you should all watch it on netflix

  • friend:so how are things?
  • me:[grin] things are—
  • friend 2:oh, no don't say it...
  • me:things are s—
  • friend:char...
  • me:THINGS ARE S T R A N G E R. ha, get it, because i'm obsessed with stranger things?¿ which bY THE WAY you all should watch it's on netflix and it's set in the 80's and winona ryder is in it and I ship—
  • me:...hey...u guys?? where...where did u go???

another blurb for @hemmoful and @happiestluke blurb night! 

When he opened his door and found you standing outside in tears Michael knew immediately what had happened. “He ditched you again?” He asked, ushering you inside and leading you to the couch. You just nodded, still too upset to speak. You sat down on the overstuffed couch that had hosted numerous movie nights and Netflix binge watching sessions for you and Michael, while Michael remained standing, pacing the length of his living room. “Seriously, how many times is that now?

“Michael, don’t.” You were finally able to manage. People adjusted to things, it was a fact of life. Following that logic, you should be used to your boyfriend cancelling dates at the last minute, or even not showing up at all and making hasty apologizes later after he had done it numerous times before. But it still hurt as much as it did the first time.

Hearing your upset tone, Michael joined you on the couch, pulling you into his arms. You let yourself sink into him as if he was a beanbag chair, reveling in his familiar scent and warm body. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I’m not mad at you. I just can’t believe that he has you and you’re you.”

You laughed for the first time all night, giggling into Michael’s chest. “Yes I am me.”

“That came out wrong. I mean you’re smart and funny and beautiful and you deserve so much better.”

“Thanks.” You said without really meaning it. Over the course of your friendship, Michael had told you all of these things at one point in time, and he was like an overprotective older brother when it came to you and dating. He seemed to find a flaw with everyone you went out with, and though you hated to admit it, since none of your relationships had lasted very long, he was usually right.

“And I could give that to you.” Michael went on as if you hadn’t spoken.

You pulled away from him suddenly, needing to look in his eyes more than you needed to comfort of having him near. Suddenly you couldn’t focus on the day you’d had or how terrible the rest of the night had been, you could only think about Michael. “What?” You asked.

“Y/N, come on.  The reason why I’ve never liked anyone you dated? Well aside from the fact that they were all pricks, it was because I wanted to be the one with you. The one who gets to hold your hand and take you on dates and cuddle with you on the cold nights. I want all of that.” Michael had taken your hand and was running his thumb along the back of it as he spoke. He’d been nervously avoiding eye contact as he made his confession and now he looked up, your eyes meeting. He gave you a small smile, waiting to see how you would respond.

You could think of only one thing to do, leaning up and pressing your lips to his. You felt him stiffen a bit, clearly not expecting the kiss, especially when technically you hadn’t broken up with your boyfriend yet, but you both knew that it would be coming soon, very soon. This kiss made you feel things you’d never felt before with any of your boyfriends. You felt all warm inside, as if a candle had been lit inside you, and you knew that to use a cliché the other boys had been frogs and Michael was your prince.

I’m not really a fan of anything mainstream unless it’s interesting enough to spend my time with. Stranger Things is not a stranger to us anymore, thanks to FB, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

I started watching series when one of my friends introduced me to Misfits. If you knew and loved Misfits, I’ll definitely give you a hug and ask for a day or two for us to discuss and share opinions and thoughts. Another series that caught my interest is this Stranger Things. If you haven’t seen Stranger Things yet, well, you really should. Watch the first season online here.

