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Hey so you prob have v v many prompts but like I would love to suggest one.. Okay so, Dan is a very confident slutty pastel teenager and Phil is a badass punk boy that everyone fawns over.. and they absolutely hate each other but one thing leads to another and they end up at the same party where Phil is dared to fuck Dan in front of everyone.. (LOTS OF DEGRATION, and dom Phil and sub dan)

a 👌 classic 👌👌

*small mention of rape*

dirty talk + degrading + lots of language idk it’s one am


“You look like a slut.” PJ handed Dan a drink, leaning against the counter next to him, raising his eyebrows.

“Thanks, that was the point.” Dan winked, hiking up his already far too short baby blue shorts. PJ rolled his eyes.

“You’re gonna get raped.”

“Um, excuse me, I can take care of myself.” Dan took a sip from the red plastic cup, frowning. “I haven’t gotten raped yet, have I?”

PJ shook his head, staring at Dan like he didn’t understand him one bit. “I just don’t get why you want to look like you strip for truckers.”

Dan pursed his lips, shifting his pink sweater so it hung on him perfectly, showing just the right amount of collarbone. He smirked.

“That’s probably because you’re a virgin, honey.”

PJ pretended to flinch, shaking his head. “Ouch. That was harsh.”

Dan just shrugged, licking his lips.

“Hey Dan,” PJ started, his eyes lighting up as he stared at something across the room. “Your boyfriend’s here.”

“Shit,” Dan groaned, not even having to look, but he did anyways.

Phil Lester had just entered the room, fully clad in black and far too many zippers.

He was wearing a black leather jacket and t shirt, his jeans the same shade, what a surprise. On his feet were large motorcycle boots. Dan scowled.

He had about five people practically hanging off his arms, Dan hated him.

“He thinks he’s so hot,” Dan grumbled, glaring at his cup. “He thinks he can get anyone he fucking wants, what a twat.”

“Aw,” PJ grinned. “Dan’s got a crush.”

“Fuck you,” Dan growled, punching him on the arm, hard. “I’m as close to having a crush on him as I am to fucking him.”

“Dan, you’re literally the sluttiest person I have ever met.”

Dan rolled his eyes. “I’ll fuck almost anyone BUT him.”

“You sure?”

“Yes. Positive.”


Dan raised his eyebrows, amused. “No. You’re drunk.”

“C'mon Dan,” his friend Chris whined, tugging at his sleeve. “It’ll be fun!”

“No, it won’t.” Dan pulled his hand away. “It’ll be a lot of drunk guys daring me to jerk them. I’m not playing.”

Chris sighed, crossing his arms. “Dan, I hate to do this, but if you don’t come I’ll tell everyone that you hooked up with Mr. Parker over the summer.”

Dan’s eyes widened, and he glared at him. “You wouldn’t.”

“I would.” Chris smirked. Dan scowled at his friend.

“Fine. Fuck you, fine. Let’s get this over with.”

The game of truth or dare was happening in one of the bedrooms; Dan was fairly certain it belonged to the kid’s parents. It consisted of a bunch of drunk sweaty teens that had formed a circle, passing around risky orders and questions in excited whispers.

Dan sat down between Chris and PJ, running his fingers through his hair. He shot a glare at Phil across the circle, who was staring at him.

The first ten minutes were normal. The other kids basically ignored Dan, focusing on one person after another. They seemed to change their focus often; singling out one poor soul after another. Soon the focus was on Phil.

“If you had to fuck anyone in this group, who would it be?” Some guy asked Phil, and Dan looked up, for some reason interested to hear the answer.

Phil smirked, glancing around at everyone before his eyes landed on Dan. He laughed.

“Probably not him,” he said, grinning cockily. “I wouldn’t want to catch anything.”

Dan felt a pang shoot through his chest, and he crossed his arms.

“Fuck you, Lester. At least I don’t have to wear animal skin to look bad ass,” he shot back. Phil glared at him.

The rest of the group fell fairly silent, and Dan was highly aware of everyone’s eyes on them. Finally Chris spoke.

“Okay but, you guys should fuck.”

There was some mutual agreement, and Dan’s eyes widened.

“What? Why!”

“Yeah, no, for once I agree with you. Hell no.” Phil shook his head, looking shocked.

“With a few more drinks, you two will be all over each other.” A boy, Dan thought he remembered his name was Charlie and that he was the kid this house belonged to, said, taking a swig of his beer. There was some nodding from the other people.

“That’s not true,” Dan mumbled, crossing his arms.

“Alright, is no one going to say it?” Chris glanced around the circle. “Fine, I will. I dare you two to kiss.”

“Fuck no,” Dan said immediately, before Phil could even respond. “I’m not doing that.”

“Dan, don’t be a pussy,” Phil growled in a voice Dan was fairly certain he had never heard from him before. “It’s a dare.”

“You’re seriously agreeing to this?” Dan scoffed. Phil shrugged.

“Well, I’m not scared of a little dare.”

“Oh, fuck you,” Dan mumbled, sighing and moving closer to him, on his knees. “Fine. Let’s get this over with.”

Phil smirked, leaning forward and pulling Dan forward by his shirt so he was practically sitting in his lap. Dan hardly had time to react, let alone speak, before Phil was pressing their lips together. Dan just let it happen; it only lasted a second before Phil was pulling back and it was over.

“No no no,” Chris said, grinning. “That doesn’t count. You have to really kiss, for at least ten seconds.”

“Seriously?” Dan asked, and his friend just shrugged. Phil mumbled something under his breath, tangling his fingers in Dan’s hair and tugging him back roughly.

This time Phil kissed him open mouthed, their lips clashing and sliding together. Dan was highly aware of Phil’s tongue invading his mouth, and he fought back with his own.

Dan wrapped his arms around Phil’s neck, kissing him deeper and clutching at his shirt, so lost in the feeling that he didn’t hear Chris shouting that their time was up.

Finally Dan pulled back, mostly because he needed to breathe, and frowned when he realized everyone was staring at him. Including Phil.

Everyone was quiet, mostly in shock, until a boy in the back spoke up.

“I dare you to ride him,” he said, grinning drunkly.

Dan and Phil made eye contact, and Phil smirked.

“Well?” He asked cockily.

“You’re really putting this up to me?”

Phil nodded slowly, licking his lips and tangling his fingers in Dan’s hair, tugging his head back roughly. “Well, Dan? Are you too scared?”

“I’m not scared,” Dan breathed, frowning at him.

“Well then prove it, pretty boy.”

Dan gasped as Phil bit down on his neck, sucking thoroughly on a spot under his ear. It felt completely wrong to have the guy he absolutely despised leaving marks on his neck, but kind of fucking sexy in a way. Or maybe that was the alcohol talking.

Dan felt himself tense up as Phil slid his hand down his stomach, brushing the hem of his shorts.

“Couldn’t we use a different room or something?” Dan asked, grabbing Phil’s wrists instinctively.

“No,” said the boy from before, quickly. “We won’t have any proof you did it.”

“You thirsty fucker,” Dan hissed at him as Phil played with his zipper.

Phil hummed against his neck as he pushed down his shorts, and Dan let him. None of them would remember this in the morning, and most of them had seen Dan naked anyways.

“I bet you love this,” he whispered, biting down on Dan’s ear, scratching his nails down Dan’s thighs. “You’re such a fucking slut, I bet you love being exposed like this.”

“Says the guy who’s erection is digging into my back,” Dan shot back, and Phil shrugged.

“So? I’m turned on. At least I admit it.”

Dan jumped slightly as Phil brushed over his bulge, and Phil chuckled.

“I hate you,” Dan breathed as Phil palmed him, drawing a whine from Dan’s mouth.

