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have you watched the iron fist netflix series? do you think they should have sacrificed closeness with the comics for a less racist trope? how do you feel about the whole thing?

I have not, and pretty much the only way I’m gonna is if I get a gig that requires me to. Keeping Danny Rand white was a shitty, lazy decision for reasons that many other people have already expounded upon well and at length; and by all accounts, there are better ways to spend 13 or so hours of my time.

  • i can never stress enough how you all should be watching crazy ex-girlfriend.
  • i gather it’s for free on the cw app
  • i gather netflix uploads the episodes weekly in most regions
  •  it has everything tumblr claims to desperately want and yet its fandom is made of like three people.
  •  drop the “sexist title” bullshit and try to actually watch: the entire show is about deconstructing the “crazy” world by dealing with a young woman with untreated anxiety and depression. yes, anxiety and depression
  • and yet the writing is so clever for some reason it feels bittersweet rather than intoxicatingly sad
  • it’s not about romantic/sexual relationships. there are those, but they’re just a means to explore the female protagonist’s life and journey.
  • you get anti-heroes. because you don’t have to be a man making drugs on a cable drama to be an anti-hero. you have to be deeply fucked up and that’s what these characters are.
  • it’s the most diverse cast i’ve ever seen. 
  • one character gets a number on coming out as bisexual. the word is said multiple times. you don’t like shows shying away from it? fucking watch crazy ex-girlfriend.
  • they sing and dance their ass off, and well, and showcasing meta commentaries on storytelling and how even music videos are made. they do pop, rap, rock, old hollywood musicals, you name it. they do everything and they’re brilliant at it. the soundtrack’s online. the music sheets too.
  • it’s just overall brilliant. it won the cw a golden globe and two emmys. rachel bloom is out of this world
  • rachel bloom also led this anti-trump anthem
  • again: cw app and netflix.

Guys, pals, my dudes.
Do yourself a favor and watch 3% on Netflix. It’s up since 25th November so probably not much have heard about it.
But it’s so fucking good.

It’s Netflix first brazilian show and it’s great.

“The show is set in a future wherein people are given a chance to go to the "better side” of a world divided between progress and affluence in the Offshore, and devastation and poverty in the Inland, but only 3% of the candidates succeed.“

I want you guys to watch the crap out of it and show that shows not made in the UK or the US are fucking amazing too because this show clearly is!

It’s also pretty dark so be aware of that.

  • Someone: You should watch this show.
  • Me: Nah, it's not really my genre. I don't have enough time at the moment. I still have 10 other shows to finish first.
  • Someone: It's gay.
  • Me: *opens Netflix*

oh i have an idea, a netflix hole. on netflix there should be a hole you can click a button to throw shows in that you’re never going to want to watch, and it would be a lot easier to look through all the other movies you may want to watch

The View, Gillian Anderson
  • Joy Behar: You know, before we get to the book I have to say to you, Gillian. You know, I said it to you on the break I'm a huge fan of "The Fall" which is on Netflix, you really should wat.. [watch it]*applause*. They love it! And you know, I mean, you play this sort of a hard-nosed, you know, she is a tough detective. But, for some reason, and maybe because you are so good, you manage to get that sensuality in there, that sexuality. Look at her!(pointing at the screen where they are showing Stella Gibson) She is as hot as a pistol in this (Gillian is laughing at this point) but she solves the crimes. How did you... how did you manage all that?
  • Gillian Anderson: She is a woman. We are all complicated. Am I right?
  • -The View, ABC, 3/13/2017

Hey everybody in Canada or other countries where “Echoes” is already on Netflix, we should all turn the episode on in the background and turn it on mute (if you don’t want to watch) and continue on with whatever we’re doing in order to improve ratings (Netflix-wise) and chances of renewal.

It’s REALLY important!

Otherwise, if you are in the US you should be able to access Echoes on the CW website and you can do the same thing there.

Also …

Tweet, blog, make some noise! 

Endlessly and Eternally

Alex Summers x Reader

Author: Jen


Anonymous requested:  “ You should write Alex Summers X reader smut where he returns from Vietnam and it is their first time together in over 3 years? So you can do fluffy, passionate and rough all in one. Thank you soooooo much! “

Okay this took way too long to write but this proved to be challenging! I truly hope you enjoy it cause I was scared I’d sound like a 12 year old virgin! Here we go !