Netflix is a success in giving us great shows, but not all are getting themselves to the trend as Stranger Things did. Here are some reasons why Stranger Things is one of the best series so far:

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I know I don’t say this enough on here but if you’re ever hurting, if you feel like you’re drowning in your own thoughts, if you’re afraid to let the people closest to you know how much pain you’re going through right now…whether it’d be because you’re getting bullied or you’re trying to get over somebody or you just feel completely numb and lost from all the shit that the world has been relentlessly overwhelming you with…please know that I am here for you to talk to. I don’t ever want you to ever feel alone in whatever you’re going through. I am here and I will always be here. I’m just a message away 💕


I’ve seen Stranger Things - Kirblog 8/27/16

Last weekend I finally binged through Netflix’s amazing new series Stranger Things…and, well, my god. I’ve managed to keep my thoughts for this weekend’s Kirblog pretty spoiler-free, so if you haven’t witnessed this show yet, you’ll be safe. That said, GO WATCH STRANGER THINGS. I admittedly don’t watch as many live-action shows as I should, but after being captivated by the great characters of the first episode, I took a few days to experience the story in full. All three sects of characters, the kids, teenagers and adults, all had intriguing stories, executed with amazing writing and great performers. Plenty for me to splurge about, so listen on!

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Should I watch spongebob on Netflix? Like does it have all the episodes?

Sadly it does not :( If I remember correctly there was a disagreement between Viacom and Netflix so they decided to take off everything Nickelodeon related (mind you this is in America, idk about anywhere else) The first Spongebob movie is on there though :)

iZombie is such an underrated show - so I’m happy to see  media outlets giving the show well deserved praise:

iZombie has all the makings of your usual suspenseful American drama, with added humour and a unique take on zombies.” 

Buzzfeed - 23 Underrated Netflix Shows You Should Totally Be Watching X

“Despite its objectively awful name, iZombie has an awful lot going for it. A woman accidentally becomes a zombie at a boat party, and takes a job at a morgue to satiate her appetite for the brains of recently deceased murder victims. However, each brain gives her an insight into its owner’s life, so she does the decent thing and helps the police solve their murders. It’s Quantum Leap, but about a brain-eating zombie. I cannot believe you aren’t watching this already.”

the guardian -  The 10 best TV shows to stream this summer: from Stranger Things to UnREAL X

“So many people are put off by the name alone. But this inspired mix of horror-comedy and detective drama is a refreshingly smart, funny and original take on the undead craze. Main character Olivia is a morgue assistant who gains the memories of murder victims when she eats their brains – allowing her to help solve crimes. As wonderfully entertaining as the premise is weird and wacky.”

i news -  Underappreciated TV shows on Netflix UK X

There are so many other articles but these are the most recent ones and seriously if you haven’t watched iZombie yet, watch it now

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jules... tell me what to do... ive missed class and did nothing all day i should study but i cant concentrate and i feel paralised i keep refreshing the same pages over and over again... tell me to do anything and i'll do it... xx

class is bullshit get yourself some comfort food and watch episode 4 of star trek tos: the naked time on netflix. if ur not into pajamas change into pajamas. if you are in pajamas change into different pajamas. have some weed if that does it for ya. when ur done with the naked time write a blog post just for yourself about your emotions and thoughts and save it to your drafts.

then hop on facebook and ask somebody what ya missed… or don’t… you don’t need to study every day or produce every day to have value as a person. 

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Every one says joker and Harley are real abusive witch we all know that but even in the comics or you can watch it on Netflix cartoons She tells the joker about how when she was working there they treated her like crap and pushed her around. So I think that's also why she turned into Harley Quinn. But I hate when people say he doesn't love or need her because even "after he used her to get out" he still suck by her when she turned into Harley. I just love how the moviesomewhat showed joker feels

People love to cherry pick. Everyone should just start a cherry farm they love to pick so much. Cherries, cherries for everyone!