“Mmh, doesn’t sound that way.”

Dan felt Phil messing with his own jeans, pushing them down his hips.

“Do you know how many people would love to be in your place right now, you ungrateful slut?”

Dan smirked. “Yeah, just about every thirteen year old girl in our school.”

Phil pulled Dan’s hair roughly, exposing his throat, and Dan couldn’t help letting a whimper escape him.

“You don’t get to speak to me that way,” he growled, and Dan could feel his hard on grinding against his ass. “Understand?”

Dan couldn’t help but moan, grinding back on Phil’s lap. “Yes sir,” he gasped.

Phil put his fingers to Dan’s mouth, and Dan took them obediently. He carefully covered them with spit before Phil pulled them out.

“I figure you don’t need stretching,” Phil muttered, smirking meanly. Dan just nodded, unable to think of a snarky comeback in that exact moment.

Dan felt Phil lining up, and then gripping his waist.

“Push back,” he breathed, pulling Dan back on his lap slightly. Dan moaned, pushing back on Phil’s cock completely.

He grinded back slowly, his eyes closed and whorish moans falling from his mouth nonstop.

“That’s it, baby, moan like a dirty fucking slut for me,” Phil groaned, biting down on Dan’s neck. “Such a good fucktoy, that’s it.”

Dan whined, letting out little gasps and “ah ah ah”’s as he bounced and grinded expertly, fucking himself on Phil’s dick. They seemed to have both forgotten anyone else was in the room, except for a faint prickle on Dan’s neck, the feeling of being watched, which was honestly turning him on even more.

Phil grabbed Dan’s wrists, pinning them behind his back and thrusting up into him roughly.

“Think you can cum without me touching you?” He asked huskily. “Because, that would be really fucking hot.”

Dan nodded almost immediately, speeding up his movements with a loud whimper.

“Fuck, daddy,” he gasped, and Phil practically growled.

“What a pretty toy, acting like such a slut for me, in front of all these people,” he whispered, meeting Dan’s hips with his own. “Everyone’s watching you, Dan, watching you call me daddy and fuck yourself on my cock. I bet you fucking love it, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Dan whimpered. “Yes, daddy, god yes, l-love it.”

“Good boy.” Phil pulled Dan’s head back on his shoulder. “Now cum for me, princess.”

Dan let go with a loud continuous feminine moan, his hips twitching as he thrust forward automatically. Phil groaned, burying his face in Dan’s neck as he let go inside of him.

Dan slumped onto the carpet, completely fucked out, his eyes still closed.

“Jesus,” he breathed.

Phil was suddenly very aware of all of the people staring at them, and laughed.

“Hey, Charlie, I can use your shower right?”

The boy nodded slowly, still shocked into silence.

“Cool.” Phil grinned, scooping Dan up bridal style in one motion and standing carefully. “Uh, if you hear noises from the bathroom, you probably have rats and it’s totally not a second round.”

Jeff Atkins imagine #1

Request: jeff atkins imagine where u guys go to jess’ pool party and he’s really sweet and cute to u, fluff!!

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a/n this is my first imagine so take it easy on me;))

This is the one mess id never thought id get myself into, but yet here i am at one of Jess’s famous high school parties. Jeff Atkins, the boy i never thought id talk to, was the one that dragged me here. I guess helping Clay tutor Jeff made him and I acquaintances of some sort. But sitting here, alone in the back yard, made me think otherwise.

“Hey y/n! i n-never thought id see you here.” Jess’s drunken self sauntered her way over, practically falling on top of me.

“Nice to see you too Jess.” I’ve never seen her like this before, its like a whole new world.

“So i heard that Jeff the hotty Atkins was the one who brought you here.” she stated making googly eyes at me. “and i must say that you two would like very cute together, i ship it!”

As she finished her sentence you look towards the beer pong table, just in time to see Jeff win yet again another game. He caught your eye just as you were about to look away.

“Look who is coming right our way y/n, i guess i should leave you two alone.” she sent a wink my way just as Jeff took the seat she was just in.

Looking down trying to hide my blush, i heard Jeff mutter ‘nice party!’ to Jess as she was going in her house. Butterflies started to form in my stomach, something that seems to happen whenever i am next to Jeff.

“No alcohol tonight?” I asked. I could’ve sworn a jock like Jeff would already be wasted passed out somewhere.

“Actually no, never really drink at parties other than a beer or two. Im usually the designated driver.” he turned towards me. “How about you though, enjoying yourself?”

‘Better now that you're here’ she thought. “Actually not as bad as i thought it would be, Maybe you should bring me to parties more often.” I almost cringed at how bad that line was. Trying to save myself, i continued, “i mean if you want to, its all up to you.”

Jeff suddenly grabbed her hand. ‘what is he doing?’ I suddenly thought. “y/n if im being honest with you, i actually really enjoy your company. Usually these parties consist of me beating everyone in beer pong.” Laughing at his statement, i finally look at him in the eyes. ‘damn those eyes’. “lets make a bet out of this actually, if you can make this beer can into the trash over there ill take you to every party i go to.” he stated.

‘But what if i miss? What will you get out of this?” I was honestly confused. “Its a surprise, now do we have a deal?” ‘i suck at sports’ I suddenly thought, but I was not backing down. “ You have a deal Atkins.” I stated shaking hands with the baseball player.

I took the beer can and and aimed the best I could, finally letting the can go out of my hands. It was like slow motion in the air, but just as i thought i was winning the bet, it hit the edge and bounce out. “Shit!” I cursed.

Jeff laughed at your reaction to losing the bet. ‘i never lose do i?’ He thought to himself, ‘now or never i guess.’ 

“Come on! That’s not fair.” i stated with a frown. “so i guess you wo-” suddenly my sentence was cut of with a pair of soft lips.

Once i realized it was Jeff, My world stopped. ‘is this actually happening? am i actually kissing the boy I’ve liked since the beginning of freshmen year? holy shit!’ So many thoughts were racing through my head.

He pulled away slowly muttering against your lips,”was that okay? because it was totally okay for me.” i slowly pulled away looking into his eyes and said the first thing that came to mind. 

“It was better than okay.”

My Fake boyfriend Part 8

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2910

Warnings: Just fuffly and maybe some aganst

Thank you @drinkfantasy you are the best

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Before the war Bucky always liked kids and always imagined having a few of his own. But now? Kids were usually afraid of him and the ones that weren’t afraid, their parents wouldn’t let they get close. Bucky knew how much you liked kids and seeing you with your nephew at dinner last night warmed his heart.  

During the dinner you kept doing silly faces to Julian and telling him little secrets. This opened something in his mind that he never thought that he would have again, the possibility of a family.

You were so happy yesterday and he wanted to make you happy even that he was terrified. After your mother left the room, you pull him into a tight hug “We are gonna have so much fun.” You whisper in his ear, he can feel how excited you are and somehow this makes his fears disappear.

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Sugar Daddy date ideas

Obviously to start out with you have coffee, drinks at a nice/fancy bar, lunch/dinner.
Once you start to get closer and more intimate, dates I have had or am planning for the future are:

- wine tasting at a vineyard, or tasting scotch at a distillery, or beer in a brewery

- for bars, take him to a secret speakeasy he doesn’t know about, or suggest he gets a room at a luxury hotel with drinks in the bar beforehand 😉

- couple’s spa/ massages, champagne and plenty of private time

-if your SD likes clubbing, invite your hot girlfriends (make sure you can trust them not to steal him away) and have him get a table at an exclusive club.