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Dear white people,

I feel ashamed after reading all the hate comments on the new Netflix show ‘Dear White People’ trailer on YouTube. A show like this is what this society needs. How people are receiving it shows exactly how MUCH this show needs to exist. However, the hate seems to come mostly from white people. Isn’t it ironic that ‘white people’ hereby are telling what Netflix should broadcast or not….. I mean, you are not forced to watch it. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Don’t use your white power to boycott a show. Show some respect, you hypocrites. :-)

But has anyone thought about all the kids learning to live with each other’s BAD HABITS like:

- “You leave your socks everywhere and I’m about to slam dunk you in a hamper” 

- “I keep avoiding the dishes because you always make me do them again for doing them wrong in the first place”

- “Stop being an ass by playing obnoxious music while other people are studying”

- “Why are there???? Books everywhere???”

 - “Who keeps tracking mud in without wiping their shoes because they’re gonna be the one scrubbing”

- “Whoever keeps snoring through five walls is going to be introduced to death by smothering”

- “Whoever sheds that much hair needs to see a doctor wtf”

- “Someone keeps eating all the instant ramen that is MY FLAVOR and they’re going to die a slow painful death”


- “You know way more about Llamas with Hats than any normal person does, should I be concerned”




- “…do I wanna know about the slippers.” 

- “…on second thought no, I really don’t want to hear about how much you passive aggressively hate your neighbor”

- “Nobody vacuums at FIVE IN THE MORNING”

- “Shut up about your crappy Sci-Fi movie, it’s my turn for the big TV and I’m watching my stories”

- “Everyone needs to put their cups in the sink right now or I’m hiding all the cups” 

- “Yes this meme is funny but it doesn’t have to have a WALL devoted to it”

- “You cheat at Mario Kart and are now forever banned” 

- “I love all those animals your rescue but 1) they can’t live with us and 2) THEY CAN NOT LIVE IN MY ROOM”

- “You always say the same damn phrase when you wake me up and now I have a Pavlovian response to HATE that phrase”

 Like just 

Bad habits

Why you should watch Sense8 

  • A netflix original series, we all know dem good.
  • Actual representation and diversity (of lgbtq topics, religion, beliefs, traditions and whatever you like).
  • Trans actress playing a trans girl,  PoC including african, hindu, mexican and korean characters. 
  • There are no filler-episodes nor excesive demonstration of nsfw content just for the sake of it, fanservice or/and to feed the morbidity.
  • Sweet ass character development and backstories.
  • Did I mention actual real good representation
  • Sense8
  • That’s it. 

But y'all, in all honesty, if you watch the get down, you should go and watch 3% on Netflix. It’s a Brazilian show, so they speak Brazilian Portuguese, but it’s so good!!!

The show is very diverse and the have representation for physically disabled people and, because it’s usually what gets me into shows, it’s also VERY colorful. Like, bright colors all over the place.

As for what it’s about, it’s dystopian, kinda similar to the Hunger Games. There’s a resistance and a main cast full of morally ambiguous characters.

(I’m pretty sure I’m going to make a side blog for it so keep that in your sights lol)

Anyway, go watch 3%!!!

A Not-So-Unfortunate Chat With the Young Breakout Stars of A Series of Unfortunate Events

For anyone who’s read Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, the first character that probably comes to mind is Count Olaf. The outlandish, despicable villain might be what gives the novels their flash, but the plucky Baudelaire siblings whom he lives to terrorize are the ones who give them their heart. In light of Netflix’s take on Snicket’s wildly popular series, debuting on the streaming giant on Friday, Jan. 13 (apt, no?), we sat down with Violet and Klaus Baudelaire’s real-life alter egos: the extremely talented Malina Weissman, 13, and Louis Hynes, 15. From what diehard fans should expect from their beloved characters to what it’s really like to spend all day on set with Neil Patrick Harris, Weissman and Hynes were more than happy to discuss every single tragic, miserable, unfortunate bit.

POPSUGAR: When you’re watching the show, it has a cartoonish feel in some ways, a little larger than life. Did you guys have to shoot a lot with green screen?

Malina Weissman: Sort of! They built a lot of amazing sets, but sometimes they used green screen. Lemony Snicket, played by Patrick Warburton, had a few green screens in the scenes that he did.

Louis Hynes: They designed these huge sets, one which had almost an entire town in it. I think there was a lot of green screen around, but at the same time, a lot of it was genuinely there, which was really helpful for us, of course.

PS: Yeah, that must’ve made it way easier to picture yourselves in that bizarre kind of world.

MW: Oh, definitely.

PS: The show comes across as whimsical one minute, and the next Count Olaf’s character is doing something truly awful, like slapping Klaus in the face or forcing Violet to be a child bride. Do you think the show is aimed more at kids or adults?

MW: I think it’s for both. Adults — if they’ve read the books when they were little, it’s awesome to see it become this TV show. For kids, they can relate to Klaus and Violet and how they’d behave if they were in their situation.