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sarah you should watch this movie holding the man on netflix, it made me so sad and it's really cool but tbh all i could think of while watching it was these two ppl that i won't name but you know who i'm so ashamed


Imagine:When Jared first sees you💗 {Jared Leto}💕✨

Y/N= Your name I/N= Your inner thoughts Plot: You’ve just hit off your acting career with your first big time movie that is sure to blow your celebrity statue threw the roof!!! Your very excited and beside you should celebrate, you call a few friend but no one picks up. 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 Y/N:What the fuck? Where is everyone? I/N: Do i go alone? Y/N: Ill try them again….. nothing! Ugh!!! Lovely. As your disappointment lead on a pit inside you grew larger and larger. I/N: I could always just go to this lounge bar place alone… After all I did really want to celebrate and sitting at home watching Netflix alone thinking about buying expensive dogs for no reason isn’t what i had in mind for ‘celebration’. So thats exactly what I did! I popped off the couch like a wine cork and raced to my wardrobe in the next room. I/N: what to wear what to wear… dress? No… Red? Mhhaa……. Black?… Little black dress it is then. I slipped my body into the comfortable spaghetti strap dress. The dress sat comfortably a little higher then my mid thigh, it hugged my body with ease. As i stepped into the light i realized the dress was a dark shade of grey which was perfect for the shoes i was going to wear. Taking my hair out of its tight bun it tussled down to my mid back and i quickly shuffled my bangs to fix it up. A few coats of mascara and a deep red liquid lip later i was ready to go. *at the lounge*11:38pm There are a dense amount of people here as i show up, women half dressed and flaunting everywhere the eye looks. I felt self-conscious when i see other women looking so vibrant and confident its creates of my shy tone. As i walk into the populated lounge there are lovely booths with bunches of people laughing and smoking having a great time. My eyes dart to the bar but before i could even make my way over a man made his way over to me and looked me dead in the eyes (gif #1). *Jareds POV* I was sipping my drink and laughing with some good friends of mine when i laid my eyes on her. in that moment I was fixated on this random women. I/N:there were women all over this joint voluptuous and sexy women were scattered all around me but my mind wants her. The way her hair falls on her back and how the colour of the dress brought out her eyes… And her boobs but mostly eyes, i promise…. GOD she stunning" i thought to myself as i covered my chin and mouth with my hand. Jared: Excuse me for a second gents. Your POV: His eyes were a deep green almost mesmerizing to be honest, i felt we had not spoke for to long and on the inside i was wondering why he found to interesting while he held the gaze. Y/N: hello. Jared: yes! Hello, i apologize if I’ve been intrusive. You jumped a bit to his voice, such a sexy and chilling voice he had. Y/N: Oh! No, not at all you just startled me! You came out of no where. You were scrapping like a school girl with a crush you just hope that its not noticeable. Jared: Im Jared, Its like to meet youu….. he said as is eyes explored your body, and yours his. Y/N: Y/N Jared: Y/N? Very pretty name for such a attractive lady as yourself, but thats just MY opinion. Would you care for a drink. He held out his hand and gave you a devilish grin but for some reason you agreed. *At the bar* *Ordered drinks* You two had been talking for about 15 minutes laughing and sharing live story’s with one another you were having a really wonderful time and he was VERY nice to look at. Jared: you look outstanding tonight Y/N He said darting his blue eyes into yours like rays of warmth, causing you to blush. Y/N: You must be contagious Jared: What? Haha Y/N: Well you look… Very um.. You stumble on your words slightly embraced at your poor flirting skills you feel as thought your sinking into the bat stool so you fix your posture. Y/N: umm… Well tonight I/N: fucking. Idiot. Jared turned to the side to get his drink and as he turned to face you once again he dramatically pushed the spinning bar stool and spun around only to stop himself and gaze into your eyes all the while eyeing your wet lips. As he had his eyes on your lips he licked his own and gave you an odd yet attractive look. (gif #2) You were afew drinks in and started breaking out of your shell you leaned in towards Jared placed your hand on his upper side of his leg and planted a kiss on his lower jaw line. Jared shocked by your action he stood up! Causing you to stand up in fair that you might of down something wrong. Y/N: i-im sorry, i dont know what came ove- You hadn’t had time to finish your apology because with a swift move of Jared’s large hand grabbing your hip and pulling you towards him. He rested his forehead on yours and with the other hand brushed some of your hair behind your ear while trailing his finger along your cheek and down your neck. His finger made its way to your chin and he pushed to lean your head up ward. Before you could speak jared smashed his lips into yours. I/N: Is he drunk?… Am i drunk? He pulled your body closer and scooped her hand behind your head to push into the kiss harder as he did so you let out a little moan causing him to stop and look at you he then trailed his hand down to your lower back and then up again. His eyes were amazing. You both started to bush causing you to make each other giggle as you sat back down. Jared couldn’t keep his eyes off you for the rest of the night (gif #3) you two laughed and drank till you both went your separate ways… which coincidentally was the same way in the same😏 THE END!🌸