-have him take you to Vegas to gamble! He should give you some money to play with, and maybe you can win some more to take home

- shopping at boutiques/department stores (pick things out for him too! Make sure it’s not just all about you. Choose things you think look good on him and tell him he looks sexy, that way he’s less likely to feel like you’re using him.. though of course you are)
Also, you can ask him to pick out clothes that he thinks look good on you (or lingerie 😉) that way, you can play it off as him buying you new clothes for his own enjoyment! Tell him “I can’t wait to wear this for you..”

- if you’re not shy, take him to a sex toy shop.

- have him take you to a concert or play in the VIP section.. maybe you want to see Jay Z, Beyoncé or Kanye on tour? Or maybe he enjoys Broadway?

- for the more refined SD maybe ballet or the opera.. if anything it’s a nice excuse to get dressed up in black tie and look stunning. If you don’t know anything about it read up on whichever show you’re going to and the careers of the performers, and make it sound like you know what you’re talking about!

- for the sporty SB’s go skiing, play tennis or even better, golfing. If you know how to golf that is a huge plus in the SD world because it’s a sport that many businessmen enjoy and use to close deals! Use going golfing with him to close your deal 😉

- if you don’t want to play a sport then you can at least go to a game with him! What’s his favorite sport? Football, soccer, baseball, basketball? Maybe he can get court side seats! And again, read up on the sport so you’re not constantly asking him to explain what’s going on. Nothing is more annoying. You don’t have to go overboard and pretend you’re a huge fan, as that’s annoying too if you’re faking it, but at least have a general idea of how things work.

- upper class sporting events include polo (veuve clicquot polo classic for example), Wimbledon or the US Open, or the Masters golf tournament. These tickets are generally more expensive, and you should dress nicer.

- cooking classes! Learn how to cook each other’s favorite meals

- gallery openings and museum exhibitions, or charity galas. This depends on whether your SD wants to introduce you to his friends and society (assuming he is part of society). Even if he isn’t, you can buy tickets to major art events such as Art Basel in Miami. Or attend an art auction by major auctions houses such as Christie’s or Sotheby’s

- Getaway for the weekend to the beach! Remember, if he’s kind enough to book tickets and arrange everything, it’s your job to make the weekend as stress free and relaxing for him as possible. And long walks on the beach, while cliched, are still very romantic! And take care of him while you’re there - for example make sure his drink is always full (you order with the waiter so he doesn’t have to) and put sunscreen on him, throwing in a little massage.

- My SD took me in a helicopter to the Hamptons. Got to see this incredible view of New York as we were flying out (and on the way back as well)! Or for the more adventurous pairs.. sky diving?

- have him rent a yacht for just the two of you for the day/weekend (or if he owns a yacht, even better)!

- for the traveling SD, have him take you along on his business trips. London seems to be a common destination for these types, as does NYC, LA, and Hong Kong.

- take a short weekend road trip if you can’t travel for longer. For example, go to Nantucket from Boston for the weekend, or drive to Napa if you live in California

- stay up all night kissing and talking until the sunrise is a sure fire way to make him fall in love with you and have him wrapped around your little finger

- more couple vacation ideas include going glamping on safari in Africa (not like camping at all - it’s like a five star hotel with air conditioning etc that just happens to be in a tent rather than a building), going salsa dancing in South America, scuba diving in the Maldives or Fiji, or shopping in the souks in Marrakech!

- you can always surprise him by showing up at his door with movies, a bottle of wine, and wearing a coat with nothing underneath!

You can really make memories to last a lifetime with your SD footing the bill, and it’s a win win for all as he gets to go on dates/vacations with a pretty young thing and make memories as well!

And remember, it’s his experience as well, especially since he’s paying for it. You should be low maintenance and non fussy - to an extent. Obviously your plane tickets should be first or business class, but don’t kick up a fuss if he takes you to Italian instead of Sushi, for example. ALWAYS, ALWAYS BE GRACIOUS AND GRATEFUL!!! if he wanted someone nagging him and being bitter/bitchy/passive aggressive about stupid details, he’d get a girlfriend or a wife!

Any other suggestions?

Leaving Offering: Food

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A few of my friends have asked me about leaving food offerings for their spirit companions. How does one do this and what else can I do that won’t make it look like I’m wasting food to others that don’t know what I’m doing. I’ve had a couple tell me their parents got mad and think they’re wasting food and in some smaller countries, this can definitely be seen as such so we can’t have that happening. Here are a few things I do with my Keep that you may want to try. Some are easier while others may not be so for others so just think about all this and see what works. Trial and error is how we all learn. 

  • Fruits, I have found, to be the best. As a Chinese American, one of the things I always do is have fresh oranges for the Chinese New Year. So those with sturdy skins are good to leave out for a few days. Your companions will not be offended if you eat it because it will benefit you as well. I’ve left pears out as well, but not so good when you have cats that like to attack random things. So other fruits you want to offer can be leftmost out, but I would recommend either putting the, away in the fridge or just eat them once you feel your companions have had their fill. If things start to spoil, you can simply throw it out or, if your Wiccan (or eco-friendly), you can bury it in your yard to return it to the Earth. 
  • Meat is another offering, but that can be problematic if you live with others that have no idea what the hell you’re doing with it. This can vary from scraps to raw meat for anything from critters to vampires. I have a lot of wolves as well so they like having meat. Here is my agreement with them: they can have access to what’s in the fridge or share with me when I eat. If it’s a sanguine vampire or anyone that requires blood, you can allow them to take from you and they don’t actually require a lot. I always feel a bite from one of mine and it lasts as long as they need. Cooked meat is also an option and while some may love beef, we can’t always afford it. As long as they understand that you can only afford certain things and that what you offer is from the heart, it shouldn’t be a problem. Now, if you choose to offer raw meat, I would say to do so before you use it yourself so they have first dibs and nothing goes to waste. I would put Dairy this category. Since cheese can last for a while, keeping some in your fridge should be more than enough. 
  • Sweets are super easy to offer. I have a spirit that always visits from my sister’s Keep that loves butterscotch. So I always keep some around in case he wants to visit. I also have an Auraelic Vampire that likes it too. If it says hard candy, it can stay as long as it’s good. If it’s pastries, treat it like any other edible and share, but remember to eat it so it doesn’t go to waste. 
  • I have yet to have anyone ask about Liquids of any kind in my Keep, but there are some that like liquor like beer or wine. Like any offering, you can leave some libations for them in a glass, but I would recommend you share something you can then drink yourself. Otherwise, put it away or pour it it into the ground as continued offering to them and to the Earth. 

In regards to how much you should put out, I say no more than what you prepare for yourself. In reality, they can’t really eat on their own. They either share with you using your own senses, or they eat the Astral version. The way I see the 3 Bodies is like there are 3 parallel universes existing and that what we have here can also exist in the Astral and the Spiritual, give or take a few things.  One faery showed me her shoving grapes in her face like a chipmunk so anything is possible. You can always fix a little extra if you like, but remember to put any leftovers away to be eaten or disposed to appropriately. 

A Mess (Lams)

AN: this is a mess and way longer than I thought it would be. Enjoy. 

Request: @ash-the-shadowhunter - Hello! So I love your writing and I would absolutely love to see a lams fic where someone starts flirting with John (or Alexander) and then Alexander (or John) gets all possessive/Jealous. Maybe even John has to calm Alex down possibly? Thanks again! I really love your writing

Warning: fighting 

Word Count: 4,405 

Tag Crew: @huffleheyguys @artisticgamer @theoverlordofeverything @hmltntrsh51 @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit2 @megabooklover18

John and Alexander were at the reception after Aaron Burr’s wedding. Neither of them particularly wanted to go, but Alexander and Aaron were colleagues and it would have come of as rude if they hadn’t attended. John had spent the evening trying to get Alexander to enjoy himself at least a little, without much success. Now, he was going to hope that dancing would loosen him up.