LH: There are quite dark themes, as well, which will appeal to the adults. And the kids, as well. It’s like a dark comedy. It’s got some humorous bits, but it can get really dark.

MW: It has the kinds of jokes that only the adults are probably going to get in some of it.

PS: Since Neil Patrick Harris is playing Count Olaf, this over-the-top villain, did he go method on set and keep his distance from the two of you?

LH: I think he was very focused, so in a way he did. He’d have to be, since he’s playing somebody playing somebody … doing two characters at once. I think that made it really interesting to watch him work, to learn from him, and find out how he works.

MW: Definitely.

PS: You both are pretty young actors, so what was it like to be acting alongside Neil Patrick Harris, who’s been in the business for so long?

MW: I think watching him work, talking to the director, and seeing how he feels the character should be … we’ve learned so much.

LH: He really teaches you to just go with your instinct and to try things out. Try something, and if it doesn’t work, do it again in a different way. It was interesting for me to learn that from him, in that sense.

PS: There are a lot of great scenes throughout the season that seem like they must’ve been so much fun to film. Do any stand out in your memory as your favorite? Or maybe the most challenging for you?

MW: The wedding scene is my favorite, for sure. The first day was my favorite, and then the second day the dress started to get a little annoying, but the first day of it was so fun. They took us to this theater, and Neil was dressed up in this crazy costume, and everyone else was in such cool costumes … it was really awesome.

LH: There’s a scene with Justice Strauss, who’s played by Joan Cusack, and Count Olaf, so it’s these really good, really established actors who know what they’re doing and know their art really well. It’s fascinating to watch them play off each other. It was absolutely hilarious watching them.

PS: So when you aren’t busy playing Violet and Klaus, what’s your favorite way to kick back and forget about Count Olaf?

LH: I really love music, so back home I play a lot of bass guitar.

MW: Even just sitting in my room and watching TV and being able to be by myself is nice.

PS: Do you have any favorite Netflix shows? Other than your own, of course.

MW: Ooh, that’s hard.

LH: I really love Stranger Things! And Black Mirror is absolutely incredible.

MW: Fuller House, I do love Fuller House so much. A lot of Netflix shows are awesome.

LH: They’re just so well done.

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Hiya everybody here’s a pep talk for November.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Annie Dillard quote “How we spend our days is how we spend our lives” because one of my professors likes to reference it a lot in class.  For me, November is usually a month where I kind of lose sight of that and just settle into a funk of watching Netflix, blowing off work, and not creating nearly as much as I should.  I’m trying really hard to work on that and not get paralyzed by how overwhelmed I feel.  I hope you all can too xx

My other pep talks can be found here!!!

Please don’t remove the caption and I hope y’all have a wonderful November.
Love always,
Hannah xx

Norwegian shows and movies on Netflix!

Hei alle mine norske lære venner!

I found another show on Netflix that has a decent amount of Norwegian speaking in it.

It is called ‘Lilyhammer’ and it’s pretty funny. They kind of go back and forth between English and Norwegian but it’s at least good for listening.

Also if you haven’t watched 'Occupied’ yet, you should! It is on Netflix as well! It’s mostly in Norwegian and it’s a really great show.

Also, the movie 'King of Devil’s Island’ is a really good movie and according to my brother, 'Troll Hunters’ is really good!!

  • friend: so how are things?
  • me: [grin] things are—
  • friend 2: oh, no don't say it...
  • me: things are s—
  • friend: char...
  • me: THINGS ARE S T R A N G E R. ha, get it, because i'm obsessed with stranger things?¿ which bY THE WAY you all should watch it's on netflix and it's set in the 80's and winona ryder is in it and I ship—
  • me: ...hey...u guys?? where...where did u go???
dating roman bürki would include

holidays all the time to exotic locations

putting suncream on eachother but neither of you not minding 

cute hand holding

roman getting jealous

“hes looking at you (Y/n)”

“roman im sure its nothing”

“doesnt look like nothing”

constantly joking 😉around with eacother

being obsessed with netflix and just binge watch series upon series

“babe you should really go to training”

“but babeeeee the beds warm”

gettingrandom flowers off of roman because your his flower😊

roman acting all big and hard when in reality he is jut your little smol babe 

angry burki (if you know whaat i mean)

mind blowing sex 

date nights every friday 

watching him train 

then working out together

“babe you wont be able to do pressups with me on your back”

“wanna bet (Y/n)”

bad arguments but most are resolved by sex 

morning sex

afternoon sex

night sex 

and roman being the most caring boyfriend 


if anybody has a request for a dating ___ would include totally request becasue i love writing them