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I basically don’t watch tv or movies ever but my brain decided I needed to watch netflix before going to bed even though my bedtime was 3 hours ago

None of this looks good??? I really wanted to watch Red Dwarf because that’s what you watch at midnight when you should be asleep but they took it down??? And most tv just stresses me out??? Like when I lived at home and my mom would watch Parenthood, the family would always yell over each other and it just stressed me to hell out

There’s just a very specific genre of bizarre tv (it is basically all because of @nowordsforthis somehow) I like to watch late at night and none of it is on Netflix. Give me Space Ghost beating a mantis with a wrench. Give me a janitor and his roommates running around the corridors of an otherwise dead spacecraft. Give me absurd comedy in deep space when it is past my bedtime, either that or Red Green Show, or grainy VHS tapes full of stand up comedy and Whose Line meant to stave off anxiety attacks when you’re 16 and scared and you’re trying to keep busy convincing your body it is overreacting. Give me that hazy lens of exhaustion that makes watching late night tv an otherwordly experience but doesn’t stress you out.

UPDATE: mst3k is on hulu I’m set like a jet

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I'm already have Scream withdrawals, heeellppp.

i was literally just longingly looking at a gif set and thinking about your post from yesterday about there being no scream and then feeling sad inside because of it. so perfect timing my friend. 

so far i’ve binge washed the last episodes of the Mindy Project on Netflix, rewatched the entirety of Rose Red which is like 4 hours or more, and rematched Greys Anatomy. i’m just plan bored now. 

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doctor who or torchwood?

fUCK…..I have to say torchwood I think, because even when the stories and effects are bad, the acting is generally better that doctor who…and I like that the characters are more realistic and are focused on more, because it’s not a kid friendly show….actually I don’t think I’ve watched doctor who all summer since they took it off of netflix, even though I have a link of them all reblogged….I should find that. I really do love the show so so so much, and would prefer it when in a bad mood. It’s just been so long since I watched it :( thank you for asking!

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do i have to watch the first season on scream or can i start at season 2? is it the same characters/setting?

Start with Season 1, it’s on Netflix if you have and if you don’t I’m sure you can find it online somewhere. It’s the same characters, same setting, and it all continues the story from S1. 

Also you should watch the movies if you haven’t, just because they are A+.

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what are your top movie recommendations?

ummm depends what ur feeling

if u wanna have a cute feel good time, howl’s moving castle or les intouchables (some ppl consider subtitles to be Effort tho so if that’s u pass on this one); I’m also super into food docs. most of netflix’s are really good!! my all time fave has gotta be jiro dreams of sushi tho. umm as far as like Serious docs the square has an important place in my heart. as far as funny movies go honestly you really can not get better than the seminal 2005 classic Hitch (dir. Andy Tennant)

also I recently watched the new little prince movie (also made by netflix!!) and it fucked me up so bad you should watch it

I feel like I’m the kind of person who’s supposed to rec you dead poets’ society and you really should watch it but the robin williams movie that was super formative for me was good will hunting so watch that first

also (unpopular opinion but) 500 days of summer is really good if you watch it with the understanding that you’re not supposed to like the main character

oh, also, speaking of jgl movies, brick is fucking amazing but you might have to watch it twice to get it (also he’s such a cute baby in it!!!!)

ummmmm also last pretentious choice: j’ai tue ma mere