“Alex,” John nudged Alexander’s side maybe a little harder than necessary.

“What?” Alex grumbled. He didn’t even look up from his phone. “I’m working, Jacky.”

“We’re at a party. Work can wait until tomorrow,” John snatched Alexander’s phone and quickly shoved it into his inside jacket pocket before getting up and dancing away, all with a shit-eating grin.

Alexander sat back in his chair. It wasn’t until John had gotten to the middle of the dance floor that he got up to join him. Alex had a soft spot for his boyfriend and usually gave him whatever he wanted. John was very aware of this, a fact that was pretty evident with the dopey smile he had whenever it happened. He had that exact smile when Alex finally caught sight of him again amongst the sea of people.

“How very nice of you to join me, my dearest Alexander,” John took an exaggerated bow, unable to wipe the smile from his face. “How can I ever thank you for gracing me with your presence?”

Alex caught John in a kiss as he stood. “This should suffice, methinks.”

“Mm. You’re a dork,” John hummed and kissed Alex again. They melted together as everyone else seemed to disappear. John tangled his fingers in Alexander’s hair, sending a shiver down his boyfriend’s spine.

“Maybe- maybe not here,” Alex cleared his throat.  “Too many people from work and other things.”

“So?” John mumbled against Alexander’s neck.

“One of those people is George,” Alex glanced around the room but tilted his head a little anyway.

John slowly kissed his way along Alexander’s jaw before pulling away the tiniest bit. “He was the first one to find out about us because he caught us making out when I was staying over in high school. I don’t know how much he cares.”

“It’s still weird,” Alex wrapped his arms around John’s hips. “And you’re only cool with it because I’m the one who got the worst scolding that night. And he likes you more so he won’t say anything to you now.”

“Can we not talk about your dad when I’m trying to kiss you? Aaron has been talking his ear off all night anyway. I really don’t think he’s paying any attention to us,” John groaned.

“I don’t even know why Aaron invited him. My dad never liked him. Not even when the two of us were little and practically joined at the hip,” Alex’s brow was furrowed, signaling to John that he was a lost cause.

“Heavenly Father, give me strength, for I am going to need it,” John muttered under his breath and pulled away. “You have the uncanny ability to cockblock yourself constantly, and it’s really fucking annoying for the other person involved, so he’s going to go get a drink.”

“Aaron’s really fucking annoying,” Alex retorted.

“Not your best work, peaches,” John pulled Alexander’s phone out of his pocket, pulling it back when Alex tried to grab it. Immediately understanding, Alex kissed John quickly before reaching for his phone again. John rolled his eyes and handed it over. The two split, John to the bar and Alex back to the table.

John went up to the bar, smiling sweetly at the bartender. “Two Sam Adams’ please?”

“Sure thing,” the bartender reached under the counter to grab the two bottles. He slid them to John, very obviously checking him out.

“Thank you,” John took the bottles. “Don’t be surprised if I’m back for a third.”

The bartender frowned sympathetically. “That kind of night?”

“Very much so,” John nodded.

“I’m sorry to hear that, babe,” the bartender rested his arms on the counter. “Well, if we’re going to be seeing each other throughout the night, my name’s Matt.”

“Very pleased to meet you, Matt. I’m John. Friends call me Jacky. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have someone to save from a night of endless boredom,” John sighed.

“I won’t keep you from your mission any longer then, Jacky,” Matt grinned. “Good luck.”

John lifted an arm in a makeshift wave and started weaving his way over to George. He glanced over at Alex before he was lost amongst the people again. When he finally got back to the right table, he coughed quietly, trying to interrupt as politely as he could.

“Mind if I sit?” he smiled warmly at Aaron and George, who instantly looked relieved.

“Please, son,” George pulled the chair next to him out.

John sat and handed a beer to the older man. “Thank you, sir. And congratulations, again, Aaron. I’m beyond thrilled for Mrs. Theodosia and yourself.”

“Thank you, Laurens,” Aaron nodded at him. “Speaking of, I think I’ll go find her.”

“Good idea. I don’t know how thrilled she’ll be that you’ve spent more of your night with me than her,” George said curtly. Aaron stood and bowed a little before practically scampering away.

John snorted and took a swig of his beer. “Was it really that long?”

“I don’t make things up, son. You should know that,” George sighed and took a swig of his own drink. “Thank you, Jacky.”

“Of course, sir. No misses tonight?” John leaned back in his chair.

“Nope. Came down with a very serious case of “I’m Very Patient, But That Boy is Too Much” this morning. Presents itself as a migraine,” George explained.

John laughed melodically and nodded understandingly. “I believe I’ve come down with that more than once myself.”

“And what about you?” George nodded at the empty seat next to John. “No Alexander?”

“Work. And he couldn’t stop talking about you. No offense, but you’re not exactly what I want to be thinking about while making out with my boyfriend,” John took a long drag of his beer.

“Absolutely none taken, but usually he enjoys parties. Or at least he used to.”

John shrugged and sighed. “Work.”

That’s all George needed. He stood and gestured for John to do the same. “Let’s go.”

“It’s fine, sir. Don’t worry about it,” John closed his eyes and cradled his bottle against his stomach. “I really gave up a long time ago. If it doesn’t happen the first time, it’s not going to happen at all.”

“With all due respect to your opinion, son, his face his buried in that goddamn phone of his all day every day while he’s doing this, that, and the other for work. If I can put up with Aaron Burr for as long as I did, he can have a few dances with you. Now let’s go,” George tapped John’s shoulder.

It took a second before John was able to force himself up out of his chair. “Yessir,” he mumbled. George guided John back across the room, glancing back more than necessary to make sure John was following, as though John had ever done anything close to disobeying his boyfriend’s drill sergeant of a father. However, when they got back to the boy’s table, Alexander had disappeared.

“Oh well,” John sighed exaggeratedly. “Maybe next time, sir.”

“Nope. Come on,” George grabbed John’s upper arm firmly and pulled him along with him to the dance floor. On their way through, George gave his signature look of disapproval to any couples not behaving in a way he felt was appropriate, shaming them apart. There was a far different look when he saw Alexander acting the same with a scantily-clad girl.

George tried to push John behind him, but not before he had seen. The girl was grinding against Alexander and he had one hand too far down her front and the other too far up. It took George pulling them apart before either noticed anything. John stayed behind George and stared at the floor, knowing the father and son were about to cause a scene.

“Enjoying yourselves?” George crossed his arms and stared the girl back to her place when she tried to slip away. “I certainly hope it was worth it.”

“We were just dancing, George,” Alexander shrugged.

“Oh really? Because to me, it really looked like you were groping this young lady,” George raised his voice, either not noticing all of the eyes that were on the group or not caring.

Alexander raised his voice right along. “It was harmless.”

“If it was so harmless, then why do you have-” George gestured to Alexander’s crotch. John nearly vomited his stomach fell so fast. Not only did George just point out his son’s boner in front of a large number of people, he just mentioned it at all. John, the good southern boy he was, didn’t think he would ever be able to talk so openly about some things, this being one of them.

Alex only shrugged again, even smirking some. “Shit happens. Just ask John. I saw him flirting with the bartender earlier.”

John felt another wave of nausea. He felt only a little better when George stepped back a little closer to him, just to come right back down when George spoke again.

“Even if he did, flirting is different than what I’m sure would have been bathroom sex if I had not have gotten here when I did. I didn’t think you needed that explained to you.”

By then, the room had gone nearly silent, save the music and Aaron talking to someone, indifferent to the rest of the world. Despite the reason, Alexander didn’t seem to hate all of the attention. John was very, very close to running out to the car. The only thing stopping him, and probably everyone else, was George. He was very good at making a whole room guilty for something only one or two people had actually done.

