where this aching comes from.

“I don’t feel so good.” I mumble, rubbing my hand along my stomach as I squint my eyes at the painful feeling. “I’m going to the bath room.” I state, Sherilyn’s features showing concern but I wave her off; “I’ll be fine.”

I’ve been gone for quite some time. I’m standing in the hallway, almost completely bend over near the bathroom door so I can run in whenever I feel the need to. I’m moaning to myself when I hear footsteps approach me. “Y/N, you alright?” Luke’s voice chimes through the almost dark hallway, slowly approaching me, his hand landing on my shoulder as he gives it a squeeze.

“I really don’t feel so great.” I mumble, my head is swirling around and I feel like I could pass out any minute. I’m holding my head in my hands, my eyes squeezed closed. I feel both of Luke’s hands rest on my shoulders, trying to keep me steady. “Let’s go in the kitchen for a minute, I’ll get you some soda.” Luke slurs, guiding me through the hallway.

I’m slumping against the wall of their narrow hallway, Luke standing on the opposite side, leaning against the cracked bricks. His eyes are glossed over, eyelids drooping slightly. He looks completely miserable, and not because he has been consuming an awful lot of alcohol, even though it was more than his usual amount.

“Luke, are you okay? You’ve been – off this last part of the day.” I breathe, the light headedness I have been experiencing slowly fading away. I’m feeling just a bit nauseous but I can’t place why. I’ve only had two beers and I’ve been sipping on it for over an hour now.

“She dumped me.” Luke whines, his large hands rubbing along his stubbled chin, over his eyes before his fingers thread through his hair to pull at the blonde roots. My eyes widen, lips slightly parted when I see Luke fall apart in front of me. “What – Why?”
He almost bends completely over, his hands resting on his knees now as if he’s going to vomit any second. I push myself off of the wall to let my hand fall on his shoulder, giving it a comforting squeeze before letting it rest on top of his head.

“She believes I’m not mature enough for a serious relationship. That my soccer and partying are more important than she is.” His voice sounds broken, his head lifting up so our gazes would meet. His eyes are even more glossy now, his lip red from biting it out of frustration and the colour drained from his cheeks. “But when?”
“In a text while we were at the beach. I thought – I mean – “
“Oh Luke, come ‘ere.”

I fist his shirt near his shoulder and pull him towards me, throwing my arms around his shoulders to hug him close to me. He buries his face in my neck and accepts the hug, his arms winding around my waist as he presses our bodies impossibly closer. “I’m mature, aren’t I?” He mumbles against my neck and I hum in response, my hands rubbing soothing circles over his back.

“Of course you are. You’re the gentlest, most caring and amiable person I’ve ever met. She doesn’t know what she’ll be missing. I’m sure you’re an amazing boyfriend, don’t let her drag you down.”

Our eyes meet and I cannot respond fast enough. Luke presses his lips against mine. His lips are soft, his kiss gentle and tender. The exact opposite of what Calum’s lips felt like. I press my flat hands against Luke’s chest and apply just the tiniest bit of pressure, breaking our kiss. He opens his eyes and as soon as our gazes meet, he seems to realize what he has done. “Oh shit. I’m so sorry Y/n, I – I didn’t mean to – “

I shut him up with another pat against the chest, a small smile crawling onto my lips as I stare at my nervous, rambling friend. “It’s alright. Can’t say I haven’t wondered about it at least once.”
Luke laughs nervously, probably thrilled that I’m not slapping him across his face and simply laughing this whole ordeal off.

“Not to offend you but that didn’t feel as I expected at all.” Luke chuckles again and bites his lip, still cornering my body against the wall, but by now his shoulders are slumped and his lazy smile is back on his lips. “Don’t worry Luke, I totally understand.”
“Calum would kill me.” Luke whispers and I chuckle, throwing my head against the wall as I let my eyes drift closed. “I don’t even know what’s going on between us and it’s killing me. Slowly and painfully.”

“Calum is just special. You need to –“

“What’s going on here?” I recognize that voice anywhere and I raise my head again to turn it, seeing Calum at the end of the dark hallway, slowly stepping closer towards us.

Part 18*  

Hello friends!

Welcome to the weekly ichiruki drabble theme for Deathberry Prompts!

Each week, I will post a prompt (usually a word, or a short phrase, or an emotion) and then it’s up to you!

Write a drabble based on the theme presented and I’ll share it with all our followers.

Normally, a drabble is 100 words exactly - but you should take that as a guideline, more than an actual rule. If the prompt speaks to you and you write something a lot longer? That’s awesome! If you get yourself down to exactly 100 words? That’s also awesome!

Once you’ve written your drabble, post it on your blog and make sure you do the following:

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This week’s prompt is in honour of the lady who’s birthday it is on Saturday: 


Happy Ficcing!

-  @sequencefairy


Kate takes his finger and calls him ape.
They are entwined, passionately. He jests
About his horse. Of course, he knows her.
Suddenly, he is human. She humanises
Him. I would. I would be. But come along
With me, on horse, on foot. We should
Pad along like ballads. We should touch
Like mock swords. I would hoard no honour.
I would treasure Kate, her straight talk and
Queer talk and fast mind for all. Who could
Stand? Not you, with your quick temper and
Stupid pride. Abide with love, says the seer
To Gilgamesh. Stop searching for grandeur,
Start loving what you heartly know. I would love
And love and linger. Hold my little finger, so.

anonymous asked:

I don't know how weird this is going to come across, but you're one of my heroes (up there with my favorite teachers and Annabeth herself tbh). Just thought you should know ❤

oh my god

this is… such an honour i don’t really know how to reply, i don’t think i can put into words what this means to me. thank you, so much, genuinely, this is so unbelievably sweet of you and i cannot believe that i would be put on par with favourite teachers and queen of the universe herself annabeth chase in any capacity, i’m a little overwhelmed

thank you

anonymous asked:

I gave to the fundraising, twice. I did it for Thomas, not to win anything so I didn't enter the raffle. There's nothing unfair in this, Hiddlesfashion could have say "give in honour of his birthday" and offer nothing, she did, we should be thankful.

Thank you for donating, twice.