“Jacky and that twink at the bar were basically doing each other with their eyes just a few minutes ago,” Alex crossed his arms to mirror his father. “Why aren’t they getting a lecture? And why are you doing it instead of him? If it were a big deal, he would say something instead of cowering behind you. He has to have big, bad George do thin-”

John dropped his bottle and sprang out from behind George, punching Alexander square in the jaw.

“Shut up, you asshole!” John screamed.

Alexander opened his mouth to say something, but not before John could land another punch in his stomach, knocking him to the floor. It wasn’t until John had straddled Alexander and gotten a few more blows to his face that George pulled a sobbing John away.

“That’s enough, son,” George let go cautiously after a minute.

Alexander sat up slowly and wiped his mouth. “You’ve only had three or four drinks tonight, Jacky. When’d you get to be such a lightweight?” he scoffed.

George had to link his arms up around John’s to keep him from lunging at Alexander again. John struggled against him for a long while until he tired himself out.

“Are you done?” George loosened his grip testingly. John nodded and George let him go. He cradled his hands against his stomach, his eyes returning back to the floor, trying to ignore all of the other eyes that were glued to him.

George sensed it and softened a little. “Go get some air, son.”

John nodded and left immediately, collapsing on the sidewalk outside the venue. He had just ruined a party and beaten the shit out of his boyfriend. Alexander had been right- it wasn’t even that big of a deal. And maybe he had flirted a little with Matt. He was just as bad as him, and once again, Alex was getting the worst end of the scolding inside.

George was still calm somehow, and Alexander seemed more surprised than anything.

“You’re a mess, son,” George observed.

“Mhm,” Alex looked down at his suit, which was now covered in blood. “I wouldn’t be if you had stopped Jacky sooner.”

“Don’t even try to tell me that you didn’t deserve every one of those punches. I think you deserved more, but you looked so pathetic. Since when can’t you fight back? I didn’t raise you to sit back and just take a beating. Though I suppose I didn’t raise you to be a cheater either,” George shook his head.

Alexander watched as the crowd began to dissipate. “Why did you even get involved?”

“He said you were working. Here. At a party. I don’t care who’s party it is, you get off your damn phone and have a good time with your boyfriend,” George grabbed Alexander’s arm and started pulling him towards the bathroom. “And I know Jacky wasn’t flirting with the gentleman at the bar.”

“Ah, yes, because you’re George the All Knowing,” Alex laughed, wincing a little.

“Well, there’s that. And the fact that he came to me a few weeks ago to ask me if he could propose to you tonight,” George pushed the door open and pulled Alex into the bathroom. “Sit.”

Alex nodded, dazed, and slid to the floor. “He did?”

“Requested a song and everything. I think it was the one you two had your first slow dance to, or something like that,” George shrugged and started wetting some paper towels.

“Sunday Kind of Love,” Alex nodded. “He came out to me a few days before that. He didn’t seem nervous tonight or anything.”

George knelt down next to his son to start cleaning his face. “I think he was too excited to be nervous. I was the only person he wanted to tell or your mother would be here. Damn, he’s gotten better, and he was already pretty damn good.”

“Is that why you got involved?” Alex jerked his head away from the towel on his eyebrow.

“I think you need to go to the E.R. I can take you. John is not driving,” George stood up and threw the paper towels away. “He’s not getting behind the wheel. And you both need to apologize to the Burrs.”

“Yessir. Can you help me up?” Alex couldn’t quite bring himself to look at George.

His father nodded and squat down so Alex could carefully wrap his arm over his shoulder. The two stood up and slowly made their way back out to the main room. George asked a few people where the newlyweds were, and eventually they found them outside talking to John. The Burrs waved at the newcomers while John stared at the ground and smoothed out his jacket.

“Aaron, Theodosia, I-” Alex started.

“No need. John already explained,” Theodosia interrupted. “Go take care of yourself, okay? We’re fine.”

Alex and George both turned to look at John. Aaron pat Alexander’s shoulder as he walked back inside with Theo.

“John?” Alex murmured. “What did you tell them?”

John shrugged and slipped his hands into his pockets.

“We need to go, boys. Come on. I’ll worry about the other car.” George said after a minute of awkward silence. John nodded and went ahead to George’s car, slipping into the backseat as soon as George unlocked it. George started over to the passenger’s side to open the front door.

Alex shook his head. “I want to sit with him.”

“Alright,” George opened the other door and help Alex in. John had his head resting against the window and didn’t do anything to acknowledge that Alexander had gotten in the car. George pulled out of the parking lot, checking the mirror every few seconds. After a few minutes, Alex reached over and took John’s hand, squeezing as tightly as he could.

“Babe,” Alex rubbed his thumb over the back of his boyfriend’s hand. “Please tell me what you told them.”

George looked back at them more than he looked at the road while they waited for a response. John just shrugged again.

“Son, just spit it out. No one is going to be mad at you,” George once again broke the awkward silence. No response. “John-”

“It’s fine, George. We’ll talk about it later,” Alex squeezed John’s hand and George looked back at the road completely.

A few hours later, the three of them were all crammed into a hospital room. John had fallen asleep a few hours ago and was curled up in the chair furthest from Alexander, who was on the bed. John still hadn’t said a word, much less told the other two what he told the Burrs.

“Would you be okay with taking him home? This could be a while,” Alex yawned and winced immediately after.

“Yeah, yeah,” George nodded. “I don’t know why they need an x-ray. An idiot could tell you that at least a rib is broken.”

“George, that’s- nevermind,” Alex looked over at John. “I messed up, didn’t I?”

George snorted. “I told you earlier that you did. I’m the one who kept you from making it worse, son.”

“Has anyone told you how annoying it is that you’re always right?” Alex shifted onto his back and stared at the ceiling.

“Yes, constantly. It’s the price I pay for my gift,” George said stoically. “I should take him home now.”

Alex nodded, sighing as deeply as he could. George shook John’s shoulder gently. It took a few more shakes before John moaned quietly. He sat up and rubbed his face, blinking because of the light, and still wouldn’t look at the other two.

“I’m going to take you home, son,” George grabbed both of their jackets. He draped John’s over his shoulder and started herding him towards the door. “Call me if you hear anything, Alexander. I’m going to make sure he gets a shower and goes to bed and then I’ll be back. Hang tight.”

“Thank you, George,” Alex sighed again as he watched them leave.

Once they got in the car and onto the road, John finished through his pocket and tossed the ring box onto the center console. George raised a brow but didn’t say anything. He didn’t see any point in trying to force John to talk, so he could say something when he wanted to. It was weird for John to be quiet- he would usually talk and talk, but not in an annoying way. He was one of the few people who could get George to start and keep talking for any long period of time. If John didn’t want to talk, there was a reason, and George wasn’t going to be the one to question it.

“I told them I was drunk and messed around with Matt,” John mumbled. His voice was practically nonexistent.

George glanced over at him quickly. “Who the hell is Matt?”

“‘That twink at the bar’,” John laughed darkly and stared out the window. “The least I could do after I beat Alex to a pulp. He didn’t need any shit from Aaron.”

“He’s going to find out anyway. There was no point in lying. And what does this have to do with the ring?”

John let his head flop to the side to look at George. “I just beat your son up. After I flirted with someone who wasn’t him. I figured you wouldn’t want me to marry him anymore.”

“He was being an asshole and definitely deserved it. And even if I didn’t want you to, I wouldn’t keep you two from getting married. Not after the way he looked when I told him you were going to propose,” George pulled into John and Alexander’s driveway. “It wouldn’t be right.”

“You told him?” John didn’t make any move to get out of the car.

“I hope you aren’t angry with me,” George looked back over at John.

John shook his head and the two of them sat in comfortable silence for a bit. Before George got out of the car, he handed the ring back to John. They made their way into the house, both fumbling with everything. George probably hadn’t slept in over twenty four hours and John was just a mess.

“I don’t want to be here. I should be with him. I’m the one who did it,” John’s voice broke, surprising both of them.

“You need a shower and actual sleep, son,” George tossed his jacket onto the couch. “I told Alexander that I’m not leaving until I do, and I’m a man of my word.”

“I don’t want to shower with these,” John held up his bandaged hands.

George rolled his eyes. “You’ll live. Get to it.”

John grumbled under his breath as he walked away, knowing better than to try and argue. He froze when he saw himself in the mirror. His lip was raw from gnawing on it throughout the several hours they had been in the waiting room. His hair look like a rat’s nest. His suit was covered in both his and Alexander’s blood. It took a few minutes until he could pry himself away to start the shower, setting it as hot as he could. He unwrapped his hands and knew he was going to have to have George redo them later. Getting undressed took forever as well. By the time John got in the shower, he was surprised the water was still hot. He stuck his hands under the water.

“Fuck!” he whimpered but didn’t move them away. “Fuck-”

He held his hands under the water until it ran cold. He stuck his head under just long enough for his hair to get wet and then got out. He dried himself as best as he could, not even bother with his hair. There was a pair of Alex’s sweatpants tossed into the corner that John pulled on. He walked back out to George, who was sitting on the couch reading the paper.

“Nice shirt,” he glanced up over the paper.

“You’ve seen me shirtless to clean me up after fights more times than I can count,” John rolled his eyes. “And it hurts to move. But mostly it’s that I don’t care.”

“I remember how you got each of those scars. Which is impressive given my age and the sheer amount of them,” George folded the paper and set in on the coffee table.

John smiled a little. “They’re pretty bad ass. And Alex likes them.”

“Mhm,” George looked John up and down, settling on his hands, noticing the redness. “May I ask what you were doing?”

“I was showering?” John’s gaze dropped to the floor.

“That was cause for swearing like you did?”

“I’m fine,” John mumbled. “Anything from Alex?”

“No. Get me bandages so you can get to bed,” George ordered. He watched John leave, and when he was definitely out of the room, he quickly got Alexander from the porch. George got Alex settled on the couch and handed him the ring box. “He doesn’t know. Good luck, son.”

“Thank you. For everything. I love you, Dad,” Alex whispered.

George pat Alex’s shoulder and slipped out of the room, not making it out completely before he smiled brighter than Alex had ever seen. It was only a minute after that that John came back into the room.

He came in reading the back of the box of gauze. “I think I want to get him flowers or some shit. I know it’s cheesy, which I know you don’t do, but-”

“Flowers sound lovely, babe,” Alex interrupted. “Don’t ever listen to George about that stuff. Come sit. I would meet you but I can’t really walk.”

John nodded fervently and sat carefully next to Alex. Alex took his hand, taking a shaky breath before he started talking.

“I know this is probably not at all what you had in mind, but I’m going to go ahead anyway. I just spent way too long in the hospital because of you, but I’ve never loved you more. George was right about what I was doing, but I did it because I’m scared of how much I love you. It’s so much easier to run away from my feelings and just ignore them, but you deserve better than that. You deserve better than me, but here we are after ten years. And I don’t want to wait anymore. I’m tired of running when you’re here and all I need, because clearly that doesn’t work. So. John Laurens, will y-”

John cut him off with a deep kiss. He cupped Alexander’s cheeks, pulling away for a second before kissing him again.

“You didn’t let me finish,” Alex murmured against John’s lips.

“Then finish now,” John pecked quick, light kisses to Alexander’s lips.

“You have to stop kissing me so I can talk,” Alex whinned. “It’ll take two seconds.”

“But you’re talking now,” John pointed out between kisses.

Alex rested his forehead against John’s. “John Laurens, will you marry me?”

John tangled his fingers in Alex’s hair and kissed him roughly, forgetting about the shape he was in. He pulled away, blushing like crazy.

“You’re really cute, but I need an answer,” Alex tilted John’s chin up gently.

“Yes,” John kissed him again. “Yes. Of course. Yes.”

When John leaned in to kiss Alex again, there was a bright flash of light. They both blinked a few times and saw George standing in the doorway with a camera.

“It’s for Martha,” he shrugged.

“Now that you have your picture, can you- can you go?” Alex moved his hand to John’s thigh and George got the hint.

He nodded and rushed out of the room. “Have fun!” he called.

“Have fun?” John turned back to Alex. “Did he-?”

“Just pretend it didn’t happen,” Alex slid his hand to the inside of John’s thigh.

“Can- can do,” John stammered. He kissed Alex again, yawning into his mouth before he could pull away.

“Really cute, babe,” Alex wrinkled his nose. “Really fucking cute.”

“Sorry! I didn’t mean to,” John’s face and ears went bright red. Alex shook his head and wrapped his arms around John’s waist, pulling him gently to his side. John opened his mouth to apologize, but Alex stopped him with a quick kiss.

“Sleep. We both need it,” Alex rested his head on John’s. It wasn’t long before they were both out.

Seven Days

Summary: This is for @saxxxology ‘s June Writing Challenge. Sam and the reader get involved in a dirty talk competition. So much smut ensues.

Warning: smut, orgasm delay, use of ice, SO MUCH DIRTY TALK

Word Count: 7200 (Not sorry at all)

A/N: This one got away from me. I hope that’s a good thing. @oriona75 @withoutaplease @blushingsamgirl @spectaculacular-sammy @thinkwritexpress @aprofoundbondwithdean

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Phillip “Lip”  Gallagher Imagine

Pairing: Lip Gallagher x reader
Warnings: cussing, sadness, cuteness
Description: You and Lip are best friends and you finally confess how you feel to him
Requested: nope
A/N: this is my first imagine so bare with me, I still hope you enjoy it :) this also took me too long to write omg like I thought maybe three days because I’ve done it before oh NO. This took me two weeks yALL

Originally posted by heavenatniiight

You had been best friend’s with Lip ever since he cussed out a boy that was harassing you in grade school. You thanked him for weeks until he finally laughed it off, and since then you two have been as thick as thieves. Throughout your school career with him, all you saw was this big brother that would gladly beat up anyone for you. He was always there for you, and you spent more time with him than you did your own family.

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Saved- Auston Matthews (Damsel in Distress Part 4)

Originally posted by austonmatthews-34

Ok this is it… the finale of Damsel in Distress! But apparently I have a request for a Sid version so same basis, but… I’m gonna change it up a bit so you all don’t get bored! But until then… enjoy Auston! (And let me live my Leafs loss through this ok?)

Warning: some cussing, a drunk guy who doesn’t take a hint, and a Leafs playoff loss (TOTALLY A VALID WARNING OK?)


              You sat on the hood of Auston’s car, scrolling through your social media.

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Best You’ve Ever Had**



Hanging out with the boys was great don’t get me wrong, but sometimes it can be a bit annoying. It can also get really awkward at times and none of the boys really seems to care, which only made it more awkward. 

Today’s conversation was about orgasms because someone had a new girl and blah blah blah. I was sat in Joe’s kitchen trying to get the some work done and to distance myself from the conversation because I didn’t want to be roped in and have to explain that contrary to popular belief apparently I haven’t had a lot of sex, and of the sex that I have had, it wasn’t that great. 

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anonymous asked:

Since the majority your readership/fans are young, don't you think you should tone down the snaps of all the alcohol you drink? I'm specifically talking about the numerous snaps of beer pong you seem to enjoy.

I’m 26 years old, drinking legally in my own home with close friends, so I’m not showing anything wrong. And yes, I greatly enjoy beer pong. I think the last snap I sent was of a game of BP that included my mother over the Super Bowl. So more than two weeks ago. That’s not really “numerous.”

give me your forever or maybe just a while.

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Kinda based on Girls Like U by Blackbear, semi, not really.

“Can we have one more chance at us?”

Genre: suggestive smut & other???? 

btw this is like hella long

“___, have you ever thought about not fucking around with boys?”, Eva asked me as I sat down with a sub in my hand. “Nope, why would I? I get sex and no relationships. Relationships fuck you over anyway.”, I told her as I unwrapped the sandwich. “I guess but what about when you wanna settle down?” “I’ll find a way, worry about your no sex streak for now.”, I joked. “Hey, my boyfriend’s only been out of town for 3 days.” “Yeah, totally out of town.”, I muttered under her breath.

“Yo, ___, party at mine tonight, you coming?”, Hoseok screamed from another table on campus, making heads turn. I gave him the thumbs up and turned back to my friends. “You coming too, Amber?” “Do you think I wanna miss out on one of Hoseok’s parties? They’re the best!” “What about you, Eva?” “I think I’ll pass.”, she muttered. “Boo!”, Amber and Isla screamed in unison. “Guys, I’m not feeling it, Sam’s out of town anyway.” “That’s why you should go! Have some company, have some fun with your gals!”, Isla told her. “Fine. But only if ___ doesn’t go home with anyone.” “Nope.” “Come on, ___, for us?”, Isla said as she shook my left arm which was holding the sandwich. “Nope. What is your obsession with me sleeping around, anyway? It’s not like everyday I’m at a new person’s house.”, I sternly replied before leaving the table. “Do you think she’s annoyed at us?”, Eva laughed. “Possibly. You know what she’s like when she’s annoyed, she won’t talk to us for a week.”, Isla whined as she plopped back down. “Go fix it then.” “You caused it, you go.”, Amber told her, giving her a death glare.

I walked over to Hoseok’s table, I usually did when one of my friends pissed me off. I know I’m a college student and shouldn’t be so petty but sometimes you gotta be petty. “What you doing here?”, Jungkook asked as I arrived at the table, still holding my sub. “Eva pissed me off, I’m chilling here for now.”, I told them as I sat beside Jimin and Hoseok. “Nothing new then.”, he joked. “You sure you wanna be here with Taehyung and all?”, Jimin whispered. “I can take him, don’t worry.”, I laughed as I turned to Taehyung who was already staring at me. “Hey babe. What you got there?”, he smirked. “ One. I’m not your babe, haven’t been for a year and a half. Two. A fuckin’ sandwich? Are you blind?”, Jimin giggled at my response to Taehyung. “Whatever I’ll see you tonight babe.”, he said as he stood up to leave. “Where you going?”, Hoseok asked the younger guy. “To Vanessa, she’s got notes I need.” “Are you sure you’re just getting notes from her?”, Jungkook joked. “Yeah, I am. She’s shit in bed, trust me on that one.”, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at the conversation was occurring as I continued to finish my sub.

“___, come back to our table, Amber and Isla aren’t happy.”, Eva said from behind me. “Who’s this?”, Namjoon asked. “Dude, she’s in your lectures and shit, you know Sam’s girl.”, Seokjin told him. “Sam has a girl?”, Namjoon whispered to Seokjin, in the hopes that Sam’s ‘girl’ wouldn’t hear him. “I’m good.”, I bluntly replied not even turning around to talk to her. “You’re such a child, seriously just come back to the table.” “Nah.”, Jimin couldn’t stop giggling at my pettiness and Namjoon was still questioning the fact that Sam had a girl. “I swear he was single yesterday.” 

“Fine stay here with your fuckboy friends, you fit right in.”, she frustratedly replied. “Seriously, why are you so obsessed with my sex life? Is it cuz Sam doesn’t think you’re good enough?”, I replied as I turned to throw away my rubbish. “Take that back.” “I introduced you to him, he tells me a lot. But you know, it’s none of my business since it’s not my sex life.” “___, you can chill out with those burns.”, Jungkook chuckled. “I can’t believe you, I’ll be there tonight, without Sam or you.”, she said, storming off. “But Sam’s gonna be there?”, Namjoon questioned again. “Sam doesn’t think they’re an official thing, she does.”, I told him. “Ohh, that makes more sense.” “He just wanted to distance himself before ‘breaking’ up with her.”, I told him, spilling all the secrets about the ‘relationship’.

“You know, you really upset Eva.”, Amber told me as she got into my car. “Yeah but she has no business talking about my choices regarding sex.”, I told her. “She’s insecure about her relationship, you know that better than anyone.”, Amber sighed out of sympathy. “I’ve taken Sam’s side regarding that. Trust me, I know a lot more than I probably should.” “Eva’s your friend.” “And Sam’s my closer friend.” “Why can’t you two just get along? You guys always have some kind of bone to pick with each other.” “Dude, you know why. Besides I’m happy for you to walk yourself.” “Sorry.”

As soon as I arrived at the party I walked into the kitchen to grab my drink and mingle. “Sam!”, I half shouted to catch his attention. “___! Eva’s here?” “Yep, she and I argued this morning so I’m avoiding the shit out of her.” “What did you argue about?”, he chuckled before sipping his beer. “My sex choices and the fact that she’s not good in bed.” “You told her that?” “Well you guy aren’t even a thing in your eyes.”, I laughed. “Dude, I know but I still have to fake break up with this girl.”, he said, soon realising how ridiculous he sounded. “Can I crash at yours tonight? I’ve been over at Jimin’s for way too long.” “Knock yourself out, man. I’ll see you later tonight.”

Later that night I found myself in the bathroom with two people who were making out in the bathtub. “Do you guys mind if I pee? Like everywhere else is locked.”, I told them. “Knock yourself out.”, the girl replied. Just as I opened the door to leave and make my way back to the main room, Taehyung swung the door wide open. “I need to pee, move.” I moved out of his way but didn’t leave in order to admire his body and facial structure. “Why are you still here? Are you that desperate to see my dick again?”, he smirked. “In your dreams, I’m just gonna help you not crash into someone, you’re piss drunk, dude.” “And you’re cute, suck my dick?” “Nope, especially not after you just pissed.”

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Just a bit drunk

Authors Note: I was thinking of maybe doing a part 2 to this, but I am not sure. I hope you all enjoy it!  Xx
Other Shawn writing can be found HERE.

One, two, three drinks, four, all you can think about is drinking more, the taste of alcohol being something you have found to appreciate. There is something about the burn Vodka leaves in your throat as it is thrown down, that makes you feel so alive. 

You feel a familiar hand on your waist, immediately you turn around, your defences ready to kick in until you notice the familiar copper-colored eyes behind the tender touch. Your smile becomes broad, and you proceed to speak until you remember your current game of beer-pong. You hastily turn back around and throw the ping pong ball into your opponents cup, 

“Drink up, boy!” You happily announce, completely oblivious to your swaying state, and somewhat blurred vision. Your opponent huffs before taking the drink, removing the solo cup from the table before he composes himself, doing his best to keep a steady hand as he throws the ball, the ball bouncing off the side of the solo cup. 

You chuckle and stumble to clasp the ball as it bounces off of the floorboards.

“mm, ‘lright, I think it is time to cal it quits.” Shawns voice benevolent distracts you, your lips curve into a pout and you shake your head, launching the ball and missing the row of cups completely. 

“Damnit!” You exhale, your competitor grinning as he focuses the ball in his hand, aiming for one of your cups, striking the centre flawlessly. 

“Drink up, Y/N,” he chuckles proudly and you are forced to drink the beer. 

“Come on, I think you should come home with me.” Shawn snakes his arm around you, concerned as you place the empty cup down, the beer now settling into you. You shake your head, having no desire to walk away from the match that you are currently winning. 

“Shawn, I am winning.” You boastfully gesture towards the two cups left on the other side of the table. Your antagonist immediately rolling his eyes, determined that he isn’t going to lose to you for the third time. Shawn; however, is unamused by the fact that you are winning, and more concerned about your intoxicated state. “Let me win,” You smile, continuing the game.

With every cup your challenger manages to strike, you become more and more determined to get the ball in his last cup, the alcohol making it difficult as your vision continues to fade. 

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Of Cheating and Misunderstandings - Lee Jooheon (M)

Pairings: Lee Jooheon x Reader x Son Hyunwoo/Shownu
Genre: Angst, smut, a little fluff
Rating: M
Warnings: Alcohol use, cheating, foul language, explicit content, a small amount of blood. Not for anyone under the age of 18.
Word Count: 2k
Author’s note: My first-ever Monsta X smut, for my girl @jinatetae who wants to give the world to Jooheon. I love you, Meyg! I hope you enjoy this as well as other Jooheon stans like her. I’m definitely going to write more smut for Monsta X so watch out for that. :)

“Do you think Jooheon’s cheating on me, Hyunwoo?”

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(gif credit to the creator)

Pairing: Misha x Reader
Word Count: 2,143
Warnings: none
Song: Starlight - Taylor Swift
A/N: I’m officially back from hiatus!!! Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is awesome! :)

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Prompt: *Based on the Negan/physically disabled wife headcanon/fic* Negan has no choice but to be on true “husband duty* when his wife gets way too drunk at her Birthday party. Surprisingly, such a tiny, delicate woman can be quite a handful when she’s had a few too many. She believes herself to be the world’s best comedian and masterful flirt. Can Negan handle it? He better, as we wouldn’t want a DUI within The Sanctuary walls! XD – Via @itsjustafeelingthatihave

Ships: Negan x Physically Disabled!Reader
Words: 1,084
Category: Fluff


Negan’s POV


The Sanctuary didn’t throw parties often, almost never, but tonight was a special night. It was your birthday and when it was Negan’s favourite wife’s birthday everyone knew that it was going to be extravagant and they were not disappointed.

All of the tables that usually harboured haphazardly stacked goods now were pushed to the sides of the large, high ceilinged warehouse to leave space for the guests to mingle.  Two of the tables that were pushed up against the far wall were laden with fruit, veg and a whole pig that had been split-roasted (courtesy of the Kingdom). On the table beside it there was a bar of sorts; a table with beer and other assorted alcohol were set out along the oak surface. Two people stood either end of the table, each of them holding a clip board and pen, noting down whatever someone took so that they could add it to their points.

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How Times Change

Context: A little idea i had based off of the new spoiler pic we got today of the kiss.

“Oi Sugden!” Cain’s voice shouted from the other side of the pub causing Robert to look over at him slightly confused at why Cain had one hand hidden behind his back. “Don’t think that because this whole thing was only planned yesterday were gonna leave traditions behind.”

“What?” Robert laughed, a slight nervousness and confusion in his voice as he looked over at Aaron who had a smirk on his face.

“Technically, now that you’re married to our Aaron, you’re part of the family,” Cain continued, all the Dingles around him agreeing, “Which means…”

“No way.” Robert stated as he realised what was coming before watching Cain pull his hand round from behind his back presenting he infamous welly.

“What about the whole if you’ve seen them naked rule?” Robert protested.

“That rule’s void.” Debbie laughed.

“Are you in or not?” Cain said handing it to Chas to fill it up as Robert continued to protest laughing, adamant on not drinking from it.

“Aaron have a word with your husband, will you?” Charity remarked from behind the bar, causing Robert to look towards Aaron who had a grin plastered on his face, causing Robert to smile.

“Alright.” Robert sighed, taking off his suit jacket so he didn’t ruin it, resulting in a wolf whistle form Adam, who was getting noticeably more and more drunk.

“Robert, Robert…” Chas began chanting from behind the bar as Robert began to down the drink, earning cheers and laughs from all the Dingles. He downed the whole welly full of beer in one, the way a true Dingle should he thought, earning further cheers as he finished drinking it all, throwing the welly at Marlon as he finished.

“Welcome to the family Sugden.” Cain remarked, a sense of sincerity in his voice, earning a nod from Robert.

As Robert looked around to find Aaron he noticed he wasn’t to be seen, he was stood by the bar a few moments beforehand but now he couldn’t be found. Robert decided not to make a fuss over it, knowing Aaron better than anyone and instead went outside to look for him in the village.

As he walked down the street there was no one else to be seen, given that everyone was inside the pub getting drunk and celebrating their impromptu marriage. Just as he was about to get worried about Aaron’s whereabouts he noticed the garage door was slightly open, and there was a dim light coming from inside.

Entering the garage, he spotted Aaron sat on the floor, playing with the ring on his finger as he always did,

“Erm you do know that reception in the pub is for us, don’t you?” Robert said sarcastically as he walked over to Aaron.

“Yeah, I just, I don’t know, I needed to a minute to think I suppose.” Aaron said still looking at his wedding ring, the words causing a rush of panic to flood through Roberts body.

“Think? Th – Think about what?” He asked trying to hide his concern, thinking Aaron may be having second thoughts about what had just happened.

“No don’t worry,” Aaron reassured him noticing the worry in his voice, “It was just stupid stuff, it’s nothing…”

“Aaron,” Robert said taking a seat next to him on the floor noticing the expression of deep thought spread across Aarons face, “Tell me.” He said softly, causing Aaron to look at him before taking a sigh and beginning to explain.

“It’s just weird – no not weird, more – “He fumbled, failing to make sense of his thoughts, “A few years ago, I was sat in this garage, locked in, waiting to die, just because of who I am, I couldn’t bear it, 18 years old and ready to die.” He took a pause, overwhelmed by his thoughts, “Now I’m sat here after just getting married,” he laughed gently, the concept of it all still new to him, “I don’t know, I guess a part of me just can’t quite believe it.”

“Well believe it,” Robert smiled gently, “Because I’m not going anywhere.” He spoke quietly, his voice full of promise, reassuring him that he’d still be waiting when he got out of prison.

“I’m sorry I messed everything up, if I could go back and – “Aaron began to say before being interrupted by Robert.

“– Listen to me. Tomorrow is another day and we’ll deal with it when it comes,” Robert said looking into Aarons eyes, “But today, today is our wedding day and I’m gonna spend the rest of it with my husband,” The word still new to both of them, causing small smiled to form on their faces, “today is ours and no court trial, no prison sentence, no judge is gonna ruin it, yeah?”

“Yeah.” Aaron whispered, trying to hold back the tears that were forming in his eyes. “Thank you, for today, it’s been the best.”

“Well, what are husbands for?” Robert smirked, earning a gentle laugh from Aaron. “I love you so much.” Robert said softly placing his hand in Aaron’s.

“I love you too.” Aaron replied before leaning in and pressing a kiss to Roberts lips, soft yet filled with love and passion, both of them completely absorbed in one another, as if they were the only people in existence. Pulling apart their foreheads remained rested on each other’s as smiles appeared on their faces.

“What do you say?” Robert smirked pulling away, “For old times’ sake?” He flirted, biting his lip.

“As tempting as that is,” Aaron joked, looking around the dusty garage, “We’ve got a pub full of people waiting for us, and if we don’t get back soon mums gonna think we’ve an away.”

Saying that, Aaron jumped up to his feet, dusting the dirt from his suit as he held out his hand and helped Robert up, continuing to hold his hand as they walked back through the village to the pub, where they spent their last night for a while together…